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ReferenceDue dateDoes it hold a databaseHow many people currently on itWhat info can be held on individualsWhen was it establishedWhat are criteria for including someonehow many cllrs have accesshow many cllrs have accessed it in last year to datehow many staff have accesshow many staff have accessed it in last year to dateHow many individuals have been removed from it in last year to date
North Lincolnshirerespondedno
North Somersetrespondedyes12There are currently 12 live contacts on the system and 59 reviewed contacts. The system records the following level of detail:
• Name
• Precautions to be implemented
• Aliases
• Addresses
• Incidents
• Legal Action
Mar-05Individuals can only be placed on the register by staff with Editor Access. Editors are Team Managers and verification is required from their Line Manager before Editor Access is given.
Once a provisional entry has been made on the on the register by an Editor, approval is required by system administrators before the entry goes live. System administrators are the H&S Advisors for the LA.
North TynesideEF54759ErespondedyesSee:
Nottinghamacknowledgedrespondedyes4334• Name
• Address
• Gender
• Approximate Age
• Relationship to injured party
• Type of violent behaviour
2005Completion of a violent incident report form0014673300
Peterboroughacknowledgedrespondedyes11The information held is name, address and details of violent behaviour.Apr-98The criteria are verbal abuse and threat of violence or physical violence towards one of the Council’s employees.All councillors are able to access the database either through the Council’s intranet or via Members’ Services. It is not known how many councilors accessed the database last year as we do not monitor usage.All staff are able to access the database either through the Council’s intranet or via their line manager. It is not known how many councilors accessed the database last year as we do not monitor usage.0
ReadingFOI/11/244respondedBuilding one63. The information held will be the name and/or address, a risk assessment and details of the resultant precaution. Staff/Councillors accessing the site will search for a name and/or address and only the precaution would be shown. Access to the site is strictly controlled and monitored. Only staff or Councillors who are dealing with a particular individual or premises are permitted to search the site.being builtindividuals or premises where there is an actual or high risk of violence or aggressive behavior towards staff will be included. Their inclusion needs to be supported by evidence and a risk assessment.all0all00
Redcar and Cleveland38
Rotherham4975respondedyes19Name, address, details of incident.2006Where a serious threat or actual act of violence or aggression has been made to a member of staff or elected memberNone have requested direct access for themselves – this is facilitated through committee services staff.None (please see response to Q6) – Please note: The database does not have the capability to determine who has accessed the database.250The database does not have the capability to determine who has accessed the database.104
Rochdale144848 respondedno
City of Liverpoolrespondedflagged
Slough274417-MayThe council no longer maintains a corporate potentially violent register. The use of this register was suspended due to a legal challenge. Meanwhile services flag client records to indicate caution before contact. However this cannot provide the robustness of a corporate database and the council is currently considering a replacement system but the details of such a system have not yet been finalised
Solihullrespondedyes22The system only holds basic information, namely:

a) Address details (property number, street name and post code) where a warning marker is active against that property.

b) If a warning is active against the property, the system will indicate which category of warning is applicable e.g. potentially violent person/cautionary message/uncontrolled animal/unsafe property.

c) Name and telephone contact details of the manager responsible for the active warning marker.

Note: If an employee has to visit a property which has a warning marker shown against it, the employee will contact the manager responsible for activation of the marker in order to obtain further details.
2009For an individual to be placed on the council’s warning marker system as a potentially violent person there must have been clear evidence that the individual has either :

a) Physically assaulted a member of staff, or

b) Threatened to assault a member of staff to the extent that the member of staff has good reason to fear for their safety.

