TimestampYour Name:How well prepared did you feel for the CMAS tests overall?Were the tools or the presentation of the test on the computer hard to use or understand? If so, why?Do you feel that the material on the test pertaining to Science 9 or Biology was taught too long ago for you to remember? Describe.Do you feel that the material on the test pertaining to Geography or World History was taught too long ago for you to remember? Describe.Were there any testing areas that you were not prepared because you had NOT taken the class for the subject? If so, which class/subject?Did you feel like you had enough time to learn the content for the Economics and Personal Finance questions? Describe.Did you feel like you had enough time to learn the content for the Civil Government questions? Describe.How well do you think you did on the tests, by percent of questions answered correctly?Are there any other issues that you would like to address regarding the testing, either positive or negative? Please be constructive with your comments.
11/20/2013 11:39:13rickI feel that I was well prepared for everythingThe tools were fairly easy to use, though i did not use them.No they were not.noThere were no area for which i was not preparedI feel that i had enough because they didn't have any econ questionsThere were no civil government questions9There were no problems for me.
11/20/2013 11:41:53Levibadno, i didnt even use themyes, a learned it in 10th grade in Norwayyes, i did not have history or geography last yeargeographyyesyes1no
11/20/2013 12:43:25Emma Hnizdil Overall, I felt prepared for the test.The tools on the test were not hard to use at all. Some of the information with the Science 9 and Biology was hard to recall. The history and geography wasn't hard to recall.There weren't very many subjects I wasn't prepared for but the science was somewhat difficult for me because I don't like science and it is difficult for me to understand. I knew the personal finance questions so they were easy for me. The government questions were easy and I felt very prepared.8I think that the test was confusing with how they worded the questions and some of the simulations were hard to understand. The questions were worded funny.
11/20/2013 12:43:38Andrew COverall I felt prepared for this test, except I think some people will have a hard time on finance if they have now took finance or do not work and pay taxes.The tools were easy to use and understand.Science was a little hard because there was some chemistary.It was alright, except for world history was rough.Finance you be the only one i could think of.We could have had more time.Feel like we had alot of time for civil government questions6No other issues
11/20/2013 12:45:10zakk webbwell the only studying i did was just go to classwell i didnt really use the tools during the testyes there was a lot of things that i have forgot through the science project geography was a little to long ago because a human will forget in three years and world history wasnt really taught to us um i did not think so i thought that we had all learned it in the past i felt like there was plenty of time to do those two things during the testya there was plenty of time 4i didnt really find anything negative other than the fact that the videos that you clicked play on were not clear enough
11/20/2013 12:47:02Paige BrannanI felt kind of prepared yet somethings I didn't remember. Yet I feel because it would effect me and it was just a practice run I didn't prepare myself like I would for my ACT.No I thought they were simple to understand and very helpful. Yes because I barley remembered any of it because that was taught to me 3 years ago and I never have been refreshed on any of those subjects. It was way to long ago for me to remember at all. No because history is easier for me to remember and you hear about history all through out your high school years so it was a lot it easier to remember. Yet for world history I haven't had that since 7th grade so it was hard to remember. No I had taken classes for all the subjects its just a lot of the subjects I learned so long that it was hard to prepare for. Well there was only one economic question so I knew that but personal finance isn't until second semester so I didn't know any of the material that well I just had to make the best guess. Yes I did because we have preparing for 2 months or so and I felt well prepared on all the civil government questions. 5I feel that we need to go over older subjects like biology and science 9 also history because seniors wont remember any of the material when its their turn to take the test next year.
11/20/2013 12:47:06Clay RouseI felt a little bit prepared for the government questions because we have been learning this in class. For the science I was nt prepared at all because we havnt had science since sophmore year. I dont think the tools were hard to understand but I didnt use any of the tools because I didnt need them. Yes i think it was way to long ago to remember any of the stuff that they asked on the test and i couldnt remmeber any of them. It was also taught to long ago but for me it was easier to remmber that stuff rather then science. No i knew we learned all of this stuff it was just that i could not remember much of what i leanred. Yes I think that in class learning about econmoics helped me on this test because we had just learned that.I think thaty a little bit more time to learn this stuff would have helped me a little bit. If we could have took this test after christmas it would give me more time to learn it. 5I think this test went good beside the fact that i could not remember a lot of the science things and social studies.
