GPL Expansion Planning Survey Responses-Original Data
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In general, what is the main reason you visit the Geneva Public Library?
In general, when visiting the library, what mode of transportation do you use (i.e. car, walking, public transportation, etc.)?
In your opinion, how could the library improve access to the building?
In your opinion, what is one area in our library that could use more space within the building?
If the library expanded the size of the property, please rank the following in importance as part of the expansion. [Parking]
If the library expanded the size of the property, please rank the following in importance as part of the expansion. [Outdoor Green Space]
If the library expanded the size of the property, please rank the following in importance as part of the expansion. [Indoor Public Spaces]
Thinking to the future, what one word would you like to be able to use to describe the Geneva Public Library?
Do you have any additional comments for the library?
10/23/2018 15:09:17To tutorcar
Level entrance to the main floor from a parking lot
Probably shelf space that has been lost to computer space
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityProminent
I see great activities and people using materials every time I visit. Most of my reading is done by e-book but when I visit for that rare print book I see lots of good things happening
10/25/2018 15:14:37VolunterringCarMore parking spacescafe, more bathrooms1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityInnovativeNone
10/25/2018 15:15:26
Check out books and audios
More parking! Off street!
More meeting rooms for small groups
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityConvenientLove it!
10/25/2018 15:17:17
Books, business, technical, Biblical, children's play and reading areas
CarAccess is good
More for 2-4 year old children for free time activities, play options
2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st PriorityResearch Options
Some part-time day care would help parents do research
10/25/2018 15:20:15
Take out books, audio books, DVDs, and use the computers
Consult with a professional city planner or disability expert
Maybe an area for families with noisier young children to feel okay about using the computers; a place for teens to make it feel like an area just for them
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityInclusive
Thank you for the wonderful resource and space you provide for the community and the great people that work here
10/25/2018 15:20:49BooksCarMore parkingTeen Room1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityPeacefulNone
10/25/2018 15:23:30
To fake out books and DVD and read the FL Times
Ramp for front door access- but seeing as it is pretty easy to come in side door, not really sure about that
Side door needs blue handicap door push device to open door and keep it open for wheelchair users
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityAwesomeNone
10/25/2018 15:24:06
To rent movies and check out books
WalkingNo CommentNo Comment2nd Priority1st Priority3rd PriroityFantasticNone
10/25/2018 15:24:51MoviesWalk
Be open more hours on the weekend
Graphic novels- Teen Room
3rd Priroity2nd Priority1st PriorityHelpful
Needs to be open more hours
10/25/2018 15:25:30
Books, movies, music CDs
Better hours on weekends
Manga, graphic novels, cookbooks
3rd Priroity2nd Priority1st PriorityFriendlyNone
10/25/2018 15:26:14
Books, audiobooks, blood drives, book sales
CarMore parkingNo Comment1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityAccessibleNone
10/25/2018 15:27:25
Computers, movies, bestselling books
CarNo CommentAccess from main st.1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityWelcoming
Second story bathroom. A snack counter with food and refreshments would be inviting for patrons
10/25/2018 15:27:55Renting booksCarMore parkingNo comment1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityWarm, friendlyGreat library
10/25/2018 15:28:57
Check out books, play time for the kids, Baby and Toddle Lapsits
CarParkingChildren's Area1st Priority1st Priority1st PriorityAwesome!
You are doing a great job. Keep it up and thank you!
10/25/2018 15:29:53To withdraw booksWalk or drive
Parking is a significant challenge at times.
No comment1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityWonderful
The library is a community asset in many ways- much appreciated
10/25/2018 15:30:19Books and audiobooksCarNo commentNo comment1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityGreatNone
10/25/2018 15:31:08
Pick up books and DVDs that I put on hold
CarNo commentAdult Fiction Area1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityNo commentNone
10/25/2018 15:31:56
Borrow books and audiobooks
Parking! Ideally off-street parking and access to the building (covered access)
Cafe1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityConvenient
Keep up the great work!
