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Accession Catalog No.Sub No.Catalog DescriptionCatalog CountCatalog DimensionsCatalog Weight Catalog Provenience Catalog NegativesPresent LocationShape Type Catalog Dimension and Weight Comments ReferencesDetailsdescriptionMaterials
31560011stone ear plug - pulley styleCount: 3 (80% present)d=6.5cm ht=1.4cmWeight: 24.9gMound 20, Burial 177noneField Museumpulley-shaped ear plug; micaceous stone; some copper corrosion on one side; polished; 5 perforations present (complete object would have had 8 equally spaced around the band)stone - micaceous
31560012stone ear plug - pulley style3Mound 20, Burial 177noneField Museum
31560013stone ear plug - black, pulley styleCount: 2 (30% and 10% present, respectively)d=6.7cm ht=1.4cmWeight: 19.7gMound 20, Burial 177noneField Museumpulley-style ear plug; some surface errosion; polished; 5 perforations total, four on one fragment and one on the other (complete object would have had 8 equally spaced around the band); probably two different earspoolsstone - black
31560014stone ear plug - black Count: 1 (50-75% present)ht=1.7cm d=6.5cmWeight: 21.5gMound 20, Burial 177noneField Museumpulley-shaped ear plug; ; polished; 6 perforations present (complete object would have had 8 equally spaced around the band)stone - black
31560015stone ear plug - black Count: 2 (25-50% present)d=6.2cm ht=1.5cmWeight: 13.4gMound 20, Burial 177noneField Museumpulley ear plug; ; polished; different shape from sub nos 1-3, 4stone - black
31560016stone ear plug - black Count: 1 (<25% present)ht=1.5cm d=0.6 cm Weight: 6.1gMound 20, Burial 177noneField Museumpulley ear plug; some surface errosion; polished; stone - black
31560017carbonized wooden ear plugCount: 2 (<25% present)ht=1.5cm d=0.7cm Weight: 0.5gMound 20, Burial 177noneField Museumpulley ear plug fragment; carbonized; slight fragmentation; charred; most similar to 56001-6 in typewood - charred
31560018stone ear plug - black, pulley styleCount: 9Weight: 13.2gMound 20, Burial 177noneField Museumpolished surface; copper encrustations on two fragments; more than one ear plug represented - at least three, probably morestone - black
3156001ear plugsMound 20, Burial 177noneField Museum
3156002stone platform pipe - grayCount: 1 (100% present)l=8.3cm w=2.9cm ht=4.2cm Weight: 88.5gMound 20, Burial 177A110053, 11053B (not in database), A110028_35, A110028_36, 91116, 91117, 91198, 91199, 91200, A91200cField Museum platform/plain; possible residue in bowl; polished; discoloration inside bowl indicates use - it may be possible to remove some residue for analysispipestone - gray
3156003Piece 1copper cover for a bear tooth-shaped effigy or pendantCount: 1 (25-50% present)ht=11.0cm d=2.8cmWeight: not takenMound 20, Burial 17790965, 90967Field Museum Field Notes, pg.98hollow, tooth-shaped tube with closed ends; only one longitudinal half is intact; copper plate documented in catalog description, none remaining, not broken prehistorically accd to the field notes, but see comments; possibly bent prehistorically ; COMMENTS originally there were two bear teeth plated with copper between the base of the inferior maxillary and the right and left clavicles; one was crushed, the other saved entire - possibly used as neck ornament or cloak fastenersbear teethcopper
3156003Piece 2copper covered wooden bear tooth-shaped effigy or pendantCount: 16 (40% present) (10 copper, 6 wood)ht=4.8cm d=2.5cmWeight: wood = 2.4_x000B_copper not weighedMound 20, Burial 177Field Museum bear canine effigy; wooden core covered with copper sheet; textile impression on copper copper
