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` Engineering & Positioning Workshop 2019

Survey and Spatial New Zealand (S+SNZ) Engineering Surveying and Positioning & Measurement Professional Streams are holding a one-day workshop in Christchurch on Friday, 04 October 2019. This annual event is a joint stream initiative providing an opportunity for technical development and networking.

The workshop will commence at 9am and officially end at 5pm, giving attendees living outside of Christchurch the opportunity to fly in, attend the workshop and fly out on the same day. An open forum and informal networking will continue from 5.00pm – 6.30pm. The purpose of this event is to showcase projects and/or use of technology, in order to share learnings and inspire innovation with our peers. Members and non-members are invited. If you're not a member, join us now and save.

This event is suitable for Land Surveyor, Cadastral Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Design Engineer, Engineering Surveyor, Geodetic Surveyor, Survey Technicians, and related professionals.
Location:Sudima Christchurch Airport
S+SNZ Diamond Partners:
For exhibiting enquiries, contact max@surveyspatialnz.org
04/10S+SNZ Engineering & Positioning Workshop 2019
MC: Bruce Robinson & Michael Cutfield
Event Code: #EnPoWor19
TimeSessionLearning Summary

15 min

Opening of Seminar
Bruce Robinson & Michael Cutfield
Chairs: Positioning and Measurement and Engineering Surveying
Our stream reps will open the seminar for the day.
WORKSHOP 109:15am

30 min Workshop
UAV Survey
LiDAR and Photogrammetry

Presenter: Phil Dewar
Registered Professional Surveyor | Fox & Associates

hil Dewar is a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor and RPSurv with Fox and Associates. Since graduating in 2003, Phil has worked in Christchurch as a cadastral surveyor and spatial specialist. Through the years of Canterbury earthquake surveys and more recently with the aerial survey revolution and explosion of point cloud data – both aerial and terrestrial – he has developed considerable skills in spatial data capture, analysis and presentation.
The arrival of LiDAR has presented us with additional opportunities for UAV surveying. This presentation will discuss UAV survey data capture using LiDAR and photogrammetry: client expectations, mission planning, comparison of the two data capture methods, data processing and presentation. Using a case study, we will look at an example of precise aerial data capture and compare these two methods.
PARTNER 109:45am

15 min
Boost Efficiency and Access
to Spatial Data
Through Mobile Mapping


Presenter: Steven Sheppard
Geospatial Solutions Specialist | AllTerra

Formerly Geosystems NZ Ltd, AllTerra symbolises a new brand with a fresh look and feel. We are proud to represent the Trimble brand for the past 30 years and are all working hard to serve geospatial professionals and bring the great Trimble portfolio along with our industry-leading expertise. S+SNZ members can contact AllTerra to discuss their hardware, software, support and training requirements.
With mass data capture and safety at its core vehicle-mounted mobile spatial imaging systems allow you to rapidly collect enormous amounts of highly accurate, geo-referenced spatial data and transform it into information-rich 3D models. Trimble integrates our industry leading geo-referencing technologies with very precise, high-speed laser scanning and high-resolution imaging sensors.
WORKSHOP 210:00am

30 min
Not All Point Clouds Are
Created Equal

Presenter: Michal Tutko
Surveyor | Eliot Sinclair

Michal has been working with Eliot Sinclair for 8 years specializing in 3D laser scanning and UAV photogrammetry. Through his involvement in various high profile projects including historical reinstatements and forensic investigations Michal has been focusing on improving survey methodology, QA, providing quality deliverables and enabling the use of terrestrial laser scanning in non-traditional areas.
The acquisition and delivery of point clouds have been part of survey practices for some time. However, planning is an essential element before starting data collection. This presentation will focus on client conversations at the outset, different field methods, data collection options, output types and potential sources of error which could influence the final deliverable.
10:30amMORNING TEA | Supported by GSI Insurance
WORKSHOP 311:15am

30 min
What Is It and How do I Use It?

Presenter: Paula Gentle
Senior Positioning Advisor | LINZ

Paula Gentle is a Senior Positioning Advisor with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). As part of her role is responsible for the LINZ PositioNZ CORS network and is involved in many geodetic related activities including the local tie surveys between space geodesy infrastructure and GNS Science campaigns to measure land deformation. Paula has a Bachelor of Surveying (BSurv) from University of Otago and completed a Graduate Diploma in Science majoring in Geophysics (GDipSc) from Victoria University of Wellington last year. In January 2018 Paula was selected as a 40 Under 40 Remarkable Geospatial Professionals by xyHt Magazine.
PositioNZ-PP is the LINZ GNSS post processing service. The service was developed so the community can submit static data collected at a base station and get a coordinate in terms of NZGD2000/NZVD2016 and the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF). Since its release in 2014 the service is regularly being used by the community as well as being regularly used at LINZ to enhance the geodetic annual programme and the National Geodetic Adjustment.

