Eco/Evo Faculty Jobs 2015-16
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URLRankLatest UpdateNotes
# Applied
7/28/2015 13:19:00Dartmouth CollegeEcology9/15/2015
Rank Open4/11/2015Rejection stating they have a long short list of 33 out of 343 applications received (x7). 2. No rejection = long list? Email or snail-mail rejections? Email rejections - my lab mate got theirs several hours after I got mine. I got one on the morning of Sept. 29 (x1), morning of Sept. 30 (x4), afternoon of Sept 30th (x4). They sent out the email requesting letters from the short-long-list this morning (Oct 1) Began evaluating letters of rec on October 12. Some interviews are beginning to be scheduled. Interviews are scheduled. Rejections sent to short-long-list folks who didn't get interviews (Oct 31). 11/09 scheduled campus talks available on department website ( 4/11 - heard through the grapevine that an offer was made. Failed search.
7/28/2015 13:20:26University of MichiganApplied Aquatic Ecology9/14/2015
Asst Prof12/4/2015Anyone know if this search has moved forward? 1) onsite interview scheduled 2) interviews concluded, faculty meeting 3) HR rejection email on 12/4 x26
7/28/2015 13:22:32Monash UniversityEcology8/6/2015
7/28/2015 13:29:01Southeast Missouri State UniversityPlant Ecology10/1/2015
Asst Prof
7/28/2015 14:08:33UBCAgroecology7/15/2015
Asst Profis anyone know what happened with this search?
7/28/2015 14:10:28University of IdahoWildlife Ecology & Management8/30/2015
Asst ProfMoscow is awesome! x3 1) Heard through the grapevine that some applicants have been contacted for a phone interview. 2) I can confirm this. 3) Campus interview scheduled for December. 4) This position has been hired.5
7/28/2015 14:14:40University of PennsylvaniaEcology9/11/2015
Asst Prof4/4/2016I thought interviews were scheduled for this position? why was it deleted? 2. I believe they want to complete on-campus interviews by Thanksgiving. 3. Has a short-list been developed then? 4. I am going to interview (x2). Based on my information I think they are interviewing 4 people (interviewing 8). No phone interviews. 5. First job talk was on 10/20 6. Is there a list of who is interviewing anywhere? 7. WHO INTERVIEWED FOR THIS JOB??? 8. Even the people who interviewed don't know! 9. Come on internet. Someone must have super internet skills/know someone at Penn who has this info. 10. Any info on when the offer is going to be made? 11. Why do you need to know so desperately? 12. I interviewed for this job and was told the faculty would vote in the first week of December. I haven't heard a peep, so I assume they've offered--to someone else :) (x2) 13. Anyone accepted this position yet? 14. Position accepted.2
7/28/2015 21:34:26Reed CollegeEcology (Animal)10/16/2015
Asst Prof5/5/20161) Does anyone else think it's strange that a teaching statement is not part of the application package? 2) I thought the same thing. I still plan to apply, but that would be my first question when they ask "do you have any questions for us?" I would want to know their teaching priorities -- 3) Focus on the research statement and how to integrate undergrads into your research I think denotes the importance of that aspect; teaching/mentorship are part of that. 4) Received an inviation for a Skype interview on 11/13/2015. 5) No longer under consideration on 12/9, but they are starting to contact candidates for interviews. 6) How'd you find this out? Email? 7)They contacted me on 12/7 for a skype interview on 12/8 or 12/9, and requested additional materials. A little confused about how #4 received an interview request so long ago though? 8) Hmm, that's curious. I posted number 4 and 5. I did the Skype interview in November, but recieved the email today (12/9) that they have begun contacting candidates for an on campus interview (I am not one of those candidates). Perhaps they did an initial round of Skype interviews, weren't satitisfied with the pool and went down the list. 9) on campus interviews just wrapped up 10) offer made (2/11) 11) Received email that position has been filled (5/5)10
8/9/2015 15:15:25Gregor Mendel InstitutePlant Biology (Evolutionary Genomics)9/1/2015
Group Leader
8/9/2015 15:18:39Virginia TechStream Ecology9/30/2015
Asst Prof3/24/20161) Update: Shortlist candidates contacted on Oct 5, skype interviews Oct 7 and 12 2) Campus interviews scheduled 3) Anyone know if this was offered yet? 4) Interviews ongoing (12/2) 5) interviews concluded, faculty meeting 5) Offer made 6) Offer accepted. 7) 2nd offer accepted (2 hires from this call).3
8/9/2015 15:22:34SalkComputational Biology10/1/2015
Rank Open1
8/15/2015 20:57:31Texas A&MEvolutionary Genomics9/1/2015
