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Mirvaso Negative Reports - Please note the following anecdotal reports:
You should be aware that it is rarely possible to validate anecdotal reports. Most users hide behind a display name so there is no way to know who is actually posting which means that the same user could be posting as different or multiple posters. The other issue with anecdotal reports is that any report could be totally false and is a ruse to sway user opinion. However, the reason rosacea sufferers use display names is for privacy and some of these reports may be authentic, useful or helpful. The anecdotal posts contained below show the source if you click on the link in the last column. The RRDi can not validate or confirm the authenticity of any of these reports. So you have been duly informed about the following anecdotal reports listed below.

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18/30/2013Wrinkledcure40Here's the good news; Brimonidine, the main ingredient in this new cream, is extremely powerful. Tiny amounts of it turn my red red face absolutely pasty white. Because of that, it makes it much harder to flush. Here's the bad news. I used Brimonidine successfully for several months in minute doses and loved it. Then my poor face exploded in a sort of steroid rosacea, in the way blood vessels explode with dilation after being forced to constrict for too long.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page4
29/21/2013alyfpet189I am feeling positive that I seem to tolerate Mirvaso thus far." alyfpet 21st September 2013 06:33 PM Post #189 - "I had rebound flushing from Mirvaso, which left me much worse off. The worst of it lasted around 9 days. After about 5 weeks, I am still much redder, warmer, puffier, and can see vessels under my red that were not visible before. My derm agrees that I am reacting to the Mirvaso and should report to the FDA, which I did." alyfpet 29th October 2013 02:42 PM Post #7 See also Post #22 Oct 22, 2013 and his final review Post #48 Oct 4, 2013. alyfpet is also quoted in Healthcare Daily, a Dallas/Ft. Worth, online magazine in an article about Galderma's president leaving. Also see the 5th comment under Dr. Andrea Trowers of Miami's YouTube VideoPost #189 9/21/13: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page19 - Post #22 10/22/13: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page3 - Post #7 10/29/13: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29860-Recovery-from-Mirvaso&p=289762#post289762 - alyfpet is also quoted in Healthcare Daily, a Dallas/Ft. Worth, online magazine in an article about Galderma's president leaving: http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/ - Also see the 5th comment under Dr. Andrea Trowers of Miami's YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O2ACrHtikQ
310/2/2013littlelassie16I used Mirvaso for three days. The first day I used too much (still less than the recommended amount). I was very pale and it looked abnormal, and lasted for 6-8 hours. The second two days I used less and started to see signs of rebound when it would wear off. Honestly I didn't believe in a "rebound", I'm not sure why. I especially didn't think I would be someone that had a rebound. A day after I stopped the mirvaso, I flushed really badly. That was the first time I've ever really flushed. It has been 5 days since I've used any mirvaso and I still have been getting flushy/extra red when I get too warm or eat something spicy. Those are normal triggers for people who typically flush, but I didn't flush before this. I'm hoping that if I'm gentle on my skin and avoid getting too warm things will settle out and go back to how there were before. My advice is just to be careful. Take it slow and don't use too much. Hopefully a lot of people can still benefit from this, but I'm too scared to try it again. If I get a good baseline picture (when my skin is looking normal) I will post some pics. I have some with the mirvaso on and 1 during the flush (my husband was impressed with the redness and felt the need to document).http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience&p=288195#post288195
410/5/2013pascal52...Like most I was hoping this would be that miracle drug to help persistent redness, burning, and aggravation of rosacea. I'll keep it brief. What others are saying about this medicine is true---tread lightly. I have rosacea (type 1) with persistent redness, periods of mod-severe flushing and SD. I tried this medicine as directed and the results were so amazing it was scary. I mean I went from red/burning/tingling to calm, white within an hour. It also lasted about 8 hrs. But when this shit wears off OMG!! Calm before the storm. You pissed your skin off, wrecked the balance, and if you have SD...get ready. I woke to what looked like poison ivy in random patches all over my face. This medicine scares the crap out of me!!!! I'm a doctor myself and I know a thing or two about physiologic mechanisms and our body's role of homeostasis.Whatever the underlying cause is that causes or blood vessels to be hyperactive, placing a topical chemical on the skin that's absorbed and then wears off is asking for trouble. It's not a permanent solution, only a crutch. This stuff has the potential to ruin your baseline flush response. The concept is great but not sure this medicine delivers. Be careful folks. I wish I would've never tried it...http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page6
510/10/2013budday76...I'm an Accutane-induced flusher from head to chest...tried a tiny bit of Mirvaso once at 8pm on Monday (just on my face) - worked amazingly well for 20 hours (both in combating redness and blocking flushing - I looked unnaturally pale, honestly, and tested it on a few beers in a fairly unfamiliar environment), and I've been experiencing extreme rebound flushing with a much, much lower threshold nonstop since it wore off 4pm on Tuesday (it's presently 51 hours since I first took it). Usually flushing lasts about 30 mins and dissipates into a red glow for me, but these rebound flushes last two to three hours, with dark outlines around my eyes the entire time. These rebound flushes provide enough body heat to to stand outside naked and comfortably in the winter, and they grow patch by patch where the Mirvaso was applied, until the whole face is redder than my worst flushes before.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page8
610/10/2013Ared74...Until last week, I had what I would call moderate to mild rosacea - I maintained a nice blush, flushed with a trigger and occasionally got welts and spots. Now, after less than a week on Mirvaso my entire face is intermittently and randomly beet red, burning, inflamed and flushes with barely any provocation. So badly in fact that people around me are commenting. I have had rosacea for over a year with barely any remarks on my appearance.

When I got the sample I applied it and was thrilled with the result. I finally looked like my old self. I got remarks on how great my skin looked. That only lasted one day. By the 2nd day I was getting some breakthrough patches. I thought maybe I had missed a few spots and put more on. It took the redness away. So far so good I thought. By the 3rd day I was getting larger and more severe breakthrough redness. By the end of the week
I was flushing in odd patterns and at random times. I stopped using Mirvaso but the spotches and severe flushing continued. I am now on day 5 without Mirvaso and my skin has still not returned to normal. People that I interact with daily are remarking and asking what is wrong with me.