This presentation will give an overview of the service, briefly looking under the hood to see how the time dependent coordinates are calculated, what information goes into the service and how the resultant data can be used.
WORKSHOP 411:45pm

30 min presentation

Practical Static GNSS
for Control Surveys

Presenter: Bruce Robinson
Director | Global Survey

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Surveying (with credit) from Otago University in 1989 I have been working in the surveying/construction industry. I obtained my registration as a licensed cadastral surveyor in South Africa in the mid-90s and in again in New Zealand in the late 90s.

Initially at Global Survey (NZ Leica Geosystems agent) I worked in a technical support and project delivery role. My current internal focus is on the integration of Geomatic hardware, IT, and Communication technology to improve spatial data capture, analysis, and client delivery. This includes the development of Python applications to assist.
Static GNSS surveys are an extremely effective way of establishing control on a site. This presentation is designed to help guide those who may need to do a control survey in the future for their licensing project or engineering/cadastral site requirements. Discussion on observation strategy, observation times and expected accuracies will be presented. The Goal of the presentation is to give the attendees a guide to enable them to feel confident in using static GNSS.
PARTNER 201:30pm

15 min
Revealing Reality: The Technology
and Applications of Concrete
Scanning by GeoRadar

Accurate Instruments

Presenter: Bill Gyde
Area Sales Manager | Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd

Accurate Instruments supply an extensive range of instrumentation for a wide range of industries and go to great depths to ensure clients achieve the results and accuracies needed to accomplish intended applications. They do this by providing comprehensive advice on the appropriate technology to use for particular projects, and by giving best practice instruction and training in correct onsite use and methodology.
An eyeglass into the C-Thrue concrete analysis GPR system, exploring new features developed through years of ongoing research and development. Reviewing how new functions can aid civil and structural engineers by increasing the amount of data collected, utilising simple user friendly scanning techniques!

Showcasing the units flexibility in usage and output, as well as presenting on data accuracy, advanced data visualization – including augmented reality and real time data processing.

Happy to answer any and all questions at the seminar, see you then!
WORKSHOP 501:45pm

15 min presentation

NULCA NZ - Underground
Services Location

Presenter: Elle Archer
Director | Accurate Instruments (NZ) Ltd

Elle Archer has been involved in technology and sustainable solutions for 12 years. A self-confessed geek, she is multi-science educated, and applies this knowledge to aid in providing technology and programme solutions across multiple industry sectors.

She works in and advocates for: Smart Cities NZ, Smart Industries Global, Industry Pathway Development, and Youth Empowerment, within NZ and the South Pacific.
Nulca NZ is the industry association representing underground service Location and those involved in locating and protecting New Zealand's underground infrastructure.
Our mission is to build a utility locating industry that sets a global benchmark for capability, best practice, and innovation.

We are currently building partnerships with industry, asset owners, and other interested parties.

During this brief session we will endeavour to bring listeners up to speed with our History, Purpose, and Next Steps.
WORKSHOP 602:00pm

30 min

Why NZVD2016 Is Just
in Time

Presenter: Sam Hackett
Senior Surveyor – Mobile Mapping Manager | Woods

Sam has been involved in surveying for 17 years, working in Northland New Zealand, Queensland Australia, and now in Auckland. During his time in Queensland he was involved with high-value industrial, residential and commercial projects and mobile LiDAR mapping projects. He has developed experience with Mobile Laser Scanning, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and LiDAR processing. Sam manages Woods Mobile Laser Scanning and is an integral part of Woods Geospatial technical specialist team. He has a passion for providing innovative and efficient solutions for projects of any scale.
The age of lasers is upon us! Aerial LiDAR however, the grandfather of the spatial laser industry, has already become a mature technology with widespread applications, and the capture hardware is more capable than ever before. The LAS data format has long been the international standard for LiDAR data and it is the most widely used point cloud data format in the world. To understand why it is so popular we first refresh how LiDAR is captured, and, while the data format has evolved with a focus on aerial LiDAR, could it be the standard for all point clouds?

