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Username (R=reddit, SDN=StudentDoctorNetwork, IG=Instagram, T=Twitter, etc etc)Exam DateTotalC/P (Chem/Physics)CARSBB (Bio/Biochem)P/S (Psych/Sociology)Date (When did you take this practice exam? (approx))TotalC/PCARSB/BP/SDate (When did you take this practice exam? (approx)TotalC/PCARSB/BP/SDate(When did you take this practice exam (approx?))TotalC/PCARSB/BP/SDate(When did you take this practice exam (approx?))Total (Percentage)C/P (Percentage)CARS (Percentage)B/B (Percentage)P/S (Percentage)Date(When did you take this practice exam (approx?))Total Score (out of 120)C/P (out of 30)CARS (out of 30)B/B (out of 30)P/S (out of 30)When did you do the Section Banks approx?Section Bank - C/P PercentageSection Bank - B/B PercentageSection Bank - P/S PercentageWhen did you take the Question banks approx?Q Bank - CARS #1 PercentageQ Bank - CARS #2 PercentageQ Bank - Biology #1 PercentageQ Bank - Biology #2 PercentageQ Bank - Chemistry PercentageQ Bank - Physics PercentageAAMC flashcards scores /25What did you think about the AAMC Material for practice?Have you taken the MCAT Before?How many times (TOTAL including this time)?When was your first attempt?What was your overall score on your first attempt?Section wise break down of score of first attemptWhy did you retake after your first attempt?What did you do differently this time?Advice for retakers?When was your second attempt?What was your overall score on your 2nd attempt?Section wise break down of score of 2nd attemptWhy did you retake from the first time?What did you do differently from the first time?Advice for retakers who have taken the exam twice already?List all other attempts here Additional Comments and Remarks TPR Exam 1 Total ScoreTPR Exam 2 Total ScoreTPR Exam 3 Total ScoreTPR Exam 4 Total ScoreTPR Exam 5 Total ScoreTPR Exam 6 Total ScoreTPR Exam 7 Total ScoreTPR Exam 8 Total ScoreTPR Step Practice Exam Score w/ Breakdown (List all)What did you think of TPR Exams? NS Diagnostic Total ScoreNS1 Total ScoreNS2 Total ScoreNS3 Total ScoreNS4 Total ScoreNS5 Total ScoreNS6 Total ScoreNS7 Total ScoreNS8 Total ScoreNS9 Total ScoreNS10 Total ScoreNext Step Practice Exam Score w/ Breakdown (List all)What did you think of Next Step Exams?Altius FL 1 Total ScoreAltius FL 2 Total ScoreAltius FL 3 Total ScoreAltius FL 4 Total ScoreAltius FL 5 Total ScoreAltius FL 6 Total ScoreAltius FL 7 Total ScoreAltius FL 8 Total ScoreAltius FL 9 Total ScoreAltius FL 10 Total ScoreAltius Practice Exam Score w/ Breakdown (List all)
@mattman988/18/20185151291281301288/12/20185171291281301308/6/20185081281271271266/29/20185101281271271288/15/20186879Yes39/2/2015508129/127/127/125Studied more. More practice testsStudy.9/2/2017508130/125/127/126raise my score15 practice tests. A little reading and side studying besides taking up the tests. Put in as many hours as you can. It will pay off. Don't give up503Passages were overly complex. Real thing is much simpler510508507507509507509506Very similar to real mcat test
@mattman988/18/20185151291281301288/12/20185171291281301308/6/20185081281271271266/29/20185101281271271288/15/20186879Yes39/2/2015508129/127/127/125Studied more. More practice testsStudy.9/2/2017508130/125/127/126raise my score15 practice tests. A little reading and side studying besides taking up the tests. Put in as many hours as you can. It will pay off. Don't give up503Passages were overly complex. Real thing is much simpler510508507507509507509506Very similar to real mcat test
matthewcashew (R)8/18/20185171271301291318/11/20185211291321301308/5/20185161281281311297/30/20185171311291281297/25/20187/15/20189422242325The best content by far, start this 1-1.5 months out from your test at least. Don't take a practice test less than 6 days out from your exam date. Also, don't get discouraged by your section bank/early AAMC scores because you will rapidly improve as you progress through them, so long as you address your weaknesses between each step.No498511Diagnostic: 498 (120/127/125/126), FL1: 511 (127/128/128/128)I had heard these were among the best third party exams, so I switched to these for my last third party before starting AAMC. I'd say I'd agree since their question style is the closest to the AAMC (still not 100% accurate tho). Don't let the diagnostic discourage you because I was able to improve real quick. If you're not looking to pay, NS1 is pretty good. No experience with paid NS exams.
