101 Books To Read Before You Die (Responses)
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8/25/2019 21:13:26The French Lieutenant's Woman by John FowlesIt's a postmodern historical fiction, the characters are flawed but so fascinating, the connections with Thomas Hardy are brilliant (especially if you're a fan of Tess of the d'Urbervilles) and there are some incredible narrative devices used that I've not read anywhere else.HelsThehelsproject
8/25/2019 21:36:02The Light Between Oceans by M L StedmanIt’s a beautiful and emotionally story surrounding family, where you must choose between what you want to do, and doing the right thing, even if no-one would find out other than your partner.Laura@lifeandtea_
8/25/2019 22:05:07A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini It’s an utterly heartbreaking but also utterly beautiful novel that has stayed with me since the day I read it. Emmaemskireads
8/25/2019 22:18:45The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint ExpuperyTold through the eyes of an innocent boy wanderer, this is an important read for adults. It reminds the reader to be open minded, kind to others and accept our differences. Laura @whatshotblog
8/25/2019 22:18:57A Tale of Two CitiesIsn’t Sydney Carton reason enough?Sonia@bookishfaery
8/25/2019 22:39:10The Waves by Virginia WoolfTo understand that novels can still be effective without plot or suspense! Juliette @thestudentbookshelf
8/25/2019 23:44:16Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier It’s a brilliant Gothic mystery novel, but also teaches the very important lesson that we create scenarios in our head which are very different from reality and often judge based on appearances & inaccurate inferences. A great life lesson! Ellen stackedshelves
8/26/2019 0:37:44A Prayer for Owen Meany by John IrvingThis book shows that anything is possible for anyone (plus it will make you laugh out loud!)Jennifer Bairos@jennbairos
8/26/2019 1:57:32The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer It is a fantastic read that has all the stuff that makes a book fun: it’s adventurous, funny/witty, has amazing and relatable characters, there are tidbits of history in it, and has a cute love story to go with it. Rose Schwagerliterary_nerd
8/26/2019 9:00:00The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
I re-read The Bell Jar every few years and I get something different from it at different stages of my life.

The most memorable part for me, and most readers, is the second half, which details Esther’s suicide attempt and subsequent treatment. For years, that was my takeaway from the book. When I re-read it earlier this week there was an element which resonated more clearly with me, something which I hadn’t paid much attention to when reading it before:

“The trouble was, I hated the idea of serving men in any way.”

I really identified with Esther’s independence and feminist tendencies, her desire to write what she wanted and not to serve anyone else’s ideas and expectations. This book is more than 50 years old but so much of its themes still feel contemporary.
Emma Farley@acornishgeek
8/26/2019 9:11:04Kiss me first by Lottie MoggachIt's truly a thriller (ignore the rubbish TV adaptation which had no similarity) all about out obsession with social media and how much of our identity we share. If it is so much, how easy would it be to become someone else?BronwenBabblesnbooks
8/26/2019 11:43:11Five Chimneys by Olga Lengyl It gives a real life account of women in the Auschwitz Camp. It's different to the narratives we know and shows the incredible strength women have and the lengths they went to in order to protect each other Thea Jacobs @theafmjacobs
8/26/2019 16:13:33The Humans, Matt HaigIt’s a brilliant, entertaining story but has a lot of depth to it and is a great reminder to love our planet and the gift that is life.MelanieRamblingsofanobody
8/26/2019 17:37:56Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga TokarczukHonestly the most beautiful book I’ve ever read. It’s a modern-day manifesto for kindness over apathy.Becca Richardsbook.matters
8/26/2019 19:02:19The Secret History by Donna Tartt A cult classic - charming characters and an incredible plotAmyreadwithamy
8/26/2019 19:48:16And the Mountains Echoed by Khalid HosseiniIt is incredibly heart breaking but beautiful, so gripping and impossible to forget, the characters are so vivid and remain with long after you’ve closed the book. Hannah Cowan hannah_1604xx
8/27/2019 19:44:20ROAR- Cecelia AhernMotivating and cleverly-writtenJessjaellareviews
