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4/22/2020 15:24:54Kristie @SchubertKristaMiddle GradeUnder 50kLiterary FictionalcoholismAfter an argument, Wendy’s depressed, alcoholic mom packs her clothes in trash bags, then tells her to go and live with her father. She is left on the freezing porch with her stuff, waiting for Dad to pick her up.also willing to read
4/22/2020 15:26:20Lialiawritesdoa@gmail.comAdult70-100kFantasyMISS LONELYHEARTS meets GIDEON THE NINTH in THE PARDONING. After escaping a debtor’s colony, obituarist Bonnie vows to return for the love she left behind—even if it means killing the king who liberated her.This is #ownvoices LGBTQ+.
4/22/2020 15:43:27Alyce Blackalyce@alyceblack.comAdult70-100kFantasy, HorrorCannibalism, some gore & violence (point of view characters are "monsters")In a clash of immortal predators, Niu must decide which family will survive: the one that created her, or the one she’s created for herself.Ideally, I'd like to trade material with another writer & hopefully work on developing a longer term critique partnership, if it works out.
4/22/2020 16:56:25Amber@A_M_DuperreYoung Adult50-70kFantasyMentions of violence but no gore and no direct violence in the pagesBONE HOUSES x THE DEVOURING GRAY. To earn money to attend her fave rock shows, 16 y/o Dani uses magical healing clovers to create miracle cures and sell them to townsfolk. But when her clients start committing heinous crimes, she must find an antidote before her town is destroyed. LGBTQIA. Strong friendship, no romance. Also willing to read for others.
4/22/2020 17:18:26Karen R. NelsonKrnelsonwriter@gmail.comAdultUnder 50kLiterary FictionRape, addiction, drugs, alcoholism, childhood trauma, neglect, psychological traumaThere’s one thing Koberlee wants more than her next breath. Addicted to drugs, willing to do whatever is needed to get them, her mama is in no way ready to nurture their relationship. After losing her grandma, the only bright spot in her dark life, and through a childhood riddled with trauma, Koberlee must resist the pull of generational curses to make her own way. This work is a fictional memoir, written in the dramatic present, with elements of magical realism.
4/23/2020 12:49:35S. W. EonAuthorSWEon@gmail.comNew Adult50-70kFantasy, Science FictionLanguage, heavily implied sex between 2 consenting individuals, deathTHE LITTLE MERMAID X VOCALOID. Sylvia Stone is a virtual performer nearing the end of her existence who longs to experience life as a normal human would, but, when her wish comes true at the cost of her voice, she has only a few short days to fight for the heart of a loyal fan as a sinister force from her past threatens to destroy all she loves.The document I have for the story has certain sections that are color-coded: Green = Areas I'd like to expand upon, Yellow = Areas that would need more alterations to work better, and Red = Sections I think should be cut entirely.
4/23/2020 18:17:14Rixby Elliotanonymouslives@hotmail.caYoung Adult70-100k
Fantasy, Science Fiction
In the end, it wasn’t boredom that made Imogen a child runway, but the strangers: the one that apparently knew her parents, and the one that apparently knew her. After that, all it took was a trip on a stationary train and Imogen was in a new world, a world called Madame Mama’s School for Gifted Wanderers.

At first, Imogen’s time in her new school is borderline idyllic. She’s in a league of her own, being Aether-aligned—aether being a concept which, at this moment, has been under-researched by the school, making it hard for Imogen to manifest her powers (stars are suspected to be involved, however). This means she’s away from the drama brewing between the other alignments, specifically the Fire-aligned and the Air-aligned. But the gods of those alignments, indeed the gods of all the alignments, are revolutionaries, activists, and willing to go to war in order to change the world. The rumour is Imogen might be able to turn the tide of the war in favour of whichever god she sides with, but Imogen hardly feels qualified to turn tides or take sides, and besides, she’s been shown a vision of the war and knows it’ll be devastating; so she decides to stop it instead. To do this, not only must Imogen travel to afro-futurist utopias (well, almost-utopias) to meet the aforementioned gods, but she must also summon up the courage and guile to either trick them or convince them into bestowing their blessings onto her, all while being chased by an unknown dark force. And it all must be done without the faculty knowing because everyone has an agenda:

The school wants to remain neutral and serve all the gods in tow...despite the fact that being in a position to pick the god who rules the world must be enticing.

