2) Getting started with your research (Responses)
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Our Grandville High sophomores are embarking on their inquiry-based research project. Students have an opportunity to research anything...yes, anything. Our goal is to become an expert on that topic. But this project is not just about researching…it is about doing something with what you learn. As part of their research, students need interview an expert and produce a talk to share with a larger audience. This is where you can help! We are looking for experts to interview! CAN YOU HELP? Your name and positionYOUR CONTACT INFO.: (email, Skype, Google+)
Your NameI'm thinking about completing a research project that would fit the following category:TOPIC CHOICEPURPOSECONNECTING WITH AN EXPERTIF YOU CAN HELP, ADD YOUR INFORMATION IN THESE TWO COLUMNS. JUST CLICK AND TYPE.
Owen R.Social, Emotional, CulturalDown Syndrome and all of the causation, and what it means.My sister Gracie has Down Syndrome, and I’m curious to find out causation of it and what it really means for her and for me, and the rest of our family. Just details in general about it.Researcher or doctor with knowledge of Down Syndrome
Ashley S.Medical, EmotionalIn this project I am hoping to do my research on animal testing.I would like to do my research on this topic because animal testing is something I believe that shouldn’t exist in the world. It is harmful to many animals and possibly takes there lives at some point. Animals should not be tested on that is not what they are meant for and animals aren’t humans they may not react the same way to some of the testing as us humans possibly do. I just believe animals testing is very harmful and they should do it on other stuff Instead of animals, animals are meant for living there life doing their own thing not being tested on. People do testing on animals all different ways they test makeup on animals, hair treatment stuff and medication on them which is not right for animals.If I could interview someone about my topic I believe it would have to be a veterinarian because they work with animals and help with them when they are hurt.http://mismr.org/facts-myths-about-animal-research/
Natasha C.Emotionali’m choosing to research on animal abuse I want to research about animal abuse because i love animals and it hurts me knowing that so many animals are getting hurt because of irresponsible people and abusive people and i just want to know why people do what they do.someone who finds these animals and helps them get back into good shapeHumane Society of West Michigan
Brandon M.CulturalWhy aren't comic books considered art?Figure out where the stigma against comic books came from, if they can be considered art, and if it can move past the public prejudice and stereotypes and become a respected art form.A comic historian (or someone who knows A LOT about them)Jim Towe, graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, current graphic novelist/artist - http://www.jimtowe.com/
Ricardo O.Social, EmotionalPositive effects of music Persuade people to listen to more music Music therapist, researcherCaila G Conklin
Music Therapist
MSU Community Music School
Michigan State University Community Music School
E-mail: cailagconklin@gmail.com
Parker D.Political, SocialWhy socialism and communism doesn’t workSome people today believe that the perfect goverment would be a socialism or a communism, while refusing to look at the communisitisc and socialistic countrys which failed.A goverment teacher or professorDave Eaton, World History Professor, Grand Valley State University and Dr. Wenski (twitter @drwenski) have a great podcast called "On Top of the World" http://podhistory.libsyn.com/see Ms. Ward
Jane D.Medicalcochlear implantI want to work with cochlear implanta when I grow up. Are cochlear implants widely available to all patients who need them? Audiologist https://www.uofmhealth.org/conditions-treatments/ear-nose-throat/adult-cochlear-implant
Hunter B.MedicalHead injuries in sports I want to research the topic about head injuries in sports because it’s a problem that I can relate to. I have personally had multiple head injuries caused by sports. It also effects a lot of my peers. This is also a very big problem right now. A pro sport player that has had the deal head injuries or researcher of head injuries https://www.brainsteps.net/
Emma Emotionalhow divorce effects teenagers I want to do my research topic on this because teens go through a hard time when parents divorce and I want to learn what happenes to them during that time. psychologistDr. Robin Ward, East Side Psychology, Grand Rapidsrobin.m.ward.psyd@gmail.com
Brooke B.MedicalWhat are the consquenses of vaping at a early age and how it affects your body. To show the problems and consquences about vaping at a young ageMedical researcher Look into the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e-cigarettes/Quick-Facts-on-the-Risks-of-E-cigarettes-for-Kids-Teens-and-Young-Adults.html
nicholas m.Medicali am hoping to research about the effects of smoking weed and how it affects your lungs differently from vaping and smoking cigarettes.I want to learn about how smoking weed affects you because it was recently legalized and i want to see how it works on you and the health side affect. Medical researcherLook into the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)https://www.cdc.gov/marijuana/index.htm
Daniele V.SocialHow to run a successful business.Educate people on how to run a business and what it actually is.My mom because she owns a successful business.interview your mom!
