Resources and Support for Land Justice
The aim of this guide is to offer resources, tools, and models of land return in support of Black and Indigenous sovereignty. These resources were compiled by members of the RG Land Reparations leadership team in recognition that the theft and concentration of land among people with wealth has been central in the exploitation, dispossession, and systemic disregard of Indigenous and Black lives, and as such, the redistribution of Land is and must be central to repair. There is no “roadmap” to Land Return - no one way that it can look or must be. This guide is not intended to be a map, but rather an offering in support of movements towards land justice. It is an offering towards what is possible - a world where wealth, land, and power are distributed equitably. This world is being built by those who have most directly faced the brutality of racialized capitalism, and who are globally leading decolonial, anti-racist, and abolitionist work. This guide is a call for those who have been advantaged by settler colonialism, for young people with class privilege, to support their visions by organizing our networks towards land returns.
This guide builds off of the RG Land Reparations and Indigenous Solidarity Guide from 2018, and is meant to be a living document. If you have suggestions for things to add please write to jes kelley.