Company NameWebsite Founding LocationCurrent LocationShort DescriptionNames of foundersYear FoundedAnnual RevenueIs technology central to the product/service being provided?Is there a high leverage of the labour input to the product/service so that the business can scale rapidly? Is the product/service a ‘disruptive innovation’ in that it helps create a new market or new supply chain/network which disrupts an existing market?Your nameYour email addressComments
F1 Solutionswww.f1solutions.com.auCanberraCanberraF1 Solutions specialises in designing, developing and deploying quality software and infrastructure solutions for Government and Corporate organisations. F1 Solutions has expertise from planning stage through to maintenance/business as usual.21996Under $5 millionYesYes YesZarthost Bomanzar@f1solutions.com.au
Allhomeswww.allhomes.com.auCanberraCanberra100% search allhomes! The only place for realestate in the ACT.Peter Blackshaw2000$5-$50 millionYesYes YesMatthew Ryanmatthew.ryan@cordelta.comTim White is the CIO and could provide more information.
Windlab Systemswww.windlab.comCanberraWorldwideWindlab is a global wind energy development company established in 2003 as a spin out from Australia's pre-eminent research organisation CSIRO (the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). Windlab exclusively owns and utilises a suite of world-leading atmospheric modelling and wind energy prospecting tools to identify and efficiently deliver ready-to-build wind farm sites.Keith Ayotte, Nathan Steggel2003$5-$50 millionYesYes Yes
mHitshttp://www.mhits.com.au/CanberraCanberramHITs Limited operates the award winning mHITs branded mobile payment service which allows users to send and receive payments via SMS text message. Focusing on micro-payments, the platform is the only carrier-independent mobile payment wallet in the Asia-Pacific region that offers fully service functionality including person-to-person merchant payment options.Harold Dimpel2004Under $5 millionYesYes Yes
EXALT Integral Solutions Pty Ltdhttp://www.exaltplc.com/IndiaCanberraExalt is a start-up innovator in Australia based at Red Hill in Canberra. Our role in the industry as a trusted partner for business process automation using software and hardware technologies.

Our clients are based from USA, UK, Middle East and Australian. We work with Government Organizations, Corporates, Industries, Education Institutions, Hotels, Retailers, Factories and SME's to improve their workflow, develop and support for software/IT projects.

Our expertise is in Microsoft Technologies, Open Source, Apple and Google technologies. We also specialize in Hardware/RFID design & development, GIS, Process & Audit.

We started our operations in 2004, now have more than 200 clients satisfied with our services and support.
Ajith Kumar2004Under $5 millionYesYes YesAjith Kumarexalt.inbox@eisplc.comWe are a start-up innovation company focused on industry specialized business innovations.

Some of our clients are PeerVue, Mckesson, Kuwait Drilling Company, Higher Logic, Essar, Abu Dhabi Govt, theFind,etc

Funnelbackhttp://www.funnelback.com/CanberraCanberra (HQ) and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and LondonFunnelback's search engine technology helps users find the information they need, faster. Millions of people around the world use Funnelback to leverage information assets from multiple repositories, to maximise productivity and to enable efficient navigation of information.David Hawking2005YesYes NoMatthew Sheppard (Manger of Research and Development)msheppard@funnelback.com
HRMWEBwww.hrmweb.com.auCanberraCanberraEstablished in 2006, HRMWEB assists businesses to better manage their most important and often most costly asset – their staff. Through consultancy, coaching and innovative technology, we enable our clients to save time and money, increase accuracy and gain control.

HRMWEB’s easyEMPLOYER software solution assists business owners/managers to achieve time/money savings and gain control through streamlining/automating rostering, time & attendance, award interpretation, payroll… and much more!