11/20/2013 12:47:36Erin StuehmI felt pretty prepared beacuse I had already learned almost all of this previously i didnt like all the articals to flip through on the side of the test beacuse I couldnt see them all at onceYes beaucse some of the stuff I dont remember ever learningNo beacuse i dont remember seeing any material that was to long ago.noyes but i didnt like how eveything was cramed in at the begginging of the yearyes all the quetions we had went over in class7I think that we should have been allowed to play on the computer beacuse if there is no noise from the rest on the class and you are the only one testing you will rush beacuse you dont want to be the last one done with the test plus it wuld also cut off the amount of noise in the class when everyong eals was done. I know the point is for kid to take it seriously but you are punishing the good kids for the bad kids behavior. The bad kids are not going to try any harder any way you do it but the will distract the other more if there is nothing to do.
11/20/2013 12:48:39Tony DyerI feel that I did a decent job with it for how hard I actually tried. It was kind of difficult to take it seriously because it didn't affect our grade or anything in particular. It was just a test run.The tools on the test were fairly easy to use if the need does arise. I personally didn't really use them.I do think that it was an ok amount of time. It was understandable, but i didnt really understand a lot of it.This one had information that we got taught upwards of 5 years ago so they should maybe narrow down the spectrum.Um, not really. It really just, was a hassle.There wasnt very many economics questionsYes I would have probably done really well if I had actually tried my hardest.4It was a real hassle and it was a real killer that we couldnt have eReaders or anythuing cause personally thats how I do most of my reading.
11/20/2013 12:49:08Morgan PruettI felt like I was prepared for the social studies and government tests. I felt like I was very unprepared for the science test.They were easy to understand.Yes. I feel like I didn't remember anything of that while I was taking the test. I think it would have been beneficial to take a science class all years in high school.Kind of but not really. Since we are taking civil government right now a lot of the social studies items are reviewed. However, APUSH really helped me when it came to the test.Er, no. I haven't taken personal finance but I knew about it because of my parents.Ecnonomics, yes. Personal Finance, no. I haven't taken it yet.Yes and no. I feel like we've learned some stuff but not everything.5It would be much more beneficial for this test to be in the spring. In the fall, we haven't learned everything there is to learn in a course. Also, if they are expecting us to calculate totals for a budget, they need to put a calculator on the Social Studies test. Also, I feel like the written answers will be hard to grade especially if the views of the test taker is in an opinion type.
11/20/2013 12:49:33Marissa ValentineI did not feel very prepared for the science, but I did feel prepared for the social studies.I did not really use the tools, but they were easy to understand on how to use them if I would have used.Yes, I do feel that it was taught to long ago. I didn't really remember the in depth questions. I just remembered the basics.No, I don't feel that it was taught to long ago. It is stuff that we seem to go over a lot.I was not prepared for any questions that involved chemistry or a higher level of biology.No I feel that we did not have enough time to learn all of the concepts.I feel like I did not have enough time to learn all of the material.6Hearing the typing was a major distraction. It made it so I couldn't focus. Also someone of the questions and sources were worded really funny.
11/20/2013 12:51:11Kayleigh KochevarI felt fairly prepared for the social studies part, but it was hard to recall some science questions.The "slider bar" on the simulation tool was confusing... I never figured out what that was.I feel that it was hard for me to remember the complex information from science. No, because there was other sources where I've gathered this information elsewhere.I feel that the only part I struggled on was recalling information I learned in freshman or sophomore year.Mostly, there were a few questions for example about monetary and fiscal policy I was not prepared for.I feel like I was comfortable in that area.7I feel that even though we are becoming more reliable on technology that it is much easier for me to be interactive with an actual test on paper.
11/20/2013 12:53:53MosephI felt prepared, but not that I knew everything.No, other than I think I got a diagram that went with a different question. Or the question was extremely vague.No, I remembered it all, but there wasn't very many questions belonging to these subjects, more like chemistry and what not. Biology was a bit vague in my mind.No, we had no world history. But I'm never going to remember where all those countries are.Yeah, stuff like chemistry, world history.I feel I kicked the crap out of this section due to all of the info Jarnot taught me back in the good ol'-days. He did a good enough job I'm never gonna forget that.Well, kind of, I feel I did, but they were looking for some minute details in certain questions, in the constitution questions I know I did good. But there wasn't enough time to learn a years worth in only a few months, Burkhard has done a great job otherwise, but he can only do so much.6Give us something to work for, I felt like I was a test dummy, give us incentive. The rest of the day off or something. Hunnit-Dolla' Bills!
11/20/2013 12:54:26CaseyI knew at one time I knew what was on the test but I totally forgot about amlost everything or I didn't learn it.The tools were pretty easy to use there wasn't much to use them in.I do feel that the material was taught but I forgot everything.Well I'm pretty good with history, but I didn't get to many history question.I felt the I was pretty prepared even if the subject wasn't taught in school.Yes I feel that it was all stuff I new.Here wasn't to much stuff on civil government so I think I knew everything I need to know.4I didn't like all the typing. Also I had more question then the peolpe that were sitting next to me. Also in the science part I didn't know to much.