Lexi J.EmotionalDistance between families and those serving in the armed forces. My brother is one of my biggest inspirations and it hurts to not be able to see him because of the distance between us. Someone who is currently serving.https://www.research.va.gov/currents/0218-The-loneliness-factor-in-depression.cfmDr. Robin Ward, East Side Psychology, Grand Rapids, robin.m.ward.psyd@gmail.com
tori j.Emotionalhow the stress of school inpacts your health i want to becuase i just think that it would be good to know psychologist/researcher
Brendan H.MedicalThe affects of concussionsBecause I play high contact sports and want to understand the risksI would interview a doctorhttps://www.brainsteps.net/
Ethan M.SocialWhy is underage vaping a major problem in today's society?I want to research this topic because I am searching for answers. Vaping is surrounding teens all around the country, and spreading wider and wider. DoctorLook into the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e-cigarettes/Quick-Facts-on-the-Risks-of-E-cigarettes-for-Kids-Teens-and-Young-Adults.html
Nolan H.SocialVideo Games. What effect does video games have on people?I love video gamesdon't know yetZach Bushsee Ms. Ward
Kevin D.Political, MedicalWhy is youth usage of vaping a big problem in today's society?I want to know how does it affect peopleDoctorLook into the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e-cigarettes/Quick-Facts-on-the-Risks-of-E-cigarettes-for-Kids-Teens-and-Young-Adults.html
Mya M.MedicalPros and Cons of Being a ParamedicI want to be a paramedic for my future career, so I want to know what some problems that they face. Paramedic
Ariana M.Socialwhy education should be more individualized I want to research this topic about how education should be more individualized because i believe it would lead to more success. Also i wish i could've done better in school in elementary and also how it is generalized.teacher how they feel about it and how the education system has felt for them. Maybe someone who has already graduated Look into differentiation
Kaitlynn L.SocialWhat is up what puppy mills?Puppy mills are a horrible thing. Some people have no heart and rebreed puppies and sell them for lots of money. Do they think that animals don’t have feeling too?I would with a veterinarian to talk about puppies feelings. Maybe someone who works at a puppy mill and see what its like.
Maddie CMedical, EmotionalMental HealthI expirience this and I want to know more about it.Pinerest or UofM
Kaden O.MedicalBenefits Of Medicinal CannabisI chose this topic because I believe that more research needs to be done to fully recognize the medical benefits of cannabisIf I could choose anyone to interview for my topic it would be Wiz Khalifa and/or a doctor who is experienced in that fieldCheck out Made by Hemp, a local business in Jenison (recently profiled on Michigan Radio's Stateside program) - https://madebyhemp.com/about-made-by-hemp/Made By Hemp LTD
904 Chicago Drive
Jenison, MI 49428

Telephone number:
Daniel Y.Political, Socialhow media influences your opinionits intresting to me because i watch the news and they show one side of the story or the bad parts of somethinga news person like on good moring america
Dan V.EmotionalHow gratitude can cancel out anxietyMost people struggle with pressure and stress due to school, friends, ect. This is a way to self-help easily and realistically. PsychologistGretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project or Martin Seligman's work on Positive Psychology - https://ppc.sas.upenn.edu/
taylin j.EmotionalI would like to research substance abuse and the effects of addiction I would like to research this topic because i am interested in it My mom because she works with people who struggle with addiction
Radhe P.Social, Medical, EmotionalHow does stress affect the body?A lot of people deal with stress, along with many kids at school due to grades. I get stress too, but afterwards I try to stay active, and not stressed. I want to know if stress affects the body; if stress is good for you? Or bad for you? Does it affect your health? Your attitude others? Because I know many people who stress. That is pretty much everyone because everyone has been stressed out in life once. I would first ask the doctor, (a family doctor) A psychology
Kaitlyn V.MedicalMy topic is children with terminal illness. I hope to research about how the hospital deals with babies or children with serious illnesses like heart problems or missing limbs from birth or from car accidents. I want to research this topic because I have watched many seasons of hospital shows like Grey’s Anatomy. Watching this show shows that doctors can do a lot to help a small human. I have want to be in the medical field after high school. Learning this type of stuff will prepare me.I would hopefully like to talk to someone that works with babies or children that have been struggling through things no one should havd to go through.
Madison L.Political, Social, CulturalI am hoping to research endangered species. The reason I want to research this topic is because I think it's an issue that needs to be addressed because a lot of the animals are not getting the proper protection. I want to have future generations to be able to see the interesting animals we have instead of having them be in a history book. If I could interview anyone I would interview a endangered species biologist.Casey Reitz
