Comparison of online web translators (mainly for software l10n/i18n localisation/internationalisation/globalisation/multilanguage)
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Feature or somethingPootleTranslatewiki.netTransifexWeblateLaunchpad (formerly Rosetta)GlotPressZanataPontoon (Mozilla)B-TranslatorSteamTwitter - discontinuedAdobeFacebookaNobiiApp TranslatorCrowdinGNOME: Damned LiesDrupal TranslationsNarro [3]SkypeGoogle and AndroidGlobalSightGengoMylingual / JapanizewordbeeBabelZillaGetLocalizationLocaleAppOneSkyAcoveo [3]ICanLocalize [3]UnbabelLocoWordappSolasKató
URL to instance public?
URL to code / / / (offline as of October 2013) /
LicenseGPLv3GPL2+Formerly GPL, nowadays proprietary 3.0GPLLGPLUnknownCommercialNoBSDCommercial only (very expensive?)Google Internal Translation Service (proprietary, and not only for Android, but for all Google Apps)Apache License 2.0?Proprietary, gratis for FLOSS projectsProprietary, gratis for "public" projectsAGPL?Proprietary
Number of supported languages>400
MediaWiki supports 350+ languages
200+ (plus 200+ sublocales), only 12 for its interfaceAlbanian and? 2553 (incl. Lolcat)Varies by product.50 to 111, depending on where you lookAdded manually on request? + Pseudolocalization107Various.
Example: Aloha Editor project has 50.
Notes"just another po manager which adds more problems than it solves" – someone, 2012. packages it with Virtaal, which is like an updated version of Poedit. Also asked User:El libre: It's good to merge and upload translations with PoeditUsually a pain to get a new project added. See VuFind, OJS, Sharelatex...Based on Django and Python. Upcoming version 1.0, with things TWN already has plus "native support for Qt files". TWN is already the Transifex that is not yet, we could say. Column expanded with help by User:Keunes.Born as another PO/translator toolkit web GUI à la Pootle, it's gradually implementing features that the other platforms have had for many years (hence some cells below are not up to date; cf. ). Instructions at some WordPress and Debian teams; OpenShot Video Editor; OpenERP Server, Web and Add-Ons; Blender Animation Design software; Linux Mint Distribution; Astronomer’s program Stellarium. Used even by GNU that hates web translation, but only 4 languages for few small projects. "Launchpad used to be insecure and of low quality, but that was a while back. I hear they've improved." "Launchpad builds Debian-format packages only". Also asked User:El libreAsked User:Martin, User:Moorshidi and User:KaidoKikkas. Seems slightly active and their issue tracker is tidy, but feature set quite basic. project created by unhappy Fedora users not agreeing with , hosting only few fedora projects now. Based on Java. Real-time collaboration on string level, but hacky.PHP, Drupal moduleAsked User:Ryo567Claim to have 350k participants.
Translations are approved by the moderator's dogma not by majority voting.
"Translation Feedback" feature: If the translator's translation is not approved, the unapproved translations appear as threefold choices.
Originally developed by team in Romania. Integrates with Adobe translation infrastructure.Votes seem to play a major role, however it is unclear, on what basis translations are approved. Facebook encourages "translator communities" and shows translators whom of their friends they "help" by translating, i.e. it's "such an honor to do it". :) "several steps, but only two of them involve professional translators" from each word in the interface when enabled, you can only propose and vote translations then they get locked.Used for SumatraPDF. He thinks TWN very ugly and hard to use and doesn't care about its features, may like it with TUX.Actually just a code browser, to download po files, see statistics, etc. All the work is still manual. Can mark tasks as ongoing ( pot files generated with Maybe GNOME is not using it at full potential though.Based on PHP and MySQL. Simple web interface. Asked User:ChaduvariAsked User:Chaduvari. Not so good if I see "Play [the screeshot]" translated as "Play [the game]" on G+.Java, MySQL"Mylingual" enables to translate the various web-services into your language unofficially. Can translate the various web services.Forum registration broken as of October 2015.Translate is "not quite as smooth" make screenshots and "tag" (document) messages semi-automatically for youMaven+Jenkins plugin which extracts strings from a software and sends them to their website for paid translationWebsite translation for Drupal and WordpressYet another online PO editor