3156003copper covered wooden bear teeth-shaped effigiesCount: 17 plus small fragmentsWeight: Mound 20, Burial 177A110144c, A110151c, A110152c, A110153c, 90965, A90965c, 90966, 90967, 90968, 90969, 90970Field Museumcopper over wood in an imitation of a bear canine; woodbear teethcopper
3156004copper plaque - crescent shapedCount: 1 (100% present)l=20.1cm w=9.0cm Weight: 42.9gMound 20, Burial 176110079, 91018, A91018cField Museumcrescent-shaped ornament; organic material (textile, feather, or bark) adhering; 2 perforations located in the center of curve copper crescentcoppper
31560051copper earspoolCount: 1 (25-50% present)ht = ???cm d=4.3cm Weight: 6.0gMound 20, Burial 176110144Field Museumone spool, no stem, and not magnetic; unidentified yellow-brown encrustation on interiorear spoolscopper
31560052copper earspoolCount: 1 (25-50% present)ht=???cm d=4.1cmWeight: 20.5gMound 20, Burial 176Field Museumcopper earspool; one spool, very small portion of stem; heavily corroded, a small portion of stem present, possibly some twine"ear spoolscopper
31560053copper earspoolCount: 1 (25-50% present)ht=???cm d=4.0cm Weight: 11gMound 20, Burial 176Field Museum copper earspool; fragment of one spool; iron oxide encrusted on front side near center; broken prehistoricallyear spoolscopper
31560054copper earspoolCount: 1 (50-75% present)d=4.0cmWeight: 11gMound 20, Burial 176110144Field Museumcopper earspool; one spool, portion of stem; burnt - some charcoal inclusionsear spoolscopper
31560055copper earspoolCount: 1 (50% present)d=4.2cmWeight: 20gMound 20, Burial 176Field Museumone spool, heavily corroded with twine impressionear spoolscopper
31560056copper earspoolCount: 1 (50-75% present)d=4.3cmWeight: 13.5gMound 20, Burial 176110144Field Museumcopper earspool; one spool, portion of stem; heavily corroded, some iron oxide, possibly some ash"ear spoolscopper
31560057copper earspoolCount: 1 (25-50% present)ht=???cm d=4.2cm Weight: 10.5gMound 20, Burial 176110144Field Museumcopper earspool; most of one spool, no stem; carbonized core; corroded and charred, some copper salts, carbonized core"ear spoolscopper
31560058copper earspoolCount: 1 (25-50% present)ht=???cm d=4.1cm Weight: 5.8gMound 20, Burial 176110144Field Museumcopper earspool; most of one spool, no stem; some copper salts "ear spoolscopper
31560059copper earspoolCount: 1 (25-50% present)ht=???cm d=4.3cm Weight: 3.5gMound 20, Burial 176Field Museumcopper earspool; portion of one spool; possibly burnt but also has light brown deposit on it, also some salts"ear spoolscopper
315600510copper earspoolCount: 1 (50% present) d=4.3cmWeight: 7.7gMound 20, Burial 176Field Museumcopper earspool; one spool, small portion of stem; portion of clay core present; part of clay core is intact, some iron oxide on the outside"ear spoolscopper
315600511copper earspoolCount: 1 (50-75% present) HT d=4.3cmWeight: 11.3gMound 20, Burial 176Field Museumcopper earspool; one spool and stem; twine impressions; charcoal encrusted in copper oxides; impression of other spool on outside face, some exposed metal, some charcoal encrustations"ear spoolscopper
315600512copper earspoolCount: 1 (50-75% present) DIMENSIONS d=4.5cmWeight: 31g [is this 3.1g?]Mound 20, Burial 176110144Field Museumcopper earspool one spool and portion of stem; very heavily encrusted, estimates only approx, based on description on form (not DJ but PE)"ear spoolscopper
315600513copper earspoolCount: 1 (50-75% present) HT d=4.4cmWeight: 25g [2.5g?]Mound 20, Burial 176110144Field Museumcopper earspool; one spool and stem; core is intact but corroded over; organic encrustations on exterior, a small amount of iron oxide, core is intact but corroded and unidentifiable"ear spoolscopper
