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7 Corners Cycles
3/20: We tried to have the shop open with parameters in place but it just wasn't working as we were a lot busier than expected. We found that a lot of people just forgot about social distancing when talking about their bikes and just can't help themselves from touching things when in a retail environment. Understandably. So we are no longer allowing people inside the shop. We have our side garage door open with fencing across it and are talking to people through that opening. Going out into the parking lot if necessary. It worked very well and with only a couple of unpleasant exceptions (who seems to be in complete denial of the situation), people are very appreciative of the measures we are taking to be open while still making sure we are all safe. With the rain coming, we may have to make another change but we also may not be as busy. Thank you for your support. Love, Corey and Gretchen
Abraham Fixes Bikes
3/21: Our shop is by appointment only. Folks can email: to schedule. We tried being open but found most of the public wasn't following our instructions and it was complicating our process. And, all the extra communication and cleaning almost doubles the time of a normal tuneup.
Backpedal Cycleworks
Backpedal will be open for business unless I'm ill. I'll let you know of any status changes straight away. Please take advantage of this downtime to catch up on/take care of your bike maintenance or repairs! Turn around is generally quick during the winter and especially now as people curtail venturing out. Bear in mind, we are contagious well before symptoms are present, we are all in danger of exposure or exposing others unwittingly. So, if you're in need of our services, assess the risks and take the necessary precautions: no contact, keep the min 6' distance, wash your hands before and after visiting the shop... please. Good luck everyone
Bike Farm
We closed our shop on Friday 3/13 and will stay closed at least until the 30th (monday) though that may extend further out depending on the state of things. This was a difficult decision for us to come to but we are prioritizing the health and safety by reducing the number of transmission points. We want to encourage folks to use online resources like Youtube to work on their own bikes in the meantime. Folks can donate to us directly via PayPal. As our shop runs on volunteer power we will not have an income during this time as we are unable to sell stand time, parts or bikes which are our primary sources of revenue. Our rent is pretty high given our location and we have no source of income without being open. We'll be back soon! We are critically low on volunteer coverage independent of the pandemic and need volunteer support. When we open back up please come to an orientation on the 1st Saturday of the month at 2pm or the 3rd Wednesday at 6:30pm. We have already closed down the Sunday shift due to a lack of volunteer coverage and need support on Friday and Saturday shift to keep weekend shifts open.
Bike Gallery
Dear valued guest in light of the current situation you would like to request that you limit your browsing time to only a few minutes. It's at all possible please only come inside if you need to purchase something or need your bike fixed. We have limited resources but we are doing what we can to keep our store clean and sterilized be careful out there thanks.
Bike Clark County
3/23: Closed until further notice.
Bikes for Humanity
3/23: We will be closed through the end of March. We are not accepting donations of bikes or parts. Open hours and workshops are indefinitely suspended. Chain Reaction will not be taking new clients, but we will be working with those who have started to get them bikes. Please reach out to for any inquiries
Block Bikes
4/2: We are now open and we have a new e-commerce website! Shop from home, have it delivered, or pick it up at our door. Set up service for your daily commuter from your couch and we’ll pick it up (97203 zip code only)! Want to support us? Get a gift card. Come to the shop while staying safe at home:
Braking Cycles
We've temporarily close the shop for the remainder of March.
Breadwinner Cycles
3/22: (Note: Breadwinner is a bicycle maker, not a bike shop, but they are now offering bike repair services.) Beginning immediately, we are offering our professional service skills to keep Portland’s bicycle wheels rolling. Spring is here. The days are getting warmer and we know riding your bike keeps you healthy, keeps you engaged with your community and is a needed tool for transportation. Need a flat fixed? We can help! Need a tune up? We can do that! Want to dress up the bike in the garage with some fenders and better tires? We’d love to make it happen! We are offering our services to our Portland cycling community to showcase that bicycles are a better way to go. Call us at (503) 236-8511 today to set up a time to drop off your bike. We are open by appointment with health and safety protocols in place. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Cascade Bikes (Tigard)
3/21: Cascade Bikes is currently open during our regular hours. We are taking extra precautions to sanitize our bikes and store fixtures. Please maintain social distance when you are in the store and stay home if you are sick. If you do not feel comfortable coming into the store please call us to discuss options for bike pickup and delivery.
Cat Six Cycles
3/21: As much as we miss seeing and helping you in the shop, Cat Six will remain closed for next week as well. We feel this is in everyone’s best interest as we learn more and more about what proper social distancing can accomplish. And a huge thank you to everyone who’s purchased a virtual gift card through !!! We really can’t thank y’all enough. It’s so nice to know we have a community waiting for us to re-open, and we’ll do just that as soon as we feel it’s safe and smart to do so.
3/19: Keeping the doors open. But we got some new rules for the new (ab)normal. So, for the duration: -Customers are not allowed past the table at the front door. -We are not purchasing used parts. -We are not loaning out tools to customers. -And if you need some air, we’ll be happy to fill your tires for you (no customer use pumps available). But, we will strive to stay open for as long as we can, providing service and parts for folks that need it.
Clever Cycles
We are currently open by appointment only. Please contact us before visiting the store. Who the heck even knows where we’re going next, but for now we’re here (sort of). The doors are locked, but if you knock we’ll let you in. Call or email ahead if you can. If you’re in the shop just pretend we’re a museum...use your eyes, not your hands. We’re all in this together. "The current situation is anything but easy. We have found ourselves in an ethical conundrum. It was not an easy conclusion, but we have decided to furlough you, our lifeblood of service and sales, while we close the shop. We hope that this will not last too long, but hopes seem not to mean much these days."

