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Số Thứ Tự Từ vựng trọng tâm của Topic Food Nghĩa tiếng anh & tiếng việt Câu mẫu áp dụng từ vựng đó trong bối cảnh (Trong bài mẫu, hoặc trong link từ vựng có sẵn câu mẫu, nếu không có sẵn câu mẫu các em sẽ tra từ điển)Câu mà các em tự viết ứng dụng từ vựng đó vào bối cảnh Từ/Cụm đồng nghĩa Từ trái nghĩa Word form + Ví dụ
1To be on a balanced dietEat in a healthy planI have a crack at following a balanced diet so that I can live healthily and live longerFollowing a balanced diet is necessary for modern people, especially office workers who have to sit at their desks for a very long time Eat in a healthy way lead a sedentary lifestyle You should be able to reduce your weight by careful dieting
2Fatal diseaseDeathly diseaseLocal environmental problem are the main factor contributing to fatal disease of human being ==> diseaseS Living in the polluted area had led to fatal disease for many local people ==> nhiều bệnh mà sao số ít em deathly disease ==> Harmful diseases , deleterious diseases quá trời từ lên ozdic tra http://www.ozdic.com/collocation-dictionary/diseaselived disease ???? là sao
3exotic fume ==> FUMES luôn là danh từ số nhiều chứ fume k có nghĩa https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/fumestoxic smokeexotic fumes release from vehicle and industrial zone are reported to cause lung cancer ==> RELEASED exotic fume contain huge amount of toxic gas are reported to cause lung cancerpolluted gasclean atmospherecontruction release huge amount polluted gas every year ---> contruction SAI CHÍNH TẢ NHA E, với nếu mà số ít thì phải chia động từ chứ
4respirationtransformation energythe process of respiration in which trees absorb polluted emission such as CO2 and SO2 and release oxygen will helps to refresh the atmospherethe process of respriation helps trees to live on earthinhale and exhale process of trees under the sunlight
5preserveto keep something as it isWhich is possible to preserve the global environment and to alleviate harmful to human health. ==> gì HARMFUL EM ADJ MÀ ALLEVIATE HARMS TO ....Everybody need to colaborate together to preserve forests and enimal habitatprotect, conservatedestroy, devastateGovernment should be preserve the environment by invest huge amount of money on local environmental problem --> preserve này e đang xài là động từ mà sao đi với be?
6alleviateTo make pain more bearable (xem lại nghĩa nha e, có cả problem nữa chứ đâu phải pain k)
https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/alleviate ==> cái này nghĩa giống MITIGATE Á
Which is possible to preserve the global environment and to alleviate harmful to human health.people gathering waste to alleviate the negative of pollution ==> CÓ BỊ LÀM SAO K MÀ GATHERING TỰ NHIÊN THÊM VING ZÔ ZẬY improve, lightenaggravateGovernment should be preserve the environmental problem to alleviate the harmful of global warming -> --> preserve này e đang xài là động từ mà sao đi với be?
7shortagea situation that does not enough of somethingthere a shortage of food and shelter in the refugee camps ==> TO BE ĐÂU environmental problem has led to devastating the crop which will create shortage of food in the near future ==> , WHICH MỚI ĐÚNG NHA ĐỌC SỰ KHÁC NHAU ĐI https://www.ieltstutor.me/blog/menh-de-which-ielts-writinglack ---> học thêm the lack of, be lack ofenough adequate, oversupply
8deforestationthe cutting down of trees in a large areadeforestation is destroying large areas of tropical rain forest ==> FORESTS SỐ NHIỀUSome people are still naïve with deforestation problems, they do not see what will the damage of this phenomenol harm to their descendants
--> e xài từ naive k đúng ngữ cảnh nha https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/naive
--->"will the damage of this phenomenol harm to their descendants" chủ ngữ động từ chỗ này tùm lum vậy e. bây giờ đi sau will là động từ, mà sao e xài danh từ?
destruction of forestsgrow the treesGovernment shout be prevent the old growth forest from deforestation --> shout be prevent (prevent là động từ sao mà đi với be, sai chính tả từ should nha e)
old growth forest ---> e viết cái gì đây e? ý e là sao?

