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Local Love Brigade - Vermont (https://www.facebook.com/groups/LocalLoveBrigade/)
Basic Instructions to send Postcards of Love and Support
Step 1: Get a postcard or a 4x6 index card.
Step 2: Cover it with hearts and messages of love and support, and sign your name and town.
Step 3: Mail it to the address provided
Step 4: Take a picture of your postcard (one that doesn't show the address) and post it to Facebook along with #LocalLoveBrigade and the link to this group to encourage others to join in.
Optional: you can get your local school involved, organize post card making parties at a home, studio, gallery or other.
**Sample Letter to Encourage your Child's School to Participate (Courtesy of Robin Morgan) is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LocalLoveBrigade/permalink/351707651857335/
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Incident / Report DateIncident DescriptionSourceAddress
12/11/2017Takes courage for this Alabama man to stand outside a Roy Moore rally and talk about his late daughter who was gay and committed suicide. Seems like he can use some love.https://twitter.com/VaughnHillyard/status/940366306016223232
Nathan Mathis,
3854 Cumbie Road,
Newton, AL 36352
12/10/2017Five-year old Ryland is recovering from being shot. He lost his mother and three sisters in the shooting. He is hoping to get lots of Christmas cards and he particularly loves getting drawings from other children. Let us surround him with love.https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/texas-church-shooting-survivor-ryland-ward-5-is-asking-for-christmas-cards-after-family-members-killed/
Ryland Ward
P. O. Box 174
Sunderland Springs, TX 78161
12/5/2017"Call for cards to 5 year old boy, Sebastin. His 3 year old brother died suddenly. What do you say to a five year old? I consulted with a pediatric grief expert... Her suggestions: happy images, encourage happiness, give “permission” to enjoy life. Avoid religious images, going to heaven, etc. because that is the parent’s territory.
Sample messages: It’s ok to feel happy and sad at the same time. / Here’s a joke to make you smile. / It’s ok to not understand what is going on- the grown- ups will figure it out.
LLB Member
c/o Olander
48 Hickory Hill Lane
Tappan, NY 10983
12/1/2017Nelson Pinos Gonzales is taking refuge from ICE deportation. He is staying in the First and Summerfield United Methodist Church. “Just watching him pack up his stuff last night was really hard,” said Pinos’ 15-year-old daughter Kelly. “We’re very sad and anxious. I just hope [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] understands that my dad needs to be with his family.” The decision to take sanctuary was not an easy one for her father or the family, she said, but “If he’s still here, we can still fight for him and be with him in person.” Pinos has two other children — daughter Arlly, 12, and son Brandon, 5.http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-news-nelson-pinos-deportation-20171130-story.html
Nelson Pinos Gonzales and Family
c/o First and Summerfield United Methodist Church
425 College Street-
New Haven, CT 06511
11/30/2017Around Memorial Day, Ruby Mae Millea started complaining of knee pain and was experiencing some fevers. After several trips to the doctor, the 3-year-old was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a kind of cancer. Recently she underwent a major surgery that removed 95 percent of her tumor. One of Ruby's nurses decided to get her a gift: a mailbox. "It's so cute. I said, 'Ruby you got some mail today,'" Millea said. "I brought her out and she went, 'Whoa!' that was her reaction." The family hopes anything from an uplifting card or a cute drawing can keep their child smiling through the holidays.http://www.wcvb.com/article/4-year-old-girl-battling-cancer-in-boston-asking-for-holiday-mail/13970249
Ruby Mae Millea
Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center
Neely Pediatric Bone Marrow Unit – 6th Floor
755 Washington St.
Boston MA 02116
11/27/2017Two young men, Trey and Jacob, were victims of a homophonic hate crime in Essex this weekend. The person who did this crime spray painted homophobic slurs on Trey’s car. I know that Trey and Jacob could use some extra love.http://www.wcax.com/content/news/Mother-calls-vandalism-a-hate-crime-460151863.html
c/o Trey
131 Pine Hill Dr.
West Berlin VT, 05663
11/9/2017A mostly white audience jeered as a group of black Saint Michael's College basketball players took a knee Saturday for the national anthem before an exhibition game with the University of Vermont. Spectators shouted "stand up" and loudly booed as half a dozen athletes kneeled as the song played. The protest mimics that carried out by National Football League players who have sought to bring attention to racial injustice and oppression of black Americans by refusing to stand during the anthem.https://www.sevendaysvt.com/OffMessage/archives/2017/11/08/saint-michaels-basketball-players-take-a-knee-before-uvm-game
Josh Meyer
Basketball Head Coach
St Michael's College
One Winooski Park
Box 258
Colchester VT 05439
11/4/20179-year-old Cancer Patient Asks For Homemade Cards As Final Christmas Wish “We want him to know that Christmas wishes come true,” his mother said, “and that there are good people who care all around the world.”https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jacob-thompson-cancer-christmas-cards_us_59fcc4e5e4b0c9652fff4c68
Jacob Thompson
C/O Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall St
Portland, ME 04102
11/3/2017A California teen says she was attacked by a white boy after she asked his friends to stop using racial slurs.https://www.rawstory.com/2017/11/white-boy-attacks-black-girl-who-asked-his-friends-to-stop-using-the-n-word/