10/25/2018 15:33:17No responseCar
1st level, large open entranceway
Rearranging should be enough; especially if walls and furniture can be moved; fix leaks
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityAwesomenessNone
10/25/2018 15:39:27
I work here- I borrow books and DVDs
Improve off-street parking
No comment1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityInvitingDrive up book drop
10/25/2018 15:40:20Work hereCar
Less stairs, possible ramp
Storage to make more space in community room and story room
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityHarmoniousNone
10/25/2018 15:41:57Work here. Walk
Have a larger front area, large glass double doors w/ramp, beautiful foyer
Children's room and teen area
2nd Priority1st Priority3rd PriroityEnergy Efficient
Finish tutor space, new ceiling tiles and lighting
10/25/2018 15:42:41
Staff member, Books and DVDs
CarNo responseRestrooms1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroitySafeNone
10/25/2018 15:43:21Work hereCar
I think the access to the building is fine
Teen room could be bigger
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityHelpfulNone
10/25/2018 15:44:00
Work here, but otherwise would brows for books and pick up holds
CarMore parkingTeen Room1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityFunNone
10/25/2018 15:47:25
To check out books and DVDs
Car or walk
Better signage to show where the entrance is
Adult Fiction and DVDs, Teen Fiction
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityWelcoming
Consider updating bathrooms, adding bathrooms on 2nd floor
10/26/2018 13:20:06
To get books and movies
Car or walking
You've got doors on each side plus elevator, I think you're good
Expand the YA Fiction section
2nd Priority1st Priority3rd PriroityImportant
I like all the concerts and events that you hold in the space, it makes it seem very accessible to the whole community.
10/26/2018 13:20:54
Borrowing books and DVDs
Car or walkBetter working doorsTeen Space1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityWelcomingNone
10/26/2018 13:21:32Work HereCarNo response
Teen Services- Hangout Space
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityAwesomeNone
10/26/2018 13:22:33
Work, borrowing books and DVDs
More parking, clearer entrances, better signage inside building, fewer walls
Fiction or DVDs1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityInspiringNone
10/26/2018 13:24:19
To use all of the resources the library, books, movies. I enjoy reading the paper and enjoying the beautiful building
By creating more parking or adding an entrance
Staff spaces1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityFabulous!None
10/26/2018 13:25:22
Borrow books and read magazines
Car or walk
More parking places, more stair-less entrances
Children and teen rooms, processing area
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityWelcoming, EnablingNone
10/26/2018 13:26:21WorkCarParking
Office space seems tight- many staff in small office space
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityAccessible
Keep wi-fi accessible to all- love the passes for adult and children's computers
10/26/2018 13:28:25
To pick up and return books
The parking is an issue- parking om Castle St is difficult-not just for juggling for a space but for the danger of getting into the car and crossing the street to traffic
At this point I use only the main floor- but not using the children's space, maybe more space there?
1st Priority2nd Priority1st PriorityAccessibleWe love our library!!
10/26/2018 13:29:10
Books and recorded books
More parking spaces if possible
No response1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityGreatMore recorded books
10/26/2018 13:29:43No responseCarNo responseNo response1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityFilled (w/books)
Love the expansion plans
10/26/2018 13:30:19
Computer, books, videos
WalkNo ResponseNo Response2nd Priority1st Priority2nd PriorityGreat PlaceGreat Place
11/15/2018 15:54:54
programs, research, sociability
parking lot, drive up bookdrop
reading areas, but without good parking I feel guilty using a spot on the street for a long period of time
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd Priroityinformative
with my only day off every other week being Sunday-open for a few hours like Sodus
11/15/2018 15:56:14visit old friendscar
parking can sometimes be an issue
Musical Moments sometimes needs more space and the Children's Room seems "cozy"/crowded
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Prioritywelcoming
always my favorite site in Geneva
11/15/2018 15:58:51
Borrow books and DVDs, quiet positive environment
Parking is always "iffy", often drive around the block using Dorchester to see if parking lot by Children's entrance is available or park on Main St.
