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Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/30/22GreenBizMethane, water, birds, pollution — how can rice farmers tackle trade-offs?Analysis1000-1600EnglishKellogg is working with rice farmers to introduce a new sustainable flooding method that would substantially decrease emissions but also protect bird habitat.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/29/22360infoLab-grown answers to food’s triple threatAnalysis800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA food crisis like few have ever seen could be the impetus for lab-grown and other food alternatives to thrive. But it won’t be without its own challenges.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/29/22360infoWhen local matters, food quality improvesFeature800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionDegrowth focuses on quality products, local economies and basic needs. It promises a more ecologically sustainable future.
6/29/22AGU's Eos MagazineSea Level Science and Applications Support Coastal Resilience Feature2500-5000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionKnown for precise, planetary-scale measurements, NASA is improving its decades-long effort to observe and understand sea levels to help communities prepare for the effects of Earth’s rising ocean.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/29/22Civil EatsThe Field Report: New Report Says Plans to Reduce Methane Fall Short on Big Meat and DairyNews1000-1600EnglishA looming Supreme Court ruling may limit federal action on potent greenhouse gas emissions. Plus: new food-focused climate solutions, another look at food miles, and even more nitrogen concerns.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/29/22The Energy Mix (Canada/UK)Refocus Agriculture Spending to Cut Emissions, Boost Productivity, OECD Urges GovernmentsNews800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionAn OECD study looks at the "complex and unique challenges" facing agriculture as climate change accelerates.
6/29/22The Energy Mix (Canada/UK)Ex-Fossil Workers Convert Old Oilfields to Solar Farms After ‘Rapid Upskilling’ in AlbertaNews1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionAn Alberta pilot project that has ex-fossil workers converting abandoned well sites to solar installations may be just the beginning.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/29/22
Food & Environment Reporting Network
As heat rises, who will protect farmworkers?Feature1600-2500EnglishHeat-related illness and death are a growing problem in U.S. agriculture, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration still hasn't established national safety guidelines.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/29/22GreenBizWill water pricing be the next carbon pricing?Feature1600-2500EnglishWater prices are artificially low and businesses are adding in shadow prices to get ready for a drought future.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/29/22The NationFood Prices Are Up. A “Bean New Deal” May Be the Answer.Feature800-1000EnglishWith prices for poultry and beef continuing to rise, the government should ease spending on meat and pay farmers to plant beans.
6/29/22The RevelatorRegulators Have a Big Chance to Advance Energy EquityOpinion/Editorial1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA small circle of industry insiders controls crucial decisions about energy projects. New changes — if done right — can offer communities a seat at the table.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/28/22The GuardianChilli peppers, coffee, wine: how the climate crisis is causing food shortagesNews800-1000EnglishBlistering heat, stronger storms, droughts, floods and fires are putting food production at risk

Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/28/22TechonomyWatersheds & Foodsheds: Climate Change’s Impact on the American WestFeature<800EnglishMore than 1 in 10 Americans get some, if not all, of their municipal water from the Colorado River Basin. It’s drying up, putting our food and economy at grave risk.

Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/28/22WNYC/GothamistNJ Superfund lawsuit offers tribal land a path from contamination to cultural restorationFeature1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionState officials and members of the Ramapough Lenape Nation hope a new environmental lawsuit will provide compensation for natural resources destroyed by a Ford Motor Co. dumping site.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/27/22Al Jazeera EnglishOxfam: ‘Food crisis is not morally acceptable’VIDEO/Segment1:30minEnglishAs world leaders gather at the G7, Oxfam Executive Director Gabriela Bucher tells Al Jazeera that the summit must be followed by concrete action.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/27/22Canary MediaThis super-tree could help feed the world and fight climate changeFeature1600-2500EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionStartup Terviva aims to plant millions of pongamia — ​“miracle” trees that can grow on arid badlands and yield products similar to soybeans and olive oil.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/27/22Energy News NetworkVirginians craft a plan to boost farmers while reducing beers’ carbon footprintFeature800-1000EnglishA Southwest Virginia effort to supply brewers with locally grown barley aims to limit shipping-related emissions and offer an opportunity for farmers during what’s usually the fallow season
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/27/22The GuardianWindfall tax on Covid profits could ease ‘catastrophic’ food crisis, says OxfamFeature800-1000English A levy on food and fossil fuel giants could save lives now and help create a sustainable food system, says Gabriela Bucher
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/27/22Hakai Magazine130-Year-Old Menus Show How Climate Change Is Already Affecting What We Eat News800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionBy studying the so-called mean temperature of restaurant seafood, scientists have shown how the species that grace our plates have changed with time.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/27/22Times of India‘Unprecedented food crisis, catastrophic if world doesn’t act fast’Q&A1000-1600English
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/27/22Yes! MagazineThe Indigenous Food Cafés Transforming Local CuisineFeature800-1000EnglishThe modern food system has a huge carbon footprint. These Indian cafés want to change that.