DocDurr10/8/20185231311311301318/5/20185181301291311297/29/20185221311321311287/22/20185161301271311288/2/201886858590857/18/2018103242426297/26/2018837781788884909190Best material easily, don't waste time on other stuff especially CARSNo514512511514Pretty comparative for experiment passages but content passages were way off especially psych/soc
8/25/20185221311301311308/23/20185201291281311328/21/20185221321291301318/19/20185211311301311298/17/201888.7869190888/11/2018768795949690Obviously AAMC materials are the gold standard. I wish that I had started them earlier, because I didn't get the chance to do the section banks, which I would have liked to have under my belt. Oh well.

Start them early, space them out, and review them thoroughly.
No505FL1: 505 (125/127/125/128)Wrote the first one, didn't feel anything like the real exam, so I gassed the rest of them. Not reflective, not representative, only good for building stamina, which I didn't feel was worth my time.
one_odd_duck (R)8/3/20185081281281271257/31/20185131281281281297/27/20185091271281281267/15/20185131261301291288/2/201890.1No499501502509504
jmac42248/31/20185171271311291308/27/20185141281291291287/27/20185121281271281297/18/2018508125127128128Yes18/21/2015503(124/127/125/127)Reapplying to schools after completing a graduate degree504Definitely the hardest of the 3rd party exams I used. Very detail oriented, good for hammering home content review.512512507506The closest to the real thing you can get. Tests 1-4 test very different information so don't be surprised if you don't see improvement from test 1-4515
justjones123458/31/20185061241261271298/28/20185051251231271308/23/20185081261281271276/13/2018498125125124124No508505503504I thought they were very good for practice and endurance, the closest thing to the aamc you can get. Although it's mostly content heavy.
action_potentiaI (R)8/31/20185191311291291308/27/20185191291301301308/20/20185171301301301278/5/20185131291281281288/13/201883.978918681Hands down the best material out there, tests are very indicative of the real thing and the scores do a good job of allowing you to predict what you will getNo
cindo19 (R)9/1/20185281321321321328/28/20185231311321301308/24/20185241321321311298/3/20185211291311311308/17/201892939493868/29/2018105272627258/28/20188590848/27/2018839393919397Definitely the most indicative! P/S seemed to have a harsher curve on the FLs than the actual though. No506514514515Diagnostic: 506 (125/126/127/128) (Taken: 6/23/18), FL1: 514 (130/128/128/128) (Taken: 6/30/18), FL2: 514 (131/128/128/127) (Taken: 8/12/18), FL3: 515 (129/127/130/129) (Taken: 8/21/18)Overall their passages and answers were pretty similar in format to AAMC, but generally harder and with harsher curves. Definitely worth it for practicing testing conditions with similar questions as AAMC, but don't get too caught up with the scores!
sodapopcat (R)9/1/20185231321301311308/25/2018521I feel like it was a lot more straight forward than the real thing, so take it with a grain of saltNo505Hella hard but I also took it without any content review512Can't say much bc I did the free one
ShadowTenshii (R)8/31/20185141301251291308/23/20185131291281271298/22/20185121291271301265081291241281277/29/20187774.679.27876.38/27/201897242425248/28/2018No504503TPR Demo: 499 (124/125/124/126) (Taken: 7/15/2018)
TPR1: 504 (125/127/125/127) (Taken: 8/5/2018)
TPR2: 503 (124/126/126/127) (Taken: 8/25/2018)
It focuses too much on memorization than problem solving, imo
It's pretty deflated
509NS1: 509 (128/125/128/128) (Taken 8/13/2018)It seems pretty inflated... except CARS
9/1/20185141301271271308/28/20185131281271281308/18/20185101281241291298/11/20185111281251291298/3/201888.75869188908/5/2018716871the section bank is the best way to learn to think through the problems the way aamc expect you to.No500497500504503503500505Only good for getting used to taking the test and helps with focused content review on parts you missed. Just helps you realize what chapter to open the book to.
