Atenveldt Collegium Class Descriptions 2018
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Atenveldt Kingdom Collegium
Saturday, June 2, 2018
InstructorClass TitleDescription
9:00 AM201Lady Katerina of OtfordLucet for Youth Basic lucet class to get the youth ages & up introduce to a simple cord.
9:00 AM202Lady Katherine ThrockmortonIntro to Fingerloop BraidStudents will learn about the history and uses for fingerloop braid and how to make a simple 5 bow braid with three different color variations. Class size limit 10.
9:00 AM203Lady Sorcha Inghean ui GhadhraMaking a Bead BraceletHow to create a bead bracelet. This is a basic class on how to start, bead, and end a bracelet. The skills from this class can also be used to make necklaces and viking bead strands. Class size limit 10. Class fee $5.
9:00 AM204Lady Octavia GaillardBeyond the Eight Embroidery StitchesPractice and discussion of common embroidery techniques. Class size limit 10. Class fee $5.
9:00 AM205Baroness Jacomina RizzardiWeaving Pick-up Patterns on the Inkle LoomFeel like you’ve reached the limits of what warp-patterned inkle weaving can do? Learn to weave “Baltic” style pickup patterned bands on an inkle loom! Hearts, snowflakes, lettering, and more can be woven with this technique. Please bring your loom, 30 heddles, and 2 colors of yarn with good contrast (red and white or blue and white recommended!).
9:00 AM206/207Lord Thomas Spyle SyngereReading and Writing Simple MelodiesIn this class we will learn to read music and write some simple melodies. A discussion of what may make one melody work or sound better than another will follow. Join us and get those creative juices flowing. Class size limit 15.
9:00 AM208THL Wynne MacNairBasic Knotwork-Make and Take BeltLearn how to use the basic knots, known modernly as macrame, to create a belt. Class includes all materials, skills, and techniques needed to perform and complete this belt project. This is a hands-on class with a finished product. Materials are free. Class limit 15.
9:00 AM234Lord Capt Eirik Ising SteingrimHow to make a period Drinking HornInstructions from beginning to end on how to make and carve a drinking horn
9:00 AM245Mistress Karma Tingzin Khandro, OP and Lady Inea al AndalusyyaWet Felted SoapFelt is the oldest fabric except woven plants. Learn how to take wool and make it into felt. If you wish, stay for the next class which will be needle felting inlays on your felted soap. You can take only the first class if time doesn’t permit you to stay for the inlay class. Class size limit 10. Class fee $7
9:00 AMOutsideDoña Perin de la SerenaYouth rapier open housePractice for youth 6 and up. Drop in to learn more about the rules and meet with other Marshals and parents.
10:00 AM201Lady Katerina of OtfordKumihimoLearn a basic 8 cord kumihimo braid for youth ages 8 and up.
10:00 AM202Lady Katherine ThrockmortonIntermediate Fingerloop braidFor people who have already learned how to make a basic 5 bow braid. This class will teach how to make a braid with 3, 6, and 8 bows. Class size limit 10.
10:00 AM203Mistress Dairine mor o' UhiginPainting Diapered BackgroundsLearn fun and simple techniques for painting patterned backgrounds on 14th and 15th century style scrolls. Paper will be provided and there will be loaner paints and brushes but you are encouraged to bring your own No. 00 watercolor round brush and a No. 3 filbert or flat brush. Class size limit 10.
10:00 AM204Baroness Turrel Michelovna, OLHeraldic Garb for the SCAOverview of historical heraldic display on clothing and ideas for implementing into SCA garb.
10:00 AM208M’lady Ginevra of SofiaLeonardo da VinciThis year will be the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. The whole world is celebrating his life. Let’s do the same! In this class we will explore his art, inventions, and many other passions. Do you know da Vinci? Feel free to bring your own knowledge and let’s have fun. No limit on class size but ther will only be handouts for 10.
