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Friday, April 21, 2017Speakers Confirmed Speakers TentativeNOTE: PLEASE NOTICE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME CHANGES IN THIS SCHEDULETHEME: Earth Day is Sat., April 22, 2017, & includes MARCHES FOR SCIENCE (see ) Global Climate Marches scheduled for Saturday, April 29th
Kabul Time START TIME CONFIRMED PACIFIC TIME US & BC (DST as of 3-11-17)HOSTTopicsSpeaker2nd Speaker3rd SpeakerEastern US & Canada (DST as of 3-11-17) UK, (DST as of 3-26-17)
Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Italy (DST as of 3-26-17)Iraq, Gaza, Palestine, Moscow, Jordan, Kurdistan, Romania, Yemen, Greece, St. Petersburg (4-2017 times confirmed)Edmonton, Calgary Canada; Colorado, New Mexico, etc (MT - DST as of 3-11-17)Pakistan (Lahore) (No time changes) Cambodia, VietNam, Indonesia (Jakarta) (No time changes) Adelaide, Australia (ENDS DST as of 4-2-17)E Australia (Sydney) (ENDS DST as of 4-2-17)Taiwan, Singapore
Colombia SAMyanmar (Burma)S. Korea, Jeju Island Thailand NOT APPLICABLE - PLACE HOLDER
5:00 PM5:30 AM Buddy & MayaPermacultureRowe, Australia8:30 AM1:30 PM2:30 PM3:30 PM6:30 AM5:30 PM7:30 PM11:00 PM11:30 PM11:30 AM10:30 PM10:00 AM12:30 PM10:30 AM4:30 AM
5:05 PM5:35 AM Rowe, Australia 8:35 AM1:35 PM2:35 PM3:35 PM6:35 AM5:35 PM7:35 PM11:05 PM11:35 PM11:35 AM10:35 PM10:05 AM
10:35 AM4:35 AM
5:10 PM5:40 AM Rowe, Australia 8:40 AM1:40 PM2:40 PM3:40 PM6:40 AM5:40 PM7:40 PM11:10 PM11:40 PM11:40 AM10:40 PM10:10 AM12:40 PM10:40 AM4:40 AM
5:15 PM5:45 AMMaya & BuddyRowe, Australia 8:45 AM1:45 PM2:45 PM3:45 PM6:45 AM5:45 PM7:45 PM11:15 PM11:45 PM11:45 AM10:45 PM10:15 AM12:45 PM10:45 AM4:45 AM
5:20 PM5:50 AM updateAaron H 8:50 AM1:50 PM2:50 PM3:50 PM6:50 AM5:50 PM7:50 PM11:20 PM11:50 PM11:50 AM10:50 PM10:20 AM12:50 PM10:50 AM4:50 AM
5:25 PM5:55 AM Aaron H 8:55 AM1:55 PM2:55 PM3:55 PM6:55 AM5:55 PM7:55 PM11:25 PM11:55 PM11:55 AM10:55 PM10:25 AM12:55 PM10:55 AM4:55 AM
5:30 PM6:00 AMBuddy & Maya Aaron H 9:00 AM2:00 PM3:00 PM4:00 PM7:00 AM6:00 PM8:00 PM11:30 PM MIDNITE, the 22ndNOON11:00 PM10:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AM5:00 AM
5:35 PM6:05 AM Aaron H 9:05 AM2:05 PM3:05 PM4:05 PM7:05 AM6:05 PM8:05 PM11:35 PM12:05 AM12:05 PM11:05 PM10:35 AM1:05 PM11:05 AM5:05 AM
