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NameURL PhotoTotal QuantityTotal IndividualsResolutionColorPerson/3DDynamic
Other Characteristics
Nationality (opt)
Other Categories
Database DataApplicationConsistency/Quality
ADFES (Amsterdam Dynamic Facial Expressions Set)
64822ColorPeopleDynamic, with stills included
Frontal, turning-towards and turning-aways
9 (Anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, plus contempt, pride, and embarrassment.) Also includes neutral
Most are north european or Mediterranean (Turkish or Moroccan) ancestry)
10 female, 12 maleAdultsVaried
Yes, consistent, good quality
AKDEF (Averaged KDEF)
7070 individuals averaged into 2.GrayscaleAveraged peopleStill5 angles
7 (Afraid, angry, disgusted, happy, neutral, sad, surprised)
Male and female, one of each
Averaged from adults 20-30Gray shirtConsistent
Each averaged face shows seven expressions in 5 angles
Yes, like good quality.
AT&T Database
40040GrayscalePeopleStillFrontal (more or less)Head and neckSmiling and non-smilingVariedMales and femalesAdultsVaried
Cannot really, see, but varied. Some have glasses
Pretty consistent dark grayEach subject has 10 imagesNo download on the websitePretty good quality, fairly consistent
39518300 dpiColor
Computer Generated Cartoons and photographs
Has emoticons and CGC for children (Computer generated graphics)
FrontalHead6 basic emotions + NeutralVaried, includes emoticonsFemale and male
Children CGC, adult photographs
VariedNo clothing
Gray for CGC's, white for photos
There are 19 faces with a full set of emotions, other faces have a one or several emotions
YesPhotographs very consistent, Good quality very consistent
Caltech Frontal Face Dataset
Variety of backgrounds, such as hallways, offices, mailroom, parking lot, etc.
FrontalHead and some shoulderMainly neutral, occasionally smiling
Mostly caucasian, some asian
Males and femalesAdultsVariedVaried
A variety, indoor, outdoor, in offices, in parking lots, and more
Most people have several photos in different locations
No, download on siteNot especially consistent, photos are sometimes blurry or have bad lighting.
CMU Frontal Face Images
About 180
There are sometimes multiple or no individuals in one picture, no set number of pictures for individuals
Very varied shots, no consistent criteria for photos. Some are pictures of famous people or television actors (especially Star Trek)
Varies greatly
Varies, but often full or near-full body
VariedVariedMales and femalesAdults and childrenVariedVariedNot consistent at all
Comes with ground truth in face location:
No, can download on website (Although it claims you can view each image individually, those links are broken so you have to download the whole database.)Not at all consistent and pretty shaky quality.
Cohn-Kanade AU-Coded Facial Expression Database
Over 500 sequences210GrayscalePeopleDynamicFrontal and thirty degreesHead with some shoulder
Multiple, each is coded with FACS, posed and spontaneous expressions
81% Caucasian, 13% African, 6% other
69% female, 31% male18-50VariedVaried
Includes validated emotion labels with version 2 (CK+)
Yes, must sign agreementCannot tell… Seems to be fairly decent quality
CVL Face Database
About 800114640x480ColorPeopleStill5 anglesHead with shoulder
For frontal view, can have smiling with and without teeth. Otherwise, serious/neutral expression
Mostly male, 108 male, 6 female
Adults, mostly around 18VariedVariedWhiteish
Each person is shown at 5 different angles, plus has 2 smiling poses for frontal.
Can smile with or without teeth
Yes, contact Peter Peer at for license agreement to signSeem decent quality and fairly consistent.
FEED Database
339 Sequences19ColorPeopleDynamic
Tries to get more natural expressions
FrontalHead and neck
7 (Happiness, disgust, anger, fear, sadness, surprise, and neutral)
Appears mostly caucasianMale and femaleAdultsVariedVariedConsistent white
Each model shows 7 different expressions
More detailed description:
Yes, must email and fill out formGood quality, fairly consistent
FEI Face Database
11 poses (Looking different directions)
Head with some shoulderMostly neutral, also smiling in frontal positionMostly caucasianMales and females19-40VariedVariedHomogeneous white
Each model looks several directions and has 1 smiling frontal face
Can get the frontal photos equalized
No, download on website (Or for faster download, look under FEI Face Database here: good quality, pretty consistent, though people are very distinct from each other.