Each of the gods thinks they can dispel the ‘us vs them’ mindset that plages humanity and are willing to end each other in order to be the one who does it and creates a utopia on Earth.

God knows what the darkness wants.

God knows what Imogen’s parents want (perhaps would’ve wanted).

And all Imogen wants, in the end, is the truth, about the war, about the gods, about utopia, about her parents, and about herself. But in the end, the truth might lead her to the right choice, but it’s the lies that will change everything.
To be honest, I didn’t know about beta readers until recently (new writer, figuring it out as I go) so I sort of skipped that step so this book has been edited and I’ve been querying it. Basically I’ve done this all out of order. Just letting you know.
4/23/2020 19:34:20Tyler LawsonTylawson@sas.upenn.eduYoung Adult70-100kFantasy‪ ‪BLACK PRINCESS DIARIES X NARNIA‬

‪As a new ruler of a secret magical world, Liberty only wishes to uphold the legacy her sister left behind. But when her sister’s racist, vengeful enemies resurface, she must fight or risk the lives of everyone she’s responsible for‬.
Not at the moment!
4/25/2020 14:03:24Skeptic Arthfrrind/VScreamingSkeptic #2478//VScreamingAdultUnder 50kFantasy, Science FictionStraight up murder. Blood. Threats of violence against womenLux is an espionage and sabotage expert for The Agency, a version of Heaven that is re-imagined as an intelligence organization. Lux’ partner Michael was murdered by Goodman Starr going under the moniker “Father” during a mission over 40 years ago. Crushed at the loss of her centuries-long partner, she put herself on inactive status, occasionally helping the Earthers of the material realm when the urge hit her. She has isolated herself from her colleagues, and has found a dive bar to attempt to drink her woes away, occasionally keeping tabs on Father’s activities.I'm high-functioning autistic, just be aware that I'll miss social cues and I'm pretty blunt. Also I A LOT a lot.
4/26/2020 12:31:22Geetha Krishnan@ormakalAdult50-70kFantasyDeath, Gore, mentions of sexual assault, blood, tortureIn a world where vampires hold sway, a group of humans struggle to adapt.14 yo Mabel is the ward of one of the vampires that killed her parents and the hunter Ken is sleeping with him. Ken's attempts to help Mabel send him directly into conflict with the vampires, and Frederick had never been one to tolerate others meddling in his affairs.
5/1/2020 / Ashleigh#6686 / @Ashleigh_BSBAdult70-100kRomance, Science FictionSome swearing, some adult scenes (not very graphic)Anika and Tyler grew up as best friends. Now, she can't stand to be on the same planet as him. Which is a problem, since they've both been selected to work on the new space station orbiting the moon. Will they be able to put aside their differences to work together or is the rift in their relationship larger than the moon?
5/1/2020 19:56:59Carolyn ThomasDiscord: trousersquid#9919Young Adult100-150kScience FictionMentions of assault and assault aftermath, non-explicit. Kay's life is pretty predictable by now: getting thrown out of a plane to test her biosynthetic wings, nearly drowning herself to test her gills and fins, the usual. When the ghost of a dead test subject whispers promises of escape, 'predictable' is over.Looking for feedback on general impression, reactions, and places to cut.
5/2/2020 14:28:01Londonbetamatchreader@brokengirl.infoYoung Adult70-100kFantasyAbduction. I can't think of anything else, but if you have a specific concern, please askDespite crutches and an empty belly, fifteen-year-old seamstress Jinxx Relinkerys is happy until Lady Margaté struts into Jinxx’s flamenco choir, sword on hip, grudge in heart, and begins to destroy her life.
As Baroness-in-Waiting, Margaté can do what she pleases. What pleases her excellency? Tormenting the people she believes are responsible for her father’s death, Jinxx’s family. She inflicts rumors, sabotages Jinxx’s brother’s dream of a legal education, and undermines the tailoring business Jinxx’s family relies on.
Jinxx has no recourse except to endure, but opportunity arrives at the same time Margaté does: Jinxx becomes the paid apprentice to a mysterious recluse, studying her passion, math. Except it’s more than that: it’s magic. She’s brilliant at calculating enchantments but isn’t capable of casting spells. She’s also forbidden from mentioning her knowledge, let alone using it. Magic is a dream, not an escape from Margaté’s torments.
