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YitzyA sincere thank you for this challenge. You are giving us the opportunity to put our goals into practice. Who knows what kind of zechusim and eis rotzon are being stirred up in shamoyim from these kabbolos.
ELIashrei chalkacha.
PessyCannot thank you enough for everything I've learned since signing up to boost emails approx a year ago. I have gained such perspective and I am so proud of the progress I made thanks to you. I've tried this ban already before. Each time it ended when I rationalized that it is ok to get news from non-Jewish websites as long as I am strong and I avoid the news articles that are inappropriate. (Being attracted to articles like filthy celebrity news and sex crimes is what brought me to guard your eyes in the first place. Many many thanks to the GYE boost emails that have restored my sense of disgust and with it a sense of dignity!) While I am generally stronger and I do avoid the "juicy" news for the most part, I realize after hearing this wonderful "tree of knowledge" analogy that the yetzer Hara is playing with my intellectual personality and the need to be "in the know". It describes the core of my struggle really well. I check news because I like to know things. I like to know politics, science, and health information. Non-Jewish sites feel more comprehensive as sources. Then while I'm at it I get undesirable knowledge, too... I'm excited to take part in this challenge because it will be so much easier this time knowing that others are doing it with me. I know NYT, Fox News, and others won't be missing me much. Hatzlacha to all!!
EliEven though it's difficult to make this commitment. I know this commitment will make me happier. I won't be wasting time on things that are not beneficial to know but rather entertainment which may not be good for my Neshama for various reasons. Thank you GYE for challenging me to try this challenge!
SaraEveryday you succeed in this challenge is another day of huge schar! HaShem loves you so much for trying! It's time to reach out of my comfort zone and try to achieve something big and conquer this battle one day at a time!
YonaFor the last 60 days, I've stopped going on Fox and Yahoo and the difference is incredible. You don't realize how much schmutz permeates your thoughts until you cease and desist. The only site I allow is ESPN and Jewish sites.
EliGet off technology! I'm a Rebbe! I see how its killing the kids that their parents dont pay attention to them!
EyesKedushaGreat idea!
EphraimGreat Kabbalah before Shavuos! So much Bittul Torah comes from these sites.
MarcGYE gives chizuk to those who want to continue living the proper way.
AriHatzlacha rabbah to us all!
JacobHatzlakha raba
AHelp us. We look frum but it is ruining us.
EliyahuHi all GYE readers, The fact that you are even seeing this message shows you are striving to help yourselves! I'd just like to say that besides the tremendous test of staying away from extreme websites that we all know are not good I recognized from the push of this campaign for myself that even when going to Fox News or websites that shouldn't be such an issue in regards to your eyes has become a tremendous issue! The scary thing is you don't even realize it but all it takes is one article about something inappropriate in the midst of nonsense news to be trapped. The next thing you know you are looking at an inappropriate Instagram and now you have already stained your eyes!! All this for going on a website we would think is harmless. So I want to give my thanks to GYE to bringing to my attention that even a website such as the news can lead to destruction.
owenHi his is going to be hard as most of my work I do on my computer in the cloud. I hope the zechos of the kabala will pull me through.
YehonatanHi, i really don't know if I could do this, but I'm ready to fight. So, What is a good filter to have for an iPhone?
AharonHi. I would like b"h to take on the challenge until shavuos. This is especially challenging for me as i am flying internationally for a couple of days next week without my family on a airline that has no movies. I would normally be on my phone the whole time - watching the champions league soccer finals etc. Also, a lot of my work is on the phone and it is so easy for me to just go onto a website or movie for a minute while in the middle of work. May this be a zechus for parnossah for all who require it (myself including..) Thank you for your hard work
MosheI am accepting this BL"N until shavous, will also try for 30 days as well. Thanks!
JACOBI am clean of inappropriate sites for nearly two years and was waiting to get rid of spending hours on silly unnecessary time consuming entertainment on internet
BinyaminI am excited to take on this challenge to show myself what I am really capable of. I have lofty ideas of what I wish my life was like but making the changes from where I am now seems so overwhelming. This challenge gives a clear and simple way to make a smaller change that I can be"H use as a springboard for more changes. Thank you for this chizuk. I think this is the push I need right now to get myself more in line with my ideal self.