315600514copper earspoolCount: 1 (50-75% present) HT d=4.5cmWeight: 17.5gMound 20, Burial 176Field Museum(object class); copper earspool; one spool and stem; heavily corroded, some iron oxides on outer face and a scattered yellow encrustationear spoolscopper
3156005copper earspoolsMound 20, Burial 176110144 - sub nos 1,4,6, 7, 8, 12, and 13, A110144c, CSA938Field Museumcopper
3156006copper braceletCount: 1 (100% present)ht=2.1cm d=6.9cm Weight: 84gMound 20, Burial 176, around wrist110144 (not in database), A110144c, A11064_7, A11064_8Field Museum Field Notes pg. 97;_x000B_Willoughby Explor of Mnds pg. 5; Dorsey; Moorehead 1892: 188, 191, 209; Moorehead 1897-98pan pipe or bracelet(object class); ; very fine organic material adhering, hair or possibly loose fur? ; ; (motif); 4 perforations located in pairs on each side; ; (edge cut); (wear); ; ; ; ; COMMENTS all references indicate it is a bracelet -- found around right wrist of burial; DJ indicates it has a portion of a [panpipe?] reed intactbraceletcopper
31560071 to 34pottery sherdsNot availablenot availableVillage sitenone33 at University of Michigan and 1 Missing from Field MuseumNo details availablepotsherds
3156008stone "plumb-bob" - sandstoneCount: 1 (75-100% present)ht=6.0cm d=3.4cmWeight: 60.2gVillage site110022, A110022c, A110086_13, 90929, A90965, A90965cField Museum plumb bob; sandstone, minimal pitting; top is notched; tip broken, possibly prehistoricallystone plummetsandstone
31560091fragment of bone ring1l=1.4cm w=1.4cm ht=1.6cm Weight: Village sitenoneField Museumring fragmentsbone
31560092fragment of stone ring1l=4.7cm w=1.2cm ht=1.5cmWeight: Village sitenoneField Museumring fragmentsstone
3156009bone ring and stone ring2Village sitenoneField Museum
3156010fragments of stone objectsl=3.1cm w=2.2cmWeight: Village sitenoneField Museumstone object frags
3156011animal bonessub 61 largest: l=12.7cm w=1.9cm, d=1.3 cmWeight: Village sitenoneField Museumanimal bones
3156012fragments of carved bone+D47545largest: l=3.6cm w=1.2cm, smallest: l=0.7cm w=0.6cmWeight: Mound 1none545 at Field Museum and unknown # at Milwaukee Public Museumbox of carved bones bone
3156013stone projectile point1l=5cm w=2.8cmWeight: Resnick FarmnoneField Museumunusual raw material, biface with straight sides notched near the flaring concave base [horns, upside down bull head, deer effigy - are they tangs?]arrowhead
3156014bird bone needle fragments83largest: l=8.2cm w=0.7cm, smallest: l=0.4cm w=0.3cmWeight: Village site91025, 91026, 91027, A91027c, 91224, 91225, 91226 Field MuseumNote: 4 fragments are mislabeled as of needle fragments
3156015flint discs7302Mound 2Field Museum and 2 given in exchange to D. S. Bullock
3156016Piece 1flint projectile point - "Snyders point"Count: 1 (100% present)l=7.7cm w=4.3cm Weight: 29.7gVillage site110019B, 110019CField Museum3-Dprojectile point, sharp tip, convex sides, corner notched, convex base; Snyders point .1 at 1501.01.02;_x000B_src only at 0200.06.01;_x000B_src only at 1501.01.02 0 15 flint chips Case number changed from h8c169 to h8cA5 11/2001 CT_x000B_sub.1 de-installed from h8cA5 (CT 2003);_x000B_src only at 0200.06.01;_x000B_src only at 1501.01.02 flint 0200.06.01 1501.01.02; 1503.07.06 flint
