Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameRegimentCompanyRankDraftedSubstituteMuster In DateMuster In LocationMuster Out LocationMuster Out DateDate of BirthPlace of BirthName of FatherName of MotherDate of DeathPlace of DeathBurial PlaceSpouseChildren OccupationNotes
BaustonJohnH.1stFSergeant21 June 1863Masons Island, VARoanoke Island, NC29 September 18651835Gettysburg, PABarber28 Years old, 5 feet, 5 inches, Complexion Light, Brown eyes and brown hair, Appointed First Sergeant upon enlistment 21 June 1863
BedfordWilliam30thA (then G)Private25 May 186414 May 1864Fort Federal Hill , MD10 December 186524 November 1843Emmitsburg, MDThomas BedfordMary Bedford22 August 1911County AlmshouseLincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PALucy Stoly(Stoley) BedfordGeorge William BedfordLaborer5 feet, 9 inches, Black eyes, black hair, Contusion of right hip by log at Petersburg July 30 1864, Lucy died August 1880 in Greencastle, PA
BlackGeorgeW.32ndFPrivate24 Feb 1864New Brighton, PA1821Adams County, PAMinerComplexion: Yellow, 43 years old, 5 feet, 5 inches, brown eyes and black hair
Bolen (Bolin)George24thDPrivate15 Feb 1865Carlisle, PARoanoke, Va10 January 18651828Huntington (tsp.) Adams County, PA25 June 1899Lincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PAPercillaMaggie, George, Harriet, TempaWagoner, Laborer37 years old, 5 feet, 7 1/2 inches, Black complexion, Black eyes, Black hair
BoyerJohn24thD14 February 1865Harrisburg, PA1839Adams County, PA 4 August,1866Laborer26 Years old, 5 feet 6 inches, Dark complexion, Dark eyes, Dark hair
Buckmaster (Buck)Isaac8thAPrivate15 September 1863Philadelphia, PABrownsville, TX10 Nov 18651843?Gettysburg, PA11 June 1882Gettysburg PALincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PALaborerWounded Battle of Olustee, shot in right side , after war resided in Gettysburg, employed as servant in hotel
Buckmaster JonathanH.8thAPrivate19 September 186310 November 18651841Gettysburg, PA16 May 1890Hampton Cemetery, Hampton, VATillie Sage of Waynesboro (married 1884)LaborerWounded Battle of Olustee, shot in right side , after war resided in Gettysburg, employed as servant in hotel
CarlAmos31stE B?Private20 February 186425 November 18651820?Gettysburg, PAFarmer44 years old, 5 Ft, 10 in, Dark complexion and dark eyes and hair
Burley (Barry)William22ndC then APrivate17 December 1863Brownsville, TX16 Oct 18651845Philadelphia, PALincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PAMusiciantransferred from Company C to A 24 Feb 1864 to "equalize musicians" by order of J. B. Riddo, mulatto 18 years old, 5 ft 1 in
BushWilliam22ndIPrivate5 January 1864Carlisle, PAFt. Monroe, VA13 June 18651844Adams County, PA22 January 1917Mechanicsburg, PAFarmerHe was absent and sick several times in Virginia, wounded in April of 1865
ButlerSamuel25thDPrivate18 January 1864Chambersburg, PA1846Adams County, PA27 November 1924Fairview, NJWaiter18 years old, 5 foot, 5 inches Yellow Complexion, Black Hair, Black Eyes
Carter (Smith)Isaac127th IPrivateYESYes - for William Wible, Straban Township3 Sept 1864Chambersburg, PABravos Santiago, TX8 Sept 18658 September 1844 (pension says 10 March 1844Jefferson Co., VA23 December 1918Gettysburg PALincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PACharlotte M Bolden, married, April 21, 1866 by Rev W. T. Biddle at GettysburgSons I. W. Carter, Clinton Carter, Benjamin Carter, Oliver Carter, Daughters: Priscilla Carter Mrs. Zora Only, of Baltimore and Singleton Carter with Am. Expeditionary Forces in France Compiler 28 Dec 1918Farmer5 ft 9 in, brown eyes and black hair and skin, Employed as a janitor at the courthouse. THE 127th was at Appomattox Court House, then was sent to Texas
