Missouri Midseason Poll 2019-2020 (Responses)
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TimestampEmail AddressNameSchool/Team Affiliation#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8#9#10Justification
12/20/2019 22:25:37Josh MaleckiFort Osage High SchoolCollege HeightsLadue ANorth Kansas CitySTL PatriotsSt. Joseph Central AHallsville APoplar BluffThayerWashington AKickapoo A
I have moderated for all but 2 of these teams so far this season.
12/20/2019 22:48:26John John GrogerMiami ValleyLadue ASt. Louis Patriots A
College Heights Christian A
St. Joseph Central APoplar Bluff ANorth Kansas City AWashington AHallsville A
Columbia Independent A
Kickapoo Ajust groger ranks lul
12/20/2019 23:16:08Joel MilesRaymore-Peculiar HSSt Louis PatriotsLadue
College Heights Christian
St Joseph Central
Thomas Jefferson Independent
HallsvilleNorth Kansas CityRaymore-PeculiarWashingtonSavannah
1. Best stats in the state, consistently looks stronger than Ladue, nowhere to go but up.
2. Eric and Louis are both crazy players (t5 at NASAT Workshop afternoon), still easily has quality to make a nats run in spite of STL.
3. Gabe is a solo carry god and quite probably the best player in the state right now alongside Owen and maybe Louis.
4. Still a strong team, when they have Ansh back should be better than almost everyone - literature/rmp looked sketchy on an A set at LSN though so can't rate them higher.
5. Beat CHC on a low-quality set. While not a surefire great team this is a massive achievement even with shoddy questions so they need to be rated highly.
6. Put up 17 PPB at the qualifiier on a hard set and made championship bracket. Also scarily well-balanced.
7. Another well-balanced team. Won three trails, but based on the NASAT workshop they have some serious scaling issues to look out for, barring Ryan Huynh being better than I rate him.
8. Okay so this may be a bit of a vanity pick but we were 2 tossups from beating St Joseph Central at LSN, and we dominated everyone besides SJC despite not having our FA player. I also went 4th scorer at NASAT workshop. May our play vindicate this pick, we'll see where the season takes us.
9. I don't know a huge amount about how good Samantha is against other string players but their numbers are good so far this year and I feel weakly that they belong in this list. Definitely want to see more though.
10. Matt Brown is underratedly a T10 player in the state and this team will be a threat to anyone, but getting lit up by an Ansh-less SJC looks bad and prevents a higher ranking.
12/21/2019 7:07:05Max HodesLiberty NorthSt. Louis Patriots ALadue A
College Heights Christian A
North Kansas City ASt. Joseph Central ASavannah AThayer AThomas Jefferson AHallsville AKickapoo A
1. Dominating performances from Owen Farra and Sam Lindsey cement this team as number one, a claim backed by their first-place finishes at WUFAT and WHIT.
2. Despite their loss of Akshay, Raj, and Moses, Ladue still remains a top contender led by Louis Li and Eric Yin. Despite their historical dominance, they have fallen short to the newfound powerhouse STL Patriots.
3. Gabe Forrest’s dominant performance has allowed this team a first place finish at Glendale, the Fall Championship, and Kickapoo.
4. Unlike many teams on this list, NKC has a well-balanced team not dominated by any single player. Their combined skill has landed them a first place finish at Three Trails and a second place finish at the Fall Championship.
5. Despite their past dominance, Central seems to have suffered a minor drop this year. Still, their performance still deems mentioning. Sophomore Frederick Rivas-Giorgi gathered impressive numbers at the Fall Championship, landing them in third place. Additionally, their first place finish at Lee’s Summit North is also worth mentioning.
6. Led by Matt Brown, this team managed a very close second place finish at Three Trails.
7. Garrett Blum’s impressive numbers have allowed the team a first place finish at Houston and Clever.
9. Savannah Dillard led this team to a second place finish at Houston.
9. Despite their loss of Sam Lockwood, this team still seems very promising, finishing fourth at the Fall Championship and WHIT.
10. Chase Sponenberg and Roman Taylor have led this team to several high finishes at Glendale, Clever, and Kickapoo.
12/21/2019 11:45:22Louis LiLaduePatriotsLadueCentralCHCPoplar BluffNKCHallsvilleWashingtonTJI Kickapoo
Tier 1 (1-2): Ladue has slightly more powers but Patriots has won head to head and has 2 blowouts against Ladue