I pray this stuff has not permanently damaged my already sensitive skin. I did see my dermatologist who seemed shocked by my appearance based on the press about Mirvaso and said that they would proceed with caution with other patients based on what was going on with me.
710/10/2013wiry82Sadly, it did not work at all. It only gave the illusion of working for a short time. In reality, the time it appeared to work was part 1 of a process that was actually doing damage to skin. Luckily you discontinued before serious damage was done (and so was I). Others have not been so lucky and seem to have damaged their skin to a greater degree..perhaps even permanently. There was a user who had to go to the hospital and others who have become depressed and lost work. Nearly all (if not all) have experienced rebounds that are worse than baseline. Forget what the studies say since real users do not agree. Honestly, I do not know of another product that can do so much physical and emotional damage...so fast...and so consistently for rosaceans. It is very bad stuff.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29728-Mirvaso-How-long-recover-from-it&p=289163#post289163 • also see Wiry's Post #1 and other posts in this thread: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29728-Mirvaso-How-long-recover-from-it
810/10/2013mauerfan626I suffer from mostly the redness associated with rosacea so 3.5 weeks ago my derm prescribed me mirvaso. The first 3 days of it were great, no redness, cool to the touch cheeks, and minimal to no rebound. From day 4 onward however things got much worse, i started to suffer extreme rebounding episodes roughly 5 hours after application, my cheeks would turn beet red(that never happened before I used the meds, in severity or frequency) it progressed now to where if I lay down both of my cheeks flush and get warm and beet red! also something that never happened before. The meds seemed to exacerbate my condition making it much worse than it was before. I started using it. So last night I wrote galderma an email explaining what I just explained here, this AM a nurse from the company called me to get more info, she was very nice and helpful, she said my experience would be forwarded on to the FDA and Galderma would refund the cost of my prescription. So in summary the product sucks!! But the company seems willing to listen and compensate us.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page63
910/11/2013Littlewingles34I wish I had never tried Mirvaso. I used it one time this Monday. It worked amazingly in that I had zero redness on my face and for the first time in more than 20 years, my skin was one color. Then after 24 hours, it wore off. OMG. The rebound flushing is REAL, folks. I only have mild rosacea and given that I have been doing V-Beam laser treatments for years and using tea tree oil, I had finally reached a place where I had it under control with a little pinkness in my cheeks. Now, after having used Mirvaso once, the rebound has made my skin hyper-sensitive and I have been burning up since Tuesday. It's Friday and I just had a flare-up and I have no idea why. I have been icing my face and applying sea buckthorn oil to soothe it. It is very painful and I have scheduled an emergency V-Beam treatment with the dermatologist for next week to see if that can help. I'm praying that I have not destroyed my baseline from one application. This stuff is bad news.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29675-Mirvaso-Can-it-stop-Facial-Flushing/page4
1010/12/2013 Peruanofutbal1487Day one off mirvaso my left cheek had 4 extremely red dots surrounded by pink skin right cheek had pinkish dots surrounded by pink skin ... Today woke up with my left with at least 12 red dots surrounded by red skin... Right cheek wasn't as bad but it's 430pm and both sides seem to be equally bad ... I'm guess my face will get worse tomorrow and after that get better cause I don't think my face could get anymore red what really bothers me is the pimple like dots on my face .... It's very depressing I called off work today and I work again Monday hopefully it'll be calmer by thenhttp://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page9 • also see Peruanofutbal14's posts in this thread: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29728-Mirvaso-How-long-recover-from-it
1110/14/2013Whatisitworth95I was diagnosed with rosacea about two years ago- biggest symptoms were moderate to severe flushing and some growing, persistent redness. Tried a few topicals and minocycline over the past year without too much improvement. Had one IPL with really good results- going back for another round and anticipating about three to four total. Was given two Mirvaso samples by the derm. I've included three photos; one of my face while on mirvaso for the first time and two of the horrible rebound flushing I've had. I used mirvaso for two days and then was in class the next day and bam! Started to flush more badly than I ever have before in my life, beyond deep red all the way into purple. So painful and intense that I had to leave class and it took two hours to start going down. Didn't reapply mirvaso but the next day around the same time had another huge flushing episode where I had to leave class, so deep purple. As I walked to my car people were staring and talking under their breath about it. Pictures of rebound flushing are from today- day 3 of flushing intensely at the same time with no trigger, just out of the blue. 2 1/2 hrs later still waiting for sw improvement. I feel extremely sad and frustrated, almost hopeless. Three days ago, before mirvaso and a few weeks after IPL, I was still red but feeling happy, optimistic and like rosacea wasn't that big of a deal. This flushing is debilitating; not sure what to do anymore. Just thought I would add my experience here.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page10
1210/16/2013AmandaI, too, tried Mirvaso about a week ago and had the same awful effects: horrendous, bright red rebound flushing unlike anything I ever had in the past 15 years! The product worked great at first and then I noticed a terrible hot, inflamed redness on my cheeks and nose at around hour 5 after application that lasted about 1.5 hours. A ton of make-up did little to cover it up. I am stunned this product was approved as I am very concerned about the long lasting affects. I have not used Mirvaso in three days and am continuing to flush badly and have all around redness that is worse than prior to using Mirvaso. Very Disappointing!!!http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/#comment-25254
1310/17/2013drmikecmd14Never again. I'll second that... never again.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29728-Mirvaso-How-long-recover-from-it/page2
1410/17/2013Baseball16All of these comments have been very helpful and somewhat comforting knowing that I'm not the only one!!

I used mirvaso for 8 days straight and haven't used it for 6 days now. I normally have mild to moderate rosacea strictly on my cheeks and this stuff worked wonders for me for those 8 days. On the 8th day I had the most intense flushing (bright red almost purple) on my cheeks and I have never been prone to flushing before. After six days now of nonuse I'm happy to report that the flushing seems to have stopped and I am almost back to my baseline. There's is still a slight burning sensation on my cheeks but it feels like it's getting better with each passing day. Ill continue to keep you guys posted. Hopefully I will get back to my baseline soon!!
1510/17/2013Mirvaso2013Its a nay .

According to most of the 20 or so people that used it on this forum ..

Disaster would be a better word for Mirvaso .

This is what they come up with after 8 years working on it
Please note that this user was banned from the following forum where the user made this post: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29728-Mirvaso-How-long-recover-from-it/page2
1610/18/2013KTM14(I'm new here) but for what it's worth... there was still hope for reversing my diagnosis (a cream triggered my first and current outbreak, or flare.. still getting used to language) prior to using Mirvaso.

Used Mirvaso two times. Now I wake up with a red, sometimes swollen, face. I exist in constant fear of a flush, or a flush. Emotionally embarrassing but what sucks is I can't even forget about it because it burns to remind me that I look as disturbing as it feels physically. My ears are hot and I didn't even use it on my ears.

It's been a week. Maybe my experience shouldn't be taken toooo seriously because I'm so new, but maybe someone will be warned that could have a worse reaction than I did? Idk. Just trying to make myself useful!
1710/18/2013AudreyI’ve used it for 2 days and my cheeks are bright red…redder than they were before I started using this product. I’ve read reviews on other websites and apparently many others are having problems with severe redness that does not go away, even after discontinuing use. I will not use this product again….http://rosaceaacne.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/mirvaso-approved-for-rosacea-redness/
1810/18/2013NadiaI am having un predictable flushing like I never experienced ever before using Mirvaso. I spoke to a nurse at Galderma who took my information and sent me a questionnaire. I too am afraid this condition of flushing could become permanent. I t comes out of nowhere as I have been applying at the same time every day and have not done anything different on the flushing days as on the non flushing days.

I am discontinuing use of Mirvaso all together and will stay in touch with my doctor about the unusual, unpredictable and un timely flushing.
1910/22/2013Erin (Erin Wright)My dermatologist *promised* me that Mirvosa didn’t have any rebound flushing, but after a week of use I suffered terrible rebound flushing after I washed it off in the evening…actually, the worst flushing I had in my entire life (36 years old, rosacea for 20 years). And, the flushing was across my entire face, not just the places where I usually get redness (chin, center of forehead, around nose). I decided to stop using it altogether because I was afraid the extreme flushing would cause permanent damage. • YouTube comment: Beware of Mirvaso! My dermatologist promised me that there would be no rebound flushing. However, I experienced TERRIBLE rebounding (flaming redness over my entire face, with quarter-sized welts in certain areas) after just 5 days of use. It took a week for the rebound to subside...although I really don't think I've recovered completely yet---and it has been over a month.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-approved-for-rosacea-redness.html • YouTube comment on 11/13/13: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O2ACrHtikQ
2010/23/2013fluff head743 unfortunately have to add to the sorrows of Mirvaso. I've been struggling with constant redness and pretty intense flushing for a while now, and it's been especially bad during the last few months. I really, really thought Mirvaso might help, but after my first 3 days of it, I've had some very ugly rebound flushing. I think I'm going to try lasers. They seem to get much better reviews and seem to last longer. Best of luck to the rest of you trying this new stuff. I too, can't believe it got USDA approval with such a seemingly large number of reports of its problems.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page75
2110/23/2013LaurenJust got it and although it seemed to work to some degree, I had some unusual breakthrough flushing. After only 2 days of use, I woke up to a red face anywhere I had used it (which is almost never the case prior). I don’t have a permanent blushing problem but instead get it particularly in the afternoons, and now it seems that with Mirvaso it is a 24 hour phenom. I read here that it isn’t for those who have the flushing/blushing come and go, but my derm thought it would be good for me. I still feel tempted by the potential ‘miracle’ cure, but sitting here red-faced, I suspect I will let this go until there is a wider range of experience. Very disappointing after a lifetime of suffering.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-approved-for-rosacea-redness.html
2210/23/2013laylaJust got it and although it seemed to work to some degree, I had some unusual breakthrough flushing. After only 2 days of use, I woke up to a red face anywhere I had used it (which is almost never the case prior). I don’t have a permanent blushing problem but instead get it particularly in the afternoons, and now it seems that with Mirvaso it is a 24 hour phenom. I read here that it isn’t for those who have the flushing/blushing come and go, but my derm thought it would be good for me. I still feel tempted by the potential ‘miracle’ cure, but sitting here red-faced, I suspect I will let this go until there is a wider range of experience. Very disappointing after a lifetime of suffering.

