ENG280 Symbols, Archetypes, Themes (Responses)
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TimestampYour First Name(s)Author of Work Title of WorkGenre of WorkBasic Plot or SettingMajor SymbolsPredominant ArchetypesThemes & MotifsComparisons to Other WorksMain Character(s) or Speaker(s)
9/23/2014 15:41:19Dieris, James, TroyLang, AndrewLittle Red Riding-HoodFairy Talelittle girl going to visit her grandmother and give her some treats. Meets a wolf in the forest, and gets tricked into going the longer way. the wolf then eats the grandmother, and disguises himself as the grandma. When little red riding hood gets to the house, she is alarmed to see her grandma looking so peculiarly. finally the wolf eats the girl.wolf- man, rape, strangers, predators
little red riding hood- innocence, naivety
woods- public places, dangerous areas
wolf dressing up as grandma- deceit, lies
wolf- warrior, destroyer, magician
mother- caregiver
little red riding hood- innocent
grandmother- nothing
-don't trust everyone
-little red cap
Little Red Riding-Hood
Gaffer Wolf
9/23/2014 15:42:55Ada, VictoriaLang,AndrewLittle Red Riding HoodFairy TaleLittle red riding hood is sent by her mother to bring her sick grandmother custard and butter. On her way to her grandmothers house, she comes upon a wolf who asks her where she is going. So innocent minded little red riding hood may be, she tells the wold were she is going and how far it is.The wolf takes a short cut to the grandmothers house to get there before little red riding hood.Little did she know she shouldn't talk to strangers.Wolf
The girl
The color red
"ate her all up"
An innocent girl
A stranger (Wolf)

The themes and motifs we see are not talking to strangers, being aware of your surroundings, don't trust people you do not knowThe story "The Little Red Cap" is another story we studied that is similar to Little Red Riding Hood.Little red riding hood
The wolf
9/23/2014 15:45:46Judy, HillaryLangThe Little Red Riding-HoodFairy TaleThe mother has Little Red Riding Hood deliver food to her sick grandmother's house in the woods, but gets sidetracked by the wolf. The wolf tries to trick Little Red Riding Hood into taking a longer route to her grandmother's to give him the advantage to eat her grandmother before Little Red Riding Hood arrives. The wolf then eats the grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood after she arrived at the door. The wolf symbolizes a man chasing after an innocent girl. When the wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood, this symbolized rape. Little Red Hiding Hood's innocence was shown when she started chasing after butterflies and gathering nuts and flowers. She was not aware of the evil intentions of the wolf as well when she was revealing the directions to her grandmother's house to him. Talking animals, such as the wolf. Innocent and naive characters, such as the grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood. The grandmother was fooled by the wolf's imitation of Red Riding Hood, and Red Riding Hood was fooled by the wolf to take a different route to her grandmother's. The theme is shown to be rape and murder through the symbolism of the wolf "devouring" Red Riding Hood. "The Little Red Cap" is similar to "The Little Red Riding Hood," but unlike "The Little Red Cap," "The Little Red Riding Hood" did not have a woodsman. There was no one in the story to rescue the innocent girl and grandmother.Little girl, the wolf, grandmother, and the mother.