FERET Database
14051Color and grayscalePeopleStill
Varied, from -90 to 90 degrees (0=frontal view)
No specific expressionsVariedDoes not specify.Presumedly adultsVariedSome may have glassesWhite
Each person has exactly one match in the gallery
Can find at the bottom of website
Yes, email with form on this website: tell… Sounds very good.
Humintell JACFEE and JACNeuF (Japanese and Caucasian Facial Expressions of Emotion, Japanese and caucasian Neutral Faces)
112ColorPeopleStillFrontalHead and neck7 different emotionsCaucasian and AsianCaucasian and JapaneseMale and femaleAdultsVariedBluish-white collared shirtGray
Comes with document outlining histrory, percent judgement of inteded emotion for each photograph, photo list, and percent of subjects in each country who chose predicted emotion and mean intensity ratings.
Must purchase ($175 combined, $95 for just one database)
Image Database of Facial Actions and Expressions
About 7,00024640x480Color (Grayscale available)PeopleStil and dynamicFrontalHead and neck
Multiple, coded with FACS. Can get low, medium, and high intensity.
VariedMale and femaleAdultsVariedConsistent
Each model does about 6 to 18 different actions
Does not say, but can email Joseph C. Hager for more info ( quality, consistent.
Indian Face Database and
11 poses (Looking different directions)
Head with some shoulder4 emotions (Neutral, smile, laughter, sad/disgust)IndianHindu/IndianMales and femalesYoung adultsBlack hair or bald, varied
Varied clothing, females sometimes wear jewelry and/or a bindi
Whiteish wall
Each model shows several expressions and angles
No, just download on websiteFairly good quality, pretty consistent, though people are very distinct from each other.
Invetsigative Interviewing Research Lab Faces /
Several setsColorPeopleStillFrontalHead with some shoulder2, smiling and non-smilingCaucasian and AfricanMalesAdultsVariedCasual or burgundy sweaterWhite
Each model has 2 expressions, and all of them can wear the same sweater.
Yes, email for permissionGood quality, fairly consistent,
JAFFE Database (Japanese Female Facial Expression)
21310GrayscalePeopleStillFrontalHead and neck7 (Neutral, happy, surprised, sad, angry, disgust, fear.)AsianJapaneseFemaleAdultsBlackSame attireGray
Each model has 7 expressions
Can see data on how expressions were judged by many Japanese females here:
No, download on site: quality, pretty consistent
Labeled Faces in the Wild
More than 130001680ColorFamous peopleStillAll the people are famousVariesHead with some shoulderVariedVariesMales and femalesAdultsVariedVaried
Depends, usually not homogeneous
Each person has multiple pictures, but often they have similar expressions or angles
No, all available on websiteVarying quality, mostly good. No consistent set of angles/expressions/backgrounds.
Max Planck FACES
2052171ColorPeopleStillFrontalHead with some shoulder6 (Neutral, sad, disgusted, fearful, angry, happy)CaucasianMale and female
Young, middle-aged, and elderly adults
VariedUniversal gray shirtDark gray
Each model has 6 expressions
Each picture has various data about itself on the website, such as age, emotion, gender, and some technical metadata
Can view 72 pictures, for the rest you need to register and login.Quite consistent, good quality.
MMI Facial Expression Database
Over 290075ColorPeopleVideos and still images
Appears frontal and side view
Head and sometimes shoulder
Variety of expressions, including naturalistic, and shows how each expression forms from and reverts back to a neutral expression
Appears to have varietyMale and femalesAdultsVaried
Some subjects have same background
Yes, need an account: to have good quality, not always consistently taken
MSFDE (Montreal Set of Facial Displays of Emotion)
People, although faces have been morphed for expressions.