end 30/24/13 post - start Oct. 25 post: Honestly, I will be DEVASTATED if this does not go away. I am a performing artist and have to cancel a photo shoot in 4 days because of this. This is an outrage.
http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-approved-for-rosacea-redness.html also: http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-rebound-flushing-makes-the-news.html
2310/24/2013DanDo not use this medicine. My face is worse than before. Increased redness and flushing. Stopped using for six days now and my face is still not back to normal!http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/#comment-25254
2410/25/2013AnonI’m on day 3 off this stuff, Im FIRE ENGINE RED. I am a model and this is going to affect my work. I’m fuming mad. I have to use it for a photo shoot in 3 days just so I can get through the day and subject myself to more BURNING HOT disgusting looking skin. Unacceptable !!!!!http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/#comment-25254
2510/26/2013TrinaI tried a sample of Mirvaso. I thought I looked so pale after applying to my face, I thought I would wait and see if my husband noticed anything different when he got home from work. When he seen me without me telling him I used it, he said I looked sick. Then when I told him he said all he noticed was the dark circles under my eyes. I said thats because there isno redness in my face. It did last about 24 hours. Then by thenext evening I noticed I looked red all over my face and really red in my problem spot (cheeks). After reading other reviews, I assum it is rebound redness. Im worried about making my whole face worse. Not sure if I should get the script.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-approved-for-rosacea-redness.html
2610/26/2013dogcrazy756I used Mirvaso off and on..I have found that it is more like a band aid..so if I have a day I want to look less red I use it and it really does blanche out the redness..it doesn't cure of course
I have also been using some zicam on my face..call it desperation..sometimes I think it helps.
2710/26/2013JennyI have starting to feel the rebound effect of Mirvaso around the 10th day of usage. It didn’t occur to me that it was a bad adverse effect so I continued using for another 2 weeks. The flushes seemed to come out of nowhere and I typically wake up with redness on my face (something I have never experienced before). This is my 2nd day of not using the product so I’m hoping this effect will go away after discontinuation. I already called the FDA and Galderma to report this bad effect. Hopefully more people will aware and carefully consider this rebound effect before using this product on their face.http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/
2810/27/2013mivaso userI have used mirvaso ONE TIME. 3 days later i am still experiencing terrible rebound flushing. I’m a real person. Moderate Rosacea (no bumps just redness and scaly skin) sufferer for ten years. Here’s a log i’ve been keeping if you’re interested: (long amount of details) http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/#comment-25254
2910/27/2013MB1024762Wanted to post my experience so far here to warn others. Definitely had rebound flushing. I've been using mirvaso daily for the past three days, and today is my fourth day. Didn't apply it yet, and as it's been about 24 hours now, my cheeks and nose area have gone bright red. Much, much worse than the original redness. I'm a blusher and over the past several months noticed a slight persistent redness over my cheeks. Went to the derm and he could not confirm rosacea, but agreed that I was at risk due to my frequent blushing problems. I wish I could've used this product longer, but I'm nervous that the rebound flushing will be much worse the longer I use it. Face is slightly warm and at least twice as red as it was when I started. I did notice the ghostly, pale look the first two days of use as well. Seems my reaction has been fairly common. I don't want to say that the product isn't going to work for anybody, but for what it's worth - it was a disappointment for me. Hoping this doesn't last too long. Looks like my cheeks all the way up my jawline are inflamed.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page77
3010/27/2013 pghrosacea764I have used mirvaso ONE TIME. 3 days later i am still experiencing terrible rebound flushing. • Post #1151 on 1/7/14 same thread: ok so i posted after my initial use in october 2013. i've been kind of following these threads. I had a really bad reaction after the first two hours. everything got way better for 8 or hours then my face was the worst i've ever seen. I only have facial redness. never had any bumps. i would say on a scale of 1-10i was about a 7.5-8. I'd say i'm close to a 9 now. but what's scary is i'm noticing spider veins under my eyes now?

so i know this is very anecdotal and that i don;t have before/after pictures... but i could swear to god that mirvaso has not only made my face redder but that it's actually brought out blue veins under my eyes. i'm 28. i've never noticed blue veins under my eyes. At some point in november i began noticing them. i don't know, i could be crazy. but i went back and have looked at pictures on facebook, etc and do not see any veins from before. I now have 4 visible "spider veins about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long under my eyes. very embarassing.

has anyone else noticed this?
3110/27/2014cupcake39I don't think it's a success for me, so I have my first Vbeam Scheduled in a month. I'm actually going to not use it at all this week to see how it goes. I feel like it might be making me break out more.http://rosacea-support.org/community/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4050
3210/29/2013AlyssaI am the person who was quoted in the above press release. I used Mirvaso for 3 days, at which point I stopped after terrible flushing. It has now been 5 1/2 weeks since I’ve used it, and my face is still much more red, reactive, flushy and hot. This cream ruined me. I honestly don’t even know how to move forward, as my baseline condition is now one of discomfort every day. I am having a lot of difficulty getting through this. I am in disbelief that something with the potential to cause this much damage was approved by the FDA. I filed a report.http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/
3310/31/2013MaryI too am suffering. I am worried this won’t go away. It hurts, it is awful looking, and there doesn’t seem to be much out there to heal it. I really wish I had found all these negative reviews before use. They were a lot harder to find than the glowing reviews.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-rebound-flushing-makes-the-news.html
3411/4/2013LizCan anyone please tell me how to treat this rebound flushing? It is wayyyyy worse than the redness before I started using Mirvaso. I haven’ used it in 2 days. I am thinking of using a cortisone cream for a couple of days to stop the inflammation! Horrible stuff!http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/#comment-25254
3511/4/2013lilyanderson124I posted a longer version already, but the short version is: used Mirpoopoo for 5 days to treat my redness and went about my business pale and not feeling like I needed to wear makeup and then KABOOM! Day 5, 12 hours in I flushed for the first time in my life to a deep almost purple red. It was painful and embarrassing and distressing. My doctor said that this was a normal reaction. o_O I am going to file a complaint with Galderma and the FDA now. This product is utter garbage.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page13 - longer version: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29899-Mirvaso-on-other-threads-forums-same-issues
3611/4/2013Julie_S3Hi I am a Mirvaso user. This drug is horrible...http://members.irosacea.org/topic/1513-mirvaso/ - also read post #4 for details
3711/6/2013KathyMy experience was that in using the Mirvaso (on my nose) it seemed to make the red bumps even more pronounced, but then seemed to dry them out and they went away—until the next round, that is. It definitely made it worse before it made it better in my case. I have never had a huge problem with Rosacea on my nose, but after using the Mirvaso, it appeared that I did. I do not see it as a total solution to my problem.http://rosaceaacne.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/mirvaso-approved-for-rosacea-redness/
3811/7/2013violetgreyHi, I was prescribed Mirvaso shortly after it was released. The first three days I used it I felt it was a miracle (all be it temporary). Then on the fourth day I looked sickly pale while it was working and then when it began to wear off I had the worst rebound flush of my life (redface) . Burning deep red, hot and painful and it lasted for days. Needless to say I discontinued using it and it took over a week for the flushing to subside. I feel I am back at square one. I will schedule a few laser treatments and they should help with the damage (I only wish insurance covered them). If you are going to try this please use it very sparingly and watch for side effects.http://rosacea-support.org/community/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4050&start=10
3911/8/2013Bethrn126I'm in the same boat. Never flushed before, Used Mirvaso for 2-3 days and now get flushing and burning on one side of my face or the other every afternoon and it lasts for hours. I'm already on a beta blocker and I pray this stops after a while. It's miserable.The only advice from the dermatologist is to stop using it...http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page13
4011/11/2013MsQuinzel792I used this for two weeks. The first few days when I was using the sample, it seemed to work really well. It cleared up the redness, and whatever rebound there was wasn't really enough for me to notice. I got myself a tube of the stuff thinking I had something that really worked. However, it didn't take long, and I started noticing my rebounds. They would get worse each time. It got to a point where my nose and cheeks got super bright red, redder than my normal flushing ever gets. I decided to do some research to see if I should continue using the cream or not.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page80
4111/11/2013 jackandcarlySuzy ChristopherI’ve been using Mirvaso for about three weeks so I feel like I’ve given it a fair chance. On days one and two I thought I had found a miracle drug-my face looked so much better. NO redness. But then my flushing increased as I thought-like another respondent-that my skin was building up a tolerance. My flushing was far worse than it had ever been pre-Mirvaso. So, instead of using it twice a day I started using it once a day and I’ve been doing that for two weeks. At this point I’m flushed almost all of the time and my redness was very mild before that. I want to show my dermatologist and then I’ll probably stop taking it. I was really excited after the first few days but it’s been all downhill since then.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html/comment-page-3#comment-161809
4211/11/2013DonnaI have used Mirvaso for three days and liked it so I thought, after the third day I decided NOT to use it to give my face a break from it since it was a weekend. My face is now on fire and very red like I have been in the sun all day. Not sure what to do, this is VERY disappointing. I hope it does not last long. Any suggestions?http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-rebound-flushing-makes-the-news.html
4311/11/2013SI used it for three days 2.5 weeks ago and had the same thing happen to me–I even went to my dermatologist twice. Take some Tylenol, drink water and try to relax. It’s going to take time. I know it looks awful and scary and confusing that this could happen from only 3 days use….but it will calm down. The other suggestion I have is to try to sleep on your back–I found if I slept on my side, whatever cheek I had slept on would be far more red when I woke up. My face is now back to normal…..but I never would have believed that 2.5 weeks ago….so hang in there.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-rebound-flushing-makes-the-news.html
4411/13/2013MaureenI have been using Mirvaso for 3 weeks. I use it just after washing my face in the morning and before a moisturizer. I have for the last week had the rebound flushing, bright red, I am going to give it one more week and if the flushing doesn’t go away I am going to stop using it. Really disappointed in the results.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
4511/14/2013Pitt-Girl133Some background: I am in my early 50's, have suffered with some rosacea since I was a teenager, worse flare ups were during my pregnancies, but for the most part I have mild pinkness on my cheeks, no bumps or discomfort, no real skin sensitivities and I treat the occasional broken capillaries with IPL or VBeam. I use no prescriptions meds and have found a routine of several creams that work well for for me. So, I guess what I'm getting at here is that I think I suffer from a very mild form of rosacea.
When my dermatologist brought this med to my attention, I was very excited. I had expectations that for once I could go out without foundation. So I took the samples, carefully read the insert and actually applied it in the parking lot. Boom! Within 30 minutes the pinkness had dramatically reduced on both cheeks.

