ACTIVE CLUBS: ADVISORS:Email Addresses:2nd Email Of AdvisorMeeting Date and Time (Tap On The Box For More Info)Brief Description Of The Clubs
All For ChristCharles has been contacted. Club has been notified to create a description. Deadline Nov 19th.
Animation ClubChristina Ross & Rob
3 pm on Tuesdays in room 347Club is created for student animators
Art ClubChristina Ross Lunch - Room 347The goal and purpose of this club is to support students interests in the arts through activities and field trips.
ASBCatalina Lemos - Room 341 (7 AM) Meets every Thursday morning in room 341 at 7am. ASB is the acronym for our student government and stands for Associated Student Body. Students must first fill out a petition for office and are then either elected or appointed to an ASB position. Once elected or appointed ASB officers have several requirements, they must stay academically and behaviorally eligible throughout their term of office and must enroll in Leadership and attend CASC in the summer. ASB sponsored activities which include Link Crew, BLT’s, Freshman Orientation, noon-time activities, Air Jams, Rallies, the Benefit Ball, Homecoming, Powder Puff games, Bumpfests, ASB Convention, Assemblies, and the Morp. Advisor is Catalina Lemos, 831-637-5831 ext. 343, email address is
Asian American AllianceRick Dukes: Lunch - Room 459The Asian American Club is a student-led environment to include Asian American Pacific Islanders and allies to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander culture and bring awareness to various issues within the Asian American community. The goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for Asian American students.
ASLSpenser Simmons: Lunch - Room 385 The purpose of the ASL (American Sign Language) Club is to connect hearing, deaf and hard-of-hearing while participating in local deaf events. ASL Club is for anyone interested in American Sign Language, as well as Deaf Culture, Events, and Community. Our fundraising supports our trips to Deaf Events at the Boardwalk, Fremont School for the Deaf, and other local Deaf Events. Advisor is Spenser Simmons
AVID ClubCharlene Lunch (Every other) - Room 241AVID’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.
Baler Gazette ClubBrandon Red Day Of The Week - Room 260The Baler Gazette Club is being organized for the purpose of to spread school spirit, to get people to voice their opinion with their peers, and to become informed on current events.
Balers Helping BalersVanessa Klauer and Charlene Lunch - Room 241Balers helping Balers is a vessel created to enable good people who want the opportunity to help others. We are committed to providing all individuals with the tools and support necessary to become productive, self-sustaining citizens. We also strive to link the Greater Baler Community and foster a strong spirit that will benefit all those involved. Balers helping Balers is committed to providing equitable and inclusive services to all students, to positively impact our Baler Community, and create job and internship opportunities for all Balers.
Bird's Aren't RealKourtney Lunch - Room 384The purpose is to create a safe/stress free environment for students to relax.
Black Student UnionCrystal Zavala: Lunch - Room 245The purpose of the Black Student Union is to provide a safe place on campus for students to use their voices to uplift the members of the club. We hope to provide a sense of community for the club members on and off-campus by providing meaningful opportunities to get involved and collaborate.
Book ClubAlexis Lunch - Room 175The HHS Book Club intends to give every student a chance to explore a multitude of different books with their friends and fellow members. We will encourage a safe environment for everyone to share their opinions, concerns, and predictions on the current book we are reading, free of judgement. Book Club aims to share our passion for reading and literacy with everyone regardless of how much or little they read. Everyone deserves a good book !
Circle of FriendsCasandra Guerrero
Breanna Brooks Meetings: Lunch Or HST On Monday - Room 272
Club Meetings: Tuesday - Friday Lunch - Room 270

Our mission for Circle of Friends is to promote inclusion for students with or without disabilities and those living with adversity. We empower all students to appreciate differences, build genuine friendships, and stand up to bullying.
Class of 2023Elizabeth (Ellie) Burley
Meg Sullivan-Haertel Lunch - Room 243Become active in your class any year or all four years. Classes are considered a very important part of our ASB. They promote school spirit and sponsor a number of healthy school competitions. Class Officers are part of our student government. Our classes compete in float competitions, air jams, pumpkin carving and even tree decorating. They compete for the spirit stick at every rally and they compete in noon activities for the privilege of flying their class flag in our quad. Being an active member of your class can enhance your entire high school experience.
Class of 2024Samantha Rivas
Nicole Alvarez Lunch - Room 382Become active in your class any year or all four years. Classes are considered a very important part of our ASB. They promote school spirit and sponsor a number of healthy school competitions. Class Officers are part of our student government. Our classes compete in float competitions, air jams, pumpkin carving and even tree decorating. They compete for the spirit stick at every rally and they compete in noon activities for the privilege of flying their class flag in our quad. Being an active member of your class can enhance your entire high school experience.
Class of 2025Derek Barnes