no response1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Prioritysecure environment
Wish the staff and volunteers wore name tags so I could say "thank you Susie" or encourage a helpful volunteer; drive up drop off bin would be wonderful and would solve some parking issues
11/15/2018 15:59:42
it's local, I love to read and my children love it too
carbetter parking situationno response2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st Priorityopenno response
11/15/2018 16:00:33
tutoring and get books on CD
allow patrons to park behind Touhey building
no response1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Priorityfun
all of your librarians are very helpful and friendly
11/15/2018 16:01:34
community events- Tuesdays on the Terrace, Blood Drives, Book Sales
carno response
teen room could be a little bigger
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd Priroitymodernno response
11/28/2018 10:31:13computers and moviescar
An entrance for when I park on the side street
A second floor bathroom would be helpful
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityComfortable
Affordable refreshments and snacks that would not be messy. A water feature would be nice.
11/28/2018 10:32:10
community interaction, selection of materials
walkno response
offices, classrooms, community room
2nd Priority1st Priority1st Prioritycommunityno response
11/28/2018 10:34:48
To browse and borrow books and audio books
I think access is good, nice to have access from Castle St. or Main St. entrances. For families with small children the parking lot and entrance directly to the children's section are a HUGE help and safer than parking on Castle St.
No response1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityNo response
Continue being open long hours, the schedule now is very good. Thank you for everything you do and say thank you to all the staff for their warm greetings and great attitudes.
11/28/2018 10:36:33
My children like the teen room, renting movies, video games, etc.
WalkMain St.
Teen room and infant room separated, more activities for all, coffee stand charge $1.00 per cup (ice tea, lemonade, and water for summertime).
2nd Priority1st Priority3rd PriroitySunday hours.Keep up the great job!
11/28/2018 10:38:50Check out booksCarNo response
Several meeting rooms of different sizes-perhaps one large space with attached kitchenette-available free of charge for meetings for nonprofits. This is what the Seneca Falls Library has that I have used for 2 organizations on multiple occasions.
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Priorityup-to-date
Off street parking would be wonderful. It would be even better if the parking was on the same side of Castle St. as the front door and next to the building.
11/28/2018 10:41:34
Access to recorded music and periodicals, library book sales
I have no problem with current access
Dedicated reading room
3rd Priroity2nd Priority1st PriorityResponsive growth
Could open spaces be developed between the sidewalk on the Main St and the building itself (patio?); could use for concerts/films, etc. I've come to the know that the Library has purchased the Touhey building, could some of that be used for a small theater?
11/29/2018 9:26:14
Resources, computer, and books
A book and video deposit in the rear of the building.
The children's floor.2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st PriorityDiverse
I find the staff here to be courteous and extremely patient.
11/29/2018 18:07:13Take out booksPrivate car
Better parking / direct access to main entrance from parking lot.
Is adequate for my needs.
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityConvenientNo.
11/29/2018 20:08:43
Bring my dad to do the puzzles or my children to read
Better access for disabled!! ONE disabled parking spot is NOT enough!
Space for seniors1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityPerfect!No
11/29/2018 20:55:07Check out booksCarMore off street parkingTeen space1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityUsefulNo
11/29/2018 21:46:16
To borrow reading material, to print material, and to bring children to introduce them to the joys are reading
Walk and occasionally a car
I’m not sure2nd Priority1st Priority1st PriorityReliable
Keep up the great work!
11/29/2018 22:35:38
Meetings/to use
Carmore parkingmeeting rooms1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityResponsiveNope
11/30/2018 0:01:20ReadingCar or walking
Create parking away from the Main/Castle intersection.
I think the indoor space is adequate. It's nicely set up.
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityPeaceful
I love the library but I wish it was in a different location.
11/30/2018 0:25:09Meetings, eventsCar
An entrance other than on Castle Street
A toss up between more shelving and performance/community meeting space
2nd Priority1st Priority3rd PriroityWelcoming
You're doing a wonderful job already!
