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Organization name (English)WebsiteArea of operations Central AmericaAfghanistanCountry CodeGovernment?Issue Area 1Issue Area 2Issue Area 3Approach 1Approach 2Approach 3Projects PageMajor Project 1Major Project 2Major Project 3Founding DateDonorsStaff SizeEmailAddressSocial Media - FacebookSocial Media - TwitterSocial Media - YouTubeBlogNotes
Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan - FEFA NationalAfghanistan AFNGOMonitoring - ParliamentMonitoring - ParliamentSocial CampaignsPolicy AdvocacyWatchdog/Monitoring, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, The Asia Foundation, 3, Street 5, House 384, 6th District, Kabul, Afghanistan
Transparency International - AlbaniaTransparency International - Albania NationalAlbaniaAL NGOPolitical FinanceMonitoringCorruption reportingSocial CampaignsLegal ActionResearch Fishta P."Projekt 2000" Kulla 5, Tirana, Albania
Open Data Albania Open Data Albania NationalAlbaniaALOpen DataOpen DataTechnology Development Society Foundations Information Program, Open Society Foundation Albania, Shqiperie.compr@opendata.alKryqezimi i Rruges se Durresit, Kompleksi "Karl Topia", Tirane, Albania
UneVotoj.org NationalAlbaniaAL NGOMonitoring - ParliamentJudicial monitoring Olof Palme International Center
Qendra E Studimeve ParlamentareCentre For Parliamentary Studies NationalAlbaniaAL NGOMonitoring - ParliamentResearchPolicy Advocacy Embassy, IRI, Open Society Foundation for Albania, USAID, Balkan Trust for Democracy, Balkan Trust for Democracy, NED, British Embassy, Fridrich Ebert FoundationLess Rr Zef Jubani, Pall Bjorn, Kati 1, Ap. 5 - Tirane - Albania
ALBEITI - Sekretariati Nisma Per Transparence Ne Industrine NxjerreseExtractive Industries Transparency Initiative - Albania NationalAlbaniaAL NGOCorporate Accountability - ExtractivesMonitoring of InstitutionsAlbpetrol Society, Albanian Government, World BankLess, Albania
CIPPEC Centro de Implementacion de Politicas Publicas para la Equidad y el CrecimientoCenter for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth NationalArgentinaARNGOPublic PoliciesSocial DevelopmentPublic ManagementResearchPublic AdviceMonitoring 40 - Av. Callao 25 Piso 1 - C1022AAA Buenos Aires - Argentina have a newsletter at
ACIJ Asociacion Civil por la Igualdad y la JusticiaACIJ Civil Association por Equity and Justice NationalArgentinaAR NGOPublic Institution Oversight - Human Rights Transparency and CorruptionDefense of Human RightsStrategic litigationMonitoringCommunication through TIC's - de Mayo 1161, 5° piso, oficina 9. (C1085ABB) Buenos Aires - Argentina
Dinero Y PoliticaMoney and Politics (a project of the Citizen Power Foundation) NationalArgentinaAR NGOpolitical financeOpen DataTechnology DevelopmentData2009feedback@dineroypolitica.orgPiedras 547 Of. 2 (CP C1070AAK) - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Asociacion por los Derechos CivilesAssociation for Civil Rights NationalArgentinaAR NGOMonitoring - ParliamentAccess to InformationLegal ActionResearchPolicy Advocacy - Cordoba 795 - Floor 8 - (C1054AAG) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fundacion Directorio LegislativoLegislative Directory Foundation NationalArgentinaAR NGOMonitoring - ParliamentAccess to InformationResearch Legislative Directory - Published every 2 years1999 (2008)10 - Entre Rios 258 3E (1079 - Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina)
Poder CiudadanoCitizen Power (the local TI chapter) NGOcivic participationcampaign financeelection monitoringTechnology DevelopmentLegal ActionResearch than 10COMUNICACION@PODERCIUDADANO.ORGPiedras 547 - (CP C1070AAK) - BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINA
Transparency International anti-corruption center NationalArmeniaAM NGOCorruptionPolicy Advocacy Society Institute Assistance Foundation, British Embassy, USAID, Casals & Associates, UK Department for International Development, NED, TI Lithuania, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Marshall Fund, The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe10 - 25info@transparency.am6, Aygestan 9th Street, Yerevan 0025, Armenia
Freedom of Information Center of Armenia NationalArmeniaAM NGOAccess to InformationMonitoringLegal ActionJournalismPolicy Advocacy Armenia, OSCE, UNDP, The World Bank, European Union Delegation to Armenia, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Open Society Justice Initiative, American Bar Association CEELI, British Embassy, Casals & Associates, Article 19Less than 10foi@foi.am1/3 P. Buzand St., 4th floor, Yerevan 0010, Republic of Armenia
Open Technology Foundation NationalAustraliaAU NGOOpen DataOpen SourceOpen DataTechnology Development2011Carnegie Mellon University?Less than Mellon University - Australia 220 Victoria Square Adelaide, South Australia 5000
Australian Governments' Open Access and Licensing AccessOpen LicensingPolicy developmentPolicy AdvocacyTrainingOctober 2007The Australian Governments and affiliated research and innovation sector organisations1/10/
The OpenAustralia Foundation NationalAustraliaAU NGOMonitoring - ParliamentOpen DataCivic ParticipationTechnology Development than OpenAustralia Foundation PO Box 147 Katoomba NSW 2780
Transparency International Australia NationalAustraliaAU NGOCorruptionMonitoringResearchPolicy Advocacy, membership subscriptions, 10 - Australia TI Australia
PO Box 41
Blackburn South VIC 3130
The Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base NationalAustraliaAU NGOAccess to InformationCivic participationResearch
Open Data Austria NationalAustriaATGovernmentOpen DataOpen DataTechnology Development
Offene Daten Fur WienOpen Government Data - Open Data For Vienna NationalAustriaATGovernmentOpen DataOpen DataTechnology Development City Council, City Hall, A-1082 Vienna
Transparenzgesetz http://www.transparenzgesetz.atNationalAustriaAT NGOFOICommunity buildingPolicy AdvocacyJournalism2013
Transparency International Austria NationalAustriaAT NGOCorruptionMonitoringPolicy AdvocacyResearch
Mein ParlamentMy Parliament NationalAustriaAT NGOcivic participationMonitoringSocial Campaigns than 10
Seckilerin Monitorinqi Demokratiyanin TedrisiElection Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) NationalAzerbaijanAZ NGOMonitoring - ElectionsMonitoring - ParliamentCivic participationSocial CampaignsWatchdog/
Transparency International Azerbaijan NationalAzerbaijanAZ NGOCorruptionMonitoringPolicy AdvocacyLegal actionResearch and OSCE office in Baku10 - 25info©transparency.azAZ1001, Bakı ş., Cəfər Cabbarlı küç. 16, mən. 7
Open Data Bahrain!ut/p/c5/dY7LcoIwGEafpQ_QyZ_IJS6DwRAqBRUE2TjghYmEpJVOR3n62um631mes_hQjZ6Y5lt1zZeyptGoQrV3SJgkcu6QeerSAGS4S0hMc0xdB8Wo7rRtn2XJj_2dW9bxkG_GKQAdtSROpVBhvLUsTCL9Ohj_kQU9HNezfWf5YHLl3qopW2tfgxQGl-rsrK4CxrcF2VcGn-oHJaKe7jgb1XL8PNGCLzK98bqLn9jZEpW_j70DBYdhKUDQdOWBLIQUeRFjSN0_D_-MAXqP7HBG2-aGPvoWrg57-QHsj3H3/dl3/d3/L0lHSkovd0RNQURrQUVnQSEhL1lCZncvYXI!/ NationalBahrainBHGovernmentOpen DataOpen DataTechnology Development!ut/p/c5/hY_NcoMgAISfqAMSo-SIYhATqvlxVC4ZkxiGitDWTifx6WseoO3u8Zud3QUSzLbtt1btl3a2NaAGMjgJwhFf-WiFAxxBXm44FXGERIZm3gQnDH3icQYZzrfBzBlnxzLzYL78J50BqYw7zz0VvfR36oiiCd2PUwRNekZZzplOsoMjiUjNy2DDRxH18LJbNMrRwR718rOeip0JDeTMepXu_O0bg-MmRk1tvat8YMTkdPeKUa_HjysuaVyYfaBuoXCLNaief__e_-TwFxEIXlM3dODQWfA-1FPX38gPNHOkTg!!