Asst Prof12/24/2015Cluster hire: 2 positions. 1) Any updates on this one? 2) Does anyone know if this has moved forward? 3) I want to know too! 4) Paper letter today saying all searches across all depts were cancelled b/c of budget before interviews. So I was short listed for an interview but the search is dead. FML. x2 5) Sorry to hear that. This is one of the jobs with the earliest deadline. 6) same letter although not sure that had anything to do with a shortlist. 7) You're mean the schools are just lying?? Why would they bother? 8) I think #6 means that his/her letter did not indicate if he/she was in the shortlist. The letter I have received did not indicate anything about short list either. Our letters may be different with the letters #4 have received, which may suggest that the university has sent out different letters to the ones in the shortlist and the ones not. 9) I see. Mine was from chair and said they hope to reopen search, but assume I will have a job before then lol.6
8/16/2015 13:36:23Concordia University (Montreal)Global Change Biology11/1/2015
Assoc/Full ProfTier I Canada Research Chair
8/16/2015 13:43:21Holden Arboretum & Cleveland Botanical GardenPlant Biologist: Community / Restoration Ecology or Ecological Genetics8/31/2015
8/16/2015 13:46:07University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyCoastal Plant Science7/8/2015
Asst Prof
8/16/2015 13:48:59Rice UniversityEarth & Planetary Science9/15/2015
Rank Open
8/16/2015 13:52:01University of South DakotaIntegrative Biology9/8/2015
Asst Prof9/25/2015"use modern molecular techniques to address questions that integrate organismal function with environmental and/or developmental influences". This is a re-post from last year. I assume a failed search. Anyone know what happened? 9/25/15- references requested. Offer was filled3
8/16/2015 13:54:10University of Maryland College ParkIntegrative Arthropod Biology9/15/2015
Asst Prof4/14/2016Rejection email received 11/3 x2. 1/31/16 On-campus interviews starting, see department website. 3) If you are refering to the events calendar on the department website, I suspect a lot of those Friday talks in Feb. are part of their regular seminar series. (I used to be in that department.) 4) Nope. It says Faculty Candidate Seminar 5) position filled5
8/16/2015 13:57:11Penn State UniversityManaged Pollinator Biology, Health and Ecology8/31/2015
Asst Prof1
8/16/2015 14:01:01Brown UniversityConservation Biology10/1/2015
Rank Open12/4/2015Interviews are being scheduled (As of 10/28) 2) Official rejection received x4. 3) was the standard (paraphrasing) "we received many outstanding applications. Unfortunately yours was not one of them." 4) I was so excited about this position but had absolutely no hope with open rank. 5) Welcome to the club.12
8/16/2015 14:11:36North Carolina State UniversityLandscape Ecology and Geospatial Analytics8/6/2015
Asst Prof12/15/2015Anybody has any info on this one? 2) 12/15/15 No.2
8/16/2015 14:14:27MIssissippi State UniversitySpatial Technologies and Biometrics8/15/2015
Asst ProfPARF Number 8895. Open until a suitable applicant is found.
8/16/2015 14:17:09Cal Poly San Luis ObispoBiological Oceanography9/15/2015
Asst Prof11/3/2015Rejection email received 11/3 x2. On-campus interviews starting, see department website.3
8/16/2015 14:20:31Scripps Institution of OceanographyPolar Science9/15/2015
Rank OpenChange URL to JPF00853 for Assoc/Full Prof
8/16/2015 14:23:21University of Colorado BoulderGeobiology8/15/2015
Rank Open
8/16/2015 14:27:59University of OklahomaAquatic Ecologist10/1/2015
Rank Open1/22/2016Part of cluster hire in geographic ecology 1) in the process of scheduling on-campus interviews for November 2) Are the interviews being scheduled just for the Aquatic Ecologist position or for both positions in the cluster hire? 3) Both 4) Interviews completed. 5) Heard this got offered. 6) Moved very quickly, from deadline to offer less than two months! 7) Offer rejected. Interviewing 4 additional candidates on-campus in early Feb. 8) Why back to the pool? 9) because out of the first round of interviews, offers were made to 2 candidates who took positiions elsewhere. 10) offer made 11) Accepted5
8/16/2015 14:28:34University of OklahomaGeographic Ecologist10/1/2015
Rank Open11/20/2015Part of cluster hire in geographic ecology. On-campus interviews scheduled (Oct 26). Nov 13: On campus interviews finishing up. 2) Where they posted? 3)Nov 20: Not posted anywhere. Interviews completed. Voting soon. 4) Offered. 5). Accepted5
8/16/2015 14:30:30American UniversityEnvironmental Science9/17/2015
Asst Prof11/30/2015The search is in the "final stages" (presumably near making an offer)4
8/16/2015 14:34:20South University of Science and Technology (China)Environmental Science and Engineering
