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Mass Lynch-pin Set up. Everyone begins allied with one another. However, they need personas of certain Arcana dead. Whenever a person is eliminated, whoever was in a lynchpin alliance with the eliminated person will split off from main soft-alliance.Cycles will consist of 3 Days and 1 Night. During the 3 days, all actions are valid and there will be a lynch of 1 damage (which surpasses all defenses) as well. In terms of this game, individual days or nights will be referred to as cycles.During the night, which is called the "Dark Hour" in this game, Players may not use any means of communication besides the thread. Only Persona with the Growth ability will be able to use their abilities during this cycle of the game. Personas can only be fused during the Dark Hour.There will be a "Shop" in which players can "purchase" their Personas. Whether players can just get a persona once per day/night for free or whether it is based on money that they earn in-game is yet to be decided.Players begin with a Base HP of 4 and a Starter Persona. The Persona will have an Attack Stat, Defense Stat, and Speed Stat. Attack Stats will determine how many votes they have in a lynch as well as how strong their physical attacks are, if they have any. Defense Stats will determine whether or not a player takes damage from an attack; if a player sustains damage from multiple sources, the damage will stack against his/her defense. Speed Stats are basically priority in a nutshell, the higher the speed, the more likely the actions a Persona has access to will occur.Personas will also have abilities. There will be two types of abilities: Aggressive and Passive. Aggressive abilities will usually be in the form of an action and must be activated by the player in order to work. Passive abilities do not need to be activated by the player and have stipulations as to how active the ability is and what it does. The maximum amount of abilities any Persona is allowed to have is 6."You are allied with the village. While allied with the village, you win if you defeat all threats. You are also a part of the secret lynch-pin alliance, Alpha. If you or any members of your alliance are targeted by anyone else in the game, you will break off from the village to form this secret alliance. While part of the alliance, you win if you defeat the village and two other alliances. If you eliminate any members of your alliance, you will break off from your alliance, becoming a neutral. As a neutral, you win if you are left standing by the end of the game."<<--This is sort of what I was thinking.If this is too much, I am willing to turn this into a total FFA, where each player is given A) An Arcana they must eliminate, B) Certain objectives they must meet, such as obtaining a specific ability, or C) Traditional FFA with 3 targets they must eliminate. I honestly don't know how to go about doing an FFA ever since I ran FFV, and that was a mess. I mean, we could go with a mix of A and C, ala Card Game Mafia, I just don't feel it would be unique in that sense except for the technical stuff like Personas.One final idea of mine for set up: every player is paired up with another player (like twins), and they have to take out a certain number of other partnerships. The only issue would be the final person who would either a) start by himself and get two personas at start or b) be in a group of 3 with some sort of hidden objective.
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