jpolicht(R)9/1/20185201301271321318/26/20185191311291301298/18/20185141301271291288/10/20185211311311301298/1/2018918/10/2018110282527308/1/2018868981No515513511513512513I thought these were great. They gave me a good example of what the real exam would be like with tougher questions. Filled all holes in my knowledge. But as a side note I thought the CARS was unrealistic even if it did prepare me to read 90 minutes of boring passages. 519
LizleCat (R)9/1/20185251321291321328/28/20185241321291321318/5/20185251321321321297/1/20185231311291321318/27/201894.5959298938/26/20188592868/26/20188393Practice Exams are spot on for your real score. Section bank is best. CARS Q pack is good. Screw everything else.No510510516Content heavy. Tries to trick you with questions. Tangibly different from AAMC questions. Good for looking for content practice. Do AAMC last, TPR first.
8/31/20185121271281271308/27/20185071261261281278/28/20185091261281281278/25/2018505124126127128I started very late and didn't even use most of the package other than the FLs. I should have started earlier with them.No499505504505505FL1: 505 (126/125/126/128) (7/30/18); FL2: 504 (125/127/125/127) (8/6/18); FL3: 505 (127/125/125/128) (8/11/18); FL4: 505 (127/125/127/126) (8/17/18)
TheRealTSmooth8/31/20185101271281271288/24/20185091271251281298/17/20185061271251271278/11/20185071261271271278/4/201871.75647773737/29/201877171126238/8/20185668717/31/20186480887376best material. Necessary for studying. Buy first before any third party.Yes25/18/2017493123,122,125,123I half assed studied for a couple months and only took 1 full length for practice. I knew I wasnt ready but I did it anyways.I quit my job, I deleted social media, I made a schedule and stuck to it. I took 7 full lengths, I used anki, I read reviewbooks and actually took notes. Only you know if you are capable of doing well on this test. I knew that I was way smarter than a 493 so I busted ass and got my shit together. If its meant to be it will be, If youre meant to be a doctor than youll take the MCAT as many times as you have to. Learn from your mistakes and take studying for this test seriously. Anybody can do well on this test, you have to WANT to do well. ASK QUESTIONS/ADVICE AND BE REASONABLE WITH YOURSELF.498503502506Its true they are the best practice tests. Definitely buy at least 1-4 from them.
typicaltina97 (R)8/31/20185141291291271298/24/20185111271281271298/18/20185071261271281267/27/20185091261291271278/11/20188375878188No500509
discord (Hugh_Mungus)_9/1/20185181281311291308/26/20185141291271291308/24/20185141291271301288/21/20185101281271261297/28/201877688183768/24/20187577738/1/2018728180No502511512509amazing
spzero0 (R)8/31/20185111261281291288/24/20185081261281281267/20/20185041241281271258/8/201874539273808/19/201882152420237/25/20185860657/18/20188187No507FL1: 507 (126/125/128/128) (Taken: 7/17/2018)Definitely take the free FL they offer (NS FL 1), explanations are great. CARS score not very accurate but the rest pretty great.501501 (126/124/126/125) (Taken: 8/16/2018)
humerustcell (R)9/1/20185191321271301308/26/20185151301291281288/18/20185121281281301267/28/2018510128128127127I saved the AAMC material until the very end. I did some of the section bank stuff but didn't like the lack of explanations for wrong answers so I stuck with Kaplan for practice passages/questions. Also, whenever I would cross answers out it displayed it weirdly during review so I couldn't see what answers I had eliminated before picking my answer. I took FL 1 a little over a month out, FL 2 two weeks out and FL 3 one week out.Yes21/23/2016507507 (129/126/127/125) (Taken: 1/23/2016)I didn't get in with my first score, so I decided to take two gap years and reapply. By the time I'm planning to reapply my score will expire, so I had to retake it. I also wasn't very happy with my first score and wanted to try to do better.I self-studied the first time on top of school and research and volunteering and working. This time I took a Kaplan course and having the structure really helped me. I work 40 hours a week but I managed to do 2-3 hours of studying every weekday and 8-10 on weekends. I studied for 5 months. I was very driven, I made my schedule and I stuck to it.Things are always a little scary the first time. Retaking the MCAT sucks but going in with some experience with it relieves some weight. You can score higher if you truly dedicate yourself and work hard. Remember that it's pretty common now for people to reapply, therefore retakers aren't rare. There's nothing to beat yourself up about, you're trying to strengthen your application and that's admirable. Deep breath, you got this.