3156016Piece 10flint chips? Count: 1 (100% present)l=5.2cm w=4.5cm ht=1.3cm Weight: 18.3gVillage siteField Museum3-Dlarge irregular flake, orange and grey mottled stone with red veins, probably same material as Sub 9; utilization scars on two edgesflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 11flint chips or blade?Count: 1 (100% present)l=5.2cm w=2.1cm ht=0.7cm Weight: 4.8gVillage siteField Museum3-Dasymmetrical irregular blade, no retouch; red stone; utilization scars on one edgeflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 12flint chips or blade? Count: 1 (100% present)l=5.0cm w=2.3cm ht=1.0cm Weight: 10.0gVillage siteField Museum3-Dasymmetrical blade, convex sides with a large retouched concave notch at the top half of one side, blunt tip; light grey stone with lime or ash adhering; utilization scars on two edgesflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 13flint chips? Count: 1 (100% present)l=4.0cm w=3.5cm ht=1.7cmWeight: 18.5gVillage siteField Museum3-Dpink fractured stone, no bulb of percussion or flake scars; utilization scars on one edgeflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 14flint chips? Count: 1 (100% present)l=3.7cm w=3.5cm ht=1.6cm Weight: 21.0gVillage siteField Museum3-Dtriangular blocky fragment with ripples on sides; cortex present; probably just a broken rockflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 15flint chips? Count: 1 (100% present)l=5.4cm w=4.7cm ht=4.5cm Weight: 100gVillage siteField Museum3-Dirregular block of unworked grey stone; heat modified - black discolorationflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 16stone point1l=6.1cm w=3.1cmVillage siteField Museumbiface, convex sides and pointed tip; light grey stone; unidentified black material adhering on upper portion
3156016Piece 2stone point - flint Count: 1 (percent unknown)l=2.5cm w=1.1cmWeight: 0.9gVillage siteField Museum3-Dbiface; pointed tip, straight sides; orangish-brown stone; possibly broken baseflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 3stone point - flint or quartziteCount: 1 (percent unknown)l=3.3cm w=2.7cmWeight: 3.4gVillage siteField Museum3-Dbiface; pointed tip, bottom half missing, light and dark grey mottled stone; lightly convex sides; crazed, multiple potlidsflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 4stone point - flintCount: 1 (50-75% present)l=3.9cm w=2.9cm Weight: 7.6gVillage siteField Museum3-Dbiface; broken tip - top half missing, convex sides with straight stem and a convex base; multiple potlids; very irregular flaking, poor quality raw materialflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 5stone point - flint Count: 1 (75-100% present)l=5.5cm w=3.3cmWeight: 13.6gVillage siteField Museum3-Dbiface; pointed tip, convex sides, corner notched, broken stem; utilization scars on both edges; pink stone and grey mottled stoneflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 6stone point - flint Count: 1 (75-100% present)l=5.8cm w=3.6cmWeight: 12.0gVillage siteField Museum3-Dbiface; pointed tip, one straight expanding side, one convex expanding side, base is broken; porous flint, low quality; very irregular flakingflint chipsflint - low quality
3156016Piece 7flint chips or point?Count: 1 (25-50% present)l=6.7cm w=2.5cmWeight: 7.7gVillage siteField Museum3-Dgrey stone point with missing tip and split in half lengthwise; lightly convex expanding side remaining with convex base; multiple potlids; iron oxide adhering on one face near base; finely retouched edges, nicely madeflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 8flint chips? Count: 1 (100% present)l=7.0cm w=3.4cm ht=2.1cm Weight: 51gVillage siteField Museum3-Dworked stone, not a tool, probably wast material; very irregular form; lake scars; some utilization flakes on one edgeflint chipsflint
3156016Piece 9flint chips or large blade? Count: 1 (100% present)l=6.3cm w=3.0cm ht=1.2cmWeight: 24.8gVillage siteField Museum3-Dasymmetrical, irregular blade with broken tip; orange and grey mottled stone with red veins; 3 of the largest edges are heavily utilizedflint chipsflint