Tier 2 (3-5): Central had a comparable power rate and PPB to CHC without Ansh. Poplar got 19+ PPB on an IS-set but had low power numbers and have not played many tournaments

Tier 3 (6-10): These teams had adjusted PPBs around 15-18. Rankings of these teams were determined by power rate and PPB
12/21/2019 14:28:53Gabe Forrest
College Heights Christian
St. Louis Patriots ALadue A
College Heights Christian A
St. Joseph Central APoplar Bluff ANorth Kansas City AKickapoo AThayer A
Thomas Jefferson Independent Day A
Helias A
I tried to place them in the order that I've seen teams been beaten by each other, but the variability of some of it made it hard. Lots of really good teams in the state right now. Tried to go the same order as Groger Ranks for the most part but after that point is general speculation on my end.
1/12/2020 21:40:29Eric YinLadue High SchoolLadue ASTL Patriots ASt. Joseph Central A
College Heights Christian A
Poplar Bluff AHallsville ANorth Kansas City ARaymore-Peculiar AWashington AThayer A
1-2: A very close call - STL Patriots has a positive win record over Ladue at regs difficulty, but Ladue's consistently higher power numbers and ppb means they likely scale up better on harder questions.
3-4: St. Joseph Central's stats nearly matched those of CHC's at MOQBA Fall, despite having large subject holes due to Ansh Gupta's absence. With a full team, Central probably comes out ahead of CHC and might stand a chance against the Big Two.
5. Though they haven't played a major tournament since, Poplar Bluff's dominating MFAT performance certainly warrants a high ranking, though they don't seem to be nearly at CHC's level.
6-7: Hallsville notably didn't play their full A team at MOQBA Fall, but still placed 4th; then, what I assume is their full A team took 4th at WHIT after a 5-point loss to Glasgow. IMO this puts them ahead of NKC, who's definitely next on the list with their strong MOQBA Fall performance.
8. Ray-Pec's definitely a hot take, but their primary scorer Joel had a strong showing at the NASAT workshop, indicating a strong ability to scale up, though I'm hesitant to rank them above NKC when they haven't proven themselves at a major tournament yet.
9-10: Washington did poorly at MOQBA Fall but were 3rd at MFAT by a large margin; Thayer may have won against Washington at MOQBA Fall, but their low statline suggests they don't scale up very well.
Honorable Mentions: Kickapoo A, Thomas Jefferson Independent A
12/21/2019 22:00:00Kyle Hillnone (MOQBA)
St Louis (Leslie) Patriots A
Ladue Horton Watkins A
College Heights Christian A
North Kansas City ASt Joseph Central A
Springfield Kickapoo A (Gold)
Thayer A (Green)Poplar Bluff AWashington AHelias A
Sam and Owen are already starting to make a case for having the Hoppes-Mikanowski limit renamed for them. It could easily be the Yin-Li limit, but performances at WHIT current tilt this battle in the Patriots' favor.

Gabe Forrest has already solidified himself as the top player in Southwest Missouri this year, holding off Kickapoo, Thayer, and other newcomers. Still, he's going to need to go head-to-head against Pats and Ladue in a regular competitive setting.

Northtown is back. Their core of Ryan, Reilly and Alfonso is formidable. Their only challenge will be to avoid the pitfalls associated with the staid KC circuit. For starters, they need to win back their conference title from Belton while holding off a determined Fort Osage squad. Their performance at the Fall Championship is a good indicator.

It's a close call for fifth, but St Joseph Central has the edge with Frederick developing into a phenomenal all-around player. Kickapoo's picking up experience with good collaboration and camaraderie, but knocking off CHC once would really bolster their potential. Ditto for Thayer, as Garrett & crew have been battling Kickapoo on multiple occasions. The Bobcats have held their own but will need additional challenges if they want to keep CHC from claiming the crown again.

Poplar Bluff had a surprising performance at Mizzou Fall and two excellent players, but their failure to get out of the Bootheel & the decrepit SEMO circuit more often have them down on this list. (To wit, they only went 6-0 at their own tournament!) If they don't get back north of Route 32 when another poll runs, they may find themselves replaced by anyone below on my honorable mentions list.

