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Liberty, justice, equality! Grand celebration! :The colored citizens of Newark and vicinity will hold a grand celebration in honor of the final ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment, on Thursday, May 12, 1870.Newark, NJ, USAs.n.,187077NewarkNJUSA40.736101-74.22509
God's immutable declaration of his own moral and assumed natural image and likeness in man, :
declared (Genesis I.26-27,) and revealed to the prophet Daniel 7-9, and to St. John, Rev. I.13-14, or the nations weighed in the balance.New Bedford, MA, USAs.n.,187271New BedfordMAUSA41.633416-70.951045
Declaration of sentiments of the colored citizens of Boston, on the fugitive slave bill!!! :
Per adjournment, the Friends of Freedom rallied at Belknap Street Church, on Friday evening, October 5th, 1850, a vast concourse, including fugitives and their friends were in attendance,--the organization was completed as follows ...Boston, MA, USAPrinted [by George C. Jenks] at no. 86 Hanover Street--Boston.,185058BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
The midnight cry. :The parable of the great supper--Luke, 14th chapter, verses 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22. New Orleans, Louisiana, 8th of first month, A.D. 1859. To the Church of Christ:--The undersigned, thy servant for Christ's sake, has here thought fit to spread before you, for your consideration, his candid and impartial views in regard to the subject set forth above, of the great epoch that seems to be fast dawning on this our world.Philadelphia, PA, USAQuinn, card and job printer, south west corner of Third and Market Streets, Philadelphia.,185951PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
The great exodus of the colored people from the south to the west. :
Its cause and probable results. The duty of the plighted nation to them in the premises.Washington, DC, USAs.n.,187951WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
An Appeal to the nation by the colored citizens of Charleston. :Resolutions of indignation, on the Hamburg massacre, July 8th, 1876.[Charleston, S.C. :s.n.,187648CharlestonSCUSA32.780326-79.940844
Vigilance Committee Office, 198 Lumber Street, Albany, N.Y. :At a meeting of the Vigilance Committee of Albany held on the evening of the 27th of April, 1856, it was resolved, that we, the Vigilance Committee, appreciate the untiring efforts of our chairman, Stephen Myers, in behalf of the fugitive for the last three years. ...Albany, NY, USAPublished by Stephen Myers?,185647AlbanyNYUSA42.614852-73.970812
Conventional address, to the free coloured inhabitants of the U. States.
Philadelphia, PA, USAs.n.,183347PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
Our lost leader. /By Elijah W. Smith. ; A poem read by Dr. William Wells Brown, at the memorial meeting held by the colored citizens of Boston, in Faneuil Hall, in honor of Hon. Charles Sumner, Tuesday, April 14, 1874.Boston, MA, USAs.n.,187444BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
The great proclamation! :Written for the first memorial emancipation meeting, held in Alexandria, Va., Jan. 1, 1889, being the 26th anniversary /By Solomon G. Brown. ; By special invitation from the Frederick Douglass Library Association, of Alexandria, Virginia.[Virginia? :s.n.,188943VAUSA37.431573-78.656894
Address. :In the Convention of the Colored People of the Southern States, begun to be holden in the city of Columbia, South Carolina, on Wednesday, the eighteenth day of October, 1871: Report: The committee on address ... recommend the adoption of the following address to the people of the United States of America. ... : To the people of the United States of America ...Columbia, SC, USAs.n.,187143ColumbiaSCUSA33.987454-81.024864
"Africa's quotoa [sic] to the American nation, must be equally diffused among the whole."