At the moment, Dean and I are keeping the shop "open" in a limited capacity during regular business hours. We are asking for customers to make appointments if possible, but if anyone knocks, we'll open the door and help with whatever is needed (mostly this is picking up and dropping off service work, buying essentials, helping houseless folks with whatever they need). If (when) this changes, we'll update our social media.

We have a webstore that showcases a lot of what we sell, and we continue to answer the phone and email whether we're working from home or at the shop. Like Amazon, but with REAL people that know stuff. For any orders within a reasonable radius of the shop, we're offering free bike delivery. We also have gift cards which are available on the webstore (wink wink).

The Portland bike community and small business community is pretty f'in incredible, and I know we can all make it through this if we help each other out. Give what you can and take what you need.
Community Cycling Center
3/31: We're back! Open by appointment for essential repairs 10am-6pm.
We're taking every precaution we can to protect the safety of our staff and community while remaining a resource for essential services. This means if any of our staff are experiencing symptoms of illness, we will close until they have been cleared by a doctor. That closure will be followed by a deep, bleach cleaning. So yes, this was the first, and probably not the last time we will have to close on short notice due to exercising caution.
Thanks for your patience. Sending love and virtual hi-fives to everyone!

Email or call 503-287-8786 to schedule an appointment.
3/22: Please visit us only if you need to pickup a bike or special order item, or if you know exactly what you need. If you do know what you are looking for please call us in advance and we can get you squared away over the phone to minimize our exposure to each other in a good way. We have went to a credit card only basis (no cash to cut down on transfer of pathogens). We have card machines that require the consumer to manage their own card as well as tap to pay, etc. In addition to all of this we are repeatedly wiping off surfaces on a regular basis including any surfaces touched once a customer leaves. People are encouraged to visit our online store: Our website is loaded with great sale pricing on bikes and other goodies to help get rid of older models as well as create more demand for local purchases during this trying time. -Feel free to call us at 503-281-0485 or -Email any service requests to -Email any sales requests to or We are happy to ship products to anyone's residence. We are also working out details on a delivery service (repairs or new sales) if item has been paid by phone/internet. Please contact us if you have interest.
Cycle Portland
Business has been slow, but we are still open regular hours at this time. We're taking things day by day and will move to an appointment based system if need be. We rely on the larger employers downtown and the bike commuters that work in the neighborhood for customers so we will have to re-evaluate constantly over the next few weeks and months. As I'm typing this I'm realizing that it might no longer be we but but I.

I started my business in the spring of 2008 and watched as the economy melted in front of our eyes, I made it through the Eagle Creek fire and the pinch that put on tourism, and now I have another situation to make it through. In the past 11 years I've never had to lay someone off, but yesterday told my staff that I had to cut their hours. This was particularly hard- as it's always been a point of pride for me that I've never had to take any hours away from staff- but now I will run the shop myself again, just like in 2008. I probably won't close unless I am forced to by law or fear.