GaryI am soo grateful for what you do, ( from the time that I sponsored the $600 for the Rosh Hashanah/ Yom Kippur campaign I saw tremendous Brucha in my life including shemiras eyniyim) Thank you so much may the eibishtor bentch you
SimiI didn't originally sign up for this when it was posted on the whatsapp broadcast because i want sure I'd be able to. However, I haven't used YouTube since you posted it, and now believe i can do it. Bezras Hashem
Yisraeli have always struggled with shmiras eynayim. But one thing i have learned is no matter what, you always have to keep trying. That what counts. People fall, the real test of strength is how fast you pick yourself up.
IsakI have done it already throughout the year every so often for a few days and i can't describe it but it feels great and i have much more time on my hands to get important things done. Thank you very much for your very holy work i want to tell you the reward is already great in this world by having a sober not stressed life, i can't imagine what it will be like in the next.
YossiI hope this is good start that I'm doing. I would like to speak to someone from GYE if possible. Thank you for everything you guys do. A good Shabbos and good Yom tov.
DaniI hope to be matzliach with this challenge as will lead to other Kabalos in the future.
DaveI initially was not going to accept his challenge, but after listening to the audio by Yaakov, I decided to push myself and accept this challenge until Shavuos.
AnnaI love GYE emails! They give me chizuk and remind me about the kadosh nature of a Jewish neshama. Toda Rabah!
LeivyI love this idea and will iyh implement it. I just deleted Fox News and abc from my phone and will stop going on non Jewish websites for entertainment purposes till after shevuos. Thank you for the idea and challenge.
FaramarzI started noticing how much time is eventually wasted when all I started was to check the news. after an hour, i noticed, i had gone from News to nonsense stories such as a collapse building in India, a giant whale in Australia, or some crazy person killed his mom, dad, and then himself. Thanks for the idea. Keep up the good work. Tizku L'Mitzvot
DovidI suggest pledging to block private browsing. By doing this, we are taking away our primary hiding mechanism and we should use that blocking to grow in our Busha for Shamayim! Thank you so much. I Mamash cannot thank you enough.
AnnaI would like to accept the challenge of not using non-Kosher websites for entertainment (only if I need to genuinely order something ). Thank you for all the inspirational videos, GYE and for the chizuk!
IsaacI would like to accept the challenge to only use kosher websites for entertainment until Shavuot - beli neder.
EliyahuIf U can imagine it then U can do it
YechielI'm accepting this challenge because it's short and it's pretty well-defined. That's the type of goal I believe I can meet.
ShimmyI'm going to try and not view non kosher websites for entertainment purposes until Shavuos. Wish me luck! Thanks for the daily Chizuk!
YehoshuaIt's clear to me that I need this. I've wasted so much time with entertainment sites, time that I could've learned Torah, or spent with my family, or improved my professional skills, or used in some other productive way. I'm accepting, bli neder, a "Blanket Ban" for thirty days (that is, till the end of the month of June). This is pretty daunting for me, but I take courage from the promise that Kol Haba Letaher Mesayin Lo.
JudyIt's not a mistake that we were born in this generation and are struggling with ...this, and Hashem is so proud of this I hope I will succeed. Thank you So Much!
EliezerIY'H until Shavuos, I won't watch any television or visit any pareve non-kosher entertainment news sites. This does not exclude history documentaries or talk radio channels. Thank you GYE for doing this.
DOVIDkeep on trying, we can climb the mountain
Samkeep up your great work chazak chazak
JonathanKnowing that you are consistently sending us messages helps us now we aren't alone. thank you
ReuvenKol Hakavod! I want Torah more than anything else!
PhillLike my fellow GYErs, I struggle with lust. I also want to be more focused and believe that this challenge is a great opportunity to try both. I am going to give this a full effort and see where it goes.
PhillLike my fellow GYErs, I struggle with lust. I also want to be more focused and believe that this challenge is a great opportunity to try both. I am going to give this a full effort and see where it goes.
EliezerMay this challenge bring inspiration to all of Klal Yisroel, (frum and non frum) enabling us to bring inspiration to the rest of the world by our deeds and wisdom! Much of humanity is dying from a lack of purpose. Therefore, may we as the chosen nation change the world in totality, Amen! This is an amazing challenge for me as I have been feeling awful during the past few years from shear immorality on the internet. Now, I can cleanse my soul from such filth and madness perpetuated from today's insane media, bereft of a purpose. I know that many non jewish books are also highly corroded, but nothing comes close to corrupting ones neshama than the net, tv and all electronics in general, other then orthodox works (but never on the tv in my opinion). I'm an Aries in the Jewish zodiac which means that I'm naturally jealous and envious of others, but by ridding myself from the goyasha vibe, my sanity and love of every jewish neshama will resonate alas. Their will be no jealousy any longer as we jews are truly brothers and sisters; the most beautiful nation inside and out. Amen!
