ASUC Senate Resolution Tracker 2018-2019
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Name and Number of ResolutionPrimary Sponsor
Date Introduced
Committee(s) AssignedCommittee 1 Amended?StatusCommittee 2 Amended? StatusCommittee 3 Amended StatusFinal Status
Date of Final Action
Summary of BillAffected GroupsDirected Action
SR 18/19-001 Advocacy AgendaTeddy Lake10/10/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/31/18Outlines context, proposal, and point of contact for senators' and student advocate office's platforms ASUC Senators, Student Advocate's OfficeAccountability
SR 18/19-002 Appointed Officer Support Staff ActClaire Goudy8/22/18GovCommGovCommYesSenate FloorPassed8/29/18Incorporate clauses to enforce and uphold the implementation of nonpartisan staff members
for appointed officers ASUCBL 1401 Appointed Officers
and ASUCBL 4203 Campaign Rules & Violations
Offices of Appointed
Amend bylaws
SR 18/19-003 In Support of the 2018 National Prison StrikeTeddy Lake8/29/18ExCommExCommNoNot PassedNot Passed08/29/18Denounce the 13th amendment's "exploitative nature", support the National Prison Stirke
and urge Congress to outlaw penal labor
SR 18/19-004 To Ensure the Direction of Advocacy Agenda Revisions (TED-AAR)Aaron Bryce Lee8/29/18Senate FloorSenate FloorYesPassedPassed8/29/18Specifiy the mission of the Advocacy Agenda in the necessary bylaws and rename it
as ASUCBL 1202: Advocacy Agenda and Mission and Values Statement
Chief Legal OfficerAmend bylaws
SR 18/19-005 Revising the ASUC Volunteer Agreement Claire Goudy09/05/18GovCommGovCommYesSenate FloorPassed 09/12/18Requires non-stipended staff to electronically sign a Callink form agreeing to the ASUC Volunteer AgreementNon-stipended StaffImplement policy
SR 18/19-006 In Support of the "Affordable Housing Act" (Proposition 10)Nuha Kalfay09/05/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed 09/12/18Endorses the state of California's Affordable Housing Act (Proposition 10)California residentsEndorsement
SR 18/19-007 Amending the ASUC Housing Security Oversight CommitteeRegina Kim09/12/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed09/19/18Allows graduate students on Housing Security Oversight Committee, institutionalizes voting and restaffing processesHousing Security Oversight CommitteeAmend bylaws
SR 18/19-008 Regarding Mental Health Resources on SyllabiMelany Amarikwa09/19/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed 09/26/18Supports placing language addressing mental health and mental health resources on academic syllabi All studentsEndorsement
SR 18/19-009 To Further Clarify the Direction of the Advocacy AgendaTeddy Lake09/26/18GovCommGovCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/03/18Removes mentions of revision working groups and clarifies action items and pillarsSenatorsAmend bylaws
SR 18/19-010 Striking Mentions of Cal Lodge from the ASUC BylawsSofie Yang09/26/18FiComm and GovCommFiComm NoGovCommGovCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/03/18Revokes charter of Cal Lodge Governance Committee and removes mentions of Cal Lodge from bylawsCal Lodge Governance CommitteeAmend bylaws
SR 18/19-011 In Support of United Against Hate WeekNuha Khalfay09/26/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/03/18Supports United Against Hate Week and its annual programmingCity of BerkeleyEndorsement
SR 18/19-012 In Support of Measure PNuha Khalfay-------------Pulled from agenda because ASUC had already endorsed Measure P --
SR 18/19-013 In Support of Measure QNuha Khalfay09/26/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/17/18Endorses the Amendments to the Rent Stabilization and Eviction for Good Cause Ordinance (Measure Q)City of BerkeleyEndorsement
SR 18/19-014 Finalizing the Acquisition of BerkeleyTimeKairui Zeng09/26/18FiComm and GovCommFiCommNoGovCommGovCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/10/18Ratifies the Bill of Sale of Berkeley Time, mandates ASUC perform wire transfers totaling $70,000 less $5020.21 in ad revenue to the three creators of Berkeley TimeOffice of the Chief Technology OfficerSale and acquisition
SR 18/19-015 A Reysolution Thanking Jon ReyClaire Goudy09/26/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/03/18Thanks Jon Rey, Student Government Advising and Leadership Coordinator, for serving the ASUC for 3 years and wishes him the best in his new jobJon ReyGive thanks
SR 18/19-016 ASUC Post-traditional CommissionAlexander Wilfert10/3/18GovCommGovCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/10/18Revokes charter of ASUC Transfer and Nontraditional Students Committee and adds ASUCBL 3311 to establish ASUC Post-traditional Student Commission Transfer and Nontraditional Students CommitteeAmend bylaws