Juan Hernandez Lunch - Room 366Become active in your class any year or all four years. Classes are considered a very important part of our ASB. They promote school spirit and sponsor a number of healthy school competitions. Class Officers are part of our student government. Our classes compete in float competitions, air jams, pumpkin carving and even tree decorating. They compete for the spirit stick at every rally and they compete in noon activities for the privilege of flying their class flag in our quad. Being an active member of your class can enhance your entire high school experience.
Class of 2026Alexis Lunch - Room 175Become active in your class any year or all four years. Classes are considered a very important part of our ASB. They promote school spirit and sponsor a number of healthy school competitions. Class Officers are part of our student government. Our classes compete in float competitions, air jams, pumpkin carving and even tree decorating. They compete for the spirit stick at every rally and they compete in noon activities for the privilege of flying their class flag in our quad. Being an active member of your class can enhance your entire high school experience.
Club AdversityTenille White Day Lunch - Room Club Adversity incorporates an atmosphere of similar beings who are dedicated to self-improvement in every aspect of human endeavor. We supply members with support tools relating to journals, project planners(PPAs), organization planning help, and group chat calls for members to have nightly meetings to study together.Club adversity has in-person meetings every 2nd white day of the week (Meetings can be Wednesday or Thursday depending on the week). Club Adversity incorporates public speaking and plans to have field trips to go to public speaking events to compete or watch. (School might be missed depending on the day of the event) If interested or have any questions please contact Club President:
Club EducationRachel AdvisorTutoring is now available from Club Ed students per hour. If you are interested, please contact:
CSFHeather Nichols:

Christine Dukes:
Thursday Lunch - Auditorium
Each chapter is comprised of student members who meet eligibility requirements.
Eligible students become members by submitting applications based on their report card grades. Membership is for one semester, and membership drives are held each semester within established periods dictated by the State bylaws.
Conferences are held annually, and student awards recognizing scholastic achievement and community service are presented.
Dance Co.Jaelyn Andrade: HST - Dance Room. Please Email Advisor To Participate. JV Dance Team Practices Mondays (3:15 - 4:15 PM). Varsity Dance Team Practices Tuesdays (3:15 PM - 4:15 PM). Dance Company is a highly skilled and enthusiastic group of dancers that are ready to share their talent! Inspired by a variety of genres including contemporary, jazz, and hip hop, Dance Company will have a strong performance presence in community events, rallies, dance concerts, and competitions. Through group collaboration, student choreography, and teamwork, this performance team not only fosters friendships, shares joy on campus, but also increases self confidence through the art of dance. All students are welcome to seek interest and get involved!
Disc Golf ClubDavid Lunch - Room 242For students interested in playing Disc Golf.
Drama ClubKristen Porter & Derek Lunch - Room 223As a part of Drama Club, we immerse ourselves in the world of everything performing arts. We participate in events such as the air jam, plan the variety show and school musical, get great opportunities to see live performing arts inside and outside of school, meet new people, and get the opportunity to perform for our community.
Dungeons & Dragons ClubChris Lasley & Juan Lunch - Room 366The HHS D&D Club is a group where we bring together diverse players to create and adventure in a world formulated by our Dungeon Masters.
Description: The HHS D&D Club is a club where people with any level of experience can join, learn the basics of Dungeons and Dragons, and eventually create a fantastic world and the characters that inhabit it.
Environmental ClubDonald Gauvreau Lunch - Room 245Meets on Wednesday at lunch. It is designed to promote positive, responsible environmental stewardship, to enhance academic achievement, and to teach hands-on professional development skills in the fields of Earth Science and Environmental Science. These goals are achieved by student participation in a series of Saturday morning clean-up events and field trips on the local stretch of the San Benito River, the source of our community’s drinking water. Advisor is Don Gauvreau 831-637-5831 ext. 521, email
ESports ClubApril Sherfy Lunch - Room 527The Esports club promotes competitive video game play across all gaming platforms. Students develop communication, strategy, and collaborations skills as they work as a team to practice and win competitive games. Scholarship opportunities available in competitive league play.
Feminist ClubJuanita Abundiz Lunch - Room 476In the Feminist Club we discuss issues about equality for all, especially women. We also participate in marches and other events that support women in our community.
FFAJoe Martin,
Chelsi Faria,
Emily Herzog Wednesday of the Month at 6:00 pm - Auditorium/Cafeteria/CTEMeets the second Wednesday of every month at 6pm in room Auditorium or Cafeteria. FFA is the acronym for Future Farmers of America and is a dynamic National Youth Organization, the largest youth agriculture leadership organization in the United States. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for PREMIER LEADERSHIP, PERSONAL GROWTH and CAREER SUCCESS through agricultural education. Any student can be involved in the Hollister FFA program, whether you live in town or on a farm. However you must be enrolled in an agriculture class at SBHS (Ag Soil and Chemistry, ROP Vet Science, Sustainable Ag Biology, The Art & History of Floral Design, Advanced Center Display Ag Science for SUS Ag Honors FAIT, Ag Fabrication & Construction)
FIDM Fashion ClubChristina Ross Lunch - Room 347Club affiliated with FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), for those interested in fashion, clothing, or anything related.
French ClubVu Nguyen Lunch - Room 370The French Club promotes French Culture.
Friday Night LiveTracy Lunch - Room 349“Friday Night Live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.”
The Galaxy’s Finest Joshua Lunch - Room 293The Galaxy's Finest Club aims to create a fun and interactive place for Star Wars fans to be themselves and make friends.
Grad CoordinatorBrian DeCarli all Graduation Activities
GSARebecca Conklin Lunch - Room 291Meets on Tuesdays in room 291 at lunch. GSA is the acronym for Gay Straight Alliance, a club that encourages open-minded students to meet in a safe, inclusive environment to discuss issues and be a part of inspiring acceptance on our school campus. All students and staff are welcome to attend. Advisor is Rebecca Conklin 831-637-5831 ext. 291, email address is
Guitar ClubNic Garrison & Rob Campbell After School - Room 292The Guitar Club advisers give free lessons at club meetings, we help connect local musicians to one another so they can form bands, and we host two battles of the bands and two benefit concerts each year, featuring local talent.
HOSA Daniel Cote & Casey other Wednesday during HST - Room 342The HOSA Club is an international organization recognoized by the US Dept. of Education and the Health Science Education. HOSA promotes career opportunities in the health care industry for Future Healthcare Professionals organized for the purpose of creating more interest and understanding of the intelligent choice of health careers.
Independent Film Rob Campbell Lunch - Room 204The aims and purposes of this organization shall be to write, produce and distribute independently made films created by students.
Interact ClubBecky Bonner Lunch - Room 371Interact is a community service club and puts on a canned food drive and the Valentines Dance! Advisor is Becky Bonner 831-637-5831 ext. 371. Email address is
Introverts ClubNoel Martinez Red Day Lunch - Room 262The purpose of the club is to build community and work/get support on academics.
K - Pop ClubJaelyn Andrade: Lunch - Room 344The purpose of the Kpop Dance Club is to gather students who are interested in the culture and dance stylings of popular Korean Pop groups. Together, we will learn famous choreography, watch music videos, play games, perform, and more!
Key ClubThien Vu-Nguyen Lunch - Room 520Key Club is a student-led organization, which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Motto: Caring - Our Way of Life.
Last Generation Jasmine After School - Room 344Last Generation Dance - The purpose of this club is to have students come together where they can build on their dance skill and be able to participate in school rallys, Night Rally, Air Jams and other school sponsored events where entertainment is needed. We also want our dancers to be able to express themselves and come out of their comfort zone and make this group not only a team but a place where they know they are respected and welcomed.
Literature ClubAllison After School - Room 362Club has been notified to create a description. Deadline Nov 8th.
Link CrewJoAnne Kaplansky Monday Lunch - Room 341Meets at lunch every other Monday. Link leaders are trained over the summer to work with Freshman and new students to our high school. We organize events throughout the school year, including Freshman Orientation and the Freshman Tailgate, to connect with our students to help make the transition to high school an easier one. Advisor is JoAnne Kaplansky 831-637-5831 ext. 167, her email address is
LOVE ClubDenise Black Lunch - Library Conference RoomL.O.V.E Club is a student-led organization, it is an awareness group aimed to end the stigmas against suicide and depression in teens.
MECHA clubTracy Torres:
Irma Lozano:
Thursday Lunch - Room 349Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) is a student organization that promotes higher education, culture, and history. MEChA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people. We believe that political involvement and education is the avenue for change in our society.
MMA ClubChristine Dukes Lunch - Room 450MMA Club is a club devoted to the promotion of martial arts in all forms and the positive values and benefits associated with martial arts. It is a club where members can socialize, learn about other forms of martial arts, share their experiences, and focus on the core values of the sport: self-control and discipline, restraint, physical fitness, etc.
Next LevelCharlene Hernandez: After School - Room 344 (6-8 PM) The purpose of the Next Level Revolution Club is to encourage our community to experience dance on different levels, grow and discover who they are through dance as well as forming connections.
Pokemon ClubBecky Bonner Lunch - Room 371Pokemon Club provides a place for Pokemon Fans to gather to discuss and play everything Pokemon related.
Polynesian Dance TeamKatelyn After School - Room 380Polynesian Club is a place to celebrate the Islands of Polynesia through dance, exploring the many styles of dance within the Islands. Our mission is to perpetuate the cultures, appreciating and honoring Polynesia allowing us to spread the Aloha around campus.
Prom Dress Boutique Irma Lunch - Room 231 (First Wednesday of The Month)The purpose of our club is to give every student at the high school an opportunity to go to prom without the expense of buying a dress. In this club we collect lightly used dresses from the community and create a mini boutique on campus where all students are welcome to shop from our variety of dresses, shoes, and jewelry all free of charge, for PROM.
Radiate Positivity Samantha Rivas:
Charlene Hernandez:
Wendy Ortiz: Natalie Delgado: Lunch - Room 190Radiate Positivity brings together a variety of students concerned with mental health, diversity, and demographics who work together to create a safe space for all students. It is run by leaders who focus on creating, nurturing, and sustaining an inclusive culture, where our differences influence innovative solutions. Club members (leaders) get to do hands on projects to promote creative thinking. Students who join the club gain skills in the following: leadership, teamwork, problem solving and communication skills. All of which are competencies sought by high income employers.
Rally ClubMarlene Villegas Lunch - Room 341

