Appster's VentureSprints™ Feedback Responses as of December 2017
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How satisfied are you with your Product Strategist's performance?Detail how you found each day of the RCW:How would you rate the 1-on-1 RCW in terms of value for money?Did your workshop match the expectations set by your Growth Strategist?How attentive and adaptive was your Product Strategist to your needs/concerns during the RCW?How was your Product Strategist's startup and technology industry knowledge?How was your Product Strategist's knowledge in relation to YOUR idea and its industry?How was your Product Strategist's knowledge of Appster's products and services?What are some ways that your Product Strategist could improve in their delivery of the workshop?What did you love the most about the workshop?How likely is it you would refer Appster to someone with an app idea, based on the workshop and your experience so far?Note: This is feedback data from almost 300 Rapid Concept/Rescue Workshops over the past 2 years. Some data has been removed for anonymity.
Average: 9.51Average: 8.7Average: 9.02Average: 9.64Average: 9.55Average: 8.94Average: 9.57Average: 9.45
10I would have liked to start no later than 9 am and quit at 5 pm.910101099I thought Ashkan did an awesome job. I thought he fulfilled his role very well.The synergy and staff enthusiasm.10
10Both of The days were amazingly productive, I got the feeling that ashkhan had a really good understanding of my idea and he complemented it amazingly in both days of the workshop10101010210He can't, to understand it completely one must suffer from addictionThe process of squeezing every single detain about the idea10
10Day 1 - it was great to meet the guys and discuss the idea. The lean canvas was a useful exercise for summarising our thoughts.
Day 2 - this was the best day! Great to get stuck into the detail with the guys and hear their perspectives. They touched on the pertinent issues and helped us think through those. Having everything up on the wall was a really constructive way of talking through it all.
9101010810Probably the only thing is we think it could've gone longer! Might have just been the scale of our idea but we could've easily have done another hour a day.The direct interaction with the product strategists and having them critically assess our idea10
10He knows his stuff, can open up and close down conversation appropriately and keep things on track8101010910Hard to assess because it had good IP, good flow and we ended that day with an organised resultLearning about the app world and benchmarks fro other projects. The personal interaction10
10Day 1 - Productive and constructive. We were able to address the issues that we had the most questions about. We got right into it, and identified problems and opportunities. Good stuff overall, but definitely left us asking more questions at the end of the day, forcing us to continue the discussion after leaving for the day. Which was great, really. Day 2 - It all really came together the second day, and we were able to see our collective ideas being molded into a cohesive plan of action. Again, great stuff.91010101010Really can't find ways in which this could be improved. Ashkan was superb.Just being able to bounce ideas off of the Appster team and constructively dig into our idea and add/remove and pivot certain areas/features, etc. And it was a great learning experience for us. But working with the Appster team was definitely a highlight, our expectations were exceeded.10
10Day 1 - A great way to dive into your idea and understand the process you will go through creating and the reaction and process your users will go through engaging with it. Day 2 - Found the structure to be stimulating at a creative, functional and business level. The format really helps you understand what is going on in the back and front end as well as explore the way the personas you've created would use the app. The steps they would take and their potential thought process in different scenarious. Overall it was a great experience, positive and realistic, which gives you direction and keeps you optimistic about finding the best solutions.101010101010None come to mind. Ashkan was very attentive to the idea while at the same time looking at all scenarious and solutions at hand for possible challenges and routes.The clarity it provides you with after structuring and restructuring all the details to make sure your idea can be real and engaging.10
10Although day one was challanging the guys kept us focused on the key aspects and made us think about what was most important for our app. Day 2 we were able to fine tune the project. Ashkon was great the way he communicated and knew our product and had a great understanding of our market.10810101010There was a very good flow to the workshop, he kept us on track, gave great ideas and helped us make the best of the time we had. He put himself in the user shoes the merchant shoes and our shoes as the owners.The knowledge we recieved as a team. the brainstorming strategy and creative process. Comfortable & laid back. The free flow of communication.10
10Day 1 - strategy process was great. Enabled us to break down the idea to really understand why and what we are doing. Made us sit back and rethink various aspects of the idea.
Day 2 - user stories was great. By end had a clear understanding of the flow and Tom facilitated this process very well.