5:40 PM6:10 AM Asia Foundation-Zach Warren 9:10 AM2:10 PM3:10 PM4:10 PM7:10 AM6:10 PM8:10 PM11:40 PM12:10 AM12:10 PM11:10 PM10:40 AM1:10 PM11:10 AM5:10 AM
5:45 PM6:15 AM Afghan MobileZach 9:15 AM2:15 PM3:15 PM4:15 PM7:15 AM6:15 PM8:15 PM11:45 PM12:15 AM12:15 PM11:15 PM10:45 AM1:15 PM11:15 AM5:15 AM
5:50 PM6:20 AM Mini CircusZach 9:20 AM2:20 PM3:20 PM4:20 PM7:20 AM6:20 PM8:20 PM11:50 PM12:20 AM12:20 PM11:20 PM10:50 AM1:20 PM11:20 AM5:20 AM
5:55 PM6:25 AM Zach 9:25 AM2:25 PM3:25 PM4:25 PM7:25 AM6:25 PM8:25 PM11:55 PM12:25 AM12:25 PM11:25 PM10:55 AM1:25 PM11:25 AM5:25 AM
6:00 PM6:30 AM BREAK 9:30 AM2:30 PM3:30 PM4:30 PM7:30 AM6:30 PM8:30 PM MIDNITE, the 22nd12:30 AM12:30 PM11:30 PM11:00 AM1:30 PM11:30 AM5:30 AM
6:05 PM6:35 AM 9:35 AM2:35 PM3:35 PM4:35 PM7:35 AM6:35 PM8:35 PM12:05 AM12:35 AM12:35 PM11:35 PM11:05 AM1:35 PM11:35 AM5:35 AM
6:10 PM6:40 AMMaya & BuddyAPV solidaritySusan P. LI, NY 9:40 AM2:40 PM3:40 PM4:40 PM7:40 AM6:40 PM8:40 PM12:10 AM12:40 AM12:40 PM11:40 PM11:10 AM1:40 PM11:40 AM5:40 AM
6:15 PM6:45 AM work of LI PeaceSusan P, LI, NY9:45 AM2:45 PM3:45 PM4:45 PM7:45 AM6:45 PM8:45 PM12:15 AM12:45 AM12:45 PM11:45 PM11:15 AM1:45 PM11:45 AM5:45 AM
6:20 PM6:50 AM and Justice GroupSusan P, LI, NY 9:50 AM2:50 PM3:50 PM4:50 PM7:50 AM6:50 PM8:50 PM12:20 AM12:50 AM12:50 PM11:50 PM11:20 AM1:50 PM11:50 AM5:50 AM
6:25 PM6:55 AM Susan P., LI, NY9:55 AM2:55 PM3:55 PM4:55 PM7:55 AM6:55 PM8:55 PM12:25 AM12:55 AM12:55 PM11:55 PM11:25 AM1:55 PM11:55 AM5:55 AM
6:30 PM7:00 AMBuddy & MayaGaza UpdateAsma, GazaCindy C10:00 AM3:00 PM4:00 PM5:00 PM8:00 AM7:00 PM9:00 PM12:30 AM1:00 AM1:00 PMMIDNIGHT11:30 AM2:00 PMNOON6:00 AM
6:35 PM7:05 AM AsmaCindy C10:05 AM3:05 PM4:05 PM5:05 PM8:05 AM6:05 PM9:05 PM12:35 AM1:05 AM1:O5 PM12:05 AM the 22nd11:35 AM2:05 PM12:O5 PM6:05 AM
6:40 PM7:10 AM AsmaCindy C10:10 AM3:10 PM4:10 PM5:10 PM8:10 AM7:10 PM9:10 PM12:40 AM1:10 AM1:10 PM12:10 AM11:40 AM2:10 PM12:10 PM6:10 AM
6:45 PM7:15 AMMaya & BuddyVCNV - UKMary D, UK 10:15 AM3:15 PM4:15 PM5:15 PM8:15 AM7:15 PM9:15 PM12:45 AM1:15 AM1:15 PM12:15 AM11:45 AM2:15 PM12:15 PM6:15 AM
6:50 PM7:20 AM Mary D 10:20 AM3:20 PM4:20 PM5:20 PM8:20 AM7:20 PM9:20 PM12:50 AM1:20 AM1:20 PM12:20 AM11:50 AM2:20 PM12:20 PM6:20 AM
