Blog: Writing Reflection - Term Two (Responses)
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What is your name?
How have you enjoyed writing this term?
Did you enjoy doing the reflections in Explain Everything each week?
What have you enjoyed about writing in Term Two?
What was some of the things you learned this term?
What have you found challenging about writing in Term Two?
How can Mr Lewzey help you with your writing in Term Three?
Learner 11NoPublishing Narrative publishingNarrativesDoing more publishing
Learner 21NoPlaning with explain everything Characters and settingDrawing a picture to match my description Spelling, how to spell words
Learner 33NoOur creature writing
Your characters don't to all be boys they can be girls
The reflections Yes to not get distracted
Learner 43YesBeing Determined To describe my characterReflecting on my writing Handwriting
Learner 53YesRefiningCharactersTo write a super sentence To help me write more sentences
Learner 63YesRuckus To describe betterStarting storiesWriting sentences
Learner 73Nopublishing characters to write a super sentence to help me write super sentences
Learner 83YesMaking crystal I learned about writing narrative Making and describe about our creatureGiving us ideas in our narrative
Learner 93Yes
Making monsters and writing a story in our own words
Doing punctuation and talking about setting Describing about our monsters and make the storyGiving us ideas for our other story
Learner 103Yesthe forest writingwhat a setting is
last weeks writing witch is the forest writing in the middle of it
every time i forget to sound the words out mr lewzey remind me
Learner 112YesThe creature writing How to describe a character The description Handwriting
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