RI8168/31/20185241311311311318/30/20185231321301311308/29/20185231321311301308/28/2018521130130130130Definitely important to do. Gives you a good idea of where you stand. However the real test is harder!No
9/1/20185211311291311308/28/20185271311321321328/25/20185141301281291278/16/20185191311311281298/8/201889959281908/1/201885879890FL's are a must, QB's are helpful, didn't do SB, flashcards are quick and fun and good for finding content gapsNo503504(501 -- 123, 127, 124, 127) (Taken 15/6/2018, the free one)Bad. Very bad. They're good for content review but don't trust their scores at all. I had a "15 point increase" between a TPR exam and an AAMC FL within a week, which is just ridiculous. I also didn't even have a score increase after a month of content review, so just take the tests for the experience.498HL: 503 --127, 126, 127, 123 (10/7/2018)
(R) Yo_Soy_El_Senado8/31/20185271321311321328/28/20185251321301311328/25/20185221321321311278/22/2018524130132131131No513513514516512513517515517516Please note I did not take the exams in order, so I have them listed in the order I took them: FL5 512 (128/128/129/127) FL6 513(129/127/131/126) FL7 517 (130/129/130/128) FL8 515 (130/130/128/127) FL1 513 (129/128/128/128) FL2 513 (130/127/130/126) FL3 514 (130/125/131/128) FL4 516 (130/129/130/127) FL9 517 (130/129/130/128) FL10 516 (129/129/130/128)
9/1/20185221311291311318/26/20185241321321301308/20/20185221311301301318/14/201852013013113012975899386best predictor for how you'll do on the examNo506503506507510510509513way too hard and detailed, but CARS more representative than other prep companies515511511515
9/1/20185181301291291308/26/20185201291311301308/19/20185121291281281278/11/20185121291281281277/1/201882.2580858381766573718884787168The practice tests are the most important, then the section bank, then the Q packs. I wish I had given myself more time to do the section banks and Q packs twice. I feel liked I needed more AAMC prep for P/S because while I was taking the MCAT I felt totally unprepared, but I ended up with a good P/S score (130) so I guess it worked out okay. No
PlopJr (R)8/31/20185171291291301298/28/20185151281271291318/22/20185171301301291288/18/20185091291251281278/28/20187079708/15/2018708088917490Do full lengths under 100% testing conditions. Also practice wearing earplugs during practice exams as well. CARS Q pack is vital and underrated for CARS practice, IMO.No511CARS passage and question wording are not representative of AAMC type q's. Regardless, NS 1 was still good practice and I found the three science sections to be quite representative. Would recommend if you have the time.
9/1/20185191321281301298/26/20185201321261321308/20/20185151301261301298/16/20185151301241311308/12/20188692878183No505FL1: 505 (126/127/125/127)512512511FL1: 512 (129/125/129/129); FL2: 512 (129/126/129/128); FL3: 511 (128/126/128/129)
wilsonwils0n (R)9/1/20185181311281311288/25/20185201301291301318/17/20185111281261291288/10/20185101291251281287/26/201880.2571878083100242724257185738289FLs, CARS Qpacks, and SB's were the most useful material I used in studying. Everything else is basic boo booNo510508508Meh. I only used AAMC, NS, and then 1 EK. The NS exams were decent and a good way to get prepped for AAMC. Not quite the same logic but good enough for early practice.