Traditional powers Washington and Helias round out my top ten. Plenty of well-tested talent on the respective squads.

Honorable mentions (in no particular order):
Mexico A, Palmyra A, Fair Grove A, Springfield Central A, Weaubleau A, Houston A, Ladue B, Savannah A, Fort Osage A, Kickapoo B (Brown)
12/22/2019 22:02:32Max RyleUniversity of MissouriSTL Patriots ALadue ACollege Heights ANKC ASt. Joseph Central APoplar BluffHallsvilleWashington AThayerKickapoo A
Patriots and Ladue A are the clear cut 1 and 2 until we see College Heights play either of them, with the Patriots holding the edge against Ladue so far. College Heights holds off NKC for 3rd based on their head to head results with NKC so far. I considered sliding St. Joe ahead of NKC due to Central not having their full team and still playing well at the Qualifier, but I went with the results we have so far to seed these 2. Bluff was very impressive at MFAT, including taking a game from Ladue A, but considering the sample size is unfortunately small, 6 seems like the right spot for them now. Hallsville has shown that they still have enough talent to beat nearly anyone, even though they haven't been full strength at any tournament. Washington is behind them due to the head to head result with Hallsville at the Qualifier. Thayer has the potential to move up the list as Garrett gets more experience on regular difficulty sets. Kickapoo A slides in at 10 due to their consistency at tournaments so far, especially when they just recently began playing a set A team.
12/25/2019 20:01:19Owen FarraSt Louis PatriotsSt Louis Patriots ALadue A
College Heights Christian A
St. Joseph Central APoplar BluffNorth Kansas City AWashington AHallsville AHelias AMexico AUp in my feelings?
12/30/2019 18:25:40Jacob O'RourkeWashington HS/MOQBASt. Louis Patriots ALadue A
College Heights Christian A
St. Joseph Central ANorth Kansas CityHallsvilleWashington AHelias AKickapoo AWebster Groves
Ranking is based mostly on my eye test, having seen most of these teams play. Only teams I'm not totally convinced on their rankings are St. Joseph Central and NKC, as I've only seen those teams play one half, but they both still belong in a state-wide top 10.
1/10/2020 1:43:57Felix WangMizzouSt. Louis Patriots ALadue ACollege Heights ASt. Joseph Central A North Kansas City AKickapoo AHallsville A Poplar Bluff AWashington AThayer A
STL and Ladue are very clearly the top two teams within Missouri right now, but I gave the edge to STL because of their better coverage in all areas of the distro. If Ladue can fix its holes in fine arts, they'll put up even more absurd numbers but STL is more well rounded at the point. Central and College Heights make up the Tier 2 of teams that are very good but have not really taken the leap into top 50 like the two above. The solo nature of College Heights and Gabe makes it unpredictable to see how far they can rise in the future but seeing his dominance leaves me no doubt that in time CHC may reach even greater levels. Central at their two events this year has been crippled with the absence of second leading scorer Ansh Gupta so I expect them to potentially leapfrog CHC when he arrives, but as this is a mid season poll I felt it right to leave them here.

The next Tier 3 is teams who are always at contention to win smaller tournaments and top 4s at larger ones but may not have the firepower to win those. North Kansas City stands here as the cream of the crop, with a top 2 finish at MOQBA Fall where they beat St. Joseph Central twice convincingly. However they seemed to struggle without one of their leading players Reilly Nash. At the tournaments he did not attend NKC was upset by Springfield Central and had a rather underwhelming victory at Three Trails where they only had 14 powers in 10 games. Hallsville and Kickapoo are almost interchangeable but I put Kickapoo on top because of their very near upset of College Heights. Hallsville finally played their full roster at WHIT, where they went undefeated until superplayoffs and took Glasgow to 5 points. I can see Hallsville if they can keep bringing this team to tournaments rising above Kickapoo potentially.

Tier 4 is solid teams with slight caveats. Poplar Bluff had a spectacular performance at MFAT (beating ladue!) but the fact they literally haven't gone to anything sorta forces me to leave them there. Washington A has been very good but not breakout level good Their 8-2 run at MOQBA and 3rd place finish at MFAT shows much potential but they haven't really had any truly significant wins. Thayer A is able to 10 nearly every question but evidently struggles against top teams.