At about hour 9, I felt a weird tingling starting on my face and I looked in the mirror and lo and behold, I was experiencing extreme flushing all over my face. It was actually uncomfortable. I washed my face and did my usual nighttime routine and by the morning it had calmed down. I tried it again on day 2, using less and again around hour 9 I had the exact same extreme rebound flushing that was much worse than any flushing I had ever had in my lifetime. What was most concerning though to me was that my eyes were actually burning and red-rimmed too.

I immediately started researching others experience and happened on a few sites (including this) that I immediately joined to share my experience because I think this drug might do well with others, but PROCEED WITH CAUTION. My skin this morning is still very "upset" and I feel like I have made things worse when my skn wasn't all that bad to begin with! I will be very interested to check back with my dermatologist to see how other patients have fared. I wish all the best of luck, but this medication was awful for me.
Post 133: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page14 - RS 11/15/13 link: http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
4611/14/2013SarahI tried it and put an even pea sized amount on my nose and cheeks, 20 minutes later I looked in the mirror and I had little white dots everywhere. It seemed to settle down, but I had a pretty bad red spot right about where I applied it on my cheek. I haven’t tried it since, because it was pretty shocking seeing my I face covered in polka dots! I’ll have to try it again one of these days when I don’t have any plans to go anywhere. Has anyone else had this reaction?http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
4711/14/2013KristinaIs anybody still having issues weeks after they stopped using it? I used it once and I’m still a mess.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
4811/17/2013BethI am so upset. I used Mirvaso for 3 days. Stopped 2 days ago and my face is beet red and hot. It seems like it is spreading. I am freaking out that this will be permanent. I will take my old face back in seconds. Please tell me it will go away!http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
4911/18/2013ScottDon’t buy this drug! I have had roseacea for the past 10 yrs and have never had a reaction like the one I got from Mirvaso. Day 1: awesome. Applied it to my face and it took away all the red. Nothing could make my face flush, I tried everything except a hot shower. Day 2: same. Day 3 I didn’t use because it was just sitting at home all day so it seemed like a waste to use it. Well it’s all down hill from here. At around 3pm my face became extremely hot and irritated for no reason and stayed that way for hours. Day:4 woke up normal put it on by the time I got to work i was my normal shade of red. By noon I was having subtle flushing. Days 5-6 were same. Day 7 I again didnt use because I now looked the same with or without it and went to work. Worst face day of my life. I flushed uncontrollably all day. At one point the left side of my face began turning a purple color, purple! I never got the product anywhere near my eyes but felt pressure on my right eye as the flushing kicked in each day of non use (never happened pre mirvaso even on my worst day). I picked up some Benadryl cream that I heard others say made Mirvaso work for them. Problem is Benadryl cream is a short term solution as long term use can damage your face so using it everyday is not a smart option. Anyway applying this to my face made it feel a lot better but it stil looked the same. Day 8: 2nd day in a row of non use took my face until about 7:30pm to become extremely red and irritated and again with the pressure on my right eye, not as bad as the purple episode the day before. Day 9: 3rd day of non use is today. It’s a Sunday so I’m off work but my face feels calmer today. It took until 7:30 last night to get out of control but felt irritated all day.
Bottome line this drug works great the first couple times. Missing a day clearly is not an option. The effects after you stop using are so bad I couldn’t recommend it to anyone. Imagine your worst episode of flushing and multiply it by at least 5 in intensity and duration and you will have an idea of what day 7 was like for me.
5011/18/2013aliciaThe first and second days were AMAZING. I couldn’t believe it. Then, on the third day, my right cheek on my face (not my left) turned bright red, almost purple-like, and my colleagues started asking me if I was ok. Terrible. I stopped using it after 3-4 days and I had the WORST redness of my whole entire life. My face was SUPER hot, more red than it has ever been, and uncomfortable. I actually had to stay home from work one day because it was so bad.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
5111/18/2013MelanieIt took about 5 days after stopping using Mirvaso for the redness and heat to go away. You will go back to normal..I was relieved too!!!http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
5211/18/2013Leslie831There is no way I would use it again. I am frightened at the thought this already could keep on for several weeks without me ever applying Mirvaso again. I fear more Mirvaso could make the worsened reddening last longer. What I am experiencing today is substantially worse that what I went to the dermatologist for in the first place.Post 831: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page84 - see also Post 824 http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page83
5311/19/2013NikkiIt does reduce redness at first, but then it comes back. I also have cystic acne & eczema on my face & the Mirvosa causes a lot of pain in those areas. It says not to apply on broken skin, but that’s where the derm told me to put it.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
5311/20/2013jennyAfter using Mirvaso for just over a week, i am VERY sad… My face is SO RED! It’s NEVER been this red before! It looks horrible! When will this go away?!?!?! I called my doc and she said discontinue use.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-rebound-flushing-makes-the-news.html
5511/20/201335-44 Female on Treatment for less than 1 month (Rosalie)Used Mirvaso for 3 days as prescribed, small amount of cream around my nose and cheeks. Helped initially, making my skin less red, but after 3 days had terrible flushing, redness, burning and swelling. While the worst of this has subsided, my skin is definitely worse off than before I tried this drug. Only 3 days of use has progressed my rosacea considerably. I will never touch this stuff again.http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drugreview-164982-Mirvaso+top.aspx?drugid=164982&drugname=Mirvaso+top&pageIndex=1&sortby=3&conditionFilter=-500 • Same post 11/26/13 by Rosalie at this link: http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
5611/22/2013kateDay 1 – Put on left side of face at 7am. No issues, cheek seemed to imprive
Day 2 – Put on left side of face at 7am. Around 3pm cheeck started to burn a little. Looked slightly red.Thought I better not apply any the next day.
Day 3- Did not apply any. By 3pm left side of face was burning. Looked in mirror and was shocked! So red it looked like a birthmark! Subsided by 7pm.
Day 4 – Did not apply any. Face normal all day until 3pm when it started burning and turned apple red. IT is now 4:30 and still left side of face on fire and HURTS.
5711/22/2013LindaI had used Mirvaso for about 5-7 times in past 3 weeks. My face have been redder than before, especially on the days not using it. Worst, I wake up with red cheeks every day now. This never happened before! I will definitely try not to use it anymore!!!
5811/24/2013SarmotiI was given a sample of Mirvaso by my dermatologist. I applied it in the morning, as directed, and my face instantly became extremely red where it had been applied. This redness continued the entire day. The following morning the redness had subsided a bit but my face was still redder than normal.http://www.drugs.com/comments/brimonidine-topical/mirvaso.html
5911/26/2013Chime09922Hi there- I wish I found this forum before I decided to try Mirvaso, but I only tried it once and things are much better now. I have pretty mild rosacea and flush occasionally and mildly just round my nose, normally I just take metrogel and it clears it up (the bumps) fine. I was talking with my dermatologist on Friday though, and she recommended this new drug mirvaso to help with the flushing. I asked her about side effects, she told me that they were worried about rebound as being one of them, but that the clinical trials proved it wasn't a side effect. So I took the medicine at about 4pm, she gave me a sample, I used a pea sized amount. After about 30 minutes, my face turned extremely pale, so pale, it looked like I was dead. I went to sleep at about 10pm, woke up,face still a little pale but a bit of color returning. By about noon, or roughly 20 hours later after I took the med, my face started to burn and flush terribly. Huge red triangles appeared on my cheeks. In patches, on my cheeks, my nose, it would be red in one area and then move to another area and then get red in the same area again. This went on for about 72 hours, in the middle of work I broke down and went home because of the horrible flushing and burning. I tried benadryl, and some expired steroid cream, it did nothing. The only thing that sort of worked was a cold rag compress to ease the angry blood vessels. I contacted my dermatologist who told me that it sounded like an allergic rxn, she rxed me a steroid cream. I put it on and about 5 hours later, combined with cold compresses, my face started to go down. When I woke up today, it had gone down a lot. I applied more steroid cream and went to work, the whole day, no flushing, no reactions, no burning. So I am torn- On one hand, my skin seemed to rebound from the medication- I got very flushed when I didn't put it on after the first treatment, and it would appear in different places, it didn't necessarily stay in one place like other skin rashes of mine have. But on the other hand, when I took the nonexpired steroid cream, the redness was mostly gone by the morning. I am a little nervous about discontinuing the steroids, because I am afraid the flushing might return, but I will cross that bridge when I get there I guess. Or maybe it was rebound and coincidentally wore off at the same time I began the steroids? I have been reading these forums and I know a lot of you who haven't tried this drug are seriously considering trying it- If you do, only try it on a very small area of your body first, and monitor it for a few days. I really wish I would have done that, and now I am very worried I may have damaged my flush response. But that being said, my response to the steroids has been very positive. I will never try Mirvaso again, my skin went from very mild flushing to fire siren red flushing and extreme pain, I have never experienced anything like it and I can't see how, given all of the similar complaints I have read online, this drug could continue on the market in the state it exists today, it just seems too dangerous, not to mention psychologically damaging to those of us who are already sensitive to our flushing. Best of luck to all of you, thanks for sharing your stories, it really helped me get through the worst of it.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page93
6011/29/2013Vaniai started using it at the beginning of November, I am very pale, but I never had problems of flushing or bright red skin or pain or stinging skin. at te first 2 weeks Mirvaso worked great, but since Monday, my whole face, even the forehead that I never had any rosace, is red like a red pepper, and i have bumps on it, it is swolen and my skin is painful. i am really scared, and I do know what to do. i feel my facestinging and hot like I have a fever. It feels like I have a 3rd degree sunburn. i use 100 sunscream everyday. i wish I had never used this product. i will go back to my derm next week and I will try laser treatment this time. Someone knows how long this rebound last?http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/
6111/29/2013Peter (Peter D)I have struggled with some redness on my cheeks. This week I went to a new Dermatologist and she told me about Mirvaso and gave me some samples. Man was I astonished thinking it was a miracle til i got the rebound flushing or whatever its called. Its horrible. My face feels and looks sunburned and so at first I put some more on and it disappeared and I thought maybe a one time event. Now I have decided I wish I had never heard of this product or used it. I will not use it anymore and am waiting for the redness to subside. Its awful and I look terrible and am totally ashamed of my face now. This “10%” number seems to be a lie. I am hearing its way higher between 70-100%. Some folks are saying after a week its still bad so I am totally freaking out. The Dr never even mentioned this side effect. I had to google it. I say dont use this! • On December 2, 2013 Peter D posted at RS: I would NOT use this. I got a sample this last week and the rebound flushing was fast and lasting. My skin 4 days later is still hot dry and red. I am far worse than i was when i started for “mild” redness. I am to say the least super upset. I am wondering if this is going to go away because I look like I have a sunburn. My dermatologist I went to for first time who gave me this junk never said a word about the rebounding. Its horrible. This stuff is not safe. I am praying my face goes back to normal. I am wishing I had never heard of or seen Mirvaso.