SR 18/19-017 In Opposition to the New Berkeley International Office Student Services Fee Increase
James Li10/03/18Senate FloorSenate FloorNoPassedPassed10/03/18Opposes fee increases to international students, requests CACSSF bring increase proposals for International Student Services Fee to Senate for feedback, supports creation of feedback surveyCACSSF, International StudentsEndorsement
SR 18/19-018 Demanding Transparency for International Student Services FeeJames Li10/03/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/10/18Demands Berkeley International Office publish report of International Student Fees Survey, publish breakdown of funds on their website's FAQ, and bring fee increase proposals to ASUC Senate for approvalBerkeley International OfficeEndorsement
SR 18/19-019 Amending the Tabling Requirement for ASUC OfficialsKen Lohatepanont10/03/18GovCommGovCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/10/18Amends ASUCBL 1404 to eliminate duty of CCO to require ASUC officials to table on SproulChief Communications Officer, ASUC officialsAmend bylaws
SR 18/19-020 In Support of Making the ACT & SAT Requirement Optional for UC AdmissionsNuha Khalfay10/10/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/17/18Endorses the University of California adopting an ACT and SAT optional policy for undergraduate admissionsOffice of Undergraduate AdmissionsEndorsement
SR 18/19-021 Funding ASUC Commissions and GrantsSofie Yang10/10/18FiComm FiCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/17/18Allocates money from Senate Contigency Fund to ASUC commissions and Student Commuter Grant, reallocates money from Educational Equity and Excellence Grant to Underserved Student Equity GrantMental Health Commission, Intimate Partner Violence Commission, Police Oversight Commission, Diversity Affairs Commission, AAVP Grants and ScholarshipsAllocation of funds
SR 18/19-022 Suspending ASUCBL 3209 and Restoring ASUC ScholarshipsClaire Goudy10/10/18FiComm and GovCommFiCommNoGovCommTabled Indef.Tabled Indef/Denied10/22/18Suspends ASUCBL 3209 until fourth Senate meeting of Spring 2019, amends bylaws to place Outstanding Student Recognition, RISE, and Textbook Scholarships back under AAVP Grants and Scholarships--
SR 18/19-023 In Support of the International Student Financial AidAndy Theocharous10/10/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/17/18Endorses the return-to-tuition scholarship proposal for international studentsBerkeley International OfficeEndorsement
SR 18/19-024 In Support of the Military Affairs MinorAndy Theocharous10/10/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/17/18Endorses the Military Affairs Minor ProposalUndergraduate Council and Academic SenateEndorsement
SR 18/19-025 In Support of Responsible Employee Obligations Listed on SyllabiZachary Carter10/10/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/17/18Supports placing responsible employee obligations on syllabi, including a statement of disclosure that they are mandatory reporters for Title IX violationsProfessors and graduate studentsEndorsement
SR 18/19-026 A Bill Condemning the Recent Anti-Semitic Flyers at University of California, Berkeley and Strongly Condemning all Anti-Semitic Acts in GeneralJustin Greenwald10/10/18Senate FloorSenate FloorYesPassedPassed10/10/18Calls for Chancellor Christ and Chancellor May to publicly condemn Daily Stormer, for the administration to take discplinary action against anti-Semitic propagandists, and incorporate anti-Semitism sensitivity training into Bear Territory Jewish community, AdministrationCall to action
SR 18/19-027 Creating the ad hoc Committee on ASUC ScholarshipsClaire Goudy10/17/18GovCommGovCommNoTabledGovCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/31/18Establishes an ad hoc committee to research ASUC scholarships and make recommendations to Senate for administering and governing themChief Legal Officer, Chief Financial Officer, AAVP, AAVP Grants and Scholarships, SenateAmends bylaws
SR 18/19-028 By-law Change 1306 Student AdvocateSophie Bandarkar10/17/18GovCommGovCommNoPassedPassed10/22/18Amends the bylaw on the Student Advocate's Office to clarify the office's structure, each department's duties, and the Student Advocate's ability to pursue policy initiativesStudent Advocate's OfficeAmends bylaws
SR 18/19-029 Restorative Justice Commission BillSophie Bandarkar10/17/18GovCommGovCommNoTabled IndefTabled Indef10/29/18Establishes Restorative Justice Ad-hoc Commission--