500All council employees who have access to a council’s intranet system have the ability access to the warning marker system862
South GloucestershireFOI.11.10466respondedyes14The information is: name, address, date of entry and of update / review and brief description of reason for entry. It also includes on internal contact detail relating to the department or service from which the entry initiated2002For an entry to be made, there must be reliable evidence of an incident or threat that is significant or potentially so, and the threat should be relevant to wider groups in the Council than the originating department or service.All councilors have been informed about it, and they may have access if they request. Typically one or two make such a request. The system is being changed, and because of the new intake of councilors since the May 2011 elections, this may change in the near future.All councilors have been informed about it, and they may have access if they request. Typically one or two make such a request. The system is being changed, and because of the new intake of councilors since the May 2011 elections, this may change in the near future.Access is currently organised via workgroups, so the precise number cannot be given. In some teams the information is incorporated into other databases used for managing client contacts. For example, this information is signposted in the system for environmental health and that for the benefits services, because all of their staff are likely to need to make direct customer contact, so those staff all have access. Workgroups that do not have direct customer contact in his way do not have access. I would estimate the number of staff as several hundred (of the 3 – 4000 council staff outside schools) This is not counted, so no response can be given8
South TynesideFOI 00027
Southend-on-SeaSTHCC168695respondedyes113It holds name, address, details of threatening behaviour, whether entry is due to an incident report or information received from the police, who the victim was, date of the incident and whether the incident involved animals, weapons etc.Circa 1996-7Aggressive, threatening or abusive behaviour as felt by the individual reporting and it is a requirement that a full name or address is entered on the register.003 designated users3 designated users49
St Helens4122respondedno
Stockton-on-TeesSOT07272respondedyes108Name, Other Known Names, Current Address, Date of Birth, Detail of Incident or Hazard, Police Involvement (if any). Logged Reviews of information held & Records of letters issued. Jul-08 The Employee Protection Register shall only be used to record real, present and factual information relating to the risk of harm presented to employees due to their work, and the identified proportionate control measures deemed necessary.00874 (NB. This is includes Council staff and Tristar Homes Limited employees)246Unable to establish this data, as records are not kept of entries removed. All data removed is not recoverable.
Stoke-on-Trentrespondedyes196Name, address, date of birth, gender, details of behaviour, physical description, details of previous incidents, alias, visiting instructions, ownership of a dangerous animalLate 2009 to early 2010Threat of or actual physical violence, overly aggressive behaviour, threat or use of a weapon, dangerous environment, i.e. needles on floor/furniture.allThe City Council does not hold this informationallThe City Council does not hold this informationThe information is reviewed at 6/12 month intervals, therefore at this point in time only a limited number of records have been reviewe
TamesideTWC-10057respondedthere is no current database of such people, although one is being developed. The criteria for inclusion will be where the Council considers that there is clear evidence of a threat of violence or harassment to people from the local authority visiting thn/a
Telford and Wrekin2296respondedyes193Name, address, age, description, brief description of reasons for inclusion, precautions staff need to take.1999If a person behaves in a way which is felt could pose a significant threat of physical or mental harm to employees.0 (zero) councillors have direct login rights to the database. If they want any information checked they would need to ask an employee with login rights to do this.Information not held750The database itself has been accessed 3705 times in the previous 12 months, however it is not possible to ascertain exactly which staff of the 750 made the examination without reviewing all 3705 records21
15 yearsSee EIPE proceudre (updated) 17.11.2010.doc49 – all our CouncillorsNot heldAll our staff have access to the list via our (securely hosted) internal web pages.Not heldIn line with our EIPE procedures (enclosed), the last Annual Review meeting was conducted on 11th November 2010. Changes arising from this (including removals) were made to the list on 17th December 2010 following the checks. 2 entries were removed as part of this review.