http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/ • December 2, 2013 post at RS: http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-before-and-after-pictures.html
6211/29/2013DeeI have tried this several times and while it initially helps I too get those weird red spots. I never get them on my nose and after applying this stuff just once my nose broke out. It’s so no worth it. Big failure
6311/30/2013peterdI was just given this and used it for a few days. I got rebound flushing first day. Its horrible I look sunburned and have it in places my skin wasnt even red before. So that first time I said well let me put the mirvaso on again and it cleared up like fast. Then next day it wears off again and bad flushing. My face looks horrible and is hot. I have decided to just stop the medicine cold after only a few days. I hate this and I am super pissed at the derm cuz I had to find this on google. During my consultation this was never mentioned and I look 10x worse than I did at the start where I had mild pinkness on my cheeks. Now I am red and splotchy and my forehead that was mostly clear is horrible. This medicine is NOT safe and should not be used. I had this after only a few days. No way. Now I wonder how long before my skin returns to the pre mirvaso condition. I am sweating as folks seem to say its taking far too long and I hope this isnt permanent. Do NOT take this drug. I am finding posts that the rebound is closer to 100% when the medication wears off on users...http://rosacea-support.org/community/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4050&start=10
6412/1/2013CaseyThis product worked really well with my redness- BUT it broke me out so bad. The worst i have ever broken out. Just be careful!http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
6512/1/2013peters932I got a sample of this last week and used it thinking wow on monday. When it wore off my face was much worse. So I attributed to needing to use a few days to get accustomed. Man what a mistake. I took it for 3 maybe 4 days and finally stopped. My face is like a boiled lobster and where I was mild redness in cheeks and nose and some of my forehead now its hot red everywhere I put it. My new derm was not clear on its use nor did she mention the rebounds. I had to google it and needless to say I stopped using it and the symptoms have abated a bit but its still horrible. I am even peeling in a couple spots. At this point I dont know what to do and am praying it clears up with a little more time. Anyone have suggestions on treating the rebound? I am doing light moisturizing and trying to keep the angry skin down until I can force an appt with this derm that gave me this crap.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29451-Mirvaso-has-been-approved-by-the-FDA/page95
6612/6/2013P DiddyBah I have worse skin now because of this. I tried this as samples from my derm and its pretty much toasted my face. This after only a few days. The rebound is horrible and I am worried it wont go away because my skin is worse than it ever was to begin with. I am so pissed at this new derm. I had to google rebounding flushing not hear it from her. Do not use this crap!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O2ACrHtikQ
6712/3/2013ElissaI thought this might be the answer to my intermittent rosacea attacks. I applied a dab of Mirvaso on both my left and right cheeks. The effect was cooling, and the red color diminished…that is until 8 hours later when it came roaring back with a vengeance! It’s been 3 days, and my left cheek looks like someone is holding a match to it. It is red as a beet, and hot to the touch.
I am discontinuing use effective immediately. - end Dec 3 post - start December 12 post: My rebound episode has lasted more than 10 days. In fact, the redness came roaring back with a vengeance, and my cheek is still hot to the touch.

8 days ago, I contacted Galderma to ask for a refund. They said they were sending out an envelope, so I could return the unused (almost new) tube. Not having yet received the envelope, I just called them again to enquire. The not so friendly customer service rep said she would send again. I will update once I get results.