9101010910There isn't much we would change. If we were to be really picky maybe improve some knowledge of health and fitness industry, but not a must and still really happy with outcome of RCW.Lean canvas - enabled us to breakdown our idea.10
10Day one was an excellent introduction to the entire workshop. Tom introduced himself and decribed how the next two days would play out. We proceeded to discuss our idea and create personas. The entire day was insightful. Day two was productive, but different, as we began to discuss the layout of the actual application, and what features should be included in our initial application. We also briefly discussed how we could incorporate certain features into the application from a technical standpoint. Both days were insightful and productive.101010101010I loved how what we completed in the workshop will become the foundation for the development of our app. It allowed us to fix any flaws in our initial idea, and has allowed us to view our own idea from several different perspectives, which ultimately let us remove certain features and add others ie. manual check-ins.10
10Both days were great. However, we got the most work done on Day 1.810810810We can't think of any improvements to be honest. We are very content with our product strategist.the work environment and that we covered a lot in a short time period8
10I had a great experience with this team. The were very informative and helping with flushing out my ideas.101010101010I loved my team and that they were able to focus my ideas into a lean product.10
9Both Eamon and Itai were very good. They challenged us, and kept us focused.989889No comment. Time managment was very good.The second day in mapping out the user stories, and getting clarity on the technical issues of working with an existing education API (xAPI), and the LRS.10
10First day was tough. I had my initial concept and after the first 2 hours, we pivoted hard back to my original idea which i wasn't expecting. Needless to say, it was a good decision and set the stage for the rest of the app development. Day 2 was equally informative and allowed us to really delve into the nuts and bolts of the way the app would operate, how the user experience would be and the target market of users. All very valuable10101010910Hung was very knowledgeable about app development and how my concept would translate into that medium. The only thing I might have liked to see is some audio/video of other clients at certain phases of this process to see what the encountered and how they reacted to the processThe chance to really tear apart my concept and put it back together in a way that makes it viable as an app!10
10Day 1 - well structured to transfer knowledge and understand our problem. Helped to focus our idea.
Day 2 - Was great to put the product together, Hung really challenged us and made us think about each area and the overall flow
881010710The only thing was that we filled out information (for the personas for example) before that could have been used in the workshopFreedom to be creative but within a great structure so that we can see the product on paper. Hung and Erik felt very honest and genuine in the feedback they game and how they challenged us, the weren't just "yes men" trying to sell us their services going forward10
8Day 1- very Informative
Day 2- very engaging
881010810Two days for the amount of I formation and interaction seems a bit too short.At the end of workshop I felt that my app was not longer a dream but a reality in the making8
8Highly informative. I needed a lot of help clarifying the concept of my app. The process was organized and helped me find the core value proposition I wanted to provide and a viable way to do so.7891089It was great and was extremely beneficial.The culmination of all the efforts of the team to help create a great strategy for the product even as it adapted.9
9Day 1 - Took a while to get traction (as expected), however this helped to align expectations and overall applications objectives (target audience etc). Some of the challenges with the app also became more apparent.
Day 2 - Was more enjoyable as we got to see the ideas take shape and understand the practicality and constraints in achieving the overall objectives.
99910109It would have been helpful to have been provided with more feedback about the information posted on Basecamp prior to the workshop commencing (eg if sufficient information was provided). A workshop agenda would have been useful also as part of the preparation.Creating the "thought frames" and debating the features required for MVP. It was good to interact with a number of key people involved in the project, but at the same time have one main person driving the process.9
10Day 1 - Clearly defined the process.
Day 2 - Enojyed going deep into the detail of the app.
9910101010Nothing comes to mind, we thought that both Eamon and Tom did a terrific job. They both have great knowldge and passion about what they do.Gave us a much clearer picture on whats involved.10
9Very Concise, understood the concept without much help. Gave us confidence in their understanding and ability1089989He honestly did really wellWell structured, no confusion of the process for the day8
10both days were extremely informative. exceeding all expectations!101010101010leave it as isthe level of professionalism and expertise displayed by everyone involved10
9The RCW was extreamely helpful in clarifying the idea and focusing on how the idea can become a reality. This was executed effectively on both days. The structure was very concise and worked well.10101010810Addition of a tech developer may have been helpful on day 2.Clear and concise execution.10
8Both days were a great opportunity to go through all the steps and discuss between us what works and how the end product should look. The stucture was clearly defined flowed nicely.8710988Can't think of any.The second day it all really started to come to life and turned into a product rather than an idea or even an app.10
10Day One- Very thorough and practical Really enjoyed it. Day Two- workshop very proficient and the high experience level of staff very apparent; the Appster staff was not hindered by their lack of experience in the healthcare field10101010910Only comment was that Bruce had a difficult time reading some of the small writing on the post-it notes. might be an issue for older clients in the future.process uncovered a variety of issues that we had not yet discussed or considered10
10Day 1: First half was as expected, me talking about the product. Second half was more intense but needed.