9/23/2014 15:46:44Deika, Constantina, GailLang, AndrewLittle Red Riding HoodFairy TaleCertain village and the woodsEat her up was a symbol of rape
The Wolf was a symbol of a stranger
Her Red Hood symbolizes a target
Little Red Ridding Hood archetype is Innocents, lover, caregiver
The Gaffer Wolf archetype is a destroyer
The theme of the story is little red riding hood was side tracked by the wolf whose intention was to "eat the girl up" which in other words means rape. Little Red Riding Hood and The Gaffer Wolf
9/23/2014 15:46:42Darren, Yadira, NinfaAndrew LangLittle Red Riding-HoodFairy TaleThis fairy-tale takes place in the wood between two villages. Little Red Riding-Hood has to visit her ill grandmother and then meets a wolf on her journey. The Wolf tricks her into taking a longer route to her Grandmother's house so that he can get there before she does and eat both the Grandmother and Little Red Riding-Hood. The major symbols in this short story are the woods, Grandmother's bed clothing and the butterflies.Evil Villain = The Wolf
Seeker = Little Red Riding-Hood was distracted
The main theme of this fairy-tale would be to not speak to strangers.This fairy-tale compares with "Little Red Cap." It has the same plot but in this version there is more detailing to what happened exactly to all the characters. Narrator is the speaker. Little Red Riding-Hood, Wolf, Grandmother
9/23/2014 15:46:45Bianca, AlexandraLang, AndrewLittle Red Riding-HoodFairy Talethe setting is in the woods, little red riding-hood is bringing food to her sick grandmother who lives in another village and she must walk through the woods to get to her house. on her way to her grandmother's house, she befriends a bad wolf wolf, the wolf eating the grandmother and little girl
little red riding-hood (innocent)
wolf (evil, destroyer)
innocence (she tells her where she is going instead of ignoring him, believes wolf is actually her grandmother/grandmother thinks wolf is her granddaughter), trust (thinks he is good), sexual (ate her up, little red riding hood takes off clothes, lays down with wolf) this can be compared to "Little Red Cap" which has the same characters and plot except the ending is different. in this story, the grandmother and little girl are saved and the wolf is killed. also in "Little Red Cap", little red riding hood runs into another wolf but this time she and her grandmother know better than to trust him and they also kill him. narrator, wolf, little red riding-hood, grandmother
9/29/2014 19:38:53JudyWilde, OscarThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleThe Selfish Giant was too protective of his garden and prohibited children from playing on his garden. With the lack of children, the seasons ceased to change in the Giant's garden. Winter had worn out it's stay in his garden until he grew out of his selfishness. The Giant was then welcomed into the garden of Eden for his generosity.The little boy was a symbol of an angel from Heaven. Giant-Father, children-wanderers, little boy-angel. Generosity can be rewarding in the end. Themes would be spirituality, alienation, and discovery. Wilde's "The Selfish Giant," is similar to "The Jumping Mouse." The Giant changed who he was when he realized how selfish he had been for keeping the children from stepping foot onto his garden. After the Giant destroyed the wall that separated the children from his garden, he became more generous and was welcomed into the Garden of Eden after death. Similar to the Giant, the Jumping Mouse was also rewarded after he stumbled upon a realization of the mountain's existence. After sacrificing his eyes, the Jumping Mouse was reincarnated into an eagle. The Giant, children, the little boy.
9/29/2014 20:11:06JudyAnderson, HansThe Little MermaidFairy TaleThe setting took place deep under the sea, and the surface. The Little Mermaid had given up her fishtail for human legs after making a deal with the sea witch, in an attempt to be with the prince she saved. After the Little Mermaid failed to make the Prince fall in love with her, she became part of the spiritual world instead of turning back into a mermaid. The marble statue that the Little Mermaid kept was a symbol and representation of the Prince, whom she fell in love with. The marble human figure became her motivation to live on the surface. Grandmother, The Little Mermaid = Princess/Hero, Sea King = Father. The theme is love and spirituality. Love is to overcome any obstacles that comes her way. Similar to "The Selfish Giant," The Little Mermaid was given an immortal soul, just as how the Giant was welcomed in Heaven. The Little Mermaid, her 5 sisters, the Sea King, her grandmother, the Prince.
9/29/2014 20:46:06DarrenWilde, OscarThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleEvery afternoon young children would go and play in the giant's garden. The giant was gone for 7 years and when he came back he told all the children to stay out his garden and built a wall around it. As the seasons changed his garden remained winter. One day he saw the children playing in his garden but he didn't mind because the weather was nice and saw one little boy in the corner that couldn't reach the tree. He helped the boy up and everyone was happy.The boy disappeared and the other children didn't know who the little boy was. One winter he noticed a beautiful tree and the boy that he longed for was there. The boy told the giant he can play in his garden, then he died.The weather (snow, frost, and hail.)
The seasons (winter,summer,spring, and autumn.)
The flowers.
Giant = Huge, scary, evil, mean.
Children = young, playful, innocent.
Flowers = nature, color, personality,innocence,emotions.