When Jinxx discovers an encyphered note revealing Margaté’s plans go beyond bullying to murder, she decides she can no longer endure. But the only option she has is defying her magical mentor by stealing a magical artifact to stop Margaté. If he discovers her betrayal, she’ll lose her apprenticeship and return her family to desperate poverty.
I'm willing to exchange critiques and would love to get a long-term critique partner out of this, as well as some good beta readers.
5/3/2020 22:37:39Tanner@TannerMuroNew Adult100-150kFantasySexual content, violence, suicide attemptTyndal Rothuin is the son of a nobleman from the Ascan Empire and a princess of the Jaruman Islands. For twenty years these two nations have enjoyed a tenuous peace, but when his father goes missing, Tyndal must find him before the tides of war rise once again.#ownvoices with queer main character, and a majority POC cast. Currently doing first revision, and would prefer to swap manuscripts with a writer who also deals in epic fantasy.
5/6/2020 14:12:53J.P. Garland@jpgarlandauthorAdult70-100kHistorical Fiction, Literary FictionA woman newly arrived in NYC from Ireland in 1870 is dismissed from her job as a maid in the house of a wealthy Irish-American family. She is dismissed because of her beauty, the victim of jealousy on the part of a family member. She sets off on a series of new jobs, ending as a nurse who must then explore the world of NYC politics and religion after her sister appears from Ireland, pregnant and alone.This is historical fiction.
5/6/2020 18:28:50Oraclealexthughes9@gmail.comYoung Adult70-100kFantasy, RomanceDeath, reference to sex, alcoholism.The sleepy town of Baytarn turns upside down when a local girl kills to save the life of a mysterious stranger.
5/7/2020 0:00:51Tommytommyjdelk@gmail.comYoung Adult70-100kHorror, Suspense, ThrillerBlood/core, violence, alcoholWhen William Sykes, known as the Big Bad Wolf, murdered seven high school seniors before he was stopped, his wife and seven-year-old son fled the small town of Ferris Peak, Colorado, determined never to go back, Now, ten years later, his grandmother is dying and Link Callen has returned. He is greeted with suspicion and scorn, the bad seed of an evil man. And then the killing resumes. The Big Bad Wolf has returned in the form of a copycat, and Link is the police’s number one suspect. Whoever the killer is, they want Link involved, as cryptic messages and clues are left for him. He finds help in the form of Aiden Zhou, son of the officer who stopped Sykes a decade ago. The two of them must work together to discover the identity of the copycat and prove Link’s innocence. But the body count is rising quickly, and Link himself may be in danger.This is an LGBTQIA ownvoices story!
5/8/2020 Adult50-70kRomance, Suspense, Women's FictionAbortion/suicide/racism/bullying/drugs/sex“You Don't Have to Tell Me I'm Innocent" is about Joan, a young biracial teenage girl who enrolls back at her local public high school in Rockland County after being thrown out of a private school due to failing grades. Joan blames her eventual downfall on an abusive stepmother, being a latchkey kid, sibling rivalry with her older sister, and three younger low-income precocious Black girls who have befriended her and encouraged her to hang out with them, the bullying and drug use at her private high school, and her middle school best friend who has turned to hard drugs.
5/11/2020 5:19:22Eva Goldsbyevagold77@outlook.comAdultUnder 50kSuspense, Thriller, Women's FictionSome rich and powerful "sharks" want to kill Maria, a journalist, whom they call "butterfly" for being beautiful and vivid. Who will survive in the jungles of the Big City?
5/11/2020 5:21:40Eva Goldsbyevagold77@outlook.comAdultUnder 50kFantasy, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction"Still alive?" is an apocalyptical novel about Max, a start-up founder, and Mia, a student.
5/17/2020 15:23:15Kristin Monteith @monteithkristin
Young Adult70-100kFantasy, RomanceMinor violence
Magic has been gone for over 85 years and the Kollon has been terrorizing the world for just as long. Eletia’s main concern as Chieftan of Insia is to hold off war for as long as possible; as part of the rebellion, Heilyn’s concern is to keep make a stand. When Heilyn kidnaps Eletia, both their worlds are turned upside down as they learn what their willing to lose to this fight against tyranny.
5/19/2020 22:49:04JillJillrcarty@gmail.comAdult70-100kScience FictionParent death (backstory)
In 2067, you can Glimpse your life in alternate dimensions, for a fee. Zoe envies her alternate selves for everything they have that she doesn’t: Good skin, a nice apartment, a living mother.