HRMWEB’s web-based, easy-to-use, scalable easyEMPLOYER solution now assists hundreds of organisations across Asia-Pacific to more efficiency manage their staff for greater success. Results achieved include savings of up to 8% of annual labour costs and up to 90% of time currently spent managing staff, reduction of business risk through process automation; increased compliance; and provision of greater understanding/visibility of labour costs.
Michael Hazilias2006Under $5 millionYesYes YesMichael Haziliasmichael@hrmweb.com.au
Admin Banditwww.adminbandit.com.auCanberraCanberraThe features of Admin Bandit are designed specifically to make the role of volunteer treasurer easy and enjoyable. The Treasurer’s Report is the cornerstone, setting out the information you need to present to your committee in a clear and concise way. It is even branded for your organisation if you’ve uploaded a logo. Nerida Gill2007Under $5 millionYesYes No
Perklerperkler.comCanberraCanberraPerkler brings all the malls in Australia to your fingertips. Browse 10,000 perks available from 700 of Australia's leading retailers across 300 shopping malls. Download the app, have a browse, and discover your shopping rewards.Justin Barrie and Dan Bisa2008Under $5 millionYesYes NoJustin Barriejustin@perkler.com
4datawww.4data.com.auSymonstonSymonstonIT that works for you
Started in 1993, 4Data is a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Canberra. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on 4Data for complete IT services and support:
• Comprehensive small to medium Business IT offering that will meet all of your needs.
• Well-honed, managed professional team of experts to address your issues.
• Well trained, disciplined, tertiary qualified, industry certified Engineers and Technicians.
• Open, engaging, empathetic, and transparent professional relationships to guide you in IT.
• Worlds best practices, with well-developed processes located here in Canberra.
Andrew Caudle2008$5-$50 millionYesYes YesAndrew Caudlesales@4data.com.au
Cloud Centralhttp://www.cloudcentral.com.au/CanberraCanberraCloud Central is Australia's first provider dedicated solely to providing the best on-demand infrastructure solutions in the cloud. Kristoffer Sheather2009Under $5 millionYesYes Yes
Nexus eWaterhttp://www.nexusewater.com/CanberraCanberraGrey water is commonly viewed as a waste product, but at Nexus eWater, we see it as a vast, untapped resource. Recycling of grey water, and its embedded heat, has the potential to alleviate water and energy stresses. Nexus has developed groundbreaking technology and is commercialising the world's first integrated water and heat reCyclerCraig Richmond, Tom Wood2009Under $5 millionYesYes Yes
Waldron Solutions Pty Ltdwww.waldron-solutions.com.auCanberraCanberraWaldron Solutions is an Australian owned and operated management practice and professional services provider, delivering tailored solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Speciality, Waldron Solutions believes in building long-term business relationships with our clients and associates. We specialise in multi-disciplinary technology management and business development, including the following:

•Multi-disciplinary Project & Program Management
•Management & Leadership Training
•Multi-disciplinary Systems Engineering
•Business Continuity, Risk Management & Strategic Planning
•Process Definition, Procedures & Strategic Filters
•Commercialisation and Risk Minimisation
•Client Liaison & Relationship Building
•Strategic Industry-University Relationships
•Engineering Networking & Development of Engineering Teams
•Team Building, Recruitment & Succession Planning
•Technical Writing, Documentation, Editing & Proof-reading
Liam Waldron (BSc Hons PhD FIEAust CPEng SMIEEE MAICD AFAIM) 2009Under $5 millionYesYes NoLiam Waldron15 Menzel Crescent Dunlop ACT 2615Current interest is in providing an innovative bridge between industry and the university sector
Methadoseautodose.com.auCanberraCanberra/BrisbaneWe provide dosing and patient management solutions for opiate substitution Therapy (OST) for community pharmacies, hospitals and prisons.
We have particular skill in pump manufacture and have recently begun distributing an antibiotic dilution system to community pharmacy.
We have built the patient management and pump integration management software from scratch as nothing was available in Australia to meet our needs.
Patrick Reid2009Under $5 millionYesNoYesPatrick Reidpatrickreid@capitalchemist.com.auAlways interested in collaboration or other opportunites from the Canberra start up market!
Quiet Rushstore.quietrush.com.auCanberraNewcastleWe are a trusted supplier of tough+powerful hybrid electric bikes for demanding applications, and clean transport solutions that assist rider effort. Whilst our Stealth ebikes are powerful, they leave minimal impact compared to a dirtbike, delivering traction instead of damaging wheel-spin with near silent operation. Highly regarded for their price-performance-ruggedness profile, our bikes are highly suitable for a range of demanding applications, including agribusiness, defence, law enforcement, facility patrolling and emergency service applications.

Our bikes have a strong role to play in tackling urban congestion, traffic noise, sedentary lifestyles whilst conscious of the modern time pressures and convenience aspects associated with riding.
Brian Hill2009Under $5 millionYesYes YesBrian Hillinfo@quietrush.com.auGood to see what you're doing with the startup scene in Canberra Rory. Would like to keep in touch as I'm working in similar spaces here in Newcastle and Central Coast, keen to build a learning network.
Fat Zebrawww.fatzebra.com.auCanberraCanberraFat Zebra was built as a simple way for merchants to accept credit card payments online while still maintaining a strong focus on security, reliability and great user experience.