Day: Jumped straight in, no Bla Bla Blah. Had a small break to get some fresh air at 3pm.
8910101010The Market Anaylist needs to be debriefed more on the idea. He needs a little polish and perhaps should be coming with soe examples of what he is going to do and how it is going to be done. Took me half his time to truly connect on what he was going to be doing.The hard questions from Thomas. I did not sign up to do this because I wanted to have Yes man sitting opposite me. If it is s**t feature then happy to hear that. Well done Thomas.9
10Day 1 - was fabulous to get to know Tom and the team and start workshopping the lean start up model. Day 2 and 3 - was great to finalise our thoughts and consolidate the ideas we had on day 1. I am feeling like I have a much better understanding of the project plan, design, marketing strategy and finances.871010910Nothing - he was incredibly flexible and helpfulThe personal approach and the ability to take my idea from a conceptual state into a tangible outcome.10
9Both days very comprehensive. Day 1 spent getting to understand the concept and an in depth look at feasilibilty of ideas. Day 2 was also a indepth look at building out the idea, growth, development detail.999979visual examples of technology options. graphics, interface.Start up deep dive. An indepth outlook from many angles what is important to get a concept off the ground into a succesful business. Time taken to completely understand the concept, potential issues and how to improve.9
10Pace, interaction, energy and expertise, knowledge etc was extremely valuable and constructive. They challenged and checked that we understood what they were talking about - useful use of humour and great communication skillls91010101010Brain dead now - cannot think of anything constructive - the process seemed to flow and work really well.Them - ..............very positive, very constructive, they were supportive from the start, they listened.10
9Both days valuable and informative889999nil pretty goodindepth analysys9
10Everything was easily understood by us and the facilitators. We were talked to not talked at. We saw the excitement from both which increased our confidence in Appster. We felt a positive constructive relationship growing.91010101010It was too good. Can not give any suggetions to improveHaving a foreign concept easily understood by us.10
8Day 1 was good to kick off the discussion about the project, however a lot of grey areas. Day 2 was more detailed and focused.87108910An area of improvement would be better preparation in advance and some background checks on the idea and possibilities (definitely not in fine details, but some sort of intermediate level research).The system/template in place. Time distribution and allocation, the flow of going from one section to another, the listening capabilities of the team members and the encouraging attitude shown.9
10Great insight to see how the project will unfold and be delivered to the client.78101088time well spent developing and talking about ideas and different scenarios9
10Day 1: Great to sit down and discuss what the project is about and stress test some assumptions and rationale for building it.
Day: It helped to visualise the project and its key features while workign on the flow of the app itself. Very useful.
991010910Nothing comes to mind, but I assume that is a good sign. Maybe spend more time with oldies (over 40) to see how they adopting social media.It was very refreshing to discuss the idea and get the feedback from those who understand the industry and appreciate why I am trying to do.
I loved the fact that over 2 days I did not hear once "this or that can not be done".
10Day 1 - Developed good understanding the app development process with solid start on app functions.
Day 2 - Dove deeper into the app development process. Appreciated getting insight and ideas regarding realistic potential of the app
91010101010it would be nice for the RCW to start earlierGaining an overall understanding of the app development industry10
8Day 1- It was good to be challenged on what we thought. Itia educated us on correct market access and development, and was good at interpreting quickly our idea and its concepts.
Day 2- Doing the validation was important to the business and gave us some confidence in our idea. Finishing user stories gave us clarity in the purpose
689878Better room
Didn't like the sticky note format of recording, not fast enough, traditional whiteboard would be better
Having our idea challenged, and seeing it develop5
10Day 1 - A much needed brain strain that resulted in some great ideas, Day 2 - Decisive - assited in pointing us in the right direction moving forward91010810n/aCuts out unecessary costs - very structured and concise10
10Both day were quite mentally draining and intense. It made things so much easier having someone with prior experience taking notes, helping with ideas and leading the way101010101010Visually being able to see the idea come together roughly on the second day.

Advice on moneyisation and marketing strategies
9Day 1 - A flood of ideas that where met by someone who could cut them down into more concentrated points and apply them directly to our canvases.
Day 2 - Very much the same all in all a very productive workshop that has helped me understand the concepts and ideas alot better.