But when a Glimpse comes through from an enemy dimension that shows her alternate mother in danger, Zoe finds herself questioning the morality of the utopia she calls home, and wondering if the price for prosperity is too high.

Now trapped in a dimension under siege, Zoe must work with a ragtag group of insurgents to find a new dimension to escape to, before an inter-dimensional oligarchy traps them forever.
5/21/2020 16:11:08U.C. Kalu @uc_kalu_writesAdult70-100kComedy, RomanceJust sex in all of it's descriptive (though perhaps not erotica level) glory. ;) After sacrificing her adolescent years to the spotlight, 25-year-old Afro-Latina Avril Rosales is probably the only person in LA that doesn’t want to be famous. Naturally, this doesn’t help the fact that she’s in love with Hollywood heartthrob Sebastian Hyeon, who also happens to be (1) her former childhood co-star and (2) her oblivious best friend.If you want to read a dazzling, multicultural rom-com about a former child star finding her place in the world as well as true love, this is your story!
5/22/2020 15:14:25Sean@willson on TwitterAdult100-150kScience FictionFighting scenes and space violence. Some "implied" sexual scenes but nothing else.Stuck in a multigenerational subterfuge that’s kept most of humanity in the dark, Abigail and a band of determined colonists fight a battle to expand humans to the stars, prevent our destruction, and discover our true origin. Can they do it before an alien armada wipes out humanity in Sol and our colonies around other stars?Also willing to swap MS's and read.
5/23/2020 17:09:23@stefanyvramirezmissyvramirez@gmail.comAdult70-100kComedy, Romance, Women's Fictionmental illness/ depression/ ptsdTO SEE IF THERE IS ANYTHING IN THEIR MARRIAGE WORTH SAVING, BECCA AND LEO REVISIT THE PLACES WHERE THEIR MARRIAGE FELL APART AND CREATE NEW MEMORIES IN THEIR STEAD. Willing to swap ms!
5/26/2020 5:16:07W. Lotte#5840 charlizearianne@gmail or W. Lotte#5840New Adult70-100kFantasy, Historical Fiction, Women's FictionImplied Gore, Trauma, Violence, Discussions of Death, Mental Illnesses, Religious Hypocrisy, LGBTQIA+ themesRagnhild Sylvi enters the afterlife without any memories, still in denial about the fact that this is the afterlife -- the culmination of all the cultures of mankind, where monsters formerly relegated to legends and folk stories freely roam the streets.

Her search for the lost memories brings her together with other like-minded souls, former humans who were imbued with the spirits of monsters.

Death gives them a simple ultimatum: fix the flaws in their past lives and be reborn again as humans, or otherwise revert to mindless monsters.

Soon, Ragnhild finds out the veil between monster and man is too easily crossed.
Genre(s)/Themes: Psychological- focuses on what it means to be human and the divide between monstrosity and morality
Desired Critique: Constructive criticism on story elements: Theme, Worldbuilding, Character, Plot, Language technicalities, and others outlined in beta reader questionnaire
5/26/2020 21:23:09Alex Smith#5026Alex Smith#5026Young Adult100-150kFantasy, War and Military FictionSome gore, in-scene and implied child abuse, bullyingIn the early 90s, humans abandon AI and instead focus on perfecting genetic engineering. They succeed and in the early 2000s they create a Wolf-Human hybrid with near-human intelligence. They are to become the new labor force that AI was supposed to take.

