NameCity, STDate of activityHoursType of WorkComment
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL3/23/20173Clubhouse MaintenanceCleaned roof and patched hole by limb. Took 2 -5 gallon pails of roof paint off rood and put in shed.Cleaned limbs and leaves off roof over screen porch. around 3 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL3/23/20171Fosters Hammock LoopCut tree between exit C and D 1 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL3/11/20173Clubhouse MaintenanceWaiting on Live Oak Plumbing, Inc. sewer line plug 60 feet in from clean-out 3 hours.
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL3/8/20172Bridge to BridgeCut down tree on Bridge to Bridge. 2 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL3/6/20172Clubhouse MaintenanceRepaired the door on the shed out behind HDQ. 2 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL2/21/20172Fosters Hammock LoopCut Tree on Foster Loop by point (M) 2 hours.
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL2/18/20171Gar PodCut tree from trail 1 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL2/18/20172Bridge to BridgeCut tree from trail 2 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL2/18/20171Clubhouse MaintenanceInstalled 2 smoke detectors 1 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL2/10/20172Gar PodCut tree from Gar Pond across trial by river, with Dale N. 2 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL2/10/20173Big Shoals / Long Branch / BarnettRepaired bridge just down from road 6, replaced rotten boards with Tony B, Dale N. 3 hours.
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/27/20172Event SupportSignage for Ididaride 2 hours
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/28/20176Event SupportWorked at SAG stop Triple Gate, 6 hours
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/27/20171Fosters Hammock Loop 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/29/20174Fosters Hammock Loop 
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/22/20174Fosters Hammock LoopChecked out trail at Foster Loop removed limbs and marked trees needing cutting.
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/25/20172Event SupportRode with port-a-pot truck showing them where to place port-a-pots
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/25/20172Fosters Hammock LoopMark W and myself finished clearing all the trees on Foster Loop that needed to be cut with a chainsaw. 2 hours each
Bob WallaceLive Oak9/23/20172Beast of Burden 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/23/20172Gar Pod 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/23/20172Big Shoals / Long Branch / Barnett 
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/20/20175Event SupportSpent 5 hours with Dale N. on Beast putting up direction arrows for Ididaride and time with Tony B on Beaast
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/21/20173Event SupportSpent time taking chain saw to Lake City for repair and pputting up directional arrows on Barrentt to Little Shoals. 3 hours
Mike ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/16/20172Gar PodDale and I painted markers on the new section at Gar Pond. 2 hours each
Mike ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/17/20172Big Shoals / Long Branch / BarnettCut tree on trail by Little Shoals 2 hours
Mike ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/17/20172Gar PodCut tree that was on new trail we had cut a ride around until tree could be cut out and brush cleared, Also cleared a path next to walkway on new trail until bridge can be widen. Dale was there also 2 hours each
MultipleLake City1/13/20174Beast of BurdenMark and Sue Wiencek worked a total of 4 hours on Beast doing trail maintenance in general, AND installed new TRAIL MARKERS A-H.
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/16/20171Big Shoals / Long Branch / Barnettremove two trees from palmmento trail.
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/9/20177Beast of BurdenClear litter from tree harvest and trim as needed. Little Beast is now much more fun to ride!!!!!
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/10/20172Beast of BurdenCut tree and did some trimming on trail by RXR track used during Ididride about 2 hours
Mike T- Dar C - Mark WWhite Springs, FL1/11/20179Gar PodMark W, Dar C, and Mike T spent 3 hours each on new trail at Gar Pond trimming and cleaning.
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/5/20172Beast of BurdenCut trees that Bob Wallace had called about.
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL1/6/20172Gar PodCut trees on new trail as Tony B mowed.
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL12/16/20164Beast of BurdenTony B and Michael T spent 4 hours mowing the Beast also cut 3 trees along RXR tracks on trail used during IDIDARIDE
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL11/25/20163BarnettHelped cut trail
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL11/25/20161Beast of BurdenCut tree down on trail. about 600 yerds in on outlet
Michael ToffoloWhite Springs, FL11/4/20164BarnetTony and I worked on cutting trails in Barnet
Michael ToffoloWhite springs, FL11/5/20162Barnet 
Bob WallaceLive Oak10/27/20164Anderson Springstrail has been cleared of hurricane damage.
MultipleLake City, FL10/19/20161Fosters Hammock LoopMark W and Mike T worked to reroute trail around a large fallen tree at aprox the 1.1 mile point.
MultipleLake City, FL10/19/20161Event SupportMark W and Mike T moved event supplies to Stephen Foster SP for the FT event.
