Afghan civilian damages
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DateAllegationDetailsRegimentCivilians killed (alleged or otherwise)civilians wounded/injured (alleged or otherwise, minor or otherwise)Notes
April 10, 2005road traffic accidentOn April 10 2005, it was reported that a MoD vehicle had been involved in a traffic accident in Kabul. The vehicle was returning to Camp Souter as the third vehicle in a three-vehicle convoy when it collided with a horse-drawn carriage and a wall as the driver swerved to avoid further collision. As a result of the collision, the MoD vehicle sustained extensive front end damage. The damage to the civilian vehicle is unknown. The owner of the cart was treated at the scene for a grazed knee. 01
April 21, 2005road traffic accidentOn April 21 2005 a traffic accident occurred between Aybang and Pol E Khomri. An MoD vehicle was behind an Afghan lorry which was overtaking a slower moving vehicle followed closely by the MoD vehicle. The Afghan lorry completed its manoeuvre and pulled back into the queue of traffic, not leaving enough room for the MoD vehicle. The MoD vehicle then observed a car approaching at speed. Both vehicles collided head on, causing the MoD vehicle to leave the road and come to rest on the opposite side of the road. The civilian vehicle came to rest on the opposite side of the road. As a result of the incident, the soldiers received minor injuries to the face and head and the civilians received major injuries.0n/a
June 23, 2005road traffic accidentOn June 23 2005 a traffic accident occurred at a check point in Kabul. A convoy of three military vehicles was travelling from Camp Souter and was attempting to turn left onto ISAF Route Violet. The lead vehicle, crossed into the lane of oncoming traffic, stopping them, to allow the other two MoD vehicles to pass. The second MoD vehicle was pulling forward when a motorcycle carrying two Afghan nationals attempted to swerve past the MoD (A) vehicle by travelling along the central reservation. The motorcycle collided with the vehicle causing the pillion passenger to receive serious head injuries. 01
October 2, 2005road traffic accidentOn October 2 2005 an MoD vehicle was travelling as the second vehicle in a two vehicle convoy when a local civilian cyclist, attempted to cross the flow of traffic. He appeared to have lost control of his bicycle and collided with the MoD vehicle. The cyclist was knocked off his bicycle and was struck by the front right tyre of the MoD vehicle, and sustained a broken leg and other as yet not disclosed injuries to his body. The MoD vehicle sustained no damage01
April 16, 2006road traffic accidentOn April 16 2006 a soldier from 14 TSP Sqn was driving a Service vehicle when he swerved to avoid a civilian vehicle that pulled out in front of him. This caused him to collide with a stationary minibus. As a result of the collision, the minibus driver, an Afghan, sustained minor injuries. The minibus sustained some damage to the driver's side. The Service vehicle incurred no damage 14 TSP Sqn01
May 14, 2007road traffic accidentOn May 14 2007, information was received that a Service vehicle driven by a soldier from 1 Gren Gds was involved in a collision with two pedestrians. The two Afghans were taken to hospital by Afghan Civil Police1 Grenadier Guards02
May 17, 2007road traffic accidentOn May 17 2007 a soldier from 1 RGR was stationary in a Service vehicle, blocking the traffic in the oncoming carriageway. An Afghan vehicle failed to stop and collided with the Service vehicle. As a result of the collision, two Afghans sustained injuries which were treated with first aid at the scene by the crew of the UK vehicle. A further 4 Afghans received minor injuries but left the scene before their personal details could be taken. Extensive damage was caused to the front right wing of the Service vehicle and the Afghan's van. RMP did not attend the scene and all the statements that were recorded from British serving personnel were forwarded to the Afghan National Police for their action as necessary1 The Royal Gurkha Rifles06
June 24, 2007Shooting incidentAn initial review conducted on July 23 2007 had established that on June 24 2007 a lone motorcyclist approached a 1 WFR cordon and seemingly ignored all warning and escalation of force measures. He was subsequently engaged by a soldier and sustained a single gun shot wound. The review concluded that the soldier followed the correct escalation of force measures and no Service Police Investigation was required. However on August 14 2007, after an Afghan claimed he had been shot and wounded without apparent reason, the RMP were asked to investigate 1 The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment01
July 2, 2007Operations (fatal)On July 2 2007, a Force Protection Patrol from 23 Pnr Regt RLC was engaged in eight separate incidents during which 84 rounds were fired and 128 mini flares were discharged. Alleged that two Afghan nationals were killed and four were wounded23 Pioneer Regt RLC24
October 7, 2007Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On October 7 2007 an Afghan detainee complained he had been struck in the face by an unknown male soldier. Following a medical examination it was confirmed the detainee had sustained minor swelling to his forehead01
November 1, 2007shooting incidentAn Afghan approached a call sign and placed his hands inside his clothing. At which point two soldiers from 1 RWF fired a total of four rounds at him without warning. The Afghan sustained a single gunshot wound and was taken to hospitalRWF 101
November 6, 2007shooting incidentOn November 6 2007 An Afghan was driving a car when it pulled out from a stationary line of traffic and accelerated towards a foot patrol consisting of members of 1 COLDM GDS. Attempts to stop the vehicle, utilising escalation of force procedures failed, culminating in a soldier firing two rounds at the vehicle. First aid was administered to the Afghan driver at the scene before he was taken to hospital. He died from his injuries later the same day. Coldstream Guards 110This incident appears to be the same as one previously reported by the Guardian. Descriptions of the incident by the UK MoD and US army can be found here -; here; and here The US army reported: "There could be some demonstration, the civilian is a son of an Afghan general … The wedding for this evening was planned for his brother but now it is cancelled."
