Email AddressFull NameLinkedIn ProfileSchool/Program (Haas, ischool, etc.) Start-Up Name Start-up idea in 2 sentences Specific skills you're seeking for your team (Industry or technical experience, skills, personality traits, motivations, etc.)What technologies are you particularly interested in or engaged with? (ex: Does your product use AI, ML, big data, automation, etc.) List any existing teammates in this class Any other notes to add?
dan_cloutier@berkeley.eduDan Cloutier EWMBA '21Homebase HealthHomebase Health is making aging in place, in your own homes, a reality.

An alternative to assisted living and nursing homes, we focus on helping the elderly maintain their independence and sense of belonging by leveraging cutting edge remote monitoring, telemedicine, homecare services, and internet era community building. We are at an incredible point in history where the elderly are embracing the internet and remote monitoring and telemedicine tools will allow us to drive high level care and community building while providing peace of mind for families.
I'm currently looking for a founding team including a technical partner to help bring this to life. Below are a few specific areas I'm hoping to recruit experts in:

1. Social Network/Community Building Experience (preferrably in software)
2. Experience in Healthcare/Telemedicine
4. User Experience, specifically focused 65+ age group

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry, so challenging the status quo will take incredible grit. I'm looking for a team that is mission driving and personally invested in changing the world.
1. AI/ML to help direct resources to those most in need, helping to drive the care platform and resource allocation
2. Video Chat and Social Network Web and Mobile Interfaces
3. Integration with Remote Monitoring Devices and Firmware
New Idea, so looking for founding partners!- 60% of lifetime medical costs are incurred in the last 6 months of life.
- Assisted Living facilities were initially created as an alertnative to nursing homes, but increased regulations, competition and business finance has pushed the industry closer to nursing home structures
- Most Americans if given the option would choose to live out the end of their life at home with family
- Assisting living, nursing homes, and hospice can cost upwards of $6k per month
antoni.lewa@berkeley.eduAntoni Lewa FTMBA'21Parenting CirclePinterest + Slack for young Indonesian parents to search and discover parenting content and advice, therefore empowering them to make smarter parenting decisions, more confidentlyI am looking for 2 kinds of potential co-founders:
1. Someone with early childhood education expertise (PhD/Ms preferred)
2. Full-stack engineer who are experienced in building native Android apps and ideally with some AI/ML expertise to build recommendation/personalization systems

Ideal characters: passionate about double bottom line (social impact + profit), scrappy and not afraid to get hands dirty, exposure to emerging markets like India or Indonesia
- AI/ML, specifically: image based & NLP based personalization/recommendation systems
- Emerging markets focused mobile app development (must know how to optimize for low end device and poor internet connection)
I'm actively working with my co-founder who's currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia is the world's 4th largest country based on population. It's also expected to be the world's 4th largest country based on GDP by 2025. 50% of people are aged below 29.7 years old.

4.8m babies are born in Indonesia each year, and yet, unlike in developed markets like Singapore or Australia, there is a significant gap of parenting resources from both government and daycare institutions. Most parents had to resort to informal channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp group, Facebook group, or parenting news websites.

This is very disorganized and prone to misinformation. There must be a better way to help millions of parents to raise their kids better
ellew@berkeley.eduElle FTMBA'22PsychSpaceHome healthcare company that would dispatch a social worker-led team (paramedic & safety included) to people in mental health crisis through an app. Determining whether we'd be an add-on service to existing therapy clinics or first touchpoint in crisis response.1. Medical Liability Expertise / Health Policy
2. Full-stack coding / no-code / low-code experience
3. Mental Health Industry
4. Health Insurance Industry
5. Emergency Medicine
6. Market Entry Decisions
Gary Yin is my co-founder -- he is currently working on the startup in MBA 295 Entrepreneurship class -