Weather = character, time, space.
Flowers blossoming meaning new life.
Giving and receiving.
n/aThe Giant, small children, the little boy.
9/29/2014 21:34:21Amanda CoatesWilde, OscarThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleThe story takes place in the giant's garden. The story is about children that always play in the giant's garden. The giant doesn't find out until he goes back to his castle after seven years. The giant decides to not let the children play in his garden. Then, he changes his mind once the only season that is occurring is winter. The giant then helps a little boy get into one of the trees so he can play. The bot disappears and the giant wonders where he can be. The giant finds the little boy, and then the giant dies.The Giant, Seasons, Trees, FlowersThe Giant= mean, selfishGiving, Receivingn/aThe Giant, the children, the little boy
9/29/2014 22:49:25AmandaAnderson, HansThe Little MermaidFairy TaleThe princess mermaid becomes fifteen and is able to go out on land. She saves and rescues the prince in the sea. The mermaid falls in love with the prince and wants to become a human. She visits the sea witch to in order to become a human. The sea witch turns the mermaid into a person. Once the mermaid turns into a person, she eventually dies and becomes an immortal soul.The statue of a manprincess mermaid - hero, sea witch - villain, prince - love interestLove, love conquers all. The Selfish Giant - The giant like the little mermaid dies and becomes a soul.Princess Mermaid, the Prince, the king, the grandmother, the five other mermaids.
9/29/2014 23:51:25BiancaWilde, OscarThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleA giant comes home from vacation, notices children playing in his garden, gets mad, spring comes and he notices everything looks like spring except for his garden, he hears music and notices the children has crept in, and every tree has blossomed. One corner was still winter, he noticed a little boy standing there that kept trying to reach tree, he helps boy into tree and noticed spring has come in that corner, night falls, next day, he noticed little boy is not out playing, One day he looks outside and sees boy, he run downstairs, he noticed boy was wounded, boy tells him his wounds are from love, they talk, the giant dies.flowers, birds, "the way the little boy looked at end" reminded me of Jesus, ChildrenSelfishness, Love, Religion, Redemption, Happiness,
A giant, the children, little boy
9/30/2014 8:47:49DarrenAndersen, HansThe Little MermaidFairy TaleThe Little Mermaid lived under the sea with her Father, Grandmother, and 5 sisters. Each year when the sister turned 5 they got a chance swim above to sea to see what land life was like. The youngest sister (the little mermaid) had to wait the longest. When she finally was able to go above the sea she saw a prince on a ship. During that time it was a storm and it caused the ship to sink but she managed to save the prince's life. Sh fell in love with the prince and wanted to be human so she went to visit the sea witch. After visiting the sea witch she was granted access to the land but couldn't speak and if the prince didn't fall in live with her she would die. She met the prince and they became close but The Little Mermaid couldn't tell him that she was the girl who saved his life. The prince's parents arranged for him to get married to some princess from another place. When the prince met her, he fell in love thinking that that was the girl who saved him. The little mermaid knew she would die now because he had fallen for another girl. The Little Mermaids sisters came to visit her and told her if she killed the prince that she would be able to live again. She couldn't do it and decided to throw herself in the water and die. She then became an angel.flowers, castle, under the sea, intimacy witch = evil, controlling
prince = charming, royalty, good
mermaid = supernatural, curious, daring, seeking
The theme I see in this story is the will to sacrifice yourself so that others can be happy. This reminds me of "The Selfish Giant" only because at the end of the story the main character dies. Its also similar because they both are dying for the purpose of this love that they never felt before.The Little Mermaid, the Prince
9/30/2014 9:06:49BiancaAndersen, HansThe Little MermaidFairy TaleThe princess becomes 15 and is finally able to go above the sea, she sees a ship sinking and a prince is drowning, she saves him and realizes she wants to be human, she goes to see a sea witch to become human, now that she is human, she must make the prince fall in love with her or she will die, the prince doesn't fall in love with her so she dies.StatueHero: Memaid
Mother figure: Grand mother
Father figure; the king
love, sacrifice, heroic, this fairy tale is similar to the selfish giant because she died and so did the selfish giantThe little mermaid, her sisters, the grandmother (queen), her son (the sea-king)