The Rally Club is open to any student who wants to support all of the Spirit Activities at San Benito High School. These Activities include Homecoming, Night Rally, Spirit Train and many more. The main Fundraiser for Rally Club is the Homecoming Dance which funds the many Spirit and Sport Activities.
Ritmo LatinoKatelyn Olsen After School - Room 344 (3:30 - 5:30)Latin dance team as we move to Latin rhythms with joy and passion
Deep Space RoboticsThien Vu-Nguyen After School - Room 520The mission of the Robotics Club is to expose students to S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) by honing students’ critical thinking skills and creativity through project based learning.
S.A.D.D. ClubMarlene Villegas Monday Lunch - Room 328S.A.D.D. is a club for students to educate Students Against Destructive Decisions
Safe Place ClubSamantha Rivas:

Carissa Alvarez:
Tuesday Lunch - Room 190The Safe Place Club will bring awareness to sexual assault, harrassment, domestic violence, ets. and provide tools for community/on campus services. Will recognize and prevent "rape culture" related acts.
Sage X ClubCalvin Lunch - Room 537Sage X Club fosters an expanded understanding for Stem.
Scarlet Regiment Joseph Fortino & Wednesday After School - Band RoomThe Scarlet Regiment Band is the premier competitive for the school and representative of San Benito county. Membership entitles each member to sustained focused instruction in the areas of musical instrument performance, (both in popular and competitve music, (marching and visual design). The club also doubles as a lab for the band class that is in the school schedule. Membership from outside the class is by audition only. The advisor/director is Mr. Fortino 831-637-5831 ext. 211 or email
Senior Parents NightAmber Kearns:
Irma Albright
N/ACelebrates the Seniors and their parents.
SkillsUSAMichael During Class Time - Students Must Enroll In Adv BusinessSkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. We improve the quality of our nation’s future skilled workforce through the development of SkillsUSA Framework skills that include personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics. Our vision is to produce the most highly skilled workforce in the world, providing every member the opportunity for career success.
Speech and DebateChristine Dukes Lunch - Room 450Speech & Debate Club is intended to foster student discussion regarding the important issues of our world. The students engage in lively debates about controversial topics and give speeches expressing their opinions of various ideas. We discuss ideas about argumentation, logic and rhetoric to facilitate higher-level thinking and informed discussion. Guest speakers from the community, such as lawyers and businessmen, contribute to the discussion. The club is open to all students and can be a tremendous boon to their intellectual capacity. Advisor is Joshua Radon 831-637-5831 ext. 268, email address is
Sports Medicine Danielle Cote & Casey Lester Lunch - Room 342

Sports Medicine Club provides students with an opportunity to compete in the Regional and National High School Sports Medicines Competition.
Stem ClubCalvin Lunch - Room 537STEM Club discusses a range of topics under the Science Technology Engineering and Math umbrealla. We also try to plan field trips to visit STEM Institutions and businesses so our members can see how STEM is applied professionally.
Travel ClubMolly Macierz Lunch - Room 380

Promotes local, national and international travel to enhance cultural understanding, encourage global awareness and cultivate tolerance of diversity among our students. Activities include Cultural Festivals around the area, Japan Town and China Town visits, museums, opera and other outings. The Travel Club also offers local excursions that provide rich, cultural experiences for our student citizens of the world.
Unicef ClubJuanita Abundiz Lunch - Room 476UNICEF is commited to helping children worldwide with providing humanitarian & development aid.
Velocity Dance Christine Dukes & Zenedith
Thursday After School - Room 344 (3:30 - 5:30) & Tuesday After School - Room 344 (4:20 - 6 PM)
Velocity is a dance club that has been delighting SBHS campus for many years. It gives students the opportunity to choreograph, rehearse, and practice with their team members in preparation for various events on campus. These dancers enjoy performing at rallies, dance concerts, Air Jams, and any other performance opportunity. The goals of the club are increasing self-confidence, dance skills, and enjoying new friendships through the art of dance.