11/20/2013 12:56:27Matthew "Big Papa" HUmmernot well prepared. either i didn't take a class that covered certain questions, or i took them so long ago that i didnt remember the subject, or theres just no way anybody our age would have known it. But i guess i got a few.they werent hard to use or understnad. they were actually kind of fun to have available. even though they were a little bit of time wasters sometimes.probably. thats one of the hardest hurdles during the test. trying to remember stuff and being frusterated by the fact that i know i should know, but dont. besides the basic stufff that id always know.not too long ago, but geographys something that never really sinks in and we never had a REAL world history class. just geography classes that kind of cover history and chemistry are the ones i feel like i missed out on a lot because i hadnt taken them yet.sort of. there werent a lot of in-depth questions on it. the things that it asked about were mostly common-sense-based-mathing. well, ive only had a half of a year to learn it, so i dont know what you guys mean by "ENOUGH TIME", but burkhard has done a good job of moving quickly and efficiently through the subject matter and teaching us that i would have been prepared if there were more civil-gov-based questions.3well, we had no real incentive to do our best *cough cough*halfday*cough cough* but i did anyway, cause im a schmuck.
11/20/2013 13:41:43cole1: i felt very unprepared
2:they were not hard to use3:yes they were way too long ago4:yes they were too long ago
No i had all the classes they had questions about.5: yes i did
6:yes i believe i did
6No there is not.
11/20/2013 13:42:29Austin I feel like i knew a lot on the testNo not at allYes i remembered a lot from every subjectNo not at all i was perfectly fineI feel like i was prepared pretty well Yes Our teacher taught us a lot Yes also because of the teacher and his persistence to teach us Civil Gov 8No issues
11/20/2013 13:44:00adan Holguin Lopez not really i honestly had no idea what they were going to ask they were very easy to use except i didn't really use them.yes it was i didn't really remember like 90% of it.yes the same as science.No i should of been prepared i just didnt remember most of itwell some terms i didnt recognize but most of them i i felt like i needed more explanation6 i think there should of been more pictures and simulations rather than too much reading and typing. other than that i thought it was easier because we didn't have to write so much by hand as well as the simulations helped.
11/20/2013 13:44:21CesarI did not feel prepared.
the tool were easy to use and the presentation was not bad. the science was hard to remember.i think it was to long ago.there were non i haven't takenThe history i didn't really remember.I think i was prepared for government7I did not have any other issues
11/20/2013 13:45:05wyatt i wasnt really prepared for the test. it was stuff i did two years ago noyes noscience was really hard for me yes they were easy for me yes they were easy for me 5no
11/20/2013 13:45:33Samanthai felt like i was prepared but then i took the practice test.....i thought the tools were very simple to useyes it was too long ago because most of that stuff we didnt really go wasnt too long ago but it wasnt worded very wellall of itno i feel that this test should be toward the end of the year not beginningno i feel that this test should be toward the end of the year not beginning2no
11/20/2013 13:48:12DAKOTA NOAHnot very prepared at all most of the stuff i havent seen for 2 years or they were fun to useyes i do think that cuz some things were iteams that you would remember for a test them forget about italso yes but that wasnt as hard as the science part of the testno i have taken all the classes needed before this testno i just started learning about that this year yeah that part wasnt hard basic stuff1should of got the rest of the day off
11/20/2013 13:49:26MICHELLE.GUZMANI felt like I wasn't prepared at all. Some of the questions seemed somewhat familiar but for the most part I didn't understand it. I feel like it was made more difficult than it should've been. I don't think we should've taken the test on the computer because it made it harder for me to concentrate with all the typing noises and it's harder for me to learn off a computer. Yes, when those questions came up I couldn't recall how to do certain things and I couldn't remember what was taught I just knew I was "suppose to" know it.The geography part was easier because it had visuals and I remember them more thoroughly. I also payed more attention to my geography teacher.I have never taken chemistry or physics so it made it hard to answer the questions.No, I feel like I would've done better if I had taken the class for a longer period of time and more thoroughly. Yes, my civil government class goes through a lot of things very rapidly and its easy to understand because we do a lot of hands on things. My teacher makes everything easy to understand and comprehend, to the point that I can remember.6The noise of typing is very distracting and sitting so close to friends makes it hard to concentrate. Also being so close to other people makes me feel rushed
11/20/2013 13:49:37Escohonestly i didn't feel prepared at all. it was a very ambush of a test.nope it was pretty easy to understand.yes. 3 years is a long time.geography yes. history not reallysome of the econ questions i was unprepared because we haven't even touched personal finance50/506brutally honest? it was just another test. the only difference was it was staring at a computer for hours instead of a piece of paper. thats all it is. if you want me to be excited about it being on computers look somewhere else.