We also fix the bike fleet for Clean and Safe officers downtown and feel it is in the immediate interest of the community to keep them rolling and assisting those that are most vulnerable on our streets and sanitizing public spaces like sidewalks and doorways. There is this strange zone being a business owner where it is no longer sustainable to pay staff, but because you still have to pay rent, you can't really afford to close, so you do it yourself. If even one customer comes by the shop and I'm not there- and I loose that business, then that can be the difference between making it and not. Luckily as a bike shop owner in Old Town for the past decade, I know how to roll through some tough times, and I'm used to sanitizing everything already.
Cynergy E-bikes
3/22: On Sunday, March 22nd, the shop will be open for: sales visits by appointment only* bike pick-up* service drop-off* phone calls requesting information or to order e-mail inquiries * For further information, see "In-store Coronavirus Procedures" on our website. We welcome your phone inquiries 503-719-7678 and your emails. If you've made a decision to purchase and wish to place an order, just give us a call to put down a deposit, or order through this web site. We'll build the bike and can even deliver it for free within 25 miles. (Fees may apply for longer deliveries.) We will be fulfilling all new bike purchases.
E-Bike Store
3/23: We’re open and busy! We are by appointment only and are excited to see you. -During this season of craziness, safety is our 1st priority. Please take note of the Days we are open (closed tues & wed).
Fat Tire Farm
3/24: We are open for curbside pickup and drop off during our regular hours. We are not allowing any customers in the shop at this time. Service drop off/pickup and new bike delivery will all happen outside. If you are shopping for parts or a bike we will help you with that process outside. Please maintain 6’ of distance from our staff and other customers at all times in the parking lot. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Gladys Bikes
1. Storefront is closed and service is appointment only, of which we are booked up for two weeks. 2. Gift cards are a great way to steady this time, 3. This is hard to do, but it is said to be significantly helpful for our most vulnerable people. Bikes are important, for health, community, and transportation, so we want to keep folks on bikes. Just give us a call at 971-373-8388 or email us at and we can talk about what is going on. You all are wonderful, and I'm so glad to be apart of this community.
Go By Bike
1) We are not valeting bikes but there is self parking in the fenced off area where the valet normally is. There are still 150-200 people riding bikes to the tram everyday. We are providing free repairs for anyone who works at the hospital but are not working on the general public's bikes. We are scheduling repairs online 2) We will update on any changes through social media and OHSU communication.
Golden Pliers
3/20: Golden Pliers is taking appointments for bike repair, and doing sort of a walk-up service for quick sales. The café is closed, but we can sell beer, wine and snacks to-go. We’ve slimmed down our staff and trimmed our hours a bit: Tues-Friday 12-7, Saturday 12-5. You can support us on Venmo: @goldenpliers or via PayPal:
Goods BMX
3/25: We are still open and doing business by phone, email, Instagram DM, website, and we are doing pick-ups only. For bike service please call and set a time to drop it off. Our hours will be 12 to 5 p.m. during this time due to me doing other work to keep the doors open. If you need anything we are doing our best to keep you rolling! Give us a ring at 503-282-5408.
Joe Bike
1. Open by appointment only this week, and if that goes OK we’ll stay open on an appointment basis maybe 4 days a week. This is all tentative. If the situation worsens, we’ll shut down completely.

2. Buy a bike online at For service, call and make an appointment. We’re open by appointment only (for repairs and new bike sales) starting this week. We hope that means early April. In case you were wondering, we are not expanding to a second store at this time. What else? Those who were hired for the expansion will still have a job once we reopen at the Lincoln St store, barring any additional calamities. And all employees will receive full pay for the current pay period and at least 50% pay for the following period. Everything else is up in the air. Thank you to those who have continued to rely on us in these difficult times. See you on the other side.
Kenton Cycle Repair
3/31: Starting today, we are adjusting our open hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 12-6pm Sunday: 12-5pm Monday: Closed We remain committed to meeting your cycling needs during this public health event. We’re doing our best to balance community safety, your bicycle needs, and the health of our small business.After serious consideration, we have decided to remain OPEN until further notice. We’ve implemented significant restrictions on how we interact with customers and bicycles.
Kenton Cycle Repair COVID-19 Guidelines:

