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9/14/2016 15:54:57Tyler James | ComixLaunchTyler.James@comixtribe.comChecklist: 5 Things You MUST Do Before Launching Your KickstarterThinking of launching a Kickstarter? Wait! Avoid some of the most common mistakes failed Kickstarter creators make by first downloading this free checklist from ComixLaunch. Creators (primarily comic book creators) interested in launching a Kickstarter campaign, Comics, Crowdfunding, Checklist
9/14/2016 16:11:32John Lees & Alex CormackSink@comixtribe.comSINK: Welcome to Glasgow Digital AshcanGet in the van! Check out the new series that is a twisted vision of modern day Scotland from the creators of AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE and OXYMORON: THE LOVELIEST NIGHTMARE. (Bring a shovel.) Indie comic horror fans will love this. Anyone afraid of clowns will hate it!, Scotland, thriller, killer clowns, vigilante
9/15/2016 13:01:23Creator At Largejeremy@jeremymelloul.comLessons from ArchieA study of the merits & failings of the Archie Comics Kickstarter - and what creators can learn from it.Anybody interested in learning about the pitfalls to avoid in building a crowdfunding campaign., Archie, Crowdfunding, Self-Publishing
11/2/2016 9:44:02Clay Adamsclay@friedcomics.com3 Free First Issues (plus a list-exclusive bonus)Get all three critically acclaimed first issues from FRIED Comics: PREGNANT BITCHES OF WAR #1, DEADSKINS! #1, and RED XMAS #1, plus the exclusive, list-only edition of RE-FRIED COMICS #1. For fans of Preacher, Kick-Ass, South Park, Quentin Tarantino films, grindhouse, alternate history, time travel, horror-comedy
11/12/2016 21:35:22Jay Magnumjaymagnum@petpiranhaentertainment.comMake YOUR Comic NOW! by Jay MagnumA guide for aspiring comics creators who want to get their first comic book project done and out into the world for all to see and appreciate-- and do it on a shoestring budget! Also great info for anyone who wants to learn about how comic books are made.New or beginner-level comics creators who want to make their first comic book, and may only have a limited budget-- or anyone who wants to learn about the process of creating comic books., publishing, creator, artist, writer
11/14/2016 22:30:00Cody Stewartcodybstewart@gmail.comThe Slip Saga PreviewSolomon and Odessa Burke are stranded in an interdimensional limbo and separated by the war to control it after the death of their daughter. Now they struggle with grief and to survive as they fight to reunite. Fans of Science Fiction centered on a struggling family, stories like Fringe and Black Science, would love this., comic, novella
12/2/2016 6:49:03Andrew Pawleycontact@galaXafreaks.comGalaXafreaks 3 Free Comics OfferHey there Space Cadets!
Get your hands on FREE PDF downloads of 3 comics from this successful Kickstarter funded series! Issues No. 1 & 2 from the GalaXafreaks original series PLUS Issue No.1 of the far out and freaky mini-series Dark Vibes! Subscribe now to open up your 3rd eye today!
Fans of Adventure Time and Yo Gabba Gabba would love this weirdo psychedelic scifi title. Full of Cosmic capers and galactic gaffs!, psychedelic, humour, weird, full colour
12/15/2016 8:14:19Dylan Andrewsdylanandrews@hotmail.comARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey #1Batlantic Studios presents ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey #1! Era and Tachi battle for survival in the caves of New Selenia! It's the Walking Dead meets Star Wars!For fans of 90s style Image comics! Studios, Archive, WarHood, Dylan Andrews,
12/15/2016 16:12:00Kyle Robertskyle.michael.roberts@gmail.comPARENT/GUARDIAN - Free ComicSet in the far flung future against the distant reaches of our solar system, PARENT/GUARDIAN tells the story of one father's attempt to redeem himself in the eyes of his daughter.Fans of science fiction and shows like the Twilight Zone and/or Black Mirror would love this. fiction, scifi, from beyond comics
1/18/2017 13:53:21Jay D'Icijaydici@gmail.comConceptual Heist #1 preview PDFThe first 7 pages of the sci-fi, jazzpunk adventures of Jemma Heiss, art thief extraordinaire. Fans of Oceans 11, Heat, Blade Runner, science fiction stories with a different design sence, Panel Syndicate's Private Eye, Transmetropolitain, Rucka & Lark's Lazerus, Paul Pope, The Fade Out, Jinx, scifi, webcomic, jointheheist, webcomics
3/22/2017 20:15:14John Edingfield IIjedingfieldii@gmail.comRancidville: A Sour Beginning PDFBecome a Citizen of the Town of Rancidville and receive a 50 page PDF of the first two chapters which make up A Sour Beginning.Fans of mysteries and mysterious solved by kids would love this tale., mystery, all-ages, humorous, webcomic
5/11/2017 21:09:24Jon Parrishjon.parrish1985@gmail.comClusterf@#k #1 - Free ComicTwo private investigators find themselves being chased by a secret government agency. Werewolves, monsters, and vampire gangsters get involved as the night goes on. Luckily, one PI turns into a demon. The other one is kind of dick. Get the first issue of the series for FREE.Fans of Rush Hour, Men In Black, Big Trouble in Little China, and profanity., Comedy, Horror, Monsters
5/18/2017 13:02:58Simon Birkss.d.birks@gmail.comBlue Fox Comics #1's Giveaway - 3 Free Digital #1's - Sinners, Hexes & Gone PLUS Special Robyn #1 8-Page PreviewBLUE FOX COMICS NUMBER ONES GIVEAWAY
Get our fantastic #1’s of Sinners, Hexes and Gone, plus a special 8 page preview of Robyn, our gender flipped Robin Hood comic for all ages!