Who is using it?Lot (LibreOffice, BOINC, YoWindow, Evernote, ...)MediaWiki, iHRIS, FreeCol... 500 active translators per month of total of 4700. Plus self-hosted instances like Lot (5000+ devs; Fedora, MeeGo, Mozilla, Mercurial, Creative Commons, VirusTotal, Django, FreedomBox, DoudouLinux, OpenTranslators, OwnCloud, Zotero). «customers in over 30 countries representing over 17,000 projects with 170,000 users»phpMyAdmin (dozen projects, 2k strings)Lot, but "Launchpad Rosetta module is unmaintained (see the constant "Timed out" errors that appears everywhere)". Almost all Ubuntu translations live here, but translators appear to be dissatisfied and Canonical doesn't invest on it.? (Wordpress and Automattic stuff, LimeSurvey)NobodyNobodyOnly Adobe products.Used by Facebook to receive translations from the people who have to know it best. Number of translators unknown, many inactive.Nobody (300 strings, some languages)?GNOMEMozilla Projects, Romanian FLOSS translators website AOLvarious projects such as Aloha EditorVarious extensions (add-ons) for Firefox and Thunderbird. Says over 1000 portuguese something (translators? fully translated extensions? extensions with a portuguese translator?)Rails apps onlyA handful small companiesDecathlon and other e-commerce websites, to freelance product description creation (not necessarily translation)TheRosettaFoundation.orgTranslatorsWithoutBorders
Can buy translations via it?NoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoProbably, via parent company Welocalize "able to deliver on-demand translation in over 100 languages", "over 400 employees worldwide"They have professional translators.
Probably everyone can also ask them to translate, for a fee.
YesYes, including testing on-deviceYesYes
Search"Extract messages using simple text or a regular expression". Search via pogrep or Lucene, can distinguish among files but not languages (source and target searched together?).ReplaceText with regular expressions by admins directly on wiki; Special:SearchTranslations for everyone (no regex): each language (including message documentation) can be filtered. Each string is a wiki page: everything is crawled by search engines and it's immediate to go from a language to another of it (compare search based on Whoosh (?)You can search in english or your language stringSearches everything together, allows to filter out some words.Can search for string keys and content. Can limit search to particular file (no facets) and filter with status (untranslated, outdated tokens (fuzzy?)) and sort by stateCan search for content (source and translations).
Search is limited to particular message-group, and filter with status ("untranslated (by me)", "translated/voted (by me)", "live").
Search results can be sorted by 6 ways (incompleted/completed, easy/difficult, old/new).
Yes. By product. By language. By string.Search (Original/Translations) is available but may not always show all matching strings. Strings can be edited directly on the results page. No additional filtering.Search by string is only way to find messages to translate/vote.No?Can search in the project.NoneCan search in the project.
Cross-language searchYes, with web interface Special:SearchTranslations, powered by ElasticSearch + web API.NoAdvanced users may manage to use pology's posieve command-line tool for this purpose?
Translation aids and contextualization [1] / message documentationAssistant languages ("alternative source language"), by string content rather than key; no diff for fuzzy.TM, IOL/"in other languages" [i.e. assistant languages], docs, checks [partly documented], Ask question, insertablesDocs (but "only comments in the headers of the source file" from PO), but «they only accept really short context/description text fields»; no diff for fuzzy; recently added side by side, diff and assistant language ( pofilter checks (90 % for format or editor limitations, can be customised). "you can also let Weblate automatically recognize texts on the screenshots using OCR and suggest strings to assign" are Translation Memory suggestions of some sort. Some users maintain glossaries for themselves.Fuzzying is unconditional. comparison for fuzziesCross-language discussionThere are discussions, but inactive.Translation memory, string leveraging supportFacebook Group for each language. Assistant languages introduced only in 2015. (Has a check "that order of printf-formating directives (%s, %d etc.) is the same in the translation as in original string".)context information, askNoneNone"Great QA features": "Write notes", "Automatic validation", "Placeholder highlighting"
Translation memory or other?No TM; glossary i.e. terminologies where suggestion/definition for a word is shown to translators every time that word is used, with poterminology suggesting common words to standardise. They're trying to set up TM services at now (still just a prototype).Own TM, ElasticSearch (also Solr option). Can be federated and can access TM of other instances over the web if public.Transifex incorporates a Translation Memory (TM) system to provide automatic suggestions based on similarities between source strings, allowing translators to leverage previous translations. See As of 2015, it was missing some features offered by Some dictionary feature, since 2.4 editable while translatingYes, about all the projects inside LaunchpadNo TM. will have some sort of glossary feature; but glossary (a list of existing translations for words are searched from the database)Similar translations are shown in Translation view.
Pop-up glossary.