If you want to attempt to get a refund, contact Galderma at -866-735-4137
Their customer service staff isn’t very friendly, but I suppose if a lot of customers were calling to return my product, I would me miserable as well.
http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-rebound-flushing-makes-the-news.html • also December 12, 2013 at this post: http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-rebound-flushing-makes-the-news.html
6812/4/2013unidentifiedI started mirvaso 11/26/13. I wish I had done more research.
Im 43 this was my first trip to a detmatologist. I went for a lipona on my arm.. benign.. that goodness… but he asked me the question..”are you bothered by your roseaca?”
.Ive never been diagnosed with roseaca. .he said yes you do. So I said well no not really.. my cheeks are rosey but never even bothered me to wear cover up except special occasions.
But I thought I would try the sample..it helped as I used it about 3 times over about 2 months not really giving much thought until my pharmacy called and told me my scripts were ready.. he had called in the med…
I picked it up with my other refills. .fast forward 3 days into daily use as directed my husband commented that I looked like I was running a fever. I applied the mirvaso at 10pm every night this was day 3 about 9pm..
my face was red all over and hot to the touch.. ive never had this unless I was in fact feverish. .
never thought I was having rebound to mirvaso…kept using product…had flushing and hot skin about every day at different times….today…12/03/13 approx 130 pm. Same thing. .
Noted by coworker who asked if my blood pressure was high.. I said didnt think so. I felt fine except my face was on fire and red like a fire engine. I used ice and a towel for relief.. it took about an hour and a half to subside…
I began researching this drug and found out all of this info.. decided im not using mirvaso again..then at about 8pm it started again.. fire red..burning..tightness. . Like a sunburn.. ice and cold compresses not helping.. it is now 1131pm approximately 25 hours and 31 minutes since I applied my last dose.
I put some vitamin e cream on.. its helping with tightness but still flushed and burning.. WHEN WILL THIS STOP…HAVE I DONE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE??
I just want my rosey cheeks back they never BOTHERED me in the first place. I made an uneducated decision only because I wanted to TRY to fit the picture of a unmarred complexion by thinking this profuct would be harmless because its topical. … I do want to say I have read most of your stories. .
I am truly humbled by the strength you all have…to battle terrible cases and function like you do. I am a whimp. I will be calling my dermatologist tomorrow. Gosh. ..I hope this goes away soon…
David Pascoe reports this unidentified poster sent him an email on December 4, 2013 - scroll down to find it: http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
6912/4/2013annjeerooI started mirvaso 11/26/13. I wish I had done more research. Im 43 this was my first trip to a detmatologist. I went for a lipona on my arm.. benign.. thank goodness... but he asked me the question.."are you bothered by your roseaca?"..Ive never been diagnosed with roseaca. .he said yes you do. So I said well no not really.. my cheeks are rosey but never even bothered me to wear cover up except special occasions. But I thought I would try the sample..it helped as I used it about 3 times over about 2 months not really giving much thought until my pharmacy called and told me my scripts were ready.. he had called in the med...I picked it up with my other refills. .fast forward 3 days into daily use as directed my husband commented that I looked like I was running a fever. I applied the mirvaso at 10pm every night this was day 3 about 9pm..my face was red all over and hot to the touch.. ive never had this unless I was in fact feverish. .never thought I was having rebound to mirvaso...kept using product...had flushing and hot skin about every day at different times....today...12/03/13 approx 130 pm. Same thing. . Noted by coworker who asked if my blood pressure was high.. I said didnt think so. I felt fine except my face was on fire and red like a fire engine. I used ice and a towel for relief.. it took about an hour and a half to subside... I began researching this drug and found out all of this info.. decided im not using mirvaso again..then at about 8pm it started again.. fire red..burning..tightness. . Like a sunburn.. ice and cold compresses not helping.. it is now 1131pm approximately 25 hours and 31 minutes since I applied my last dose. I put some vitamin e cream on.. its helping with tightness but still flushed and burning.. WHEN WILL THIS STOP...HAVE I DONE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE?? I just want my rosey cheeks back they never BOTHERED me in the first place. I made an uneducated decision only because I wanted to TRY to fit the picture of a unmarred complexion by thinking this profuct would be harmless because its topical. ... I do want to say I have read most of your stories. . I am truly humbled by the strength you all have...to battle terrible cases and function like you do. I am a whimp. I will be calling my dermatologist tomorrow. Gosh. ..I hope this goes away soon...http://rosacea-support.org/community/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4050&start=10
7012/5/2013BethI used mirvasi and the first day everything was great my face actually looked normal and I had no reddness until the next am. I reapplied the medicine the next am. This time it only lasted abt 6 hours and the reddness was back and worse than ever. The next day I decided not to use it and my face was so red and on fire. I was so embarrassed and didn’t want anyone to see me . My face continued to look horrible for weeks and now 2 months later ita finally looking better but still has some red to it. Mirvaso is not a good medicine to use and I would def not recommend this to anyone. Stay away from this stuff !!!!!http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-rebound-flushing-makes-the-news.html
7112/6/2013GwenI have tried mirvasa 4 times in the past 10 days. Each time I apply in morning and after about 45 minutes my face looks great with no redness.
About 8 hours later my face starts burning up and feels very raw and stings. It is so red and is worse then my regular rosacea.( Normally my face is always very red,people at the gym ask me all the time if I’m ok because I get that red)
8 hours after using this mirvasa gel it looks like I have a massive sun burn My face is flushing so bad and it just won’t stop. The 1st few times I thought it was due to stress but the last time I was just hanging out at home watching tv.
The next day I am always back to normal.
The bad side effects of the flushing just are not worth the few hours of looking normal. I decided to stop using mirvasa.
7212/7/2013Jen am on my fifth day with Mirvaso. At first it worked very well and I loved my pale complexion but starting yesterday and more so today it is not working very well. In the spots it did work it wore off within two hours and now I am as red as ever. The rebound redness I’m reading about is scaring me a little, I will probably stop using it.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html • see also Jen December 11, 2013: http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/
7312/7/2013MarisolI used Mirvaso with good results for just four days. Just yesterday on my 7 day of treatment I had an allergic reaction on my nose and chin. My face turned so red and hot similar to a sunburn. I stopped using it immediately. I really look bad now. I am so sad and worried. I really looked better before Mirvaso. I had mild rosacea only on my nose and chin. Now I had a terrible rebound. It is awful! icon_sad.gif How long will it take to my face to go back to normal? Please advise.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html
7412/16/2013german-boy57I ordered Mirvaso at a international pharmacy. The first and second day it was a fantastic effect. My redness disappears and my face appears pale. At the third day I got a terrible rebound flushing effect. My face was redder than usual, it was stained, it feels like after a sunburn. I discontinue Mirvaso at once. 10 days after discontinue Mirvaso my face is still redder than at the beginning of treatment. I hope that Mirvaso will get no approval in Germany. I hope that the shitstorm is big enough to stop Mirvaso all over the world.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29675-Mirvaso-Can-it-stop-Facial-Flushing/page6
7612/16/2013HollyI have a general redness with episodes of flushing but hadn’t had those episodes for several months until I used the mirvaso. I think by about a week after stopping mirvaso, the flushing eased.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-frequently-asked-questions.html
7712/18/2013Cynthia WilliamsPLEASE HELP, I am a 21 year old female and I was prescribed Mirvaso last week and was thrilled the first three days with my results. My skin was flawless. Friday December 13, I noticed unusual redness with the Mirvaso, Saturday it looked and felt like someone took a blow toarch to my face just one hour after the use. I thought it just might have been a reaction to chocolate or spicy foods so I rinsed my face and didn’t think about it. Sunday, I applied the smallest amount to my face and it did it again. It has been since Sunday that I even looked at my Mirvaso– my face is blood red with purple splotches, it is hot as can be and burns. Has anyone else had this?
I will be so completely devastated if this does not go away. I am in full blown panic mode. And can not seem to calm this redness down AT ALL. My dermatologist will not return any of my phone calls. Does anyone have suggestions or have had anything like this happen? I don’t want my face to look like this forever- it is so embarrassing. You can personally email me at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O2ACrHtikQ • scroll down to the comments
7812/19/2013LisaThis medication was a nightmare for me. At first you think it’s a miracle. It eliminated every trace of redness on my face almost immediately and lasted all day, through cold, a glass of wine, etc. Yes it makes you pale but for me that was preferable to looking like Rudolph all the time. Then after about 10 hours, I routinely experienced severe redness, flushing, and burning all over, much worse than any bout of rosacea flushing. At first I thought it was a fluke, but it happened every evening clockwork. I tried using a bit less than recommended and same thing. It got so bad I had to lay with a cold cloth on my face and take Advil. My derm said to stop using, but why recommend in the first place when so many people have this reaction? I’m out $50 and feel depressed that what I thought was finally a solution turned out so bad. • December 20, 2013: I’m not comfortable using self-concocted medication mixtures or with using any medication that causes such a reaction in the first place. I also just find this medication plain creepy. Glad it works for some, but it’s not for me. I don’t think it should have been released given how many people are having severe reactions. I’ve never responded adversely to a medication in my life until this.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html/comment-page-3#comment-161816
7912/19/2013annie cusickI feel like I may be Santas reindeer Rudolph for Christmas! • further down she posts: My Rosacae was pretty mild with occasional red nose especially with coffee alchohol etc. anyway I loved Minerva at first, my face was so pale and I didn’t have to wear powder on my nose at all! however 3 weeks on and I start to notice blotches on my cheeks and nose,,,so I kept using it to get rid of them,. It did not it made it all so much worse. Now I look like a COMEDY ROSACEA CLOWN, just red nose and cheeks ALL THE TIME! I can’t believe it and really worried that it won’t go away. I have STOPPED Minerva 4 days now. From having mild redness I now look ridiculous and no amount of powder will cover it up! HELP, in previous years I have done IpL which is expensive but so is Minerva at $50 a tube. I think I’ll save up and go back to IpL . I am hoping this crazy redness will disappear,http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/
8012/20/2013Katrina DI have been using Mirvaso now for almost two months, my doc rx’d it for me the day after the rep was there. My initial reaction was “Wow!” I couldn’t believe how smooth and even my complexion looked. However, I did notice the rebound redness almost right away. Same as other people have described… worse once it wears off than before I applied it. On my own, I decided to start only using on days I really need it… special events, work (I work three 12 hour shifts a week). My derm supported this decision. Some days my rebound isn’t as bad as others. Today is a particularly bad day… even my nose is red now, my eyes burn, and my skin feels really tight. I don’t seem to have any lasting effects though, as in my skin on my off days doesn’t seem any redder than it used to be. I’ll be seeing my derm after the new year and sharing this with her. I think I may stick to my It cosmetics Bye Bye Redness for awhile and let the Mirvaso cool its heels in my product cabinet.
8112/23/2013jkhoch138I went to my derm on Friday and she said that there was this great new product for my rosacea redness and gave me two samples and a prescription. I applied much less then the pea-sized amount. Just like many report, the results were quick. I was ecstatic. I even had a beer without flushing. When it wore off, my normal redness returned. I teach high school and last week a student told me I should play Santa because of my red cheeks--that's my normal look. The next day, I reapplied and spent all day outside and things were still great. I took a picture with my kids and noticed that my skin looked like a regular person's. About 8 hours after application, some redness reappeared. I had a Christmas party to go to, so I put a tiny bit more on. It lasted another few hours and then I went to bed. I woke up in the night and could feel the burning. In the morning, I had two bright red spots on my cheeks. They are normally red and often hot, but this looked and felt much worse than normal. Hoping for the best, I reapplied and things looked great for another 8 hours or so, but now the major flare-up is back. It happened earlier than last time. I'm going to call my derm in the morning. This stinks. I definitely won't be getting the prescription filled.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page14
8212/23/2013Theresa WMy derm recommended Mirvaso, telling me it was a new product. I don’t have very bad rosacea, reddish cheeks and I flush sometimes. I really didn’t want to use anything on my face because my skin is so sensitive. But….I tried it. I am SO mad now. I used it for 6 days. On day 4 my face was flaming red like a really bad sunburn. The next afternoon it looked better. Another day goes by and I wake up with a few pimples (haven’t had those in years ! I’m 53). So I didn’t use it today and this afternoon and evening my face is once again Bright Red !! I called the company and they are sending me a questionnaire. I will be calling my derm too. I am annoyed with her for suggesting this garbage ! You trust the doctor and the medical professionals…I get something to make the red go away and it does the opposite ! I am pissed !!http://healthcare.dmagazine.com/2013/10/15/francois-fournier-out-as-galderma-u-s-a-president/
8312/23/2013TracyI have nothing positive to say about this drug….it cost me $50 and three weeks of misery! The first few days were great, but after that it was a horrible…my face was redder than before starting mirvaso, it was like a drug, the more you used it, the more you had to use it, until you go cold turkey for days before going back to pre mirvaso.
Ill pit my fu name on it if needed, I want my money back!!