11/30/2018 5:07:09Check out booksCarMore parking
I’m still learning the library.....not sure
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityAccessible No
11/30/2018 8:22:48
The books and meetings
car thought my wife and I do walk sometimes
parkingthe stacks2nd Priority1st Priority3rd Priroitycommunity
improving the look of the neighborhood would go a long way to improving the setting and look of the library.
11/30/2018 9:17:47
Children programming, and to pick up books through OWWL loan
more disabled parking in the lot by the children entrance and near the front door
not sure1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Priorityaccessable
none that i can think of.
12/3/2018 11:49:58
Take out books to read, some for personal growth and others for research of topices I am interested in or part of my Reading Group
better parking...but I do not often have a problem with access to the building...unless there is snow accumulation along the sidewalk/road.
Quiet, clean reading area, with good lighting and comfortable seating for reading only.
2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st Priority
(One word is not sufficient) Promotes Reading!
I would like you to consider being a combination Library and Community Center. Our current "Community Center" at the Boys and Girls Club does not seem conducive to Senior Citizens or Multi-generational groups, small clubs gathering, Adult education, creative crafts, etc etc. The Library seems to be the place where members of the community like to "hang-out". Maybe we can combine with some other agencies, even the Geneva Recreation Department, or the YMCA Employment Office, School's Adult Education Programs, Geneva Reads Program, or ???? Maybe we can run shuttles to and from other locations where the community would like to be active and learn and interact and grow intellectually, physically, and socially. I have had the notion that I library's main purpose it to promote READING, but that does not seem to be the main use of our library today.

12/10/2018 10:09:05
To use computer and occasionally take out movies
Car, walk, bikeNo response
The area where the computers are could be more spacious.
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityFreeNo response
12/12/2018 15:21:45Borrow bookscar or walkeverything is fineno response1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Priorityessentialno response
12/17/2018 16:51:59to withdraw bookscar
I would like an entrance from Main St.
no response2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st Prioritybooksno response
12/19/2018 8:40:47computerscarMain St. entrance
more DVD space for more DVDs
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd Priroitywelcoming
second floor bathroom and more affordable beverages
12/29/2018 16:44:37check out/return bookswalk or carnot sure3rd Priroity2nd Priority1st Prioritywelcoming
I'm happy with it - but always exciting to see new options!
12/29/2018 17:32:54
To pick up books on loan
Drive my carMore parkingParking?2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st PriorityGatheringKeep up the good work
12/29/2018 20:00:58To take out booksCarMore parkingNo more needed1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityFriendly
Would like Sunday hours
12/29/2018 21:00:58bookscar or walkchildrens room1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Priorityall encompassing
just get better parking, get teens under control
12/30/2018 7:42:00
Children's programing & checking out books
More off street parking of possible. I get anxious having to parallel park or unload my kids while on the street.
I spend most of my time in the children's area. That seems like a decent space for them, but I can't comment on other areas due to not exploring the rest of the library to often
1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityAccessible
I enjoy the children's programs available & my daughter is always excited to go to the library. It is a great asset to the community!
12/30/2018 9:23:38print magazinescarfine for me
? I don't find any part crowded
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd Priroitylagging
it is adapting well - can't go all-virtual; can't stay all print
1/3/2019 10:38:50
pick up books on hold, quiet area to work
quiet/silent area; the present quiet area isn't isolated enough to be quiet
1st Priority3rd Priroity3rd Priroityno response
present leadership is poor
1/7/2019 9:12:03
I love to read; love the feel of a book in my hands.
CarNo responseReading area1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Priority100% Patron Friendly
More new books and movies, music too!
1/9/2019 17:57:57
I attended church services in past 2 years while awaiting a permanent building. I like knowing I have access to computers and books.
Larger computer area, coffee bar
more off street parking1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityCommunity
I hope it continues to provide for the the community for years to come; especially when so much is online.
1/11/2019 10:35:07
Any kind of information needed you can always find it at the library.
More parking be made available and a crosswalk to the library from the other side of the road.
No response1st Priority1st Priority3rd PriroityWonderful
Always neat and clean (friendly/ very helpful people).
