StateCMS Monthly Unwinding ReportsState Dashboards and Other DataPreliminary Mitigation Strategies for Individual Ex Parte Renewal ComplianceState Renewal ReportPublic State Plan or SummaryCommunications Materials/ToolkitUnwinding FAQ
AlabamaOriginal Reports (July-January via CMS) *NN/ANAlabama Medicaid COVID-19 Unwinding Plan for Eligibility Processes;
Unwinding Update
PHE Unwinding Toolkit;
AL COVID-19 Information for Providers
AlaskaOriginal Reports (May-January via CMS) *Medicaid Renewals Dashboard;
Medicaid Renewal Demographics
Details Dashboard
Alaska Mitigation Plan and Enhancement Strategies Updated OctoberNDOH Division of Public Assistance Redetermination Presentation
Alaska Medicaid Unwinding Strategies (October Update)
Partners & Providers: Help Us Spread the WordMedicaid Renewals FAQs
ArizonaOriginal Reports (April-December via CMS) *Eligibility Renewals Dashboard (April/May Data)
Eligibility Renewals Dashboard (July Data)
Eligibility Renewals Dashboard (September Data)
Eligibility Renewals Dashboard (October Data)
Eligibility Renewals Dashboard (November Data)
Eligibility Renewals Dashboard (December Data)
Eligibility Renewals Dashboard January Data
Eligibility Renewals Dashboard February Data
Eligibility Renewals Dashboard March Data
N/AAZ Renewal ReportSummary of COVID-19 PHE Operational Unwinding PlanEnd of Medicaid Continuous Enrollment Messaging Toolkit;
Resources for Communities/MCOs
Preparing for End of COVID-19: Return to Normal Renewals (FAQ); MCO Support for the End of the PHE
ArkansasOriginal Reports (April-November, January-March; December via CMS)Press Release: April Unwinding Report;
Press Release: May Unwinding Report;
Press Release: June Unwinding Report;
Press Release: July Uwinding Report;
Press Release: August Unwinding Report
Press Release: September Unwinding Report
N/AAR Renewal ReportArkansas Comprehensive Unwinding PlanRenew Arkansas: Provider Toolkits and Materials;
Arkansas Graphics (Update);
If You Have Lost Coverage
PHE Unwinding FAQ - Clients
CaliforniaOriginal Reports (April-February)

DHCS Continuous Coverage Unwinding Data
Unwinding Dashboard
Survey on Procedural Disenrollments (Month 1, Month 2, Month 3)
N/ACA Renewal ReportMedi-Cal COVID-19 PHE Operational Unwinding Plan: Updated;
County Readiness Toolkit
Medi-Cal Continuous Coverage Requirement Toolkit;
Planning for the End of the Continuous Coverage Requirement;
Communication Toolkit Phase 1
COVID-19 FAQs (Eligibility), DHCS Coverage Ambassadors Webinar Questions & Answers
ColoradoOriginal Reports (May-February)Continuous Coverage Unwind Data Reporting
Lookback on Terminations May to December
September 2023 Renewals;
October PHE Unwind Planning Presentation (See Slides 30-33)
NCOVID-19 PHE Unwind Planning: Community Partners and Advocates;
October Newletter
Preparing for Renewals: A Communications Toolkit; Take Action on Your Renewal: A Communications Toolkit; Understanding the Renewal Process:
Medicaid Scam Warning
Consolidated Return Mail Center FAQs; Health First Colorado FAQs
ConnecticutOriginal Reports (April-January via CMS) *PHE Unwinding Data
PHE Unwinding Renewal Outcomes Dashboard
HUSKY Health and Ex Parte RenewalsNPHE Unwinding PPT;
PHE Unwinding: Preparing for the End of the COVID-19 PHE
Preparing for the End of the COVID-19 PHE: Tools for Benefit PartnersHusky Health PHE Unwinding FAQs
DelawareOrginal Reports (May-January via CMS) *Dashboard Summary (August)
Dashboard Summary (September)
Dashboard Summary (October)
Dashboard Summary (December)
Dashboard Summary (January)
NNDelaware's Plan for Unwinding from the COVID-19 PHEMedicaid Eligibility Renewals: Communication Tools for Providers + PartnersMedicaid Renewal FAQ
District of ColumbiaOrginal Reports (May-January via CMS) *Mediciad Renewal Reports and Documents
Medicaid Unwinding Data Dashboard
Restarting Medicaid Renewals: The End of the Continuous Enrollment Requirement Bi-weekly Meeting #13 (See Slide 9)DC Renewal ReportDHCF Operational Plan for Unwinding Continuous Coverage & PHEStakeholder Communications ToolkitFAQs Related to DHCF Operations After the Conclusion of the COVID-19 PHE
