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1Microsoft@Microsoft usandoBe a part of #MSIgnite. Watch @SatyaNadella's vision keynote livestream now. 👇 https://t.co/BDoceOe6RO4 de nov. del 2019 15:5513M8,777K8314181,2490.14
2Microsoft Ignite@MS_Ignite usandoWe’ve reached warp speed here at #MSIgnite. 🚀 Find out what’s happening today and explore the future of AI in our Envisioning Tomorrow Keynote. Watch it here: https://t.co/qwjCUzkfci https://t.co/Gxid20CJG06 de nov. del 2019 18:0012M87,67115321471.68
3Nokia@nokia usandoToday we announced a strategic collaboration with @Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation, bringing Industry 4.0 across industries with #5G, #cloud, #AI and #IoT. https://t.co/jKO6oNaHHP #MSIgnite @MS_Ignite #industry40 https://t.co/2RsBZIS01R5 de nov. del 2019 13:1012M2,185K4101275370.25
4Microsoft@Microsoft usando#MSIgnite is happening now. Tune in to catch Mitra Azizirad's Envisioning Tomorrow keynote. 👇 https://t.co/t8q4wZCIQF6 de nov. del 2019 23:5911M8,777K204562600.03
5Microsoft@Microsoft usando#ProjectCortex enables any organization to use AI to turn content into knowledge: https://t.co/VMJOVLYZSD #MSIgnite #Microsoft365 https://t.co/UhgXyiuGzX4 de nov. del 2019 17:2011M8,777K169732420.03
6Microsoft@Microsoft usandoThe next big step forward in hybrid computing... #MSIgnite #AzureArc https://t.co/CgrJpt0QK34 de nov. del 2019 16:2111M8,777K2431043470.04
7Microsoft@Microsoft usandoWhether you missed @satyanadella's vision keynote or simply want to re-live the magic, here's a look at today's highlights from #MSIgnite. 👇 https://t.co/lR60x0644a5 de nov. del 2019 1:0911M8,777K6092598680.10
8Microsoft@Microsoft usandoA "super" achievement for #data storage in glass. Get to know the first proof-of-concept test for Project Silica: https://t.co/jLB8QvVPhL #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 23:1511M8,777K3481324800.05
9Microsoft@Microsoft usandoQuery data on your terms with blazing fast performance. 🔥 Announcing Azure Synapse, a limitless analytics service that brings structured and unstructured data together: https://t.co/abQXAgscss #MSIgnite https://t.co/jIlS4aQFAR4 de nov. del 2019 16:3511M8,777K233973300.04
10Microsoft@Microsoft usando... one consistent fabric for management and security, development, and infrastructure… #MSIgnite #AzureArc https://t.co/yRhpbKgtRJ4 de nov. del 2019 16:2210M8,777K119351540.02
11Microsoft@Microsoft usando2.5 million citizen developers are using the low/no code services on Power Platform. #MSIgnite https://t.co/36thwH2cp14 de nov. del 2019 17:0110M8,777K2581063640.04
12Microsoft@Microsoft usandoJust announced at #MSIgnite, Project Cortex will use #AI to share company knowledge amongst employees with "topic cards."💡 Read more: https://t.co/QHjMpDp71u via @WSJ6 de nov. del 2019 2:5510M8,777K255863410.04
13Microsoft@Microsoft usandoWe studied developers' work and built a complete toolchain, so you can stay in the zone when writing code, collaborate at the right time to stay focused, and learn new domains and APIs. #MSIgnite https://t.co/lVjCLuT2Qi4 de nov. del 2019 17:0010M8,777K285963810.04
14Microsoft@Microsoft usandoFor the latest in innovation and tech, follow #MSIgnite this week. https://t.co/iRVZmitH2J4 de nov. del 2019 17:5710M8,777K188422300.03
15Microsoft Ignite@MS_Ignite usando#MSIgnite has finally arrived! 👏👏 Get an overview of what’s ahead and learn about how to make the most of your time this week. https://t.co/WrFwW4uzGS https://t.co/zytIDt0UQW4 de nov. del 2019 13:0010M87,67299893884.43
16Microsoft@Microsoft usandoMicrosoft is focused on 3️⃣ areas of trust in technology. #MSIgnite https://t.co/MdQDwQJOGc4 de nov. del 2019 16:4710M8,777K167622290.03
17Microsoft@Microsoft usandoCybercrime affects businesses, governments and individuals and breaches are increasingly expensive. #MSIgnite https://t.co/VE5ftKbp8R4 de nov. del 2019 16:4710M8,777K202612630.03