· Call or text us to let us know what you need.
· When you arrive, our door will be locked. Knock to let us know you’re here!
· ONE customer will be allowed inside the shop at a time.
· The door handles, credit card reader, and other touch points in the shop will be sanitized after each use. Bicycle touch points will also be sanitized.
· Staff will be wearing nitrile gloves while in the shop.
· We will instruct customers to use hand sanitizer and gloves while they are browsing around the shop.
· We will make accommodations to test ride new bicycles on a case by case basis. Please bring your own helmet for test rides.
· Be prepared to pay with a credit/debit card, Apple Pay, PayPal or Venmo instead of cash
· Please consider purchasing a gift card now for yourself or for someone else in need. We can make arrangements over the phone, via text and email.
· We remind our customers andcommunity to be exceedingly kind, exceptionally encouraging, and extraordinarily supportive of each other in these unprecedented circumstances.

Ways you can support us:
· Buy a Bike! If you’ve been considering a new bicycle, buy one! We have new Jamis bikes starting at $430. We also have a small selection of refurbished bikes starting at $250.
· Get your bike serviced! Approximately 70% of our revenue comes from repairs. If your bike needs service, consider our $180 Annual Tune Up service. It might be more service than your bike immediately needs to be adequate, but consider it an investment in your bike’s future and crucial support for meeting our financial obligations.
· Finish your bike project! Have an unfinished project bike you’ve been putting off? Or maybe there’s a frame with particular parts and features you’ve been wanting build? We’re experts in custom bicycle creations! Whatever step you’re on, we’d love to help you along in the process of building your dream bike.

Killer Queen Cyclery
4/2: Shop is open by appointment only. Link to make appt is here -
Lakeside Bicycles
3/23: Lakeside Bicycles will be closed at least until two weeks from today (April 1, if you are in the mood for irony, groan now) or we have positive assurance that one of our employees does not have the Coronavirus. Stay healthy.
Metropolis Cycles
3/19: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we want to decrease human contact and the amount of people in our bike shop. .We re concerned very much about every ones safety. We are equally stressed as everyone, and are keeping the bike shop very sanitarty. We are moving to a appointment only schedule starting Wednesday, March 18. If we already have a service appointment for you, we are going to honor that appointment. We are closing our showroom and service to walk in customers. We will have bike pumps outside. If you need help, call us and we will do our best to make time for you. Please give us a call at our shop number 503-287-7116 during business hours, or email after hours. We have shut off the entire bike shop except the front counter. We also have a side window that opens that we may use to sell small things like tubes. We have removed everything from the front counter to keep it sanitary. We mainly want to be here for service. We are asking our customers to sanitize their bikes before heading down. Grips Seats Etc. We are also sanitizing the bikes as they come in, and out.
Our temporary shop hours are:
Monday - Thursday 11 -7
Friday 11-6
Saturday 11-5
Sunday Closed

