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Nomad ListInstead of building a site first, I simply made public Google spreadsheet to collect the first data and see if there’d be interest for this at allValidated by SharingActive$600,000Pieter Levels
YnabHe developed a system to help them plan ahead. What started as a simple expense recorder, evolved into a very fancy spreadsheet. And it worked. They were able to anticipate needs, adjust as they went, and even save substantially for the future. Backend a SheetActive$10,000,000Jesse Mecham
CredoMy business started on a spreadsheet. I also didn't own a domain name until the first revenue ($50) was in my bank account.Backend a SheetActive$540,000John Doherty
Editor NinjaI started EditorNinja in 2020 because I had a need for an editor myself and I knew a lot of editors were out of work because we were early in the pandemic. I figured I could help them make some money. Backend a SheetActive$54,000John Doherty
SutraOnce we locked in a flavor profile for Gold and Black, we logged variations in a spreadsheet of how much of each ingredient we put into each batch. We made sure we solved the issues we saw in the flavor profiles and low-quality ingredients that others in the space were usingBackend a SheetShutdown$0Max Altschuler
ZeroCaterI remember being deathly embarrassed that my “tech” startup consisted of 0 lines of code, an inbox, and an enormous spreadsheet. Eventually, I got over my embarrassment and learned that the first rule of being a salesman is being unashamed of selling.Backend a SheetActive$19,000,000Arram Sabeti
NerdWalletHe sent his sister an Excel spreadsheet breaking down her options. Soon, that spreadsheet was being forwarded around widely outside of his own group of family and friends.Validated by SharingActive$360,000,000Tim Chen
SkyScannerSkyscanner originated in 2001 when programmer Gareth Williams, in his personal time, created a spreadsheet to help him scour the web for the best flights. Backend a SheetActive$400,000,000Bonamy Grimes / Gareth,downloaded%20more%20than%2040M%20times.SkyScanner.combonamyg
FlexipleUsing all my Banking experience, the first thing I did for my startup was to make 5-year revenue projections on a spreadsheet.
They looked so PRETTY!
Of course, we didn't achieve any of them
Forecasts in SheetActive$2,000,000Karthik Sridharan
LevelsfyiGoogle Forms & Sheets allowed us to launch & test ideas in a rapid manner rather than getting lost in setting up bits and pieces of the backend. After achieved product market fit and our scale increased it made sense to move to a more robust and scalable backend infrastructure.Backend a SheetActive$60,000Zuhayeer Musa
StitchFixWhen I started, my “data science” was rudimentary. I used SurveyMonkey and Google Docs along with some statistical methods to track preferences and try to make good recommendations.Backend a SheetActive$1,550,000,000Katrina Lake
SpaceXThey’re all pissed at the Russians. And now they’re staring at Elon with incredulous looks. “No, I’m serious. I have this spreadsheet.” In that moment, SpaceX is born.Forecasts in SheetActive$15,000,000,000Elon Musk
MatterMarkAfter a few weeks, Marc Andreessen (along with a few other investors), emailed Danielle. They were curious how she was getting her data and if they could pay to have access to it. She showed them her spreadsheet and knew she had a potentially great business idea on her hands.Validated by SharingActive$3,300,000Danielle Morrill
BeHeartyAppStarted as an excel experiment downloading LinkedIn connectionsBackend a SheetActive$1,000,000Bob Gilbreath
Hive is a google sheet and I still think it was a good decisionBackend a SheetActive$36,000Fed
SprigThe first version of Sprig was an Eventbrite page to collect payments, Settlers of Catan pieces on a map to track drivers, and a spreadsheet for inventory.
…but it worked.
Sprig sold 40 meals the first night.
Backend a SheetShutdown$0Gagan Biyani
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