18Microsoft@Microsoft usandoProject Silica challenges and re-thinks traditional storage design. Spoiler alert: it involves quartz glass. #MSIgnite https://t.co/Bxtni4NY8x4 de nov. del 2019 16:4110M8,777K4721796510.07
19Microsoft@Microsoft usandoLook 👇 TruGreen created a chatbot without running code or re-creating their infrastructure. They did it with two new Power Platform capabilities. #MSIgnite https://t.co/zvEdBEKRZt4 de nov. del 2019 17:0510M8,777K289953840.04
20Microsoft@Microsoft usandoImagine a future where humans and plants can converse. What began as an art and science exploration is now Project Florence, the future of augmented agriculture: https://t.co/S1t3nXz5qz #MSIgnite7 de nov. del 2019 0:4210M8,777K109291380.02
21Microsoft@Microsoft usando372,000 volunteers are the backbone of American Red Cross. Watch how technology has helped them in trying to fulfill their mission. #MSIgnite 👇 https://t.co/Wyn3cKstHR4 de nov. del 2019 17:0810M8,777K156512070.02
22Microsoft@Microsoft usandoKnowledge sharing—just smarter. 💡 How #ProjectCortex will transform companies: https://t.co/yqbpeEQxWk #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 21:0010M8,777K136341700.02
23Microsoft@Microsoft usandoWith machine teaching, we're making it easier for every developer and every organization to create autonomous systems. Here's more: https://t.co/6B1HfcIfUB #MSIgnite7 de nov. del 2019 0:2010M8,777K97281250.01
24Microsoft@Microsoft usandoThe Snow Leopard Trust is innovating with Microsoft AI to help save an endangered species: https://t.co/OBcswfAxp8 #MSIgnite https://t.co/fzEMbtxjiV7 de nov. del 2019 0:1010M8,777K244823260.04
25Microsoft@Microsoft usandoOur end-to-end #cybersecurity spans identity, devices, cloud apps, data and infrastructure. #MSIgnite https://t.co/vUVEvMKIjE4 de nov. del 2019 16:499,997K8,777K120361560.02
26Microsoft@Microsoft usando#MSIgnite is your comprehensive look at the future of technology. A few highlights from today: https://t.co/1hUvI78cgf4 de nov. del 2019 18:369,958K8,777K234592930.03
27Microsoft@Microsoft usandoAutonomous systems are helping employees do their jobs more efficiently, safely or with higher quality. More on the autonomous systems announcements from #MSIgnite: https://t.co/qndRuVH48F6 de nov. del 2019 19:009,937K8,777K130321620.02
28Microsoft@Microsoft usandoSo long, cloud sprawl. ☁️ Meet #AzureArc, a new solution for streamlining our customers' IT needs: https://t.co/iV0KlxmyIR #MSIgnite5 de nov. del 2019 20:159,936K8,777K131301610.02
29Microsoft@Microsoft usandoAEP Energy's customers are using #MixedReality to explore options, like the possible setup of a solar panel. #MSIgnite https://t.co/1O8Idv1YL34 de nov. del 2019 17:159,931K8,777K260583180.04
30Microsoft@Microsoft usandoDid you miss day 1 of #MSIgnite? Don't worry, catch the highlights here: https://t.co/MJjMCRQgc35 de nov. del 2019 23:579,930K8,777K193462390.03
31Microsoft@Microsoft usandoWhat might happen if a building's architecture could sense and respond to emotions? Take a look at how Project Ada explores this: https://t.co/7yUwwxhVPQ #MSIgnite7 de nov. del 2019 0:449,928K8,777K114331470.02
32Microsoft@Microsoft usandoTune in here on Twitter to watch Mitra Azizirad's keynote at #MSIgnite, kicking off in just one hour. ⏲️ https://t.co/ejdgsApjJv6 de nov. del 2019 23:009,910K8,777K6214760.01
33Microsoft@Microsoft usandoThe key 🔑 to driving organizational transformation is citizen developers: they're not software engineers, but they're building apps with the right tools. #MSIgnite https://t.co/UQWbC7QJMD4 de nov. del 2019 16:579,769K8,777K224813050.03
34Microsoft@Microsoft usando#DYK: 61% of job openings for developers are outside the tech industry. #MSIgnite https://t.co/WOhk4gJOZM4 de nov. del 2019 16:529,733K8,777K136491850.02
35Microsoft@Microsoft usando.@GitHub is driving culture change at Comcast. #MSIgnite https://t.co/diKdgzc33l4 de nov. del 2019 16:559,723K8,777K125301550.02
36Microsoft@Microsoft usandoWe're pushing the boundaries of where computing is going: ⚙️ Autonomous systems 📊 Data storage 💻 Quantum computing #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 16:379,684K8,777K192382300.03