PhillipMy goal is to develop my personal relationships more which will mean to not use social media so much as a crutch.
ShmeilNo words can express my gratitude to hashem and the GYE team for the remedy that GYE provides. It helped me climbing out after a falls into the sickness of lust. Thank you! Thank you Hashem! This will be a vary hard challenge for me. In this merit I should be successful in business.
JoshuaNot only do sites bring us to fail in shemirat enayim, but they also steal our valuable time. Thank you for all your help!
JoshNot to take away from the critical issues that GYE generally focuses upon, but this sounds like a great opportunity to go a step further to be m'kadesh ourselves even b'mutar lanu (well, at least one voice in my head insists that it's mutar lanu...)
AaronOk. I would like to try till Shavuos, and then can we see after that for 30 days as well
N YPlease help me find another kosher outlet to replace it with as I know myself and will go back to it if I get down or bored. And you got me curious about the "rewards" you're offering for the Shavuos and 30 day challenge.... :-)
ymSince the lecture at the end of last week I have stepped up to the plate. It's been quite a challenge not to look at any status on what's app, including news, as well as any news websites. With all this free blocks of time, I've been picking up a Sefer to learn and covering a lot more. Your Zchus in being Mezakah the rabim is unbelievable.
BenSuch a good idea - even if there's nothing wrong, making a fence helps put you back on track.
MichaThank you all for raising the bar. I need this break from entertainment, but can't do it alone.
yeruchamthank you for all your work
ChaimThank you for being a unique and special place that inspires me every day... especially with the nisyanos of being in a (university) school with 99% goyim
Yitzchokthank you for giving me the push to do this
AnonymousThank you for the challenge.
AvrohomThank you for this opportunity for me to be michazek myself! I would like to use this as a push for me avoid these sites as not just as entertainment, but also to avoid them because of boredom etc. Thank you for this push!
LuisThank you for this timely challenge for our generation. We indeed are most harassed and threatened from worldly means and people even to our innermost being and Neshamah than ever before but Hashem provides a way out and Chizuk like you all at GYE. Thank you! Shalom.
DanielThank you helping me realize that even some of my more "benign" activities are problematic and eschewing them can be a catalyst for greater growth.
ShaindyThank you so much for all the chizuk GYE has provided!
AsiThank you so much for doing this
YaakovThank you so much!
YoelThank you. This brings closer the moshiach
dovThanks for giving me the chizuk to try for something I would have thought is too difficult for me!!
LeibThanks for the challenge! Just the thing to keep me on track.
BaruchThanks for this great idea!
JackThanks so much for giving me chizik may hashem bless you all
YosefThere are hundreds of kollels, hundreds of yeshivas, hundreds of gemilat chasadim organizations....there is only ONE GYE!
KyleThis challenge forces me to make a choice every moment. Am I a yid, a child of Hashem, or am I goy, living like the rest of society in Canada. Baruch HaShem, we have GYE to thank.
NesanelThis challenge will help us put things back into normal perspective. Hashem is on our side!
DanThis is a very good initiative! Most of the time when one is looking for entertainment is when he lets his guard down. Another good one is not taking your smart phone to the bathroom with you! Yeshar koah
EliahuThis is a very important challenge. Either until Shavuot, or for 30 days, by accepting it you show Hashem that you are willing to sacrifice for Him, to give something of yours to Him. By accepting this, apart from rising to a higher spiritual level, you show him that you really want to be on his side, the good side. And the more it costs you, the more reward, as the Mishna says in Avot: Lefum Tzaara Hagra, according to the effort, the reward. Beat your Yetzer and aim for this challenge!