Our online payment gateway provides you with all the features and benefits you deserve with no hidden fees or charges to ensure you have all the right tools to trade online.
Pred Dragila, Matthew Savage2010Under $5 millionYesYes No
EcoSpectralhttp://www.ecospectral.com.au/CanberraCanberraModular solid state lighting and smart sensor systems for the home and office that conserve energy, provide efficient autonomous lighting control and monitor the environmentDavid Keightley2010Under $5 millionYesYes Yes
The Hot Listhttp://www.thehotlist.com.au/CanberraCanberraThe Hot List Pty Ltd is an innovative solution provider for the recruitment industry. It aims to increase the visibility of qualified candidates available for employment while reducing the cost of securing their placement. Tim Hyde, Andrew Rickard and Chris Stewart2010Under $5 millionYesYes No
Perimeter Security Industrieshttp://www.perimetersecurity.com/CanberraCanberraAustralia Perimeter Security Industries Pty Ltd (PSI) is an emerging competitor in providing perimeter security solutions. We have spent the last two years developing a new and innovative approach to perimeter security called the SecureMat®.Ian Bergman, Sylvia Tulloch2010Under $5 millionYesYes Yes
Dreamgate Studioswww.dreamgatestudios.comCanberraCanberraEntertainment, Simulation and Games ComanyVicki De Margheriti2010Under $5 millionYesYes YesMatthew Ryanmatthew.ryan@cordelta.com
Stalkthiswww.stalkthis.comCanberraCanberraStalkthis is a unique shopping tool that saves you time and money, and helps organize your online shopping. Found something you want to buy? Simply save the item in your handy, personalized shopping list on Stalkthis. Stalkthis will automatically keep an eye on it – and all your favorite products – then alert you when the price drops. No more wrangling bookmarks or forgetting where you saw an item. You can buy what you want at the price you want, quickly and easily.David Heacock, Frederica Heacock, Alexi Dascarolis, Michael Dascarolis2012Under $5 millionYesYes Yes
BudgetAusbudgetaus.netCanberraCanberraGovernment 2.0: Transparent and Accountable. Once you can trivially see where Government spending goes, it becomes much easier to check if the Government is keeping it promises or not. Every dollar is accounted for somewhere, and we're proud to assist you in making sure those dollars are being properly spent.Brenton Fletcher, Rosie Williams2012YesYes Yes
www.easymobileapp.comwww.easymobileapp.comCanberraCanberraEasyMobileApp.com creates professionally designed iPhone, Android and HTML applications for small businesses. Using our powerful content management system, you can enjoy a huge array of easily customisable features. Tristran Gordon2012Under $5 millionYesYes No
Clik Clikwww.clikclik.com.auCanberraCanberraClik Clik specialises in helping Australian small businesses offer the ultimate in online appointment booking services. With just a few 'Cliks' of the mouse or keypad, your customers can instantly make an appointment with your business.Joe McIntyre2012Under $5 millionYesYes No
TKBTtkbt.launchrock.comCanberraCanberraTKBT will soon launch a new and exciting software product which is set to change forever the way businesses create, manage, exchange and harness information.Simon Gemmell2012Under $5 millionYesYes Yes
Reasonwellwww.reasonwell.comCanberraCanberraReasonwell helps people to engage in productive debate, by making it easy to map out arguments, assumptions and evidence. You’ll be able to find the best arguments for and against any proposition, have your say and give your reasoning. Reasonwell is not a forum or a wiki, it’s something new: a collaborative argument map.Ben Williamson2012Under $5 millionYesYes Yes
Delib Australiahttp://delib.net/australiaCanberraAustraliaDemocracy is all about connecting people with decision-making.

