2018 School Trustee Candidates' Positions on Cycling
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Cycle Hamilton contacted all School Trustee Candidates that provided an official email address in order to better understand their positions on bike-related issues. For more information: Kate Whalen, Co-Chair, chair@cyclehamont.ca
TimestampYour NameIn accordance with Hamilton's Active School Travel Charter I will vote to provide support, resources and training towards active and sustainable school transportation (walking and cycling) if elected.If elected, I will consider cycling and walking before making decisions about closing neighbourhood schools or citing new schools to ensure that a greater proportion of children and youth live within walking and cycling distance of their school.If elected, I would support all schools in my community in creating a School Travel Plan to ensure that more students are able to walk or bike to school.I support the implementation of Vision Zero best practices in school zones (ex. slower speeds, traffic calming, cycling and walking infrastructure)If elected, I will work with the community to identify and invest in specific projects to increase mobility via active travel for all families.In your opinion, is it important that Hamilton increase the number of protected bike lanes? Why or why not?What do you hear from families in your area about cycling to school?Is active school travel in your platform? If so, what specific
improvements for students in your area would you work to implement?
What questions do you have for us about cycling in Hamilton?Lastly, are you a member of Cycle Hamilton? (http://www.cyclehamont.ca/membership/)
Wards 1 & 2
Christine Bingham55555All bike lanes should be protected. The safety of students traveling outside the school boundaries is just as important as around the schools. Depending on the school district. Some families are happy to allow their children to ride their bikes (often the parent accompanies them) but most families feel it is too dangerous.Most schools are aware of the active school travel plan and have implemented it. The partnership between the school board and the city is strong but I feel there should be more student voice at their table and for the walk-around. No question, just a comment: I believe the younger a person is trained in safety and inclusion of all who use the roadways, the more natural it will become for everyone as they head into their adult years. No
Ward 3
Livia Jones55555I think that ALL of Hamilton would benefit by protected bike lanes as it would make travel safer for cyclists, for other vehicles (many of whom over-correct for bicycles and go into opposing lanes of traffic) and for pedestrians (many people currently cycle on the sidewalks for their own safety). It would make sense to start that change around school areas and children are more likely to be injured than adults by poorly planned bike lanes.Actually not many people have mentioned it. Perhaps they are unaware of cycling as a viable option. It is definitely something that I believe should be promoted.This is an excellent question. It is not currently but I will be looking to add it.What kind of response are you getting from the current school board and from schools? What is working and what could be done better. What, as school trustee, can I do to assist?No
Maria Felix Miller 55554Yes, as it offers a safer route for students and their families and promotes a healthy option for daily travel, both physically and environmentally. Parking is extremely difficult around our local school. New bikes lanes have been installed around our school area and hopefully those will be used come September. Our school is banked by Main Street East on one side and I have heard from families that that is too busy for biking. I am hopeful that the new bikes lanes will have more students and families on bike. I am a huge supporter of communities attending their local schools and strengthening these institutions. Going to your local school means that walking and biking are more feasible as distance is often less than when people attend schools outside their immediate communities. I will support measures to promote active school travel with the support of those communities. What infrastructure is needed at schools in order to promote daily biking for school? Do you have any published materials that can be distributed to our communities?No
Chris Parkinson 55555Very important. I am the City Hall liaison for Hamilton Blue Dot. In 2015 we convinced councillors to unanimously vote for our Right to a Healthy Environment. Including prioritizing walking, cycling, and transit. They worry about their kids cycling to school and think there is a lack of safe storage for bikes. The new high school (Scott Park) needs a secure facility. I'd like to work with CH, the board, the Tiger Cat management, and community interests to make this happen. With LRT construction right out front (it will be great when it is finished) kids will need alternate ways to get to school. We have an opportunity to create the conditions and desire to make it the most cycle friendly school in the city, improving fitness, and creating a generation of cycling enthusiasts. We have the support of New Hope in this endeavour. I have talked with Alain Bureau about this and would like to attend a CH meeting as soon as possible. See aboveHow do we get a secure storage facility at the new north high school. No