Yes.No memory, but a glossary for terms that have a fixed translation. Many strings have an explanation attached to them (not always helpful).NoTM, glossaryNoTranslation suggestions are shared among the projects and users can vote their preferred suggestion.Yes, TM (one or multiple)NoNoNoGlossary suggestions, also from translation memory
Machine translation?Yes: Google (if you pay and get key), Apertium, othersYes: Microsoft (with old free key), Apertium, Yandex, others (Google removed, no key)Yes (elaborate!)Microsoft, ApertiumNoOnly Google Translate plugin. (Asia Online, other?)NoNoNo"Variable checking between original & translated text"
How is MT/TM/other shown to translator?Immediately shown on top next to definition and docs, but can require scrolling to see everything (and usually does for lower things like assistant languages); was all shown, on top, with old interfaceImmediately shown below translate text box.first there is the original string, then the target language string or suggestion and then you write the new string or suggestion."translation" textarea is followed by a list of similar sources/translations.Flagged.Description, if available, underneath every string. Glossary entries shown underneath textfield.N/A
Translator experience for outdated translations [1]Changes in source automatically mark translations as outdated; translators can list them; a diff for both the source and the translation is available to them within the editorWhen the source string is changed, the current translations are unconditionally removed? But they stay in the translation memory.
Validation featuresRudimentary TM; checkers to be written by admins, but 47 error checks for admins from pofilter, mostly specific to formats or compensating shortcomings in the translation editor and other requirements for valid target file export (like missing credits, blank translations). Actual benefit to translators and in preventing errors: dubious. But TWN doesn't check all variables even for MediaWiki (e.g. nonexisting magic words). Didn't find anything like thoughReviewing; fuzzy messages (e.g. PO), converted to suggestions; votes for suggestions (not sure if the latter belongs into this box)NoneNoAll translations need to be approved by a team of 2-3 validators per language. Discussion with(in) the teams and feedback on a separate forum. However this is a hack, not yet a GlotPress feature: and suggestions that can be exported and used for offline translation and karma«At RailsConf 2012, Dutro [12] reported on Twitter’s highly successful approach to collaborative translation involving 550,000 volunteers, 16,000 active source language phrases, and 1,450,000 translations. Twitter’s approach involves the moderation of strings by translators with elevated moderator privileges and a reputation system that not only takes into account the amount of words translated by a particular translator, but also keeps track of their ‘karma’ and ‘phrase maturity’; as an additional mechanism, the Translation Center uses a community voting system to support the identification or the most suitable translation.»; TM match stats, votesNone"Concordance search"?NoneNoneRVoting; reviewers and moderators to approve/change translations
Registration and unified login"When I last used it, (free-software localization interface) Pootle didn't have email integration". They have some RSS notifications for events like sync with VCS. to all.Gratis registration for all translators; gratis registration of open source projects. No unified login.Form, confirm email; email notifications for forum accountVia FAS (Fedora Account System) account for; otherwise OpenID or local registrationWith Steam accountLogin via TwitterYes. Adobe Id?Login via FacebookSame as siteTwitterGoogle, Twitter, user accountDrupal/Wordpress?Gengo user account.
Can also login with Facebook or Google
Twitter authorizationBrowserID (Persona)Via GitHub
Activity notification, incentives etc.Community building: translation rallies, aperiodic newsletters. RSS for edits but not for translation project events; email notifications only for edits/reviews/comments on watchlistUpdates from project managers and various other kinds of notifications."Zanata does not support notifications", 2015They give letter of recommendation to translators. A badge might be shown on your twitter profile if you're very active.
They give achievement badges. There's a list of top translators.