Washington, DC, USAArgus, 934 F Street, Washington, D.C.,187941WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
1876. Edmund Kelly's appeal to lovers of freedom, righteous progress, and Christianity. :
Friends, labor, watch, pray and vote right.New Bedford, MA, USAs.n.,187638New BedfordMAUSA41.633416-70.951045
Crispus Attuck's patriotic leadership and martyrdom, :In State Street, Boston, March 5th, 1770--The day which history selects as the dawn of the American Revolution. ... The 94th anniversary will be commemorated on Monday evening, March 7th, 1864, (postponed from the 5th, because occurring Saturday), at the Meionian (Tremont Temple), by a series of exercises, consisting of declamations and dramatic selections, blended with choice vocal and instrumental music. ...Boston, MA, USAs.n.,186437BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Martyrdom of the colored American Crispus Attucks, March 5th, 1770, the day which history selects as the dawn of the American Revolution. :
The 93d anniversary will be commemorated on Thursday eve'g, March 5th, 1863. At Tremont Temple, by exercises of speaking and music, in which the following friends are expected to participate ...Boston, MA, USAPress of C.C. Mead, 91 Wash'n St.,186337BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Centennial year. /By Elijah W. Smith. ; A poem read by Miss Anna Randolph, at the Centennial entertainment given by the Excelsior Charitable Association, an organization of colored ladies of the city of Boston, at Parker Memorial Hall, on the evening of April 18, 1876.Boston, MA, USAs.n.,187637BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
First of August. :A celebration in commemoration of the abolition of slavery in the British West India Islands, will be at Belknap Street Meeting House, August 1, 1839.Boston, MA, USADow & Jackson's Anti-Slavery Press.--14 Devonshire St.,183935BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Freedom versus despotism, or Protestantism or Romanism; or Are the people of England, the United States, and Turkey, to bow to the despots of Russia, Austria, France and Italy?
Philadelphia, PA, USAJ.S. Orr,185235PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
Narrative of James Williams, an American slave.Boston, MA, USAMassachusetts Anti-Slavery Society] 25 Cornhill, Boston.,183833BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
(From the Model worker.) :New York, May 18, 1848. Gerrit Smith: My dear friend--The enclosed resolutions of the National Convention of Colored People and Their Friends, held at Troy, N.Y., on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of October, 1847, would have been forthcoming, earlier this week ...[Peterboro, N.Y.? :s.n.,184832PeterboroNYUSA42.967368-75.684678
The history of wood-engraving in America /by W.J. Linton.Boston, MA, USAEstes and Lauriat,188232BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Grand illustrated lecture. :Exhibition of paintings. On [blank] evening, [blank] 1859. In [blank] at [blank] Prof. W.F. Johnson, (colored gentleman,) of the New-York Institute for the Blind, respectfully informs the ladies and gentlemen of this vicinity that he will, by aid of the camera obscura, exhibit a number of pictures of a miscellaneous character--delineations from Uncle Tom's cabin, comprising diagrams representing Southern slave life as it really exists ...Providence, RI, USAM.B. Young's printing rooms, 33 Westminster St. Prov.,185932ProvidenceRIUSA41.82275-71.414451
Narrative of James Williams, an American slave.New York, NY, USAAmerican Anti-slavery Society] One dollar per 100. 143 Nassau St. N.Y.,183831New YorkNYUSA40.68863-74.018244
A colored man's reminiscences of James Madison /by Paul Jenings.Brooklyn :George C. Beadle,186530BrooklynNYUSA40.645099-73.945032
Minstrel songs, old and new :a collection of world-wide, famous minstrel and plantation songs, including the most popular of the celebrated Foster melodies; arranged with piano-forte accompaniment.Boston, MA, USAO. Ditson & Co. ...,188229BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Address in behalf of the Colored citizen. :The Colored citizen has been published at Jackson, Miss., for a little more than fifteen months. ... We appeal to every citizen, white and colored, to give us material aid and encouragement. ...[Jackson, Miss. :Published by James Lynch,187029JacksonMSUSA32.289656-90.184201
An Appeal from the colored people of New England. :The colored people of New England, in convention assembled, resolved to have a colored delegation at Washington to endeavor to induce Congress to adopt as its policy, that the color of a man shall not be a qualification or a disqualification in deciding as to his enjoying privileges, immunities, and rights under the government to which he owes allegiance, and from which it is his right to demand protection ...Boston, MA, USAs.n.,186528BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Ninetieth anniversary of the Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770. :The day which history has selected as the dawn of the American Revolution. Commemorative meeting, at the Menonian, on Monday ev'g, March 5th, 1860.Boston, MA, USAs.n.,186028BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
