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Medi-Share Testimony-Members 18 and older must "attest to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ", agree to live by biblical standards, bear other's burdens, and attend church regularly.
Healthy lifestyle-No use of tobacco or illegal drugs
Application review
Monthly costs for a family of three or more range from $220.00-$846.00 [2]Each member’s household chooses an Annual Household Portion (AHP), instead of a deductible that they are required to pay during a 12 month period, this affects the monthly cost. AHPs range from $1,000-$10,500. [2]
Provider fees of $35 for doctor visits and $135 for emergency room care.[3]
"Medi-Share applicants pay a one-time, non-refundable $50 application fee. New members pay a one-time $120 member fee that is paid with the first monthly share payment (does not apply to Senior Assist members). There is also a one-time fee of $2 for setting up your sharing account." [4]
Online resources for health and wellness.
A "single point of contact for members in medical crisis"
Telephonic Health Coaching
Health incentives
Lab test discounts
Doctor's visits
Emergency room visits
Child-care wellness
Adoption costs
Senior assist
Disability expenses
Funeral expenses
5-star review:"I LOVE Medi-Share! We love glorifying God with our healthcare dollars as he instructs us in His Word".
5-star review: "Love Medi-Share and all the prayer that is offered. This healthcare is truly a place that cares about the individual and not just the bills. The community, support, and love we feel from other Christians makes a huge difference. We can’t imagine ever giving our money to a large corporation that uses it for things we don’t believe in."
5-star review: "Medi-Share is great and we love that we are sharing with other believers in Christ that are lifting up our needs in prayer. We chose Medi-Share over Liberty because Liberty allows any faith to join and I certainly wouldn’t want a buddhist or muslim praying for my needs since we believe in different gods."
1-star review: "I have not been impressed with this organization since we started the program 3 -4 years ago. I don’t believe you are any different than the average insurance company, just like them I pay my premium but have very little in return!! I have invested money into others financial needs but am NOT experiencing that for my own. I had a claim for a required heart test that was denied because you called it “a pre-existing condition”. However, my policy was long in effect prior to experiencing any heart issue. I would have been far ahead of the medical game had I invest my premiums into my own bank account!!"
1-star review: "You won’t know what you will be paying until you sign up. Their price calculator, haha, don’t even try, such a joke. When all said and done they told me it would be $90.00 more per month than what the calculator says. That is ridiculous. Their guidelines are so vague they claim to have everything in there. Before I even started using this company I was learning of things not in the guidelines. I can not comment on submitting claims or reimbursement time because I cancelled this scam before I made any claims."
2-star review: "This a waste of your money. No transparency. They have no one who takes it. You cant even get a prescription on MDLIVE!!!
Waste of money and time.!!!!!!!!!~"
Medi-share DOES NOT cover:
Dental, vision, and hearing
Routine and preventive care
Fertility/infertility care
Alternative care
Behavioral or mental care
Cosmetic procedures
Non-prescription drugs
Hearing aids
Altrua HealthShare
Solidarity HealthShare
United Refuah of this program must agree to follow Jewish beliefs, refrain from tobacco use, follow the Jewish scripture, avoid the use of illegal and prescribed drugs, engage in regular exercise and eat healthy. [1] Monthly contributions for families of 3-6 members cost $519 when using a bank debit card and $539 when using a credit card. [2] Whether members are paying with their bank debit card or credit card, there is an additional $50 charge for each member of the family. Members are responsible for their pre-share costs and 20% copay. For a family, the pre-share amount is $1500 with a maximum 20% co share of $8,000. [2]
There is also a $125 fee due at signup, a recurring $75 fee after that, 1500 Pregnancy Fee per pregnancy for Couple memberships, and $2500 for a Single (married) membership. [3]
Services include:
"Inpatient or Outpatient hospital treatment or surgery for a medically diagnosed condition
Doctor’s visits related to each medical incident
Physical therapy and home health care for each related medical incident
Total bills incurred per incident over the Single, Couple or Family Annual Preshare Amount*
Care for medical emergencies
Chiropractic Care"
The program has only one review on Google that is 5-stars. [5]N/A
The program DOES NOT cover:
"Pre-existing conditions for the first 12 months of participation
Dental/Vision services or procedures
Medical costs less than the Single, Couple or Family Annual Preshare Amount*
Abortions, Contraceptives, Sex Changes