Gamification. Badges. Moderation.Facebook Notification on translation approval, leaderboard (weekly, monthly, all time, total impact), awards (based on translation quality and quantity), "By translating, you help these friends who use Facebook in [lang]".NoTranslations rankingNoneNone
There is a list of websites with last modified times and translators' usernames
Prioritisation and the like [1]Messages can be placed in "virtual folders"Messages can be placed in different "message groups" depending on the VCS file they come from, or other methods (list of messages by key).None, but project managers can make different 'resources' (with attached priority)None? But translation groups organise themselves, e.g. Ubuntu translators don't bother translating components of the OS which "arrive from elsewhere" (like GNOME).Allow setting originals’ priority on import (a recurring topic in their blog, they seem to care a lot)No.No
Other interface featuresRudimentary special characters insertor per languageFull-pledged input methods and web fonts (ULS)"Launchpad does not allow direct downloading/uploading translation. You have to wait for several hours just to download/upload a translated file.""Zanata has monstrous and slow CLI client", 2015You have to choose a category like Twitter for Android or, so no translating "All strings"Moderation interface.All strings are basicly listed on one page, no categories, you edit/vote on individual strings that appear randomly or via search. SPECIAL feature: If you use Facebook in the language you translate into, you can translate inline anywhere on the site via underlined phrases.None"Setting the tone and background information", length limitsSidebar dictionary (translations from standard bilingual dictionaries)
Permissions neededOnly admin and reviewers can see error checks and act on them. Some users can only give suggestions for the translators to approve, not all users have "overwrite" permission.Translation: fill a form, manual approval. All translators are equal, no suggestions. All translators see the checks and can review; for this reason, checks are not spammy and have few false positives.Can ask a License agreement to be subscribed. Without logging in, users can't even see l10n: no discoverability for people wishing to fix specific things.NoneNone to suggest translations.Request via email to get new project added; just click to join a translation team?Difficult test translation, 2 hours to complete.Have to sign a very nasty Translation Agreement and to follow up to ten "lessons" (lenghty walkthroughs/quizzes) before tasks activate ||| juthilo: I actually don't remember any nasty signup process, so if there was one, it was endurable for me. ||| Nemo: I meant nasty as in legal conditions; what about the lessons? Didn't try those-Not for translation. Yes for moderation.None as far as I remember.Request button but they seem to accept everyone in a whileNoneNoneNoMaximum 3 official translators [per language]?
Supported file SDF/GSI; Mozilla: .properties, DTD, XHTML, .inc, .ini, etc.; Comma Separated Value, TMX, XLIFF, TBX, PHP, WordFast TXT, Qt .ts, txt, .ini, Windows .rc, ical, subtitles, Mac OS X stringsAndroidXml, Dtd, PHP, Gettext, Ini, Java, JavaScript, Json, MediaWiki, PythonSingle, RubyYaml, Wiki, Yaml, AMD i18n bundleAndroid Resources, Apple strings, Desktop, Gettext, Java property, Joomla INI, Magento CSV, Maker Interchange Format (MIF), Mozilla DTD, Mozilla Property, PHP, Plain text, .plist, Qt Linguist (TS), Subtitle formats (3), Wiki markup, Windows resource (.resx), HTML/XHTML, XLIFF, YAML (1.1 only)Those of Translate-toolkit, but only PO used/tested. Since 2.4 also XLIFF?Only PO according to . Translators however, at least in Ubuntu, never see the PO files and only interact with the web interface. .po, .android and .rrcGettext/PO, Java Properties and XLIFF (partial)N/AWeb interface. Database based. No file export. Sent via API to central infrastructure.N/ANoneCustom (gettext-like)"All"Gettextgettext .poIt supports several format files as gettext, open office sdf files, mozilla dtd files and more."Filters for dozens of filetypes, including Word, RTF, PowerPoint, Excel, XML, HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JSP, Java Properties, Frame, InDesign, etc."JSONCan process xpi (zip) file.No PHP; YAML, ...YAMLApp l10n and markets (.strings, .xml, .resx, .resjson, .rrc), YAML, .properties, Gettext, documents (.doc .pdf etc.)
RTL supportComprehensive for the web UI and for the translation editor.Comprehensive for the web UI (uses MediaWiki) and for the translation editor.Comprehensive for the translations.Comprehensive for the translations.Comprehensive for the web UI and for the translation editor.Comprehensive for the translation editor.Comprehensive for the translation editor.
Mobile supportPretty OK. The website is adapted for mobile phones. The current source sentence is shown at the top of the mobile screen, and the translation is typed in the middle. There are buttons to submit the translation and for going back and forth. The whole list of source sentences can be seen by swiping the screen left to right.
Translation templatesBilingual file formats PO, XLIFF, Qt TS, TBX, TMX can be used for offline translation (Virtaal recommended). POT used for PO files; can import Java properties, Mac OSX strings, PHP arrays, Subtitles in many formats PO; gettext strings converted to "MediaWiki-keys" format used by Translate, templates never needed (yet?).Can use POT (but also PO) as the source file for creating a resourceYestemplates?No.NoNoNoneNone
Plural, grammar, gender and whatnotCase on next column: imported but not exported.In PO, "If a plural string doesn’t have all the plural form fields filled in or the number of plural forms is different than the number we have in our database for this language, the translations will not be imported"You have the po option for pluralSomething for pluralPlural tags appears. e.g. {{#targets_count_one}} for singular, {{#targets_count_other}} for plural.