SR 18/19-030 Against Governor Brown’s Decision to VETO AB 2772Nick Araujo10/17/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/24/18Condemns Governor Brown's decision to veto AB-2772, tasks EAVP's office to lobby in support of bills like AB-2772, that mandate ethnic studies courses in high schoolsEAVP's OfficeEndorsement
SR 18/19-031 Revising ASUCBL 2314: RISE ScholarshipNick Araujo10/17/18FiComm and GovCommFiCommYesGovCommGovCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/24/18Allocates $2,500 from the Senate Contingency Fund to the RISE Scholarship, requires ABSA allocate $7,500 to RISE every year, eliminates academic achievement and community services as requirements for scholarshipChief Financial Officer, AAVP Grants and ScholarshipsAmends bylaws
SR 18/19-032 In Support of the “Farm Animal Confinement Initiative” (Proposition 12)Anna Whitney10/17/18Senate FloorSenate FloorNoPassedPassed10/17/18Endorses the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (Proposition 12)California residentsEndorsement
SR 18/19-033 A Resolution in Support of Hunger & Homelessness Awareness WeekRegina Kim10/24/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/31/18Supports Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, requires ASUC President send out a letter in support of it to student body on 11/5/18 ASUC PresidentEndorsement
SR 18/19-034 Establishing the Legal Relationships and Governance, Spaces, Finances and Fees, and Advocacy Working Groups
Alexander Wilfert10/24/18GovCommGovCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/31/18Establishes ad hoc committees for space allocation, student fees and separation of fees between ASUC and GA, advocacy collaboration with GA, and preservation of legal relationships between ASUC, GA, and UniversityASUC Senate, Elected and Appointed Officials, Graduate AssemblyAmends bylaws
SR 18/19-035 To Support the Elimination of the GBO Rental Fee Andy Theocharous10/24/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/31/18Supports Division of Student Affairs in their efforts to eliminate the GBO Housing feeDivision of Student AffairsEndorsement
SR 18/19-036 In Demand of UC Berkeley Implementing an Independent Police Advisory BoardNick Araujo10/24/18Senate FloorSenate FloorNoPassedPassed10/17/18Advocates for an Independent Police Advisory Board, pauses ASUC organizational partnership with UCPD until the board is adoptedUCPDCall to Action
SR 18/19-037 Calling for Student Voices on the Orientation Steering CommitteeNikhil Harish10/24/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed10/31/18Supports inclusion of undergraduate student and non-traditional student representatives on Orientation Steering CommitteeOrientation Steering CommitteeEndorsement
SR 18/19-038 In Opposition to Proposed Definition of Sex under Title IX and in Solidarity with Transgender and Non-Binary Students
Teddy Lake10/24/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/31/18Opposes Trump administration's proposed definition of sex under Title IX, urges administration to publicize resources for transgender, non-bindary, and gender non-conforming studentsAdministration, trans, non-binary, and gender non-coforiming studentsEndorsement
SR 18/19-039 Restorative Justice Commission BillSophie Bandarkar10/24/18GovCommGovCommYesSenate FloorPassed10/31/18Establishes the Restorative Justice ad hoc Commission Student Advocate's OfficeAmends bylaws
SR 18/19-040 In Support of a Designated Transfer Housing FacilityAlexander Wilfert10/31/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed11/07/18Supports establishment of Maximino Martinez Commons as a tranfer-specific facility, provides criteria for transfer-specific facility if Maximino Martinez Commons is not selectedTransfer studentsEndorsement
SR 18/19-041 In Support of Repealing Proposition 209Amir Wright11/7/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed1/30/19Supports the repeal of Prop 209, which prohibited affirmative action EAVP's OfficeEndorsement
SR 18/19-042 In Support Of Condemning The Results Of The USC Report On Black Students At Public Colleges And UniversitiesAmir Wright11/7/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed1/30/19Condemns the results of the USC Race and Equity Center report card that rated UC Berkeley poorly, calls on administration to adopt the report's recommendations for improving AdministrationCall to Action
SR 18/19-043 In Support of Increasing Student Representation in the Academic Senate Sophie Bandarkar11/7/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed11/28/18Supports increasing student seats on Academic Senate and sending formal memo to Academic Senate asking them to share agenda packets with ASUC ExecutivesAcademic SenateEndorsement