The Republican success in 1871. :A congratulatory address, /delivered in poetical form to the colored citizens of Worcester, Mass., Nov. 9, 1871, by Prof. G.B. Thomas, the Kentucky poet.Worcester, MA, USAs.n.,187128WorcesterMAUSA6.290743-10.760524
Martyrdom of Crispus Attucks! :March 5th, 1770, "The day which history selects as the dawn of the American Revolution!" The 92nd anniversary will be commemorated on Wednesday evening, March 5, 1862, at Allston Hall, by a series of exercises, consisting of tableaux--historical, mythological, classical, humorous and domestic: to be represented by a select volunteer company of young ladies and gentlemen, masters & misses. ...Boston, MA, USAs.n.,186226BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
The Monument to Robert Gould Shaw, :its inception, completion and unveiling, 1865-1897.Boston, MA, USAHoughton, Mifflin and Co.,,189726BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
The Republican ark. /By Elijah W. Smith.Boston, MA, USAs.n.,186826BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Circular to the colored men of the United States, we command you to God, greeting: :
Brethren:--In addressing you this letter we do not wish you to understand that we are puffing you up above our Saxon brethren of this country, but we wish to stir up your thinking powers to those great subjects which interest the whole American people. As we have been incorporated in the body politics, it most necessarily places us in a condition where we should study carefully our interest and the interest of the whole people. ...[Elmira, N.Y.? :s.n.,187226ElmiraNYUSA42.082585-76.71857
The Undersigned were appointed a committee at the civil rights mass meeting, held in Washington, D.C., December 19, and instructed to present to your earnest attention the following memorial and resolutions: :
To the honorable members of the Forty-second Congress, of all parties: Respected sirs: We are aggrieved by being invidiously proscribed. ... The people, in their late national convention, which assembled at Philadelphia, at Cincinnati, and at Baltimore, affirmed that we, as well as all other citizens, should be protected in equality before the law. The people in the late election ratified this declaration. ...Washington, DC, USAs.n,187226WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
Enforcement of the fourteenth amendment. :Speech of Hon. R.B. Elliott, of South Carolina, delivered in the House of Representatives, April 1, 1871.Washington, DC, USAs.n.,187126WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
Black and white. No party--no creed :A lecture /By J. Willis Menard. , , USAs.n.,186726USA37.09024-95.712891
Circular. :Rochester, January, 1853. Dear Reader:--You are interested in the welfare of all men--you desire to see slavery abolished--you want to see your country free--you believe in the power of truth, and in the efficiency of the press, as a means of getting the truth before the people. I feel, therefore, safe in asking you to lend me your assistance, in extending the circulation of my paper. ...Rochester, NY, USAPublished by Frederick Douglass,185325RochesterNYUSA43.286024-77.684264
A brief review of the First annual report of the American Anti-Slavery Society, by David M. Reese, M.D. of New York. /
Dissected by Martin Mar Quack, M.D. L.L.D. M.Q.L.H. S.O.S. M.F.M.P.S. &c. &c. of that ilk. ; [One line from Solomon]Boston, MA, USAPrinted and published by Calvin Knox.,183425BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Colored patriots of the American Revolution. :As a means of enlightening public sentiment on an interesting, but much-neglected department of American history, the subscriber has been induced to make a compilation of facts portraying the patriotism and bravery exhibited by colored Americans, on land and sea, in "the times that tried men's souls,"--embracing the old French War of '73, the Revolution of '76, the struggle of 1812, and subsequent periods. ..Boston, MA, USAPublished by William C. Nell,185525BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Faneuil Hall commemorative festival, March 5th, 1858. Protest against the Dred Scott "decision." ... :
On the 5th day of March, 1783, William Cooper, town clerk, made a motion ... that the celebration of the 5th of March, from henceforth, shall cease ... In accordance therewith, there has not been a public celebration of the 5th of March since 1783. In view of the alarming spread of despotism in these United States ... the subscriber has, after mature deliberation, concluded, that now is the timely and significant hour ... and, therefore, invites his fellow-citizens and friends to a public commemoration of the 88th anniversary of the Boston Masacre, to be observed in Faneuil Hall, on Thursday evening, March 5th, 1858.Boston, MA, USAPrinted by E.L. Balch,185825BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Examination of Mr. Thomas C. Brown, a free colored citizen of S. Carolina, as to the actual state of things in Liberia in the years 1833 and 1834, :