79949I can't see why there couldn't be a "hard copy" of a itiinerary outlining the steps we will be taking along the way.The ability to just scream out ideas and have them accurately captured by someone why knows what they are talking about. - the chairs where really comfy also10
10Day 1 was insightful and a great intro to the process day 2 was productive and eye opening and exciting7910101010the pace and flow were perfect , relaxed, informative.10
10Day 1 - Was very relaxed from the moment I stepped out of the elevator there was laughter and a few welcomes from people making sure I was being taken care of, complete with offers of coffee or tea. From the meeting with Chris and Itai, too the actual brain storming itself there was nothing stressful which for someone with no previous experience with this kind of thing was a big plus. I appreciated immeditaly being welcomed into a friendly stress free environment, with everything laid out very simply and generally being made to feel comfortable within the 4 walls that I was about to occupy for the next 2 days.

As mentioned before I am very new to the whole process but the information provided before the workshop armed me with a basic understanding of what I was about to walk into. Each step for day one and 2 was laid out from the very beginning with clear targets and time goals for each day with it all running very smoothly without a hitch with time here and there to relax for a few minutes and side track off into smothing else aviation related before diving head first back into the pool of ideas swirlling around in our heads. Of course the lunch break was a very nice personal touch, being taken out to lunch by Chris, which gave us a chance to ask each other a few burning questions and take my mind off of the project for an hour.

Day 2 - Again a friendly welcome to the appster offices by Chris before again jumping straight into the thick of it with Itai, coffee's in hand, and all of the previous days ideas and more coming flooding back. Again the day was very relaxed with everything laid out very simply and easy to understand for someone that only the day before walked into the office with only an idea and a few notes, was now a little more than an idea it was becoming a plan with clear goals for teh future.

Having Itai as my Product strategist was perfect as he already had a background in aviation which meant he was also part of my target audeince and enabled us both to easily understand, each other, what was required from the app and how it should work etc as there is alot of jargon within the aviation industry that most non aviation personal would have had a hard time getting to grips with. On that note I would highly reccommend having a product strategist with a little backgorund history or an interest similar to your target audince as they can easily relate to what your looking for or wanting.
9101010108I cant think of any, couldnt have had anyone better, cheers Itai.Being able to see my idea turn into a potential product with clear functions and aspects with someone that understood what was required and the best way to do it.10
10productive 2 days, day 1 helped to shap the idea and understand an other angle to look at it. day 2 was full of work that ended up with overall realistic vision towards the app idea81010101010keeping this high, and hard level work upthat it was honest in terms of tech issues, the overall energy in appester is great and supportive10
8day 1 and 2 were similar889879Detailed and refining the product further10
10Really beneficial, thorough, helped with end user perspective, forced analytical thoughts, liked the phsychology,guys came up wtih great ideas we had not considered.8910101010No need for improvement.Clarified a lot, was fun and helped us down the track and brought the project to life a bit more.10
10Day 1 - The intro was great. Honestly my only issues with how to knowledge was transferred was that we didn't have more information about the process prior to arrival. It would have been beneficial to be able to prepare a little bit better by knowing what we were getting into. Working through the problem/solution/unfair advantage etc with Hung was an awesome experience. We had done all of this before prior to arrival but having him act as mediator and sounding board brought more to the surface than we even knew was there.

Day 2 - Equally great! It is so cool to see the abstract idea that we had come to life in this post-it story board. Again, Hung was there to guide us, offer suggestions, and critique our idea constructively. I loved the insight that he offered into the world of app building and how to overcome obstacles. I also really appreciated that he was accessible and willing to answer any question under the sun.
6810109101. Would have loved to have more information about the content and flow of the RCW prior to arrival.
2. Would have been better if Hung had known more about the industry prior to arrival.
1. Hung! I think that he is a fantastic sounding board with great insight into the app world and the feasibility of our ideas and work flows.
2. Our second favorite is the storyboard - like I said earlier, it's super cool to see everything that we've been imagining and thinking about for the past few months come to life like this.
10I came in to this with no concept or understanding about app development. Tom has done a fantastic job explaining things to me to set me up for the user stories.101010101010I was very happy with the way it was delivered.How visual things were and how easily I can envision my app now.10
10From the start of day 1, Appster greeted me with open arms and were very engaging into my personality and what kind of person I am. My product strategist took time to understand my company's vision, as well as give us real feedback on the current product we had. By the end of Day 2, I found the experience extremely positive and the product is on its way in being successful.8910101010Honestly, the delivery of the workshop was not stressful, kept in line with an itinerary, but really brought out the main points of the product we wanted to create.The knowledge extraction from my brain, that I did not know how to put into words.10
10Day 1 - Good introduction to what we will do, Clear and concise process that allowed for creative developments.
Day 2 - More to the point and narrowing down the application's essentials, as well as the practicality of development.