Rank OpenResearch areas include but are not limited to: hydrology and water resources, environmental biogeochemistry, water pollution and treatment, atmospheric chemistry, air pollution control, ecosystem assessment, environmental remote sensing, and global change
8/16/2015 14:37:08University of Southern MississippiChair, Department of Biological Sciences
Full Prof
8/16/2015 14:38:39University of Maryland Baltimore CountyChair, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems
Full Prof
8/18/2015 14:54:42University of MichiganEcology or Evolutionary Biology of Fishes or Birds10/1/2015
Asst Prof10/21/2015Expect to make a junior hire, but outstanding senior applicants will also be considered. 1) This search ran last year. Anyone know why it failed? 2) They offered it to the first choice and gave them a lot of time to give an answer. The person who it was offered to declined (and ended up at Princeton) but the deans office told them it was too late to offer it to the next choice. 3) Poor Michigan never had a chance. That's what happens when you put all your money on a candidate with a dozen other options. They won't be the only ones searching again this year. 4) All the candidates they interviewed were amazing, but at least 2 of the others had other offers so they're now off the market! 5) Don't think for a second that will keep them out of the applicant pool for this job again. 6) Maybe, but the ones I'm aware of accepted at places at least as desirable as Michigan (at least by my judgement). 7) Short list of 10 candidates was made, interviews will start in November. 8) Were people on the short list notified? 9) No, they will come up with a list for interviews in the next few days. 10) Thanks for asking about that #8! ("So you're telling me there's a chance.") 8) Exactly my thoughts! I think it is worse knowing that a list exists, but not knowing if you're on it. 11) Anyone get an interview? Or hear if interviews were scheduled? 12) Yes 13) #12, you got an interview? Congrats! 14) Is there a list of who is interviewing anywhere? 15) List is up on the department website. Looks like they are interviewing a couple of people who were already there as postdoc/faculty fellows... 16) Two from same institution? Seems fishy, pardon the pun. 17) "internal hire" seems very, very likely. 18) Good. Maybe they will actually put a "museum person" in a museum job. 19) first in seminar gets the prize 20) Offer made. 21) internal candidate?5
8/18/2015 16:13:53UC San DiegoEvolution10/1/2015
Asst Prof12/22/20151) Any update on this? 2) No x6 3) 11/21/2015 still no 4) lolx2 5) 11/22/2015 No updates!! How am I gonna get on with my life not knowing if there are any updates! LOL 6) Ok, as of 12/16 it's been almost a month since the last non-update. Anyone know if interviews have been scheduled? 7) I haven't heard anything as of 12/21 8) Why do people keep asking about this position? 9) Time to break out the xanax, peeps. 10) 12/22/2015 still no updates... 11) #10, at what time of day was this??? 12)#10 here, it was in the morning. I will check again in the afternoon. Someone probably went for an interview and got an offer already. 13) An email received for campus interview. 14) Great. Whoever kept asking now has his/her update.9
8/19/2015 15:02:32Indiana UniversityBiostatistics11/1/2015
Asst Prof
8/19/2015 15:50:05University of UtahBiodiversity10/1/2015
Asst Prof1/15/20161) Cluster hire, 4 positions. 2) 10/14: Letters of reference requested. I don't know if letters were requested for all applicants. 3) I had mine requested also, but again don't know if this was for all applicants. 4) which portion of the cluster did those receiving requests apply to? 5) "3" here again I applied for Biodiversity Genomics 6) "2" here and I applied for the Conservation Biology position 7) 4 here, thx for the info. I applied for the biodiversity genomics position and didn't hear anything either way so they must only be contacting those in the running 8) I also have not heard anything about requesting references, so am likely out of the running? (applied to Biodiv Genomics). 9) Rejection letter on 11/23/15 x6 10) Was the rejection by email or regular mail? 11) email 12) I had received the request for references back in October, but got a rejection email on 12/9 for the Conservation Biology position that said they were planning to hire a senior faculty member in one of the natural science areas and that they will continue hiring in the cluster next fall. 13) Interviews are scheduled 14) Is there a list of seminars posted anywhere? I was curious who they plan to bring in for interviews and was not able to find a seminar list anywhere 13 again) 14) Thanks for the link! Wow everyone they brought in is already pretty senior (profs or senior ressearch leads). 8