Vivian and Kenny Grant
c/o Dublin High School
8151 Village Pkw.
Dublin, CA. 94568
11/1/2017From the Pastor of the West Dover Congregational Church: To the person or people who destroyed our "God Is Still Speaking" flag: Our love is greater than your hate. The message of love that God has called this community of Christians to witness to the world will be emboldened by your silly and cowardly act. We are PROUD to be an open and affirming congregation and we are blessed to experience the living and still-speaking God through the racial, ethnic and ability minorities and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer folks who bless us with their presence in our church and in our greater community. It is heartbreaking to think that your identity and false sense of security relies on shutting yourself off from these beloved people. You are missing out. Each Sunday, we gather to share the Gospel which means "Good News." It is good news for you and for all of us that God's love is given freely, no matter what we have done or not done. Come join us. See why we love Church and experience the glory and the joy of the love that even death (and certainly ripped vinyl) cannot contain. You are in our prayers. --Pastor Jeremy
Anyone looking to support the local lgbtq community in light of this incident, please consider contributing to Green Mountain Crossroads: http://www.greenmountaincrossroads.org/donate.html
West Dover Congregational Church
104 VT-100,
West Dover, VT 05356
10/25/2017Rep. Wilson is being attacked and slandered for criticizing 45's phonecall to the widow of Sgt. Johnson. Look: Rep. Wilson is **one of 18 Black women** in the House of Representatives (**out of 435 members total**). She is no stranger to these attacks, for sure—in 2012 she spoke out forcefully after the murder of Trayvon Martin, whose family she knew, and who were her constituents, and was attacked for that (among many incidents where she's spoken out about race and police brutality). Show Rep. Wilson the respect + support she deserves. Let her know that she is appreciated and that America needs the voices and actions of strong, fierce women like her.https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/politics/des-plaines-facebook-post-lynch-congresswoman-frederica-wilson-452881513.html
Rep. Frederica Wilson
2445 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
10/26/2017I have a family member who was illegally made a guardian of the state. He is in his 80's and was recently moved to a facility that does not allow family members to call. The story is so out of the realm of real I will not even try to explain. My favor is to ask you to send him a card. Can you send him a thinking of you card? I thought maybe if we inundate him with good wishes the system will recognize he is not alonehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/LocalLoveBrigade/
Raymond Pfister c/o
Saguaro Horizons Home
6330 S. Kolb Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85756
10/24/2017DeAndre Harris, a young black man, was severely beaten by white supremacists in Charlottesville and then arrested for assault by a leader of one of the white supremacist organizations who used some twist in the law to issue a "citizen's arrest" type warrant to further his victimization.http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/12/us/charlottesville-deandre-harris-arrest/index.html
DeAndre Harris
c/o Mr. S. Lee Merritt, Attorney at Law
1500 Walnut St.
Suite 700, 6B
Philadelphia, PA 19102
10/23/2017This family's gentle, autistic 16-year-old son, Shawn Murphy, took his own life. http://www.tribuneledgernews.com/ledger/funeral-set-saturday-for-shawn-murphy/article_d2ab8eec-aad6-11e7-8d0f-e77a7a2b10c0.html
To the Family of Shawn Murphy
Care of the Sosebee Funeral Home
191 Jarvis Street
Canton, GA 30114
10/20/2017Today, someone physically attacked a young volunteer and burned our original rainbow flag at Pacific Center. Fortunately, due to the quick thinking of a passerby with a phone camera, Berkeley police were able to make an arrest. The suspect has been identified. Personal assault and hate crime charges will be filed. Hate crimes can and will happen anywhere. Yes, even in Berkeley California. In this political climate, maybe especially in places like Berkeley California.

The Pacific Center
2712 Telegraph Ave,
Berkeley, CA 94705
10/20/2017Mary Redway and Alex Simon are the first two Water Protectors to receive a jail sentence for any NoDAPL related offense. She received 6 days in jail. "I'm okay, take lots of pictures", Mary, a sweet woman and mom like figure at camp said to me as she left the courtroom in handcuffs. This is her looking at Alex as he responds in shock after receiving the unprecedented sentence of 18 days in jail for two misdemeanors. They were on a prayer walk. There was no evidence of any disorderly conduct or obstruction of a government function, other than pictures of them being there.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10107453917825807&set=p.10107453917825807&type=3&theater&ifg=1
Mary Redway and Alex Simon
Burleigh/Morton County Corrections
4100 Apple Creek Rd
Bismarck, ND 58501

You can also write to two other WPs facing federal charges who are still in custody.