Over 100 pages of full colour free content!

“Steeped in supernatural weirdness, Sinners might be a competitor for the seminal Hellblazer… it’s not a series you want to miss out on.”
Starburst Magazine

“…[Hexes] is one of those horror comics that gets under your skin, and stays with you for the rest of the day.”

“Robyn is a fine example of the future of comics.”
Starburst Magazine
These aren't superhero comics. They range from supernatural noir to action adventure. Hopefully, something for everyone.( ( ( (, horror, action, adventure, sci-fo
6/27/2017 11:48:12Simon Birkss.d.birks@gmail.comBlue Fox Comics #1 GiveawayGet a free copy of Sinners #1, Hexes #1 and Gone #1, plus an 8 page preview of Robyn.Someone's who's interested in strong genre stories, with strong female leads. No superheroes included., supernatural, sci-fi, horror, mystery
11/21/2017 13:01:26Craig A.
3 FREE Comics including Wahoo Morris #1
I offer three comics which cover genres like Slice of Life, to High Adventure and Sword & Sorcery: Wahoo Morris #1, Unknown Vistas, and Sian #1.
Fans of Strangers in Paradise and Love & Rockets would love Wahoo Morris. Sian and Unknown Vistas will appeal to fans of classic comics illustration, EC Comics, Xenozoic Tales, and Sword & Sorcery like Conan and Red Sonja.
#SliceOfLifeComics #UrbanFantasy #Dinosaurs #SwordAndSorcery
3/29/2018 16:07:52Carmelo Chimera
Magnificent - Free Ashcan Edition Comic
"Magnificent" is a coming-of-age story about a Chicago superhero's journey before and after a disaster that changes the world forever. Adam used to be a superhero - but after years of torture and captivity, will he take his revenge or choose to be a hero one last time?

Download your FREE Ashcan Edition comic book and find out why 123 people pledged over $8,000 to bring "Magnificent" to life!
Fans of "Invincible" and "Heroes" would love this deconstructionist superhero allegory.
superhero, graphic novel, action, Chicago, sci-fi
4/3/2018 0:44:52Abrian
Free Pre-Press Checklist to Get Your Book Ready for Print
Printing books can be scary. There are a lot of little moving parts to keep track of and things wot go wrong! That's why I make a checklist. Every single book I've made has a pre-press checklist that I follow step-by-step. Now I've reformatted my master list into an editable spreadsheet for you to download... for free!
Aspiring comic book printers or artists who dream of printing sketchbooks would benefit
Printing, Pre-press, Books, DIY, How to
4/15/2018 21:15:51Samuel Isaac Dealeywoohooligancomic@gmail.comWoohooligan Vol 1: Into Dorkness
64-pages of full-color, gag-a-day style comedy
My first book is likely not as "socially conscious" or as "political", however, my current description is liberal-leaning people who enjoy absurdity and adult, late-night-tv style comedy, and who believe in making the world a better place (and my recent work includes more "edutainment" / informational-satire) -- one of my current tag-lines does a good job of summarizing the intent, "Dick Jokes for Justice!"
4/15/2018 21:18:28Samuel Isaac Dealeywoohooligancomic@gmail.comWoohooligan Vol 1: Into Dorkness
64-pages of full-color, gag-a-day style comedy
My first book is likely not as "socially conscious" or as "political", however, my current description is liberal-leaning people who enjoy absurdity and adult, late-night-tv style comedy, and who believe in making the world a better place (and my recent work includes more "edutainment" / informational-satire) -- one of my current tag-lines does a good job of summarizing the intent, "Dick Jokes for Justice!"
comedy, humor, satire, activism, liberal
4/21/2018 16:48:10Frank
"The Sandman" and "The Old Man and the Sea Serpent" - a free short story and comic
There were many parts of Clara’s life that she wished she could change but couldn’t. So the Sandman did it for her. Only it was a lie. None of it was real. And now she must choose to escape her prison of dreams or give up on reality forever. Discover her choice in the free short story "THE SANDMAN." In addition, you'll also receive "THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA SERPENT," a short comic about what happens when sailor take on the true king of the ocean: the Leviathan.
Urban fantasy fans that often like a hint of horror would enjoy these stories.
fantasy, horror, supernatural, short story, comic book
4/1/2019 15:10:47Bret Juliano
Dust Bunny Mafia - Game of Bones free comic
Get the first chapter from Meet the Family (A Dust Bunny Mafia Collection) free!