MulitpleLake City, FL10/17/20162Big Shoals / Long Branch / BarnettMark W and Mike T removed two trees by chain saw on the Big Shoals trail, and did light lopping.
MultipleLake City, FL10/17/20161Fosters Hammock LoopMark W and Mike T scouted and did light lopping to assess a large tree at the 1.10 mile marker.
MultipleLake City, FL10/13/20164Beast of BurdenMike T, Sue W, and Mark W worked 4 hours on LOLLY POP. We trimmed and cleared the entire loop. Did some light marking. Lolly Pop could still use more and better marking, and mowing... but these are not critical at this time.
Bob WallaceLive Oak10/12/20163Anderson Springstrail needs lots of work
Bob WallaceLive Oak10/10/20161Beast of Burden 
Bob Wallacel10/10/20161Gar Pod 
MultipleLake City, FL10/12/20163Clubhouse MaintenanceMike T, and Mark W worked 3.0 hours on Club House. Front sign was removed, and entire front of building was pressure washed. Also roof swept and side and rear lot weeds trimmed.
MultipleLake City, FL10/9/20163Gar PodMark & Sue Wiencek worked 3.0 hours chain sawing and clearing Gar Pond, which is now clear and in great shape.
Mark WiencekLake City10/8/20161Bridge to BridgeRode and light mtce on trail.
Mark WiencekLake City, FL10/8/20161Gar PodRode and light mtce on trail.
Mark WiencekLake City, FL10/8/20161Beast of BurdenRode and light mtce on trail.
Mark WiencekLake City10/4/20163Beast of BurdenTrimmed/cleared trail from kiosk backwards to the creek area.
David BoydJacksonville, FL,9/24/20164Gar Pod 
David BoydJacksonville9/24/20164Gar PodHappy trails!
David BoydJacksonville, FL,9/24/20164Gar Pod 
Bob WallaceLive Oak9/27/20161Gar Pod Remove two trees.
Bob WallaceLive Oak9/27/20164Big Shoals / Long Branch / Barnett Chainsaw all of Long Branch.
David BoydJacksonville9/24/2016 Gar PodHappy trails!
Dennis ShepherdYulee9/24/2016 Gar Pod 
Dennis ShepherdYulee, Fl9/24/20164Gar PodDavid Boyd's hours should be 4 also
Bob WallaceLive Oak9/20/20164Fosters Hammock Loop 
Bob WallaceLive Oak9/23/20165Big Shoals / Long Branch / Barnett 
MultipleLake City9/19/20162.5Gar PodMark W and Sue W. worked a total of 2.5 hours trimming and clearing Gar Pond from TM F to a point 300 yards (near Highway 41) past TM G. Trail is ready to be mown in this section, and needs it. There is one LARGE TREE TOP that needs chain saw work about 100 yds past TM G. We also trimmed and cleared the "shortcut" which starts are TM E.
MultipleLake City & White Springs9/15/2016 Fosters Hammock Loop4 Hours each, Mike Toffolo, Mark Wiencek & Sue Wiencek. - - Starting at the River Overlook worked to "H" and back. Next from the River Overlook to "L" and half way to "M" and back. Clearing trees (11 to 23) and limbs from the trail with chain saw, trimmer and by hand. At "M" we left a Very Large tree to be removed - we were too tired!
Bob WallaceLive Oak9/14/20165Fosters Hammock Loopremove trees from trail
sharon sheaneptune beach8/13/20164Anderson Springs 
sharon sheaneptune beach9/11/20163Big Shoals / Long Branch / Barnett 
Bob WallaceLive Oak8/10/20165Anderson Springs Clear trail
Bob WallaceLive Oak8/3/20166Anderson Springsclear trail
Bob WallaceLive Oak9/10/20166Beast of Burdenchainsaw trees
Bob WallaceLive Oak9/12/20162Beast of Burden Finish chain saw work on Beast
Bob WallaceLive Oak8/13/20165Anderson Springstrim trail
MultipleLake City, Live Oak9/12/20164Bridge to BridgeMike T, Bob W, and Mark W. worked on trail cutting and removing overhanging and fallen trees. As of this date, the trail is READY TO BE MOWED
Hubert SalzmannLive Oak8/13/20162Anderson Springs 
MULTIPLELake Cty/Live Oak9/8/20163Gar PodMike T, Bob W, Mark W used chain saw and trimmer to clear blockages and overgrowth on trail from start to Trail Post D. Also major logs from Trail Post F through G were cleared. Trail still needs to be cleared of debris from Trail Post F through H and mown overall.