8/27/2019 20:09:18To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice ColinIt gives an insight into a woman’s place in society in both Glasgow and Paris in the 19th century. It also describes the exacting process that was needed for building the Eiffel Tower. It’s the one book I have read that makes me think what my life may have been like if I had lived at that time - if I could have afforded it.Denise@denisemanzor
8/27/2019 20:09:53challenger deep by neal shustermanit provides a very accurate description of mental illness free of romanticism elle
8/27/2019 21:06:57The Secret Of Clouds by Alyson Richman Heartwarming and heartbreaking story of the relationship between a teacher and a student in need Elisabetta Fella elisabetta.fella
8/27/2019 22:09:40The Fault in our Stars by John Green I read this book after seeing a fellow Tumblr friend talk about it, she resonated with it a lot so I took it out from my local library. Little did I know what it would become for me. It genuinely ripped me apart and Hazel's story was something I just couldn't stop thinking about for months! I love everything about it and could read it over and over. When this friend passed away in 2014 due to cystic fibrosis it became something that I hold dear to me and thank her for introducing me too. I'm more gutted she didn't see the film adaption either! XEmmie@carpediememmie
8/27/2019 23:30:46Susan Hill The Various haunts of menMy favourite author. Best ending ever. CatMrsH4
8/28/2019 0:28:13Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
This novel became an essential part of me, the piece of my soul was separated and stayed on the pages when I turned the last one. No need to mention the perfect writting and intriguing plot (but I am still mad when I see Goldfinch on the "detective" or " thriller" shelf. In fact, it is, but for me it is something more that just a story, but also a painful experience which fulled with adolescence anxities,losses and despair. You can hardly define it as a mysterious novel if you've readed it once. It is not about orphan moral, the target of this book not to educate us or entertain, Donna Tartt is willing to show to her readers the sorrow and rock in everyday life and how fragile is it.
I don't want to see a new film coming, because my perseption on it realisation with comparison to reality a way too different xxx
Send all the blessings and lots of love💓
Dasha (and please sorry for possible mistakes, I am a foreigner and still not fluent in English, hope that you'd like this book, if you read it once)
8/28/2019 6:32:09Where Rainbows End by Cecelia AhernIt is a heart-warming story and this is also the best book I have ever read up to nowRainbow@books.sharing_
9/3/2019 21:10:06The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley I love Lucinda Riley's books and I think the Seven Sisters series might be her best, and although I love the entire series, I think the first one, The Seven Sisters, deserves to be on this list. Sophie @sophiji94
9/3/2019 21:15:38The Lord Of The Rings, J.R.R. TolkienIt's a classic story and I strongly suggest this book to everyone. They should take a leap of faith and read it, so they can not only enjoy Tolkein's way with the words,but also his enrichment of text with the silmarillion bits, and at the end his verse will complete the visit at Middle Earth. This book is all about our imagination. It's up to us how far we can take it and we all know that sky is the limit. Aisha Riaz aisha_riaz93
9/3/2019 22:56:31Dark Matter by Blake Crouch An intense thriller from start to finish with so many twists and turns that will take your imagination to places you never otherwise would have thought of. Mindy L. heymindbae
9/3/2019 23:47:12Love and Other Words by Christina LaurenIt's a story about two bookworms who spend their time together when in middle school, reading in an ex-closet library on weekend. They fell in love around 14 but went their separate ways in high school to meet 11 years later.
The characters' fondness of books is so endearing.
9/4/2019 9:31:23Frankenstein - Mary ShelleyIt's not the horror that everyone expects, but is instead a perfectly eerie, gothic, philosophical and compassionate masterpiece. Aaron
9/4/2019 9:34:29The house of special purpose - John BoyneIts an incredible book with history (russian history) and love and adventuresLucíaTsundokugram
9/4/2019 9:36:06the name of the wind - Patrick RothfussA mix between Harry Potter, Game of thrones and The Lord of the ringsLucíaTsundokugram
9/7/2019 8:50:54A Walk In The Woods by Bill BrysonI have read it six times or more and still snort laugh every time. Maud@lifesworklab
9/7/2019 9:17:28The Little Prince It is a perfect story that all children and adults should read, with stunning illustrations - and the author is so fascinating too. And I collect it in so many languages.