Casley (Costly or Cosley)Alexander32ndKCorp23 February 1864Williamsport, PA Beaufort, S. C. 29 May 18651826?Frederick City, MD or Fairfield PA?Laborer$300 local bounty rec'd from Sub. Dist. No. 63, 18 Dist PA, 44 yrs old in 1865, 6 ft 1 in tall, Dark Complexion, hair and eyes, also says enlistment in Fairfield, PA, 160 census in South Middleton Tsh, Cumb., Co.,fought at Folly Island (NC) in May of 1864, discharged for physical disability
CleaveranceBenjamin23rd KPrivateYes13 May 1864Greenfield, Mass.Gettysburg, PALaborer21 yrs old, 5 ft, 7 in, black complexion, eyes and hair
CollinsWilliam1stGCorpl25 June 1863Masons Island, VANorth Carolina29 September 1865Adams County, PAFarmer23 years old at enlistment Masons Island, VA, later joined the sharpshooters
CookJamesE.1stGSergeant25 June 1863Masons Island, VAGoldsboro NC29 September 1865Gettysburg, PALaborer20 years old at enlistment, 5 ft 5 in
CraigBenjamin25th FPrivate20 Jan 1899Gettysburg PALincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PA
CraigEmanuel24thAPrivateYES27 Feb 1865ChambersburgRichmond, VA1 Oct 18651823 or 1829?Gettysburg, PABenjamin?Mary12 Sept 1894Gettysburg PALincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PAMaria Louis AdamsHostler42 years old at enlistment, Black Complexion and hair, Hazel eyes, 5 ft, 11 in. tall, guarded Confederate prisoners at Point Lookout, MD
CraigJoseph (Jack)22ndBPrivate15 Dec 1863Philadelphia, PA16 Oct 18651842?Gettysburg, PABenjamin?Mary22 Sept 1882Gettysburg PA, AlmshouseLincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PAMartha Johnson2 sons, Benjamin and George EWaiter22 years old at enlistment, 5 ft, 2 in.,Mulatto, Brown eyes and black hair, worked in brickyard, wounded at Petersburg, VA
CrawfordHiram29th Conn16 Dec 1863Norwich, CT1818Adams County, PAFarmer45 years at enlistment, 5 ft, 10 1/2 in., Eyes and hair are black, complexion is Col.
Davis GeorgeW.25thDPrivate14 Jan 1864Chambersburg, PA1830Adams County, PAJune 14 1865Fort Barrancas. flBarrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola, FLSusan Jones34 years old at enlistment in 1864, 6 ft, 1 in, Black complexion, eyes and hair
Davis [Son of George & Susan]
Davis HenryC.29th ConnPrivate/ Musician24 Dec 1863Norwick, CT1843Adams County, PABarber20 years old at enlistment, 5 ft, 6 1/2 in., Black Complexion, eyes and hair.
DevanFleming (Flemming, Clem?)8thKPrivate20 Nov 1863Killed at Battle of Olustee, FL1846Gettysburg, PANelson DevanSophia Devan20 Feb 1864Olustee FLWounded at Battle of Olustee, amputation lower third thigh, his mother had earlier petitioned for his release saying he was too young to enlist
DevanRobertWesley43rdBCorporel8 Mar 1864Camp William Penn, Upper Marion, PA1820?Adams County, PA24 Feb 1865Balfour US Army Gen Hosp, Portsmouth, VAAnnie Keener of Carlisle, Margaret Craig of Adams County, PARobert Franklin 23 June 1854, Susan Catherine 17 Dec 1857BarberWounded 14 Aug 1864 by minnie ball in the hip at Petersburg, VA, 14 Aug 1864, transferred 19 Aug 1864 to Summitt House USA Gen Hosp. Phila.,PA, returned to service 15 Sept 1864, Promoted to Corl 1 Sept 1864, Sick in Balfour US Gen Hosp Portsmouth, VA, died 24 Feb 1865 of disease of the heart at Portsmouth Va at Balfour US Gen Hosp, buried Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA
DevanSolomon22ndFPrivate28 Dec 186321 Nov 18641845?Gettysburg, PANelson DevanSophia Devan18 Nov 1903Philadelphia National Cemetery, Phila., PASusan HostlerWounded at Petersburg, VA by gunshot wound on 15 June 1864, awarded a pension of $8 per month 26 Mar 1868, he lived Columbia, PA 1880 and in Burlington NJ in 1888
Devan H.22nd , 8thAPrivate/ Musician14 Sept1863Philadelphia, PA1837 or 8?Gettysburg, PAEden DevanMary Devan28 Aug 1865Brownsville, TXAlexandria National Cemetery, Pineville, Rapides Parish, LouisianaMary ElizabethHenriettaLaborer before and Musician during the warDeserted 11 Dec 1863 at Chelton Hill, PA, arrested 16 Jan 1864, returned to duty without trial and later he was relieved of the desertion charge as he proved that he he hadn't deserted, survived Battle of Olustee, FL