January 10, 2008Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On January 10 2008 a group of British personnel entered the Dining facility at Kandahar airfield. They were asked to wait outside as the facility was not open. An altercation occurred and the Afghan manager was hit in the face by one of the individuals from the RAF RegtRAF Regt01
January 14, 2008shooting incidentA Royal Marine from 40 Cdo RM observed and engaged one of two groups of suspected enemy forces with a weapon system. The missile fell short of target and hit a rooftop where an Afghan was fatally injured40 Commando Royal Marines10
March 20, 2008shooting incident7 Rifles were travelling in 3 service vehicles when they came across an Afghan Vehicle checkpoint. As they approached the checkpoint an Afghan aimed his rifle at the lead vehicle. He was shouted at to lay down his weapon. When he didn't soldiers opened fire and a fire fight ensued. The Afghan was fatally injured. One soldier was also wounded.Rifles (7) 10
March 22, 2008shooting incidentA soldier from 1 Coldm Gds was on sangar duty with a local national interpreter when the soldier aimed and fired a mini flare into the Afghan's faceColdstream Guards 101
April 1, 2008shooting incidentA serviceman serving with 42 Cdo RM advised that whilst deployed he witnessed mortar fire against unarmed Afghans. He alleged that the order to fire was given despite his protestations that no enemy forces had been positively identified and claimed the only people in the area were unarmed agricultural workers. He alleged that as a result of the incident one Afghan was killed and a number were injured42 Commando Royal Marines1n/a
June 18, 2008Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On June 18 2008 an Afghan alleged he had been assaulted after his capture but prior to being transported to the holding facility at Bastion01
August 10, 2008road traffic accidentOn August 14 2008 information was received that on August 10 2008, an Afghan child, stepped out from behind a parked civilian rickshaw and into the path of an oncoming Service vehicle driven by a soldier from 5 SCOTS. The Service vehicle struck the child, who was immediately taken to hospital by a family member. However the child later died of her injuriesThe Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (5 SCOTS)10
September 4, 2008succumb to battlefield injuriesA suspected member of the anti-coalition militia had been involved in a Troops in Contact against members of 2 PARA, resulting in him sustaining a gunshot wound to the chest. He was initially provided medical treatment before being detained and sent to hospital for treatment. He succumbed to his injuries and died on September 8The Second Battalion, The Parachute Regiment 10
October 22, 2008road traffic accidentA road traffic collision occurred involving a Mastiff vehicle and a civilian pick-up truck. Two Afghan nationals sustained fatal injuries at the scene20
January 2, 2009shooting incidentOn January 2 2009, a male Afghan sustained a single gunshot wound to the head whilst collecting rocks and grass in the area of Kabul Military Training Centre Ranges. The man was transferred to the local civilian hospital, but was pronounced dead later that day. It was suspected that British forces firing on the range may have been responsible for causing the fatal wound.10
January 12, 2009shooting incidentOn April 10 2009, a request was received to investigate the circumstances of a shooting that occurred on January 12 2009. A patrol from 45 Cdo RM saw two men acting suspiciously. Two warning shots were fired but the men did not react and remained in the area. The Royal Marines continued to observe the two men and believed they posed an imminent threat to the safety of the troops on the ground and therefore escalated the use of force by firing two aimed shots at the men. One of the individuals, a 14-year-old Afghan was hit and injured45 Commando Royal Marines01
February 19, 2009shooting incidentOn April 6 2009, a request was received to investigate the circumstances of an incident that occurred on February 19 2009. Two men believed to be local Afghans were seen acting suspiciously in the area of a confirmed IED location. A patrol was deployed to intercept the two men who fled the area. The patrol challenged the individuals who continued to run resulting in a mini-flare and warning shots being fired by 2 RGR. It would appear that during the incident one of the Afghans sustained a single fatal gunshot woundRGR 2 The Royal Gurkha Rifles (2 RGR)10
February 22, 2009shooting incidentOn February 22 2009, a Royal Marine from 45 Cdo RM negligently discharged a single round from his weapon which resulted in a locally employed Afghan interpreter sustaining a gunshot wound, before causing further injury to another Royal Marine45 Commando Royal Marines01