6/26/22The RevelatorCan Sanctions Help Tackle Climate Change?News1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionNew research highlights the benefits sanctions can provide to international cooperation, while proposed legislation would put them into action.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/26/22Energy Mix Productions Inc.Animal Agriculture Could Reduce Future Pandemic Risk, UK Researchers SayNews800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA provocative UK study says animal agriculture may actually reduce the risk of future pandemics...but more research is needed.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/26/22Energy Mix Productions Inc.Soaring Fertilizer Prices Could Deliver ‘Silver Lining’ For Emissions, But Farmers Struggle to Limit Use Feature1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionSky-high fertilizer prices give farmers a great reason to adopt lower-emitting practices, but cost isn't the only thing they're considering.
6/22/22AGU's Eos MagazineStormwater Ponds Are Carbon Sources, Not SinksNews800-1000EnglishNew research from Florida tracks carbon dioxide and methane emissions from human-created waterways.
6/22/22DecelerationThe Culture Warriors Out to Destroy ‘America the Beautiful’ Feature2500-5000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionBillions of dollars may soon be en route for US wildlife conservation, but a Texas-based org’s groundless ‘land grab’ warnings have seeded resistance across the West.
Food & Water Joint Coverage Week6/22/22Energy News Network
On Washington’s Colville reservation, solar-powered microfarm looks to prove model to boost food, energy sovereignty
Feature800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionTwo geodesic domes will house Washington state’s first “agrivoltaics” project, an emerging niche that combines agriculture and solar photovoltaics to provide dual uses for land.
6/22/22KnowableClimate change is altering the chemistry of wineFeature2500-5000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionWarming, wildfires and unpredictable weather threaten to disrupt the delicate processes that underlie treasured wines. Researchers and producers are innovating to keep ahead.
6/22/22The RevelatorAn Earth Activist Talks to the TreesOpinion/Editorial800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionThe Lorax taught us to speak for the trees. But what if we also learned to listen to them?
6/21/22AGU's Eos MagazineSide Benefits of Climate Action May Save Millions of Lives in AfricaNews<800EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionPremature deaths due to air pollution would decline across the continent.
6/21/22Capital & MainCalifornia Towns Scramble to Prevent Next Wildfire CatastropheAnalysis1600-2500EnglishWildfires loom all over, but the rural counties with poor and elderly residents face the greatest threats.
6/21/22Energy News NetworkNew appliances can help keep people in their homes, but upfront costs are a big obstacleFeature800-1000EnglishOrganizations in Chicago help residents connect with grants and rebates for upgrades, which can result in significant energy savings.
6/21/22The RevelatorSet It Back: Moving Levees to Benefit Rivers, Wildlife and CommunitiesFeature1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionRemoving dams is one thing, but thousands of levees also restrict rivers in the United States — and they’re not working as intended.
6/20/22GreenBizA closer look at P&G's 'water positive' pledgeAnalysis1000-1600EnglishThe consumer products leader is vowing to restore more water than it consumes, with a focus on 18 ‘water-stressed’ regions. Does it go far enough?