3156016stone points and chipsVillage site110019, A110019c, A110159c, 90931, A90965, A90965c, 90966, 90967, 90968, 90969, 90970Field Museum
3156017stone drill - flintl=7.5cm w=2.2cmWeight: Mound 290931Field Museumfrom post holedrill point
3156018copper celtCount: 1 (100% present)l=20.5cm w=9.8cmWeight: 1020gMound 3, near Altar 190844, 90944 (not found in database), 90965, 90966, 90967, 90968, 90969, 90970, 110041B (not found in database), 110041C, A110099_6, A110099_7 A90965, A90965cField Museum3-Dcelt with straight base, straight expanding sides with a convex bit, bit is slilghtly curved in profile, longitudinal cross-section is asymmetrical; side edges are flat as is base, all are slightly irregular(edge cut)copper celtcopper
3156019mica sheet - irregularCount: 5 pcs & bag of fragmentsl=5.4cm w=5.5cmWeight: 21gMound 3, Burial 238noneField Museumirregular, see photo; crumpled and dirty box of mica fragmentsmica
3156020red earthenware sherdNot availablenot availableMound 3, Burial 238A110057c Missing from Field Museumfrom vesselvessel fragment
3156021Piece 1mica sheet - rough pentagon1l=20.0cm w=18.8cmWeight: 366gMound 8, Burial 241Field MuseumField Notes: M8 B241_x000B_Willoughby: M8 B241, Fig. 18roughly pentagonal; scratch lines from original sheet cuttingmica sheet mica sheet
3156021Piece 2mica sheet - rough half circle4l=15.5cm w=12.0cmWeight: Mound 8, Burial 241Field Museumone edge cut into half oval, opposite edge broken; three small, thin fragmentsmica sheet
3156021Piece 3mica sheet - rectangle1l=13.8cm w=9.5cmMound 8, Burial 241Field Museumcleanly cut rectangle; two short sides are concave; corners roundedmica sheet
3156021cut mica sheets6Mound 8, Burial 241A110062_19, A110092, 91116, 91117, 91198, 91199, 91200,Field Museummica sheets
3156022worked shell - Cassis madagascariensisCount: 1 (100% present)l=15.5cm w=11.7cm ht=10.0cm Weight: 178.5gMound 8, Burial 241A110087_7, A110087_8, A110087_9, A110087_10, 110089, 91198, 91199, 91200, 91116, 91117, A91200cField Museum3-Dedge and rim of shell cut for bowl, top of shell cut for spout and interior spiral removed; unidentified stain in diagonal on interior (as if object was set on its side); exterior slightly worn and chipped; 2 perforations in body of shell for mounting shellmarine shell
31560231flint nodulel=16.0cm w=11.0cm ht=10.5cmWeight: 2333gMound 8, Burial 241Field Museumflint nodule(object class); blocky nodule, does not seem to be a core; ; ; (motif); ; ; (edge cut); (wear); ; ; ; lots of impurities, same kind of flint found in Md. 22(2) - Wyandette? ; COMMENTS too many internal fracture lines to be a good core; most of the surface has some sort of patinaflint nodulesflint
31560232flint nodules (cores?)Count: 1 (100% present)ht=18.0cm d=22.0cm Weight: 15.5 lbsMound 8, Burial 241110089 (not in database)Field Museum3-D(object class); irregular blocky fragment; not worked; Wyandotte flint - Essenpreis FM 1987; COMMENTS irregular internal fracture pattern, not great raw material flint nodulesflint
3156023flint nodulesMound 8, Burial 241110095Field Museum
3156024globular jar Count: 1ht=14.0cm d=14.0cm Weight: 741gMound 8A110050, 110050B (not in database), 91025, 91026, 91027, A91027c, 91224, 91225, 91226, A110084_21, A110084_22, A110084_23, A110084_24Field Museum and 1 sherd at University of Michigan3-DDimensions and weight reflect reconstructionglobular with slightly flared-straight-sided rim, [horrid description], somewhat ovoid in top view ; cordmarked, perpendicular to base: small (0.5cm) linear impressions over entire surface, base and rim; (motif); approx 3% of rim is intact; possibly broken prehistoricallyvessel fragments
ceramic, shell temper?