at the Chatham Street Chapel, May 9th & 10th, 1834.New York, NY, USAS.W. Benedict & Co. printers, 162 Nassau Street.,183425New YorkNYUSA40.68863-74.018244
Experience and personal narrative of Uncle Tom Jones: :who was for forty years a slave. : Also the surprising adventures of Wild Tom, of the island retreat, a fugitive Negro from South Carolina.New York, NY, USAPublished by George C. Holbrook, publisher & bookseller, 128 Nassau Street, New York,185425New YorkNYUSA40.68863-74.018244
African hymn. /Composed by Maria L. Davis. ; --On her dear beloved husband.Philadelphia, PA, USAs.n.,184825PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
An address delivered before the Ladies' Anti-slavery Society of Philadelphia, on the evening of the 14th of April, 1836, /
by James Forten, Jr.Philadelphia, PA, USAPrinted by Merrihew and Gunn, no. 7 Carters' Alley.,183625PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
Song of the first of Arkansas. /The following song was written by Captain Lindley Miller, of the First Arkansas Colored Regiment. Captain Miller says the "boys" sing the song on dress parade with an effect which can hardly be described, and he adds that "while it is not very conservative, it will do to fight with." Captain Miller is a son of the late ex-Senator Miller, of New Jersey.Philadelphia, PA, USAPublished by the Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Regiments,186325PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
The college of life or Practical self-educator :a manual of self-improvement for the colored race forming an educational emancipator and a guide to success giving examples and achievements of successful men and women of the race ... including Afro-American progress illustrated the whole embracing business, social, domestic, historical and religious education /by Henry Davenport Northrop, D.D., Hon. Joseph R. Gay, and Prof. I. Garland Penn ; embellished with hundreds of superb engravings.[Denver, Colo.] :Western Book Co. Denver Colorado,189625DenverCOUSA39.726303-104.856808
Mr. Downing's statement. :I have been virtually censured, and I feel unjustly--the Republican party has been made the censor. The charge of the restaurant in the Capitol, was taken from me after the adjournment. ...Washington, DC, USAs.n.,187025WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
"Civil rights." :Speech of Hon. Robert B. Elliott, of South Carolina, in the House of Representatives, January 6, 1874.Washington, DC, USABeardsley & Snodgrass, no. 479 Penna. Avenue,187425WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
Composed by Joshua Gilbert, on the death of Rev. Joseph M. Corr. , , USAs.n.,183525USA37.09024-95.712891
Temperature in yellow fever. /By Joseph Jones, M.D. Professor of Chemistry and Clinical Medicine in the Medical Department of the University of Louisiana, visiting physician of Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La. ; Reprinted from the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, August 28, 1873.[New Orleans :s.n.,187325New OrleansLAUSA29.958304-90.077
Richard III. :Drame en 5 actes /par Victor S{acute}ejour.New Orleans, LA, USAImprimerie A. Gaux & L. Dutuit.,185325New OrleansLAUSA29.958304-90.077
An Interesting controversy, between Rev. Lemuel Haynes, minister of a Congregational church in Rutland, Vt., and Rev. Hosea Ballou, preacher of the doctrine of universal salvation: :
consisting, first of a sermon by Mr. Haynes, delivered at West-Rutland, in the year 1805, entitled, "Universal salvation, a very ancient doctrine: with some account of the life and character of its author," immediately after hearing Mr. Ballou zealously exhibit his sentiments in support of that doctrine. : Second, an epistle from Mr. Ballou to Mr. Haynes, being a reply to his sermon delivered at West-Rutland. : Third, a letter of Mr. Haynes to Mr. Ballou, in reply to the epistle.[Middlebury, Vt.] :Rutland: Printed by William Fay. 1805. Middlebury: Re-published by Ovid Miner.,182824MiddleburyVTUSA43.991942-73.171578
Universal salvation, a very ancient doctrine: :with some account of the life and character of its author. : A sermon, delivered at Rutland, West-Parish, in the year 1805. /By Lemuel Haynes, A.M.Newburyport, MA, USAPrinted by W. & J. Gilman, at their bookstore and printing-office, no. 2, Middle-Street.,181924NewburyportMAUSA42.80965-70.873196
Boston Massacre, March 5th, 1770: the day which history selects as the dawn of the American Revolution. :
Commemorative festival, at Faneuil Hall, Friday, March 5, 1858. Protest against the Dred Scott decision. ...Boston, MA, USAPress of E.L. Balch, 21 School St., Boston.,185824BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
A treatise on the intellectual character, and civil and political condition of the colored people of the U. States; and the prejudice exercised towards them: :
with a sermon on the duty of the church to them. /by Rev. H. Easton, a colored man.Boston, MA, USAPrinted and published by Isaac Knapp.,183724BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