6/20/22Hakai MagazineFive Months On, the Oil Spill’s Effects LingerNews800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionOut of work and short on cash and food, a fishing community in Peru is simultaneously paralyzed by exhaustion and ready to boil over.
6/20/22The Narwhal (Canada)‘Scared into silence’: former workers allege abuse, safety issues at B.C. environmental organizationFeature>5000EnglishBreathtaking photos. Adventurous boat trips. A mission to save the planet. Young people were drawn to Pacific Wild, but many describe a work culture of bullying and harassment
6/18/22The Narwhal (Canada)How an oily fish is connecting Nisg̱a’a youth to the landFeature2500-5000EnglishAfter a long, dark winter, the return of the oolichan to Ḵ'alii Aksim Lisims is the first sign of spring on Nisg̱a’a territory. During a three-day camp, Ging̱olx youth connect with saak and those who catch and process it
6/17/22DeSmogCanada Steps Up Surveillance of Indigenous Peoples To Push Fossil Fuel Pipelines ForwardFeature1600-2500EnglishAn international human rights body condemned Canada’s treatment of Indigenous communities opposing two major oil and gas pipelines.
6/17/22Deutsche Welle (DW)Activists say they must up the ante as world edges closer to climate disasterFeature800-1000EnglishWith less than 10 years left to avert climate catastrophe, campaigners Kumi Naidoo and Luisa Neubauer say activists need to ramp up civil disobedience.
6/17/22Deutsche Welle (DW)Kumi Naidoo and Luisa Neubauer: What the climate movement needs to do nowVIDEO/InterviewN/AEnglish
Emissions and climate impacts keep increasing. Does the movement need new strategies? Former head of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo and German Fridays for Future activist Luisa Neubauer talks about what the climate movement needs to do now to defuse the onrushing climate emergency - interviewed by Neil King from Deutsche Welle and Bill McKibben from The Nation.
6/17/22The Energy Mix (Canada/UK)
‘It Could Have Been Any of Us’, Colleague Says, After Brazil Confirms Murders of Bruno Pereira, Dom Phillips
News1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionTimeline of and reactions to the murders of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira - not to replace sources from the news outlets Phillips wrote for, but available now while those stories are in production.
6/17/22The Energy Mix (Canada/UK)‘LET’S SUE BIG OIL’: Legal Team Launches Class Action Campaign for B.C. MunicipalitiesNews1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionAn environmental law non-profit in Vancouver invites British Columbia cities to join a climate accountability class action suit against Big Oil.
6/17/22The Nation“Handshake Activism” Won’t Defuse the Climate EmergencyFeature800-1000EnglishAs the climate movement hits another impasse, activists Luisa Neubauer and Kumi Naidoo explain why we need to mobilise many more people from all walks of life
6/17/22The Revelator14 New Environmental Books to Kickstart Your Summer Reading ListOpinion/Editorial1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionWriters like Kim Stanley Robinson, Barry Lopez, Sy Montgomery and others celebrate the fragile beauty of this modern world — and address how to help save it.
6/16/22AGU's Eos MagazineSevere Storms Expose Ill-Equipped Weather Stations in Southeast AfricaNews800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionThe lack of infrastructure is preventing scientists from robustly reporting meteorological information as well as communicating warnings about hazard-prone areas.
6/16/22DeSmogClimate Deniers and the Language of Climate ObstructionAnalysis1600-2500EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionFrom narratives about fossil fuels as a solution to climate advocates as out of touch with reality, here’s how the fossil fuel industry and its allies are weaponizing words to delay climate action.
6/16/22MongabayWith sea ice melting, glacial ice could be a lifeline for polar bearsNews<800EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionScientists recently discovered a new subpopulation of polar bears living in southeast Greenland that is genetically and behaviorally distinct.
6/15/22AGU's Eos MagazineCircling Antarctica to Unveil the Bed Below Its Icy EdgeFeature2500-5000EnglishAn international initiative aims to collect a comprehensive airborne data set from the Antarctic Ice Sheet margin to better estimate ice discharge and sea level contributions today and in the future.