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfTUFJMkk5NDI5TzU4QjBJRVZNMko4VDFDSzY!/!ut/p/c5/hY_bcoIwGISfqJOfiBAvA8EQlIIHBsiNg4pMSkja0ukoT198gLa7l9_s7C6SaLZpvlXXfClrGo0qJL1TSgUWKxeviEcCEMVGsDQMMAR45rV3IuBSR3DgJNt6M-eCH4vEgWz5TzpBstP2PPeU7NLfmaUdi9h-nALQ8RknmeAqSg6WRmmsXwbjP_Kgh8tuUXeWDeaolp_VlO-0r0Fw45SqdbdvHMZNiOvKOFf5IJjL6e7ko1qPH1dSsDDXe6-7-aldrFH5_Pv3_ieHX0QBvcZ2aNGhNeh9qKa2v9EfQfWzYw!!/dl3/d3/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnZ3LzZfTUFJMkk5NDI5TzU4QjBJRVZNMko4VDFLVTc!/
Bahrain Transparency Society NationalBahrainBH NGOCorruptionSocial CampaignsPolicy AdvocacyResearch
Mideast Youth Regional Eastern AsiaBahrainBHNGOCivic ParticipationOpen SourceTechnology DevelopmentEducation/Assistance Berkman Center, Omidyar Network, Echoing Green Competition
Vote NationalBangladeshBD NGOMonitoring - electionscivic participationOpen DataSocial Campaignsopen
Transparency International Bangladesh NationalBangladeshBD NGOCorruptioncivic participationMonitoringSocial CampaignsPolicy AdvocacyResearch for International Development, Danish International Development Agency, Norwegian Government, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, UN Development Programme, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation250 - 500advocacy@ti-bangladesh.orgHouse-141, Block-E, Road-12 Banani, Dhaka -1213
Shujan - Shusashenr Janno NagrikCitizens for Good Governance NationalBangladeshBD NGOCivic ParticipationMonitoring - electionsOpen DataSocial Campaignsopen
JagoreeJagoree NationalBangladeshBD NGOcivic participationSocial CampaignsTechnology Development
Open Belgiumopenbelgium.beNationalBelgiumBE NGOOpen DataOpen Data by
36 DataOpen Data
Vote Watch - ParliamentOpen DataTechnology DevelopmentData2009Open Society Foundations, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Centre For European Policy Studies (In-kind), Burson-Marsteller (in-kind), White & Case (in-kind)secretariat@votewatcheurope.euc/o European Policy Center, 4th Floor, Residence Palace, 155 Rue de la Loi, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium!/VoteWatchEurope
Mayors of the World for a Global Cities Dialogue on the Information Society DataNetworking1999info@globalcitiesdialogue.com1 Boulevard Charlemagne, c/o Foundation EurActiv PoliTech, 1041 Brussels, Belgium
Transparency International Belgium NGOCorruptionWhistleblowersMonitoringPolicy AdvocacyResearch Bernheim Foundation, the King Baudouin Foundationinfo@transparencybelgium.beBoulevard E. Jacqmain one hundred and thirty-five 1 000 Brussels
European Commission
Asociacion Nacional de la PrensaNational Press Association NationalBoliviaBONGOFreedom of SpeechRight to knowFree Press1976
Bolivia TransparenteTransparent Bolivia NationalBoliviaBO NGOElectoral MonitoringTransparency and Access to InformationMonitoring - ParliamentElectoral oversightSocial campaings2005Canadian Cooperation, GTZ, ASDI, Europe Union, IDEA, NEDcontacto@boliviatransparente.or is a coalition of 9 organizations
Transparencia BoliviaTransparency Bolivia - Transparency International Chapter Advocacy International, American Development Bank IDB

10 - 25juancanu@gmail.comPasaje Jáuregui N° 2262 entre Fernando Guachalla y Rosendo Gutiérrez, Sopocachi
Casilla Postal 8911 La Paz - Bolivia

Istinomjer and HerzegovinaBAMonitoring parliamentMonitoring - electionsMonitoring/WatchdogTechnology DevelopmentJournalism than 10info@istinomjer.ba!/Istinomjer
Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina and HerzegovinaBA NGOCorruptionMonitoringGovernanceResearchPolicy Advocacy Government, German Government, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DFID/Global Transparency Fund, USAID10 -, cabel@transparency.orgGajeva 2, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Centri Civilnih InicijativaCenter for Civic Initiatives (CCI) and HerzegovinaBA NGOCivic ParticipationMonitoring - ParliamentSocial CampaignsResearchPolicy Advocacy, Netherlands Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Balkan Trust for Democracy, Caritas Switzerland, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Open Society Fund, King Baudouin Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Great Britian25 - 100cci@ccibh.org
Brasil AbertoBrazil Opened NationalBrazilBRNGOOpen Government PartnershipOpen GovernmetnOpen DataSocial Campaigns2012contato@brasilaberto.org is a network of 18 organizations.
Transparencia HackerHacker Transparency NationalBrazilBRNGOOpen Government Open DataAcces to informationTechnology developmentCivic engagement no physical adressThey are a network of dozens of hackers
Contas AbertasOpen Accounts public expenditureBudget TransparencyAccess to informationResearchTraining Journalist Castello Branco

Natalia de Menezes Neddermeyer
CLN 112 Bloco B sala 201
Brasília – DF
Adote Um VereadoAdopt an Alderman NationalBrazilBRNGOMonitoring parliamentCivic ParticipationSocial Campaigns2009Agora Institute?
Transparencia BrasilTransparency Brazil parliamentAccess to informationCorruptionResearchTechnology development of the Open Government Partnership, formerly part of Transparency International) Francisco Leitão 339, cj. 122 05414-025 (Pinheiros) São Paulo (SP) Brazil
Projeto Excelencias Transparencia BrazilExcellencies Project parliamentAccess to informationResearch2006Ford Foundation?This is a project of Transparencia Brasil
TwiticosTwiticos - Politicans in Brazil parliamentSocial campaigns is not a NGO
Vote Na Web/WebcitizenVote on the Web parliamentSocial campaignsNot an NGO at all
Congresso AbertoOpen Congress parliamentNo longer working? Yep no longer working (Melissa)
Congresso em FocoCongress in Focus NationalBrazilBRMonitoring parliamentJournalism
Voto ConscienteConscious Vote local parliamentCivic political participationMonitoring local congressSocial campaignsPolitical EducationOversight and advocacy Umberto Caputi, 65
Chácara Santo Antônio São Paulo/SP
CEP 04729-110 work only in Sao Paulo and work with volunteers
Cidade DemocraticaDemocratic City ParticipationSocial Campaigns2009This is a project not an NGO
Transparency International Bulgaria parliamentAccess to informationSocial campaignsResearchPolicy Advocacy Commission - OLAF, program HERCULE II, Program for Prevention and Crime, Foundation "America for Bulgaria, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Balkan Trust for Democracy - Fund "Bulgaria", Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, World Bank, Transparency International - Secretariat, Programme "Administrative Capacity" - the European Union through the European Social Fund, Program MATRA / KAP - Royal Netherlands Embassy in Sofia, Global Opportunity Fund - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - British Embassy in Sofia, Democratic Committee - U.S. Embassy in Sofia, USAID, "Open Society Institute" - Sofia, Local Government Initiative - "Open Society Institute" - Budapest, "Konrad Adenauer" "Friedrich Ebert"

Less than 10 , PO Box № 72
Amatora Mu Mahoro electionsSocial campaignsPolicy advocacy
Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia electionsSocial campaignsPolicy advocacy, #138, St. 122, Teuk Laak I, Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA. P.O. Box 1145
SithiCambodian Human Rights Portal rightsSocial campaignsPolicy advocacyResearch project of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR); supported by the British Embassy in Phnom Penh, USAID, the East West Management Institute (EWMI), and The Open Society Institute (OSI).infor@sithi.org
SaatsaamCorruption-Free Cambodia (Clean) campaignsUSAID
Initiatives de Gouvernance Citoyenne (IGC)Citizens Governance Initiativeswww.citizens-governance.orgNationalAfricaCameroonCM NGOOpen governmentFreedom of InformationResearchLegal aidLegal reformwww.access-cameroon.org2005Open Society Foundations
Oxfam Novib
Oxfam GB
Ford Foundation
14 + 10 internsinfo@citizens-governance.orgMiniPrix Bastos - Yaounde - Cameroon
Transparency International Au CamerounTransparency International Cameroon International Au Cameroun, Nouvelle Route Bastos, rue 1.839, PO Box 4562, Yaounde, CameroonAccess restricted
Foundation for Environment and Development (FEDEV)www.fedev.orgRegionalAfricaCameroonCM NGOAccess rightsElectionsCorruptionPolicy AdvocacyCommunity buildingLitigation2005The British High Commission, The World Resource Institute, IUCN and Ministry of, P.O. Box 593 Bamenda, NWR Cameroon
Open Knowledge Foundation, Local Group in Canadahttp://ca.okfn.orgNationalCANADACANGOOpen DataOpen SourceAccess to informationCivic ParticipationCommunity BuildingTechnology Development Knowledge FoundationLess than 10
Civic (listserve) or dataOpen AccessAdvocacyResearchPolicy Advocacy2005tlauriau@gmail.comdatalibre.ca
Open Parliament Canadaopenparliament.caNationalCanadaCANGOOpen DataMonitoring - ParliamentOpen DataTechnology Development than
Data.GC.CA DataOpen Data government of CanadaTreasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs, L'Esplanade Laurier, 9th Floor, East Tower, 140 O'Connor Street, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R5
Canadian Municipal Information Systems Association NGOe-democracyCivic participationTechnology DevelopmentNetworking2006MembersLess than
Open North participationTechnology DevelopmentResearch than 10info@opennorth.caOpen North, 408-1200 St-Alexandre, Montreal QC H3B 3H5
Transparency International Canada Advocacy1996ti-can@transparency.caTransparency International Canada inc., c/o Business Ethics Office - N211, Schulich School of Business, York University, 4700 Keele Street North York, ON M3J 1P3
Place Speak For-profitCivic ParticipationTechnology DevelopmentMITACS, NRC-IRAP, Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, Canadian Small Business Internship Program, Brook Pooni Associates10 - 25New City Ventures, Attn: PlaceSpeak, 1005 Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC, V6J 3K5, CANADA
Fundacion Ciudadano Inteligente (FCI)Smart Citizen Foundation GovernmentTransparencyCivic participationTechnology Development, Omidyar Network, Google, UNICEF, World Bank, 18fheusser@ciudadanointeligente.clHolanda 895, Providencia, Santiago de Chile, Chile
PoderopediaPoderopedia/PoderoMedia Foundation NGOOpen data, business influenceTransaprencytechnology DevelopmentResearchJournalismKnight Foundation, ST>RT-UPCHILELess than 10Irene Ariztia Passage 548, Ariztia Building, 4th Floor, Center Cantiago, Chile
Portal de Datos PublicosPublic Data Portal DataOpen Data
Chile TransparenteTransparency Chile - electionsAccess to informationResearch - 25chiletransparente@chiletransparente.cl1017 Providence Ave, Providence, Santiago, Chile!/Ch_Transparente