Please note that we have mechanisms in place to ensure the data is kept accurate and up to date; regular checks are undertaken by our team. This may result in other removals / changes being made throughout the year.
Torbayacknowledgedrespondedyes39Name, Address, DoB, and minimal details of incident2002Maintaining the Awareness Register
The Health and Safety team are responsible for updating the Awareness Register on receipt of the completed Accident/Occurrence form and providing general maintenance to the system. No other employees will make alterations to the Awareness Register. Individual managers will designate and authorise, by using form IT05, employees who have been identified through risk assessment by their line managers to have access to the Awareness Register. Once a person, or address, has been placed on the register it will be reviewed for accuracy at six monthly intervals by the Health and Safety team and removed at the end of the expiration of the following periods where the threat to employees no longer exists:
Physical assault After 5 years
Verbal threats and a person reasonably fears for their own or another’s safety Review after 2 years
Verbal abuse and a person reasonably fears for their own or another’s safety Review after 1 year
The above limits will be halved where persons committing the incident were under the age of 17 at the time.
If there are multiple reports attributed to one person, a person’s name will be held on the register from the date of the last report.
West BerkshireRFI 3152respondedyes, called Clients of Concern 38 Name, address and Risk Category (Physical, Sexual, Verbal, Other)
Individuals on the register are reviewed at least every 6 months.
Jan-10where a member of staff (or several members of staff) have reason to believe that an individual's previous actions make it likely that there is a risk of violence or aggression to themselves, or other members of WBC staff. Prior to the individual being puNone so far (to have access they would need to be authorised by a senior officer)n/aThe Clients of Concern Register is only allowed to be viewed by Authorised Users, no third party is able to view the Register. Authorised Users are nominated by the Head of their Service, or the Corporate Health and Safety Team. 181 in total I am advised that the database is an excel Spreadsheet and we do not monitor the number of times this is accessedInclusion on the Clients of Concern database is reviewed every 6 months, but while names may be removed we do not keep a count of how many.
Windsor and Maidenheadn/arespondedno
WirralFOI 11/12-023respondedno
WarringtonAxlr8 2169respondedno
Wokinghamy3057respondedYes12a) The address and the reason for being on list, we use a choice of 3 options (1) A Threat of violence (2) Dirty property (3) Sexual harassment. No comments are shared with anyoneIt was established around 2004 Violent /aggressive and threatening behaviour towards Council Officers & ContractorsThere is only access on a need to know basis. We do not keep a record of this information.Only on a need to know basisWe do not keep a record of this information. 3
Yorkyes278any relevant to identifying them clearly, or that would assist a risk assessment concerning contact with him or her. It would not usually include a phone number2004See attached document47 (all)not recorded416not recorded0
Barnsleyrespondedyes139Oct-09The individual's actions must have prompted/resulted in a member of staff completing a report of an act of violence or aggression towards them. The Manager of that member of staff then requests the inclusion based on the incident and this is confirmed centrally before the entry is made.NoneNone23230
Bedfordrespondedyes9The register is premises based not individual based – There are currently 14 active premises flags listed on the register relating to 9 individuals. Name, address, gender and nature of incident.2004The Executive Director Environment & Sustainable Communities [EDE&SC] (Formerly the Head of Technical Services) in his capacity as the Council’s Health and Safety Champion following consultation with the Head of Corporate Safety and Resilience [HCS&R] (Formerly the Corporate Safety Officer) will determine on a case by case basis whether or not there is good reason for a ‘Violent/Potentially Violent warning marker’ to be entered against the Council’s corporate property data base. Good reason will be assessed with reference to one or more of the following:

a) An employee reports personal experience of threatening behaviour /physical assault by a person which caused the employee to have concerns for his/her personal safety.

b) Corroborated reports from other data controllers such as the Department of Work and Pensions, Housing Associations etc. of actual physical violence involving an individual or individuals who are likely to come into contact with the Council’s staff or those acting on its behalf.

c) Corroborated reports from other data controllers such as the Department of Work and Pensions, Housing Associations etc of threatening behaviour involving an individual or individuals who are likely to come into contact with the Council’s staff or those acting on its behalf.

d) Police intelligence that an individual or individuals is/are likely to exhibit violent behaviour.

e) The nature of the incident, the degree of violence used or threatened, and whether the incident indicates a credible threat of violence to staff/others in the future.
nonen/aStaff do not have direct access to the information contained in the database. For relevant premises they will see a message advising them to contact the Corporate Safety Manager.see above3 premises
Blackburn with Darwenrespondedyes91The following detail can be held per incident / person - name, address, date of incident, inputting officer, cautionary note in relation to the offender i.e. do not interview alonePre 2005Typically violent behaviour / threats and where there is reasonable belief that the person may repeat the behaviour demonstrated, will trigger an individual being added to the database.All staff and councillors have access to the database through the Departmental coordinators. We are not in a position to identify how many employees / councillors have accessed the database in the last yearAll staff and councillors have access to the database through the Departmental coordinators. We are not in a position to identify how many employees / councillors have accessed the database in the last yearAll staff and councillors have access to the database through the Departmental coordinators. We are not in a position to identify how many employees / councillors have accessed the database in the last yearAll staff and councillors have access to the database through the Departmental coordinators. We are not in a position to identify how many employees / councillors have accessed the database in the last year0
Blackpoolrespondedyes14name, address, mitigating circumstances and controls required 2010an extreme incident of violence or aggression behaviour towards council employee’s
a number of incidents of violence or aggressive behaviour towards council employee’s
none so farnone so farapprox 686440
Boltonrespondedyes239 Name
· Address
· Date of birth (if known)
· Brief overview of incident and pertinent information (max 250 characters)
2002Compulsory Criteria