DisnickJohnA.41stDPrivate/ MusicianYesYes - for William Slifer of Springfield, PA21 Sept 1864Camp William Penn, Upper Marion, PA6 June 18651846?PennsylvaniaJohn DisnickMargaret, later she married Nelson Royer4 July 1865Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PALaborer
GalvinJamesMadison24th CPrivate3 Feb 18651 Oct 18652 Jan 181323 April 1892Sunnyside Cemetery, Latimore Tsph, Adams County, PAMary (buried with him at Sunnyside Cemetery}
Galvin (Gelvin)John W.24th CPrivate8 Feb 18651 Oct 186529 Jan 184716 Apr 1907St. Louis, MSSunnyside Cemetery, Latimore Tsph, Adams County, PAMargaret
GibsonCharlesH.6thDPrivateYes14 Aug 1863Philadelphia, PA1844?Adams County, PA29 Sept 1864New Market, VALaborer
GoodenHenry127thCPrivateAdams County, PA15 Aug 1876Gettysburg Soldiers National Cemetery, reinterred from Adams County Almshouse Cemetery
Gorman (Cormac or Corman)Amos5th Mass CavalryBPrivate13 May 1864Massachusetts31 Oct 18658 March 1844Gettysburg, PA5 Feb 1922Houston TX Amanda Bell , Mary Shaw ChestnutHostler5 ft., 6 in., Black Complex, eyes and hair, lived in Wash DC at time of enlistment, After the war, he changed his name to J. D. Davis and was a minister of the Gospel
GrigsbyThomas127thICorporeal8 Dec 1863Bravos Santiago, TX6 Oct 1865Virginia8 Jan 1898334 S Queen St., York, PALincoln Cemetery Gettysburg, PAAnna Ward of Gettysburg, Sarah Weems (Queens), York, PARuth GrigsbyCoachman5 ft., 4 in., Black eyes, complexion and hair, wife Sarah was arrested and pled guilty for fraudulant claims in the pension process, she had been previously married when applying, fined and sentenced to 6 months inprisonment
HansfordStrother24thCPrivateYes, Hamiltonban Township, Adams County, 16th Cong. Dist28 Feb 1865Chambersburg, PA1821?VirginiaSarah Hemons?, born VA24 Feb 1885Fairfield Union Cemetery, Fairfield, PAElizabeth, she was a member of Marsh Creek German Baptist Brethren, died 19 Jan 1912 Jonas, Clarissa, Caroline, Strother, Amanda, Amelia, Barbary, Wm. W., Reuben, ErnestFarmer5 ft., 8 in., Complex and hair Black, eyes hazel, Lived in Hamiltonban Tshp decades after the war, son Jonas lived w Alfred Moritz in 1870
HarleyWilliam F.5th Mass CavalryGSergeant28 Feb 1864Boston, MA31 Oct 18651839?Adams County, PABarber25 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 7 in., Black Complex, eyes and hair, pd $150 bounty, married
Harris (Moore)John 25thCPrivate15 Jan 1864Lancaster, PA1828?Gettysburg, PA23 Sept 1864Ft. Pickens, FL Post HospPensacola, FL?Blacksmith36 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 6 3/4 in., dark complex., black eyes and hair
HensonMoses29th ConnEPrivate18 Dec 1863 or 8 March 1864Hartford, CT24 Oct 18651831Adams County, PALaborer32 years old at enlistment, Black Complex.,eyes and hair
HillCharlesS.127thICorporal3 Sept 1864Harrisburg, PA, Camp William PennBravos Santiago, TX8 Sept 1865Maryland20 Jan 1906near BendersvilleLincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAHarriet Butcher, daughter of Greenbury Butcher of Carrolls Manor, MDnone but Charles had 2 sisters, Mary Only and Sarah Bailey, Harriet was enslaved by Louis Bentz and John Snoffler of Frederick, MDLaborer5 ft 7 in, black complex., eyes and hair, Lived among Menallen Quakers near Bendersville, was enslaved by Ben Moffett of Carroll Manor, MD, Her account gave evidence of aid by Watts family at Pine Grove Furnace, Cumb CO, PA and with Griest Family near Bendersville
HillmanGeorge30th CCorporalYes26 May 1864Frederick, MD17 June 18651835Carroll Co., MD15 Nov 1905Lincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PALaborer29 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 3 in., Dark Comp., Black eyes and hair, discharged from Goldsboro Hospital with a physical disability.