In StEP & Entpreneurship Class. Will be applying to UC Launch

Need to determine most feasible entry point given healthcare has liability concerns - we are in process of interviewing other crisis response services, clinics, and social workers; have interviewed patients
steven.w.lee@berkeley.eduSteven Lee FTMBA'21Gear2GoThe sharing economy meets the gear rental space. Need a drill, need a tent? Gear2Go facilitates the exchange of goods amongst neighbors by connecting folks who have equipment with those who need it. 1. PM experience
2. Marketing experience
3. Passionate about: outdoor activities, hardware, or democratizing access to "self-realization" activities
App and accompanying website will leverage AI and big data to match potential lenders with borrowers based on geography, desired activity, and skill levelCassandra Salcedo, Cristobal Sarquis, Fernando LoraMy co-founder is friend from undergrad. We've begun working with two full stack engineers and expect to have a beta website / app by the time class starts in January. If all goes well, we are both planning on pursuing the idea full-time after graduation in May.
kevin-hu@berkeley.eduKevin Hu FTMBA '22Firstly
Firstly is a self-service collaboration platform that democratizes access to professional development for first-generation students by streamlining interactions between the student and the university's career center, maximizing career outcomes.1. Software Engineer
2. UX/UI Designer
3. Education / Career Center Experience
4. Passionate about social impact / first-gen
Help universities collect data on the platform in order to shed more light on the efficiacy of career center servicesRomeet Sen, Casey Smith, Elaine Chang, Rosa Huang* Co-Founder is a friend from high school, PM and PMM experience at Business Insider and Hulu (respectively)
* I'm currenting in StEP and FORM+FUND
christal_wang@berkeley.eduChris FTMBA/MPH '22shimmer
personalized, community-based mental health prevention & psychoeducation - message me for more details!!!!1. Health insurance expertise
2. Social network/influencer/community building
3. Full stack engineer (potentially)
AI/ML and collaborative filtering for personalized content recommendations & patient-provider matchingPotentially 1 other Haasie :)- REALLY important to us that anyone joining the team is passionate about mental health outcomes. #1 criteria!!! Message us if you're interested :) We want to collaborate with anyone in/interested in this space
- Co-founder is a medical student with a background in AI/ML from Stanford (BS, MS) & UCSF (MD)
- Have 1 intern (UCSF MD), 1 designer and 1 other potential intern (Product)
- In process of customer discovery (patients, public, providers - psychiatrists, PCPs, counselors/therapists, social workers)
- Going through StEP, will be applying to Big Ideas then YC
<- had to drop off the call but slack me if you have questions / are interested!
hari_mani@berkeley.eduHari Mani 2022Tag-AlongTag-Along connects people with similar interests to do activities, helping new movers to a city make new friends while connecting travelers without having to stay in the same hostel. It's an e-hostel that marries meet-up and Tinder to provide a platform that brings every functionality from calendar syncs to payments under one roof. With A.I to iteratively customize the events around, TagAlong caters to one's unqiure experience. We have an MVP that needs fine tuning based on VC's feedback. Looking to find Full Stack developer (a potential CTO) and likeminded business folks who's interested. Doing activities should be a piece of cake. Present: 2 co-founders MBA NEED: 1 Full stack developer 2. UX designer 3. Another interested MBA with Product maangement or Marketing experience or is passionate about the idea. Cross-platform App development (react-native), Swift is okay. A.I for fine tuning user experience. None for the class
murch@berkeley.eduMurch Ewings FTMBA'21BetterMintA platform and associated digital wallet that facilitates digital payment to un[der]employed and/or marginalized populations for completing community oriented tasks (think a bounty for tidying up a park).

Directions this could scale: a socially conscious task rabbit, government support of decentralized welfare payments attached to value creation in communities, financial services for underserved pops.
1. UX/UI/Designer
2. Devs always welcome!
Payments tech. Smart contracts.

We can explore whether blockchain is useful in whatever solution we build.
Kyle Ames, Josh Youner
Kathleen Jiang 2021UN-FOLDUN-FOLD is the first of its kind sustainable fashion brand that partners with artists in the community to design unique, statement fashion pieces inspired by the visual arts. We differentiate ourselves from other fashion businesses by 1) working with undiscovered artists to uplift them while bringing more art to the masses, 2) focusing on storytelling to build community around the arts and give customers an experiential shopping experience, 3) making each piece with intention: made-to-order, sustainable, and upcycled at end of life.

Sustainable fashion doesn't have to be basic and boring. Make a statement. UN-FOLD.
1. Fashion Designer
2. UX/UI Designer
3. BD, Finance, Marketing
4. Anyone interested in fashion, sustainability, & art/supporting artists
MVP: e-commerce platform

Future: big data (customer data analysis), ML (personalized recommendations and display)
Yuan QuThe equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second. Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams and it only gets worse with the rise of fast fashion. Thankfully, interest in sustainable fashion has started to gain traction as consumers become increasingly aware of the fashion industry's damage to the environment. Google searches for "sustainable fashion" has increased by 400% over the last 2 years and UN-FOLD is ready to capitalize on the beginning of this fashion industry revolution.