8/20/2015 17:28:24Colorado CollegeMolecular Biology: Genomics/ Bioinformatics9/1/2015
Asst Prof
8/20/2015 17:38:57University of WarwickEpidemiology9/14/2015
Asst/Assoc Prof10/6/2015CLUSTER HIRE: 3 positions 1) Received rejection email on 10/61
8/20/2015 17:45:36University of British ColumbiaEvolutionary Biology9/21/2015
Asst Prof12/17/20151)Tier 2 Canada Research Chair, higher rank will be considered for an applicant of exceptional qualifications 2) Video interviews scheduled as of 10/10/15 3) Rejection letter received 10/22/2015, x6 4) They are interviewing 5 Candidates. 5) Faculty have voted. Candidates notified.7
8/20/2015 17:48:44University of Louisiana, LafayetteIntegrative Genomics10/9/2015
Asst Prof2/25/20161) letters requested Oct.19 don't know if this was for all applicants 2) phone interview sceduled 10/23/2015 3) rejection letter received (11/16). x2 4) Did the people receiving rejections have letters requested/phone interviews? 5) I don't think my letters are requested although not sure. In the email it says that they have selected candidates for Skype interview. 6) Weren't there already phone interviews? (I didn't have one, this is just according to the wiki). 7) My rejection email on 11/16 said that candidates for Skype interviews had been selected. My refs got requests for letters on 10/19. I wasn't contacted at any point for an interview of any kind. 8) Rejection email (11/18) x5 9) EEO form requested 2/25, as if I would really submit this thing now.4
8/20/2015 17:51:04Tulane UniversityEcology and Evolutionary Biology10/15/2015
Asst/Assoc Prof5/4/2016"interested in applicants who will fit into our department's focal research areas of tropical biology and coastal wetlands" 2) letters requested on 11/13/15 from top 19 of 261 applicants 3) Dang, so many applicants! 4) Anyone heard about campus interviews? 5) No (x2). 6) Campus interview invites sent out to final 4 candidates on 12/7 7) received notice that position has been filled (5/4)13
8/20/2015 17:54:44Lawrence UniversityEvolutionary Biology, Ecology, or Systems Biology9/20/2015
Asst Prof12/10/2015experience using large data sets, computational biology, or bioinformatics approaches. 10/7: Phone interview scheduled. 10/21: On campus interviews scheduled for November. 12/10: Offer made3
8/21/2015 9:30:37University of San DiegoEcology9/25/2015
Asst Prof3/10/2016The department seeks applicants with expertise in Ecology to teach Ecology, Biostatistics and an upper division course in their area of expertise. 1) Update: 134 applications recieved. They are reviewing for the Vert Biologist position first. Interviews to come after Thanksgiving. 2) Will invitations for interviews go out together for both positions or vert biologist first? 3) Phone interviews for the Ecology position last week (11/11). 4) Rejection email on 11/18. x2 5) Decisions to be made on both searches this week. 6) offers made on both positions. 7) looks like Ecology job may have been an inside hire.4
8/22/2015 20:11:20Stockholm University, SwedenPopulation Genetics10/5/2015
Asst ProfThis is not the standard app. Start early.
8/23/2015 13:51:05Clarkson UniversityEvolutionary biology, bioinformatics, or related field10/1/2015
Asst Prof12/15/2015"focus in one or more of the following: evolutionary ecology,
evolutionary genetics, phylogenetics, epidemiology, zoology, or other relevant area" 1) recieved email saying there is a short list, phone interviews to be scheduled in the coming weeks x2 2) Did this email indicate you were on the short list? 3) Yes 4) Anyone get a campus interview? 5) Yes. 6) Rejection email 12/14/15, and you got one too because I can see your email. 7) Yup. Now we all know who applied and got rejected! LOL 8) You could also see the home address and cell phone number of the head of department. 9) Total rookie move. So glad that I'm not working there. 10) I thought job applications are confidential and we had to click some online agreement about that. What happens if the employer (in this case) breaks the agreement? 11) Woah, friends. Let's take it easy. Yes it was a snafu, but shit happens. My name was on that list too, but I suggest we act like mature adults and move on. What could possibly be gained from raising a stink about this? Probably nothing desirable. 12) Uh, raising a stink might cause them to be competent with private information in the future?
8/24/2015 12:03:43
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Environmental/Climate Science11/20/2015
Asst/Assoc ProfTT postion. "The ideal candidate has additional expertise in one or more of the following areas - computational modeling, large data sets, and/or innovative data visualization..."