March 19, 2009shooting incidentIn an incident on March 19 2009 it would appear that five men believed to be local Afghans were seen digging and were suspected to be laying an IED. A dismounted patrol made attempts to detain the suspected enemy forces. Two men were captured in a nearby compound. Whilst escorting them from the area, one attempted to escape and ran towards the direction of the IED location causing two Royal Marines from 45 Cdo RM to open fire in the belief there was an immediate threat to life. As a result the Afghan sustained fatal gunshot wounds 45 Commando Royal Marines10
March 19, 2009Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On March 19 2009 it was reported an Afghan who had been detained by British Forces had been assaulted. Initially three Royal Marines were suspected of striking the detainee about the head and face whilst two other Royal Marines were present as members of the guard. The detainee sustained a cut above his right eye and swelling to the left side of his face for which he received medical treatmentRoyal Marines01
May 2, 2009shooting incidentOn May 2 2009 an Afghan national had suffered a gun shot wound to the neck while praying in a field, believed by local witnesses to be a result of shots fired from ISAF troops from 1 WG and 2 Mercian. The Afghan was evacuated to hospital but subsequently died the following day. About the time of the incident there were 3 ISAF patrols and an Afghan National Army patrol in the area. Each patrol had fired shots about the time the Afghan national was reportedly injured.1st Battalion Welsh Guards ; 2nd Battalion, The Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters)10
May 26, 2009shooting incidentOn May 26 2009 a vehicle and two occupants were seen acting suspiciously near the site of a crossroads manned by members 1 WG. The vehicle, now moving east was engaged with a missile. It was later assessed that the vehicle itself was struck by the missile which passed through it and hit a stationary tractor behind it. It was subsequently established that an Afghan who had been driving the tractor at the time of the engagement was reportedly killed in the incident1st Battalion Welsh Guards10
June 11, 2009murder/manslaughterOn June 11 2009 whilst conducting a foot patrol soldiers from 3 Scots identified people acting as enemy spotters and warning shots were fired. A motorcycle was seen moving slowly and was suspected of either being a spotter or that he had the intention of laying IEDs. Following a warning shot the suspect was engaged with two rounds by a sniper. During follow-up action it was established the deceased was an Afghan who had sustained a gunshot wound.The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS)10
July 8, 2009shooting incidentOn July 8 2009, a large number of enemy forces had been identified attempting to cross the canal. Two Apaches engaged what they believed to be the enemy. However a subsequent review revealed that the original target was 800 metres awayn/an/a
August 1, 2009Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On August 1 2009 two Afghans were detained during an Afghan National Army operation. Both were taken by the Afghan National Army for questioning. During their transfer it is alleged that a soldier for 2 RRF attempted to question them whether they were responsible for planting bombs. When the detainees failed to respond to his question, the soldier punched one of the Afghans causing him to lose consciousness 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers01
August 9, 2009 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On August 9 2009 an Afghan National was detained following an operation in the Sangin area conducted by 3 Scots. The Afghan national alleges that whilst being arrested he was slapped around the back of the head, kneed in the area of his lower back and then kicked twice in the area of his lower left leg. He was subsequently transferred by hospital to the Temporary Holding facility (THF), Camp Bastion (BSN) for questioning where he made a complaint of assault to the THF staff01
August 11, 2009shooting incidentOn August 11 2009, over a period of 10 minutes, mortar rounds were fired at Positively Identified Insurgents who it was believed were engaging a FOB with small arms fire. Three Afghans suffering apparent shrapnel injuries were brought into the FOB requesting medical assistance. Later that day reports were received that as a result of the mortar fire two women and two children had been killed. None of the reported deaths have been verified by ISAF. 43
September 10, 2009 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On September 10 2009 an Afghan was detained following an operation conducted by 2 Rifles. The Afghan alleges that whilst being arrested he was pushed to the ground, strangled by a soldier, kneed to the hip area and then a piece of material was tightened around his neck until he blacked out2 RIFLES01
September 15, 2009shooting incidentAn Afghan had allegedly been killed by a warning shot fired by a soldier from 1 WG whilst on a foot patrol on September 15 2009 1st Battalion Welsh Guards10