HopkinsJohnEdward25thFSergeant26 Jan 1864Carlisle, PAPensacola, FL6 Dec 18651840?Adams County, PAJohn HopkinsJulia Ann8 March 1890Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAMargaret Waiter21 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 7 in., Fair complexion, Black eyes and hair, he had a stroke while working at James Weaver's livery stable, then died 2 hours later, demoted from Corporal to Sergeant, then promoted to Corporal.
JacksonFrancis3rdKPrivate18 July 1863Philadelphia, PATallahassee, FL6 June 18651813Mercer County, PA11 May 1893Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAMary Eliza BankinsLaborer50 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 5 in., dark complexion and eyes, Black hair, Wounded at Battery Wagner, shot in leg, defective eyesight
JacksonJohnW.127thC, IPrivate29 July 1864Chambersburg, PANear Charleston, South Carolina29 Oct 1865Jackson gave a deposition on Isaac Madison and mentions being enslaved near Charleston, SC and he left with the Union Army, came to Gettysburg with them, stayed here until enlisting in the 127th in Chambersburg, PA.
JacksonWilliam H.32ndIPrivate 25 Jan 1890Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PARebecca
JenkinsJamesA32ndACorporal4 Feb 1864Chambersburg, PA22 Aug 18651846Gettysburg, PA12 July 1926Port Republic, VALaborer18 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 9 in., Black complexion and hair, dark eyes
JohnsonAmos25th IPrivate3 Feb 1864Harrisburg, PADischarged from NY Hospital3 Oct 18651845Adams County, PALaborer19 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 7 in.,Black complexion and hair, brown eyes, received bounty, Sent to Dr Camp In. Hospt, james Island, NY, Discharged for disability 3 Oct 1865
JohnsonHenry25thDPrivateChambersburg, PA
JohnsonJohn8thFPrivateYes15 Oct 1863Smyrna, DE1838?Adams County, PA20 Feb 1864Tallahassee, FLLaborer25 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 6 1/2 in., Dark Complexion, Hazel eyes, Black hair, wounded and missing Ocean Pond, Feb 1864, died Feb 64 of wounds at Tallahassee, FL
JohnstonJohn Randolph24thBSergeant3 Feb 1865Norristown, PARichmond, VA1 Oct 18651839?Gettysburg, PAUpton29 June 1901Baltimore, MD Eliza Jane Foote Johnston {married July 21, 1862 in Balt., MD by Rev Nataniel Peck)Waiter25 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 8 1/2 in., Black Complexion, eyes and hair, appointed 1st Sergeant 8 Feb 1865 ( 5 days after enlistment)
JoinerJohn (Jr.)J.8thAPrivate15 Sept 1863 Philadelphia, PA1842?Gettysburg, PA24 Aug 1865TexasBarber21 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 4 in., Black complexion, eyes and hair, Died at Post Hosp. Ringgold, Barracks Texas, in action at Olustee, Chapin's Farm, Appomattox C. H. VA
JonesAlonzo25th DPrivate15 Jan 1864Chambersburg, PA1820?Adams County, PA16 Aug 1864 (?)FloridaLaborer44 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 5 1/2 in., Yellow Complexion, Black eyes and hair
JonesLewisC24thGCorporel28 Feb 1865Lancaster, PA1 Oct 18651839?Adams County, PALaborer36 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 8 in., Black complexion, hair and eyes
LewisIsaiah5th Mass CavalryPrivate 25 Jan 1864SpringfieldFort Monroe, VA19 June 18651826Gettysburg, PALaborer38 years old at enlistment, 5 Ft., 3 in., Cold complexion, black eyes and hair, In 1892, he resided in Reading, Berks, County, PA, his attorney was William Still
Madison/ MattisonIsaac127th ISergeant3 Sept 1864Bravos Santiagos, TX8 Sept 1865Near Charleston, South CarolinaAnna O Brien b Sept 18, 1845 in GettysburgCharles b1894, Ruth b1899lIved in Harrisburg at 650 Primrose Ave. after the war
MathewsNelsonF.127th ICorporel3 Sept 1864Bravos Santiagos, TX8 Sept 18655 May 1842Near Bendersville, PA {on Yellow HillEdward MathewsAnna Gant Mathews22 Aug 1910Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAHannah Biggs born in Maryland, married in Gettysburg Oct 16 1863 by Rev. John Bosserman, a Dunkard ministerGeorge died at 3 months old in` 1864Nurserymanborn on Yellow Hill, son of UGRR agent Edward Mathews from Carroll County, MD.