If you would be interested in a gift card, give us a ring, and we can mail one to you. We can also add money to your shop account and email you a receipt. If you are having a bike emergency during our normal business hours Please call us ahead of time. We can only have one customer in the shop at one time. Please be patient, we are doing this for everyone’s safety.
Missing Link (Woodstock)
The shop is open today and will remain as long as the state allows and staff remains free of symptoms. They're using alcohol to sanitize the store and to sanitize grips and bike surfaces for bikes dropped off for service. Hand offs at the door are being done and customers are asked to return when repairs are complete.
Mt. Tabor Cyclery
Mount Tabor Cycle and Skate is scaling back hours. Check Google for full details. The shop will close for two days a week - Thursday and Friday, for now. As always we can meet anytime by appointment. This is a one-on-one environment, and I'm taking precautions by sanitizing surfaces like the iPad after each visit. I will keep showing up to repair your bicycles as long as you keep bringing them to me.
North Portland Bike Works
North Portland Bikeworks is currently open for community repairs normal hours. We have a very heightened disinfecting/cleaning schedule and encourage phone consultation and bike advice. Maintaining the social distancing has been easy so far - our foot traffic has been very sparse. If we get too many people in the shop we will limit it.
Nomad Cycles will be working normal hours, but for appointment only. We are sanitizing before and after every visit to make the safest environment for all concerned.
NW Pro Gear
3/26: We are open and are working are oped and we’re still operating under our normal working hours In order to provide a clean & save environment, we are cleaning all touch surfaces multiple times each day and follow social distancing guidelines. 9240 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97266
Oregon Bike Shop
Since Jim and I are a two person bike shop, with never more than a few people at a time in the shop, we’ll be staying open regular hours 11am- 6 pm wed. Through sat. And sun. Noon-5pm for now. Any changes will be left on the shop phone message: 503-575-1804 or directly to me at
We practice daily disinfecting of all bikes touched by us or customers.
Thanks for your help
Pedego Electric Bikes
Our corporate HQ just closed so no new bike deliveries. I'm open for sales by appointment only and emergency services really for the next 2 weeks or the restrictions get lifted .
Portland Bicycle Emporium
3/22: Sunday Emporium hours 12 - 5, probably. Six foot rule in effect, bought in a four foot yardstick, which at arm's length is six feet. Going to be assessing repair bikes on sidewalk. Limiting customer access to one person at a time in shop. Wiping down bicycle grips and touch surfaces with rubbing alcohol, doing the same for my hands. Hand san on counter too. I'll prolly be spraying cash down with rubbing alcohol too.
Outer Rim Bicycles
WE will be open for regular business hours. We want to help people continue to be able to get where they need and be a resource for our community. We are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe and are passionate about the value cycling adds to our community, especially in this time of crisis. We need your help as well. Please support us in a number of ways. Let us fix your bike, buy that accessory or bike you have been wanting from your local bike shop instead of big business and, you can buy gift cards. WE can take orders over the phone and have them ready for "take out". Let's thrive in the midst of uncertain trying times.
The Outer Rim
10625 NE Halsey St
Portland, OR 97220
PSU Bike Hub
PSU Bike Hub is closed until further notice pending university decisions. We strongly encourage everybody to support independent shops like Gladys and Metropolis as best they can.
Recumbent PDX
We're following the crowd -closed last Friday and, except for sporadic appointments, expect to remain closed for 4 to 6 weeks. It's still low season for us, so it's not a huge hardship. We've given our mechanics the choice of working solo shifts in the closed shop or taking paid-time-off.
To protect our community and ourselves, our retail store in Portland will be closed to the general public as of 3/17 due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Because we have a global reach in addition to our local business, we will continue operating behind the scenes and at this time there are no delays in online order processing and shipping. Local customers can still purchase from us online at, choose the 'store pickup' option at checkout and we will contact you when your order is ready to be picked up. As always, we also offer free shipping on orders over $100 for those who may not want to leave the house during these uncertain times, even if you only live right up the street from the shop.
River City Bicycles
3/23: We are still doing business by phone, email, webstore, and curbside pickup, but our showrooms are closed to customers. We are now offering curbside pick up for phone and web orders. When you arrive please call us to let us know you’re here. For service, please call or email for our latest policies. Our webstore is the safest method to shop and pay. We are not able to accept returns on all clothing, helmets, and shoes at this time. We are not offering test rides on bicycles at this time. Please call or email us for guidance on bike recommendations and sizing. It may take up to 48 hours to return calls and emails due to a reduced staff—thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have questions about any of these policies, please call or email. (these policies are subject to change at any time without notice)

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 6:00
Saturday 10:00 - 4:00
Sunday Noon - 4:00
MLK store (503) 233-5973

Belmont store (503) 446-2205
Rose City Recumbents
We are appointment only for existing appointments and cannot make any guarantees for new ones at this time. Customers can call/FB message, and email we can ship parts like tubes/tires/etc if we have them available.