Corporacion ParticipaCorporation Participate ParticipationTransparencyAccess to informationPolicy AdvocacyResearchWatchdog/Monitoring Carlos Porter 8 depto.201, Santiago, Chile
Pro AccesoPro Access to informationTransaprencyLitigation, British Council, Avina, Ford Foundationless than 10msanchez@proacceso.clMariano Sánchez Fontecilla #344
Casa 11, interior condominio, Santiago, Chile were part of the group that build the Acces to information Model Law for the OAS
Transparency International China NGOCorruptiontichina2009@gmail.comAnti Corruption and Governance Research Center, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084
Nuestra EleccionesOur Elections NGOMonitoring - electionse-democracycivic participationMonitoring/watchdogTechnology Development eleccion.transparente@nuestraselecciones.org
Eleccion Visible - CourtsMonitoring - ElectionsCorruptionNetworkingMonitoring/Watchdog
Congreso VisibleVisible Congress TransaprencyAccountabilityCitizen participationResearchLegislative oversight - 25bgil@congresovisible.orgUniversidad de los Andes - Cra 1 No. 18A-10 Edificio Franco GB Of. 420, Bogotá, Colombia is a project from the University of the Andes
CorrupediaCorrupedia NGOCorruptionResearchData encyclopedia of corruption in Colombia
Transparencia por ColombiaTransparency for Colombia
NationalColombiaCONGOCorruptionEducation/AssistancePolicy Advocacy1998Less than 8 no. 69-60 Bogota, Colombia
Vote Bien Elecciones 2010
Centro de Asesoria y Promocion Electorap (CAPEL)Center for Electoral Assistance and Promotion RegionalLatin America and the Caribbean     Costa RicaCRNGOMonitoring - ElectionsGovernanceEducation/AssistanceResearch, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Royal Danish Embassy, Swedish International Development Cooperation (Director)Av. 8, Calles 41 y 43, Casa #222, San Jose, Costa Rica
Transparency HrvatskaTransparency International Croatia AdvocacyResearchJournalism, ERSTE Stiftung, Open Society, OSCE, European Commission, IPA 2008 Programme10 -
GONG ParticipationMonitoring - ElectionsMonitoring/WatchdogEducation/Assistance Embassy, Balkan Trust for Democracy, European Commission, Open Society, Government of Croatia, National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Croatian Radio, etc. than 10gong@gong.hrGONG, Main Square 15/IV, Zagreb,
Pollitika ParticipationJournalism - Blogging2006
Transparency Cyprus Cyprus, PO 50329, 3603 Limassol, Cyprus Cyprus
Koho Volit RepublicCZNGOOpen DataMonitoring - ElectionsCivic ParticipationOpen DataTechnology Development, kamil.gregor@kohovolit.eu
Transparency International Czech Republic RepublicCZNGOCorruptionMonitoring/WatchdogPolicy AdvocacyResearch Society Foundation, European Commission, Canadian Embassy, Visegrad Fund, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, - 25posta@transparency.czSokolovska 260/134, 180 00 Prague 8
Åbenhedstingetwww.aabenhedstinget.dkNationalDenmarkDK NGOOpen DataAccess to informationWatchdog/MonitoringCommunity BuildingResearch Palmes Alle 11
digitaliser.dk DataOpen DataNetworkingGovernment of Denmarkinfo@digitaliser.dkLandgreven 4, Postboks 2193, 1017 Kobenhavn K
Hvem Stemmer HvadWho Decides What? - ParliamentOpen DataTechnology DevelopmentOpen Data Monitoring & Rasmussencontact@buhlrasmussen.eu
Folkets Ting - ParliamentOpen DataTechnology DevelopmentMonitoring than 10friism@gmail.com
It's Your Parliament - ParliamentTechnology DevelopmentData & Rasmussen, Drogdensgade 16, 3. tv, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
Transparency International Denmark International Denmark, c/o MS, Faelledvej 12, 2200 Copenhagen N