Nearly 300 years later, the wolves are tired of being treated as 3rd class citizens and in many countries as slaves. They revolt, triggering WW IV.

Percy is a 6 year old human boy who suddenly finds himself behind enemy lines and in the clutches of a pack of wolves. What can a small little boy do in a world he doesn't understand? He must simply survive.
I'm looking for general feedback on the flow of the story and any glaring plot holes. This is the first book in a three book series.
6/6/2020 20:00:23hollyash85 hollyash85
Adult70-100kScience Fictionmild violence, kidnapping
Earth is dying and the only way to save it is to eliminate its biggest threat…..
The one time climate scientist Zoe Antos leaves the environmental research lab where she works on time she ends up being kidnapped. Despite her best efforts not to believe her kidnappers she finds herself enthralled and outraged by their claim that her fiancé’s father is trying to end human life on the planet in order to restore balance to the natural world. After she is rescued, Zoe begins to notice things that make her question if the Wilborns are really the people she thought they were or if the things her kidnappers told her were right. Humanity could depend on her making the right choice.
I would be willing to do a swap. Looking to have feedback on this story by mid Aug if possible.
6/9/2020 23:44:14Sylvia Adult100-150kRomanceMy paranormal romance novel has no erotica. It's, on the contrary, spiritual and pure.Peter Jackson, an architect who always thinks of work, work, and work, goes back home one day to discover something that will change his life forever. He lives alone, he doesn't do relationships, women don't interest him, and he likes it this way. But! This shadow, the voice. They unleash his heart and his heart goes wild. What will Peter do as he starts seeing what he has missed before? Will he be able to love two? Even if one of them is just a spirit? Peter takes rash decisions that he almost loses the most people he loves and wants, not to mention his own life..The genre of my novel is paranormal romance. Titled, Love from Hell. In it love LITERALLY comes from hell in the form of a runaway spirit. The spirit has a goal to be accepted in heaven, and Peter feels responsible to keep her safe, but will they even succeed? How will her revenge and his outrage be met in heaven?
6/24/2020 17:06:36Ben, Twitter @BGartnerWritingMiddle GradeUnder 50kHistorical FictionAh, still working on that... But essentially this is book two and picks up after THE EYE OF RA introduces the siblings John and Sarah who accidentally time traveled to ancient Egypt. In book two, the travel to an ancient Roman frontier town in modern-day Switzerland called Aventicum where there is a clash with the Germanic people to the north. Their dilemma is in trying to get back home, while wondering about a mysterious directive that told them they are the only ones who can help correct the timeline.I'm not immediately ready for another beta reader, but shouldn't be too long... You can check out my first book at There's a free sample there too if you want to get a taste of the writing and style.
6/24/2020 20:37:08Nadhira satria (twitter: @drnhavilliard)
Young Adult70-100kFantasyBulimia and PTSDThe Throne’s Trials is set in an alternate fantasy realm and is the story of the kingdom of Norisea which comprises 5 elemental kingdoms; Fire, Earth, Water, Ice, and Air.
As tradition dictates, each of the heirs to these five kingdoms must take part in what is known as the 'Throne's Trials' a series of ordeals that are designed to determine who the next king or queen of the United Kingdom will be.
6/25/2020 / Ashleigh#6686 / @Ashleigh_BSBYoung AdultUnder 50kRomanceThe MCs survive a tornado*We quickly huddled together, burying our heads under our bags. I lost track of time under the table with TJ’s arm around me, shielding me from the storm. I was surprised that this annoying creature could make me feel so safe. I squeezed my eyes shut as a barrage of unfamiliar noises assaulted my ears and wondered whether I would ever open them again.* Seventeen-year-old Ana cannot wait for summer, when she gets to co-lead the overnight hikes at her uncle’s family camp. Sure, it means working with her brother-in-law, TJ, a boy her age whom she cannot stand. But, she is willing to put aside their differences in order to have a fantastic summer. When tragedy strikes, Ana and TJ must work together, with the help of the legendary piquaqua bird, to help restore the camp in time for summer. I’m hoping to have this back by July 15th, but I am flexible. I am hoping this is the final draft (although there may be a stray typo here or there). I am looking for overall impressions, although I always welcome nit-picking if you are so inclined.
7/22/2020 22:46:48Catie Dalycatieluongo@gmail.comMiddle GradeUnder 50kComedy, Science FictionHumorous middle grade with heart/ light sci-fi theme (alien abduction) with a wacky cast of characters and a mad dash for clues Already paid for a developmental edit -now looking for beta readers to collect more feedback on story - complete at 47,000 words
7/27/2020 8:38:44Anthony Edenanthonyeden.writingquerying@gmail.comAdult100-150kLiterary Fiction, Science FictionReferenced physical and emotional abuse. Referenced self-harm. Major character death. Illegal human experimenting.To the best of his knowledge, Richard is an ordinary man—other than selective mutism stemming from childhood trauma, which he navigates via both sign language and an assistive AI named e-Vie. But pressure from Richard’s employer and mentor, Amanda, leads Richard to begin struggling to regain his voice. Along the way, he meets the love of his life, Henry—a homicide investigator recovering from depression after a tragic loss—and also comes to learn the truth behind who and what he is: a lab-grown prototype super soldier, the next stage of a covert government project to bio-engineer obedient citizens. Amanda is not merely his boss, but the former overseer of the project that made him.Finished and edited piece of literary sci-fi meets LGBTQIA+ love story. I'd like a pair of fresh eyes on the bigger picture: pacing, characters, plot. If POV shifts are clear enough. That sort of thing.
10/16/2020 12:39:58tyesstania.yesivell@gmail.comYoung Adult50-70kFantasy
violence, death (not a lot of it, and is not that it isn't graphic, but is... you know, it's a fantasy story)
The future leader of a secret magical society is worried because his friends are being targeted by a murderer. His older sister is struggling with a life without magic.
For writers are trying to create a fantasy novel together. Their main antagonist is starting to get impatient, but for now he’s only bullying one of them to write faster.
We have a plot when their worlds collide.
English is a second language, feel free to provide advice on that or to ignore it completely unless it makes it difficult to understand. Either way, try to focus on the main aspects of storytelling or let me know if language issues are so distracting that it's not possible to get the story.
11/21/2021 14:25:03Cortwitessurrly@gmail.comAdult100-150kHorrorcursing
Evan goes to a silent meditation retreat, hoping to ground himself and maybe get rid of his claustrophobia.