Sellwood Cycle Repair
3/24: This week we'll continue to receive repair service via the outdoor tent set-up at our side entrance. It's been working well! As before, we'll ask you to pay by phone if possible. What's new is that we'll now have both front doors locked, so please knock or call us at (503) 233-9392 for assistance--we're here to help. (Feel free to come to the front doors or side entrance for any sort of pick-up!) It is because of our customers--you--that we have a business. It is because of our staff--us--that we can run it. What seems important during this public health crisis is that we take care of one another!
Southwest Bicycle
3/23: We are open and taking sensible precautions such as limiting the number of people in the store (2 people at a time) and sanitizing touchy surfaces.
Splendid Cycles
We are moving to an Appointment Only system to further reduce potential spread of the virus. We can still sell you a bike, or service your bike, but we need to reduce the quantity of visitors we receive. Please read our health statement before you visit:
TomCat Bicycles
3/20: I remain open until forced to close. Oregon declared bike shops to be essential businesses; we perform similar functions as gas stations and auto repair shops. We keep last mile transit options accessible to all.
I will implement the following procedures and offer new services:

- Door will be locked while I am in the shop. I am doing this for personal safety. Knock on the door or text (971) 319-2631 and I’ll let you in.
- All touch points are wiped down with bleach, alcohol, or similar.
- All bikes in for repair or build are wiped down with alcohol, bleach, or similar.
- Debit cards are bleached after each use.
- I typically wear nitrile gloves during any sort of repair work. I will change gloves when a new bike is in the stand.
- Online invoicing is available, with shipping via USPS or pick up at the door.
- Offer home delivery and bike pickup within 10 miles and south of the Columbia River ($30 fee, $50 minimum service work).
- Venmo, PayPal, apple pay and google are valid forms of payment as well
- I have been booking appointments since the shop opened. I do this more to better manage my time, and it's been a life saver in the past week. Appointments may be made via, @tomcatbikespdx Instagram and Facebook pages, and through my Google listing and maps.
- Honoring clear boundaries with customers. Communicating scope of work at the beginning. Updates of work in progress via text or email. Creating an appointment to pick up bike when completed.

I feel a sense of duty to remain open for food and package bike couriers who are going to be in high demand for the next few weeks. I am offering discounts for those specific riders: the Immortal Class. They deserve it.
TriTech Bikes
3/21: 6 Feet of Separation - You Bet! Pre and Post bike work wipe down - Yep! Invoice for the work to your email so no hand off of payment - Absolutely! Need more attention? You can drop off outside and we will call you when its done! We are doing our part to keep you on the road and safe as possible! Come stop by if you have need of some assistance with your alternative transportation!
3/22: I'm open during regular hours - with special precautions - and trying to conduct business outside as much as possible. Keep supporting my shop as's a great time for a spring tune-up! You can call ahead with questions, but no appointment is necessary. Of course, I also sell gift cards. Stay sane and keep fit by riding your bike! The pre-Portlandia traffic and pollution levels are a bonus too.

West End Bikes
3/24: West End Bikes is now closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. See you all on the other side.
VeloFix Portland
3/20: Fortunately, we are in a unique position to better serve riders during this time because of our minimal exposure to crowded areas and surfaces. For the health and safety of our Team and our customers we are recommending a NO CONTACT SERVICE. Please check your local area for availability. Did you know: You can complete a booking and service appointment with us with no physical interaction or contact.
a. Specify NO CONTACT for your service by adding a note in the directions section.
b. The technician will call when they arrive and ask you to put your bike outside.
c. The technician will complete the service in the Mobile Bike Shop, return the bike to your door and call you to collect.
d. We will send you an invoice via email for payment.
Moving forward we are continuing to implement both our standard and escalated cleaning procedures by:
Disinfecting our Mobile Shops, tools and equipment with medical-grade, non-toxic cleaning solutions every day and in-between every booking.
Increasing sanitation and hygiene procedures for our technicians.
Reserving additional time between each service appointment in order to perform thorough sanitation procedures.
Requesting all customers wash their hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before and after their bike exchange.
We will continue to operate our services and monitor guidelines set forth by health and government officials. We encourage safe riding at all times, the practice of social distancing and are working diligently to ensure the good health of every rider looking to stay active during this time.
Velotech/Western Bikeworks/
3/23: We have transitioned the majority of our employees to work-at-home and closed our retail showroom until further notice. For our local Portland customers, we will offer "curb-side" pickup for orders placed online. Online ordering will continue as normal. Our fulfillment team is operating at full capacity but with enhanced cleaning measures and staggered shifts to provide plenty of workspace distancing. Likewise, our customer service team remains ready to help you with any questions about gear, sizing, availability, or returns.