8412/24/2013DavidJust stopped using Mirvaso . . . face has never been so red. I’m a teacher and will be back to school in two weeks. I hope the redness is gone by then. I would say to anyone out there, do not use this product. If I read the literature right this drug only works for about 30% of those it is prescribed to. I know some of you have had good results with it and that’s great for you. For those of you mixing Mirvaso with Benadryl and other stuff . . . good luck with that, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing what you are doing without consulting their dermatologist first.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html/comment-page-3#comment-161816
8512/25/2013AmyI used Mirvaso for 4-5 days and was so happy with the results. I have mild rosacea but the redness had always bothered me. BUT after the 5th day my entire face turned red and now I am constantly looking and feeling flushed in areas that I never had rosacea. It has to be due to the Mirvaso– especially since I applied the cream all over my face and my ENTIRE face is now red, not just my cheeks like before. I am pretty upset. I was on the phone with a good friend and we were talking about something difficult and I cried and was HORRIFIED to see my face in the mirror afterwards. Now my entire face is red and hot and I’ve been on the internet for 2 hours trying to figure out what I can do since I’m not going to call my dermatologist on Christmas Eve. I’m not happy at all with what Mirvaso has done to my face. Particularly embarrassing around the holidays since I’ll be seeing people I haven’t seen all year tomorrow.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-before-and-after-pictures.html
8612/25/2013KRI have had the same exact experience. Used it for three days but on the 2nd and 3rd morning I was beet red and hot. I am now constantly flushing and burning. This has been going on for nearly a week. I am hoping that I will return to my previous “normal” state which was not NEARLY as bad as what I am now experiencing. VERY DEVASTATING.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html#comments
8712/26/2013SJonesI’ve had mild rosacea for about five years. I recently had a terrible reaction after using my sister’s shampoo which triggered the worst rosacea I have ever had. My face was nearly purple! My dermatologist thought it would be worth it to try Mirvaso and I thought she had given me a miracle drug. It worked so well at first. HOWEVER, I found after using it for a week that the side effects were terrible. After wearing off I realized that my face was worse than before applying it. My face was burning and flushing for days and days. Any small rosacea trigger (hot coffee, wine, spicy food, warm weather) while using or within a week of using Mirvaso would set my face off to beet red like never before. I decided to go to a different dermatologist who was shocked at the redness of my face and prescribed me a steroid cream. I now DO NOT USE Mirvaso. While it seems like a miracle drug, be careful and talk to your doctor seriously about it. It took about 2-3 weeks using the steroid cream for my face to finally get back to what it was before this whole fiasco took place.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html#comments
8812/28/2013joomlThe first and second day it was a fantastic effect. My redness disappears and my face appears pale. At the third day I got a terrible rebound flushing effect. My face was redder than usual, it was stained, it feels like after a sunburn. I discontinue Mirvaso at once. 10 days after discontinue Mirvaso my face is still redder than at the beginning of treatment. I hope that Mirvaso will get no approval in Germany. I hope that the shitstorm is big enough to stop Mirvaso all over the world.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O2ACrHtikQ • scroll down to the comments
8912/28/2013LisaI just had a reaction to mirvaso cream ..so I am scared to try new meds
Do you have rosacea ?
9012/30/2013kaycee1972I have been using it for a month but am now definitely going off it. I only had moderate flushing, but this was touted as a miracle cure and couldn't wait to try it. It worked fine, no more flushing….for a couple weeks. Then I noticed that when it wore off, I had scarlet-colored, weird patterns of flushing around my nose and cheeks that I NEVER had. When I am not using it, my rosacea is far worse than it ever was, and my face heats up like never before. . It's scary. Very disappointing, and cannot believe this stuff was approved for rosacea.http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page15
911/1/2014Snoop1How long does it take to recover? Stupidly i gave it a go, just incase i was one of the couple that it worked for.
Well this is how it went.

23rd - used it, gave me pale face, felt good and confident
24th - no use
25th - used it, pale face, felt good
26th - use it, pale face, felt good
27th - use it, pale face, felt good
28th - some burning started on face in afternoon - but went out that evening so used it again - felt a bit flushed in evening but not enough to worry too much about
29th - did not use, flushy face - was not too too bad but annoying
30th - did not use, full on flushed face around 4pm, intense burning that last all night
31st - did not use in morning, by around 4pm, full on intense burning, very odd sensation, looked awful, nearly cried - paniced as was going out for new year so applied some more with some moisturizer as suggested some where else - ended up going out that night with a full on flushed face both sides - although later in the evening i looked in mirror and i was quite pale.
1st jan - flushy face and sensitive all day then 4pm - full on mental flushed face, felt ill and uncomfortable - its about 8pm now and still flushy.

im glad i tried it becuase if i didnt i wouldnt know.
now, how long will it take for face to go bake to baseline redness and just have flush now and then? i was in a good space before i tried this, i just hope these effects are just for a few days.

im currently on 15mg mirtizapine every other day , 75mgs clonidine every day and 100mg atenolol every day ( i was on a lot higher but i cut everything down over past few months as things were improving!! )

anyway, today i popped a few more clonidine in the hope it settles my face, and might even increase remeron before bed.

thanks all
921/5/2014jaf147Hello, I just found this thread and joined just to post my experience here.