Of course, sitting and meditating for ten hours a day can bring up some dark images.

But his teacher’s right, it’s only natural for past trauma to arise during this time. Just be present and breathe.

And sure, he dreamed he murdered someone. But, it was a work dream, so of course he did.

And the shadow he’s seeing in his periphery is just a manifestation of himself, repressed emotions.

And after the retreat’s over, he does feels better. For the most part. He just needs to focus on his mom. Docs found a new tumor.

Of course, she thinks he brought home an entity. But no surprise there. She swears Buddhist retreats are invitations for demons to enter your life. She is acting a bit strange with all the chemo fog though.

And yes, other people are acting strange too—creepily grinning and telling Evan things they shouldn’t know—but Evan’s just experiencing residual effects from the retreat.

And Mom’s showing signs of dementia, which would explain her creeping around the house.

And while that guy Evan murdered in his dream really did die, it was from natural causes.

It is a lot of coincidence.

And he’s still having murder dreams. But now it's people he loves.

It’s fine. Just breathe. Be here. As his teacher says, "Whatever is happening, that is the path to enlightenment."

Isn’t it?
This is more of an alpha read. The manuscript is edited for grammar , spelling, and clarity (but not for repeated words, etc.) But I need to cut it down to about 90-100k.
12/18/2021 22:04:27Katrina katrinalane27@gmail.comYoung AdultUnder 50kFantasy
Sexual abuse, cannibalism, and depression
Suddenly all the food in the land was gone. The only way to restore it is by sacrificing the fairy princess to the fairy king. Only princess Dawn has seen her last, but she lost her memories! Now she must travel with a wild boy to find these lost memories, and save the land from the fairy king's curse.