الصفحة الرئيسيةآلات موسيقيةعلم الموسيقىقوائم موسيقيةكتب موسيقىأنواع الموسيقىتعليم الموسيقىمصطلحات موسيقيةإعلام موسيقيفلسفة الجمالنقد فنيتقنيات فنيةالفن والسياسةمنظمات فنيةالنساء والفنونأعمال إبداعيةجوائز فنية
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مشروع الترجمة الأوسع لإثراء الويكيبيديا العربية
من مختلف التخصصات.
تم تجميع مقالات من الويكيبيديا الإنجليزية، بحاجة للإنشاء
على الويكيبيديا العربية من قبل أعضاء في مبادرة ض لتطوير
الويكيبيديا العربية.
نتمنى أن يسهل عليكم هذا المشروع
إيجاد المقالات المناسبة للترجمة بسهولة!
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List of the Beatles' instrumentsDoctor of Musical ArtsList of Canadian musiciansNick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (novel)Trout Mask ReplicaJosiah Ransome-KutiLyric sopranoStereogumArtificial hair integrationsTondo (art)Three haresMake Everything Great AgainTLA ReleasingCarol J. CloverMaurin QuinaUK Festival Awards
Washboard (musical instrument)Stem (music)List of music venuesFat Kid Rules the WorldNorthern soulZen of ScreamingRound (music)LoudwireAsymmetryGrotesque bodyCrystallographic point groupRevolutionary songLUMA FoundationHarukanaru Toki no Naka de 3A Teenage OperaCharles S. Roberts Award
BösendorferChord-scale systemList of jazz standardsThe Murder of Biggie SmallsTransformer (album)The Jazz Theory BookGig (music)Transatlantic SessionsVideo games as an art formHockney–Falco thesisIntroduction to gauge theoryThe Dream and Lie of FrancoFarbrauschLadyfestRisk EverythingRoyal Architectural Institute of Canada
List of medieval musical instrumentsRockism and poptimismList of best-selling singles in the United StatesLittle Red SongbookThrobbing GristleSimply MusicOriental riffMusic televisionPhonaestheticsGynocriticismSpecial editionRadio propagandaAfriCOBRACelluloid ceilingOrphan works in the United StatesOutstanding Structure Award
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Family (musical instruments)Beam (music)List of film songs based on ragasRotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No DogsPsychedelic tranceBerklee methodBebop scaleWe Found Love (music video)The World as Will and RepresentationPopMattersGlitch artBlack SparkStan Lee FoundationTactical frivolityOffice toyENnies
Subcontrabass saxophoneDuetto buffo di due gattiList of record labels: A–HMaskeradeLee "Scratch" PerryEducational musicHemiolaPureVolumeMidriffLooted artDefamiliarizationFuria (film)Prussian Academy of ArtsFeminist Art ProgramYeh Dil Maange More!Carnegie Prize
MellophoneTipu's TigerList of cover versions of Led Zeppelin songsTelegraph Avenue (novel)Music educationInstitute of Jazz StudiesFake bookMusic information retrievalArchetypal literary criticismAnimal studiesContour drawingMonochromPercival David Foundation of Chinese ArtHarukanaru Toki no Naka de 2Baby jumperJane Drew Prize
Roland V-DrumsList of compositions by Antonín DvořákList of Metallica concert toursTerrorizer (magazine)Contemporary classical musicMusic TogetherStride (music)Album eraEcocriticismAffective fallacySymmetry of second derivativesKing MobZecchino d'OroList of women's pressesEscape from WoomeraRIBA President's Medals Students Award
SackbutList of compositions by Henry PurcellStevie Ray Vaughan's musical instrumentsHip Hop Family TreeGreen River (band)Institute of Audio ResearchTristan chordKanojo wa Uso o AishisugiteruStyle (visual arts)Hindu artAerial perspectiveFire in the Blood (2013 film)826 NationalOtometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!!MultikultiArt competitions at the 1912 Summer Olympics
Semi-acoustic guitarMusic and artificial intelligenceMani SharmaLachrimae, or Seaven TearesMarching bandNational Association for Music EducationVoice leadingMusicophiliaThe Birth of Tragedy
Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature
Burr (edge)NeoismJonas Mekas Visual Arts CenterYo-Jin-BoNon finitoInternational Gamers Award
StylophoneTable of years in music
List of Billboard Hot 100 chart achievements by decade
AntiphonaryList of hip hop genresNational Association of Schools of MusicNonchord toneCanadian Music Hall of FameHigh-level designGreek mythology in western art and literatureCropping (image)Humours of an ElectionAmerican Advertising FederationA.I.R. GalleryA Frank StatementFlorence Meyer Blumenthal