Michael Giron (Littlefeather)
Heart of America Corrections,
110 Industrial Rd.,
Rugby, ND 58368

Red Fawn Fallis
Stutsman County Correction Center,
205 6th St, SE #2,
Jamestown, ND 58401
10/18/2017At Cleveland State University (CSU) in Ohio students found flyers urging LGBTQ people to commit suicide posted to bulletin boards on their campus.https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/flyers-encouraging-lgbtq-suicides-cause-uproar-college-campus-n811911?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_ma
LGBT center,
Cleveland State University,
2121 Euclid Ave.,
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214
10/18/2017A Broomfield 5th grader was kicked out of the Cub Scouts, reportedly for simply asking a politician a few tough questions. His Cub Scout den in Broomfield hosted Republican state senator Vicki Marble for a question and answer discussion on Monday, Oct. 9. It was Ames' question about gun control that got him booted from his pack according to his mom. Here’s a portion: "I was shocked that you co-sponsored a bill to allow domestic violence offenders to continue to own a gun,” Ames said. “Why on earth would you want someone who beats their wife to have access to a gun?" A few days after the meeting, Ames was kicked out. “He is heartbroken his den leader kicked him out,” Mayfield said. “What does that teach scouts (about asking challenging questions)? “He’s devastated,” said Mayfield. “He has worked so hard for everything and he really liked his current den leader.”http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/broomfield-cub-scout-kicked-out-after-asking-republican-state-senator-hard-questions
c/o Olander
48 Hickory Hill Lane
Tappan, NY. 10983
10/12/2017From Geminia Aimable's Facebook post: "In my 19 years of living... I have never been called a nigger. To my face at least. Yet today, in my [military] uniform, a man cut me off. Just to then later FOLLOW me. I took all these crazy streets to shake him off. I get to a red light to get to my destination and out of nowhere. He comes banging on my window cursing me out... and proceeding to call me a nigger. Told me to never forget that I am nothing but a nigger and that us niggers do not deserve to serve this very country and to take off my uniform and to kill myself. I cannot believe that he said that to me. Not like I provoked him. He told me it pisses him off that we as African Americans are allowed to be in the military.. now I have nothing against Caucasian’s. My aunt and uncles and cousins are white. To me we all bleed the same. But it’s so sad that racism is still so very prominent & that people genuinely hate anyone that’s not the same color as them.. this man really made me realize a lot today and first handedly realize that racism just doesn’t seem to go away. Yet I raised my hand to defend all (even if I’m not infantry) I still sacrificed. Unfortunately I also vowed to protect racist a******* also."https://www.facebook.com/geminia.aimable/posts/1317625568347108?pnref=story
Geminia Aimable
1600 NW 68th Terrace
Margate, FL 33063
10/11/2017On Thursday, Brattleboro community member Mamadou Bah was spirited away to Canada to avoid being deported to his native Guinea West Africa, from where he fled in 2002.
Bah had been told by the United States Customs and Immigration Services to turn himself in on Thursday for his return to his native country.
His wife, an American citizen, and their children remain in Brattleboro.
Mamadou Bah
Shawna Jenelle Bah
c/o Lost River Racial Justice
28 Williams St.
Brattleboro, Vt. 05301
10/7/2017Someone sent a daycare a hate-filled letter threatening to pull their children from the daycare if they did not get rid of a black woman who has been working there. They complained that her skin was too dark and said that she should be told that she's not wanted. The letter is here: https://www.facebook.com/WokeFolks/photos/a.982331138573902.1073741829.823195567820794/1010905609049788/?type=3&theater&ifg=1
(confirmed by Snopes)

Dominique Kelly, Director
Bridge 2 Creative Learning Center
3614 Lehigh Street
Suite B
Whitehall, PA 18052
10/6/2017A group is collecting letters to distribute to the families of those who were victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.https://www.facebook.com/Letters4LasVegas/photos/a.137107403584004.1073741829.136995360261875/137107183584026/?type=3&theater
Letters for Las Vegas
139 E. 400 N #7
Provo, UT 84606
10/4/2017A Brooklyn bakery recieved a hateful note. The words “Make America Great Again!!!” appear beneath a large swastika. The unknown sender refers to a Nazi board game and slogan called “Juden Raus,” meaning “Jews Out.” The sickening object of the 1930s family game was to collect Jews and deport them by getting them off the board. The letter also calls included hateful words about African-Americans and gays. The letter ends with the sentence “Christian identity is back.”http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/nyc-businesses-hate-mail-swastika-maga-message-article-1.3540967
Weiss Bakery
5011 13th Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY 11219
10/3/2017A walk home from an after-school job and hostile words shouted from an open car window brought 16-year-old Imani Walker face-to-face with hate in his hometown. "One loud shout from one person of the N-word," he said, describing what he heard. As he walked up Grass Valley's Mill Street toward Main on Tuesday, Imani says a beat-up sedan slowed down next to him and the three young white men inside continued their taunts. "Throwing racial slurs and saying just 'F-you' and 'hey little N-word, come over here,'" he said.http://fox40.com/2017/09/28/love-march-planned-after-racial-slurs-hurled-at-grass-valley-teen/
Imani Walker
PO BOX 432
Grass Valley, California 95945
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