11/20/2013 13:50:09TheoI felt pretty good about the test
I don't know because I never used themno because i still remember themno it wasn'tpersonal finance had no clueno i didn'tya pretty much2the test was stupid it took forever I'm never taking it AGAIN
11/20/2013 13:52:18cody stewarti did not feel like we really prepared for this test at all. I didn't study or have study material.the layout was simple and didn't present any problems.most defiantly i couldn't remember any of the answers to the science questions.not really that stuff was much easier to remember for me.i did not have this problem.yes i feel like these questions were the easiest ones.most of them there were a few that i didn't know5in this format i felt like i did not have to try very hard.
11/20/2013 13:54:29BRUNNAOverall, I felt prepared in the tests.They were not hard to understand whatsoever.Personally, I have a decent memory when it comes to being taught something, so no, I had no issues with the test on those sections.This is the same answer as the previous question.I was prepared for all of the test.Yes, I do feel that I had enough time to prepare for the econ and finance test.Yes, I do feel that I had enough time to learn the material pertaining to civil government.9I think the only issue, for me anyways, was that I had trouble staying focused when there was all the clicking going on during the essay/short answer questions.
11/20/2013 13:54:37Kevin WolfI didint know what to expected in the test so i justg did what i couldi did not use any tools on the test no i still reamember some of it today. no i still remember some of it today.somewhat i did what i could do.yea i thought i had yes 7ont really no
11/20/2013 13:56:57kyle folchertif felt sort of prepared since we did take the practice test because i didnt use them.alittle rusty but i followed because i remember it because i took physics and i understood what was being said.not really since this is my first semester taking an economics class.yes since it was review.5why now?
11/20/2013 14:01:53james dyerfor science i was not preperd for social studies was difficult but i was preperdno it was easy to use yes but i never did well in those classes i didn't mind that but i like history it has to be he personal finance part of it allno i don't think so because we haven't even started personal finance and economics is really hard to learn in my opinion i think so i felt good about them but they were kind of hard questions so its hard to tell 6i think that this test will be more trouble then it is worth because they couldnt even get me on the right test for me but they might fix them so i don't know
11/20/2013 14:37:04kimberlyi felt pretty preparednot at allyes i couldnt remember stuff from freshman year that wellno i learned it pretty recent none of thoseyes for the most part because what didnt sound fimilar we could use what we already knew to helpyes for the most part because what didnt sound fimilar we could use what we already knew to help6i feel like it was ok
11/20/2013 14:38:53brody devan croyi felt pretty well prepared.they were easy .no cause i took biology last year.ya a little hard considering they were taught in middle school almost physics and i didnt understand a bit of what it wanted me to do and chemistry because we never really learned anything in it.not on like 90% of the questions because ive never even hseen some of it beforeya the government stuff i knew but thats because i knew most of it before hand.1please god dont make them do the test next year
11/20/2013 14:39:39MakaylaI didn't feel prepared at all. Some of the questions different make since. I thought everything was easy. The only thing I disliked about the program was the notepad. I know it was scrap paper, but it was unuseful, I would rather write it down on paper.Yes! I couldn't remember anything. Yes! We should take the test junior year,s o we have some knowledge on the subjects.No. I took every subject. I just couldn't remember anything, like I said before.No! We should of tested later in the year to actually understand everything.Yes! there was about 3 questions of Civil Government questions. So i was prepared. 5I didn't like everybody typing. I got distracted.
11/20/2013 14:39:59Sean Glen Burnett BelfrageI was decently prepared for the test we took but some of the questions were from a long time ago.Everything in the test was pretty straight foreword.Yes i do think that some of it was taught quite a while ago.This was taught multiple times which helped keep some of the concepts in but some however was so long ago that it was hard to bring back to the surface.some of the finance stuff or economic stuff we had not quite learned this year so i was forced to guess.No like i said in the last question we have not gotten to some of it yet.I thought i had done pretty well in the civil government and history questions. However that is my favorite subject so i have spent more time on those question subjects.8No i thought the test ran pretty smoothly however i do think that they should've given actual scratch paper to write on.