MathewsSamuel127th ISergeantYes3 Sept 1864Bravos Santiagos, TX8 Sept 1865Near Bendersville, PA {on Yellow HillEdward MathewsAnna Gant MathewsCoffeeville, KSborn on Yellow Hill, son of UGRR agent Edward Mathews from Carroll County, MD. he lived in Coffeeville, KS
MathewsWilliamH.127th IPrivate3 Sept 1864Bravos Santiagos, TX8 Sept 186518 August 1849Near Bendersville, PA {on Yellow HillEdward MathewsAnna Gant Mathews25 Sept 1871near Bendersville,PAYellow Hill Cemetery then Lincoln CemeteryMary Jane WalkerLewis, Nettie, George, Jessie Ellen Mathews Vann, editor and publisher of PITTSBURGH COURIER Nurserymanborn on Yellow Hill, son of UGRR agent Edward Mathews from Carroll County, MD. Buried at Yellow Hill near Biglerville then moved to Lincoln Cemetery with wife Mary Jane and daughter Cora, Bendersville GAR honored his wife when she died iin 1890
McCulloughThomas32ndFPrivate20 Feb 1864Philadelphia,PAHilton Head, SC22 Aug 18651837/1840Pittsburgh,PA28 Oct 1914Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAMary Ward of Frederick, MD, married in Gettysburg 24 Aug 1873 by Rev. M. DicksonCarrie born 11 Aug 1874, Samuel born 7 April 1881, Clara born 28 May 1885, Addie born 20 Jan 1887, Clarence E born 14 June 1889Farmer26 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 3 in., Black hair and Complexion, Hostler and a gravedigger in Gettysburg after the war, his daughter was Mrs. Herbert Mathews
MeadsAndrewB.54th MASSDPrivate16 Mar 1863Readville, MACharleston, SC20 Aug 18651839?Adams County, PAHarry MeadsJulia Smith6 Apr 1911Lancaster, PAElizabeth Allen in 1896, Eva MeadeHod Carrier21 years old at enlistment, Brown Complexion, Black eyes and hair, wounded Battery Wagner by saber or cutlass in the face, wounded again at Beaufont, SC in hospital
MonroeRichardHenry32ndBPrivate17 Feb 1864Hilton Head, SC22 Aug 186525 Dec 1844Nashville, TNHenry MonroeMinnie 1 Apr 1919Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAEliza Anna Jones, ClaraRebecca Coleman, Evelyn Jackson, Ida Robinson, WIlliam Monroe, Lawrence MonroeLaborer5 ft., 4 in.,Black complexion, eyes and hair,
MyersRichard43rdKPrivate1 June 1864Carlisle, PABrownsville, TX20 Oct 186510 Jun 1824Mechanicsburg, PA26 Dec 1912St Francis Xavier, Gettysburg, PAClara Beckon, Mary BakerAdam J. MyersHostler40 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 5 in., Black Complexion, eyes and hair, had break-bone fever and scurvy at Brownsville, TX
Nellis (Nellus)Joseph8thAPrivate15 Sept 1863Philadelphia, PAKilled at Battle of Olustee, FL Carroll County, MD 20 Feb 1864Olustee FLFarmerKilled at Battle of Olustee, FL, 22 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 5 in., Black hair and eyes, complexion colored
Nellis William29th Conn.
NesbittJamesB.12th ILNot sure why this is here other than a deaccession of a small notebook ( 8 pages)19 Mar 1844First enlistment is in 12 th Illinois Vol and in Battles at Fort Donelson and Shiloh and with them until 21 Jun 1862 when he was transferred and promoted to 1st Lieut in USCT
Parker CharlesH.3rdFPrivateYES for Washington Stover of Liberty Township, Adams Co., PA7 Dec 1864Chambersburg, PAJacksonville, FL31 Oct 1865Virginia/West VirginiaJuly 1876Adams CountyYellow Hill Cemetery near Biglerville, PA then moved to Soldiers National Cemetery in 1936 Sarah Butler of Menallen Township, Adams County, married in Arendtsville, PA by Rev A J Bender on Nov 7 1867Mary b 19 Oct 1868, William b 5 May 1871, Harriet b 31 Dec 1874, Elmer b 26 Feb 187718 years old at enlistment, 5 ft ., 4 in., Brown Complexion and eyes, black hair
PatrickElias32ndG19 Feb 1864Chambersburg, PAHilton Head Island, SC22 Aug 1865Frederick, MdHe and his family appear in the 1860 and 1870 Gettysburg Census Records.