Gail Tessier55555Yes. The congestion of traffic around schools at school start and end is dangerous. As a former school office administrator in schools, I have witnessed the “chaos” of traffic at these times. It is important to keep our students who are walking or cycling to and from school, safe. I support increasing protected bicycle lanes at all school locations.Unfortunately, I have seen a decline of students cycling to school, and an increase of students being driven to school. I would support further promotion of walking and cycling for students.Active school travel would definitely be a focus— and particularly as the “New North Secondary School” is currently be constructed. Transportation for students who will be relocating to the new school Is one of the challenges the Board will be facing with many students. Construction of the new school should be “cycle” friendly and safe for both student walkers and cyclists to and from school.Do we, residents of Hamilton, have sufficient bicycle racks in areas that would promote cycling? Does the City pay for needed bicycle racks? I know I have refrained from some cycling on some short trips as I noticed very few bicycle racks where I would want to park/lock my bike for a short period of time. Do our schools have sufficient space and racks for bicycles? Are there programs that would offer low cost or free bicycles to students who would otherwise not have the benefit of owning a bicycle? These are questions I would also pose to the Board if elected.No
Jocelynn Vieira55555I think it is vitally important to increase the number of protected bike lanes around our schools to increase the number of students safely biking to school. At present the roadways around our schools are dangerously filled with cars and there is little visibility for children on bikes which seems to have the cyclical affect of more parents driving their children rather than allowing them to bike or walk on their own.

If elected I will absolutely push for increased protected bike lanes around our schools. I think walking and biking to school gives children a sense of independence. As a parent myself, I would be much more comfortable sending my kids on bikes if there were protected lanes.
I have heard from other families that they want to see increased road and crosswalk safety for their children. Dedicated and protected bike lanes are supported by every parent I have spoken with.Yes, active and safe school travel to and from school is in my platform. If elected I will first review the processes that have been implemented in each school in Ward 3 followed by reviewing the immediate plan for future improvements. Next I will work with the Board and each school in Ward 3 to implement the Vision Zero best practices; this may mean working with the City of Hamilton and other stakeholders. I will fight to ensure that traffic calming and bike lanes are implemented if they are not already in the process of being implemented. Further, I will follow-up and make sure these resources are up-kept properly and future improvements are made. This is an ongoing issue that I will continue to address throughout my time as Trustee.I don't have any questions as your website is very thorough. I do want to thank you for creating this fantastic community group and thank you for all you have done to raise awareness about cycling issues and promote cycling infrastructure in Hamilton. I love cycling in Hamilton and have really enjoyed the improvements in the past few years. Thanks again for all you have done for our community.No
Ward 5
Jason McLaughlin55555Due to volume of people that would be present in these areas alone would require above normal safety practices to ensure non or minimal accidents occurYes, increased crossing guards. Highly visible cross over, driver awareness programs, signs etc. I believe the over use and reliance on school buses contribute to obiesity and pollute the enviromentNo
Ward 6
Jay Edington55555I believe it is very important to have protected bike lanes because if we are encouraging children to ride their bikes to school we need to have them arrive to school safely.It has not of yet been a concern at the door.It's not a pillar of my platform but it's a vision of my platform of schools becoming community hubs. As schools being a community hub we need a complete streets approach around schools and across the city.What are your specific concerns about cycling in Ward 6?No
Ward 9 & 10