Wildlife Division
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
525 West Allegan St.
P.O. Box 30444
Lansing, MI 48909-7944
Phone: 517-284-6210
Joshua B.Social, Medical, EmotionalDoes social music (artists) and or internet personalities influence the choices we make and the way we live?I have witnessed a lot of change in people's lives based on what trends are currently in the spotlight and the music that's blasting in their headphones. I myself can admit to changing my lifestyle based on the music I listen to, but to some it's the way they live their lives. I've seen many friends come and go, running with a crowd that lives/acts a certain way based on social media, the internet in general, and music. psychologists, social media analysts (i.e. anyone who could be educated on this) Caila G Conklin
Music Therapist
MSU Community Music School
Michigan State University Community Music School
E-mail: cailagconklin@gmail.com
Brendan W.MedicalI am hoping to research heart attacksMy dad had a heart attack but luckily it wasn't fatal and he lived. So, I am writing about the warning signs of it and what to do if someone has one, and the facts about heart attacks in people (EX. what gender is more likely to have one, etc.)A doctorAkash Manoj - his TED talk (go to 31:15) https://youtu.be/QHYsp6jk0Qohttps://twitter.com/akashmanoj4
Hunter K.Political, SocialGun control and mental healthI am going to research about how many people from the asylums got put out onto the street with no help for the mental issues and prove that it is the people and not the guns. And we need to open up the asylums or improve therapy for people with mental issuesMy Dad and a mental therapist person
Jallissia TSocial, EmotionalI am hoping to research a topic about being being a teenager in highschoolI want to do more research about teens and why we do what we do and why we are put through what we go through and how we can help make things easier for usI would like to interview my mom because she went through a lot in highschool as a teenager
Danny H.MedicalBone Marrow TransplantsMy 13 year old cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia this year in September. She has to get a bone marrow transplant in order to survive. That means that they have to find people that have a very close or near perfect match to her bone marrow, so that it can regenerate bone marrow more healthy and non-cancerous. It is so important that they find a match. My cousin is lucky enough to have a perfect match meaning 16/16 and a young male. I want to make people aware of just how important it is to sign up to get tested for a bone marrow transplant, and how it can effect someones life.A person who has studies blood cancer or a specialized doctor.
Marcel L.Social, MedicalI hope to research about head injuries in sportsI want to research this because I have had concussions in football and I can relate to how dangerous it is.Calvin Johnson because he was an elite pro football player but he retired at the age of 31 due to head injuries.
Zac V.MedicalHead injuriesI want to choose this topic because I play many sports that involve contact and I want to learn how long head injuries really last. Neurologist
Caden P.Political, Social, CulturalIm hooping to show that if police brutality is as big of a problem as the media shows I want to research this topic because I believe that the media is making this problem look bigger then it is and that they are displaying cops in a bad way ,Ben Shapiro / Fleccas Talk Interview an officer! I think you may know one ;)Also look at this report from The Guardian newspaper, which attempts to track cases of people shot and killed by officers: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/series/counted-us-police-killings
Kyle S.Social, Medical, CulturalDoping in sports/ PED'sI want to research this topic because I play a sport and I watch many sports and I feel athlete's shouldn't be able to have an advantage over others because of drugs.Alex Rodriguez
MiguelSocial, CulturalHow to start a businessThe purpose of this is to inform myself because it is really interesting and I am curious on how to operate a successful business.Any businessmen, entrepreneurs, or any analyst that have any experience.
pearl m.Social, Medical, Emotional, CulturalHow teen pregnancy affects you and others around you.The reason why I would like to research this topic is because my mom was a teen mom and raised me with my dad, although they didn't end up together in the end they both showed me affection and love. I would like to know the outcome of other kids who have had a teen mom. I would also like to know how being a teen mom affected the person and the people close to that person.I was thinking about my mom or a center that helps with teen pregnancy.Check out the Center for Disease Control's website (CDC) at https://www.cdc.gov/teenpregnancy/about/index.htm
Samantha T.Political and SocialProject Based schoolsI feel that the school is not teaching us how to live in the working/real world. People I know in my family are teachers
Sarai T.PoliticalImmigration Issues - How as the recent caravan influenced how we view the issue of immigration?I am very interested in this topic because it is something that has personality affected my life. My parents are both immigrates specifically Honduran immigrates which much of the caravan id from. I have seen how this issue has caused a new discussion of the issue of immigration. refugee center, Immigrates West Michigan Refugee Education Center
CjSocial, Emotionalwhy don't most high school student get d1 scolarshipsI want to do research about football because I love the game and I know that I probaly won't get a lot of scolarship to a d1 school because im 1 out of a million teenagers in the u.s Ray Lewis Brian Dawkins Mark DantonioElliot Siefert, former NFL playersee Ms. Ward
Bryson H.Political, SocialEffects of Global WarmingI chose Global warming because it is a big problem in the world that has an impact on everything. This topic is worldwide and very interesting to me. Many have different opinions on this topic. When connecting with with expert I will pick a expert on global warming such as Al Gore.
School shootings aren't caused by video games
It bugs me when I hear about the News sources quick to judge and claim video games caused it
Any of the kids' parents
Jacob A.Ford Aluminum truck safetyi want to research how safe the aluminum body is on the truckan automotive engineerhttps://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2016/04/12/in-crash-tests-fords-aluminum-f-150-is-the-safest-pickup/#5c48987b2236
Alexa Gthe affects of human trafficing reseraching will help people understand the dangers of it Kent Country Human Trafficking task force
AJ H.why college athletes should get paidI am resarching this because I play football and Im hoping to go to college and playany college or any college athletehttp://www.michigangoldengloves.com/
Samantha NewberryPost Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)PTSD is not a verry known topic to a lot of people and defently not talked about. My cousin has PTSD from fighting overseas. many vetrins have it and if I am going to go into the Army I need to know the risks.Mr. Ward and someone from the VADr. Robin Ward, East Side Psychology, Grand Rapids, robin.m.ward.psyd@gmail.com
Spencer PhongSocial, Medical, EmotionalI am hoping to research if the burden schools put on students is way more than other generations, or if students this generation are weak.I have seen many people complain how hard school is in general and how many are miserable because of school.another student?