ChemMed8/31/20185161291311271298/22/20185241311311311318/21/20185211311321311287/6/20185071271281271258/25/20188673949286I wish I would have only used AAMC material.No
sehcb2012 (S)9/1/20185141281271291308/29/20185091271271281278/27/20185091271271291268/25/2018511127128129127Yes34/23/2016497487 (125/125/122/125)Low scoreused khan academy, crash course and AK lecture videos rather than kaplan books use all AAMC practice materials and khan academy videos 7/21/2017504504 (126/126/128/124)Low score for MD programs used khan academy, crash course and AK lecture videos rather than kaplan books don't take the exam until you are confident you will score near your goal. If you have to delay it, then delay it. It's not worth taking the exam sooner if you are unprepared.I used NS full lengths to prep for my second attempt and I do not think they are nearly as representative as the AAMC full lenghts and they inflated my score making me overconfident during exam day.
RaisinsOnTheMoon (R)9/1/20185161301271291308/25/20185191291301301308/18/20185171291291311288/11/2018516131127129129No
BarryMcKokiner123 (R)9/1/20185141301271301278/28/20185171291271301318/22/20185151301291291278/15/2018511129125129128amazing, USE IT ALL. ONLY MATERIAL WORTH THE MONEYNo503501506507510They're okay. Great for timing and testing your content, not representative though
Lurker8/31/20185241301311311328/28/20185191301271311318/20/20185201301311301298/11/20185151291281291298/1/20189083928092No508506510511509501504Much more difficult. The most recent one I took I got a 504 two weeks before my actual exam. That is a 20 point difference. 512
ecass2228/10/20185071271241271298/6/20185061291241271267/31/20185121291271281286/25/20185051261271261265/20/201867.75587461787/10/201886182124237/30/2018605874747882Fairly representativeNo508Not terribly different than AAMC
somerandomhuman 8/31/20185211301281311328/21/20185231301291321328/18/20185211301311301307/28/20185171301271301308/25/201890879393No509503509513509506506513A lot harder than the real thing, especially for C/P. Useful to build endurance and they make C/P for AAMC feel a lot easier. CARS logic was a bit off. Good B/B although sometimes they asked very specific low-yield questions
med_mama (R)9/1/20185141311251311278/26/20185171301271301308/22/20185171301291301288/17/20185141291271301288/13/201881.776798586No503510508511507C/P was way too hard. CARS was really random. Bio was good. AAMC is changing up P/S now so who knows
BayernMunichFannn (S)9/1/20185161301261311298/30/20185131311231311288/22/20185081291241291268/9/20185081291231291278/27/2018808771938/7/2018758365FL = SB > Sample FL > CARS QPacks > Half-length > Science QPacks

I'd say the full lengths and section banks are equally as important. CARS QPacks were huge in helping me improve my score. The half-length seemed way easier than what the actual exam was like. The science qpacks are not representative of what the exam is like, but they are good for testing yourself on the different concepts.
During the winter of 2017, I registered for a summer 2017 exam. I got really caught up with school, research, and all of my other extracurriculars throughout the semester and never really studied for the MCAT. After the semester ended, I only had four weeks until my exam day. I knocked out content review for about 10 days and then dove into practice problems and eventually tests. I didn't realize until a week before my exam that I was god awful at CARS. It was too late to cancel or postpone my MCAT test date, so I went into the test and knew I had to void my score. Hence, why I don't have a score or any breakdown for this attempt.

I was really eager to retake because I wanted to apply to medical schools during the summer of 2017.
I studied CARS and P/S heavily, and kind of C/P and B/B to the side. I didn't give myself enough time to do any new FL exams. Don't focus all your attention on a 7/17/2017505129/123/128/125Keep persevering. Don't settle for what you the score you think you can achieve. Reach for the score that you want.

At the start of the following summer, I dove back into content review. I used the Kaplan Quicksheets as my guide. I think this is one of the most significant things I did because it prevented me from going down a rabbit hole of unnecessary detail when studying. I would study the quicksheets and if there was something I didn't know then I would go to Khan Academy, Kaplan Books, Khan 100 page P/S, and utilize those resources.