1/14/2019 9:59:08
I use it as a resource for school papers.
Needs more parking other than street parking.
2nd floor reference1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityFantastic
Needs to embrace quiet on 2nd floor. This library totally saved me when I was a kid. I spent much time here. I loved reading books; I still do. The one big issue I have now is that usually the library has to borrow books due to low inventory. Staff is fantastic!
1/14/2019 20:48:52To check out booksWalkingBetter parking
Larger space for talks or performances
2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st PriorityDynamic Nope
1/16/2019 10:51:51The peace and quiet.WalkNo response.Digital media3rd Priroity1st Priority2nd PriorityWonderfulNo response.
1/18/2019 14:24:05
books & computer classes
caradditional parkingnot sure2nd Priority2nd Priority1st Priorityaccessiblelove our library
1/18/2019 19:47:13LeisureWalkIt's fine
Maybe you don't need more space, maybe you need less stuff..
3rd Priroity2nd Priority1st Priority
They didn't screw over the taxpayers.
Don't waste public $$ on a parking lot.
1/20/2019 23:11:03
to check out books to read
better parking - longer hours
general reading areas1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Priorityaccessible
I understand the budget constraints that impact the hours. but it would be nice to have more hours for people who work all day and want to use the library after work hours. You all do a great job!
1/23/2019 10:28:28
Books DVDs, and CD browsing
Car, bikeNo response
Computer space and group meeting space
3rd Priroity1st Priority2nd PriorityMulti-generational
Staff is professional and friendly
1/23/2019 10:29:23
Browse magazines, check out materials, learn about library and community events.
Car, occasionally walking
More parking, maybeNo response2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st PriorityActiveNo response.
1/23/2019 16:10:18
To get books and attend events
CarParking!!No response1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityFantastic!
I think it is a great library now. The clerks are always so friendly and helpful. It is a comfortable place.
2/4/2019 17:10:22
To borrow a wide selection of books.
Provide parking and ease of walking to entrance.
Space for staff helping people.
1st Priority2nd Priority3rd PriroityIndispensable
Thank you to the customer friendly and helpful staff.
2/27/2019 16:05:58Reading booksCar
Larger entrance way and more doors
New book and material area
2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st PriorityModern. And expansive
More selection of new material a must for me.
2/27/2019 18:31:10I don'tcar(I had no problems)computers2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st Priorityobsolete
Few libraries have made a functional transition to the 'media world'. This is a personnel not a physical plant problem
2/27/2019 19:20:57
to borrow books to read
We are new residents and use Castle St. and have not had any trouble parking
I am not familiar enough yet to judge.
2nd Priority3rd Priroity1st Priorityindispensable
The library is a remarkably friendly place with a very helpful staff.
2/27/2019 20:27:40Borrowing booksCarMore parkingTeen room1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityVibrant
I’ve loved the library since I was a little kid. It’s a reader’s paradise. Keep the forward thinking going.
2/28/2019 0:02:54Library eventscar
ground level direct access to library
multi use area1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd Priorityhub
Immediate, short and long terms needs of the Library need to be included in City of Geneva funding/grant requests. The important value of a vibrant Geneva Public Library needs to highlighted in the City of Geneva and Chamber of Commerce promotional materials (Geneva Area Welcome Guide). The library needs to be strategically involved with Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Center for Community Engagement & Service-Learning; Finger Lakes Community College - Geneva Campus Center, Geneva Family YMCA, Boys & Girls Club of Geneva, Geneva City Public Schools and Geneva 2020. Purposeful engagement by the Library Director and Trustees with city, county, state and federal elected officials to educate them and advance the mission of the Geneva Public Library.
2/28/2019 9:52:02
variety - meetings, programs, and picking up books
area to distribute public info
1st Priority3rd Priroity3rd PriroitycommunityFix the parking
3/1/2019 11:17:57
To get a book to read or read some current magazines.
Is there an entrance for the handicapped?
Reading or work desks. 1st Priority3rd Priroity2nd PriorityCurrent
I am very happy with the Current Library but we can always use updating and new ideas.