DavidThis is genuinely brilliant you're empowering us to empower ourselves. Thank you very much for all of your constant Focus effort and chizuk
ReubyThis is my own personal kabbolas ha torah. Thanks for your wonderful website
eliThis proposition is genius in that it doesn't collide with the yetzer hara 'head on' so to speak, rather, yes have entertainment, just keep it kosher. Please keep such ideas and periodic campaigns coming! Innovation in this battle is key, and clearly Hashem has given you that siyaata dishmaya. Though you may think the ideas are simple, suffice it to say that its a lot harder to think of these ideas when youre on the 'inside' fighting from within. The yetzer hara usually gives you an all or nothing attitude, and thats something that clearly you are creative at tackling. Another example would be the 'taphsic method'. This is absolute genius, and I thank Hashem for coming across it on your website. May I humbly suggest that you put more effort in publicizing it. I think it would help a lot of yirei shamyaim and ehrliche yidden who want to grow and do grow, but just in this battle find themselves constantly falling back. Yiyasher kochchem!!
MosheTizku limitzvos!!!!!
VisnitzTo stop to search bad things. You People are wonderful
YosefWe all need chizuk, thank you GYE. I try to minimize all sites but sometimes with news ,one gets carried away .Thank you for the challenge.
NaftoliWe can do this. Kul Hakavod for creating this idea. Had I not seen it I would not be as motivated to commit myself. This gives me agree self motivator to keep myself in a good place. Keep up the great work you're doing awesome things
JonWhen I feel tainted, God, remind me that I am holy. When I feel weak, teach me that I am strong. When I am shattered, assure me that I can heal. When I am weary, renew my spirit. When I am lost, show me that you are near. Amen.
menachemWhen I saw how many people are doing this it gave me the courage to say I can do it too! Chazak!
BWow wow wow!!! Thank you so much for this intiative which will be a zechus for each individual and klal yisrael as a whole. I am tremendously inspired time and time again. The daily boost are like water to the soul. It fills up our thirst instead of looking to fill it up with not the right things. I truly appreciate all that you do. You should be gebentshed with all good and sweet.
AriYes I am will to take on the challenge of only using the internet for work or Torah learning purposes only, not for any entertainment.
DavidYou guys are amazing!
AliyahuYou have all helped me so much in such incredible ways. Keep on being mekadeish Klal Yisroel. It can never hurt to try to push your boundaries. When I realized that I should stop watching movies, my decision wasn't concrete ("I'll never watch a movie ever again!"); rather my mindset was "I think I could do it, so I'll give it a shot for a short time, and we'll see what happens". B"H, I must say it worked quite well. So, what are you waiting for?
EliYou're doing incredible things. I envy your place in Gan Eden
davidHi i get your daily whatsapp and enjoy it immensely. I was BH mekabel upon myself rosh chodesh elul to never go to youtube again and chasdei Hashem i have never looked backed and its almost 10 months. It can sometimes be hard because many news sites will have their video format as a youtube i have realized its not so important to have to see visualized every news story. Anyhow please keep up the good work!
AviI deactivated my Instagram account and deleted the app. I deleted two entertaining apps just today. (Tubi and CW). Thanks in Advance!!
BlimeeThank you so much for all that you do. I gain so much inspiration and chizuk. i appreciate all the hard work you do to help so many individuals. Each day I look forward to your email and enjoy it so much.
Regarding todays email booster I'd like to take part in the challenge.

Thank you so much
MalkaChasdei Hashem! The boost message from today was very inspiring and enlightening. After getting some sad news about a member from my community, I have wanted to step up and change something but I couldn't figure out what to do. B"H for GYE! I am hoping to be apart of this challenge and try to stay off of Instagram until Shavuot, and iy"H after too!! Thank you for inspiring me and so many other Yiddin!! May the zechus of our mesiras nefesh bring comfort to this family as well as bringing the yeshuot klal yisroel need!
BecherLet’s be brave and go for 30 days. This is gonna be a tough one but im in!!!
marchThank you for all the chizuk that you give me on a daily basis. Without an organization like GYE, I would feel lost and all alone but thanks to you, even though it’s still a daily struggle, I feel like I could make it through.
EliTizku lemitzvos
Naftali"I would like to accept the challenge not to use non Jewish sites...
I learn a lot from your daily emails and use them in my shiurim as I am a high school teacher."
ChaimThank you for providing a practical way of working on this important mitzvah! It made me think about where I’m up to and where I want to go. I was so inspired by Rabbi Nadel’s boost that I deleted all non-Jewish apps from my phone to make it only Jewish-sourced-entertainment.

Thank you again for all the inspiring boosts day in, day out! The zchus should protect all those that are involved to actualize this beautiful program! Continued Hatzlachah!!
YisraelI live in a beach town. When I leave the street every day I listen to the gye shiur every day whilst I am walking as a 'guard'. Thanks so much for the daily chizuk