Aerial LiDAR projects use INS navigation based on GPS, and are therefore in terms of an ellipsoid until they are processed to a different datum. LiDAR projects typically span much larger areas than other types of surveys, sometimes covering entire regions. We take a closer look at NZGeoid2016 and explore when it is practical to use as a local reference surface in contrast to when it is better applied as a datum.
PARTNER 302:30pm

15 min
A Few Good Words
Eighty4 Recruitment

Presenter: Michael Cutfield
Stream Leader, Engineering Surveying Stream

Eighty4 Recruitment Ltd provides recruitment and human resource consultancy services. Their services offered include:
- full HR analysis and review;
- building successful teams;
- recruitment strategies and best practice;
- access to local and global candidates ready to move;
- returning Kiwis;
- market map the competition.
S+SNZ members are eligible to one HR or Recruitment consultation free of charge (for up to one hour) from Eighty4 Recruitment. This is a maximum of one per member and company per financial year.
Eighty4 Recruitment is all about networking. The event MC will explain a competition with our representative Sean Buck who will be attending the event.
PARTNER 403:30pm

15 min
Leveraging Cutting-Edge
Technology to Collect More
Detailed and Complete Datasets
Quicker and Safer Than Ever

Global Survey

Presenter: Richard Harrison & Lennon Bedford
Technical Specialists | Global Survey

For more than three decades, as Leica agents, Global Survey have matched innovative leading edge solutions to meet customer needs. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of technology, introducing innovative and leading edge solutions to New Zealand surveyors. Our service and support team are industry experts and are regularly trained to keep their technical knowledge up to date.

Talk to us about the latest in total stations, laser scanning, GNSS, survey software, GIS, BIM and the SmartFix GNSS Reference Solution.
The deployment of modern positioning and measurement technologies allows surveyors to collect more accurate, detailed and complete spatial data than ever before in quicker and safer ways. This presentation will showcase three real-world examples that support this claim.

- Mobile Mapping of a busy road in Christchurch for engineering design
- A topographical survey for a 5km road upgrade using a GNSS rover with tilt pole and multi-constellation satellite tracking, which removed the need for extensive TPS traversing
- Terrestrial Laser Scan of Baldwin Street to support an attempt to claim back the title of the “World’s Steepest Street”
WORKSHOP 803:45pm

30 min

Everything You Ever Wanted
to Know About Satellite InSAR
Monitoring and Applications

Presenter: Eric Audigé
Managing Director | Sixense Oceania Pty Ltd

Eric is an engineer and business manager with 30 years of experience in monitoring. Throughout his career he has driven the development and international applications in more than 20 countries of new monitoring solutions in a wide range of domains, including the environment, Defence & security, nuclear energy, mining and civil construction. This cross-sectorial and cross-cultural experience has enhanced his passion for innovation and seen him launch new monitoring solutions which have become industry standard. After relocating in Australia in 2009, Eric joined Sixense in 2013 as Managing Director of the Oceania branch of Sixense Group to foster real-time monitoring in civil construction and mining.
Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) is a technique that can identify ground movement from satellite observations. InSAR is not new but its cost of deployment didn’t allow for usage on relatively small projects. The somewhat recent remarkable development of computer power has been a game changer.

After a presentation – or reminder - of the technology, Eric will detail what is technically and commercially available today. He will then demonstrate InSAR applications (ATLAS) and benefits in both, urban and rural environment with an eye-opening view on the potential future of precise levelling.
WORKSHOP 904:15pm

30 min

Capturing the Real World
for Design, Analysis, and
Immersive Experiences

Presenter: Simon Yorke & Kat Salm
Advanced Design Technologist & Senior Geospatial Consultant | Aurecon

Simon Yorke is an Advanced Design Technologist for Aurecon, a global consulting, engineering, management and specialist technical services firm. As a designer, modeler, simulator, maker, and futurist, he has a passion for good design and innovative use of emergent technologies. For the last 15 years Simon’s work has focused on identifying and integrating intelligent design and simulation tools into the AEC industry. Simon and the team at Aurecon are currently focussed on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Reality Capture technologies, from photogrammetry, laser scanning and UAV’s through to VR/AR simulators for stakeholder digital design engagement.

Dr Kat Salm is an experienced senior geospatial consultant at Aurecon and is currently working as the Digital Visualisation Lead in NCTIR (North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery). Her experience spans geospatial and capability development across government, industry, and academia.
The way we interact with the design process is evolving, from how we capture information about the world around us, to how we engage with design data. This talk will showcase how we've combined the emergent technologies of reality capture with immersive design and adopted them into daily workflows, enabling us to perform tasks that seemed impossible not long ago by augmenting our abilities with smarter tools. We’ll journey through a series of real-world projects that have benefited from the combination of these technologies, from the procedural generation of large scale land projects for VR stakeholder engagement, to VR & AR tools for designing away from the desktop. Finally, we’ll explore a project that links reality capture to computational design workflows for analysis and design automation. Connecting that data to digital fabrication (both Additive & Subtractive) Then show how the data was live linked to AR for construction guidance & asset tracking.

15 min

Closing of Seminar
Bruce Robinson & Michael Cutfield
Chairs: Positioning and Measurement and Engineering Surveying
Our stream reps will close the seminar for the day.