Cam Galindo55555Absolutely. Student safety is everyone's responsibility. I will work with the City of Hamilton and local communities to ensure that we do everything possible to increase the level of safety for youth that choose to walk or bike to school. One of the biggest barriers that families face in allowing their kids to bike to school is safety. There are not enough bike lanes or complete streets that would encourage youth to cycle. Looking back at my childhood, cycling to school was my most frequent mode of transportation (except in the Winter). As an advocate for youth in my community, I understand that there are barriers that students face that prevent them from taking part in an active lifestyle. For many, cycling to school is not an option because of distance and safety. There are schools in Hamilton that don't have neighbouring bike lanes nor have sidewalks. As Public School Trustee, I will work to improve local infrastructure and increase safety so that kids can bike to school. None. As a cyclist myself, I understand the challenges we face in the ongoing struggle to share the road. No
Ward 11 & 12
Bruce Carnegie55555Yes I support protected bike lanes around schools.Since it is so early in the campaign I can only comment on the local area I live in. Where I live, schools are all too far away for students to cycle to. All students are bussed in my area.No, active school travel in not in my platform. However, one of my main platform issues is the overspending of the HWDSB. The HWDSB overspends by 8% on salaries and administration compared to similar sized and larger boards. This 8% equates to $46 million. Once this overspending is resolved we will have funds to invest in active school travel. One issue I would support, albeit it is a curriculum issue and out of the scope of a trustee, is putting cycling education into the physed curriculum.No
Ward 13
Sukhi Dhillon55555Absolutely. By building safer roads and complete streets with protected bike lanes where appropriately identified within the City of Hamilton’s 10 year Transportation Master Plan “City in Motion,” our school board can play a critical community leadership role in shifting the culture and attitudes towards active living.
We need to build communities where kids are safe, healthy, and active. By working closely with the ward 13 City Councillor and Hamilton City Council, I will advocate for city investments in safe routes to school and active transportation for kids, parents and school staff to commute to schools.
So far, the majority of families that I have spoken with in Dundas make safe streets, safe routes to schools and safe cycling a priority.Active school travel encouraged by student and teacher Walk/Bike to School incentive programs, as well as fighting for enhanced investments in cycling infrastructure, are both an integral parts of my platform. I would love to see more students and adults choosing active and sustainable travel. Most schools in ward 13 have applied for the ASST certification and are currently on step 4 of the program. I believe with the right leadership we can have Gold standard ASST certification across all of our schools.
We need to continue to organize as parents, residents and community groups to demand that the municipality provide safe infrastructure for residents from 8 years old to 80, that provides safe pedestrian routes to school and around Dundas. I believe Dundas Valley Secondary School can play a key role in that process by demonstrating how our students can lead by example, by having the highest per student capita of ridership of any high school in the city.
Steven Laur55555Currently it is not safe for children to bike to school along Govener's road in Dundas. Existing trails (Rail Trail) and lanes need to to be expanded.Cycling is very popular in in our area but not always practical.Promoting walking and biking as part of a healthy life style.
Bike safety awareness(bike rodeo's), bike clubs.
Do you plan any youth outreach? No
Paul Tut55555I think its important for any modern town or city to include protected bike lanes within their overall infrastructure planning. Not only does it promote health benefits, its environmentally friendly, but it also offers an alternative means of transportation which would help reduce traffic congestion. Families in my ward enjoy cycling. However, they have expressed concern for the lack of safe cycling infrastructure. I think it is important that we continue to have a strategy where safe bicycling infrastructure is in place so that families and their children can continue to enjoy cycling in and around the beautiful green surroundings of Dundas and West Flamborough. Overall, my platform supports a commitment to greater investment for school infrastructure resources. The uniqueness of our communities in Dundas and West Flamborough require a school trustee who will advocate for a strong elementary school and secondary school infrastructure. Any plan, I support will keep active school travel top of mind. This could include safe walking paths, bike lanes, more crossing guards, enhanced kiss-and-ride program. I think its important to keep an open mind and perspective to what school travel plans benefit the families and students of Dundas and West Flamborough.If I wanted to gain more information about your organization who would I contact?No
Wards 1, 2 & 15