9/7/2019 9:50:27The Book Thief by Markus ZusakIt’s one of my favourite books - it’s heartbreaking and tender and showed me a different side to WWII and its effects on people living in Germany at the time!Gracethebookpug
9/7/2019 9:52:29The Beach Alex GarlandBecause it's the most awesome book ever, especially for a little escapism.Aimée C.G.@aimeeinireland
9/7/2019 10:37:30We have always lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson Dark and deeply beautiful writing with a simplicity that’s grabs with full force! Lisa @owlbesatreading
9/7/2019 10:45:24Rebecca by Daphne du MaurierThe atmosphere in this book is everything. It’s completely unsettling and creepy but I loved it.Lauren Taylor@slowreadersclub
9/7/2019 11:13:40This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay A funny but heart warming and often sad look at life as a junior doctor in the UKAoife
9/7/2019 11:46:24History of the Rain by Nial WilliamsBecause the story is everything but exciting and still overwhelming at the same time. Williams' way of telling the story of Ruth, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia, is exceptional and his style of writing turns this novel into a true masterpiece.Givtheliterarytraveller
9/7/2019 12:59:41Everything is illuminated Jonathan Safran FoerIt's original and beautifulMartina
9/7/2019 13:11:55The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by Douglas adamsJust a great read, funny and thought provoking Steph stephie_kxoxo
9/7/2019 14:02:19The Great Gatsby - F Scott FitzgeraldIt is the perfect book to read for a story and meaning. Definitely a get cosy in a corner and read with a blanket. Lia Greenlife_oflia
9/7/2019 14:36:28Call Me By Your Name by Andre AcimanThis book broke my heart. I always recommend it to everyone, because even though I read it last year, it still had strong grip on my heart.Mia@miasbookblog
9/7/2019 14:36:41Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin The book is phenomenal has everything one can love: well developed characters, hate to love/forbidden romance, action packed, hilarious banter and magicTionna @readwithtee
9/7/2019 14:37:30Harry Potter Magic and a story about friendship, love and life you will never forget
9/7/2019 14:39:45Carry On, Rainbow RowellHeartfelt, funny and utterly magical take on ‘the chosen one’ trope.Lydia
9/7/2019 14:47:30The Diary of Anne FrankGreat read from an era that should not be forgotten from the perspective of a young female.
9/7/2019 14:58:10There But For The by Ali SmithIt's a book about our perceived selves in a digital age. The spectacle of celebrity; the importance of lived experience and the search for facts.thatbloodywomanreadsthatbloodywomanreads
9/7/2019 15:33:02Pride & Prejudice- Jane AustenIt’s a timeless classic
9/7/2019 15:34:06A court of thorns and roses (series) - Sarah j maas A tale of amazing friendship, strength, and a woman treated as an equal
9/7/2019 15:38:38Black Tudors by Miranda KaufmannIt challenges the assumption that Britain lacked diversity until the slave trade in the C17th and improves your understanding of different lifestyles/careers in Tudor England.Jess@notperfectjessx
9/7/2019 15:45:24A Monster Calls by Patrick Nelsonit's different from those teenage fictionchapterguilty
9/7/2019 16:48:06 Modern Love, Revised and Updated: True Stories of Love, Loss, and RedemptionThis books is filled with perspective! Love in friendship, relationship, family. Love through anger, loss, fear. It was amazing and formative. Katelyn @bookcasebeauty
9/7/2019 17:09:49Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz It’s so full of meaning and emotion. I don’t see how someone can walk away from this book and not gain something. Destiny myhoneyreads
9/7/2019 19:32:01The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris GuillebeauSomehow, it will give a meaning to your life.
9/7/2019 20:13:20The Book of Lost Things - John ConnollyProbably not the most suggested book but one of my all time favourites, a dark fantasy novel that teaches the reader about the power of books. It's every bit as dark and magical as I wanted it to be an will always be one of my must-reads when I recommend people new books.Ella@ellawashereblog
9/7/2019 22:21:49Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery There are few book characters I have related to more than Anne Shirley. Her story of adolescence to adulthood is one filled with tears, tender moments, and the magic of imagination. The escapades, challenges, and trials she experiences are filled with hope, learning, and the opportunity for change. It's a wonderful story all book lovers and writers are able to appreciate. Charisa @thereadingmermaid
9/8/2019 2:00:46"Summer Bird Blue" by Akemi Dawn BowmanIt does such a great job at exploring identity and grief and what it means to live after tragedy. (TW: car crash in which close family member dies; grief; almost drowning; suicidal ideation)Kait
@sixcrowsbooks (that's my Twitter handle; I don't have an Instagram, if that's okay)
9/8/2019 2:06:10Renegades by Marissa MeyerKeeps you on your toes; relatable characters; amazing writing etc. Kayla @dayofbooks