6/15/22Capital & MainDemocrats in the California Senate Could Make or Break Refinery Pollution BillAnalysis800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionThe legislation would increase fines for violations at long last, but is getting heavy pushback.
6/15/22DecelerationQ&A: CPS Energy CEO Rudy Garza on ‘the People’s Right to Energy’Q&A>5000EnglishAvailable w/ Attribution
The City of San Antonio-owned utility’s acting CEO talks about the people’s right to energy, the next generation of power sources, the importance of resilience centers and robust energy conservation, and approaching the Biden Administration for ways to retire coal faster.
6/15/22The RevelatorHow We Got Here: Ecological Restoration’s Surprising HistoryQ&A1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA new book uncovers the development of the world’s most widespread environmental management practice.
6/14/22Canary MediaNew startup aims to recycle 95% of high-value content from solar panelsFeature800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionSolarcycle just landed $6.6 million in venture capital funding to power its giga-scale recycling ambitions.
6/14/22Canary MediaFour smart ideas for keeping wind turbine blades out of landfillsFeature800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionAs wind energy expands, researchers and manufacturers are developing ways to repurpose and recycle blades that can be as long as airplane wings.
Climate Crimes6/14/22The GuardianThe 1977 White House Climate Memo That Should Have Changed the WorldFeature800-1000EnglishYears before the climate crisis was part of national discourse, this memo to the president predicted catastrophe
6/13/22AGU's Eos MagazineThe Sun Bakes Wildfire Smoke, Changing Its Toxicity News800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA new study questions the narrative that dilution is the solution to pollution.
6/13/22AllAfrica Global Media (South Africa)Day Zero' Just the Beginning for Water-Stressed Cities of the World #AfricaClimateCrisisAnalysis1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionOver the last several years, major cities such as Cape Town, Sao Paulo and Barcelona have faced 'Day Zero' scenarios, characterised by the very real possibility of running out of water.
6/13/22Canary MediaEV battery recycling is costly. These five startups could change thatFeature800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionMeet the American companies making lithium-ion battery recycling more profitable and sustainable than it’s ever been.
6/13/22Canary MediaWhy we need to recycle clean energy technologies — and how to do itFeature800-1000English Available w/ AttributionMillions of tons of spent solar panels, wind turbine blades and lithium-ion batteries could be wasted in landfills — or put back to use for the clean energy transition.
6/13/22Capital & MainAdvocates Fear Top Democratic Lawmaker Will Kill California Fossil Fuel Divestment BillNews800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionThe proposed legislation would direct the state’s public pension funds to cease investment in oil, gas and coal companies.
6/13/22Hakai MagazineA Mad Dash to Save Stranded CrayfishNews800-1000EnglishWhen masses of crayfish end up on the beach after an algal bloom strips oxygen from the water, South African communities and authorities race to ship the valuable crustaceans back out to sea.
6/12/22Hothouse SolutionsHello Crazy WorldFeature<800EnglishThere are 7.9 billion humans in the world.
6/10/22MongabayFor companies shopping for quality carbon credits, a new guide offers helpFeature<800EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionThe newly published Tropical Forest Credit Integrity (TFCI) guide aims to help companies looking to make smarter purchases of tropical forest credits, one strategy for lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
6/9/22GreenBizBrooklyn startup addresses gun violence with climate jobsFeature1600-2500EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionBlocPower’s Civilian Climate Corps program provides training and job opportunities to New Yorkers in neighborhoods impacted by gun violence, while helping NYC tackle its largest source of GHG emissions: buildings.
6/9/22KnowableHow cities can fight climate changeQ&A1600-2500EnglishAvailable w/ Attribution
Urban activities — think construction, transportation, heating, cooling and more — are major sources of greenhouse-gas emissions; today, a growing number of cities are striving to slash their emission to net zero — here’s what they need to do.
6/8/22Canary MediaPuerto Ricans are powering their own rooftop solar boomFeature2500-5000EnglishResidents and shop owners are installing solar-plus-battery systems in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Will the government get on board?