StillForntalHead with some shoulder
7 (Anger, sadness, happiness, fear, disgust, embarrassment, neutral)
European, Asian and African descent
Males and femalesAdultsVariedVariedGray
Each model has 7 expressions
Yes, however link on site appears to be broken.Decent quality, fairly consistent
MUCT Face Database
3755Estimated about 250480x640ColorPeopleStill
Frontal and three angles rightwards (no profile)
Head and shoulderMostly neutral or smilingVery variedMales and femalesAdultsVery varied
Very varied, can find some culturally unique images, some people wore glasses, jewelry, and/or make-up
Each subject has 15 photos of different angles and lightings
No, can download on websitePretty good quality, fairly consistent
PICS (Psychological Image Collection at Stirling)
Still, but vide clips included. Includes walking video clips
7 anglesHead and neck
8 (neutral, smile mouth closed, smile mouth open, anger, disgust, fear, sadness, and surprise.)
VariedMale and female, half eachAdultsVaried, all can wear a capVaried
Grayish-blue, but can also get outdoors
Each model does a has a similar variety of pictures
Can choose to have them wear a cap or be outdoors
You can download some example images on website, ( It doesn't say how to access more, but probably should contact Peter Hancock:
Seems pretty consistent with great quality
PoFA (Pictures of Facial Affect)
Can see enitre database (With watermarks) if you click "VIEW DEMO" on website
110MultipleGrayscalePeopleStillFrontalHead and neckVarietyVariedMales and femalesAdultsVaried
Cannot really see, mostly white collared shirts
Consistent gray
Each model shows several expressions
Comes with brochure providing norms
You must purchase the database for $175Pretty good quality, pretty consistent
Princeton Database 1: Randomly generated faces
300300 (Computer created)Color3D representationStillFrontalNo body, just headFairly neutralCaucasian
Non gender-specific, but can appear more male or more female
AdultBaldNo clothingNo background
You can get faces similar in many ways
Each face is rated on 9 traits
Comes with excel that gives judgements on 9 traits of the faces
YesVery consistent, good quality
Radboud Faces Database
Three different gazes to choose from
5 camera angles availableHead with some shoulder8 primary expressions for each modelCaucasian
Caucasians (Dutch?) + Moroccan (male adult only)
Male and femalesAdults and childrenVaried hairAll wear black shirtWhite
Each model shows eight different expressions
Can choose 3 different eye gazes
Validation paper:
Yes, very consistent, with very good quality
The University of Oulu Physics-Based Face Databse
Over 2000125ColorPeopleStill
Mainly varies based on lighting
FrontalHead and neckNeutralVariedDoes not specifyPresumedly adultsVaried
Cannot see. Some have glasses, but can choose between glasses and no glasses for that individual
Technically gray, but varies due to different lightings.
Each subject is shown with 16 different lightings and camera calibrations
Comes with RGB spectral response of camera in addition to 3 spectral reflectnace of skin per person
Yes, by email. See website under "Ordering and Other Matters"Seems quite consistent and fairly good quality.
UT Dallas Face Database
Color, and grayscalePeopleStill
Frontal (and profile for neutral)
Head and sometimes shoulder
8 (Neutral, happy, angry, annoyed, disgusted, grumpy, sad, surprised)
VariedMales and femalesAdults and elderlyVariedVariedWhiteish
It doesn't appear that each model made all the emotions… At least it is not organized to make finding the same model in different expressions easy if that is so.
Also can get morphed, normed, neutralized faces
No, can download on websiteModerately consistent, good quality
Yale Face Database
Does not work with internet explorer or netscape 6
Frontal, lighting can be at different angles
Head6 (Happy, normal, sad, sleepy, surprised, wink)Does not specify.AdultsVaried
Can have glasses or no glasses
Each model shows 6 expressions with three different lightings, with or without glasses.
Glasses or no glasses. Three lighting options
Yes, apply on the websiteSeem decent quality, sounds fairly consistent.
(KDEF) Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces
49007072*62 dpiColorPeopleStill5 angles
7 (Afraid, angry, disgusted, happy, neutral, sad, surprised)
Male and female, exactly half of each
20-30VariedGray shirtConsistent
Each model shows 7 expressions with 5 different lightings twice. Also, eyes and mouth in fixed Image coordinates for each image
Can also get averaged faces in the AKDEF
Yes, very consistent and good quality.
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