11/20/2013 14:40:16Bree MaagI felt that i was prepared but only to a certain degree.No i thought that the tools were helpfulYes i do feel that the information was hard to remember because i have not refreshed over that information in a while. No i thought that the history was fine but i was always terrible with geography.No i felt that i had taken all the classes need to take the test.yes i do feel like we have enough time to learn it all i just need to review more. No i do not feel that i have had enough time. I know the teachers have to rush to try and teach us the material but once you get behind there is no way to recover. i feel like we need more review days. 7I hated hearing all the typing it was hard to concentrate and people take forever to type.
11/20/2013 14:41:08Skylar Rhoadesi didn't feel i was as prepared for the science one as i thought. no, i felt that the tools and presentation of the test was spot on.All the teaching was probably in the teaching i got back then, but i just don't remember any of it.I don't remember taking or learning about any of the geographical stuff. i was prepared but just didn't remember anything from the class i took. i felt that we shouldn't of taken the personal finance part because for Mr. Euker, that is a second semester class.i felt that we learned all of what was on the test and i was prepared for it all. 5i don't think that anything on the test should change, but this test is kinda telling our teaching staff how and when you have to teach these subjects.
11/20/2013 14:41:55Drew BornhoftI felt moderately prepared for this test.No i found them very easy to use.Yes i do i forgot alot of those things.Not really, alot of it was basic information that most people should already understand.well im only halfway through econ. and civil government so i wasn't completely confident in those subjects.Not really, i wish i would have at least had a full semester under my belt.No. there is way too much content in that class to prepare us for that kind of test.7The chemistry portion was difficult for alot of kids.
11/20/2013 14:43:24SierraI feel i was not very prepared for this test because it was stuff i learned years ago and did not remember.It was understandable, but i feel like some of it was unnessisary because there were a lot of tools, but some were not needed i feel.Yes it was i do not remember certain parts for it was too long ago and many students are this way you can't expecgt every piece of material learned many years ago to be remembered.Yes because i had biology two years ago so it was hard to answer questions that i was taught answers to along time ago.I haven't taken chemistry so it was hard to answer questions on that subject since i have not learned it.I didn't have enough time because i haven't even had the semester of finance yet.I feel like part of it i could answer, but not other part because i won't learn that until next semester. 5I feel like adding more tests that are pertaining to tcap subjects do not help the students i feel tests such as tcap and epat are not how to judge how students are doing i feel adding more tests is not going to prove anything and that these tests are pointless in trying to get data of how students and schoolsare doing.
11/20/2013 14:44:11Morgan Cobb1. I did feel somewhat prepared but it was hard to remember some stuff from past grades.2.No the tools weren't hard to use they were pretty straight forward.3.It was some what difficult to remember the things that we learned in Science 9 and Biology.4.It's about the same with the science it was a little difficult to remember everything that we learned.5.I did learn the information for finance my freshman year but it was hard to remember the stuff that I learned.6.Most of the questions I felt that I was prepared for but there were some that I couldn't figure out.7.I felt pretty prepared for the civil government, there were a couple that I didn't know.8The sound of typing made it really hard to concentrate. I think overall that it was a pretty accurate but it was just hard to remember some of the things that we learned in from past classes.
11/20/2013 14:44:59Sean Glen Burnett BelfrageI was decently prepared for the test we took but some of the questions were from a long time ago.Everything in the test was pretty straight foreword.Yes i do think that some of it was taught quite a while ago.This was taught multiple times which helped keep some of the concepts in but some however was so long ago that it was hard to bring back to the surface.some of the finance stuff or economic stuff we had not quite learned this year so i was forced to guess.No like i said in the last question we have not gotten to some of it yet.I thought i had done pretty well in the civil government and history questions. However that is my favorite subject so i have spent more time on those question subjects.8No i thought the test ran pretty smoothly however i do think that they should've given actual scratch paper to write on.
11/20/2013 14:47:31Amanda ThompsonI felt okay prepared. Most of the material looked familiar but I wasn't 100% for sure on every question. The tools were really simple to use. I also found them really helpful especially the highlighting tool when we had to read the paragraphs. Made it easy to locate information once answering the questions.I never took a Science 9 and I took Biology my freshman year. I do feel like it was taught to long ago for me to remember everything. A review would have been very helpful. World history and Geography I look as a freshman and sophomore and I still remember quite a bit. History is easier to learn because it has already happen and doesn't change. I didn't feel really prepared for the questions in things like Science and biology. I felt really lost and confused on the science test. These were confusing for me. I know we have reviewed these and talked about them but I'm not confident on them yet. I understood the civil gov questions and supreme court references really well. I'm glad we learned about the supreme court cases! 6The only issue I had with the test is that I think its been to long since we reviewed those topics.