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TimestampSchool SiteSet a focus. How will you process through the data to determine a professional development focus? What data will you use to inform this decision?How will you build ownership among the teachers?What student work will you use to measure progress?What professional reading will you use to build understanding?How long do you think this will take?How will the principal, coach and leadership team collaborate?Summary of monthly plan for Large Group - Small Group - One on One
9/16/2016 9:47:37Alice BirneyStudent Data- formative assessment (EM), interim, exit tickets, writing sample, beginning of year data, core growth, Thursday Discovery. MPsMathematics of hope/protocol or Jo Boaler / reading socialization, Math happy hour, growth mindset, feedback (growth, praise)Report cardsGrowth Mindset Readings, feedback, C&CAll year.TogetherLarge Group: PBIS -> opening activity -> 9/12 math activity (# grid) -> 9/26 reading/protocol
Small Group: 1T collab, 2T collabs
9/16/2016 9:54:19AmbrosiniCAASPP, STAR Math, EDY NWEA *Identify an area of weaknessLooking at data collectively (all our students), Making decisions together - how can we use the data, teacher survey.Progress monitoring - STAR Math assessments, weekly math review? data, kahoot quiz.Boaler book, mathematics of hope article, Wiggins2 years & on, even after grant ends- ongoing/always reflectingMonthly meeting scheduled for leadership teacher - provide feedback & supportLarge Group: Aug. STAR Math training, Sept. Professional reading on board- ice breaker (start date for weekly math review?), Oct. Brad Ballinger (staff activity)

Small Group: Meet with RCPLI collaborative team, grade level teams release day to create weekly math practices, STAR math rests, creates R&I support groups

One-on-One: Teacher leaders meet 1:1 with individual teachers
9/16/2016 10:00:07Arcata ElementaryFocus: Improve student achievement. Measure this through student engagement.
What data? Observations
Teacher input, professional developmentPerformance tasks -> teacher input at each grade level to determine what this will look like.Joe Boaler book, growth mindsetFeedback, Small Group: Homework/reflection (3-5) and stem w/ Beth (Tk-2)

Work on plan, steam share... what have you done?, volunteers for October observation, mathematical practices, you need to use so your students will use.
What do you need from us?

Other notes (unknown category): low floor high ceiling, feedback article, our language, types of problems given/how you ask set of tiles, growth mindset vs. fixed mindset (in math & our teaching)
9/16/2016 10:04:12Dow's PrairieStandards of mathematical practices.
New curriculum - Number corner & Go math!
Number Sense - key areas of focus
Expand team
Grade level & mixed grade work/committees
Math talk posters, video of lessonsArticle about mathematical practices, standards matrix, and progression through K-2A yearRCPLI Team - monthly, committee & Grade level - MondayLarge Group: Aug: Staff Development, Sept: Standards, Nov: Sample Lesson, Mar: Sample lesson, May: Curriculum Review

Small Group: Monthly: grade level, committee (LA, Math, PBIS), RCPLI team meetings monthly

One-on-One: Observations
9/16/2016 10:11:33FieldbrookThe staff at F.B. school will have an improved math learning environment.
- Attention to standard mathematical practices.
-Sharing, engaging
Lessons, low floor, short, fun, consistent focus, offer district unitUnit assessment - interview? IAC, IABJo Boaler, Hand outs2 yearsMeet 1st Wed. of month TR 10 12:30-1 to plan/staff meetings.Large group: Sept.12: Intro, Standards, pattern/blue pages , Sept. 26: Revisit, Oct. 3: Low floor, high ceiling (2 activities), Boaler activity, Oct. 17: People share out, parla assignment - "use low floor.. with a lesson you are planning"
9/16/2016 10:16:02GrantStudent engagement, constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others, teacher collaboration RCPLI Bring in pieces of our PD to the staff, share successes and lessonsObservations of students, 'green' sections in everyday mathWiggins, Freakanomics, School culture rewired, Sweany, BoalerOngoing process...Large Group: Aug/Sept.: Meet with leadership to schedule times, Oct./Nov.: Staff Development Mtg #1, Jan/Feb: Staff Dev. Mtg #2, Mar/Apr.: Staff Dev. Mtg #3

Small Group: K-2 meets & 3-5 meets - revisit #1 , use "strengths-based feedback" to further growth

One-on-One: Peer observations (who will cover classes?), Bring in expert support to individual classrooms (Beth E., Kim S., Brad B., HSU Students, etc.)
9/16/2016 10:25:45Hoopa - Cindy McKinnonIntroduce the mathematical practices, Teachers will learn to successfully use math practice standardsEach teacher is part of process - goal setting, activitiesPrevious work from activities (samples)Jo Boaler excerpts & readings1 yearWords of encouragement, 4th Thursday meet & plan for next math valueLarge Group: Overview of mindset video (week 1)