37Microsoft@Microsoft usando... even to customers on other clouds, like those offered by Amazon and Google. #MSIgnite #AzureArc https://t.co/yr6NW8k0Gn4 de nov. del 2019 16:259,674K8,777K105321370.02
38Microsoft@Microsoft usandoAs the world's computer, @Azure is grounded in real world needs. #MSIgnite https://t.co/gfKqYuyyEc4 de nov. del 2019 16:089,674K8,777K147351820.02
39Microsoft@Microsoft usandoDon't miss @SatyaNadella's vision keynote at #MSIgnite. Catch the livestream here on Twitter in 30 minutes. 🕒 https://t.co/5aJ0TS97vv4 de nov. del 2019 15:309,599K8,777K171642350.03
40Microsoft@Microsoft usandoIntroducing Azure Quantum: the first full-stack, scalable, general open cloud ecosystem: https://t.co/JjQdPYVJU1 #MSIgnite https://t.co/yLg7aS1MGb4 de nov. del 2019 16:429,540K8,777K4792557340.08
41Microsoft@Microsoft usandoYou: Motivated to be on the frontier of innovation and tech. Us: Welcome to #MSIgnite. https://t.co/0VOMrQgIc04 de nov. del 2019 16:029,256K8,777K222492710.03
42Microsoft@Microsoft usandoWith the speed of light and a small, inexpensive pane of glass, we're reimagining storage, datacenters and networking: https://t.co/gOjyKUl15K #MSIgnite7 de nov. del 2019 0:359,244K8,777K167582250.03
43Microsoft@Microsoft usandoThis is the beginning of a technological revolution: the ability to encode DNA. #MSIgnite https://t.co/lGtkLZ61N37 de nov. del 2019 1:009,229K8,777K129311600.02
44Microsoft@Microsoft usandoInnovation at Microsoft is based on three core tenets. #MSIgnite https://t.co/hg2C4sP0ng7 de nov. del 2019 0:039,137K8,777K111291400.02
45Microsoft@Microsoft usandoToday, we’re proud to announce a new initiative to share more stories of innovation. Start exploring the future from an alternative perspective: https://t.co/1IPbySg9RX #MSIgnite7 de nov. del 2019 2:009,041K8,777K108191270.01
46Microsoft@Microsoft usandoCatch the latest in innovation at #MSignite. Tune into Microsoft AI CVP Mitra Azizirad's keynote livestream here on Twitter at 5PM ET. https://t.co/M80aBRJqep6 de nov. del 2019 18:009,038K8,777K101221230.01
47Microsoft@Microsoft usandoRise in connected devices ➡️ Rise in data #MSIgnite https://t.co/EGymmEIqop4 de nov. del 2019 16:088,848K8,777K119301490.02
48Microsoft@Microsoft usandoHow many people are tuned in to our CEO's vision keynote at #MSIgnite?4 de nov. del 2019 16:508,829K8,777K158211790.02
49Microsoft@Microsoft usandoNear or far, tell us how you're tuning into today's vision keynote at #MSIgnite. 👇4 de nov. del 2019 15:418,785K8,777K131241550.02
50Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoFrom new @MicrosoftTeams experiences to the all-new Project Cortex—here’s what’s coming soon to #Microsoft365: https://t.co/VOal1j1eip #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 17:574,206K91,4571285618443467
51Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoMake collaboration seamless by breaking down the barriers between apps with Microsoft Fluid Framework, now in public preview. https://t.co/p1nYisd7mc #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 19:054,079K91,457117551721.88
52Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoHands full? Your inbox doesn't have to be. Introducing "Play My Email" on Outlook for iOS. https://t.co/JC3TvXE1Ok #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 18:373,622K91,457137642012.20
53Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoAvailable early next year, access all your @Yammer communities, conversations, and live events within @MicrosoftTeams. Stay connected effortlessly. https://t.co/kVDuMBPwVz #MSIgnite5 de nov. del 2019 2:003,328K91,4574927760.83
54Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoManage your group tasks, project tasks, and personal tasks in a single, connected experience with the new Tasks in @MicrosoftTeams, available early next year. https://t.co/LHLg7kHSZ0 #MSIgnite5 de nov. del 2019 1:303,292K91,45773301031.13