8/24/2015 17:44:11The Evergreen State CollegeEcology10/1/2015
5/2/2016"full time faculty position"; "primary teaching responsibilities in the evening and substantial responsibilities for advising thesis research. Faculty in this position may periodically rotate into the undergraduate daytime curriculum." 2) Any updates on this one?? 3) phone interviews were mid-November. (and this is a tenure track position. they just don't call it tenure at Evergreen) 4) Official rejection email on 4/29/2016. Apparently the hiring process finally wrapped up.7
8/24/2015 17:53:13University of Pittsburgh Ecology and Evolution9/30/2015
2 Asst, 1 Assoc3/2/20161) Last year made 2 hires, this year 3, hope to continue hiring aggressive in the next 1-2 yrs. 2) Letters Requested 3) <-- Letters were required for this position, the system automatically emails your references. 4) lol x2 5)150 applicants 6) Any word here? 7) Did this job get reposted under "Ecology and Sustainability" or is it a new ad?; 8) the Ecology & Sustainability job is new, in addition to these three.  9)  Still no word?  it looks like interviews have already started for other positions with a review date similar to this one. 10) They are still working to a short list.11)  Any interviews yet? 12) Couple of postdocs listed as seminar speakers in department website. I wonder if these are faculty candidate talks? 13) Yes. 14) Congratulations to the faculty candidates! 15) are these all the interviews for all 3 positions or sc is still deciding on the rest? 16) Dec 21. I just got an email telling me that they are reviewing applications for this position, so I assume there will be additional interviews beyond the ones already listed on the web site (??) 17) I got the same message and assume it is mostly geared towards getting us to fill out the affirmative action form—I did not interpret this letter as though I am on some short list (ie better chance we fill this out now, before we get the rejection letter). 18) Got the same message. Probably wants us to fill this out before official rejection. 19) So funny -- I was just about to post the same update, with the same interpretation as #s 17 and 18. 20) #17 here. I already marked the email as spam without filling out. 20) This leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. 21) Happy holidays from Pitt! Can you fill out a form? tyia. 22) Will you give me job? 23) Let's talk about that in a bit. Could you please fill out some forms for HR before we talk about that? Also, don't look at our upcoming seminar schedule. TYIA for all of your help.24) (16 again) I don't think it means a short list, but do you really think they are only bringing in 3 people for 3 positions. At least on the talk schedule I saw, only 3 of the talks are non-Pitt grad students. 22) Fair point. I remove Pitt from my 'door-has-closed' list. . . . for now. 23) still not filling out forms until they give me a job. 24) Agreed! when they give me the offer I will give them the form. 25) That form is dead to me. 26)  Still so little info on this position that really bares on status?  They are doing a search for 4 positions! 27) Interviews are happening now. some seminars are listed on their website. 28) Rejection received 2/26 x10 29) If only I would have filled out that hiring questionare! The regrets begin... 30) Anyone else that didn't have an interview not get a rejection yet? 29) Oh weird.. I gave up on this a while ago. But yeah, I have not recieved an official rejection yet.. and was never contacted for an interview25
8/24/2015 18:28:25Marquette UniversityEcology/Environmental Biology11/1/2015
Asst Prof3/3/2016Any word on the status of this search? 2) crickets.... 3) skype interview scheduled 12/17 4) rejection/interview alternate on 1/10 5) what's a rejection/interview alternate? 6) received rejection 3/3, over 150 applicants x3 5
8/24/2015 18:30:24Babson CollegeEnvironmental Science11/15/2015
Asst Prof1
8/24/2015 18:31:31Ursinus CollegeEcoloy10/2/2015
Asst Profposition filled, got letter in mail3
8/24/2015 18:34:11University of British ColumbiaForest Biology9/30/2015
8/24/2015 18:35:49Auburn UniversityInsect Pollination and Apiculture9/1/2015
Asst Prof11/4/2015Received an e-mail saying they are closing the position without filling
8/24/2015 18:38:29University of Louisiana, LafayetteCoastal/Marine Biology10/9/2015
Asst Prof12/1/20151) Letters requested (10/20) 2) My references received a request on 10/22/2015 3) heard through the grapevine that skype interviews are in progress (11/23) 4) received rejection via email 12/1 5) Hmm, my letters were requested but I didn't get a Skype interview or a rejection email (12/3) X2 6) (Removed-- sorry, posted on the wrong job!)2
8/24/2015 22:38:15Rice UniversityEcology and Evolutionary Biology9/25/2015