Small Group: K-2,3-5,6-8 reading discussion, share activities from last month

One on One: Create grade level activity for week 4 (week 3)
9/16/2016 10:23:07Hoopa-John Snell7 Positive Norms, Growth Mindset, Standards
Share week 4 activity info blowing week large group activity
Share ideas & making them part of the creative team.Work sample from week 4 activity monthly.Jo Boaler Mathematical Mindset1 yearPrincipal, coach, leadership meet on week 4 PD to review & plan next week Ensure standards are met.Large Group: Aug: Intro 7 Pos. Norms, Sept.: Overview & Pos. Norms growth mindset, Oct: Week 1- everyone can learn, Nov.: Week 1: Mistakes are valuable, Jan: week 1 - questions are important, Feb: week 1 - math is about creativity and making sense, Mar: week 1 - math is about connections & communicating, Apr: week 1- math class is about learning not performing, May: week 1- Depth is more important than speed

week 2- TK-2, 3-5, 6-8 Brainstorm Activity

Week 3- Create grade level activity for week 4, prep grade level activity
9/16/2016 10:29:31LafayetteFocus: 8 Math Practices are the driving force for math at Lafayette school. Year 1 focus on the 4 of the 8 MP, year 2 focus on the other 4.
Beginning of year- staff survey to gather data on what they know about 8MP
Staff evaluations, Team approach-collaboration, posters of 8MP in each roomChecklistsJo Boaler - Mathematical Mindsets2 yearsGoogle CommunityLarge Group: Aug: Survey to staff, Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Dec. 2, Jan. 24, March 2., April 25., May 23.

Small Group: PLC once a month

One On One: Lisa- works with 4/5 grade teachers, Quincy- help where needed, assist TK/K/1, Ursula- 2/3 grade teachers, Hope- TK/K/1 grade teachers
9/16/2016 16:49:18Mary PeacockGrowth Mindset - Why?
Low CAASPP scores
Learned helplessness
Afraid to persevere/fail
Built the 'why'
Math team building
Small group work
The use of sentence frames for students to share reflections/questions about their own learning, (ex: evidence of growth, questions, homework, etc. and compare to end of year)Jo Boaler readings & videos with small group discussions with protocol
Freakanomics pod casts feedback
Ted Talks, RA, Julie Wright (yellow)
2+ yearsTBD with additional staff members
1x/month - prior to PTSO meeting?
Large Group: 15-16= mathematics of hope discussion and team video, Aug.: article or video (Boaler), Sept: Dweck article or video Oct: Stall Street journal

Staff Meetings 30 min 1xmonth or so.... PLC times- some

Small Group: math game/CAASPP data - discussion

One-on-One: Observe and discuss (instructional coaches) (principals) (subs= Title 1 1/2 day) 3 rounds/day, schedule, fridays?
9/16/2016 16:52:39MorrisMath practice standards through the implementation of BridgesOne on one conversation grade level meeting staffIAB , observations, self assessmentsYouCubed, Jo Boaler, Bridges Ed Site2 yearsGoogle, monthly small group meetings Large Group: Staff Pd, Extended Monday
Small Group: Grade level, grade level/team
9/16/2016 16:57:38Orleans- Karen ColeIntroduce and practice the positive norms to encourage in math class - Jo Boaler
Focus on Mathematical Practice Standards
Teacher input
Sharing our ideas and making them part of the goal-setting processWork samples from a monthly activityJo Boaler - Mathematical Mindsets1 year4th Thursday meet to reflect and plan for next months whole groupLarge Group: 1st Thursday, overview of 7 norms (growth mindset) - video or 2, Norm #1-7 each month

3rd Thursday (15-20 min) (Tk-2),(3-5),(6-8) Reading 1 - Save last word

---> Collaboration (15-20 min) chose activity to try - work samples (share following month)
Once a month (15-20 min visits)
9/16/2016 17:04:38Pacific UnionIncrease student achievement and encouragement and integrate resource board strategies through collaboration & peer observation & collaboration.Teacher input on collaboration focus
- Strength based
Peer Observation 3-4 x 5 2-4= I'd like to work on xyz
1.If you want, coaching is available (4 team= mandatory)
2. Everyone will observe/debrief
CAASPP/KST 1st? 2nd?Lesson study models, mathematics of hope to start out the conversation, collaboration, Sarah # talks, Engagement1 yearMeet/Prep after school to planLarge Group: Sept. 26-Math Monday to introduce concept M. of Hope & Protocol strengths last... Jan.: RCPLI PD- Dan Myer? , Ted & problem # talks, March: RCPLI PD ----> engaged learners

Small Group: Aug-Nov.: Protocol Stairs, peer obsv., debrief, Dec.-Mar: engagement, peer debrief ----> what does it look like?

One on One: Aug-Nov: Set up peer observation, Dec.-Mar: Peer observations ---> How do I see it in my room? Your room?