10101010810Cannot think of much. Possibly having sample third party applications to display that would be relevant to the app, giving me some insight into functionality. Having a sample application to "show off" you mad dev skills that are relevant to my project.The knowledge gained and the ability to evolve the idea creatively through narrowing it down and going through the exercises.10
10Day 1 - Was informative, structured, easy to build rapport. Day 2 - More excitement, hit the ground running, felt like good friends. Overall we got a tremendous amount of value from the user stories.88109810Hung's delivery was near perfect. What could have helped was if we spent a little more time together talking upfront with Hung on industry dynamics to help in making decisions for what would work best. We don't expect very many people to understand everything about the industry, so getting him up to speed could have been beneficial.It was the perfect mix of business/app development and building relationship and having fun. Hung was always aware of where we were at to make sure we brought it all back. Hung's pacing was phenomenal. Overall, Hung made the workshop as great as it was - he nailed it. Getting to build relationships with everyone else at Appster also gave the workshop a more personal touch that is really valuable to us and our culture.

Hung was able to push back and give his honest opinion even when it was contrary to what we were feeling or believed - not afraid to take an unpopular position. We really appreciate it.

Hung did an awesome job. He's really the one who made our experience as awesome as it was.
9Day 1 i was initially questioning the value of the workshop (only based on its cost) during the early morning session primarily because we were running through things I had already gone over during PRE RCW. However some clients do nothing and therefore its hard to know who has covered what and who hasn't. After Lunch Day 1 getting into thought frames and Day 2 user stories etc, was extremely valuable and in itself justified the cost of the workshop, these are things one cannot do on their own for the most part unless they have previous experience which I don't.781010910We utilised a new software system Realtimeboard which I was initially skeptical about because of recurring bug issues and time wasting fixing them, however overall the experience for me I feel was more beneficial then using posted notes (although i have never experienced the latter) Happy to be a tesat dummy, but maybe a discount for being one haha. Elimination of bugs which Itai has already begun to address if the only major thing that prevents the system from being way better than posted notes based on minimal experience.USer stories and Thought frames....the fact you walk out with a blueprint for your app that would work should it have the ability to magically be made tomorrow.9
10Day 1 - Was great, useful to formulate structure and framework. Thomas was informative and was excellent at facilitating a framework for all our ideas. Day 2 - we found that by day 2 we had a much better idea of how our concept would work from the users perspective and were able to refine our concept991010910Thomas is excellent at performing his role in the RCWdevelpoing and refining our concept. getting a better understanding of what can be done, what works, and what is not necesary.9
10Very well structured, efficent and interactive9910101010I thought he was excellent.How Sam kept track of the agenda. He always got back to the relevance of the topic.10
10Super informative but not overwhelming. The staff had great feedback, were super honest but still were open minded and let us make the overall decision.9101010910N/AConcentrating on the MVP but still planning our future overall product.10
8Extremely helpful and necessary to allign our vision on the right path to take to ensure a successful future.9710888No improvement neededThe second day and app design, first day was extremely full-on.8
9Day 1 - didnt get much out of. I felt that alot of that should have been covered in the pre-workshop and we were rehashing concepts allready discussed in the typeforms. Potentially shhould have been done in just the morning session

Day 2 - excellent. Got alot out of it and covered alot of things that I hadnt considered.
778899Be more across current solutions in that particualr industry. What they do right, what they do wrong, ie critical assessment of competitors.That I have covered alot of the techincal setups to get the App to MVP and a more polished/finished version of initial MVP9
10great amount of detail in putting thought to paper, the process was structured great. Everything seemed to flow into one another91010101010probably a bigger room to facilitate the attention to detailthe most exciting part was watching my idea come to life on paper, broken down from start to finish in detail.10
10Day 1 & 2 were very informative. Very early on i felt comfortable that Tom new his stuff and was going to guid me in the right direction. I found the information extreamly relevant and loved having the ability to get the opinion and thoughts from Tom. Each day flowed really well and was well structured.799999He was very good, nothing springs to mind.The abiliy to bounce ideas and get Tom's opinion on certain things. I valued a lot the personal and professional way Tom looked at certain things to work out "what would be best for this particular case"9
10Day 1 - thrown a bunch of extremely practical, challenging, questions and ideas that made us question and re-position our idea of the marketplace for our app/our goal with the app/our outlook on the app's successfulness. Market Analaysis, although brief, was very useful and brought to me a new way of thinking about our assumptions about the app landscape.

