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Proposed Program Course Inventory for UTRGV, Fall 2015
Program (example: English, or Mathematics)Education Component (Pedagogy Core for All-Level, Secondary)
Instructions: Enter the courses for your program that you propose to offer for UTRGV students beginning Fall 2015. In Section I (this tab) enter courses that are currently offered at either UTPA or UTB that you propose to continue (even if the course number or description is changing). In Section 2 (second worksheet tab at the bottom of the screen), enter courses that will be brand new to the course inventory in that they are not currently offered at either UTPA or UTB under any course number. For prerequisites, enter "none" if no prerequisites are required. If the prerequisite required is from your program, enter the course number and prefix that matches what is proposed for UTRGV on this document. If the prerequisite is from another program, enter the prefix, course number, and institution (UTPA and/or UTB) where it is currently offered. Some of the worksheet will self-populate as you go.
Proposed Course Prefix
(4 letters)
Proposed Course Number
(4 digits)
Current course prefix and number at UTPA
(if applicable)
Current course prefix and number at UTB
(if applicable)
Course DescriptionPrerequisitesNumber of Credit HoursWeekly Contact HoursWill the topic vary?Can student take course more than once for additional credit?Maximum number of credits a student can earnGradingCourse TypeLong TitleShort Title
(30 character limit)
Terms typically offeredCan student take this course multiple times in the same term?
(i.e, independent study courses)
Lecture Contact hours
(include everything except lab contact hours)
Lab hoursConsent required for student to add course?
(No consent=N; Dept.=D; Instructor=I)
Consent required for student to drop course?
(No consent=N; Dept.=D; Instructor=I)
EDFR2301NAEDFR 2301This education course introduces students to issues related to equity, diversity, and social justice for culturally and linguistically diverse students and exceptional learners as well as classroom strategies for engaging diverse learners. None33NoNo3Standard Letter (A-F)LectureIntercultural Context of Schooling Intercultural Contextfall, spring, summerNo30IIDANC 4309
EDUC3301EDUC 4301NAExamination of the teaching profession in today’s schools with focus on legal, historical, philosophical, social, political, economic, and cultural forces which impact the context of teaching profession.EDFR 2301; Admission to COE Teacher Education Program33NoNo3Standard Letter (A-F)LectureThe Teaching Profession and Student Learning in Contemporary SchoolsTeaching in Contemp Schoolsfall, spring, summerNo30II
EDUC3302EDUC 4302EPSY 4322Survey of major theories emphasizing human growth and development, and motivation and they relate to the teaching and learning process. Includes individual differences as they relate to needs of special learners, and cultural and linguistic differences. EDFR 2301; Admission to COE Teacher Education Program33NoNo3Standard Letter (A-F)LectureHuman Development, Learning Theories and Student LearningHuman Develop and Stud Learnfall, spring, summerNo30II
EDUC3303EDUC 4303NAExamination of contemporary first and second language acquisition theories, research, instructional methods, technologies, and assessment of special populations of students in inclusive classrooms including English learners, gifted and talented students and students with disabilities. Includes emphasis on issues of equity, diversity and social justice for culturally and linguistically diverse student populations. EDFR 2301; Admission to COE Teacher Education Program33NoNo3Standard Letter (A-F)LectureTeaching in Today’s Diverse ClassroomsTeaching in Diverse Classfall, spring, summerNo30II
EDUC3304EDUC 4304EDSC 3330Study of curriculum organization and development, instructional planning, assessment, and classroom management with emphasis on knowledge of students, learning goals and objectives with effective assessments. Understanding of student learning will be applied to effective planning of differentiated instruction and assessment along with technology integration. EDFR 2301; Admission to COE Teacher Education Program33NoNo3Standard Letter (A-F)LectureInstructional Planning, Classroom Management and Assessment to Promote Student Learning Instructional Planningfall, springNo30DI
EDUC4306NAEDSC 4328Study and implementation of content-specific methods and strategies for effective secondary teaching. Focus is on promoting student learning with appropriate assessment, classroom management skills and use of technology in respective discipline-specific learning. EDFR 2301; Admission to COE Teacher Education Program33NoNo3Standard Letter (A-F)LectureImplementing and Assessing Effective Secondary Content PedagogySecondary Content Pedagogyfall, spring, summerNo30IIENGL 4338; DANC 4313;
READ 4305READ 4351EDLI 4351Study of the role of literacy in learning content with focus on use of explicit strategy instruction in teaching and monitoring content area literacy, vocabulary development and study skills for all learners. Dyslexia and other literacy-related disorders will be addressed.EDFR 2301; Admission to COE Teacher Education Program33NoNo3Standard Letter (A-F)LectureContent Area LiteracyContent Area Literacyfall, spring, summerNo30II
EDUC4611EDUC 4611EDSC 4641 or EDSC 4398This course is designed for students seeking all-level/secondary (EC-12/4-8/7-12) teacher certification. Interns/student teachers will be placed in a state-accredited public school all day under the guidance of an experienced classroom teacher (mentor) and a university supervisor for a semester. Focus will be on the integration of pedagogical-content knowledge, development of critical reflection, and well-informed decision-making for improvement of professional practice with emphasis on the implementation of effective instruction, assessment, technology integration, and classroom management. Prerequisites: Admission to the College of Education Student Teaching Program.EDFR 2301; Admission to COE Teacher Education Program and COE Student Teaching Program66NoNo6Standard Letter (A-F)PracticumStudent Teaching Secondary or All-LevelStudent Teaching Practicumfall, springNo60DI
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