9/8/2019 2:11:28Mornings in Jenin by Susan AbulhawaIt’s a book about a Palestinian family and the story is told through four generations, beginning with Palestine before the occupation and ends with Palestine in current times. A must read for anyone who wants to know what it's like for Palestinians to live under occupation.Jiaeireochroi
9/8/2019 8:27:18The Other Side of Lost by Jessi KirbyIt made me think about my life and changing it for the better. Inspirational!Lisa Rowe@GemsLisas
9/8/2019 8:28:38A madness of angelsOriginality and unique voice
9/8/2019 11:54:07Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieThis is an engrossing novel that explores a little-known part of history through the experiences of three beautifully drawn characters. Adichie describes Biafra's struggle to establish an independent republic in Nigeria in the 1960s. Along the way we learn about love, loyalty, betrayal, colonialism and moral responsibility. This is a truly memorable and emotional read.Claire MellorThebristolreader
9/8/2019 15:46:34A Suitable Boy, Vikram SethIt is rich, and deep, an epic love story, beautifully embroidered, touching and eye-opening. Isla Aitken@readwriteandrave
9/8/2019 21:23:02Hot Milk by Deborah Levy
It’s an incredible novel that spans so many topics beginning with the tempestuous winds of the mother daughter relationship between protagonist Sophia and her long ailing mother as they travel to Spain to hopefully find a cure. While there, under the care and guidance of the enigmatic Dr Gomez of the Gomez clinic, who helps Sophia as much as he does her mother, the book fans out effortlessly and absorbingly into a journey of learning to find your own voice and what it really means to be yourself amongst the ever moving influences around you. Levy explores the changing tides of identity, our desire to know ourselves, and our search for a feeling of purpose or understanding and so much more. It’s a book that stayed with me long after the last page.
Hannah Franklinhannahlouise.franklin
9/10/2019 18:16:12Harry Potter Series by J.K. RowlingI'm in just love with this series. I know if any one out there reads this series, they will definetly learn something from it.Aisha Riaz aisha_riaz93
9/10/2019 18:26:49IT - Stephen King It’s scary, it’s weird, it’s gripping and it’s a great sample of King’s writing style. Pennywise is one of the greatest all time villains imoBen@thatfibrolife
9/10/2019 18:27:17Beartown by Fredrik Backman This was a no brainier for me as this book was honestly incredible and I’ve been telling everyone to read it. It’s set in a small town in Sweden, and it’s based around an ice hockey team. But it’s so much more than that. What this book did particular excellently, and what really made it stick out for me as such a good read, was Backman’s ability to commentate on society in such a powerful way. Everyone should read this book. Jaz (travelsinfiction)Travelsinfiction
9/10/2019 18:27:40Becoming - Michelle ObamaIt’s an inspiring story of an incredible woman and will fill you with hope @thatfibrolife
9/10/2019 18:35:19Autoboyography by Christina LaurenAutoboyography is about two boys - Tanner and Sebastian. Tanner is happily bisexual, but Sebastian has never considered that he’s gay. It’s such an excellent exploration of sexuality, religion and love. It’s a beautiful read and a wonderful book.Jaz (travelsinfiction)Travelsinfiction
9/10/2019 19:31:21The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz ZafónThis book is utterly stunning, written about book lovers and for book lovers. I think everyone should read it, it is beautiful. Beth, BooksNest@booksnest
9/10/2019 19:34:14Pride and Prejudice by Jane AustenSuch a classic that everyone needs to read. Filled with romance and drama, all you need in a good book. Elisabetta@elisabetta.fella
9/10/2019 22:51:38Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier It's just so good!!! It's an amazingly melancholy tale of the first and second wives of one man and how the lives of the two women intertwine, despite his first wife being dead. The writing syyle is beautiful. And there's a brilliant twist too!thehouseofthemouse
9/10/2019 23:58:56The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick NessIt’s what go me into reading YAAmy@biblioamyy
9/11/2019 7:19:37When Breath Becomes Air- Paul KalanithiWhen you come in contact with such heartrending stories is when you realise how cruel & unjust ways our life can assume. This is the story of Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, a son, a husband, a brother, a patient and in the end a novelist. When Breath Becomes Air is a true account of a doctor who had witnessed death multiple times in a white coat but is now facing the raw reality as a patient. In this no holds barred memoir, Paul comes out unabashedly about his illness, his personal life and the philosophy of anything & everything. He welcomes us in his life and introduces us to the light and dark moments without any inhibitions.Arti Shuklaa.r.t.i.s.h.u.k.l.a