9/30/2014 13:26:04Hillary The selfish giant Fairy TaleThe giant was anti social he didn't like children and they were not allowed in his garden. The garden was beginning to die because the giant selfishness. Once the giant realized he began to accept the children to his garden.The weather
Children- innocent
Happiness and love without it giant would be not be able to realize the children are helping himLittle mermaid Giant
Little boy
9/30/2014 13:37:11HillaryAndersen,Hans Little mermaid Fairy TaleThe setting took place in the deep sea where little mermaid must give up her fishtail for human legs from a deal she made with the witch for her chance at true love with the prince.The marble statue of the man Grandmother-caregiver
Little mermaid-hero
Love and faith because little mermaid wanted to protect her prince and have faith he will love her backThe selfish giantLittle mermaid
Her sisters
Sea king
9/30/2014 15:48:41Hillary, JudyOscar, WildeThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleThe Giant was too possessive of his garden, and prohibited children from playing on his property. The setting took place in the Giant's garden. It wasn't until the Giant met the little boy that he realized how selfish he had been. After his death, he was given permission to enter the Garden of Eden. The Little Boy = Jesus, the Little Boy's garden = Heaven. Children = wanderers/innocence, The Giant = warrior, The Giant was protective of his garden from the children, The little boy = lover. Generosity comes out in the long run. Themes would be isolation, and spirituality. "The Little Mermaid," and "The Selfish Giant" carry similar symbols. Both stories had gardens, and spirituality. The Little Mermaid was given an immortal soul, while the Giant was given entrance into the Garden of Eden. The Giant, children, the little boy.
9/30/2014 15:50:18Amanda, Victoria, YeeniaWilde, OscarThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleWhile the selfish giant was away, the children would play in his garden where the flowers would blossom and the birds would sing. But when the selfish giant came back after seven years he scared the children and spring never came back. The giant fell in love with the child who couldn't climb the tree.The giant had an epiphany and that is when the little child never returned. When the little child came back, as a reflection of Jesus, he took the selfish giant to paradise, leaving the selfish giants dead body for the children to see when they came back to play.The Garden of EdenInnocent, Selfishness, Generosityhappiness, love, you get what you giveThe little mermaidthe giant, the children, the little child
9/30/2014 15:53:41Troy, Gail, ConstantinaWilde, OscarThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleThe story takes place in a garden. The giant is selfish at first because he built a wall around the garden to keep the little children out. But then he meets the little boy crying under the tree, who gives him a hug and a kiss. And this changes the Giant's perspective about his selfish ways. The Garden (garden of eden)
The boy (jesus)
The selfish giant- destroyer
The little children- innocence
The boy- caregiver, lover
-you give and you get back what you deserve
-kindness goes a long way.
jack and the bean stalk. (giant reference)
the little mermaid
The Selfish Giant
The Children
The Little Boy
9/30/2014 15:55:53Yadira, James, AdaWilde, OscarThe Selfish giantFairy TaleThe Giant has a garden in which children would come and play.Every time they played springtime broke until the Giant told them to leave. Instead, winter came and the Selfish Giant longed for spring again. The children eventually crept back into his garden but when he scared them away, one child stayed and and hugged and kissed him which made the Giant love him. The giant realized how selfish he has been and declares the garden open to the children.Giant
The garden
The BibleGiant
The child
9/30/2014 15:56:44Darren, NinfaWilde, OscarThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleChildren use to go play in the Giant's garden every afternoon while the Giant was away. When the Giant returned he scared the children and told them to never come back to his garden. As the seasons started to change it remained winter in the Giant's garden. One day he heard children playing and looked out his window and noticed that it was spring and the children was in his garden. He went outside to play with the children but they all were scared and ran away. He noticed a child in the corner trying to reach for a tree and he then helped him up. After the Giant helped him, the tree became full of flowers and the little boy hugged and kissed the Giant. He tried looking for the boy and none of the other children knew who he was. During the winter season the Giant saw the little boy standing by the tree and noticed he was wounded. The little boy then told his since the giant let him play in his garden, that he can play in his. After that the giant was found dead.Flowers meaning new beginning.