Originial Reports (April-February)

Revised Reports
NN/AFL Renewal ReportMedicaid Redetermination PlanMedicaid Redetermination Partner PacketMedicaid Redetermination Plan FAQs
GeorgiaOriginal Reports (May-February) CMS Monthly Reports Dashboard (February Data)NGA Renewal ReportGeorgia DHS Plan for Unwinding Continuous Medicaid Coverage;
PHE Draft Operational Plan
Medicaid Redetermination Communications Toolkit;
Partners & Providers Landing Page:
Communications Toolkit (Updated April)
Stay Covered Help & FAQ
HawaiiOriginal Reports (May-January via CMS) * Application and Enrollment Update (September);
Application and Enrollment Update (October)
Med-QUEST UpdateHI Renewal Report Med-Quest Healthcare Advisory PPT (slides 24-33)Stay Well Stay Covered ToolkitStay Well Stay Covered FAQs
IdahoOrginal Reports (April-February)
Original Reprots (July & September via CMS) *
Press Release: Idaho May Unwinding Update;
Medicaid Protection Statistics (August Data);
Press Release: Completed Reevaluations
Idaho Response Ex Parte Renewal Compliance IssueNIdaho Medicaid Continuous Coverage Unwinding PlanSocial Media Toolkit for PartnersMedicaid Protection FAQ
IllinoisOriginal Reports (June-January via CMS) *October 2023 - Medicaid Redeterminations Dashboard
November 2023 - Medicaid Redeterminations Dashboard
December 2023 - Medicaid Redeterminations Dashboard
January 2024 - Medicaid Redeterminations Dashboard
NNUnwinding Operational Plan (coming soon)
Unwinding Presentation
Ready to Renew Messaging Toolkit;
Update Your Address Medicaid Toolkit
Illinois Medicaid & the End of Continuous Coverage FAQs
Unwinding FAQ Slides (September)
IndianaOriginal Reports (Baseline-March)
Revised 90-Day Reports
Unwinding CMS Reports & Dashboards
April - PHE Unwind “Return to Normal” Dashboard;
May - PHE Unwind "Return to Normal" Dashboard;
June - PHE Unwind "Return to Normal" Dashboard
Renewals and Outcomes Dashboard (November Data)
N/AIN Renewal Report Medicaid Eligibility Review Actions (Jan)
Medicaid Eligibility Review Actions (April)
Return to Normal: Outreach MaterialsMedicaid Coverage Protections Q&As; Key Message Points
IowaOrginal Reports (April-March) *
Original Reports (April-May via CMS) *
Other Revised Reports (February & April)
NJuly Monthly Report (Note: Metric 5d)IA Renewal Report Iowa Continuous Coverage Unwind PlanContinuous Coverage Unwind ToolkitFAQs: Eligibility & the Continuous Coverage Unwind
KansasOriginal Reports (April-June)
Original Reports (July-January via CMS) *
KanCare Unwinding Dashboard (February Data)NKS Renewal ReportKanCare COVID-19 PHE & PreparationContinuous Enrollment Unwinding Toolkit;
Communcations Materials
Continuous Enrollment Unwinding FAQs
KentuckyOriginal Reports (Baseline-March)
Revised 90-Day Reports
Unwinding Dashboard;
April Unwinding Data Summary;
May Unwinding Data Summary;
June Unwinding Data Summary
July Unwinding Data Summary
September Demographics Report
October Demographics Report
November Demographics Report
December Demographics Report
January Demographics Report
February Demographics Report
N/AKY Renewal Report KY's Approach to Unwinding From the PHE;
Public Health Emergency Unwinding
PHE Flexibilities and Unwinding Decisions Tracker
Public Health Emergency Unwinding Monthly Stakeholder Meeting - October
Medicaid PHE Unwind Communications MaterialsKHBE Medicaid Unwind FAQs; Stakeholder FAQs
LouisianaOriginal Reports (April-February)
Revised 90-Day Reports
Louisiana Medicaid Renewals Data ReportingN/ALA Renewal Report Ending Medicaid Continuous Coverage: An Explanation of Upcoming ChangesMedicaid Unwind Toolkit;
Medicaid Unwind Factsheet;
LA Department of Health Pink Letter Campaign: Communications Toolkit
Medicaid Unwind Fact Sheet
MaineOriginal Reports (May-January) MaineCare Renewals Data Dashboard
MaineCare Redeterminations Blog
MaineCare Renewals Data Dashboard (See Notes)NCOVID-19 PHE Unwinding Plan for Resumption of Normal MaineCare Eligibility Operations;
End of Continuous Coverage: Implications for Coverage in Main
MaineCare Unwinding Communications Toolkit ;
Outreach Materials
Preparing for the End of the COVID-19 PHE
