Burnham Joggers parkrun Championship 2019
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Burnham Joggers parkrun Championship
The general idea of this championship is to create a fun, low pressure championship that reaches as many members of the club as possible. Points are awarded for attending parkruns, improving times and attending the monthly organised club parkrun.

This is a new championship, and currently a work in progress. It will officially begin, with a clean slate, in line with the club champs new season at the end of October.
Points System

Any parkrun/volunteer = 10 points
Selected club parkrun/volunteer =
Extra 10 points
PB =
Extra 15 points
(Selected runs are announced by Amanda in advance)

How are PB points awarded?

To make the parkrun championship as even as possible, it is no good going by a PB you may have set a few years ago. So the only time the previous years PB is considered is your very first run since 9/3/19 (The date we started logging data)

Once you have set your first time of the year, this is the starting point. If straight away you improved your 2018 time you got 15 points. If you didn't improve your 2018 time, that first run is your new base time and you when you beat this time you will get PB points.

For example:

~~~~ Rules ~~~~
1The championship started from 9/3/19. Only parkruns completed from this date will count towards points.

For volunteering, the start date is 29/6/19 (Sorry, we just can't go through every parkrun for the year to check!!)
2If running and volunteering at the same parkrun, only points for running (and PB if obtained) will count
4Volunteering must be submitted via the volunteer form (hover for link) for points to be allocated.

We're afraid we can't count Junior parkruns towards this, as it poses too many challenges in both fairness and how to monitor.
5You must have your parkrun profile linked to Burnham Joggers, as we pull the results from the consolidated report
6No barcode means no result in the championship also!
7The selected club run will be once a month, the idea is these runs will encourage some local parkrun tourism within reason. The selected run will be announced in advance to give notice.

Wear your Burnham Joggers kit on the selected club runs so we can spot each other and create some friendly competition and support!
8Finally the most important point, there will be mistakes!!!! Please accept we are human and this does take a lot of work! Just let Amanda or Ben know and we will look into fixing anything that might be incorrect