For P/S I made a crap ton of Anki Cards. I'd make them and study them per chapter and then when I felt good with them I combined all the chapter decks into one.

I didn't register for my third attempt until I was making the scores I wanted on FL exams. I treated the MCAT registration deadlines (8 days prior to each test date) as exam dates. So, once I finished content review, sections banks, and any qpacks I felt were relevant, then I would take an AAMC exam the day before the registration deadline and determine if I was satisfied with the score I got on the practice exams. If it wasn't then I would set my eyes on the next registration deadline and focus in on my weaknesses.
9/1/20185171291301271318/25/20185101271301261278/12/2018510127130126127The FL Practice Tests, 100%!No
drose20469/1/20185131281281271308/26/20185121281261301298/24/20185071271261261278/12/20185011261231271258/19/201871758180Best material of all, gets you used to the way they asked questions on the real thing. The CARS from Kaplan was very poor, had a little bit of shell shock when I took AAMC FL1 and still can't believe I was able to improve that much in just 3 weeks. All I used for CARS in the LAST month was AAMC CARS question pack.No
TrynaKeepSwimmin (R) 9/1/20185161291271301308/27/20185051261271271258/18/20185091271271291268/23/20185151281321281278/13/201877.564947875No502502Much more difficult wouldn't really recommend508Very representative! Topics were most similar to ones seen on aamc
pre-MD (R)8/31/20185221301301311318/27/20185221321301321288/21/20185221311301311308/22/2018516No
holyhellitsmatt (R)9/8/20185201281291321318/30/20185231321301311308/22/20185211301311301308/16/2018520130132130128No
PieceofPie_SK (R)9/8/20185281321321301329/3/20185241311301321319/1/20185201301301311298/29/20185201301311301298/26/2018958991.591.57978767987898783No
lost5ever9/8/20185181301281291319/1/20185171311281291298/25/20185141281291301278/1/20185131291281291278/13/201882.75768981859/2/20186873748/27/2018798281838077Practice exams were the bomb do them. Do QPs/SBs earlier on and redo closer to date No4995005055035075027/7/2018- 123/125/126/125, 8/15/2018- 125,125,126,126USELESS. Do not waste your time- these are not representative and I regret doing them 510128,126,127,129- 8/17/2018Much better than TPR, better feedback - if you're using third party I recommend.
greenteesh (R)8/31/20185211291291311328/26/20185211301301301318/17/20185221311301311308/10/20185251301321311328/1/2018798185879293No514FL1: 514 (128/128/129/129) (Taken: 7/20/18)
RollingDownTheStairs (R)9/8/20185231311291321319/3/20185271321311321328/30/20185221311301321298/28/20185211311281301328/19/201895959697929/7/2018101282522269/3/20188686739/3/20188393939698NoTPR DEMO (before any prep) 508 (124/127/128/129) (taken May 28 18)514517516513513514(Note reverse order) Half: 514 (126/128/130/130) (Taken Jul 15 18) FL5: 514 (129/127/128/130) (Taken Aug 6 18) FL4: 513 (129/127 129/128) (Taken Aug 8 18) FL3: 513 (130/126/129/128) (Taken Aug 10 18) FL2: 516 (131/128/129/128) (Taken Aug 13 18) FL1: 517 (130/128/130/129) (Taken Aug 15 18)Among the companies I've tested, NS is the best after AAMC. CARS often sucks (which sucks), C/P and B/B are fairly representative although sometimes insanely convoluted (which is excellent), and P/S is not as analysis-oriented as AAMC but is full of the craziest terms (which is great!). I would definitely recommend NS exams!
Slagathor1650 (R)9/8/20185121281241301309/5/20185191311271321298/30/20185101291231301288/24/20185141301271301278/9/2018838793818/22/201810223242629Really great test prep. No complaintsNo512512507507FL1: 512 (128/126/129/129) FL2: 512 (130/126/128/128) FL3: 507 (127/124/128/128) FL4: 507 (129/123/128/127)Some of the P/S is completely off.
excitingelectron (R)9/8/20185221291311301329/2/20185241321321301308/25/20185221311321301298/18/2018520131128131130No513513510The CARS is not representative. In one week, I went from 510 on NS4 to 520 on FL1. Good representations of test in terms of layout and style but a little more detail focused, I often felt pressed for time. Good for using as practice tests but don’t take the scores very seriously.