MarylandOriginal Reports (April-March) *
Monthly Summaries of Redetermination Data
Demographic Data (May to November)
Procedural Disenrollments (May to November)
August - Monthly Summary;
September - Monthly Summary
MD Renewal ReportPHE Planning Activities
Maryland Flexibilities Tracker (See New Waiver Flexibilities)
Medicaid Check-In Communications Toolkit:
Participant Update
Medicaid Check-In 2023: FAQs
MassachusettsOriginal Reports (May-January via CMS) *MassHealth Redetermination DashboardNNMassHealth Redetermination Slide Deck;
Eligibility Operations Memo;
Renewal Plan Guide
Federal Authorities Related to COVID19 Tracker
MassHealth Eligibility Redetermination Outreach Toolkit
Phase 2 Toolkit
MassHealth Renewals/Continuous Coverage FAQs; MassHealth Federal PHE Update
MichiganOriginal Reports (April-February)
Revised 90-Day Reports
Michigan Medicaid Renewals Data Dashboard (Dec Data)N/AMI Renewal ReportMDHHS COVID-19 PHE Unwinding Operational Plan
PHE Unwind (June)
Stakeholder ToolkitCovid-19 PHE/Unwinding FAQ;
Eligibility & Renewal Qs, General Qs;
Healthcare Provider & Community Partner Qs
MinnesotaOriginal Reports (June-January via CMS) *Renewal DashboardMinnesota Mitigation Plan 2.0NPlan to Unwind Continuous Eligibility Coverage
Press Release: Extended Deadlines
Press Release: Extended Deadlines (July)
Phase I: Update your address campaign toolkit
Communication Toolkit
Renewal FAQ
MississippiOriginal Reports (April-January)NN/AMS Renewal ReportMS Medicaid's Operational Unwinding PlanStay Covered Toolkit;
Stay Covered Resource Page;
Stay Covered FAQs
MissouriOriginal Reports (June-January via CMS) *Annual Renewal Transition DashboardN/AMO Renewal Report MO's Plan for Resuming Medicaid RenewalsMedicaid Annual Renewals: Outreach Materials;
Annual Renewals Communications Toolkit
Restarting MO HealthNet Annual Renewals; MO DMH Medicaid Eligibility FAQs
MontanaOriginal Reports (May-January via CMS) *Medicaid Redetermination Dashboard N/AMT Renewal ReportMedicaid Changes Community Deck;
Cover Montana: Preparing for the End of the PHE
Montana PHE Messaging Toolkit; PHE posters/social media graphics
Montana Unwinding Information
Changes Are Coming to Montana Medicaid: FAQ; What Community Partners Need to Know about Upcoming Medicaid Changes
NebraskaOriginal Reports (April-March)
Orginal Reports (April-July via CMS) *
Medicaid Unwind DashboardNNNebraska Medicaid MOE Unwinding Operational PlanPreparing to Renew Medicaid Coverage: Resources for Community Partners, Tribes, and Providers
Nebraska Medicaid Unwinding Resources
Preparing to Renew Medicaid Coverage FAQs

Original Reports (Baseline-February)
90-Day Revised Reports (May-September)
Other Revised Reports (May-October)
Unwinding Monitoring DashboardPress Release: Medicaid Coverage Reinstate for Procedural Denials;
Revised September Monthly Report
October Monthly Report (See Metric 5c)
NV Renewal ReportNevada Medicaid COVID-19 PHE Operational Unwinding Plan;
End of PHE Tentative Renewal Timeline
Nevada Medicaid COVID-19 PHE Operational Unwinding Plan - Appendix A
Member Outreach;
Web Announcement w Communication Material
Nevada Health Link PHE Toolkit
MCOs & Dental Benefits Administrator Plans - FAQ;
Updated MCO FAQs
Updated MCO FAQs (April 2023)
New Hampshire
Original Reports (March-January)
Original Reports (November via CMS) *
Continuous Enrollment Unwinding Report (July Data)
Continuous Enrollment Unwinding Report (August & September)
Continous Enrollment Unwinding Report (October)
N/ANMedicaid Continuous Coverage During the Pandemic: DHHS Strategies for Future Benefit Transitions;
Medicaid Coverage and the End of the PHE (March);
Medicaid Coverage and the End of the PHE (Feb)
Post-Pandemic Medicaid Changes: Info for Providers;
Social Media Posts and Graphics
End of PHE Impact on Medicaid FAQs
New Jersey
Original Reports (June-January via CMS) *
State Monthly Report (May Data) ;
State Montly Report (June Data);
State Monthly Report (July Data)
State Monthly Report (August Data)
State Monthly Report (September)
State Monthly Report (October)
State Monthly Report (November)
State Monthly Report (December)