Organ stopCat organList of songs in Glee (season 3)The Dancing MasterCrassGNU SolfegeHalf-time (music)Sangita RatnakaraEkphrasisRosalind E. KraussRunning gagCaptive (2003 film)American Indian Dance TheatreTokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd KissChair (sculpture)Shevchenko National Prize
Electronic drumGuidonian hand
List of awards and nominations received by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Circus (magazine)MuzakLos Angeles Recording SchoolBarcarolleSensual PhraseMoon MuseumBiography in literatureChromolithographyLes AnarchistesNot-for-profit arts organizationFull House KissSouth Seas genreWorld Fantasy Award—Artist
Plucked string instrumentHistory of multitrack recording
List of best-selling albums by year in the United States
Check the TechniqueAdult contemporary musicJane JosephAll-starThis Is Your Brain on MusicSoviet montage theoryArt criticMonoprintingThe Travelling PlayersThe Association of Japanese AnimationsWoman, Culture, and SocietyUnfinished Grateful Dead albumDiana Jones Award
GjallarhornNeo-Riemannian theory
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Reservation BluesAcid jazzPat Byrne (singer)Vocal resonationShort films by Studio GhibliCutenessThe Simple Art of MurderMathematics of paper foldingFeminist art movement in the United StatesAustralia Council for the ArtsFeminist theory in composition studiesThe Paradoxes of the InfiniteHugo Award for Best Professional Artist
ZZ Top equipmentCampanologyChristmas musicMel BayAcid rockDilermando ReisThumriVH1's Top 40 Videos of the YearMacaroni (fashion)Monumental sculptureWhittlingHara-Kiri (magazine)SIGNISWACK! Art and the Feminist RevolutionLists of slogansArt competitions at the 1924 Summer Olympics
Mute (music)Letter notationNational Recording RegistryDecibel (magazine)Club drugMusic Industry ArtsLick (music)Yahoo! MusicTaste receptorCultural depictions of the dogAquatintLord Chamberlain's OfficeArtist cooperativeAmerican Gothic TalesFairy tale parodyGlobal Award for Sustainable Architecture
OmnichordOssiaList of Chinese musical instrumentsI Wear the Black HatList of jazz genresSödra LatinPower trioAcclaimed MusicDesign sprintGuild of Saint LukeDrypointList of films dealing with anarchismList of talent management system companiesThe Country Bunny and the Little Gold ShoesJuan Valdez drinks Costa Rican coffeeList of AIGA medalists
Ring modulationTranscription (music)RockapellaTrouser PressPsych-OutMūza RubackytėKhyalClassicaLoidGazeBeta readerFlocking (texture)The CongressmanAIPHAustralian feminist art timelineHeed Their Rising VoicesType Directors Club
Reed (mouthpiece)History of DJing
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Carols for ChoirsSome Time in New York CityMusic education for young childrenAltered scaleFancy LalaCharretteTimeline of artColor-blockingItalian modern and contemporary artMusic TogetherArabians Lost: The Engagement on DesertThe United States of LyncherdomHugo Award for Best Fan Artist
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AbletonLedger lineList of important operasThe Mambo Kings Play Songs of LoveNeo-psychedeliaRoman Haubenstock-RamatiFanfareKuGouPsychoanalytic literary criticismSociological criticismSurrealist techniquesUnitary urbanismArts councilFilipino women artistsRed PawnCultural Medallion
Rhythm sectionTuttiList of awards and nominations received by CherSpin Alternative Record GuideItalo discoStar Licks ProductionsPerpetuum mobileRibs (recordings)CPT symmetryImplied authorStainFirst Lady (film)African GroveRock Against SexismPrime versionInternational Architecture Awards
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LinnDrumMusic-specific disordersList of 21st-century classical composersEspedair StreetKeeningKindermusikConclusion (music)Ishkur's Guide to Electronic MusicList of style guidesIllusionism (art)DichromacySostiene PereiraScottish BalletNana Oforiatta AyimOn Social FreedomList of World Architecture Festival winners
List of guitarsStanley SadieList of songs in Glee (season 4)Songbook (Nick Hornby book)The MetersAlberto NepomucenoJazz improvisationMini-LPFormalism (art)Ingrid SischySuperimpositionGrupo Cine LiberaciónRijksmuseum Research LibraryRE: AlistairAppota CorporationPBS Kids Writers Contest
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