September 16, 2009shooting incidentOn September 16 2009 an Afghan had allegedly been killed by an authorised warning shot fired by an officer from CSLRClose Support Logistics Regiment10
October 4, 2009 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)It was alleged that on October 4 2009 an Afghan detained by members of 2 Rifles was punched to the chest and face and kicked in the stomach2 RIFLES01
October 6, 2009 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On October 6 2009 an Afghan was detained by soldiers from 3 Rifles. The Afghan alleges he was slapped several times to the face and then again on subsequent transfer to an FOB 3 RIFLES01
November 4, 2009shooting incidentOn November 4 2009 following an earlier small arms fire contact nine people were seen to be acting suspiciously in a field. During continued surveillance it was assessed the Afghans were in the process of laying an IED. As a result a single rocket was fired at the suspects. However follow up enquiries by ISAF and Helmand Provincial authorities have established that it is highly likely that all of those killed in the strike were civilians who were working in the field at the time n/a0
December 16, 2009shooting incidentOn December 16 2009 during a sustained contact between enemy forces and 19 Lt Bde Recce Force an Afghan child sustained two gunshot wounds after being caught in the cross-fire between the two. The child was given medical treatment and taken to the Field Hospital. There was no threat to lifeLt Bde Recce Force 1901
December 30, 2009shooting incidentOn December 30 2009, it would appear that a group of five suspected insurgents were observed engaging in suspected IED laying activities and at one point one of the insurgents fired at the patrol base with a long barrelled weapon. The insurgents were subsequently engaged by an airstrike. It was initially believed that four insurgents had been killed and two wounded. However claims have been made by local elders that two insurgents were killed and seven Afghan civilians had been killed including 2 children and one wounded71
January 22, 2010 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On January 22 2010 an Afghan alleged he had been assaulted by members of 1 Coldm Gds during his apprehensionColdstream Guards 101
March 14, 2010 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On March 14 2010 an Afghan who had been detained the previous day claimed that during the early hours of that morning he had been woken by a British soldier who slapped his face and kicked him in the stomach01
March 15, 2010 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)An Afghan was detained by the Afghan National Army on March 15 and was being held in Afghan National Army facilities. It appears that a soldier from 1 R Anglian entered the facility and assaulted the detainee causing injuries to his nose and leg1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment01
July 12, 2010 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On July 12 2010 an Afghan who was being held in the temporary holding facility alleged that during lockdown procedures he had been assaulted by a Service person from the Temporary Holding Facility and received a superficial cut to his right eyebrow01
September 11, 2010road traffic accidentOn September 11 2010 an MoD vehicle from 3 R Welsh was involved in a traffic accident in Gereshk. An unknown Local National male ran in to the path of the vehicle. As a result of the incident, the Local National sustained extensive injuries. Initial first aid was given at the scene before he was taken by UK forces to a Forward Operating Base before being airlifted to the Role 3 (UK) Hospital, Camp Bastion. He succumbed to his injuries on September 19 2010. 3 R Welsh10
September 21, 2010 Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On September 21 2010 an Afghan national was apprehended by 1 RGR accompanied by ANA personnel in Nahr-e-Saraj, Helmand Province. Following his arrival at the Temporary Holding Facility the detainee alleged that he had been assaulted by ISAF personnel during his apprehension1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles (1 RGR)01
October 21, 2010Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On October 21 2010 an Afghan nation was apprehended by 1 R Irish at Saeed Abad Village, Helmand Province. Following his arrival at the THF the detainee alleged that during his detention by ISAF personnel he had been assaulted by an unknown person1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment (1 R IRISH) 01
October 30, 2010Offence against a person (GBH/ABH/Bat)On October 30 2010 an Afghan national was apprehended by members of 2 Lancs in Helmand Province. Following his arrival at the THF the detainee alleged that during his detention by ISAF personnel he had been assaulted by an unknown person2nd Battalion (2 LANCS)01
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