PenningtonGeorgeW.8th APrivateYes24 August 1863Chambersburg, PABrownsville, TX10 Nov 18651835Laborer28 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 3 in., Black complexion, eyes and hair, shot in left leg above knee at Battle of Olustee, FL, in Beaumont Hospital, SC, 20 Feb 1864 he returned to duty, at Appomattox, VA, His attorney E. J. Cox lost his pension records, Cox was in an asylum for drunkenness.
PriceWesleyE.22ndGPrivate21 Jan 1864Philadelphia, PA1843Gettysburg, PA27 Dec 1907Philadelphia National Cemetery, Phila., PA Coachman, DriverHe was in Phila on 1860 Census and still there in 1870 and 1900, age is 21 at enlistment, Complexion yellow, 5 ft, 5 in., Black eyes and hair.
ReddingJohn22ndDPrivate21 Dec 1863Camp William PennDischarged at Camp William Penn8 Aug 1864Mary ReddingSept 1865Gettysburg, PALIncoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PALaborer5 ft., 5 in., Black eyes, hair and skin, Sick in Hospital at Camp William Penn, Discharged for Disability, went home and rarely left his home, died a year after discharge. His mother gave a deposition to Moses McClean who wrote to Cmp WIlliam Penn to try to have him released as he was 13 or 14 when he left for service with a pulmonary condition.
ReedSamuel Asbury43rd ACorporel9 Feb 1864Texas20 Oct 18651 Jan 1843Fairfield, PAGeorge ReedAnn Reed26 Mar 1916Gettysburg, PALIncoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAMamie (obit) or Nancy (court docs)Was a member of Bendersville GAR Hall, was a sexton in the Presbyterian Church for many years
Reister (Roister)W. Henry (John?)22nd or 118th ?I or K ?Private3 Dec 183511 Dec 1886Gettysburg, PALIncoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA
RhodesAugustus32ndGPrivate29 Feb 1864Discharged at Camp William Penn10 Aug 18641839Adams County, PAPeter RhodesMaryJun 1865near Carlisle, PALaborer25 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 5 in., Yellow complexion, Black eyes and hair, In 1850, his family was in Latimore Tsh, Adams Co., near Huntington Friends (Quakers) named Griest and WIlliam and Phebe Wright, Sentinel of June 1865 reports he drowned in Conodoguinet Creek near Carlisle while bathing (cramp), in the presence of several persons, both Black and White, who could not or did not render him any assistance, mother filed pension request and says he died while in service at Petersburg, VA June of 1865, records say he was discharged for disability in August of 1864 ????
RobinsonDavid8thACorporel14 Sept 1863Philadelphia, PA10 Nov 1865Trenton, NJ17 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 7 in., Black complexion, eyes and hair, wounded at Battle of Olustee FL, March 1864 and at Chaplin Farm, VA on 30 Sept 1864
RogersLevi32ndBPrivate9 Feb 1864Chambersburg, PA1842Washington, DC22 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 9 in., Black complexion, eyes and hair
Roy (Royer}Nelson25th DPrivate18 Jan 1864Chambersburg, PAPhiladelphia, PA6 Dec 18651818Richmond, Virginia or Goochland County, VA11 Oct 1897Gettysburg, PALIncoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAMargaret Disnick (widow of John, USCT veteran who died 1865)Laborer44 years old at enlistment, He came to Gettysburg with Dr. T.T.Tate (3rd PA Cavalry)from Virginia, was enslaved there by Frederick Harris and David Harris of Louisa County, VA and he escaped to go with Tate and 3rd PA Cav then remained in Gettysburg and was with Tate at a hospital for 6 weeks after the Battle of Gettysburg,
RussellJamesT.54th MASSHPrivate15 Apr 1863Readville, MABoston, MA28 Sept 18651828?Gettysburg, PA35 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 8 in., Dark complexion, brown eyes, black hair, a resident of Carlisle, PA