Day 2 - Helped us brainstorm with a tonne of accuracy - monetization strategy, long-run strategy (IPO), and then expand on every single feature we thought we required to launch the app, and then lean it out to our MVP.
610Tom provided much more practical knowledge and brainstorming than I would expect could be accomplished in two days. When discussing with Pok I compared it with Uni - it's only useful if it is engaging - I didn't find a boring or repetative moment throughout the entire 16 hours.The combination of previous book knowledge (marketing mix, etc) with hands-on experience from an intelligent engaging consultant that challenged yet encouraged us at each step of the way.9
10Day one: A professional edge to realising the potential of an idea. Day two: More in depth understanding of what the process is to deliver the product and how it would flow from a development perspective as well as identifying the marketplace and user experience on both sides of the app.101010101010Capability and potential to build a product from an idea and seeing it through.10
10Day 1, Invigorating, inspiring and creative. Challenging because too much time spent explaining the vision. Maybe a better way for the project manager to have a better understanding than the typeforms we filled out.8810101010more time beacause the idea cannot be rushed at the end of the day.The facillitators, the enthusiasm, the creativity, the passion and the genuineness they convey.10
9DAY 1= brainstorming and organizing ideas
DAY 2= we felt more comfortable and satisfied with the workshop, a lot of useful information.
Hung was great and really helpful.
787777Give more concrete information and not only a personal opinion.We have a better idea of the features, how to retain users7
9They were both great to be able to polish a product and an idea i had. The knowledge of Tom W was fantastic and he was a great hand in both days99101089Look im guessing my facilitator is Tom W. He was great. He had a large depth in understanding and answered all my questionsThe knowledge i now have a scope for my MVP9
10Day 1- Very exciting, piqued our interest even more and resolved any doubts. Felt very involved and informed of the process. Day2- Had overnight to absorb day 1 and bring up more ideas that may not have been thought about if it was only a one day workshop.101010101010None, Ray was fantastic.The set up, the interaction, the brainstorming. Ray's knowledge.10
9Good foundation and structured walkthrough.8910101010Not many to be honest!I gained a better understanding of my processes and solution9
8Day 1. was great to clearly describe the problem and clarify the member and vendor VP, segments. Day 2. was great to build the product and then go through the process of MVP.7899810I think Tom's delivery was very good, he showed he cared and was interested. No delivery issues just needed a bit more time becuase he was called away for a managment meeting.I loved feeling that I have a team of people who are experts, professional, knowledgable and are interested in what Im doing.10
98891089none that come to mindLunch - just kidding
The format and process
9Day 1 : Was great to finally see what Matt had explained to me on the phone. Before arriving I was unsure of what was going to happen and what it was all about. It was great to be able to fully describe what my idea was. Was overwhelming but empowering at the same time. Breaking my idea down was great.

Day 2: To finally see a picture forming of what my product was going to look like was exciting. Understanding around the construction and functions of an app is empowering for me. It has spurred me on to come up with the best possible product I can. Even more so before doing the workshop.
999979He was pretty good. No suggestions needed.The education I received regarding apps, the tech world, how the internet works, the different avenues, I can take and the options I have.9
10Day 1 was really good, I was prepared so we hashed out the details fairly early and got a head start on the concepts of the app.
Day 2 was awesome as well, we worked through all the gritty details of the user stories and technical aspects of the app.
10109101010More beer. Jking, They did a really good job in the delivery of my workshop and answered all my questions and concerns.Getting validation that my idea was worth pursuing.10
9Great and succint process - Tom kept us on track and met our expectations.888989No improvement - very easy to work with.Seeing a product come to life8
9Day 1 and Day 2 were both very informtive and constructive. Very happy9999910informative, constrtuctive and excitable9
10Backed up our idea plus filled in gaps.101010101010An example of a previous MVP that worked or didn't work and why. Also APPs that Appster has created.Casual yet professional, positive attitude nothing was to hard.10
8Day 1, really clearing up how the app is going to work and giving a lot more vision to the project. Day 2 was great for the features in app and strategies of how Snappstar will run as smooth as possible889999Knowledge gained and the enthusiasm from Tom with my app idea9
10Day 1 was amazing to work out all the problems. It really gave me the positive feedback to know I can do this. Day 2 by day two you feel like part of the team. It was great to get the answers so fast for the tech side and felt amazing to look at the work we had done. It really gives you a clear vision of where your going.101010101010I can't thing of one thing appster really went out of thier way to make this an amazing experienceHowl!!!
The fact that when I left on the second day I had 100% confidence choosing appster was the best decision I could have made. Also knowing that the app can grow as the company grows is nice.