55Microsoft Azure@Azure usandoGet to know Azure Arc, a set of technologies that extends the control plane of #Azure out to on-premises, multi-cloud environments, and the edge. Read more: https://t.co/c2brra6lSs #MSIgnite https://t.co/ZVUtrSDEj55 de nov. del 2019 18:303,163K704K2521393910.56
56Microsoft Azure@Azure usandoNow deploy Azure data services & manage resources in any on-prem or ☁️ environment—including Linux, Windows, and Kubernetes. Bring innovation anywhere with #AzureArc. Learn more: https://t.co/iH7vR9idTH #MSIgnite https://t.co/TLoNgWcy6J4 de nov. del 2019 18:022,540K704K3601445040.72
57Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoPin your most important channels at the top of your list in @MicrosoftTeams, coming later this year. Level up your channel organization with the pinned channels experience. https://t.co/Occtxd1sc5 #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 22:452,510K91,4575318710.78
58Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoAvailable this week, create private channels in @MicrosoftTeams. Make channels within existing teams, viewed and accessed only by specific team members. Level up your privacy and share only what’s needed. https://t.co/fCWoBFF98S #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 20:002,452K91,45743721064743653
59Yusuf Mehdi@yusuf_i_mehdi usandoIt’s time to expect more from your web experience. Today we started with businesses and introduced the new @MicrosoftEdge and @Microsoft Search in @Bing for business. #MSIgnite. https://t.co/Hfq0BeYKMd4 de nov. del 2019 16:052,433K21,2552205727743537
60Nokia for industries@nokiaindustries usandoToday we announced the first joint solutions combining @Microsoft #cloud, #AI and machine learning expertise with Nokia’s leadership across #missioncritical networking and communications. https://t.co/ro0jWzhOJE #MSIgnite #GoAllwhere #industry40 https://t.co/NuKLQsOlbY5 de nov. del 2019 13:212,298K8,12953713216.26
61Microsoft Developer@msdev usando@shanselman ✊ ✋✌️ 🦎🖖 THE GAME IS AFOOT. Choose your opponent—defeat the algorithm Get the code and play it here https://t.co/JBPAxaJJ6x #MSIgnite https://t.co/3AtolYQqdc5 de nov. del 2019 17:162,068K331K128541820.55
62Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoUnified Comms Influencers: The Top 50 for 2019 Revealed https://t.co/MhV5BK8Kx9 #MSIgnite2019 #MSIgnite #microsoft #ucoms #collaboration4 de nov. del 2019 18:322,018K266K512170.06
63Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoPop-out chats, meetings, or documents into separate windows without hindering your workflow. Coming early next year, Microsoft Teams will welcome the new multi-window capability. https://t.co/INFLXjkcwz #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 21:451,846K91,457116481641.79
64Microsoft SQL Server@SQLServer usando#SQLServer 2019 is finally here. Gain intelligence over your data with our highest performing SQL Server release to date. Read the blog: https://t.co/L4jrL2Jqs6 #MSIgnite https://t.co/w0kS7fELXT5 de nov. del 2019 18:301,591K223K67501170.52
65Microsoft Azure@Azure usandoEmpower your organization to build a #data-driven culture with these new products and services. Discover how #Azure has you covered: https://t.co/ZnuZACA6X9 #MSIgnite https://t.co/ErXGMr7LEL4 de nov. del 2019 18:551,590K704K3521560.08
66NVIDIA AI@NvidiaAI usandoNVIDIA and @Azure work to extend #GPU-accelerated, #AI-powered intelligence and visualization from the data center and out to the edge. Read more from @MS_Ignite: https://t.co/uhNefgP1HK #MSIgnite https://t.co/w2xL8MipHK4 de nov. del 2019 20:311,577K48,05382169843557
67Microsoft Research@MSFTResearch usandoIn a new partnership with @MathWorks, Microsoft announces #MATLAB and #Simulink can now be used with its machine teaching and AI tools in the @Azure cloud. #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 23:301,419K418K87401270.30