ScottAlexander25th FCorporelYes26 Jan 1864Carlisle, PAPhiladelphia, PA6 Dec 18651842New Orleans, LA13 Apr 1880Biglerville, PALIncoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAMartha Jane Mathews M May 3 1866 at Fairmount Ch. (Yellow Hill) near Biglerville, she remarried WIlliam Gray of Harrisburg on 8 Dec 1884William K. Scott b 21 Jul 1868, Charles Edward Scott b 13 Mar 1870, Carrie E. Scott b 24 June 1873, Mary A. Scott b 19 Dec 1875, Ada A. Scott 22 Sept 1877, Emma Gertrude Scott b 2 Dec 1879 and died 29 Jan 1881Driver22 years old at enlistment, 5 ft 3 in, Mulatto, Black eyes and hair, contracted scurvy, lost his teeth and infected gums, got 7 day furlough in FL to get mother in Kenneyville LA to take her north with the regiment, baptism records show 2 children baptised at Fairmount Church in the 1880's (Yellow Hill) by Rev. Henry A Carroll of AME
Sibb (Libb)DavidC.32nd ICorporelYes27 Feb 1864Frankford, PADecamp Gen Hospital, David's Island, NY17 Aug 18651828?Gettysburg, PA19 Jul 1900Henrietta Lee d 4 June 1890, Susan E. Lee married 12 Jul 1891 in Trevorton, PAPorter28 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 5 in., Black eyes, hair and complexion, hospitalized at Beaufont, SC for bleeding piles caused by walking in the sand in SC with a knapsack, hospitalized in David's Island NY, discharged for disability in August 1865, lived in Harrisburg after the war working as a waiter and cook in hotels and restaurants
Smith Isaac6th and 1stD and IMusician 10 Jul 1863 and 2 Jan 1865Lancaster, PA then Norfolk, VAGettysburg, PAJacob SmithLydia O'Neill Hamilton Smith7 Apr 1884Lancaster, PASt. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Lancaster, PAIsaac Alonzo Smith (as per Lydia;s will)Barber28 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 1 in., Black Hair, Eyes and Complexion, his mother was the respected housekeeper of Thaddeus Stevens, Isaac's service records say he was a deserter but he may have left the 6th to enlist in the 1st Cav at Norfolk in 1865. He was a musician and barber, as was his father.
Smith Joseph8th BSergeantYes25 Jul 1863Ithaca, NY1838?Gettysburg, PA23 Sep 1864Petersburg, PAHelen married Ithaca NY5 Aug 1863Porter25 years old at enlistment, 6 ft 1/4 in., Colored Complexion, black eyes and hair, wounded at Ocean Pond, FL on 20 Feb 1864, killed while on picket duty Chapin's Farm, VA on 23Sept 1864
SpriggsAlexander32nd BPrivate17 Feb 1864Fairfield, PA22 Aug 1865Shenandoah, County, VA17 Jul 1927Wildwood, NJ18 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 4 in., he signed his name on an affidavit in 1889, he appears on 1870 census in Cumberland Tsp, Adams County, PA with the TImbers family, his age is 22, therefore, he was about 16 upon enlistment?, born in VA. another Alexander Spriggs is on 1870 census in Greencastle, PA, age 60 with wife Minnie, Lewis and Alexander are brothers.
SpriggsLewis32nd BPrivate17 Feb 1864Fairfield, PADischarged at White Hall, PA27 May 1865Shenandoah, County, VA`1868Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PASarah J. died 12 June 190019 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 4 in., shot in right foot at Battle of Honey Hill, sent to Beaufont Hospital in SC, then moved to Whitehall Gen Hospital on Davis Island, NY harbor, discharged near Bristol, PA 27 May 1865. Discharged on disability
StantonGreenbery22ndISergeant21 Dec 1863Fort Monroe, VA18 June 18659 Sept 1842Gettysburg, PAGreenbury StantonGettie Anne SnavelyGettysburg, PAGeorgia Anna d 1883, Sarah Ann Davis m 14 Jul 1885 Victoria, TXGettie Annb 1875, Greenbury, Jr., b 1877, Samuel Mathis b 1879, George b 188122 years old at enlistment 5 ft., 8 in., Yellow complexion, Hazel eyes and Brown hair, wounded in Battle of New Market Heights 27 Sept 1864q
StantonJohnW.127th ISergeant15 July 1864Harrisburg, PABravos Santiagos, TX10 Oct 18659 Mar 1840Gettysburg, PAGreenbury StantonGettie Anne Snavely5 Mar 1890CaliforniaVeterans Memorial Grove Cemetery, Yountville, CAAnita Williams in June 1865 in New Orleans, LACoachman22 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 5 in., copper comp. black hair and eyes, shot in right side at Petersburg April 1865, in 1890, he was in California with Captain, now Colonel MacGreggor, lived in Yountville Napa Valley Veterans Home`
