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Date added / UpdatedFirstLastPreferredStudied/StudiesAreas of Computer ExpertiseAreas of Genealogical Expeience/DirectionDream AppWindows, Apple or Linux?Project Currently working onWhat do you want from the RootsDev group?
MarvinAllenMarvRetired Computer TechnicianCurrent experience includes Python, HTML, CSS, Wordpress, SQL Server25+ years as a genealogistWindows and LinuxGedcom analysis
MichaelBeanBeanComputational LinguisticsWindows Phone App dev, Drupal, custom web sites, paraphrase detection; entity recognition (spam detection); see Justin York's areas of expertiseAll-in-one genealogy, automatic data extraction from uploaded photos such as headstonesRedHat, CentOS Linux for servers, Ubuntu 10 or Debian for desktops; apple to look good; windows for work just because it has better word processingHelping with roots-search.gitResource listing (where to go for what); collaboration, connecting
DouglasBlankDougComputer ScienceCS, and Gramps developerFantistic interaction between desktop and web-based server appFruitful and interesting discussions on tech issues in genealogy
EnnoBorgsteedeEnnoComputer Sciencetechnical automation, server based, C(++)all in one app, evidence basedI live in Linux, but want to support all platforms equallyhttp://Gramps-Connect.orghelp and advice, inspiration for other family history subjects
BenBrumfieldBenComputer Science/LinguisticsCrowdsourced manuscript transcription tools. Ruby/Rails/SQL/Mongo development. Data modelling. Documentary editing theory.Linux for servers, desktop.FreeREG/FreeCEN rewrite; FromThePageTechnical advice, help understanding the genealogical community's needs, potential collaborators, a place to ask questions or gripe about unfortunate data.
TracyCongerTracyBachelors of Arts Spanish, Math, Computer Networking Theoryvery much beginner with programming, but have C++ experience, Legacy, Roots MagicChilean Researcher 10 years.Starting on some powerful concepts that will help beginning genealogists to have a focus and direction. This focus includes hints for possible specific microfilms to look at and on FS Family Tree having easy access to tables of contents for online indexes of records. I'd like to do this in Spanish, then English, then Italian.I'm open to either.Open for offers. I like what Justin York does. Using FindARecord I see a very cool focus.Just want to help other people who share 50% - 100% of the same vision.
BobCoretBobComputer ScienceDutch genealogical services (freemium model)standards checker (open data, semantic, GEDCOM, etc.), so more organisation adhere to standards and more "third parties" can make creative stuffLinux servers, Windows desktop
ChristopherCowanChrisEngineering Physics, but now work as a Software Engineer Lithuanian genealogy. One of the Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society (LGGS) list admins. Also, experience with Pennsylvania Dutch genealogy (Brethren, Mennonites, and Dunkards). 35 years of C and UNIX, perl, ruby/rails, LAMP stack, HTML/CSS. Lots of distributed and clustered filesystem work.Interested in things that would assist facilitate collaborative translation of Lithuanian records.Interested in new ways to adapt tagging to genealogical sources and data.Linux servers, Apple desktop, (Windows too, if I have to ;)Not sure, yet. I look at genealogy as a hobby. I am also a musician, so my free time is divided.
JeremyFooteJeremyCommunications / Social Network AnalysisCrowdsourcing; volunteer recruitment; I'm a Master's student studying Media, Technology, and Society. I'm thinking about writing my thesis about genealogists.

I'm also an amateur programmer. I have some limited experience with HTML/CSS/JS, as well as Python
I really like the WeRelate model of public trees, unowned by anyone.

I'm also interested in automated retrieval of sources and suggestions of relationships based only on sources.
LinuxGoing to school :)I mostly want to be an observer. To keep up with what's going on in genealogy development
BrookeGanzBrookeI was an English major (!), but am a self-taught computer geek. Did my first site for pay circa 1995.Prior to becoming a full-time mom a few years ago, I was the senior web developer and/or lead programmer for a number of media companies out here in Los Angeles. These days I freelance part-time for small businesses who need web presences or programming work.

I am on the board of a non-profit genealogy organization (and I volunteer with other ones). I developed (and am continuing to develop) software to help them publish their record collections in an easy to use and accessible manner. We collect content from various fairly-inaccessible archives and universities and libraries -- content that is not available elsewhere -- and put it online, for free (~200,000 records so far, and counting). I am also revamping several genealogy organizations' websites to create members-only content linked to these records.
1) Historical GIS data! Especially for 19th Century and early 20th Century Eastern Europe. Would love a great map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire's provinces and sub-districts, or the Russian Empire.