We help governments around the world do this by providing awesome online engagement software, social media engagement and training services to facilitate online policy-making and consultation.
Craig Thomler2012Under $5 millionYesYes NoCraig Thomlercraig@delib.net
The Plant (Australia)http://theplant.jpTokyo, JapanCanberraThe Plant (Australia) is the Canberra development office of The Plant Co., Ltd., a Tokyo-based company that:

> [focuses] on creating smart, efficient web applications that are both easy to use and easy to manage – software that works for you.
Bodhi Philpot2012Under $5 millionYesNoNoBodhi Philpotbodhi@theplant.jp
Cardboard Keepcardboardkeep.comCanberraCanberraWe believe the medium of games has an amazing future ahead and we’d like to be at ground zero to shape and experience it’s evolution. We’re driven by a passion to make games that we love and that tell incredible stories and facilitate engaging play.Calum Spring, Timothy Bermanseder, Rob Krix2013Under $5 millionYesYes No
Whale Hammer Gameshttps://www.facebook.com/WhaleHammerGamesCanberraCanberraWhale Hammer Games is a three man indie game developer based in Canberra, AustraliaPeter Castle, Peter Simpson and Thomas Cox.2013Under $5 millionYesYes No
Peereo Pty. Ltd.www.peereo.comWollongongACTPeereo is an education and networking platform. This platform is designed to improve primary and secondary school teacher effectiveness. It offers new sources of career and professional development. The service produces free, world-class content for all students as a by-product.

This is achieved by utilising the convergence of the NBN and National Curriculum for core school subjects (K-12). Peereo offers a place for teachers to upload teaching video content for feedback, knowledge sharing and mentoring with their peers. The best video content for each learning area, as voted by teachers, is then pushed to a publicly available student portal.
Yetrina Battad, John Redwood, Matt Stimson2013Under $5 millionYesYes YesMatt Stimsonmatt@peereo.com
BizBudgwww.bizbudg.com.auCanberraCanberraBizBudg provides web-based business budgeting software. For purchase or online, it assists business of any size to spend less time managing budgets and more time making budgeting a value add process with more possibilities such as forecasting. Free online trial, set-up in minutes for a very affordable cost.Michael Giacomin2013Under $5 millionYesYes YesMichael Giacominmichaelg@bizbudg.com.au
ZEN Enterprisewww.zenenterprise.com.auCanberraCanberraZEN Enterprise provides contract and service management solutions, automating contract management tasks, supporting the procurement processes and informing budgetary and cashflow decisions. Provided through secure local hosted service, with quick, easy implementation and a focus on a rapid ROI and benefits delivery.

ZEN Enterprise solutions integrates with existing finance and ERP systems.
Brett Petersen, Graham Hemsworth2013Under $5 millionYesYes YesBrett Petersenbrett.petersen@zenenterprise.com.au
COBA Gameshttp://cobagames.comCanberraCanberraCoba Games is a start-up indie games development company located in Canberra, Australia.22013Under $5 millionYesYes NoSaket Sinhasaket.sinha.06@gmail.com
the hosterythehostery.coSydneySydney, Newcastle, CanberraIt hosting and managed services company. Looking to expand into Act as I live hereLuke Daly, Jared Quinn2013Under $5 millionYesYes NoLukeluke@thehostery.coI come from a tech engineer background so hoping to learn from the group.
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WLPCwww.wlpc.com.auCanberraCanberraWLPC's first product is Website Welcomer. Website Welcomer eliminates username/passwords and enables seamless private transfer of information between organisations.Kevin CoxUnder $5 millionYesYes YesRoryrory.ford@wlpc.com.au
Hostifyhostify.com.auCanberraCanberraWe are a Canberra startup that provides managed website solutions for small businesses.

We run our own custom built hosting platform and build websites from templates at a fraction of the cost of a normal design agency.
Dan Navin, Ben Lisle, Mitch CookUnder $5 millionYesYes YesDan Navindan@hostify.com.au
C-Metrics Pty Ltdc-metrics.comCanberraCanberra We have developed open standards-based online diagnostics that objectively measure capabilities and project complexity to identify gaps before these become problems.

We apply these tools to ensure better business outcomes by helping purchasers and providers identify, understand and combine their strengths to overcome their weaknesses
Tim ConwayUnder $5 millionYesYes YesTim ConwayTim.conway@c-metrics.com
Euclidifywww.euclidify.comCanberraCanberraWe're creating the world's easiest 3D printing marketplace.Roman Khakimov, Byron Vickers, Suzanne BarnesUnder $5 millionYesYes YesJames Antifaevjames@antifaev.ca
Rollercoaster Digitalwww.rollercoasterdigital.comCanberraCanberraRollercoaster Digital exists to create solutions for everyday life through combining and repurposing technologies.