SR 18/19-044 In Support of Ratifying Revisions to the UCSA CharterNuha Khalfay11/14/18ExCommExCommNoGovCommGovCommNoSenate FloorPassed11/28/18Ratifies the October 2018 UCSA charter amendmentASUC, UCSARatification
SR 18/19-045 Demanding the Establishment of a University Fund for Health EmergenciesImran Khan11/28/18ExCommExCommNoDischargedInter-Semester CommitteeNoSenate FloorPassed1/23/19Supports creation of a university fund for health emergencies, supports student input on the fee's allocation committee, advises the University revisit the Emergency Operations Policy UniversityEndorsement
SR 18/19-046 The Accountability Modernization ActEvan Cui11/28/18GovComm and FiCommGovCommNoTabled IndefTabled Indef12/3/18Amends ASUCBL 1108 and 1110 to eliminate written reports beside end of semester reports and summer reports, eliminates requirement that executive officers attend the student leadership conference, eliminates winter retreat, eliminates office breakout during fall conference, changes attendance policy--
SR 18/19-047 In Support for the Expansion of Career Center's ServicesAndy Theocharous11/28/18ExCommExCommYesSenate FloorPassed1/30/19Supports and advocates for increased career center staff, services, and fundingCareer CenterEndorsement
SR 18/19-048 In Support of Banning Neonicotinoid Pesticides on CampusAnna Whitney11/28/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed1/30/19Supports banning the use of neonicitinoid pesticides on campusCALPIRGEndorsement
SR 18/19-049 Amending ASUCBL 2305: Multicultural Grant BillAndy Theocharous11/28/18GovCommGovCommNoTabled IndefTabled Indef2/4/19Amends ASUCBL 2305 to incentivize collaboration with multicultural groups on campus, give greater consideration to new collaborative events and applicants, and state that award amounts depend on number of applicants and amount of fund--
SR 18/19-050 In Support of the Elimination to the Cancel for Non-Payment (CNP) Policy Alexander Wilfert11/28/18ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed1/30/19Opposes the Cancel for Non-Payment Policy and encourages academic senate to have an open discussion about the Cancel for Non-Payment PolicyAcademic SenateEndorsement
SR 18/19-051 ASUC Campaign Finance Reform ActAaron Bryce Lee11/28/18GovCommGovCommYesSenate FloorPassed1/30/19Amends ASUCBL 4204, 4101, 4107, 4203, and 4205, reforming campaign financeElections CouncilAmends bylaws
SR 18/19-052 In Support of the City of Berkeley “Sanctuary City Contracting and Investment Ordinance”
Imran Khan11/28/18ExCommExCommNoDischargedInter-Semester CommitteeNoSenate FloorPassed1/21/19Supports the City of Berkeley's "Sanctuary City Contracting and Investment Ordinance"City of BerkeleyEndorsement
SR 18/19-053 In Support of Central American Refugees in their Pursuit of AsylumNick Araujo11/28/18Senate FloorSenate FloorNoPassedPassed11/28/18Allocated $1500 of ASUC commercial revenues to Central Americans For Empowerment (CAFE), who will donate the money to the non-profit organization Freedom for Immigrants to support refugeesCentral Americans for EmpowermentAllocation of funds
SR 18/19-054 Urging CED Dean Search Committee to Add an Undergraduate RepresentativeAnna Whitney1/21/19Senate FloorSenate FloorYesPassedPassed1/21/19Urges College of Environmental Design Dean Search Committee to add at least one undergraduate representative to the committeeCED Dean Search CommitteeEndorsement
SR 18/19-055 In Opposition to Single Family ZoningNuha Khalfay1/23/19ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed1/30/19Opposes single-family zoning in the City of Berkeley because of affordability, sustainability, and racial equity concernsCity of BerkeleyEndorsement
SR 18/19-056 In Support of the Green Affordable Housing PackageNuha Khalfay1/30/19ExCommExCommNoSenate FloorPassed2/6/19Supports the Green Affordable Housing Package, prioritizing dwelling units over parking spacesCity of BerkeleyEndorsement
SR 18/19-057 Demanding the University to Provide Exam Accommodations in RamadanImran Khan1/30/19Senate FloorSenate FloorPassed1/30/19Urges professors to accomodate exam times for students fasting for Ramadan, demand for creation of Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Muslim Student Life & Campus ClimateDean of Students, Academic Senate Chair, Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, ChancellorCall to Action
SR 18/19-058 Expansion of Funding to the RISE Scholarship in Response to Unprecedented Demand of Undocumented Student ApplicantsNick Araujo2/6/19GovComm and FiCommGovCommFiComm
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