In the quiet city of Fairview, in the shadows between the glows of the streetlights, lives an infestation of career criminals and their respective mobster families. The Dust Bunny Mafia Comic details the inner workings of this lovable but dangerous dust bunny crew. Mafia Don, Leo, established the Dust Bunny Mafia as he worked his way to the top of the family. Once in power, he quickly formed a vast and tangled web of secrets, crimes, allies, and enemies. The information contained in this comic is true, and was obtained via covert interviews. Names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent…or the guilty.
Fans of Looney Tunes and The Godfather
Mob, mobster, gangster, mafia, cartoon
6/1/2019 15:56:39Camilo
The Wild Warriors Issue 1-Free Digital Comic
The Wild Warriors centers in an alternate universe where animals' understanding has evolved to a human-like consciousness. Animals are in a constant state of survival and warfare over territory. It's truly the survival of the fittest. The Elephant Clan are the equivalent to monks (peaceful, knowledgeable and against violence ). Kumbo our main character goes through a series of events that will make him the first Elephant Warrior.
Fans of TMNT would love this.
elephant, action, wild, warriors, jungle
11/26/2019 15:20:45Colin
By the Time I Get to Dallas Book 1 - FREE
With 80% of homo sapiens migrating to one spot on the globe, a failing med student must save, or maybe destroy, humanity. Book 1 FULL ISSUE download.
Dallas is written for thinking readers ages 20-90 with an eye for intelligent, character-driven adventure grounded in the real (end-of-the) world. It is a medical coming-of-age story wrapped in an epic, apocalyptic adventure that is dark, funny, thrilling and unlike anything you’ve seen in a comic book before.
apocalypse, adventure, medical, post-apocalyptic, zombie
3/5/2020 16:53:37Thomas Ryantryanhh@gmail.comAverage Joe #1
Average Joe follows Max Buchanan, a run of the mill guy in a superhero society. After a run in with the country's top hero "The Shield" Max becomes fed up with the hero's lack of accountability, prompting him to take the hero work in into his own hands showing them what it truly means. For fans of titles under MARVEL DC and properties like "The Boys"
The ideal avatar is someone who is a comic fan period. They like Marvel movies and If the character's look cool and interesting they'll DEFINITELY give it a look, but on the other hand, If the story sucks they probably wont be back.
Free read, full story, early access, limited time
4/12/2020 20:16:34Xane
RIGHTEOUS #1 - Free First Chapter of the Awakening Epic
Greedy Corporate Analyst, Daniel Price, catches a supernatural disease that changes him forever: He can ONLY help others, and he can't earn money for himself anymore. The twist? Every time he helps someone, they get it, too!
Fans of Liar, Liar would love this. Also, people who are WOKE and realize that our systems (need for constant financial growth, evil corporations, etc...) are flawed.
outbreak, mass awakening, pandemic, american dream, corporate america
7/2/2020 16:46:32W Alan Goslinewgosline@owngoalbooks.comUltimate Story Guide
A Form that creatives can use to check the structure of their story.
Aspiring comic book creators who might not yet understand the elements of story.
story structure, ultimate story guide, plot,
9/1/2020 13:15:40Andrew Guildeaguilde@gmail.comFree PDF of Man of Sin #1
Free PDF of the critically acclaimed horror series Man of Sin #1
Fans of horror and indie comics that are interested in character driven dramas
Horror, Comic, Free, PDF
10/9/2020 9:23:30James Powelljames@jameswpowell.comHouse of Fear - Free Comics
Like scary stories? Now your kids can, too. Get two free issues of House of Fear, a series of scary comics that introduces kids to the thrill of spooky stories.
It's Goosebumps meets Tales from the Crypt. Although written for kids, House of Fear is for anyone who enjoys exciting stories with a hint of horror.
kids, scary, free comics, Goosebumps
2017-10-09Eric Erdekericerdek@espressodetective.comESPRESSO DETECTIVE COMIC Issue One FREENoir meets supernatural horror for this Mexican P.I with powers fueled by Espresso. Opt-In delivers a free DPF of the full first issue. Rated R noir Indie Comics, Mystery/Crime reader. Likes his comics with superior art and sardonic humor. Likes Anti-Heros and a happy ending. Likes nudity and bullets flying action with his tight plot and deeper, mystery, horror, action, ethnic divercity, Los Angeles, Private Eye, detective, Coffee, Espresso, sexy, supernatural, shaman,
2018-3-7Shane W Smithshane@shanewsmith.comChange The WorldJoin the Shane-Mail revolution and get the post-apocalyptic-musical-adventure-romance escapades of the bohemian Stargazers sent direct to your inbox. Devout reader. Prefers "big L" Literature to superheroes. Possibly new to comics entirely, but willing to give them a shot. Not a devotee to a particular genre, but rather someone who appreciates the power of genre affectations to highlight and reflect aspects of human nature and teach unique lessons. novel
change the world