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The information provided on this List is free to use. Please be advised, that most of the information on the List is highly subjective. Could contain mistakes, misspells, biased opinions and other errors. Under no circumstances, this information should be used as financial advice of any kind or in any similar way. It should be used strictly for informational and \ or educational purposes.

The List contains a collection of interesting (open-source, blockchain) projects, games, development companies, consensuses (etc) that I believe are worth watching for one reason, or the other.

If you do not agree with the information provided, wish to make changes to the file, add or delete information, or think that you can contribute in any other way - please feel free to leave comments in the appropriate repository on GitHub: (issues are best suited).

A note to contributors: please be aware that the list is intended for the broader public wishing to get a general "hang" around good crypto projects. Hence, I am specifically avoiding indexes that are based on deep technological understanding (i.e. hash rate, difficulty etc) or that require strong economical background (ratios, buying percentages etc) (inflation and deflation indexes are a subject for strong subjective discussion).

Saying that, if you believe that certain indexes should be included on the list, feel free to attach your arguments for it.

Please bear in mind that indexes are not automatically updated. This means that:

The CAR index is only correct for the date it was calculated (as of now, that is December 2018)
The Distribution numbers are subject to change
Initial price is calculated in USD not in BTC, just because it is simpler to grasp (more on that below), although absolutely incorrect for accounting purposes
Team / Docs / Community indexes are subject to, always, change
The List itself, contains links to the following, for each separate project: website, white paper, GitHub, developer documentation, coinmarketcap (some assets are linked to otc trading), explorer, link to a social channel (mainly twitter).

As much as I would not want to use CMC, it gives you a general insight to the state of the market, but please - do your own research about the price (and its essence) for each separate asset on the List.

And remember: this is not(!) a financial advice!

License type: EOE (Everyone owns Everything)

P.S. I would appreciate it if you link to the original spreadsheet in case you decide to copy any information or use it for any purposes that you might want to. I would also highly appreciate it if you star the repository containing this file:

BTC address: 1PQ5NLafz5VH5iVVt3KPjN5wjsNVexqjhc

All information is subject to and will change as I progress the List onwards

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