68Microsoft Research@MSFTResearch usandoResearchers from @MSFTResearchCam, working with @warnerbros, create a successful proof of concept test for Project Silica — storing the 1978 movie 'Superman' on glass. #MSIgnite5 de nov. del 2019 1:231,402K418K4922710.17
69Microsoft Azure@Azure usandoWherever you are in the AI journey, you can trust #AzureAI to move your organization forward. Hear from customers who are already making #AI a reality. https://t.co/71WWBToVBn #MSIgnite https://t.co/6HCVjvCKeX4 de nov. del 2019 18:351,372K704K5423770.11
70Windows UI@WindowsUI usando📢 #WinUI 3.0 alpha now available! 📢 WinUI 3 is the fully decoupled UI platform that helps you modernize existing apps, create new #Windows apps, and provides support for other platforms (like #ReactNative for Windows)! #MSIgnite https://t.co/Zyh9mHwWRv4 de nov. del 2019 18:081,370K8,33438516054565.39
71Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoWith FarmBeats, Microsoft makes a play for the agriculture market https://t.co/qtmxboHQdS #msignite4 de nov. del 2019 21:141,336K266K613190.07
72Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usando⛑ 372,000 volunteers are the backbone of American Red Cross. Watch how #technology has helped them in trying to fulfill their mission. #MSIgnite @RedCross @ifrc #microsoft #MondayMotivation #MondayMindSet https://t.co/h9jxeysotO4 de nov. del 2019 18:181,292K266K610160.06
73Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoFuture of #storage? How Microsoft put the original ‘Superman’ movie on a piece of quartz glass #msignite https://t.co/6d8cBEeK8l4 de nov. del 2019 21:401,287K266K1418320.12
74TechNative@TechNative usando. @KognitivSpark co-founder @ryangroom explains how they're transforming remote worker support with #MixedReality and #HoloLens. Find out more at #MSignite booth 2549. #HPEMSFT #IIoT #AR https://t.co/qrRZepNKX66 de nov. del 2019 17:201,266K82,9381814320.39
75Microsoft Quantum@MSFTQuantum usando#AzureQuantum is a full-stack, open cloud ecosystem that will bring the benefits of #quantumcomputing to people and organizations around the world. Read the #MSIgnite announcement: https://t.co/o6AnWsLxtY https://t.co/a39FYdc2Wp4 de nov. del 2019 18:111,264K6,97524713938655.34
76Microsoft Edge Dev@MSEdgeDev usandoWelcome to the new Microsoft Edge. #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 17:551,259K71,5096,066396,69993.68
77Dynamics 365@MSFTDynamics365 usandoNew #PowerPlatform announcements are here! Follow the highlights, learn about new capabilities working better together, and catch a glimpse of the newest Power Platform family member—Power Virtual Agents. Read: https://t.co/pJmJIRbWVu #MSIgnite https://t.co/431rxvowjZ4 de nov. del 2019 18:051,191K65,2311721102824.32
78Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoMicrosoft Japan's 4-day work week boosted productivity by 40 percent https://t.co/KFd6x35vvP #Enterprise #Tech #Technology #TechTrends #EmergingTech #Innovation #Business #FutureOfWork #TechnologyNews #DigitalTransformation #MSignite4 de nov. del 2019 15:401,176K266K2626520.20
79Microsoft Security@msftsecurity usandoWe build partnerships to make Security work for our joint customers. @DropboxBusiness & #MicrosoftCloudAppSecurity Learn more: https://t.co/uxz0H5HjQR @AlexEsibov #BetterTogether #MSIgnite #CASB https://t.co/9k5tVDVHFS5 de nov. del 2019 17:581,157K279K126180.06
80Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoVoice enhance in #MicrosoftStream helps you focus on the person speaking, not the background noise. https://t.co/1OUwoFp49j #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 21:201,138K91,4574230720.79
81Microsoft Ignite@MS_Ignite usandoHey, #MSIgnite, what a day 2 we had together! Thanks for sharing your highlights. We’re so excited that you’re so excited. Let’s do it again tomorrow! 😃https://t.co/UFZgnSSVB3 https://t.co/0n6VkMqyYE6 de nov. del 2019 2:301,115K87,675311640.73
82Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoThe 7 most important announcements from Microsoft Ignite #msignite https://t.co/wDTgh0oaFd5 de nov. del 2019 15:121,056K266K310130.05
83Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoMicrosoft Office merges into one app on iOS and Android https://t.co/qpPJdOnYCe #MSIgnite5 de nov. del 2019 12:401,051K266K37100.04
84Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoProject Silica challenges and re-thinks traditional #storage design #MSIgnite19 #MSIgnite2019 #MSIgnite https://t.co/uO9CJqubFH4 de nov. del 2019 18:121,030K266K1414280.11
85Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoMicrosoft bolsters #Azure #Blockchain with managed tokenization service and updates #msignite https://t.co/zAaaax4RYs5 de nov. del 2019 15:061,017K266K38110.04
86Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoA brief history of #microsoft browser icons #MSIgnite https://t.co/UoZCChdCkF4 de nov. del 2019 7:411,016K266K1917360.14
87Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoThe next big step forward in hybrid computing... #Enterprise #Tech #Technology #TechTrends #EmergingTech #Innovation #Business #FutureOfWork #TechnologyNews #cloud #DigitalTransformation #MSIgnite2019 #MSIgnite19 #MSIgnite #AzureArc https://t.co/AsWzFWXpAh4 de nov. del 2019 18:191,012K266K48120.04
88Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoAttack of the Clones November 4, 1982 Compaq announces their Compaq Portable PC, one of the early portable computer designs and, more significantly, the first successful IBM-compatible PC clone! #MSIgnite #Flashback https://t.co/8Yqir5jkqI5 de nov. del 2019 6:001,011K266K56110.04
89Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoPowerPoint! Word! Excel! Lens! By your powers combined, I am Captain Mobile Office https://t.co/UplFJpvhzB #MSIgnite https://t.co/A1FIqGErf85 de nov. del 2019 8:301,010K266K38110.04
90Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoMicrosoft To Help Enterprises Mint Their Own Ethereum Tokens #microsoft #msignite @DelRayMan https://t.co/gYD0Sxjmdj5 de nov. del 2019 17:061,010K266K46100.04
91Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoMicrosoft's new Edge logo erases bad memories of Internet Explorer https://t.co/NEIKNeaBlz #MSIgnite https://t.co/XMB1gYwsoW5 de nov. del 2019 8:341,008K266K56110.04
92Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usando🚨 Just received the monthly Insider Report from @TalkingPointz. So much happens each month in enterprise communications. @DaveMichels does an excellent job of distilling what's important and why. Subscription recommended! #msignite #Enterprise #cloud #collaboration4 de nov. del 2019 18:271,008K266K2570.03
93Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usando2.5 million citizen developers are using the low/no code services on Power Platform. #MSIgnite #developers #LearnToCode https://t.co/bdRxe0GOZT5 de nov. del 2019 6:201,008K266K66120.04
94Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usando#Microsoft is working with researchers to reach a better understanding of genetic code. Learn more about the potential for tailored treatments and optimized therapies: https://t.co/ikav1wO89T #MSIgnite #xMed #genome https://t.co/Wxob6eM7JY5 de nov. del 2019 5:401,008K266K2570.03
95Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoMicrosoft’s New Cloud Service Lets Users Try Other Companies’ Quantum Computers #quantum #microsoft #MSignite @martingiles https://t.co/3KMnAyUnYO5 de nov. del 2019 15:441,008K266K2570.03
96Evan Kirstel at #xMed #SanDiego@evankirstel usandoMicrosoft unveils Azure Arc, aiming to fend off Google and Amazon with new hybrid cloud tech #cloud #azure #msignite #microsoft https://t.co/F7ymHShlCI4 de nov. del 2019 21:321,008K266K39120.04
97Microsoft 365@Microsoft365 usandoWhat #Microsoft365 announcement are you most excited about from #MSIgnite? Let us know below! 👇6 de nov. del 2019 22:35979K91,457199280.31
98Mayunk Jain 🌟 #MSIgnite 🌟@mayunkj usando👊 BOOM! 👊 And just like that, the Microsoft Endpoint Manager is here https://t.co/erKdY9MQxY #MEMpowered #MSIgnite4 de nov. del 2019 16:45933K2,6258318933.97