Terry WallaceLive oak4/28/2016 Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive oak5/1/20162Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive Oak4/30/201610Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive Oak5/1/2016 Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive oak4/28/2016 Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive Oak4/26/20162Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive Oak4/22/20164Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive Oak, Fl4/22/2016 Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive oak4/19/20162.5Event Support 
Mark & Sue WiencekLake City4/14/20162Gar PodSue and both worked 2 hours on Gar Pond trimming limbs along the rifer from TP (Trail Post) F through G.
Terry WallaceLive oak4/15/20165Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive oak4/16/20163Event Support 
sharon SheaNeptune Beach3/1/20166painting 
sharon SheaNeptune Beach3/1/20166painting 
Bob WallaceLive Oak3/1/20168Anderson Springs 
Bob WallaceLive Oak3/9/20166Beast of Burden 
Bob WallaceLive Oak3/11/20166Fosters Hammock Loop 
richard pushawGainesville, fl3/17/20165Clubhouse MaintenancePaint, paint, paint
Richard PushawGainesville, fl3/12/20166Clubhouse MaintenancePaint
Richard PushawGainesville, fl3/17/20165Clubhouse MaintenancePaint, Paint, Paint
Richard PushawGainesville, fl2/21/20163Event SupportSweetheart Breakfast
Gene ToffoloLake Park, GA3/19/20162Painting clubhouse 
Gene ToffoloLake Park, GA3/17/20164Clubhouse MaintenanceDue to Richard's outstanding leadership naked Mike and I got the bricks in front painted, all the trim that was primed painted and primed the remaining trim with the oil base paint. Happy ST. Pat Day.
Gene ToffoloLake Pak, GA3/12/2016 Painting Clubhouse 
Gene ToffoloLake Park, GA1/9/2016 Clearing trails for Ididaride 
Gene ToffoloLake Park, GA1/23/2016 Event SupportIdidaride rest stop.
Richard PushawGainesville2/25/20168Clubhouse MaintenancePU materials, fram and drywall new kitchen wall will pantry
Sharon SheaNeptune Beach2/21/20163Clubhouse Maintenancekitchen renovation project
Sue WiencekLake City, FL1/22/20163Event Support 
Sue WiencekLake City, FL1/23/20168Event Support 
Mark WiencekLake City, FL1/23/20168Event Support 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/30/20168Anderson Springs 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/19/20165planning meeting 
Bob Wallacel1/20/20162Beast of Burden 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/20/20162Event Support 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/26/20162Event Support 
hanna carrollvaldosta,ga1/23/20165Clubhouse Maintenanceregistration
MickNeptune Beach, FL1/24/20166Big Shoals / Long Branch / BarnettTook down signs, looked for a list phone
MickNeptune Beach, FL1/23/201612Event SupportPhotographer
Mark WiencekLake City, FL12/17/20153Big Shoals / Long Branch / BarnettHours are for TWO PEOPLE Dale N. and I worked on construction of a new bridge over a creek near the start of the Big Shoals Trail
Mark WiencekLake City, FL12/18/20158Big Shoals / Long Branch / BarnettHours are for THREE PEOPLE. Mike T, Dale N. and I worked this day to finish the construction and installation of a new bridge on Big Shoals Trail.
sharon sheaneptune beach1/16/20164Bridge to Bridge 
Bob WallaceLive Oak12/21/201510Anderson Springstrail in very good shape
Mark & Sue WiencekLake City, FL9/12/20150.75Gar PodChain saw and lopped from start to Gar Pond. Removed one fallen tree top from overhanging trial near start. Log fall that was blocking trail near Gar Pond was already gone. Trail section was mowed, and is in excellent shape.
Mark & Sue WiencekLake City, FL9/3/20153Gar PodRemoved three tree falls, one very large multi-tree, on Gar Pond on the section from Gar Pond to Pit Pond. There is one known large multi tree fall near Gar Pond left.
Mark & Sue Wiencek, Dan DeckerLake City, FL8/18/20151.5Gar PodMark, Sue and friend Dan worked Gar Pond for 1.5 hrs. Trimmed and removed 5+ fallen trees from section from Gar Pond to Pit Pond. NOTE: There are THREE trees that will need chain saw work. One near Gar Pond the other two near Pit Pond. One near Pit Pond is a very large pine with the top across the trail in an area where reroute potential is not good.