Rank Open1/8/20161) Why was all of the information reported here deleted? 2)Not sure but I know that they are in the process of scheduling on campus interviews. 3) Any updates? 4) Interviews have begun. 5) Interviewees listed on department website. 6) In the seminar list? Unclear to me. 7) Agreed. Couldn't be the ones with Ecology & Evolution, could they? They're spread so far apart. 8) When it comes to these sorts of things this page is pretty useless due to how vague comments are. 9) One of the candidates is a "Vanzant" speaker but I'm not sure that this info helps at all. 10) Also pay attention to who the speakers' hosts are. 11) Or just list them here. 12) Oh please don't! 13) Their names are listed on my wall at home and I throw darts at them. 14) That explains my mystifying shoulder pain! 15) I can't relate. I'm numb. 16) 1-8-16 Rejection email received. It states that there were over 300 applications, and many of them were excellent, but unfortunately mine was not one of them. x2 17) My rejection letter did not indicate many of them were excellent (although I'm sure they are!), but "we have identified several candidates whose experience more closely matches our current and near-term needs" x3 18) I heard they made an offer so the person must have accepted. 19) Job has NOT been accepted14
8/25/2015 10:05:13Goucher CollegeEnvironmental Microbiology10/1/2015
Asst Prof1
8/25/2015 10:06:44Humboldt State UniversityForest Mensuration and Biometrics9/11/2015
Asst/Assoc Prof1
8/25/2015 10:08:39Florida State UniversityMarine Community Ecologist11/1/2015
Research Asst Prof3/2/2016Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory 1) Email informing me that they are moving forward with another candidate 3/21
8/25/2015 10:10:37Butte CollegeBotany9/28/2015
8/25/2015 10:11:46University of Florida IFASWatershed Management9/24/2015
Asst Prof
8/25/2015 10:13:36University of Toronto MississaugaEcosystem Ecology11/1/2015
Asst Prof11/30/20151) rejection received 11/30 (x4)3
8/26/2015 16:55:28Univ Tennessee ChattanoogaIntegrative Ecologist10/26/2015
Asst Prof2/4/20161) Contacted for skype interview. 2) When? 3) Skype interviews currently being conducted (2nd week of Dec.), 4) Contacted on 1/19 for on-campus interview 5) Official rejection email on 2/32
8/26/2015 16:57:21Agnes Scott CollegeEcology10/1/2015
Asst Prof12/21/20151) Invited on 10/28 for phone interview on 10/30. 2) Dear John email received 12/21/2015 x2
8/27/2015 10:08:34Millsaps CollegeBio/Field Bio10/5/2015
Asst Prof
8/27/2015 14:29:38St. Mary's College of MarylandPlant Biology
Asst ProfTT position, review begins immediately.
8/27/2015 18:16:44University of the PacificBiology10/1/2015
Asst Prof10/22/2015Particularly interested in toxicology, behavior, neurobiology, or environmental/health sciences. 10/7-email requesting phone interview. 10/22-phone call requesting on-campus interview4
8/28/2015 4:26:42Trinity College DublinEcology9/18/2015
Asst Prof12/7/2015t and think that this research has significant opportunities for collaborations with the department's strong epidemiology 1) 11/30 Heading to an on campus interview this week 2) 12/7 Apparently an offer has been made3
8/28/2015 12:19:41Missouri State UniversityLimnology and freshwater biology11/3/2015
Asst Prof3/2/2016Invited for phone interview on 12/2 1) received rejection 3/2/20163
8/28/2015 21:18:19University of LeedsConservation Biology9/2/2015
Lecturer (UK)10/31/2015Email notification of unsuccessful application sent 10/30/2015.1
8/28/2015 21:19:36University of LeedsBiology9/30/2015
University Academic Fellowship12/7/2015Email rejection 11/7/2015. Offered to provide feedback, which was nice! Feedback was provided rapidly (within an hour), and also very clear and positive. 2
8/28/2015 21:21:17University of GeorgiaForest Pathology12/1/2015
Asst Prof
8/29/2015 20:47:03SUNY AlbanyEcology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases10/1/2015;jsessionid=8A7B24936826413AC25AAB12508834B4;jsessionid=C2C4EC4A20F53F8F3D68C1F74624590B?JOBID=53990
Asst Prof11/24/2015Must have been a failed search last year... 1) They made one hire of the two posted last year, and the other did fail. 2) Campus interviews scheduled for December through January. 3) Now pushed back to late Jan. through Feb.2
8/29/2015 20:48:07SUNY AlbanySystems Biology10/1/2015
Asst Prof
8/30/2015 18:28:58Washington UniversityComputational Genomics10/1/2015
Asst Prof12/11/20151) 10/8-letters requested 2)interview invites 3)No phone interviews? Also, were you contacted by email? 4) No phone interview to me. I was contacted by phone. 5) 12/11/15 rejection email received. Also: 6) the email stated that five candidates have been invited for interviews.2
8/30/2015 18:38:05University of Florida, GainesvilleLarge Mammal Ecology / International Conservation11/1/2015