6/8/22Canary MediaThe Carbon Copy Podcast: The tension over Puerto Rico’s energy futureAUDIO/Podcast800-1000EnglishNearly five years after Puerto Rico’s grid was destroyed, can solar and batteries prevail?
Climate Crimes6/8/22The GuardianWarned of ‘Massive’ Climate-Led Extinction, a Us Energy Firm Funded Crisis Denial AdsFeature<800EnglishSouthern Company spent $62.1m over the years to deny the impact of fossil fuel combustion on climate crisis

6/8/22MongabayEnd old-growth logging in carbon-rich ‘crown jewel’ of U.S. forests, study says Feature1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA recent study of the Tongass National Forest, the largest in the United States, found that it contains 20% of the carbon held in the entire national forest system.
6/8/22MongabayIndigenous agroforestry dying of thirst amid a sea of avocados in MexicoFeature1600-2500EnglishAvailable w/ Attribution
Already under threat from climate change, a rich tradition of cultivating and collecting medicinal plants in Mexico’s Michoacán state is at risk, as the Indigenous community behind it loses access to water from avocado farms that export most of their crop to the US.
6/8/22The RevelatorWind Power Is (Finally) Having a MomentNews1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA surge in offshore wind projects has helped make wind power a renewable force.
6/6/22Energy News NetworkA decade after ‘EVTown,’ Rivian is making an Illinois city’s electric vehicle vision a realityFeature800-1000EnglishOfficials in Normal, Illinois, see Rivian’s growth and corporate culture as a key part of the city’s long-term sustainability plan.
6/6/22Hakai MagazineCoastal Cities Are Already SinkingNews<800EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionNew satellite data shows that in many coastal cities around the world, land is subsiding even faster than sea level is rising.
6/6/22The NationThe Baby Formula Shortage Is a Preview of a Coming Food CrisisOpinion/Editorial<800EnglishUnless governments transition off fossil fuels and limit global warming, food shortages and famine will become the norm.
6/3/22AllAfrica Global Media (South Africa)Battle Between Small-Scale Fishers and Oil Giants a Prelude to Greater Environmental StruggleNews1600-2500EnglishThe David and Goliath battle of climate activists against plans by Shell has resumed in South Africa.
6/3/22The Energy Mix (Canada/UK)Small Modular Nukes Produce More Radioactive Waste than Traditional Ones, Study FindsNews<800EnglishA study shows that small modular reactors (SMRs) will likely produce more radioactive waste than larger nuclear power plants.
6/3/22High Country NewsWhen the heat is unbearable but there’s nowhere to goFeature2500-5000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionHow last year’s record-breaking heat wave caused misery and chaos for Washington’s incarcerated population — and why it’s set to happen all over again.
6/2/22Hakai MagazineThe Hail Mary HatcheriesFeature>5000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionAs wildfires, droughts, and floods deal a blow to coastal habitats, can conservation hatcheries save endangered salmon runs?
6/2/22The RevelatorOn the Clean Water Act’s 50th Birthday, What Should We Celebrate?Opinion/Editorial1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionSome rivers and lakes wouldn’t be swimmable today without this critical law. But it could use a refresh to help meet our current challenges.
6/1/22Energy News NetworkDartmouth touts progress on emissions, but critics see lack of urgency on climateFeature800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA new high-efficiency building on Dartmouth College’s campus illustrates the Ivy League school’s clean energy transition — in more ways than one — as the $160 million facility was paid for in part by fossil fuel industry gifts.
Climate Crimes6/1/22The GuardianThe village that stood up to big oil – and wonMultimedia/Other1000-1600EnglishThe fossil fuel industry faces a reckoning in the Niger Delta after a disaster left families ‘eating, drinking, breathing the oil’
6/1/22MongabayHow will climate change impact cold-water corals? Mostly through food loss, study saysNews1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA new study warns that cold-water corals, also known as deep-water corals, could be most impacted by a decrease in food supply as climate change shifts the dynamics of the planet’s oceans.