The chosen fast. :A discourse preached at a united service held at the Baptist Church, in Jamaica Plain, on the occasion of the state fast, Thursday, April 13th, 1865. /By A.J. Gordon, Pastor.Boston, MA, USAN.P. Kemp, 40 Cornhill.,186524BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
The congregational amen. :A sermon preached in the Clarendon Street Church, Boston, Oct. 11, 1874. /By A.J. Gordon.Boston, MA, USAPrinted by Rand, Avery, and Company.,187424BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Grand Lodge jurisdictional claim; or, War of races. :An address before Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons for the state of Massachusetts, at the festival of Saint John the Baptist, June 24, 1868. /By Lewis Hayden, Grand Master. ; [Two lines of Scripture from Job]Boston, MA, USAPrinted by Edward S. Coombs.,186824BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Letters in vindication of the National Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons of the United States of North America. /
By Lewis Hayden.Boston, MA, USAPress of Edward S. Coombs and Co.,186724BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Masonry among colored men in Massachusetts. :To the Right Worshipful J.G. Findel, honorary Grand Master of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, and general representative thereof to the lodges upon the continent of Europe.Boston, MA, USAPublished by Lewis Hayden.,187124BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Experience and personal narrative of Uncle Tom Jones: who was for forty years a slave :
Also the surprising adventures of Wild Tom, of the island Retreat, a fugitive Negro from South Carolina.Boston, MA, USASold at Skinner's Rooms, no. 112 Hanover Street, Boston.185424BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Services of colored Americans, in the wars of 1776 and 1812. /By William C. Nell.Boston, MA, USAPublished by Robert F. Wallcut, no. 21 Cornhill.,185224BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
After death: the disembodiment of man. :The world of spirits, its location, extent, appearance; the route thither; inhabitants; customs; societies; also sex and its uses there, etc., etc. : with much matter pertinent to the question of human immortality /By Paschal Beverly Randolph.Boston, MA, USARandolph Pub. Company,187224BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Love and its hidden history. :A book for man, woman, wives, husbands, and for the loving and the unloved: the heart-reft, pining ones. /By the Count de St. Leon. ; [Two lines of text]Boston, MA, USAWilliam White and Company, Banner of Light Office, 158 Washington Street. New York agents--The American News Company, 119 Nassau Street.,186924BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
P.B. Randolph, the "learned pundit," and "man with two souls." His curious life, works, and career. :
The great free-love trial. Randolph's grand defence. His address to the jury, and mankind. The verdict.Boston, MA, USARandolph Printing House, 89 Court Street, Boston.,187224BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Seership! The magnetic mirror. :A practical guide to those who aspire to clairvoyance-absolute. Original and selected from various European and Asiatic adepts. /By Paschal Beverly Randolph.Boston, MA, USARandolph and Company.,187024BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
Letters of Phillis Wheatley, the Negro-slave poet of Boston.Boston, MA, USAPrivately printed.,186424BostonMAUSA42.370567-71.026964
A Short history of the African Union Meeting and School-House, erected in Providence (R.I.) in the years 1819, '20, '21; :
with rules for its future government. : Published by particular request.Providence, RI, USAPrinted by Brown & Danforth.,182124ProvidenceRIUSA41.82275-71.414451
On the Long Island Indian.Providence, RI, USAs.n.,189-?]24ProvidenceRIUSA41.82275-71.414451
Mystery developed; or, Russell Colvin, (supposed to be murdered,) in full life: :
and Stephen and Jesse Boorn, (his convicted murderers,) rescued from ignominious death by wonderful discoveries. : Containing, I. A narrative of the whole transaction, /by Rev. Lemuel Haynes, A.M. ; II. Rev. Mr. Haynes' sermon, upon the developement [sic] of the mystery. ; III. A succinct account of the indictment, trial and conviction of Stephen and Jesse Boorn.Hartford, CT, USAPublished by William S. Marsh. R. Storrs printer.,182024HartfordCTUSA41.78007-72.677099
Supplement to "The new Mola" and "Eulis", the "Ghostly Land:" :the "Medium's secret;" being the mystery of the human soul: its dwelling, nature, and power of materialization. : Also, the coming woman, and the new divorce law.Toledo, OH, USAKate Corson, publisher.,187424ToledoOHUSA41.720684-83.569359
"Equality before the law." :Oration delivered by Prof. J.M. Langston, of Howard University, Washington, D.C., at the Fifteenth Amendment Celebration, held in Oberlin, Ohio, Thursday, May 14th, 1874..[Oberlin, Ohio] :Pratt & Battle, steam book and job printers, Oberlin, O.,,187424OberlinOHUSA41.294649-82.227628
Letters from a man of colour, on a late bill before the Senate of Pennsylvania.