Incidents must be entered if the incident involves any of the following criteria;

· All cases of physical assault. (with or without injury).
· Harassment, i.e. sexual, racial, disability.
· Serious verbal threats.
· Reliable information has been received that a person user has shown aggressive or violent behaviour to employees of other departments and organisations.

Discretionary Criteria

In the following situations, the Admin User may exercise their own judgement on whether to proceed with an application for an indicator, or to monitor the situation further before deciding whether or not to take such action.

· The behaviour displayed, although unacceptable, is considered to be uncharacteristic and occasioned by some traumatic event in their lives, e.g. the death of a close relative.
· The behaviour, although unacceptable, is not seen as intentional and has been caused by the person’s confusion, e.g. dementia or other cognitive impairment.
· Verbal abuse.
0n/a160not recordednot recorded
Bracknell ForestIn progress
Bristolchased 23/05
Burychased 23/05
Calderdalerespondedyes91Name and address.
Reason for entry on database. This is a category (no detail)- either serious threat/actual violence.
Advice to employee planning to visit that person. This is a category: either a) go in two’s b) invite to Council interview room c) do not visit.
Approx 5 years agoActual violence to one of our members of staff, use of weapons, or threat to endanger life.
The register includes people with a current ASBO, but this information is already in the public domain. As soon as the ASBO runs out they are removed from the register.
0n/a224. There is a process of authorisation to be followed before access to the database is granted.unknown5
Central Bedfordshirerespondedyes - Special Interests Register (SIR)79Name, address and a brief description of why they are on it and any control
measures e.g. do not visit alone.
2010Relevant Persons who are potentially violent in that they have used or
threatened physical violence.
Relevant Persons who are menacing abusive, use offensive language, are
coercive, attempt to apply psychological pressure
Relevant Persons who demonstrate a racist or sexist attitude
Relevant Persons who have a dangerous animal, which is a threat to Council
Where there has been a notifiable incident in a particular area: e.g. Caravan
Anti Social Behaviour Order served
Relevant Person has a special need
At the time of your request Councilors do not have access to the SIR.n/aAll front facing staff have access to the register which is approximately 600 staff.This cannot be identified as the system does not track who and when individuals
have logged in.
Cheshire EastrespondedYes – some Departments have their own lists and one of these is managed by the Corporate Health & Safety Team. This reply concerns the database managed by the Corporate Health & Safety Team, although it does not yet have corporate wide access or application.43Name, known aliases, current address of person, postcode, description of assailant, height, hair colour, eye colour, age, assailant category, whether this person has committed a similar action in the last 6 months.The database managed by the Corporate Health & Safety Team was originally created in 2007 (under the auspices of the former Macclesfield Borough Council).Each incident is assessed for severity and given a risk rating by the Corporate Health & Safety Manager. Examples of behaviour which would result in a person being added onto the PVA register include where customers commit or attempt to commit a physical assault on a CEC employee regardless of whether the member of staff is injured, make a threat of violence either face to face, over the telephone or in writing to a CEC employee, threaten or assault another person in the presence of a CEC employee or where aggressive dogs are involved at properties being visited. NB: this list is not exhaustive0025230
Cheshire West and Chesterchased 23/05
City of Birminghamrespondedno
City of Bradfordflagged
City of Coventryrespondedno
City of Leedsrespondedno
City of Manchesterchased 23/05
City of Newcastle upon Tynerespondedno
City of Salford chased 23/05
City of Sheffieldrespondedno
City of Sunderlandrespondedno
City of Wakefieldchased 23/05
City of Wolverhamptonrespondedno
CornwallrespondedThe Council is in the process of procuring a corporate register to record the details of individuals who are considered to be violent. A purchase order has been issued and the system is due to be in place by the end of June 2011
County Durhamrespondedyes - have 2 lists1525name, DOB, address, telephone number, plus details of the warning indicatorYes, we have two lists and we are currently reviewing our approach to the use of Potentially Violent Person registers. The lists refer to (i) warning indicators which are operated by Adults Wellbeing and Health (AWH) and Children and Young Peoples Service (CYPS) and a (ii) Corporate Incident Database (CID).