StantonSamuelNavy, 3rdK, CCorporal1 Apr 1863 (Navy), 30 Sept 1864 (US Army)Jacksonville, FL31 Oct 186518 Aug 1836Gettysburg, PAGreenbury StantonGettie Anne Snavely16 Apr 1912Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAHarriet C., born and enslaved in VA, married 3 Oct 1873, d 17 Aug 1934Emma, Eliza, Jacob, David, Freeman Found dead in front of AME Zion Church on Washington St., Blind in right eye at discharge, his alias is Samuel Johnson
StevensDavidJ.22ndBPrivate12 Dec 1863Philadelphia, PABrownsville, TX16 Oct 186512 Sept 1847Adams County, PA16 Feb 1916York, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAMusician/Waiter/Tanner18 years old at enlistment. 5 ft., 1 in., Dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair, wounded at Petersburg, VA 15 June 1864
ThomasSamuelH.5thGPrivate4 Mar 1864Readville, MA31 Oct 1865Adams County, PALaborer19 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 9 in., Black Complexion, hair and eyes
ThompsonWilliamA.25thDCorporal14 Jan 1864Chambersburg, PAPhiladelphia, PA6 Dec 18651839Adams County, PA29 Oct 1902Gettysburg, PALincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAIsabelee Smith24 years old at enlistment, % ft., 6 1/2 in., Yellow Complexion, Hazel eyes, Black hair,
TurnerJoseph25thDPrivate14 Jan 1864Chambersburg, PAPhiladelphia, PA6 Dec 18651834Strafford County, VA5 Mar 1899Alms House, Gettysburg, PARosalina Gray died 17 Jan 188721 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 6 1/2 in., Black Complexion, hair and eyes. He died of frostbite having wandered out of the Alms House following a blizzard, his feet were amputated before he died. He was a great reader of the bible.
WagnerGeorgeWashington127th ICorporal8 Sept 1864Philadelphia, PABravos Santiagos, TX8 Sept 1865Frederick Co., MD`27 Apr 1895Lincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAEliza Jane Jones m 20 Feb 1869 in Frederick, MD (she was literate)20 years old at enlistment, Black complexion, hair and eyes, Wagner came to Adams County's Quaker Valley in 1861 and resided there until enlistment. at Appomatox for Lee's surrender
WashingtonSamuelT.3rdFSergeant9 July 1863Philadelphia, PAGettysburg, PA30 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 4 in., dark yellow complexion, brown eyes and black hair
WattsJohnW.8thAPrivateYes24 Aug 1863Chambersburg, PABrownsville, TX10 Nov 1865Carroll County, MDValentineViolet 2 Oct 1866GettysburgLincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PAncis Philena Watts was born 14 Jan 1867, William McClean was appointed guardian in 1870, Lydia remarried to Andrew JacksonLaborerWounded at the Battle of Olustee, FL on 20 Feb 1864, Mar to May 1864 in Gen Hospital, Beaufont, SC, 30 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 8 inches, Mulatto, Black eyes and hair
WattsLloydF. A. 24th BSergeant2 Feb 1865Norristown, PARichmond, VA1 Oct 18656 Feb 1835Franklintown, Carrolll County, MDValentineViolet 26 May 1918GettysburgLincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PASara d Dec 1896Laura Frances Watts b 11 Oct 1877Laborer29 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 7 in., Black complexion, hair and eyes, taught at Colored School of Gettysburg, ordained deason of the AME Zion church serving as president of the trustees. Watts became guardian of Laura Buckmaster, daughter of Isaac Buckmaster
WilliamsAlexander29th Conn.JCorporal31 Dec 1863Norwich, CTGettysburg, PA18 years old at enlistment, 5 ft., 6 in., Col'd Complexion, Black eyes and hair
WilsonJohn165th PA MilitiaDPrivate16 Oct 1862Gettysburg, PA28 Jul 186316 Aug 1890GettysburgLincoln Cemetery, Gettysburg, PA
WoodsStewartWesley54th MA Private29 Apr 1863Readville, MA21 Sept 1834Heidlersburg, Adams County, PAIsaac WoodsEsther (Woods, Green, Cobey)15 Mar 1865Wilmington, NCWilmington, NCFarmerWounded 18 Jul 1863 at Battery Wagner, near Charleston, SC, in Andersonville Prison, then hospitalized and he died in the hospital at Wilmington, NC. Woods left a written account in Darien, GA mentioning his birthplace, birthdate, regiment and officers. He was attending school in Cumberland County in 1860 and lived beside former PA Governor Ritner.