[Pennsylvania :s.n.,181324PAUSA41.203322-77.194525
Carry me back to old Virginny :sung by Haverly's Colored Minstrels.New York, NY, USAH.J. Wehman, song publis]her, no. 50 Chatham St., New Y[ork,188024New YorkNYUSA40.68863-74.018244
Our origin, dangers, and duties. :The annual address before the mayor and common council of the city of Monrovia, July 26, 1865, the day of national independence; and repeated on Tuesday, August 1, 1865, at Caldwell, St. Paul's River. /By Rev. Edward W. Blyden, A.M., professor in Liberia College.New York, NY, USAJohn A. Gray & Green, printers, 16 and 18 Jacob Street.,186524New YorkNYUSA40.68863-74.018244
An oration on the abolition of the slave trade, :delivered on the first day of January, 1813, in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. /By George Lawrence. ; Published by request.New York, NY, USAPrinted by Hardcastle and Van Pelt, no. 86, Nassau-Street.,181324New YorkNYUSA40.68863-74.018244
To Gerrit Smith grantees. :Redeem your lands!! Much of the land given to you by the Hon. Gerrit Smith, was sold for taxes in Dec. 1852, for the tax due for the year 1849. Land thus sold, may be redeemed any time within two years from the day of sale. ... But you have time enough to redeem it, which can be done by the payment of the tax, as follows ...New York, NY, USAs.n.,185424New YorkNYUSA40.68863-74.018244
Grant or Greeley--which? :Facts and arguments for the consideration of the colored citizens of the United States: being extracts from letters, speeches, and editorials by colored men and their best friends. : Sumner's mistake, Greeley's surrender, and Grant's faithfulness. Opinions in brief of Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Prof. J. Mercer Langston, R.H. Dana, Jr., Judge Hoar, Fred. Douglass, Speaker Blaine, Wm. D. Forten, Prof. Wm. Howard Day. : (Published by the National Congressional Committee.)Harrisburg, PA, USA("Our National Progress" Print.),187224HarrisburgPAUSA40.258655-76.894376
The Central Colored Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, worshipping at the present time in Carpenter Street near Eighth, respectfully appeal to a generous public for aid, in erecting a house of worship. ... :
The expense to be incurred ... will be {dollar}6000. We propose to divide the sum into shares of twenty-five cents each, making in all 24,000 shares. ...Philadelphia, PA, USAs.n.,184424PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
Hymn,Christ the door in by whom you must enter /Composed by Maria L. Davis.Philadelphia, PA, USAs.n.,184824PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
Addresses of the Hon. W.D. Kelley, Miss Anna E. Dickinson, and Mr. Frederick Douglass, :
at a mass meeting, held at National Hall, Philadelphia, July 6, 1863, for the promotion of colored enlistments.Philadelphia, PA, USAs.n.,186324PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
An address delivered before the Moral Reform Society, in Philadelphia, August 8, 1836. /
By William Watkins, of Baltimore.Philadelphia, PA, USAMerrihew and Gunn, printers, no. 7, Carters' Alley.,183624PhiladelphiaPAUSA40.001811-75.11787
Obituary addresses on the occasion of the funeral of Professor Wiley Lane, :
delivered in the university chapel, Feb'y 18, 1885, /by William W. Patton and George F. Hoar ; together with the addresses of R.T. Moss, J.M. Gregory, F.L. Cardozo, F.J. Grimk{acute}e, Frederick Douglass, C.H.A. Bulkley, G.W. Cook, and Thomas Robinson, delivered at the memorial meeting held under the direction of the alumni of the college department in the Fifteenth-St. Presbyterian Church, March 3, 1885.Washington, DC, USAPrinted by Judd & Detweiler.,188524WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
A voice from Harper's Ferry :Life and death of the last John Brown hero : A narrative of events at Harper's Ferry; with incidents prior and subsequent to its capture by Captain Brown and his men /By Osborne P. Anderson, one of the number ; Edited by J.D. Enos, Washington, D.C. 1873.Washington, DC, USAs.n.,187324WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