Instagram (@jackyzhao72)9/8/20185151301271321269/6/201850813012512812511/1/201890272421189/3/201866559/5/201875Section Bank > FL > Q BankNo
jrossisaboss (R)9/8/2018507125127126129501497504Yes26/16/2018500125/124/125/126Did not get the score I wantedPractice more AAMC resources; reviewed ALL the questions I got wrongDo not rely on non-AAMC practice tests!
lpath77 (R)8/31/20185091271251281298/1/20185141291281291287/1/20185101271291281266/15/20185001251241261257/25/20188281838083No502508508507506Good practice. CARS is not representative.
diviraj98 (R) 9/8/20185241311291321328/24/20185211311301311298/22/20185181311281311288/20/2018521131130132128No
Perrydaplaty (R)9/8/20185131251291291309/1/2018506127125128126No
8/16/20185231301321311308/12/20185181301321301267/30/2018515128130129128No506FL1: 506 (128/125/127/126)
therealmichaelscott (S)6/1/20185101271251301285/27/20185071291231281275/3/20184991251241271232/10/2018501124126126125No
fivetwoeightymillion (R)9/14/20185191301291301309/11/20185171301271301309/7/20185141291261291308/24/20185161301281291298/31/201886818975938/10/2018878381918693Yes28/25/2015508508 (128/126/126/128)Didn't prep well enough, panicked after C/P which ruined the rest of my test. Put in a lot more time in studying, actually used AAMC material. Forgot about previous sections, even though I thought I did badly, and focussed on the section I was currently on. Obviously remember what you did the first time and try to improve on that. In addition, remember not only what you can improve on in your studying, but what you did on test day. For me, it came down to not panicking after a bad section like I did the first time. 500510508511Not too representative in terms of difficulty, but excellent passages and practice. C/P was many times harder than AAMC's for me. CARS is good practice, but scores shouldn't be taken too seriously.
you---dont (R)9/8/20185121311261271289/3/20185061271251281268/29/20185061301241261267/23/20185081291231271297/9/20180.77250.880.580.750.888/22/20185873SB > FL 1 > Official Guide FL 2 > FL 3 > Sample Test > CARS QPacks; I started the AAMC material about a month out from my test date and almost exclusively used itNoDidn't take but heard that they were a pretty good substitute for AAMC exams.
culbusbordis (R)9/14/20185141271291281305155147/2/2018504126126125130NoPractice Test: 502 (125/125/125/127) (Taken: 6/26/2018)Found the passages dense507507508508Think NS exams are a great resource as they provide in depth explanations to all questions
premedneedinghelp3/24/20185021251261231283/20/20181271253/17/20185001261241251256/6/20175001231261251263/10/201876688975761/5/20182/5/2018I found the AAMC Practice Tests 1-3 the most important and similar to the real test. I did not think the sample was as indicative. I really liked the Section banks and question banks as well. I wish I used those moreNo
8/18/20185231301321301318/13/20185191291321311298/6/20185161291321271287/30/20185171281311301287/19/201884789878837/17/20189721262428No511FL1: 511 (127/128/128/128)Not indicative AT ALL. Some very specific material that you would not know unless you prepped with their books - things you don't actually need to know for the MCAT. This exam discouraged me greatly 3 weeks before my exam and luckily it was way off base.
dengra9/18/20185141291261291309/11/20185081291241301259/4/20185141301281291278/28/20185171291281311298/21/20188383837672698272687385839174No506507503505Fair, but CARS was not predictive and C/P was more calculation heavy. Still good practice.