6:55 PM7:25 AM BREAKMary Dtime permitting10:25 AM3:25 PM4:25 PM5:25 PM8:25 AM7:25 PM9:25 PM12:55 AM1:25 AM1:25 PM12:25 AM11:55 AM2:25 PM12:25 PM6:25 AM
7:00 PM7:30 AM 10:30 AM3:30 PM4:30 PM5:30 PM8:30 AM7:30 PM9:30 PM1:00 AM1:30 AM1:30 PM12:30 AMNOON2:30 PM12:30 PM6:30 AM
7:05 PM7:35 AM BREAK10:35 AM3:35 PM4:35 PM5:35 PM8:35 AM7:35 PM9:35 PM1:05 AM1:35 AM1:35 PM12:35 AM12:O5 PM2:35 PM12:35 PM6:35 AM
7:10 PM7:40 AMBuddy & MayaDelegates to APVs and recent fast for Yemen with Kathy KMartha H & Carmen T10:40 AM3:40 PM4:40 PM5:40 PM8:40 AM7:40 PM9:40 PM1:10 AM1:40 AM1:40 PM12:40 AM12:10 PM2:40 PM12:40 PM6:40 AM
7:15 PM7:45 AM Martha H and Carmen T 10:45 AM3:45 PM4:45 PM5:45 PM8:45 AM7:45 PM9:45 PM1:15 AM1:45 AM1:45 PM12:45 AM12:15 PM2:45 PM12:45 PM6:45 AM
7:20 PM7:50 AM MH & CT 10:50 AM3:50 PM4:50 PM5:50 PM8:50 AM7:50 PM9:50 PM1:20 AM1:50 AM1:50 PM12:50 AM12:20 PM2:50 PM12:50 PM6:50 AM
7:25 PM7:55 AM MH & CT 10:55 AM3:55 PM4:55 PM5:55 PM8:55 AM7:55 PM9:55 PM1:25 AM1:55 AM1:55 PM12:55 AM12:25 PM2:55 PM12:55 PM6:55 AM
7:30 PM8:00 AMMaya & BuddySpain--water protectorMary DobbingCarmen11:00 AM4:00 PM5:00 PM6:00 PM9:00 AM8:00 PM10:00 PM1:30 AM2:00 AM2:00 PM1:00 AM12:30 PM3:00 PM1:00 PM7:00 AM
7:35 PM8:05 AM waterhasnoenenemyblog.wordpress.comMary DCarmen11:05 AM4:05 PM5:05 PM6:05 PM9:05 AM8:05 PM10:05 PM1:35 AM2:05 AM2:05 PM1:05 AM12:35 PM3:05 PM1:05 PM6:05 AM
7:40 PM8:10 AM Mary D 11:10 AM4:10 PM5:10 PM6:10 PM9:10 AM8:10 PM10:10 PM1:40 AM2:10 AM2:10 PM1:10 AM12:40 PM3:10 PM1:10 PM7:10 AM
7:45 PM8:15 AM APVsBilly Malloy11:15 AM4:15 PM5:15 PM6:15 PM9:15 AM8:15 PM10:15 PM1:45 AM2:15 AM2:15 PM1:15 AM12:45 PM3:15 PM1:15 PM7:15 AM
7:50 PM8:20 AMBuddy & Maya APVsBilly 11:20 AM4:20 PM5:20 PM6:20 PM9:20 AM8:20 PM10:20 PM1:50 AM2:20 AM2:20 PM1:20 AM12:50 PM3:20 PM1:20 PM7:20 AM
7:55 PM8:25 AM APVsBilly11:25 AM4:25 PM5:25 PM6:25 PM9:25 AM8:25 PM10:25 PM1:55 AM2:25 AM2:25 PM1:25 AM12:55 PM3:25 PM1:25 PM7:25 AM
8:00 PM8:30 AM Call closes. Please join us SUNDAY, MAY 21st for our next GDoL. 11:30 AM4:30 PM5:30 PM6:30 PM9:30 AM8:30 PM10:30 PM2:00 AM2:30 AM2:30 PM1:30 AM1:00 PM3:30 PM1:30 PM7:30 AM
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