9soil erosionthe fact of soil, stone being gradually removed by the rain soil erosion is the result of the loss of treesDeforestation is one of the major cause of soil erosion which will lead to flood in large delta areas ==> MAJOR CAUSES ==> SAU ONE OF MÀ SAO K CHIA SỐ NHIỀU ????soil of sand that being removed (e vô link coi lại từ đồng nghĩa và trái nghĩa nha https://www.synonym.com/synonyms/erosionGovernment should be strongly prevent soil from erosion by preserve the forest from deforestation
-> shout be prevent (prevent là động từ sao mà đi với be,)
sau by là Ving nha
10acute extremely seriousthe problem of deforestation is particularly acute in rural areasThe action of throwing waste some low awareness people in wrong place such as river, beach, sea has made a seriously acute harmful for local living creature ---> The action of throwing waste some low awareness people chỗ này viết gì đây e, làm sao mà The action of throwing waste với some low awareness people nối với nhau, mà làm gì có awareness people ??? people's awareness nha eserious, extremenormal gorvernmente should be able to reduce acute climate change by just simply concentrate on local environmental problem --> sau by là Ving nha by concentrating
11the fate and prosperitydestinyThe fate and prosperity of humanity is inextricably connected to the health and balance of the natural worldDeforestation is one of the major cause of soil erosion which will lead to flood in large delta areas--> CAUSESthings that will be happen
12Disposeget rid of somethingThe agency has put an end to new efforts to dispose of hazardous waste in sensitive environmental area -> sau to là Verb, mà verb này đâu có đi với of đâu e
https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/dispose e xem từ điển nè ==> MÀ PUT AN END TO STH LÀ CHẤM DỨT CÁI GÌ ĐÓ MÀ SAO LÀM GÌ CÓ CHUYỆN CHẤM DỨT EFFORTS ĐƯỢC EM ?????
Industrial factories without strict rule from gorvernmet like to cut corners when it dispose contaminated polluted air, which is the major cause of climate change ---> like nó diễn đạt sở thích mà e xài ngữ cảnh này k hợp nha, mầ câu này diễn tả gì k hiểu luôn e? ==> RULESthrow somethinggatherGorvernment can make an effort by prevent facetory from dispose polluted air --> by +ving nha, from Ving/ noun nha
13take advantage ofto use an opputunity to achieve resultLet take advantage of good weather and go to the beach -> let's nha eSome of people overwhemingly take advantage of trees from jungle, unstoppably cut down the protected trees -> some people nha , KHÔNG DÙNG OVERWHEMINGLY MÀ DÙNG OVERLY use somethingtake disadvantage of --. làm gì mà có ngược lại vầy e
14Tackledeal with/ solve some troubleThere are many way to tackling this problem -> to rồi còn xài Ving? MÀ WAYS DÙNG SỐ NHIỀU Not only gorvernment but all people should collaborate to save environment together -> not only ... but also nha HỌC CÁCH DÙNG https://www.ieltstutor.me/blog/not-only-but-alsoHandle some issueavoid, evasionSome of people avoid instead of tackle the climate change phenomenol --> avoid +ving luôn chứ còn kèm instead of là sao e?