Cosmetic Procedures which are not medically necessary
Gastric Bypass/Sleeve or other types of bariatric/weight loss surgeries"
Samaritan Ministries order to qualify, members must be a professing Christian, attend church regularly, agree to bear other members' burdens, avoid the abuse of legal drugs or use of illegal drugs, limit alcohol consumption, avoid premarital sex, send in the assigned share on time, avoid suing other Christians, sign and send in the Membership Continuation Form annually, and have someone to hold them accountable. [1]After running a quote into the website for a family of 3+, the Samaritan Classic option costs roughly $530.00 monthly and the price of a Basic Samaritan plan is roughly $250.00 monthly. [2]
This amount varies based on the age of the adult members. [1]
For each plan, there is an initial unshareable amount that the member is responsible for. For the Samaritan Basic option, the amount is $1500 and for the Classic option, the amount is $300. [2]
There is also a non-refundable startup fee of $200. [3]
"Medical needs are submitted on a per person per incident basis for illnesses or injuries resulting in visits to licensed medical professionals, emergency rooms, or hospitals (inpatient and outpatient). " [1]5-star review: "We’ve been a member of Samaritan for over 5 years. It’s nice to be able to send money directly to someone with a medical need. Customer service prays with you! We’ve had 3 needs that were all filled in a timely manner. The process of turning in bills is ridiculously easy compared to dealing with insurance companies. We did have a little disappointment over a Special Prayer Need but not a big deal. We are also members of Save to Share. It’s nice to know believers are together, really supporting one another. Great job, Samaritan!!!"
5-star review: "I have been a member for over 20 years. Yes, when they were first getting started! It has been wonderful! We have had more than our fair share of claims. They have always responded with kindness. When I was in the hospital and the outcome was questionable, they took the time to pray and encourage my husband. It may take 2or3 months to get your money but that is a small price to pay for how much you save. It is a Christian organization and therefore has Biblical standards, which I appreciate. I can’t say enough positive things about it."
5-star review: "My family has been a part of Samaritan for over 5 years now. We have had several needs since then, from childbirth to shoulder pain. Most of our needs have been covered, although a couple have not. All in all, though, Samaritan beats Obamacare soundly. Considering cost alone (in monthly shares, Save to Share, and what we have paid out of pocket for unshareable needs), Samaritan was less expensive by far for us. The added benefit of sending shares directly to others and receiving kindhearted notes with needs checks is something we could never expect from traditional insurance."
1-star review: "I joined almost a year ago. Worst decision I ever made. They find every reason not to cover you but have no problem taking your money. Unethical. To top it off, Marchello (customer service), belittles you, talks over you and makes unfounded accusations. They treated me like crap. Don’t go to them."
2-star review: "I have been a member of Samaritan Ministries for 7 years. I have shared over $42,000 of needs with other Christians. Thank you Lord that I have been able to be a blessing to my brothers and sisters. Over the 7 years my family of 6 has had needs of less than $5000. Last winter my youngest daughter contracted strep throat 5 times. She has large tonsils and her Pediatrician recommended that she have her tonsils removed. To my shock, when I contacted Samaritans to set this up, I was told that I first had to beg family members and my church for the money first or pay for it myself. Wait, wha?!? I have contributed a lot of money into this system! I have a bad taste in my mouth to say the least.
After contemplation:
1. Why would someone who has been a faithful contributor be treated so poorly?
2. Is there corruption in their system? Are there people scamming their system causing the people who do the right
thing to be punished by Samaritans?
3. IMO a LOW PREMIUM with a $2000 deductible HSA is a better route than Samaritans but at this point in time, it
doesn’t exist.
4. If you are healthy, finding a way to self insure is a better way."
2-star review: "Price is not bad, with a per incident low out of pocket cost it’s easy to get to the point where you start getting reimbursed, however their new basic plan, I almost never get to. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m paying for, feels like nothing.
Transparency, haha, Within one month of having this plan they informed me of all these hidden rules. When I told them it was not in the guidelines what they were asking me to do (have doctors fill out “proof” forms) they said, “it would be impractical to make the guidelines as detailed as you are asking for.” I suppose they make their customers have all the transparency, by share your medical issues with everyone who is supposed to send you money.