Mark WiencekLake City, FL5/19/20153Bridge to BridgePerformed heavy trimming on last 1.5 miles of trail. Could use mowing to mulch up smaller branches left on trail.
TerryLive oak4/28/20152Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive oak4/30/20158Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive oak5/2/20157Event Support 
Mark & Sue WiencekLake City, FL5/7/20152Gar PodLeveled some of the uneven ground where fire break was cut on trail adjacent to Highway 41. Also trimmed adjacent to river where trail runs up to Pit Pond. Section is in excellent condition.
Terry WallaceLive oak4/28/20155Event Support 
Mark & Sue WiencekLake City, FL4/23/20152Gar PodLopped beginning section of trail to the point where it crossed the first fire road. Trail section is in great shape. NOTE: Controlled burn of the Gar Pond area took place on 4/24.
Mark WiencekLake City, FL4/24/20151.5Bridge to BridgeRode and did light lopping of B-B. Trail is in good shape. There is an 8"+ dia tree down adjacent to the river that needs to be cut.
Terry WallaceLive Oak, Fl4/24/20151Event Support 
Terry WallaceLive Oak, Fl4/25/20155Event Support 
Mick SheaNeptune Beach, FL4/18/20154Fosters Hammock Looplopping and marking
Bob WallaceLive Oak4/18/20156Beast of Burdentrimmed and cleaned lollypop and back out to railroad track entrance.
Bob WallaceLive Oak3/30/20152Anderson Springstrail in good shape BUT the grass and weeds are growing fast
Mark WiencekLake City, FL4/1/20152Gar PodWorked on removing stumps and bush stalks from the new "flood by-pass" trail. 80-90% of them are chopped out cut flush. Trail is pretty much ready for use now.
Mark WiencekLake City1/17/20153Gar PodI cut in a new trail section what I would call the "Flood Bypass" from a point on the fire road past Pit Pond to the trail running next to the river. This is on higher ground, and should not flood out when we have heavy rains adding in about another mile of trail which otherwise would have been bypassed. Note this section needs further work and trimming.
Bob ReddingLive Oak, Fl2/21/20150.5Big Oak  
Bob ReddingLive Oak, Fl3/2/20151Big Oak  
Bob ReddingLive Oak, Fl3/7/20151Anderson Springs 
Bob ReddingLive Oak, Fl3/9/20151Beast of Burden 
Terry wallaceLive oak1/23/20159Event SupportFilling bags and check in
Terry wallaceLive oak1/24/20158Event SupportCheck in and sag stop
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/24/20156Event Support 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/24/20156Event Support 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla10/5/20146Anderson Springs 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla10/9/20146Gar Pod 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla10/18/20145Bridge to Bridge 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla11/8/20146Beast of Burden 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla11/17/20145Big Shoals / Long Branch / Barnett 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla11/29/20145Anderson Springs 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla6/22/20146Anderson Springs 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla1/18/20156Fosters Hammock Loop 
Bob ReddingLive Ok, Fla1/13/20153Beast of Burden 
Bob ReddingLive Oak, Fla1/10/20158Beast of Burden 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/20/20155Fosters Hammock Loop 
Bob WallaceLive Oak1/10/20158Beast of Burden 
Bob ReddingLive Oak, Fl1/20/20155Fosters Hammock Loop 
Jeanne HargraveOrange Park, FL1/19/20155Sweetheart Stuff 
sharon sheaneptune beach1/17/20154Bridge to Bridgetrail is in great shape
sharon sheaneptune beach1/18/20153Big Shoalstrail is in great shape
Mick SheaNeptune Beach, FL1/17/20156Big Shoalstrail marking and cleaning with Wilbur
Mick SheaNeptune Beach, FL1/18/20153Fosters Hammock Loop 
Jeanne HargraveOrange Park, FL1/17/20154Road Marking/Ride Lead 
Jeanne HargraveOrange Park, FL1/18/20154Road Marking/Ride Lead 
Mark WiencekLake City, FL1/19/20152Gar PodTrimmed section from where trail turns off fire road towards the river and travels to the northeast.... the old flooded section. Section is in excellent condition.
Jeanne HargraveOrange Park, FL1/14/20155Sweetheart emailing etc. 
Jeanne HargraveOrange Park, FL1/13/20156Sweetheart emailing etc. 
Joy TaylorSt. Augustine, Fl1/10/201516Long Branch 
joy taylorst. augustine, fl1/10/201515Event Support 
joy taylorst. augustine, fl1/11/201512Beast of Burden 
joy taylorst. augustine, fl1/11/201516Event Support