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FIGLevelHandstandsRings HSHandstand PushupsRings HSPUPressBent Arm Press HandstandsRings Press HSStraight Arm (SA) Press HSL, Str-L, V, MannaBack LeverFront LeverFL PullupsRowingPullupsR Pullups + OACWeighted PullupsExplosive PullupsIron CrossPlanche (PB/FL)Ring PlanchePB/FL PL PushupsRing PL PushupsPushups1-arm PushupsDipsRing DipsWeighted DipsMuscle Ups (MU)Elbow Levers (EL)FlagAb WheelRing Full StaticsRing Kip SkillsRing Felge Skills
Novice1Wall HSPike HeSPUTuck L-sitJumping PullupRecomm. PRE-REQs In GrayFloor PUPB Jumping DipSupport Hold
2Wall HSBox HeSPU0.3xBW1 leg bent L-sitR RowNegative PullupKipping PullupDiamond PUPB Dip NegativeSupport Hold25s Plank
3Wall HSWall HeSPU Negative0.425xBWL-sitTuck BLR Wide RowPullup1xBWBar PullupFrog StandR Wide PUPB DipR Dip Negative1xBWMU Negative60s Plank
4Free HSWall HeSPU0.55xBWStraddle L-sitAdv Tuck BLTuck FLL-PullupR L-Pullup1.175xBWKipping Clap PullupSA Frog StandFrog StandR PUL-dipR Dip1.2xBWKipping MU1-arm/1-leg Plank
A5Free HSR Shoulder StandWall HSPU0.675xBWBA BB PressWall Str Press NegativeRTO L-sitStr BLAdv Tuck FLTuck FLR Archer RowPulloverClap PullupTuck PLSA Frog StandRTO PUElevated 1-arm PU45 deg DipR L-dip1.375xBWMuscle-up2-arm ELTuck FlagKneeling Ab WheelRTO L-sit
Int.6Free HS + 4 FingersR Strap HSFree HeSPU0.8xBWL-sit BA BB PressChair PressBox Str Press45 deg V-sitHalf Lay/1 Leg BLStr FLAdv tuck FLStr 1-arm RowR Wide L-Pullup1.50xBWClap L-PullupAdv Tuck PLTuck PLTuck PL PURTO Archer PUStr 1-arm PUR Wide Dip1.55xBWWide/No FG MUR 2-arm ELAdv Tuck FlagAb Wheel on RampRTO Str-LKip to supportFelge forward piked to support
7Free HS + 3 FingersR HSFree HSPUR Wide HSPU0.9xBWChest Roll SB PressChair IllusionStr/Pike Press75 deg V-sitFull BLHalf Lay/1 Leg FLAdv Tuck RC1-arm RowR Archer Pullup1.65xBWKipping Back Clap PullupRTO 40 deg PPPUR Str 1-arm PURTO 45 deg Dip1.7xBWStrict Bar MU1-arm Str ELStr FlagStanding Negative Ab WheelBack LeverBack kip to supportFelge backward pike to support
8Free HS + 2 Fingers1xBWBA SB PressR BA BB PressL-sit/Str-L Str Press100 deg V-sitBL PulloutFull FLStr FLOAC Negative1.775xBWAb Slap L-PullupStr PLAdv Tuck PLAdv Tuck PL PUTuck PL PURTO 60 deg PPPUSB 1-arm PU1-arm DipRTO 75 deg Dip1.85xBWL-sit MU1-arm SB ELFull FlagFull Ab WheelFront Lever
B9Free HS + 1 FingerR Free HSPU1.075xBWHS to EL to HSR Dip Press120 deg V-sitGH PulloutSA FL to InvStr FL RCOAC 1.9xBWLeg Slap L-PullupAssisted Cross PullsHalf Lay/1 Leg PLRTO Maltese PURing SB 1-arm PU1-arm DipRTO 90 deg Dip2xBWOA Straight MUAb Wheel + 20lbsRing 90 deg V-SitSA kip to L-sit
Adv.101-arm HS1.15xBWPB Dip SB PressR BA SB PressR SA L-sit Str Press140 deg V-sitBA Pullup to BLSA Hang to InvFull FLOAC + 15 lbs2xBWLeg Slap PullupIron Cross HoldStr PLStr PL PUAdv Tuck PL PUWall PPPURTO 90+30 Dip2.125xBWFelge backward SB to support1-arm Ab WheelIron Cross/Str PLSA back kip to supportFelge forward straight to support
111.2xBWR HS to EL to HSR SA Str-L Str Press155 deg V-sitHS Lower to BLCircle FLFL RCOAC + 25 lbs2.1xBWBack Clap PullupCross to BLFull PLR Wall PPPURTO 90+50 Dip2.25xBWFL MU str PLBack kip to handstandFelge backward straight to support
12R Dip SB Press170 deg V-sitSA Str PL to HSHalf Lay/1 Leg PLHalf Lay/1 Leg PL PUStr PL PUWall Maltese PURTO 90+65 DipFelge Backward SB to HSFelge backward SB to HS
C13MannaIron Cross PulloutR Wall Maltese PURTO 90+75 DipSA kip to V-sit/kip cross/L-crossFelge forward SA to cross
Elite14SA Hang to BLSA from PL to HSFull PLFull PL PUHalf Lay/1 Leg PL PURTO 90+82 DipSB Rotation to HSFull PlancheBack kip to cross/L-crossFelge forward SA to str PL
15Butterfly MountSA SB to HSRTO 90+86 DipButterfly MountBack kip to straddle PLFelge forward SA SB to HS
16Support to Hang to CrossSA from PL to HSFull PL PURTO 90+88 DipInverted Cross
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