10:00 AM234Baroness Iona PutnikaBelly Dance Basics // what to do on the carpetThis class will go over some belly dance basic moves and how to feel comfortable moving about the carpet / dance floor. This is a beginning class, but all levels of dance are welcome. This will be a good, fun workout.
10:00 AM245Mistress Karma Tingzin Khandro, OP and Lady Inea al AndalusyyaNeedle Felted Inlays on Felted Soap (continuation of the Wet Felted Soap Class)This is a continuation of the wet felted soap class. You will take your felted soap and create a design to be needle felted on the top for decoration. You would need to attend the wet Felted soap class in order to do this class. Class size limit 10. Class fee $3.
11:00 AM201Lady CayDance The Storie-MakereBecoming a Paige in the SCA (Ages 10+)An introduction to becoming a Paige, what it means, who you help, and how to be seen as more than a child.
11:00 AM202Lady Stella della LunaChildren's Garb for the AgesThis will be a round table discussion to brainstorm SCA appropriate garb for children.
11:00 AM204Baroness Turrel Michelovna, OLBuilding an SCA WardrobeDiscussion on fibers, fabrics, garb type, storage and other ideas for maintaining an SCA wardrobe of clothing and accessories.
11:00 AM206/207Baron Raven MayneKingdom of Atenveldt 50 year Committee MeetingCurrent department heads will present thier current plans. There will be discussion on current event status and of future goals of the main event. Any complaing will be strictly prohibited without accompaniment of constructive solutions.
* Please be aware that any suggestions presented may be a notification of volunteering to complete that idea, so choose wisely. There will be a sign up sheet for anyone willing to assist in the execution of main event.
11:00 AM208M'lord Edric LongfellowThree Period PaintersAre you interested in period art? You’ve studied illumination. However, did you know there is something more. Oil painting is something that is so period, and yet is so underrepresented in the SCA. In this class, we will study three period fine artists, looking at their personality, the history and culture at the time they painted, techniques, major pieces, and where to find their work in the modern mundane world. Join me for a little stroll through period art history. No limit on class size but there will only be handouts for 10.
11:00 AM234Baroness Iona PutnikaBasic Zill Rhythm WorkshopThis 1 hour class will go over how to play zills (aka Sagat or finger cymbals), and you will learn some traditional rhythms that you may hear while dancing at an SCA event. This class is for all levels of dance. If you have zills, please bring them (I may have a pair or two to loan, but it always good to have your own pair of zills).
1:00 PM201Lady CayDance The Storie-MakereStorytelling for the Creative MindThis class is geared towards the youth of our Kingdom. All are welcome to participate, just keep in mind that youth will be given the priority.
1:00 PM202Lady Stella della LunaChildren's Garb SwapBring out garb in good condition that your children have outgrown. Any unswapped garb must go home with its original owner.
1:00 PM203Mistress Dairine mor o' UhiginImproving your BrushworkThis class will help you learn to use your paint and brushes more effectively to get thin opaque white lines, perfectly round circles, shading that doesn't lift the color underneath, and how to lift the color when you want to. You will also learn period techniques like cross hatching and scumbling. Depending on time we will also cover how to correct mistakes. Please bring your paints and brushes. Class size limit 6.
1:00 PM204Baroness Sigrid Ulfsdottir de LacyUnderstanding and Submitting Atenveldt AwardsOverview of Kingdom awards/charters, how to submit awards, how to decide what to submit someone for & brainstorming how to submit more than the same 3 people all the time
1:00 PM205Master Koga Takashiro KagehiroRapier Marshal 101 This class will provide the basic background required to begin a successful journey toward and/or to maintain a marshal’s warrant. While we do touch on many rules, it is not an instruction in all rules of rapier combat. This outline, in fact, assumes that the instructor and students are thoroughly familiar with the most recent edition of the Society Marshal’s Handbook and Kingdom Policy as it relates to rapier combat.