NNJ Renewal ReportNJ DHHS: Meeting of the Medical Assistance Advisory Council (slides 38-47);
NJ DHS Presentation on the Unwinding of the COVID-19 PHE
Community & Provider Organization Toolkit;
Stay Covered NJ Toolkit Webpage
Stay Covered NJ: FAQs;
FAQs for NJ FamilyCare Community and Provider Organizations
New Mexico
Original Reports (May-January via CMS) *
PHE Unwinding Scorecard Measures
Call Center Dashboard
NNNMHSD Public Health Emergency and Continuous Enrollment Operational Unwinding Plan
Press Release: Deadline Extension
Renew NM Partner Toolkit;
Renew NM Partners Page
Renew NM Q&A
New York
Original Reports (June-February)

Public Health Emergency Unwind Dashboards
New York State Public Health Emergency Unwind Dashboard (Note pg 2 and 13)NY Renewal ReportNY PHE & Continuous Coverage Unwind Plan; Unwinding from the COVID-19 PHE: Strategy to Help Consumers Maintain CoverageUnwinding from the COVID-19 PHE: Communications ToolkitFAQ (enrolled through NY State of Health);
FAQ (enrolled through Dept. of Social Services/Health Resources Admin
North Carolina
Original Reports (baseline)
Original Reports (June-January via CMS) *
NC Medicaid Continuous Coverage Unwinding Dashboard (January Data) N/ANC Renewal Report MCAC Meeting PPT (slides 11-14) NC Medicaid End of Federal PHE Communications Toolkit, Toolkit WebpageCOVID-19 Guidance and Resources for Medicaid Beneficiaries;
Communications Toolkit FAQ
North Dakota
Original Reports (May-August via CMS) *
Original Reports (September-March)
May - ND Unwinding Press Release
Unwinding Dashboard (February Data)
NNThe End of Medicaid Continuous CoverageStay Covered ND: Toolkits & MaterialsStay Covered ND FAQs
Original Reports (March-March)
April Unwinding Update;
Eligibility Determination Dashboard (September);
Ohio Unwinding Process Overview (Note: Slide 11-15)
NOH Renewal ReportA Return to Routine Eligibility Operations;
Presentation to Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee
Ohio Unwinding Process Overview (October)
Ohio Unwinding Process Overview (November)
COVID-19 Unwinding: Stakeholders & Partners;
PHE Unwinding Community Partner Packet
FAQs: Unwinding from the COVID-19 PHE
OklahomaOriginal Reports (May-January via CMS) *Enrollment Fast Facts Data & Reports Dashboard;
April - PHE Unwind Fast Facts;
May - PHE Unwind Fast Facts;
June - PHE Unwind Fast Facts;
July - PHE Unwind Fast Facts;
August - PHE Unwinding Fast Facts
September - PHE Unwinding Fast Facts
N/ANOklahoma PHE Unwinding ApproachPHE Unwinding ToolkitPHE Unwinding FAQs
Original Reports (July-January via CMS) *
Press Release: Eligibility Review (July);
Medicaid Redeterminations Dashboard
NOR Renewal ReportCOVID-19 PHE Unwinding in Oregon - May Update;
Unwinding Continuous Eligibility Requirements in Oregon
COVID-19 PHE Toolkit;
PHE Partner Landing Page
Preparing for Changes to OHP Coverage After the COVID-19 Emergency, COVID-19 PHE Unwinding Partner/Provider Webinar Questions + Answers
Original Reports (April-March)
Revised Reports (April-September)
Medicaid & CHIP Continuous Coverage Unwinding Data Dashboard
Monthly Uwndind Renewal Outcomes (April-July demographic breakdown)
NPA Renewal ReportContinuous Eligibility Unwinding Plan
COVID-19 PHE Unwinding;
Medicaid Continuous Coverage Unwinding Update
PHE Stakeholder Resources; MA Recipient CommunicationsPHE FAQs; MCO Questions Library
Rhode Island
Original Reports (May-January via CMS) *
Return to Normal Operations Data Dashboard NRI Renewal ReportCOVID Unwinding PlanMedicaid Renewals Communications ToolkitMedicaid & the End of the COVID-19 PHE; FAQ PDF
South Carolina
Original Reports (April-March)
Medicaid Eligibility Review DashboardN/ASC Renewal Report Stakeholder Annual Eligibility Review Presentation;
MCAC: Medicaid Enrollment (10-18)
Healthy Connections Medicaid Communications Toolkit
Recipient and Provider Resources
Annual Reviews & the PHE FAQs; Provider Fact Sheet
South Dakota
Originial Reports (April-January via CMS) *
South Dakota Unwinding Summary (April Data)
South Dakota Unwinding Summary (July Data)
N/ANMedicaid Unwinding;
Unwinding the Continuous Coverage Requirement