2) A placenames standardization service, like the REST API that Dallan Quass is working on, would be fantastic. I want to have a way to automatically look up the modern name, alternate spellings, and locations (lat/long) of any little town I throw at it, and then incorporate the responses into my apps.

3) An open source version of a records transcription system, with automatic comparisons between two different transcribers inputs, solved through arbitration. In other words, an open source version of the Ancestry World Archives or FamilySearch Indexing apps -- except it should ideally be web based, not something installed on individual systems. Add in gamification and leaderboards for transcribers to keep them motivated.
Mac for home, Linux for development work.LeafSeek.comI would love to see the genealogy commmunity have more open source, freely available tools, not owned or operated by any centralized group or for-profit company. This means everything from open transcriptions systems to open record publishing/search systems, to open placename standardization systems, and so on. We need a simple but robust toolbox of freely available stuff for genealogically-inclined devs to play with.
RobertHoareRobWorking around the worldMy existing commercial web sites (not genealogy related) are PHP/MySQL but I'm looking closely at newer technologies for any new development. In an earlier life, was a mainframe computer consultant in many countries - so it's coming full circle really, with "web apps" going back to the client-server model. On the genealogy side, lots of experience with online sources for UK, Canada, some US.My aim is to save research as I go along and allow me to link up connections - people, places, events - record justifications for conclusions, show full audit trail of all actions. A "family tree" is just one type of report from this, should be equally usable for a village history, or a detailed biography of one person.Linux but anything should be web based (and responsive) so it's usable in any device, especially tablets.Working on how to store sources obtained online, back-end data formats, name seaching, placenames, server apis related to all this, and ways to do this that work within the usually too-restrictive terms-of-use of online sites. Understanding what everybody else is doing to avoid duplication of effort, so that various different applications can be assembled from components for different types of users. Getting ideas and feedback from others for use cases I've never considered.
LouisKesslerStatistics / Computer ScienceGenealogy software, software development (I use Delphi), GEDCOM, software marketing, member of APG, long time genealogist, ancient history includes computer chess program named Brute Force.'m a Windows guy, but Delphi can develop multi-platform and I have plans to do and www.gensoftreviews.comI want to see everyone working together to improve the way genealogy software works.
WaynePearsonComputer Science/LinguisticsPretty much anything on a computer - any language, any environmentall in one app, evidence basedAll of the aboveUniversal source representation library; universal location representation libraryUnderstanding community's needs; understanding what everyone else is working on; direction of research; relevant and active discussion
BradPorterDrupal back end, python, collaborative environment for families. Separate secure collaborative environment for family organizations.I use all. Initial development on Linux.Networking for the purpose of facilitating the dream app.
DallanQuassDallanComputer ScienceJavascript (Coffeescript), PHP, Java, Solr/ElasticSearch, information extraction, databases (PhD from Stanford in 98)When I worked at FamilySearch in 2002-2004, we showed new Family Search to Elder Eyring and someone asked him what he thought. He said "Genealogy needs to be like a game. People spend time doing things they enjoy. This looks too much like filling out tax forms." I've thought about that ever since. I want to create a browser-based online/offline evidence-based genealogy app with a game loop: (1) enter what you know, (2) the system recommends collections to fill in what you don't know, (3) you go to those sites, find records that look promising, and use a browser extension to copy the information back to your tree, (4) others in your family review what you've found, (5) you get rewarded - maybe you get coins to buy things to help build a family city or your name goes higher on a leaderboard, (6) loop back to step 2Linux desktop for development, windows laptop for software that doesn't run on, REST apis for places, dates, and names standards, gedcom to json parser (soon to be a REST api), app for crowdsourcing a catalog of genealogy resources that is REST-accessibleCollaboration, technical advice, understanding what everyone is working on so we don't re-invent the wheel, a friendly community of people working together
TonyRuscoeTonyComputer ScienceInformation Architect at Google but I have 12+ years commercial experience as a Web Developer