10Both days were well run and informative101010101010None. Thomas was extremely knowledgable.That you had a process to establish how to approach development.10
10Really impressive process - goig from an idea through to concept.101091088NilIt was guided but not controlled9
10Day 1 - Very intense. We were laying down the groundwork and it really felt that my dreams were becoming reality....Day 2 - Perhaps I was better rested, but we discussed how it was going to make money and how wer were going to market. This was much easier.8810101010Nothing. He is the best.My facilitators and how they shared my vision.10
8Extremely helpful to simplyfy my idea. the RCW deffinately helped7910999cant think of any.. couches maybe..hahaHow to strip the ideas back to a MVP8
9Day 1: Introductions were great. With the sufficient supply of coffee produtivity rolled along quite nicely. I found there to be pauses or momnets of prolonged scilence which were nice it emphasised everyone sensitivity to allow the others a moment to digest and process internally to come up with any missed ideas or thoughs.
Day 2 Just as prouctive as Day 1.
As a general observation when it comes to writing down ideas/ answers to questions on the walls/postets. I some how got into a mode of allowing Han/Doug to do that. I may have missed the queue to take controll of that aspect of the workshop or I feel it may have been just outside of what I am used to in the beginning and think it would have been good to encourage the participation of having me write things down myself as a push to take more control and ownership of the project. I felt as though I understood that a bit more after having lunch with Joshiah and Dane.
9899109The further development and organization of the idea9
10Each day I left the office feeling accomplished and a tiny bit closer to my goal. My team is dedicated, and able to communicate clearly. I enjoyed the straight talk and that they allowed their creativity to shine and help improve my business. I am thankful for the two days spent at the RCW, and everyone's understanding that when you're a start up every dollar matters. I'm impressed with their ability to trim the fat to create the most functional and practical MVP.10101010910Esther as everyone knows is a rockstar, Doug and Tyrah are well on their way as well. I appreciate that everyone had something to add and not just one person was leading the room.We dove into each rabbit hole of my app and filled them with solutions.10
10Day 1- Was an amazing start to being able to outline the core of the app and what was needed to be successful. Day 2- Was a great step to the finished product idea that was a great way to iron out details of functionality and positioning.10101010910I thought it was great, i'm not sure if i could add anything more.I liked how hands on and how the conversation held substance behind it.10
9Day one - It was great. We explored our idea and really solidified our concept.

Day two - Picked up where we left off quickly and were able to flesh out the feature set for our MVP and some things we want to include down the line. we went through some funding stuff and learned plenty along the way.
8799710If we had a bit longer overall it would be nicer (I started looking at my watch at about 3:30 thinking time was running out)

With the pre-workshop stuff we went through, there was perhaps a bit too much explanation and covering the same content initially, he could have glossed over a few things more quickly simply by asking if we had a grasp of the concepts
getting the idea out on paper and seeing the scope in front of us!8
9Day 1 was a bit of a time waster for me, we re-iterated much of what was discussed in the capital raising workshop and I didnt feel like there was much value in it. Day 2 was much more constructive because we mapped out the app features and filtered the MVP requirements to create a good itemized requirement for the project which I feel it a bit larger than what I inititally considered it to be.879999Focus more on the product itself and less on theory and Lean Canvas. However having said that, I am saying this because I have done the Lean Canvas several times already and have read the book which made day 1 seem a bit wasteful. So perhaps a better thing to say is for the facilitator to understand where the cleint is at so he can fast track anything that may have already been covered to make more effective use of time and energy.It flushed out the whole app concept and gave me confidence in Appsters abilities to understand the concept.8
9Really good,educational, organic. Both days I felt a great cohesion with Itai in developing the idea and getting it to MVP689999n/aseeing my idea come to reality and the amount of back and forth between us10
10Day1: Full on, exhausting, great reality testing.Lots of valuable information & guidance from Itai. It would be helpful if each person could have their names & roles with their photos somewhere in the office(or a name badge?) Abishek at a disadvantage because we are meeting him on line, but he has a lot charisma. Day2: More reality checks. Appreciated Itai's help with buying Domain name. Learned a lot from meeting Ben & Sam. Good wrap up of what we can expect in the future from Chris.810101010My earlier comment about names. I liked what Itai did with post-it notes. I would loved to have had post-it notes of what we discussed with Ben. Also would love post-it notes or similar thing for how we scaled down the website further after talk with Ben & Sam. Amazing how we have shifted our position from where we were on Monday morning. A timetable(an agenda) of the events over the 2 days. Even a retrospective agenda would be quite helpful.I loved how much I learned. I loved Melbourne. What I hated the most is how I wish I had known all of this many years ago. I'm impressed with how well you have trained your people at Appster.8
10Day 1: Didnt know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at the length and care taken to ensure that our idea was broken down and then rebuilt to something better than what we expected. Day 2: our idea finally becomes something visual and feels very real.9999910I thought he was great and helped in every aspect of the project.The detail in delivery and answers wer answered according to our needs.9
8DAY 1: it was interesting our ideas getting shaped and to better understand what we had in our minds. the agile approach was detailed and well structured. the lean canvas gave us a better view of every single aspect and feature of our project.