caterpillars_ (R)9/19/20185101261301251299/11/20185088/24/20185068/14/20185068/28/201852639/28/201868576363Try to buy all practice exams, section bank + question packs if you can!No499500DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR SCORE ON THESE! These are totally deflated. If you have some you can take them for practice but your real MCAT score will be drastically higher! These focus more on asking you to recall specific random facts while the real MCAT is more application of knowledge.
onlyoncomp9/19/20185241311311311319/14/20185221321321291309/10/20185261311321311309/10/20185201311291301306/30/201887889686788/28/20188085848/10/20187891898890Undoubtedly the most important material out there. Get your hands on everything you can. Test was definitely harder than the FLs by far but it's the best prep you'll getNo512516515515516512Definitely best tests out there after AAMC. First 3 especially are great, except all NS exams have unrepresentative CARS.
R futuredocD29/18/20184941251241241219/12/20185009/17/20184999/10/2018501Yes28/19/2017493122/124/124/123Score was lowFocused on C/PStick to a schedule, start small and don't overwhelm yourself. PRACTICE!!
tayway12 (R)9/18/20185121281261281309/14/20185141281291291299/5/20185101271301271268/8/2018510128125128129No508509FL1: 509 (127, 127, 127, 128)
9/18/20185201301301291319/14/20185191301291301309/7/20185181301291281319/1/20185151271301291299/11/2018No502501509So much harder than actual AAMC material. I found the test prep to be sort of useful but not the practice exams. They only destroy your self-confidence to have AAMC practice materials build you back up.
Tea53 (R)9/18/20185231301301311329/5/2018523130131130132No
drawer_of_canada9/19/20185171301271291319/16/20185151291271291309/7/20185101271281271289/2/20185071281231281288/28/201881818181819/8/20188486808/10/201885979595Best prep material out there. It should be noted that the MCAT is progressively becoming more analytical than the FLs (i.e. much more like the section banks). Therefore, it is most likely wise to spend just as much time reviewing section banks as FL. Do not be surprised if the majority of your B/B, C/P and P/S sections resemble SB passages. No506507510508These are good to practice your analytical skills and calculation skills (for C/P). The CARS here is wild though. Don't make much of it if you don't excel in that particular section.
imnosupermanreally (R)9/19/20185251311321321309/12/20185219/5/20185238/28/2018521No
(R) eljie_9/18/2018515131128129127516512516No508506508509
BABYFOOTFETISH (R)9/18/20185211321271311319/11/20185241311301321319/5/20185251321291321328/29/20185221311291321308/22/201890928988939/1/20188691789/1/201892929698Very good at preparing you for style of questions and pacing!No513511512512510FL1: 511 (129/126/129/127) (Taken: 7/22/2018), FL2: 512 (129/127/130/126) (Taken: 7/28/2018), FL3: 512 (128/126/130/128) (Taken: 08/04/2018), FL4: 510 (128/126/128/128) (Taken: 8/11/2018)Strengths are they show you what worst case scenario looks like. I almost always ran out of time for the chemistry section and the CARS and P/S were nightmare fuel. After I used the pacing I established from the next-steps, I consistently had ~30 mins left during my C/P section (including on test day too).
qFrosty (R)9/19/20185101281261281289/13/20185121301271271288/30/20185051281271251257/31/2018501126128123124No
Skarlo (R)9/19/20185241321291311329/14/20185281321321321329/8/20185241321301321309/5/00185191301291301309/2/201893.25978990977/29/2018114293026298/10/20188290838/6/2018888893909896Best resource for sure, especially for CARS. In general, AAMC will help you used to the style that AAMC tests in. No516516513511NS 4- 511 (127/126/129/129) NS 3- 513 (128/127/129/129) NS 2- 516 (130/127/129/130) NS 1- 516 (130/128/129/129)Took them in reverse order (4 to 1). Excellent for bringing my C/P to a consistent 132, close to AAMC as it gets without being AAMC. 512514Altius 1- 512 (129/124/128/131) Altius 2- (131/-9/130/129) I got fed up with Altius CARS so I switched to Khan Academy (got -9 on last 9 KA passages)
9/18/20185151291301271299/15/20185169/8/20185138/26/20185119/1/20189/1/2018Pretty extensive. I did not think the C/P section was particularly representative of the actual examNo