Social Media Toolkit
Provider Toolkit
Medicaid Unwinding FAQs
TennesseeOriginial Reports (June-January via CMS) *Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (April Data);
Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (May Data);
Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (June Data)
Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (July Data);
Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (August Data)
Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (September Data)
Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (October Data)
Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (November Data)
Monthly Unwinding Data Summary (December Data)
N/ATN Renewal Report TennCare Unwinding PlanRenew & Transition Coverage Communications Toolkit; Additional ResourcesTennCare Renewals FAQs
Original Reports (April-March)
End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage Reports
End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage August
End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage September;
End of Contiuous Medicaid Coverage October
End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage November
End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage December
End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage January
End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage February
End of Continuous Medicaid Coverage March
N/ATX Renewal ReportHHS Ending Continuous Medicaid CoverageEnd of Continuous Medicaid Coverage Ambassador ToolkitEnd of Continuous Medicaid Coverage FAQ; Public Health Emergency FAQ
Original Reports (March 2023-March 2024)
Unwinding Eligibility Data Dashboard;
Unwinding Continuous Medicaid Eligibility Resources;
N/AUT Renewal ReportUnwinding Eligibility Plan
Utah Unwinding Implementation and Course Corrections
Unwinding Communication Toolkit PPTUtah Medicaid & The PHE Unwinding: FAQs
VermontOriginal Reports (Baseline-March)
Revised 90-Day Reports

Vermont Unwinding Documents & Reports
Renewal Data Dashboards
Ex Parte Renewal Plan (submitted to CMS Dec. 2023)VT Renewal Report
Unwinding from Medicaid Continuous Coverage
Communications Toolkit for Medicaid Renewal ProcessMedicaid & the End of the COVID-19 PHE FAQs
Original Reports (April-June)

Original Reports (June-January via CMS) *
Eligibility Redetermination TrackerNNPresentation: Medicaid Federal PHE Unwinding Planning
Unwinding the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: Medicaid Redetermination Plan
Unwinding Toolkits & Materials;
Federal PHE Unwinding Toolkit (Phase I);
Unwinding Toolkit (Phases II & III)
Return to Normal Enrollment FAQs
Originial Reports (May-January via CMS) *
Apple Health Client Eligibility Dashboard;
PHE Unwind Data
N/AWA Renewal ReportExternal Guide to Washington Apple Health Post-PHEEnd of PHE Communications Toolkit;
End of PHE Social Media Toolkit
COVID-19 & the PHE FAQs;
PHE Unwind Managed Care Plans FAQs
West Virginia
Original Reports (April-July, November-March)
90-Day Revised Reports (April-September)
Other Revised Reports (April-October)
NNWV Renewal ReportWV System Readiness Plan Provider and Partner/Member CommunicationsUnwinding FAQ
WisconsinOriginial Reports (June-January via CMS) *
Medicaid Renewal Data Dashboard NWI Renewal Report Operational Plan: COVID-19 PHE Unwinding and Return to Routine OperationsEmergency Unwinding Partner Toolkit;
PHE Unwinding Member Communications Timeline
COVID-19: Information for Healthcare Programs
Original Reports (April)
Original Reports (May-January via CMS) *

Renewals Press Release (July Data)NNNMedicaid & CHIP Update Your Contact Information PosterMedicaid & CHIP Return to Normal FAQs
State name shading key:Last updated: April 1, 2024
Element not found
Element found * Monthly reports were obtained through CMS Medicaid and CHIP CAA Reporting Metrics posted on
N/AStates in Column D were determined by CMS' Preliminary Overview of State Assessments Regarding Compliance with Medicaid and CHIP Automatic Renewal Requirements at the Individual Level, as of September 21, 2023 available here.