Our current project is a Digital Out of Home advertising network, offering user definable location, time and other parameters to allow greater targeting and campaign effectiveness.
Andrew Snell, Chris Shackleton, Carrington WroeUnder $5 millionYesYes YesAndrew Snellandrew@rollercoasterdigital.com
Ideasol Australiawww.ideasol.com.auCanberraCanberraIdeasol's mission is to creates cost effective, light weight, easy to install and maintain, scalable products for capturing solar energy using solar concentrators.
Our concentrator array patented technology defines a revolutionary approach to minimize size, weight and cost of any existing concentrator without impacting its efficiency. Examples of applications include concentrated photovoltaic, concentrated water heating and flat radar systems.
We have successfully built and tested a significant number of solar array concentrators prototypes and we are currently developing our first product: a seasonally adjustable concentrator array targeting the solar farm market.
Alonso MarquezUnder $5 millionYesYes YesAlonso Marquezalonsom@tpg.com.au
CutOrangewww.cutorange.comCanberraCanberraSocial membership platform for sports organisations, teams and people.Will Holmes a Court, Matthew Ryan, Tony Winmill.Under $5 millionYesYes YesMatthew Ryanmatthew.ryan@cutorange.com
Capabiliti LMSwww.capabiliti.com.auCanberraCanberraAn enterprise learning management system for organisations requiring compliance management and AVENTMISS reporting.Phillip WilliamsonUnder $5 millionYesYes NoMatthew Ryanmatthew.ryan@cordelta.comCapabiliti LMS was built orginally by DPM Consulting. Michelle Melbourne and Phillip Williamson where the founders. In 2012 the business was purchased by Cordelta who now develops and sells the product into their mostly government client base.
Intelledoxwww.intelledox.comCanberraCanberraIntelledox is a smart forms and intelligent document generation platform that allows organisations to design once and publish many forms and documents.Michelle Melbourne, Phillip WilliamsonUnder $5 millionYesYes Yesmatthew ryanmatthew.ryan@cordelta.com
StakeMyRepwww.stakemyrep.comCanberraCanberraStakeMyRep is a personal goals site that allows people to expose their goals to their friends who can bet reputation points (RP) on whether they will achieve them or not. Thomas BurdonUnder $5 millionYesYes YesMatthew Ryanmatthew.ryan@cordelta.comStakeMyRep is being incubated by COVATE.
Datametricsn/aCanberraCanberraA plugin that retrofits existing web content to make compliant to WCAG A and AA, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming redevelopment work.Ross MullenUnder $5 millionYesYes YesRoss Mullenross_mullen@hotmail.com
InterfereXwww.interferex.comCanberraCanberraInterfereX develop advanced cloud based software tools for radio optimisation so that wireless operators can efficiently deploy, and optimise small cell wireless networks. InterfereX is working with customers and partners to ease the challenge posed by small cells. InterfereX has a highly experienced management team located in Australia and California, USA, with deep domain experience. Mark ReedUnder $5 millionYesYes YesMark Reedmark.reed@interferex.com
HaystackHQhttp:///www.haystackHQ.comBrisbaneCanberraHaystackHQ is a smarter, more visual, more collaborative way to do legal e-Discovery.

It enables lawyers and their clients to conquer the growing mountains of corporate and social data; visually explore and more rapidly identify hot documents; identify key themes, relationships and information flows, and work with colleagues in a more engaging, coherent and collaborative way.