Mark Valvasori53554Student safety is a priority. If bike lanes are truly protected then I support this but if it means that safety might be compromised by parents dropping students off by car and by regular traffic then I might hesitate. That it’s fine if conditions are right, however many schools of course are located in high traffic corridors with students having to drive on, or cross major traffic arteries so parents rightly, wouldn’t allow it. And certainly, our winter climate is a deterrent. Also, many of our schools are located in rural areas where roads are not safe for bicycle travel. It hasn’t been a major issue. It has been encouraged in some of our schools where appropriate - meaning that school location, traffic and road conditions lend themselves to active school travel. No
Ward 6
Elenita Ranas55555Yes. Lives are very valuable more than anything in the world. Let us unite to safeguard its protection at all costs.Honestly I have not heard any in my mountain east location, but, I believe in this great idea and will love to open and hear conversations on this cycling agenda as it impacts people's lives and environment. Yes. Public engagement agenda is foremost that I will bring to the table. To poster inclusive participation to hear the voices of our constituents (young and young once), inclusively, is vital in making a difference specially for the young members of our community - They Are the Hope of Our Future. What are your Hamilton-Wide public engagement plans to encourage more awareness of this project? What action plans have been submitted or will be submitted to the Hamilton City Council in the context of 2016-2025 community priority strategies? What barriers if any do you encounter and how the City of Hamilton or any partners are helping break those barriers? I will be glad to hear more. Let us keep ENGAGED for Our Future Hamilton. Thank you. No
Wards 8 & 14
George Kalacherry55555Encourage students, teachers and parents to use cycles in their daily errant around the schoolNot much discussion on the subject in my areaIncentives for chidren to use cycles in terms of recogintion, previleged parking, prioirities on eventsCan we have free cycle availability to students of each school in a specific limitted area?No
John Valvasori54554It largely depends on the location of particular schools. All safety measures should be considered to protect pedestrians and cyclists en route to school.Not a thing.provide cycle racks at all schoolsNo
Wards 12 & 13
Blake Hambly55555It is important that Hamilton increases the number of biking trails and walking paths, especially around schools. Hiking trails are the a win-win because it keeps children biking to school off the roads, ensuring optimum safety for our students, as well as keeping the flow of traffic on the roads moving well. Many families want biking trails and walking paths to school. Families in my neighbourhood in particular were on board with the trail along the hydro corridor running from behind Shoppers Drug Mart on Golf Links Road to Tiffany Hills Elementary School. This path would’ve provided a safe and fast network of transportation via both bike and foot for students in the meadowlands, while ensuring that the vital access way to Garner Road (Raymond Road) remains mostly unaffected.The first improvement begins where everything should begin: education. I’ll work to ensure that students across Hamilton are educated on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including sustainable and active methods of transportation to school, including walking and biking. Many schools in my Wards are located right in subdivisions and many students are able to travel to school alternatively to vehicles, and creating awareness of the benefits to person and environment are very important. Second, I’ll advocate for the creation of safe biking paths and trails, including the past proposed trail running adjacent to Tiffany Creek, coming out near Tiffany Hill Elementary School. I’ll also work to make sure the city creates special crossing zones for bikes and pedestrians in and around school zones to ensure our students and children are able to bike to school safely. Hamilton Cycle is doing a lot of fantastic ground work to promote cycling in Hamilton, however what is Hamilton Cycle doing to ensure the safety of cyclists in Hamilton? No
Phil Homerski55555As an active commuter cyclist, I feel strongly that protected bike lanes not only help ensure greater security for cyclists of all ages, they also instil a greater sense of comfort and peace of mind which can be important incentives for learning or new cyclists. It doesn't feel safe sharing the roads with vehicles.I am very supportive of active school travel. As a new Trustee, I plan to work closely with each school community to help develop collaborative neighbourhood active travel plans.No
No Name Provided / Anonymous Responses
No Name Provided55555Yes badly needed, replace the cars dropping off students, safer school zonesneeds to be safe, place to park the bikessame as above more awareness in the schools from your organization, include the Trusteeswe need to include the ones like my self that has accessible issuesYes
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