Asst Prof1
9/1/2015 11:45:39University of California RiversideCommunity Ecology11/1/2015
Asst Prof4/6/201611/4: roughly 150 applicants. 11/23: search committee taking its sweet time. 12/3/2015 - I was notified that my application have missing letters. 12/8/2015 - I heard they are currently focusing on the Evolutionary Genomics position. 4) Untrue, they're different searches & committees. Department's preferred short list sent to dean/HR/affirmative action on Dec. 11. 5) Received invitation to update my CV (email said it was sent to all applicants). x3 6) I applied but did not receive any email about my CV 7) Them's the rules. One candidate updated their CV, therefore all had to be invited to do so. 8) invited for on-campus interview 1/14/16 #4 here: Dept. has voted & sent vote to dean; and preferred candidate called. (Feb 26). offer accepted, search is over6
9/1/2015 11:46:55University of DaytonEcology11/6/2015
Asst Prof3/11/20161) Anyone know what happened to last years search for an ecologist? 2) 11/10 Email from search chair - 157 applicants phone interviews to be schedule for early December, campus interviews expected for mid January. 3) 11/25 invited for phone interview on 12/7 (10 finalists) x2, 4) email from search chair saying they're scheduling campus interviews, careful not to officially reject though 5) official rejection 3/11, offered and accepted4
9/2/2015 10:50:26Rockhurst University (MO)Gen. Biology10/15/2015
Asst Prof10/26/2015Teach Evolution, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Gen Bio; could include Field Bio, Gen Physiology, Animal Behavior; 10/26: Phone interviews in progress
9/2/2015 14:56:25University of NebraskaFish Genetics/Physiology10/30/2015
Asst Prof
9/3/2015 12:04:46Ohio UniversityQuantitative Plant Biology10/11/2015
Asst Prof2/4/2016Any info on this? Rejection 2/41
9/3/2015 12:08:34University of OregonEvolutionary Biology10/1/2015
Asst Prof11/16/20151) 11/2/15 Missing letters of rec requested, campus invites soon 2) is this a specific instance of missing letters, or were people contacted about future campus invites? 3) Specific instance, no indication of being shortlisted, but email says search committee will be making their decision soon! 4) Calls went out to set up interviews on Friday the 13th 9
9/3/2015 16:51:11Villanova UniversityIntegrative Organismal Biology10/30/2015
Asst Prof2/22/2016Official transcripts required! Come on.... Search Committee Chair responding- unofficial transcripts fine for now; will need official graduate transcript if position offered. 11/30- received email for Skype interview x 2. Skype interviews underway. 12/10: On campus interviews scheduled. 2/22: Offer made, negotiating. FAILED SEARCH.3
9/3/2015 21:11:31University of OregonEnvironmental Scientist11/2/2015
Asst Prof12/8/2015Wow 21 people from wiki! I wonder how many applications they received?! 2) Letters requested (11/16) for "short list" of 85 from 411 applicants x6 3) Where did you get this info (85/411)? 4) These numbers were included in an email notifiying candidates that they advanced to the long short list. 5) My letters were requested but I did not receive an e-mail... x7 6) How many people DID receive an email notifying them they were on the "short" list? 7) I got an email x4 8) Weird! Maybe there was a mistake and letter requests were sent out to everyone? I was forwarded the letter request and they did spell "Reference" wrong in the subject line..... 9) Did anyone not receive a request for letters? 10) Really?? Everyone received letter requests? Damn. Maybe there was a mistake. 11) anyone ever get to the bottom of this? 12) Contacted SCC about updating my application. I didn't receive an e-mail about the long list but when he confirmed he received my update, he didn't mention whether or not I made the cut; just that there were 411 applicants. 13) Again, I know people that had letters requested but did not receive official email. Anyone know more? 14) No x2 14) rejection 12.8 (x7). 15) ditto- received request for letters a while back, and then official rejection today, 12.8 (x4). 23
9/4/2015 15:21:24Creighton UniversityPhysiology
Asst Prof11/6/2015Open until filled. 10/15/15- letters of rec requested; 10/27/15- received email requesting a Skype interview for the first week of November. Final candidates will be invited for on-campus interviews in mid-late November x2 11/6/15- invited for an on-campus interview; 12/15/15- I was offered the position. Currently finishing negotiations and signing the contract in early January.2
9/7/2015 1:24:22University of ArizonaGenomics12/1/2015
Rank open3/10/20165 Positions, Genomics of adaptation, Microbial Ecology, plant genomics, agroecosystem genomics, earth and system genomics.