5/31/22360info (Australia)Big tobacco's toxic waste dodgeAnalysis<800EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionThe waste tobacco products create is an increasingly recognised environmental hazard. Environmental laws might be used to tackle it.
5/31/22The RevelatorBuilding Climate Equity From the Ground UpQ&A1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionWe can’t achieve a just clean energy transition if people are struggling to pay their bills and stay in their homes, says equity expert Carmelita Miller.
5/30/22360info (Australia)A place to breathe in jam-packed JakartaAnalysis<800EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionJakarta’s high-rise settlements are the most crowded places in Southeast Asia. New community centres provide vital outdoor space for a hemmed-in population.
5/30/22The Energy Mix (Canada/UK)Ontario Regulator Refuses New Pipeline, Tells Enbridge to Plan for Lower Gas DemandFeature1600-2500EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionThe Ontario Energy Board turns down a "leave to construct" application for a pipeline replacement, an all-time first that could undercut utility revenue models across North America.
5/30/22The GuardianG7 Countries to Stop Funding Fossil Fuel Development OverseasNews<800EnglishMinisters from world’s biggest economies reach agreement that could shift estimated $33bn a year to clean energy sources
5/30/22High Country NewsNew study finds DDT in California condorsNews<800EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionChemicals dumped in the 1970s are still seeping into the food chain. But the Yurok Tribe is confident their birds will be OK.
5/30/22High Country NewsWho’s after rare metals in the Klamath Mountains?News800-1000EnglishWhile the region has a small cache of tellurium, politics and economics are in the way.
5/27/22The Energy Mix (Canada/UK)Canada Can Hit 100% Zero-Emission Electricity by 2035 Without Nuclear, CCS, Report FindsNews1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionModelling by the David Suzuki Foundation shows that energy efficiency, renewables, and energy storage can get the job done.
5/27/22The Energy Mix (Canada/UK)Departing Consultant Contrasts Shell’s Safety Commitment with ‘Complete Greenwash’ on ClimateFeature1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA deep-dive conversation with Caroline Dennett, the safety consultant who quit Shell over their refusal to 'join the dots' on climate and net-zero.
Climate Crimes5/27/22The GuardianThey Once Worked for Big Oil’s Enablers. Now They Refuse to Be ComplicitFeature800-1000EnglishWorkers within industries that prop up fossil fuels said they could no longer ignore the climate crisis. So they quit

5/25/22Capital & MainWhy Won’t the EPA Fine New Mexico’s Greenhouse Gas Leakers?News1600-2500EnglishThe state asked for federal help to find oil field emissions; the EPA found dozens — but in three years it has issued only two fines.
5/25/22The NationFossil Fuels Are a Threat to National SecurityOpinion/Editorial<800EnglishThe youth movement urges President Biden to act—with or without Congress.
5/24/22Capital & MainNew Mexico County to Ease Oil & Gas Drilling Rules Despite New Evidence of Health DangersNews1600-2500EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionA move by the Valencia County Commission surprises the public and helps a major donor.
Climate Crimes5/24/22The GuardianExxon must go to trial over alleged climate crimes, court rulesNews<800EnglishThe ruling, and another crucial court decision this week, will force the company to face charges it lied about global heating

5/24/22Hakai MagazineLetting the Sea Have Its WayFeature2500-5000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionWelcome to Selsey, a community that welcomed back the marsh.
5/24/22High Country NewsWestern courts grapple with climate changeNews800-1000EnglishRocky Mountain teens sue over fossil fuel-friendly policies.
5/23/22The RevelatorThe Fight for an Invisible FishOpinion/Editorial1000-1600EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionI became a plaintiff in a lawsuit for the Clear Lake hitch — a fish I’ve never seen. As the species quickly disappears, how much longer will it swim the waters of California?
Energy News Network/Planet Detroit
As agencies seek more environmental justice data, longtime residents are skepticalFeature800-1000EnglishAvailable w/ AttributionEnvironmental regulators hope new data-driven tools will help identify hotspots and drive environmental justice, but some activists doubt more information will make a difference.