Submitting claims: I guess it’s easy to snap a photo of your bill. But the form you must fill out is ridiculous. Names, addresses, comments and You must rate the providers, all required fields before you can submit the bill. Even though the bill must show an address, they require you type it in.
Reimbursement time; they say 2-3 months and that is when everything goes smoothly. I had a bill get flagged and they required I take a form back to my doctor to get signed for “proof.” It took 5 months to get money. When I complained and asked them were this is in the guidelines that I have to do this they said, “rain is inconvenient, but we just have to deal with it.”
Incredibly rude people to be called a “ministry”
Avoid at all cost"
There is a maternity limit for both plan types. For the Samaritan Classic plan, the limit is $250,000 and $5,000 for the basic option. There is also limit per need for each option. For the Classic plan, the limit is $250,000 and $236,500 for the basic plan.[2][1]
Trinity Healthshare by Aliera qualify, you must attest to the following Statement of Beliefs:
1. We believe that our personal rights and liberties originate from God and are bestowed on us by God.
2. We believe every individual has a fundamental religious right to worship God in his or her own way.
3. We believe it is our moral and ethical obligation to assist our fellow man when they are in need, according to our available resources and opportunity.
4. We believe it is our spiritual duty to God and our ethical duty to others to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors, or habits that produce sickness or disease to ourselves or others.
5. We believe it is our fundamental right of conscience to direct our own healthcare, in consultation with physicians, family, or other valued advisors. [1]
While there is no publicly available listing for rates or quotes, an external source notes that mid-range coverage costs an average of $634.80 per person. [2]Out of pocket cost falls into three deductible levels; $5000,
$7500, or $10000, which varies based on the type of plan purchased, value, plus, or premium. [3]
Services offered vary widely based on the level of plan, which ranges from interim, complete, everyday, and catastrophic. Key services include telemedicine, wellness & preventive care, primary care, chronic maintenance, urgent care, labs, a rrescription discount program, hospitalization, and surgical. Supplemental services are also offered which include dental and vision coverage. [4]“I was on Aliera for 8 months in 2019 and had no problems and thought it was a great company. The sharing plans fill a much needed void - you just have to have a clear understanding of what the services are which are minimal basic preventive care and catastrophic coverage.”
“I signed up for Aliera about a year ago and I honestly have very little to complain about. I went with the preventative plan since I'm young and don't have pre-existing conditions, and it covered every appointment and diagnostic test that I ended up needing last year except for one (and it wasn't a lot).”
“So far I'm happy with the plan that I have. I chose the most comprehensive plan. I haven't had any major medical incidents but have had doctors office visits, I paid my co-payment just like when I had insurance and the rest was taken care of by Aliera. I have been using Aliera for a few years.” [5]
“I have been with them since May 15, 2019. I recently discovered they have not paid any of my medical bills.”
“I purchased a one-month health plan for transition between two jobs. After payment, I got no other information, (how to login their website, health care ID, coverage details, receipt, etc).”
“One of the frauds they are perpetrating is they are intentionally falsifying their PHCS provider directory to scam an unsuspecting public into signing up.”[5]
Abortion Services
Acupuncture Services
Aqua Therapy
Birth Control (female) Office Procedure
Birth Control (male) Elective Sterilization
Birth Control (male) Reversal of Sterilization
Cataracts, Contacts or Glasses
Chemical Face Peels
Chiropractic Services
Christian Science Practitioner
Cosmetic Surgery
CPAP Machines
Custodial Care Services
Dental Services
Dermabrasion Services
Doula or Midwife
Durable Medical Equipment
Education Services
Exercise Equipment
Experimental Drugs & Procedures
Extreme sports: Sports that voluntarily put an individual in a life-threatening situation
Gender Dysphoria
Genetic Testing
Home Health Care Services & Private Duty Nursing
Hospice Services
Hypnotherapy Services
Infertility Services
Lifestyle Lab Testing
Mammogram (3D)
Massage Therapy
Mental Health Services (Inpatient or Residential)
MILIEU Situational Therapy Services
Non-routine Hearing Exams & Hearing Aids
Ongoing Pain Management
Professional & Extreme Sports Injuries
Prosthetic Appliances
Self-inflicted Injury
Sexual Dysfunction Services
Sexual Transformation Services
Skilled Nursing Facility
Substance/Alcohol Abuse
TMJ Treatment
Vision Services