Any idea what materials are required/where they should be submitted? 1) I heard that the full ad, including details, will soon be up on the University of Arizona's HR website. (9/16/15) 2) Received an email from Russ Monson. Application review is being pushed back to Nov 15. A link to upload a cover letter, CV, and statements of research and teaching interests should be up on the UA HR website within the next two weeks. Letters should be sent directly to Russ Monson, Im assuming via email. (10/8/2015) 3) 4) email went out to a list of 25 finalists for the 5 positions. Individual committees hoping to reduce the number to 15 based on phone/Skype interviews. 5) email received to set up phone/skype interview. 6) I'm on the short list of 25, but still no call about a phone/skype interview. Anyone else? (2/25/2016) 7) Invited for on campus interview 2/29/2016. 8) Does anyone know how candidates for this cluster will be assigned into home departments? 9) No, but I do know campus interviews start late March and will run through most of April. 10) Candidates aren't assigned departments. If offered the position, candidates get to choose their own department.
9/7/2015 17:34:44RutgersComputational Genetics; Genetics10/15/2015
Asst Prof1/20/2016One in genetics (emphasis maybe on human genetics); Second position in computational genetics. 1) any updates on this one? 2) rejection letter received (1/15/16) x2.2
9/8/2015 8:48:56UBC OkanaganRestoration Ecology10/26/2015
Asst/Assoc Prof1
9/8/2015 8:51:12UC DavisEvolution and Ecology10/1/2015
Lecturer w/ Potential Security of Employment11/23/2015Heard they received ~45 highly qualified applications. Have people been contacted? 1) I know someone who had a Skype interview (11/12/15) 2) Heard campus interviews were scheduled days ago.`
9/8/2015 11:52:46Trinity College (CT)Conservation Biology12/15/2015
Asst Prof2/22/2016Anyone know what the teaching load is (it's vague in the advertisement)? I spoke wth the head of the job search. 5 classes a year. So, insanely high. 2) This post has been deleted from Higher Ed jobs as of Dec 8. See this instead: 3) Skype Interview scheduled for 1/27. 4) Campus interviews scheduled 5) Official rejection email saying the position has been filled. 2/223
9/8/2015 23:54:55HarvardSystems Biology11/15/2015
Asst ProfExceptional candidates in any area of quantitative biology will be considered, including those taking computational, theoretical, and/or experimental approaches.. 1) Rejection letter (6th Jan)
9/9/2015 16:07:12
Georgia College and State University
Asst Prof
9/9/2015 16:09:13James Madison University Marine Biology
Asst Prof3/5/2016Open until filled 1) phone call to schedule skype interview received 11/19 2) Pretty sure this has been accepted.3) accepted
9/11/2015 2:33:38Emory UniversityEcology and Evolution of Infectious Disease10/26/2015
Asst Prof11/30/20151) Skype interview on 12 Nov, rejected on 19 Nov; Anyone else hear anything from Emory? 2) Campus interviews scheduled4
9/11/2015 2:52:35Yale UniversityPhysiology and functional biology11/1/2015
Asst Prof12/8/2015Over 100 applications. 2) How did you come by this information? 3) Thats not a lot compared to other positions 3) Is this a failed search from last year? 4) Yes3
9/11/2015 3:03:59University of GlasgowMicrobiology10/11/2015
Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer11/27/20152 positions 1) Received a rejection email on 11/27/155
9/11/2015 13:23:07Albion CollegeInvertebrate Zoology10/15/2015
Asst Prof12/14/201510/30/15: Received invitation for a phone interview on 10/30, to happen sometime between 11/3 and 11/13 (x2) 2) VAP as inside candidate? 3) do you ask just because there is one listed on the website? or do you have more knowledge? 4) email invite for campus interview 11/18, 5) Campus interviews done, sending rec to Dean this week (Dec 14), hopefully offer by xmas
9/11/2015 15:58:28University of Idaho, MoscowWildlife Habitat Ecology in Rangeland Systems9/15/2015
Asst Prof1
9/13/2015 1:14:53University of California, RiversideEvolutionary Genomics10/11/2015
Asst Prof2/18/2016received invitation for an interview on 11/20 2) Offer has been made. 1