Garden meaning morals, happiness connection with spirits and life itself.
The Selfish Giant : Evil, ruler, big, feared
The children : innocent, young, playful
The little boy: giving,
The theme is the garden a sacred place that people who are kind will receive a greater gift. This compares to "The Little Mermaid" In both stories the main character dies at the end. The boy die because of a act of kindness.The children, The Giant, & the little boy
9/30/2014 15:57:30Victoria, Yesenia, AmandaHans AndersonThe Little Mermaid Fairy TaleThe little mermaid, had to wait until her fifteenth birthday to go up to land with the other mermaids. In result of being able to live on land she had to give away something valuable to her to the witch. She gives away her voice. later she falls in love with a prince, but the prince falls for someone else, and in result the little mermaid dies. Land, sea, the statue, beauty, her voice, lovebravery Themes and motifs of the story are, giving up something dear to you for something that could make a positive impact in life (going on land). The Selfish GiantThe little mermaid, the king, grandmother, seawitch
9/30/2014 15:59:41Hillary, JudyAndersen, HansThe Little MermaidFairy TaleSetting took place deep under the sea, and the sky. The Little Mermaid fell in love with a human prince, and longed to be with him on land. She sacrificed her voice to the Sea Witch to gain legs. She failed to win the prince's hand in marriage, but her selfless actions led to her gaining an immortal soul after death. The marble statue symbolized the prince, and the Little Mermaid's motivation to be with him on the surface. The Little Mermaid = innocence/lover/seeker, The Sea Witch = the Magician, the grandmother = the caregiver. Themes would be love; The Little Mermaid overcame several obstacles to try and win the Prince's heart. Another theme would also be courage; The Little Mermaid was very courageous to make a deal with the Sea Witch and sacrificing her voice. "The Little Mermaid" can be compared to Wilde's "The Selfish Giant." Both stories include spirituality and selfless actions. The Giant broke down his wall to his garden to allow children to freely play in it, while the Little Mermaid sacrificed her life for the Prince's. The Little Mermaid, her sisters, her grandmother, the Sea Witch, the prince.
9/30/2014 16:00:39Asia, Tiffany, BiancaWildeThe Selfish GiantFairy TaleThe giant had been gone for seven years. Once he returned he spotted the children playing in his garden. He did not want to share with the children, so he banned them from entering it. The children disobeyed him and he noticed the garden started blossoming only where the children played. He then spotted a little boy and noticed that where he stood was winter unlike the rest of where the children played. He helped the little boy into the tree and notices spring has arrived in that area. days passed and he notices that the little boy is not out playing with the rest. One day he sees little boy outside, he runs to the boy and see he is wounded. little boy tells his his wounds are from love, they talk and the giant dies.The garden, The tree, The little boy Innocent, caregiver , loverReligion, Redemption, Happiness an LoveThe Giant, The Children, an The little boy
10/6/2015 19:30:21JeseniaHyemeyohsts StormThe Story of the Jumping Mouse Version 2Short StoryThe plot of the story was there is a little mouse who goes around scared because of Sacred Mountains that intimidate him. The mouse warns the other mice of this Sacred Mountain and how theres a nearby lake that heals all wounds and illnesses. The mouse goes without eyes to sacrifice to heal the other animals and because of his well doing hes blessed and is able to have his vision back. At first the other mice didn't believe him but then he ran to prove to them the sacred mountains and river were all real and that the river does heal and is medicine for all illnesses.Water symbolizes purity, clensing of illnesses , lilpadin which the frog who was the main character for all healings who guided the jumping mouse. The mountains were examples of the mouse being able to prove he can face any challenges and help others no matter what will try to get in his way. He will never give up.The predominant archetype would be the consistency of the jumping mouse sacrificing to help others and giving a facial part to heal others.The theme and motifs in which are found in the short story is the feeling of being scared and then become fearless to overcome anything.The water lily poem it deals with being able to overcome anything and just doing what you have to do.The jumping mouse is one of the main characters along with the raccoon, wolf, frog and Buffalo.
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