‘Warning Indicators’ can be held on individual case records to identify individuals who could pose a risk to members of staff who come into contact with them. This enables staff to be forewarned and take any precautionary measures in advance of a visit. The service also use warning indicators for other purposes e.g. to identify service users who may have potentially aggressive/dangerous animal, to identify when a service user refuses to have a male or female worker for example.

NB: Warning indicators are only accessed on an individual case level by those staff with a need to know. There is no index or register of all warning indicators which can be routinely accessed by staff.

The other list is the Corporate Incident Database. A new policy is being developed that brings together these issues and harmonises them across all frontline staff within the County Council. We expect that to be in use within the next 12 months.The AWH/CYPS list has been operating since the introduction of SSID the electronic records management system in the mid 1990s.

The Corporate Incident Database has been in operation since June 2009 after we became a new unitary authority.
For AWH/CYPS: The decision about whether to record a warning indicator on an individual’s record is taken following discussion with a team manager about the nature of the threat and risk posed. If a warning indicator is recorded, it will be selected from an agreed set of codes which have been agreed for the purpose.

For CID: Currently, a Principal Officer will assess the situation and add someone if they present a risk to a member of Durham County Council staff. This is a temporary process until the new procedure is approved and implemented.
There is only one council member locality officer who has access to the database warning indicators.

The warning indicators are notified as and when updates are recorded and these would be checked by the locality officer and if any of these new updates were for residents, the locality officer would inform the elected member for that area.
02190 staff across our Adults, Wellbeing & Health and Children and Young Peoples Services have access to warning indicators.

In Customer Services, there is approximately 450 frontline staff that have access to the CID list.
Warning Indicators' are recorded as an integral part of the electronic records management system for adults and children’s social care. Consequently, most staff provided with access to the electronic system (see question 8) will have accessed warning indicators in the last year.

Also, the 450 frontline staff have access but as to who, how many and when they access it , this information is not recorded.
353 warning indicators have been removed in the last 12 months
Doncasterrespondedyes46Name and other person information (Appearance, DOB etc)
Address (with telephone contact numbers)
Description of Incident (including date, time)
Location of Incident (address, individuals relationship to Location)
Original Version 2001, Upgrade 2007Person needs to pose a potential danger to an employee of the council, or someone acting
on behalf of council (contractor or other third party). Data sharing protocols need to be in
place to enable the sharing of this information with other parties.
00Staff Access Level 1: 160
Access to check whether name or address is a potential risk, no incident or person details
Staff Access Level 2: 65
Read only access to incident details (manager/supervisor access) to decide on the
appropriate response after a positive Level 1 search.
Leve1 2: 25 active users
Level 1: We restrict access to named individuals, 160 of whom have regular access at
26 individuals have been removed in year 2010/2011 (April – March)
Dudleyrespondedyes37Name, address and brief generic details of the incident that has resulted in their inclusion.The system became functional in January 2008. see ews procedure.docAll persons with access to Dudley's internal IT systems have access however there must be a legitimate need for an individual to access it.22All persons with access to Dudley's internal IT systems have access however there must be a legitimate need for an individual to access it.The system has been accessed 2050 times in the last 12 months. This includes multiple accesses by individuals. Breaking this down into the number of individuals would take a significant amount of time. 1665 unique users have accessed the system in total.10
East Riding of Yorkshirerespondedno
GatesheadrespondedWe do not have a corporate violent warning marker database at the moment although we are currently thinking about introducing one and are looking at the Information Commissioner's guidance about violent warning marker systems
Haltonrespondedyes82The person’s name and address and the nature of threat, e.g. verbal, or physical2006The individual should pose a genuine risk and the decision must be made on objective and clearly defined criteria taking into account:

·       The nature of the threat
·       The degree of violence used or threatened: and
·       Whether or not the incident indicates a credible risk of violence to staff

Information held will relate to potentially violent clients and includes behaviour that may pose a risk or environmental risks such as dangerous dogs.
0N/a2028/2/10 to 9/8/10 - 15323(in 2010)
Date of Birth
Narrative detailing Incidents
Dates of Incidents
Category of Incident (Verbal Abuse, Physical Abuse, Enviromental Threat)
Status (awaiting approval, approved etc)
2008When an incident has occurred and is deemed to be relevant under the councils Violence against staff policy00about 750 currently have log ins230We remove incidents not actual individuals as such from the database. When individuals are removed a letter informing them will be sent
Kingston upon Hullrespondedyes - however it is a list of risks to staff at specific addresses which can include dangerous dogs/premises as well as individuals at any given site.189Name and address and classification e.g. threatening behaviour.2008Officers must complete a request form and obtain their manager's agreement prior to a property being flagged and details being placed on the list. The manager must decide whether there are sufficient grounds for the property to be flagged as one where visiting staff must be alerted of a risk to their safety in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Where an individual is entered onto the list they are notified in writing.00Only 2 administrators of the database can access the central list. Individual events/risks are entered against the appropriate address on the Public Protection case management system meaning staff only access such data when it happens to be recorded against an address they are due to visit.20
Kirkleesrespondedyes348Self evident from guidance pack (specifically refer to V1 form)Circa 1998Refer to guidance packNo direct access, a nominated officer can provide relevant information on requestNone – councilors do not have direct access to the database1681 authorised users – currently being reviewed (21/04/2011)42855 enquiries were made (21/04/2010 – 24/04/2011)180 records have been removed
D.O.B if known
Home Address:
Telephone numbers:
Other known alias or addresses:
Details of the nature of the incident:
Details of known associations with other registered entries: People or Incidents
Details of vehicles where relevant and known: Make, model, registration.
2002Commit an act of violence against an employee either verbal or physical or be a person whose details are provided to the Council from Merseyside Police as someone who poses a threat to employees who may come into contact with them during the course of their duties00We have 30 licenses’ available for direct read only access to the database. However, at present only 8 staff use the system and only 3 of the 8 staff have security permissions to enter/edit details on the system50
North East LincolnshirerespondedThe Council also has an embryonic “Risk Alert System”. This is not a register as such, rather a procedure designed to protect Council Employees and others from immediate and continuing threat of violence or personal injury. A record is kept of those alerts issued under this arrangement.0Date entered onto the spreadsheet,
Originating directorate and risk assessor,
Risk and Location,
Incident details,
Nature of risk,
Individuals/Groups at Risk,
Recommended Control Measures,
Date When Risk Champions/Directorates Were Notified,
Dates Perpetrator Notified/Review Due
There has been a form of this system in place since 2004Action will be initiated where an employee encounters a serious risk which might also provide a serious continuing risk of personal injury to others and can be evidenced. An assessment of the risk posed will be made by a trained risk champion who will contact those at risk with advice of the precautions needed. Any, but only where there is a need for their protection, or it is a governance enquiry.

NoneInitially one beyond the individual at risk and the line manager. The directorate risk champion will then make an assessment and advise any key groups at risk via the risk champion in their directorate. It will vary therefore between 3 and 40 depending on the nature of risk.It is not available for access generally but is a record of action taken by risk champions. There are 6 directorate risk champions and a Risk Manager who have access at any one time.There are no current entries on the record of risk alerts issued. There have been 6 records over the past 3 years, all now removed.
Wakefieldrespondedyes84Name, Address, Department and name of member of staff that reported the incident and the date of the incident and also indicating which category the incident fits into as described in the attachment2001The criteria is whether they have been violent, aggressive or abusive to a member of Council staff in such a way as it is considered that they are a potential threat to other members of staff and as indicated in the attachmen00339not held0