1:00 PM206/207Vicountess Victoria of the Vales of BarnsdaleThe Pursuit of a Noble Order, Peerage - A Patent of ArmsA lecture and class discussion of the general requirements for Peerage, The Order of Precedence within the Peerages, Qualities and Noble Behaviors and answers to the most commonly asked questions.
1:00 PM208Tsaritsa Ian'ka Ivanovna zhena P'trovitsa5 Easy Steps to Writing DocumentationMany of us haven’t even written a book report, let alone a research paper, since high school. But don’t worry, you can write documentation for your entries with a little bit of guidance and a simple and easy to understand approach.
This class is geared to help those that have never written documentation to get a start on the process and to help those that have written documentation to improve their skills for award winning documentation.
Full handouts will be provided free of charge which will cover the 5 Steps to Writing your documentation, how to cite your sources and the use of the internet (good and bad) for research. We will be also looking at examples of documentation from artisans around the kingdom.
1:00 PM234Lord Capt Eirik Ising SteingrimBardic OpenOpen Bardic hall to sing, listen, ask questions, receive criticism
1:00 PM245Baron Raven MayneShading Techniques for the Scribal ArtsA few shading techniques for the use in the scirbal arts will be taught. Paints and brushes will be available to use. Class size limit 10.
2:00 PM201Lady CayDance The Storie-MakereBardic Made EasyHow to take your favorite song and turn it into an SCA sensation.
2:00 PM202Lady Octavia GaillardHow to Hem a VeilCut out and hem a linen veil. Class size limit 8. Class fee $5.
2:00 PM204 Mistress Magdalen VenturosaHow to Introduce Anyone, Anywhere in the Knowne WorldThis is a class for heralds who wish to get better at presentations and introductions for processions into court. I have had the privilege of introducing into Court many Atenveldt Kings and Queens, His Grace, Richard the Short, First Duke of the Society, and Her Excellency Diana Listmaker. There are some essential skills that I am happy to share that will help with improvisation and will help improve ones approach to court introductions.
2:00 PM234 Lady Theodora AkropolitissaOpa! Greek DanceTraditional Greek Folk Dance
2:00 PM245Mistress Caoilfhionn Maoil RuanaidhLet's talk about AmberIn this class you will learn a bit of history, trivia and facts about Amber. Later in the class we will polish a piece of Amber using various grits of sand paper that you can take home. Class size limit 12. Class fee $5.
3:00 PM201 Mistress Magdalen VenturosaHeraldry for KidsAn Introduction to heraldry, learning the tintures, some basic field divisions and a chance to make their own coat of arms (device)
3:00 PM202Lady Ceridwen Verch DeykinIntro to Linolium Block CarvingDemonstration and discussion of how to carve Linolium blocks, including but not limited to: material discussion, tool review and how they affect your linolium, places to buy supplies, and various other things to know on block carving. The only person carving will be the instructor at this time.
3:00 PM203Lady Clarice la couturiere d'AvignonIron Gall InkLearn to make iron gall ink in this interactive class. Instructions, resources and materials will be provided so you can duplicate this process at home. Class limit 10. Class fee $5
3:00 PM205Master Koga Takashiro Kagehiro
Field Marshal 201
This class is intended as a primer on how to be the marshal-in-charge of a moderate-to large-sized event. It assumes that the individuals taking the class are (or will become) well-grounded in their own disciplines; specific questions about rules in different disciplines should be directed to marshals in those areas.
3:00 PM206/207Baroness Turrel Michelovna, OLCotehardie - Garb OverviewDiscuss of 14th century clothing style for men and women.
All Day
Baron Raven MayneLegacy Project InterviewsDoing short (30 minute--ish each) video recorded interviews for the Legacy Project: Aten Chronicles. It's purpose is to inspire others by giving a persons positive impact the SCA has been on a individual. There will be a sign up sheet where you pay to get into the event. Seeking tenured members of the SCA.
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