Sign-up today to be part of the coming HaystackHQ revolution.
Lachlan JamesUnder $5 millionYesYes YesLachlan Jameslachlan@haystackHQ.com
StageBitz Pty Ltdwww.stagebitz.comCanberraAustraliaOnline project and inventory management for the entertainment industryCatherine Prosser, Mat LawrenceYesYes YesCatherine Prossercatherine@stagebitz.com
Auraya Systemswww.armorvox.comCanberraCanberra, Sydney, Nashua NH USAAuraya is the developer of ArmorVox, the world's only core voice biometric technology to combine text-dependent, text-independent, text-prompted, fast cross-matching and speech recognition into a single software system. Licensed to developers worldwide, ArmorVox is now deployed in banking, Government, help-desk, healthcare and national security in Australia and overseas. Clive SummerfieldUnder $5 millionYesYes YesClive Summerfieldclive.summerfield@auraya.netArmorVox technology protected by six families of patents both granted and pending...
TripleThink PLwww.triplethink.comCanberraCanberraTripleThink is an early-stage technology company focused on new hardware and software solutions for human-computer interaction, with applications for music being a strong theme. TripleThink has received generous financial and mentoring support from the ACT government's Business and Industry Development program, Commercialisation Australia, and the Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre. Details of TripleThink's products will be made available in the coming year.Joshua YoungUnder $5 millionYesYes YesJoshua Youngfb@triplethink.com.auGreat work Rory!
Imagine Team Pty Ltdhttp://imagineteamsolutions.comCanberraAustraliaImagine Team is a start-up that provides mobile app development services to private businesses and the ACT Government, and is involved in a number of ventures, funded by the AngelCube incubator in Melbourne.Zaki BouguettayaUnder $5 millionYesYes YesZaki Bouguettayaconnect@imagineteamsolutions.com
coseats.comcoseats.comMelbourneCanberracoseats.com is Australia's biggest rideshare network connecting drivers and passengers looking to share rides around Australia.Torsten HerbstUnder $5 millionYesYes YesTorstentorsten@coseats.com
Jimblewww.Jimble.com.auCanberraCanberraJimble is a marketing platform designed to connect local businesses with the surrounding area, using some fun carrots to entice regular user involvement, giving people more reason to buy local.Rob MayUnder $5 millionYesYes YesRob MayNoisyfish@gmail.com
Qhopperwww.qhopper.comCanberraCanberraA stadium wide in-seat ordering platform that enables fans to order food and beverage without having to queue at the point of service while also maximising sales throughput through the use of queueing algorithms.Priya and DavidUnder $5 millionYesNoYesPriyapriya@qhopper.com
eReflectwww.ereflect.comBrisbaneCanberraeReflect is a world leader in self improvement software, with our products currently being used by tens of thousands of happy customers in over 110 countries. eReflect has released a number of highly successful products in the vocabulary, typing tutor, speed reading, spelling, and memory improvement markets.1Under $5 millionYesYes NoMarc Slatermarc@ereflect.com
SimplyShow.mewww.simplyshow.meCanberraCanberraSimplyShow.me is a rich media, web and mobile training platform for connecting experts and trainers in the health and fitness industry to their clients and customers who wish to access their expertise. The SimplyShow.me platform allows trainers to deliver high quality video and multimedia content (that is created and managed through a web based platform or directly on a mobile device) to mobile users on iOS and Android devices. The SimplyShow.me platform then allows users to ask questions via video and to receive instructional or descriptive video content in reply.Dejan Andrevski, Lachlan Blackhall, Torben SkoUnder $5 millionYesYes YesDejan Andrevskidejan@simplyshow.meHopefully conducting this survey will help to put Canberra on the tech-start-up scene!
Seeing Machineshttp://www.seeingmachines.com/CanberraCanberraSeeing Machines is an award winning technology company with a focus on vision based human machine interfaces. Seeing Machines technology platform is based on world-leading computer vision processing technologies that allow machines to see and track human faces and certain facial features. These technologies enable the development of new cutting edge products and applications, ranging from devices that improve road safety & save lives, to those that help manage eye disease and prevent loss of eyesight.Alex Zelinsky$5-$50 millionYesYes Yes
Trade uphttp://www.trade-up.com.au/CanberraCanberraTrade-Up is a cloud based software program that measures the productivity of groups of workers on construction sites and uses that information to streamline business processes. Trade-Up’s innovative productivity measurement is unique and allows subcontractors to achieve unprecedented levels of transparency and efficiency when using it in their business.Jesse Ahern, Trent O’SullivanUnder $5 millionYesYes Yes
eMarking Assistanthttp://eMarkingAssistant.comCanberraCanberraeMarking Assistant helps educators provide timely, detailed, and useful feedback on student work when using Microsoft Word. Freeing teachers from repetitive tasks lets teachers focus on more personalised guidance. Providing consistent and detailed feedback also increases student confidence in assessment and promotes the use of feedback to feedforward into better learning. Everyone wins.
Video demonstrations are available at http://eMarkingAssistant/video-demos and the free eRubric component is available from http://eMarkingAssistant.com/erubric
Peter EvansUnder $5 millionYesYes YesPeter Evansinfo@eMarkingAssistant.com
Sigma Bravo Pty Ltdwww.sigmabravo.comCanberraCanberraSigma Bravo is developing Bonafide Software, an online policy management and compliance tool focused on enabling businesses to operate and communicate more effectively. Karen SchillingYesYes YesKaren Schillingkschilling@sigmabravo.com