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Short URL: | This spreadsheet was last updated in December 2016 and was created by Doug Belshaw of Dynamic Skillset Ltd. It is available under a CC0 (public domain) license. Contact;
RequirementCriteriaBadge ListBadgeOSBadgrCredlyForAllRubricsMakewavesOpen Badge AcademyOpen Badge Factory
Must allow the school to easily create new badges as the need arisesBuilt in badge designeryyRandom generator and pre-designed badge upload functionalityyyyUses Makewaves (sister platform) visual badge designery
Do we mind where they are hosted?Compliant with EU PrivacyShieldUS-basedUS-basedUS-based ( but can be self-hostedUS-basedUS-basedBased in EU (UK)Based in EU (UK)Based in EU (Finland)

Can also self-host via WordPress plugin
Must provide a way of students easily collecting badges.Includes profile/portfolio elementyyyyyyyy
Must provide an efficient way issuing badges by multiple staff - teaching and admin.Multiple issuers of single badge typeBadge admins and issuersyOnly possible through shared accountAt 'Pro' levelAt 'schools and districts' levelHouse points
Student portfolios
Parent login
Available at 'Pro' and 'Enterprise' levelsy
Must be scalable to allow the Trust to manage and issue badges across multiple schools.Self-hosted, or ability to whitelabelNo self-hosted or whitelabel optionSelf-hosted WordPress installation + pluginSelf-hosted (open source) or create account via badgr.ioWhite label at 'Premier' levelNo self-hosted or whitelabel optionNo self-hosted or whitelabel optionWhitelabel option at 'Enterprise' levelWhitelabel and sub-organisation options at 'Premium' level
Could allow certain selected badges or number of badges to trigger a higher level badge.Meta badge / pathway functionalityWould have to do this manuallyyOnly platform currently using Open Pathways standardWould have to do this manuallyAvailable through rubricsWould have to do this manuallyWould have to do this manuallyMilestone badges available at 'Premium' level
Must allow badges should be transportable to other platforms to allow students to take them with them.Open Badge specification compliantyyyyyyyy
Must allow the school to audit badges to provide statistics about who is receiving what.Issuer dashboardyyAvailable through 'Groups' featureAvailable at 'Premier' levelyyyy
Must provide adequate levels of safety, for example the student’s full name should not be revealed until 16 years old. Perhaps could have initials.E-safety awareK12 option with private groupsWould have to do this manuallyWould have to do this manuallyWould have to do this manuallyComplies with Student Data PrinciplesContained within platformWould have to do this manuallyWould have to do this manually
Should include details of costs both now and in futureTransparent pricing$480/yearFree with optional add-ins (one-time charge)Free (

Free and Open Source (via GitHub)
Pro is $495/year

Have to get in touch for 'Premier' and 'Enterprise' pricing
Free for teachers

Have to get in touch for 'schools and districts' plan
£1947 + VAT for 'Pro' planFree level and then 'contact us' for 'Pro' and 'Enterprise' levelsFree level and then 'Basic' level for €120/year (10 badges max.) and 'Premium' level for €600/year
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