Liberia: Past present and future. :An address delivered July 26, 1866, on Mount Lebanon, Syria, at the celebration of the nineteenth anniversary of the independence of Liberia, held by American missionaries and other citizens of the United States residing in Syria, /by Rev. Edward W. Blyden, A.M., fulton professor in Liberia College.Washington City [D.C.]: :M'Gill & Witherow, printers and stereotypers.,186924WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
The Negro in ancient history: /by Rev. Edward W. Blyden, A.M., Fulton Professor in Liberia College, Monrovia, West Africa. ; From the Methodist quarterly review, for January, 1869.Washington City [D.C.]: :M'Gill & Witherow, printers and stereotypers.,186924WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
Report of the Select Committee on Emancipation and Colonization :With an appendix.Washington, DC, USAGovernment Printing Office,186224WashingtonDCUSA38.911936-77.016719
Address before the Grand Council of the Union Leagues at their annual meeting, held July 27, 1870, /
by Hon. F.L. Cardozo, president.Columbia, SC, USAJohn W. Denny, book and job printer.,187024ColumbiaSCUSA33.987454-81.024864
The Light and truth of slavery :Aaron's history.Worcester, MA, USAAaron,184524WorcesterMAUSA6.290743-10.760524
A discourse delivered on the death of Capt. Paul Cuffee, :before the New York African Institution, in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, October 21, 1817. /By Peter Williams, Jun. A man of colour. ; Published by request of some members of that institution.[York, England] :New-York printed: York: reprinted for W. Alexander; sold also by Darton & Co., W. Phillips, and W. Darton, Jun., London.,181823YorkEngland53.959965-1.087298
Specimens of a new process of engraving for surface-printing.London, EnglandW.J. Linton,186123LondonEngland51.507351-0.127758
Life of Mark M. Pomeroy ... :A representative young man of America: his early history, character, and public services in defence of the rights of states, rights of the people, and interests of working men. /Prepared from materials furnished by Mr. Pomeroy and others, by Mrs. Mary E. Tucker.London, EnglandG.W. Carleton, publisher. ;;S. Low, son & Co.,186823LondonEngland51.507351-0.127758
Proceedings of the Colored National Convention, held in Rochester, July 6th, 7th and 8th, 1853.
Rochester, NY, USAPrinted at the Office of Frederick Douglass' Paper.,185323RochesterNYUSA43.286024-77.684264
The anti-slavery movement. :A lecture by Frederick Douglass, before the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society.Rochester, NY, USAPress of Lee, Mann & Co., Daily American Office,,185523RochesterNYUSA43.286024-77.684264
The claims of the Negro, ethnologically considered. :An address before the literary societies of Western Reserve College, at commencement, July 12, 1854. /By Frederick Douglass.Rochester, NY, USAPress of Lee, Mann & Co., Daily American Office,Rochester.,185523RochesterNYUSA43.286024-77.684264
Oration, delivered in Corinthian Hall, Rochester, /by Frederick Douglass, July 5th, 1852. ; Published by request.Rochester, NY, USAPrinted by Lee, Mann & Co., American Building.,185223RochesterNYUSA43.286024-77.684264
The general roll. /By Thomas H. Jones.[New Hampshire?] :(Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1868, by Thomas H. Jones, in the clerk's office of the District Court of New Hampshire.),186823NHUSA43.193852-71.572395
Zion in the wilderness. /By Joseph Jones, Esq. ; [Five lines from Ezekiel]Utica, NY, USAPrinted (for the author) by Thomas Walker.,180923UticaNYUSA43.077369-75.233208
The sufferings, support, and reward of faithful ministers, illustrated. :Being the substance of two valedictory discourses, delivered at Rutland, West Parish, May 24th, A.D. 1818. /By Lemuel Haynes, A.M. late pastor of the church in that place.Bennington, Vt, USAPrinted by Darius Clark.,182023BenningtonVTUSA42.8746-73.18505
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