Core group= coaching, observation, new practices
Easy CBM
9/16/2016 17:14:01Pine GroveStrength based feedback on 8 mathematical practices
-Staff survey
-use following data: CAASP 3-5, school city assessment, KST Tk/K
Jo Boaler- Ch.1, Ch. 2, Ch. 9
-Feedback in student-center coaching
SAVE the Last word for Me
Procedures and operations (not assessment always)
-numbers and operations
"what forms of evidence should we bring" student work
Jo Boaler- excerpts Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch. 9
Role of Feedback in student-center coaching
2+ years and beyond-Monthly collaboration during travel time
-@ PLC meetings (15 minutes as needed)
-before staff meetings as needed
Large Group: staff meeting
Small Group: school site PLC's
One on One: site grade level planning
9/16/2016 17:20:39Redway1. All teachers will give students BM tests for Envision
2. Look at data for strengths and weaknesses
3. Look at CAASPP results.
Goal Oriented Grade Level Collaboration- GOGLC
A greater understanding from teachers about students.
Give the a voice/listen to needs
Grade levels set goals for TRUE collaboration
Envision benchmarks
Placement/Topic/End of year test
Envision performance tasks
Various authors/hand-outs given before meetings, discuss implications with teachers as whole group and small groupsBaby steps- a school yearAt meetings regularly scheduled/2x/trimesterLarge Group: Staff Mtg: share out PD(whole staff), discuss grade level collaboration meetings... RCPLI meets again on 24th
Small Group: set goals for grade level meetings Spet. 21
9/16/2016 17:25:56RedwoodCAASPP data, look at weak strands and backward plan with lower grades
Focus on the math area for all grades K-2 look at need for grade levels
Crop grade level articulation- Google doc with linked resources, ideas, grade level meetings, partner meetings, RLC time, identify problems-solutionsInterim tests, CFA's, benchmarks, math performance tasksMathematical mindsets, school culture rewired, Instructional strategies [mathematical practices]Forever- ongoing, year by year, 2 yearsGoogle docs, PLC meetings, on-going meetingsLarge Group: Aug. 25 staff meeting, 2x/month/yearly staff meetings, district PLC meetings

Small Group: 2x/month/yearly PLC team meetings, math leadership team, cross grade articulation

One on One: 1x/month
9/16/2016 17:29:42Rio DellK-2: MAPS previous spr. results
3-8: CAASPP summative MAP

Post std mathematical practice; each teacher will be able to point to a math practice imbedded in each lesson, promote growth mindset, feedback over advice?
Professional readings, modeling, practice, year-long implementation, time to share successful lessonsMAP scores, student work, decided by each grade level groups at previous PLCSchool Culture Rewired, selections from Mathematical MindsetSept 2016-June 2017Set meeting dates monthlyLarge Group: Use of CAASPP & MAP, Kim Sutton event

Smal Group: determining math focus first trimester

One-on-One: each work with one other teacher
9/16/2016 17:34:30Smith RiverFocus- Mathematical Practice Standards (8)
PBIS - behavior (SWIS)
Teacher knowledge through activities & articles
Common formative assessments
During PD- demonstrate activities, STEAM Technology supportsurveys, exit tickets, GLAD units, assessments (interem, common formative)Boaler, Julie Wright's Role of Feedback, School Culture Rewired article1+ years (ongoing)Set up times (every 2 weeks), Google docsLarge Group: Aug: Intro 8 practices, school culture survey, rhythm & combinations activity
Sept: revisit how activity went (feedback)
Oct: pick own activity to showcase
Nov-Dec.: Focus: What does student engagement look like?
Jan/Feb: Model how to incorporate the 8 practices with a given standard (pinterest)

Small Group: small group technology (apps), special needs, highlight practices in teacher editions.. How can we bring in more practices?, How can we increase engagement within our lesson?

One on one: specific support
9/16/2016 17:37:48South FortunaRCPLI - Improve math instruction school wide
*CASPP- Interim Assessments
Build school community
Teacher given freedom to take chances
Allowing choice by teachers based on data
teacher observation / tasks/ journalsSchool Culture Rewired
Jo Boaler
Mathematics of Hope
Ongoing...Scheduled large group, monthly team meetingsLarge Group: Aug: Jo Boaler Video, 9/24: Rcpli, 10/15: CMCFN, 1/6-1/7: Friday night steam conference, 2/11 HCOE, 3/17-3/18: HSU

Small Group: PLC's new teachers on leadership team discuss goals
9/16/2016 17:43:01WashingtonTo support our colleagues with the core standards and everyday math adoption
Including prep for lessons
report card support
Survey, exit tickets @ staff meeting, math check in at staff meetings
Asking for input, sharing ideas, or what has been working, kids reactions, and data from above questionAssessments- agreed upon per grade level, may be supplemented?
Informal assessment
Jo boaler, math talks, Dan Meyer- Ted Talks, Grant Wiggins- yellow paperyear long - foreverEmail, monthly meetings, frequent check insLarge Group: Every Month 10 min check ins at staff meeting,survey staff, report card decisions about NRs have they seen it? et copies, Feb: Report card check in, May-June:Reflection

Small Group: once a month
-math happy hour: open for questions, share news, prep materials make kit with cutters, glue, scissors, ziplock bars, cricut maybe? card stock, etc.

One on one: ask Sami & Julie to join team - up to staff maybe consult with Beth Baker
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