DAY 2: we saw the app's functioning and the user stories have been crucial to better understand the key elements to create our MVP. the Market dynamics could have been faster (we could have worked on it last night, evaluating the 10 questions to be asked to people) and discuss about it this morning without it taking one hour.
779598It would be nice to have a 3day workshop so that all the aspects can be covered without rush, but we are pretty satisfied of how the workshop has been conducted.The fact that we could talk, think, share ideas, change our minds, discuss with our facilitator and be sure that our ideas were doable and realistic.8
9Day 1 - understanding of what we can get8910810No, great stuffThe fact we seem to be on the same page, and on the way to a long term partnership10
10Ray was great, we had good chemistry and the day flowed well. Very productive. Found it annoying that people kept interrupting us to speak to Ray to ask him questions - starting with the VP, Sales in the morning, etc.1081010810at times, Ray got a bit technical for someone with no experience in IT. That was okay though as he took time to explain acronyms, definitions, etc. so i actually found it quite informative/educational.EXCITED I have a plan and framework for this app. and i have identified next steps. I liked how Ayush was contemplative on my idea and was inquisitive in nature. asked some REALLY good questions. It showed me he is invested in my idea and ultimate goal. Was also GREAT to meet Ben (Creative Director). It got me excited about the next steps.10
10Day 1 great to lay the idea out and get a full understanding of the options. Day 2 fleshed this agreed process out101010101010-The fact that we leave with a business model in a sense10
10Good thorough extraction of idea and rcw structure8101010910A simple list and description of each day's process and expectations.The open platform in a private room where idea's can be discussed and debated and third opinions received from other office members not a part of the RCW (Which are therefore also unbias and offer different perspectives). The general knowledge of tom with regards to the start up and tech industry.10
10Great insight into how this works, and how we can develop. Day 2 very productive as our team on day one had put us at great and provided knowledge.101010101010We appreciated his style and delivery.Atmosphere. Postive and energised.10
10Day 1 was great, lots of content and flowed well. Losts of great momentum and ideas Day 2 was good also71010101010a webcam on the tvtalking through the idea to see what comes out10
10Very, professional, Hung kept us on track and focused through the entire workshop. He was great to work with.101010101010Everything rockedI really like that my ideas were challenged.10
10Facebook Ad101010101010Next Steps need to be clearThe product strategy10
91. great - good to get clarity and everyone on the same page 2. great - except for having to fill in this form99999109
10Day one, dissect the project. Day two rebuild it981010810How thorough it was10
9By the end of day 1 I thought that the ground we covered encompassed all area and steps. I was skeptical that Day 2 would be required, based on not knowing what I dont know. Daty 2 covered more detail and depth. Te facilitator remianed shrp th ewhole time.788899Nothing at this stage.The fact that the facilitator knew a lot more than us!9
10Exhausting, and fulfilling: there were pannicked moments when I thought the app wouldn't work, but the team were fearless and resilliant, over-coming obsticles freely, and smartly.101010109102nd to none, I couldn't fault the team.teamwork, fluidity of problem resolution, high level of methodic organisation and time management.10
9On day 1 I was impressed how Ester was able to break down my idea, stess the importance of finding a niche group to aim for and align it with my individual unfair advantages while maintaining the integrity of my concept. On day 2 I liked how it all came together in terms of the total picture. This is what it could look like, this is the functionallity that we're going for, this is how we will entice people to use it and these are the things that will become future features as we gain traction and/or funding. Overall I liked that there was more than one way that the app would be used and more than one way to monitize it.999101010I think it was very goodTaking an idea and making it into a product.10
10Day 1: was great to get a better understanding and clearer vision of the inner workings of the app/ creating our app. Given us better instruction, direction and information on the business side of the app.
Day 2: awesome to see app come to completion and get deeper into each section of the app. Especially the grand view and the MVP versions.
10101010810Over - all cannot faultInformation and over-all scope definition being brought to life.10