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, basic Chrome extensions, a little bit of Python, and lots of old MS technologies like ASP and SQL Server
All of the above (in different quantities)Involved with and Chrome extensionsOpen standards and tools for displaying, storing, and exchanging genealogical data
ColinSpencerColinRetired IT managerHTML, CSS, PHP MySQL Wordpress etc1: All in one app, evidence based 2: Excel to Gedcom ConverterLinux servers, Windows desktop1: Online collaboration tool for One-Name studies could be used for conventional genealogy studies too. 2: Some people use Excel to record their family history information and this tool converts an Excel CSV file into a Gedcom suitable for input to a Family History programme.Help and advice and an understanding of what everyone else is working on.
LutherTychonievichLutherComputer ScienceTheory, proofs, education; development in various languages as neededTools that record the structure of research itself, not just free-form text or structured conclusionsAgnosticCoordinating FHISO's TSC; designing a data model that represents the research process itself.I believe in community in the abstract but have yet to develop particular desires re. this community.
JustinYorkComputer ScienceJavaScript, PHP, LAMP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQueryApp that scans my publicly viewable but not editable tree and automatically searches for records, similar to ancestry, but also tells me where to look for information that is missing if it can't find it -- a la 20 Minute GenealogistRootsSearchCollaboration on difficult genealogy issues as well as their solutions
ThomasWetmoreTomComputer Science, GenealogySoftware developer for 45 years; genealogist for 25. Experienced with all areas of "classical" software (compilers, operating systems, databases, networking). Ph.D. in computer science in the compiling and performance analysis areas. Author of genealogical program, LifeLines. Author of DeadEnds genealogical data model. Now semi-retired and doing consulting work in a variety of genealogical software areas (natural language processing of obituaries, family reconstruction using census data, ...). Now using Objective-C on Mac OS X almost exclusively. Many years of experience in C, Java, C++, in many environments.Genealogical program with full research support. Staring with sources and records ("personas"), ending with conclusion persons. Conclusion persons are wrappers for records.Apple first, Linux secondVarious genealogical software consulting projects.Learning what others see as the big issues in genealogical software, and learning from their ideas.
JohnsonDickMathematics, computers, genealogyBulk remote publishing structured sets of files to Drupal and WordPress. An example would be publishing genealogy data extracted from a GEDCOM file. Also extracting and archiving web site pages in various formats, eg PDF, epub. See Expertise: Python, C, PHP, Drupal, XML, DITA.WindowsCleaning up lack of sources in my family tree.Find out what others are doing.
MilesPomeroyBiology, now Software EngineerDatabase, Java, WebApple desktop, Linux serverAncestor Trek
JonathanStowellJonChemistryData, databases, data modelsI dream about lots of apps! Certainly a large, all in one, evidence based system is tempting but also risky. I am also interested in surety models. Help develop a shift in the way people think about genealogy and how we manage its data. Collaboration, ideas, vetting etc.
JamesMasonJimComputer ScienceParallel Computing, Software EngineeringNo single app - a universe of clients and special purpose servers with common APIsLinux, Windows if threatened w/sharp stickBetween effortsPeers with vision
HeatherHendersonHeatherGenealogy, DesignCreative Suite, Genealogy, HTML, CSS (learning other useful stuff)WindowsSupport others as needed
DebbieHoltzendorffDebbieMath, Computer SciencePHP, MYSQL, Web, GenealogyWindows and AppleFamilySearch Simplified ResearchHelp from others
NeilSaundersNeilComputer ScienceDigital HumanitiesBuilding the Geopast.comWell theoretically Apple is Linux :) Both rule!Geopast.comKeeping in touch with developments in this space
ShimmyWeitzhandlerShimmyComputer Science, GenealogyC#, .NET, C++, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS and moreWindowsFind out what other are doing.
ThiagoPradoPradoComputer EngineerC#, .NET, C++, Java, Databases and hardware interfacingOCR for old recods and record image browsing/viewing app for androidWin/Linux & AndroidFind me a project to work on and let's go! If I can find more people with some expertise willing to work on dream projects, let's begin!
DarrellHansenDarrellComputer ScienceC, Java, Groovy, Ruby/Rails, HTML, WordPress, databases, Family History Consultant, Security Software, networking, healthcare web apps and email systems, electronic healthcare records and information exchangesAuto-generate timelines with family's multi-generation events interleaved plus narratives and photos to make a family history a more compelling and quick read.Win/LinuxMyFamilyPaths.comCollaboration, see other ideas, get feedback. Help with FamilySearch SDK. I'm a newbie to Family History software. Mostly exploring. Looking for projects to help with and also wanting to learn Go programming. I am a longtime software programmer but have been working as a manager for the past decade...wanting to keep some programming skills.
1/12/2016ScottHuskeyScottComputer Science Electircal EngineeringC# .Net PHP SQL - Some F# - Some Blender - Some Unity3D, founder of photoloom.comPhoto-tagging, Family History ConsultantFamily History in an Emersive Environment: "3D Family Tree!"All the above, Collaboration, Collaboration
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3/31/2016LarryMaddocksLarryComputer ScienceWrote GEDCOM libraries (in C) for the family history dept., way back in 1990. Working on, which generates on-line presentations and fosters collaboration and prints interactive books. Javascript, JQuery, SVG for html, Node.js, XML, some Mongodb, greensock