9/11/2019 11:44:38Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman Challenger Deep explores mental illness in a way that feels completely unique, and it sets it apart from other YA novels. It follows Caden's everyday life as an American teenager, but also follows the world inside his head, on board a pirate ship heading towards to the Marianas Trench. It grips you right from the start, and you begin to see reflections of people in his everyday life appear on board the ship. It's unique, imaginative, and the style will make you fall in love with it. Charlotte wonderfullybookish
9/11/2019 11:46:50One by Sarah Crossan If you haven't read free verse fiction before, One is a good place to start! Sarah Crossan is the master of free verse fiction, and in this book she tells the heartbreaking but hopeful story of conjoined twins going about their every day life and ultimately facing the hardest decision they'll ever have to make. Warning: it will make you cry. Charlottewonderfullybookish
9/11/2019 19:49:10The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and City of Brass by Chakraborty It is such a compelling tale about embracing your inner demons and fears and overcoming them. The character arc are amazing. I hope you enjoy it. 🖤NafeezaB00kdragon
9/11/2019 20:29:53The Color Purple - Alice WalkerI read this book when I was quite young and it totally changed my perspective on a lot of things. Getting to know a character that has come from so little and has so many opportunities taken away from her on the basis of her race, social status, and sex yet still persevered and found her voice really makes you appreciate what you have so much more and makes you want to use your own voice/privilege for the better!Ifeta@etherealpaperbacks
9/11/2019 21:01:40A Confederacy of DuncesHilarious, witty, brilliantly-written book that should be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Ashton Hall@bookish.ashton
9/11/2019 21:23:39Dandelion WineIt’s the perfect slice of summer life, growing up, and small town magic Cade (Hey Atlas)@heyatlascreative
9/11/2019 21:24:35And Then There Were None, Agatha ChristieIt’s the OG “we’re all in a house and everyone is slowly dying off, which one of us is the killer?” bookCade@heyatlascreative
9/11/2019 21:30:42The Help by Kathryn Stockett This book is so profound and uplifting. Stockett succeeds in creating a painfully believable world while developing characters you will love, hate, admire, and never forget. I adored this book and recommend it to everyone! Kate@a_fictional_affair
9/11/2019 21:36:23Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran FoerSuch an important read, especially for the society we live in today. Deeply moving, deeply disturbing, but telling all the while a truth every consumer should have to confront. Although non-fiction, this book reads like a novel! Julia@bibliothea
9/11/2019 22:26:35A little life by hanya yanagihara It will stay With you emotionally for a long time CallieByckrobertson
9/11/2019 22:45:37A prayer for Owen meany by John IrvingThe story of Owen is hilarious, serious and gut wrenchingEmily Edwards LittleEmedwardslittle
9/11/2019 23:00:46The Night Circus by Erin MorgensternIt’s the perfect example of fantasy realism, and is exquisitely written! Connie @conniereads
9/12/2019 2:54:37The Bone Season by Samantha ShannonIt’s a book unlike any other you’ll ever read because it doesn’t really “fit” into a genre. It also shows the realistic growth of a character as she faces things she couldn’t even imagine.LaurenFictionTea
9/12/2019 7:16:41Toymakers by Robert DinsdaleA year on from reading it I’m still impacted by this book.
9/12/2019 7:37:49Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch It’s super funny, perfectly british, and has both crime and magic. What’s not to love???Nikki
9/12/2019 7:51:54Outlander It’s a great romance filled with adventures and family.
9/12/2019 7:52:05I’ll give you the sunIt’s one of the best books that I have ever read , I just couldn’t put it down and it’s definitely worth more people reading it xLexi ClarkL_exi._
9/12/2019 8:39:23Stalking Jack the RipperIt’s one of my favourite series ever and I think everyone should read it. A great historical YA seriesVickyWhatvickyread
9/12/2019 12:10:49The Turn of the Key - Ruth Ware One of the best thrillers I have read. Super creepy with amazing plot!!
9/12/2019 12:12:19Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo One of my favorite fantasy books. Especially the first book of the trilogy. Amazing characters and very interesting plot.
9/12/2019 17:06:06The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien Absolute classicKayleykayley90
9/12/2019 17:32:43We Have Always Lived in the Castle by S.JacksonI had to read it for one of my creative writing classes and I fell in love with it. I’ve re-read it every year since then and still find it facinating.Mariel @Marielbellan
9/12/2019 22:06:44Sophie’s World by Jostein GaarderIt’s incredible and though-provoking. Although it’s not my all-time favourite, it is the book that has resonated with me most deeply. It points out a lot of obvious things that we all take for granted — everyone can benefit from reading Sophie’s World. Please check it out — you won’t regret it!! :’)@thunderbooks
9/14/2019 8:39:26Questions for Ada by Ijeoma UmembinyuoPoetry by a black woman that feels like a therapy sessionSakhilenotesandwhispers