{{}}s are for {{ mustache }} library: ||| juthilo: Often, they use multiple strings where one with a variable might have been enough.
Depends on product.There are variables but strings are just newly created for each applicable case. Gender is a problem because there is no popular equivalent in many languages to the English "they" for unknown and many strings become inflexible because of the variables/their position.NoCan use regular expression to translate the various DOM nodes.No"Pluralization string grouping" O_o
ExportAll the supported formats via API + .qph, .qm, .mo. Can be integrated with VCS (CVS, SVN, Git, Darcs, Bazaar, Mercurial) on own Pootle server: only via PO, doesn't handle conflicts (VCS wins and Pootle marks own translations for review), can be triggered via GUI but needs passwordless keys.Directly to VCS by shell users, with no problems of format validation in export phase or other errors, that are not the committer's responsibility; .po export via GUI (url); export in native format via GUI (url). Plans for a fully automated export to the VCS in the future."They constantly forget to do tx pull/tx push in Fedora which leads to untranslated apps" ; "translators can accidentally break your package build", "developer gave Transifex write access to his VCS repository, and translations were automatically committed by Transifex" (before 1.0); in 1.0 export is triggered by project admin via CLIGit, Mercurial, no SVN; no conflict resolutionOnly to bzr repo directly; or PO download. The web transltor adds some legal headers automatically.Doesn't export message documentation."Note that you can obtain .po files from your language's status pages on the GNOME Translation Project website. (See below). Sometimes special characters (non-ASCII) can be garbled doing this"gettext .poPHP single quoted array (zipped)simple text format and JSONSingle file or xpi (zip) archive. Developers get an email when the "official translator" marks a l10n as released. sync
Import"Merge snippets of PO files into your existing translations", but can only bulk-select them as approved/discarded/suggestions. New files (and projects) added by privileged users (admins) via GUI, also mass-upload of ZIPs; maybe also automatically if VCS integration and file pattern configured.Full offline-online translation integration via .po import/export by translators on GUI; new strings automatically from CVS, but new projects/files added by shell users. As of 2015, experimental feature to have group configuration on-wiki, with fully automated import.New projects created with a form on the site; management (only?) via your command line. From 1.0, will require POT: "intltool-based projects which do not have a POT file are not supported"."To enable automated workflow on GitHub, you need to enable Weblate service hook in settings with as URL. If you want Weblate to automatically push changes as well, add Weblate user to collaborators and let us know you want to use this option. " Since 2.4, also bitbucket hooks.You can upload a po before you have download from Launchpad before (they put something at the headers'file). "Launchpad needs the POTs to be build during general make cycle".N/ANo.N/AManual/customgettext .posimple text formatsingle file or xpi (zip) archive
Frequent sync AKA continuous translation AKA agile localization [1]Yes, since September 2009 on Wikimedia
Statistics featuresStandard completion stats; "word, string and file counts of your files" with a preference for word counts since sometime in the 2010s. Probably something a bit like KDE's, by number of users or messages involved (including per language, per project or other message group, total; both for translations and reviews). Available for any period and with customisable graphs.Unclear; "See precise, real-time translation statistics like how many words have been translated, when, and by whom"Activity; translation completion widgetYou have some kind of Karma (about how many translations are approved)None and not a priority? Percentage of translation

Translators: Ranking (top %), Number of {translations, approved translations}, Number of {votes, approved votes} the translator gave, Number of votes the translator was given
Multiple. Moderation and translation.LeaderboardNoneNoneActivity, translator stats, other"Login access should also show translation stats, both software and docs (see GNOME's platform for localization), and you should be able to submit translations there. GNOME have done a lot of work on this, so they're good people to ask." of translations"Cost calculation based on configurable rates for each step of the localization process"Nonecompletion ratio for each file/language
Exists since2004
Pootle v0.8 = Feb 17, 2005
~200520092012After 2005: translation rather recent2010? First commit in 2008.2011October 2011Feb 14, 2011201120122009/2011, "Two online translation editors" (1997 very beginning)2007August 2005 but launched in March 2006.
Wikipedia for translationNoNoNot for translationNot for translationNot for translationNot for translationNot for translationNoNoNot for translationNot for translation
ContactYours trulyhttp://blog.glotpress.orgfor a bug report and a feature request
???There's a Translations App section in Facebook help with report options.Krzysztof Kowalczyk <>globalsight-dev@googlegroups.comKazuho Oku / Cybozu Labs
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