3156025Lot 3brid bone needle or awl fragments34largest: l=4.0cm, smallest: l=0.5cmMound 17, Burial 16934 at Field Museum and unknown number at Milwaukee Public Museumbone
3156025Piece 1bird bone needle or awl2l=13.8cm w=0.5cmWeight: Mound 17, Burial 169Field Museum(object class); ; ; ; (motif); 1 perforation at the base that represents an eye; ; (edge cut); (wear); ; ; ; ; COMMENTS bone
3156025Piece 2bird bone needle or awl1l=12.9cm w=0.5cmWeight: Mound 17, Burial 169Field Museum1 perforation at one end (the eye)bone
3156025bird bone needles or awls37Weight: Mound 17, Burial 16991025, 91026, 91027, A91027c, 91224, 91225, 91226Field Museum and Milwaukee Public Museumbone awlsbone
31560261copper earplug or button?d=5.3cmWeight: Mound 17, Burial 169A110057c Field Museum
31560262copper earplug or button?d=5.0cmWeight: Mound 17, Burial 16991116, 91117 91198, 91199, 91200,Field Museum
31560263copper earplug or button?d=4.0cmMound 17, Burial 169Field Museum
31560264copper earplug or button?d=5.4cmMound 17, Burial 169Field Museum
31560265copper earplug or button?d=4.5cmMound 17, Burial 169Field Museum
31560266copper earplug or button?d=4.5cmMound 17, Burial 169Field Museum
31560267copper earplug or button?d=5.0cmWeight: Mound 17, Burial 16991116, 91117 91198, 91199, 91200,Field Museum
31560268copper earplug or button?d=4.2cmMound 17, Burial 169
31560269copper earplug or button?d=4.7cmWeight: Mound 17, Burial 16991116, 91117 91198, 91199, 91200,Field Museum
315602610copper earplug or button?d=4.2cm ht=1.5cmMound 17, Burial 16990986-90Field Museum
315602611copper earplug or button?Not availableMound 17, Burial 16990986-90
315602612copper earplug or button?d=4.0cm ht=1.5cmWeight: Mound 17, Burial 16990986-90Field Museum
315602613copper earplug or button?Mound 17, Burial 169
3156026copper earplug or button?Weight: Mound 17, Burial 16990986-90, A110057cField Museumbuttons copper
3156027copper celtCount: 1 (100% present)l=10.0cm w=7.5cm Weight: 399gMound 17, Burial 16791116, 91117, 91198, 91199, 91200, A91200c, A110083_1, 110142B (not in database), 110142C (not in database)Field Museum3-Dcelt with curved expanding sides, convex and asymmetrical bit, asymmetrical cross-section_x000B_Shape Code: CFLN; ; seams are visible - hammered and probably polishedcopper celtcopper
3156028mica pieces, might be round?largest: l=5.4cm w=3.5cm, smallest: l=3.3cm w=1.6cmWeight: Mound 17, Burial 169noneField Museumbox of mica pieces
31560291unworked shark toothCount: 1 (<25% present)l=1.6cm w=1.3cmWeight: 0.5gMound 17A110154c (no sub specifics)Field Museum3-D(object class); fragment of root end; unaltered; eroded and chalky, partially discolored? grey tip; ; (motif); ; ; (edge cut); COMMENTS shark teethfossil shark tooth [probably not fossilized]
31560292shark tooth1Not availablenot availableMound 17Possibly at Ohio Historical Center3-Dshark tooth
31560293worked shark toothCount: 1 (25-50% present)l=2.1cm w=2.7cmWeight: 1.3gMound 17Field Museum3-D(object class); ; white and chalky, core is grey (burnt?) [probably not]; (motif); 1 perforation at center of root on enamel line, hole was drilled from both sides;shark teethshark tooth
31560294shark toothCount: 1 (25-50% present)l=2.1cm w=1.5cm Weight: 0.5gMound 17Field Museum3-D(object class); roughly triangular; unaltered; core is grey, surface is white and cracked; shark teethshark tooth
31560295unworked shark toothCount: 1 (75-100% present)l=3.8cm w=3.0cmWeight: 1.33gMound 17110154Field Museum3-D(object class); roughly triangular; unaltered; most of enamel intact, root is white, enamel is grey and white; shark shark teethshark tooth
31560296shark tooth1Not availablenot availableMound 17Possibly at Ohio Historical Center3-Dshark tooth
31560297unworked shark toothCount: 1 (50% present)l=2.8cm w=2.3cmWeight: 1.5gMound 17Field Museum3-D(object class); roughly triangular; unaltered; grey; grey and white core; no rootshark teethshark tooth
31560298shark toothCount: 1 (25-50% present)l=3.1cm w=1.8cm Weight: 0.5gMound 17Field Museum3-D(object class); hollow fragment; unaltered; just enamel, no core -- grey and whiteshark teethshark tooth