I'm a 17 year old male who developed some mild acne on my left cheek during summer. This was not big deal at first, and as usual, I went to my dermatologists to get treatment. This first batch of treatment was not successful and so he gave a new batch the next time we met, one of these was sample tubes of Mirvaso. Now, keep in mind, that I was just dealing with acne redness, I had never dealt with flushing in my life previously.

So, the first time I put it on it made my face abnormally white. I kept continuing to put it on at night, so when I woke up it was much more normal. Eventually, this abnormal whiteness wore off after 5 or 6 uses or so, and the cream started to really decrease pimple redness. I kept this routine, putting mirvaso on my face at night for around a month. I had great results, sometimes I would only need to put it every other day. But, in this last week, for the first time in my life, I have experienced flushing in my left cheek.

At first, I thought this was the cause of this Avar-E Green my derm prescribed. The previous two days before I started flushing I put on probably too much amount of the cream of my face. So, I woke up red and put mirvaso on it. Everything was fine until I started flushing in the late afternoon. For the last week now, I have been flushing around the same time. I've been off the mirvaso for three or four days now, and my flushing seems to decrease a bit every day now.

Now, after reading the posts in this thread, I have decided to come of it completely. I only had pimple redness, never flushing before, and had I known mirvaso could have cause rebounding, I would never have used it.

I cannot believe my derm gave me this when i only had pimple redness. I will go to a new one immediately.
931/6/2014newjacksm148I am having terrible rebound flushes with mirvaso, what are some recommended ways of weening myself off the cream? And how long should I expect to get back to normal, for someone who never flushed? This, right here. Same thing happens to me. I hope this isn't permanent. • See Post #150: I'll let you know how it all goes. So far today is the first day in about a month and a half I stopped taking it. My face is a little more pink than usual in the morning. Would rather have this than the insane flushing I've been experiencing. I'll keep updating every day. Let you all know how the progress is and what everyone should expect going cold turkey. see also post #28: ive been using mirvaso for about a month and a half, 4/5 days out of a week id get rebound flushing and i thought it was from the oracea. up until i saw these posts on this site, i was well informed it was the mirvaso!

Since I've been on mirvaso for 1.5 months, A. Am I permanently damaged? B. Will I ever get back to normal and C. How long?

I asked my doctor about the flushing and she said not to worry its probably from the holidays and being nervous. I am seeing her next week and I am going to give her a piece of my mind.
http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29650-Mirvaso-user-experience/page15 • see post #28: http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?29728-Mirvaso-How-long-recover-from-it/page3
941/7/2014AshleyI have been using it off and on for a week.So today I used it in morning came to work and now it’s 2pm my face is red everywhere forehead , cheeks , nose and chin. I never had my face look like this unless I ran like 4 miles.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html#comments
951/8/2014LuisaI have had rosacea for 12 years, unfortunately I am one of the few for which it began very early. I think I've tried just about everything, including an inpatient stay in the clinic. There is no miracle for this condition and you can't expect one. I have tried the new Creme/Gel Mirvaso from Gelderns (sic) through my dermatologist. I got it sent to me from the USA and it cost me 470 euros, but I would have paid even more in order to finally have peace and be able to exist like a 'normal' person. My dermatolgist, a renowned professor- also in the area of rosacea, most heartily recommended Mirvaso to me. The first three days were actually a miracle. No redness, even-toned skin. Staying outside and then coming into an overheated room- no problem! I had to apply the cream in the mornings and about every two hours, because otherwise the redness would have broken through again. After the three days, I got increasingly more frequent and random red spots on my face, here a streak, there a spot. After 2 weeks the streak and the spot turned into extensive and aggressive redness like I never experienced before. After 2.5 weeks I discontinued the cream and my skin is worse than ever. The flushes last up to six hours and I sit crying at home with a fire-red, hurting face. After the euphoria in the USA for this 'miracle cream' subsides, one will be able to read terrifying things about it. Right now, I don't know how it's going to develop for me, I can only say that currently it's a horror. I'm surprised that I've found so little in this forum about Mirvaso. Has anyone here also had an experience with Mirvaso yet? Right now I'm helpless, I can't go outside, have any social contact or pursue my profession. 6 hours of a constantly burning face make it impossiblehttp://www.rosazea.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6337
961/8/2014KekueI have the same symptoms. I also threw this product away after 2 weeks. The skin stayed deep red, just as the flushings. It can take up to 6 months for the skin to return to its normal state. The redness comes from within and isn't from outside (external).http://www.rosazea.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6324
971/9/2014KelseyI have been using mirvaso religiously for two weeks now an it seems that the redness on my face gets worse then it ever was without treatment when the cream wears off. I never used to get hot flushing periods and now I do. I was prescribed to apply the cream once in the morning. Usually around 3 pm I have some extreme redness/heat going on. I am going to get in touch with my Dr and hopefully get things changed.http://rosacea-support.org/mirvaso-user-reviews.html#comments
981/10/2014ddek981Here's my Mirvaso Experience.

A little background info on me.
I'm 25, male, white with fair skin. My rosacea is fairly moderate with lots of flushing. I've had rosacea (officially diagnosed by a derm) for about 7 years, but probably longer than that. I've tried the following medications: Metrogel, Bionect, Finacea, Retin-A, Oracea, Monocycline and Doxycycline. For the past year I've been on Oracea and Bionect with the best results out of all the other things I've been on over the years. My regimen is usually bionect at night, cerave hydrating cleanser day and night, oracea in the afternoon. That is all. No other supplements or drugs other than oracea and bionect.

My deem decided to put me on Mirvaso in October 2013. I was on it for about 5 weeks and tried to stick it through, but here it is. At first, it helped for about a week, I applied it on my face at about 8am and it was fine, worked pretty well at preventing flushing, but once 12pm/1pm hit, I would be severely, severely flushed for the rest of the day. Usually right when I had lunch around noon/1pm it would wear off and I would flush like crazy. My face would burn and it was extremely red/purple wherever I applied the Mirvaso. This was the worst I've ever experienced! After a week or two, I finally made my own system where I'd apply it around 8am and another application around 12pm, then I noticed it would last until about 4pm. It seems like for me it would wear off after about 3-4 hours. After a few weeks of suffering, I realized this just wasn't working. I went to my derm for the next appointment and she said to stop using it right away. She said there is no such thing as rebound flushing, but what happens is that the blood vessels in your face are being vasoconstricted. This causes wastes and co2 to build up in your vessels in your face, then once the medicine wears off, you will vasodilate really bad and the waste products get washed out. Not necessarily rebound flushing but some call it that, as I did too. Anyways, whatever its called or termed, it happened to me. The rebound flushing was extremely bad, causing me to get insanely red/purple and really hot on the face. I never experienced that before, it was so bad to an extreme. I reported it to the FDA and hopefully this won't happen to others, it's a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE MEDICINE!

So, after the 4-5 weeks of taking Mirvaso, waiting for it to work and sticking it through, my derm said stop it and I stopped it right that day. That day she gave me an Neo Yag laser treatment which really really helped. That was my second treatment and it helped so much!

I didn't take the Mirvaso the next day and I did have some flushing, but after a few days it went back to normal. The laser helped me so much, more than anything I've ever tried. I had my 3rd Yag laser treatment a month ago and my rosacea has been better than it's ever been, hardly any flushing and redness!

I strongly advise against Mirvaso. For me, I've never felt that redness/flushing in my life until I took that cream. I was so anti-social for a month, hated to go out in public because this cream was making my redness so much worst, flushing me like never before in places I have never flushed before, like my temple area, forehead and chin. This was so bad!!

For me, I've learned laser treatments are the way to go. I've spent so much on creams, gels, lotions, pills over the years. It makes so much more sense to spend the few hundred on laser treatments instead of all the medication copays and time wasted with the topicals that don't seem to work.

Anyways, this is my two cents and hope it helps others.

FYI- My derm is a co-author of the original research in Mirvaso in Atlanta. She knows a TON about Mirvaso and runs a Rosacea clinic here in Atlanta treating thousands of rosacea patients. She told me some people just can't tolerate Mirvaso- once you have the "rebound flushing" after a few days/week and it persists, she said to stop taking it right away!