Kryukov.mikhail@berkeley.eduMikhail Kryukov 2021Neck.appCurrently building an expense management software for the B2C space. Key focus would be on tracking recurring vs one-time expenses vs categorization. We currently have outsourced development and design and will be launching functional paid app in the app store and google play by the end of the year. Going further we are looking to understand whether it would make more sense to expand to B2B space with this solution after getting initial traction and feedback from the b2c users. We are also looking forward to narrowing down and better understanding our B2C customer segment. Current potential ideas for B2B expansion are selling white box solution to integrate in the mobile banking applications, selling aggregated transactional data with insights to some of the lending companies to help them better understand their users or partnering with a payment provider and becoming part of their system. Looking for people interested in fintech space who will be ready to explore new potential opportunities for business model expansion and better understanding current user base. Also may be looking for engineering types of people to develop ML and data science algorythms and figure out what to do with the data. Also looking for potential CTOCurrently we only use react but looking to introduce ML and big data tools to potentially make categorization better and to drive insights from the data. Also looking to work with banking APIsNone
julian_ghadially@berkeley.eduJulian Ghadially, Amber Hafterson, Anne Juarez MBA '22Huddle Health (current StEP '20 team)Holistic primary care teams and navigation delivering health and cost improvements by focusing on health goalsFront-end technology development; additional clinical expertise, health enterepreneursPredicitive analytics to recommend cost-effective interventions; actuarial analysis to demonstrate ROI to employersAnne Juarez (former ER nurse), Amber Hafterson (actuary)We will have completed StEP before the course and will hit the ground running!
sean.mandell@berkeley.eduSean Mandell MBA '22Quarterback HealthCare coordination for those with chronic conditions.1. People who want to eliminate needless human suffering caused by our messed-up healthcare system! No prior experience/knowledge necessary.
2. Marketing, sales, biz dev, SEO (esp. in B2C and/or healthcare, but not required)
3. Healthcare providers
4. Healthcare industry knowledge/experience
5. Software engineers
- Process will be manual to start, but we will look to standardize/automate as much as possible.
- Lot of interesting data science applications (we'll get patients' EMR data to coordinate their care)
- Note: I have a background as a data scientist + programmer in healthcare.
Sam Jazzo
Taryn Stromback
nave@berkeley.eduNave MBA '22FlowProHelp businesses increase the productivity by creating a personalised AI assistant that manages notifications for employees, allowing them to focus on what matters to them and their work (e.g. a meme shared by a co-worker would not be shown within a meeting, but an urgent request from the CEO would be)1. A tech oriented person, who is not afraid to write a few lines of code.
2. Productivity enthusiasts.
3. People who are tired of the insane amount of notification we get everyday.
- Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning for detecting productivity patters of users and classifiy content of personal notifications
- Big data for Productivity enhancment
Niklas Bretschneider, Daniel Machlup
15,baptiste.fourquet@berkeley.eduEbay Vaniyapun,Baptiste Fourquet, Tushar Jain, '21,BHGAP '21PlatoDedicated virtual classroom tailored for discussion based online learning in higher education. (think Zoom but actually made for students and profs instead of work conferencing)
1. university teaching experience
AI, big data, automation, computer vision, encryption, teleconferencing
Baptiste Fourquet,Tushar Jain
Startup being worked on in Lean/Agile Product Management at the I-School
Ebay: PM @ Amazon, Intrapreneurship in manufacturing, govt startup ecosystem, design engineer. Previously led startup was in StEP and LAUNCH, received Trione student venture grant and won 2nd place for creative problems solving at LAUNCH. Connection with the dean at one of the top Thai universities.
aquil@berkeley.eduAquil Fannis
FTMBA '22KytKyt does the work of finding and provding the cannabis that works right for you and brings it directly to your door. Don't spend one more minute confused looking at a menu or afraid to try your next cannabis products.1. Cannabis industry expertise; 2. Canna-curious/Canna-Nerds; 3. Data Wranglers; 4. Anyone who loves or hates their dispensary experience; 5. Interested in emerging markets; 6. Recognizes the social impact around cannabis and cannabis legislation; 7. Software EngineeringML/AI/DS, automation, inventory/supply chain management, NLP, Mobile/Web Interactions, E2E PrivacyVasu PanickerCurrently in StEP. Our team is already comprised of designers on the product and experience level. I already have a background in data science and wellness. Currently team is composed of URMs especially for cannabis industry. I have already started working with potential customers, several of which have already affirmed that this is something they are willing to purchase. Any level of cannabis experience is welcome as long as you are curious and a little adventurous we'll get along swell.
FTMBA '22Delta DenimDelta Denim is here to make better fitting women's jeans. We're doing this by bringing more measurement data into the design process and by desinging for a wider range of body shapes.1. Folks who are ready to get into the weeds of measuring and data science, I am starting to manually collect data 2. Indiviudals with a background in branding/digital marketing who can start helping me create an identity 3. Technical fashion expertiseData Clustering, Predictive Size Recognition (eventual goalI'm well into the customer discovery process and now I'm trying to get the data I need to start creating differnet patterns. It's going to be a nitty gritty process until we get the data we need to start creating patterns. I have a couple folks who are helping outside of Haas but no co-founders at the moment. I'm looking for people who are excited by the idea and ready to get their hands dirty with some data