15Curbto control or limit something that is not wanted0the gorvernment should act to curb tax evasiondeforestation must be curbed by spending more on growing trees -> ai spend và spend cái gì e?prevent
16Contribute to the climate changeFactories that release polluted air that contribute to the climate change --> sao chỗ này 2 cái that vậy e?People with low awareness about environment often throw garbage on river, beach, which is a major factor contribute to the climate change --> contributing
17produce pollution --> sai động từ e ơi, cause pollutioncontaminationPassenger vehicles are a major pollution contributor, producing significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollutionThere is the fact that private car produce high cacbon dioxide pollution into the air is one of the major cause climate change --> cars số nhiều chứ e, release a high amount of cacbon dioxide into...major cause of...contamination
18Damage a marine ecosystemSome people that lived near coast area often throwing garbage into the beach, which permanent damage a marine ecosystem -> coastal nha , throw chứ sao Ving đc e, damage có s nha, phải chia động từ chứ MÀ SAU PEOPLE MÀ SAO LẠI DÙNG THAT --> WHO VIẾT GÌ LINH TINH VẬY
19Destroy the ozone layerFactories produce pollution that destroy the ozone layer -> cause chứ k ai xài produce nha MÀ CHIA SỐ ÍT SỐ NHIÊU SAI HẾT ZẬY DESTROYS
20Raise awareness of environmental issueInstead of just spending on preserve the forest, gorvernment should raise local people's awareness of environmental issue too -> spend cai gì e??? sau on là Ving nha
21Save the planetBy collaborate with other countries, it is possible to save our planet --> by +ving/ noun
22VegetationA plant in general or found in paricular areaThe railway track will have to be cleared of vegetation if it is to be used again. --> cleared of là cái gì e???Much of the region's vegetation have been damaged by tourism along the coasttrees, plantsGorvernment should be able the preserve extremely endangered vegetation from extinction --> able to nha e, sau able là Vto chứ sao có the đây
23inhabitto live in a placeThese remote islands are inhabited only by birds.people inhabit in remote areas often produce pollution into environment---> release nha e, k có xài produce cho pollution được
24evolutionGradual process of change and developmentevolution of languageThe evolution to industry 4.0 has made an alfternative way to save the environment -> tiếng anh là 4.0 industry nha e ==> 4.0 Industrial RevolutionEvolution of Sth
25diversitythe fact of many different types of things or people being included in something; a range of different things or people:Does television adequately reflect the ethnic and the culture diversity of the countrystopping animal hunting is one of the ways we could do to protect the biodiversityvarietyGorvernment should be able to preserve the biodiversity by enact adequate law that curb hunting from humanity --> sau by + ving nha
26property development --> property nó mới có nghĩa là an object or objects that belong to someone nha e ==> BỎ KHÔNG HỌC
an object or objects that belong to someoneThe club does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of to club member's personal property--> chịu trách nhiệm take responsibility forSome Low-awareness people concentrating on property development like to take a corner unstopably cut down the trees --> làm gì có cái từ ghép Low-awareness people này e? take a corner unstopably cut down the trees ??? là sao e ==> PEOPLE WITH LOW AWARENESS asset improvementGorvernment should be sacrifice their small property development for the bigger opportunity for their children---> chủ ngữ là government thì their children được e, k có dịch văn tiếng việt nha CÒN SCARIFICE LÀ VERB MÀ CHIA KIỂU GÌ TÀO LAO ZẬY
27seawater deslination ==> BỎ KHÔNG HỌC the process that remove salt from sea water so that the water can be used ==> REMOVESSeawater desalination involves removing the salt from water to make it drinkableBy seawater deslination, we can hence the people in remote islands living standard --. e có ghi lộn từ k? từ hence sao mà xài như ngữ cảnh này đchttps://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/hence?q=hence+
28chemical fertilisera chemical substance added to soil in other to help plants growEven though chemical fertilisers can make the plants grow well, they may cause health problems for us and reduce our quality of life.Overuse chemical fertiliser may cause some pesticide resistance which damages to the crop ==> SAO BẮT ĐẦU CÂU MÀ LẠI LÀ VERB ĐC EM PHẢI VERBING NHA
29be staturated withbecome completely filled withThe air has been saturated with harmful chemicals, dust and other contaminants.The ocean is staturated with dirty garbage, which damage a marine ecosystem --> the chứ sao a HỌC CÁCH DÙNG THE VỚI A https://www.ieltstutor.me/blog/luu-y-ielts-writing-task-2
30redress the ecological balancerestore the ecological balanceIn these circumstances, government intervention is important to redress the ecological balance redress the ecological balance is the fate and prosperity of humanity --> redress đang xài như động từ sao mà chuyển thành danh từ mà làm chủ ngữ e?
31dischargeto allow liquid or gas to leave a placeLarge amounts of industrial waste are discharged daily by the factory.There is a million ton of waste are discharge to river, ocean that damage the marine ecosystem --> chia bị động cho động từ chứ e , MÀ SAO 1 CÂU MÀ CÓ 2 ĐỘNG TỪ CHÍNH ????throw awayGather
32ecological degradationthe process of the ecosystem changing into a worse condition ecological degradation means the deteriorationSome zoo provide safe environment for animal wich have been mistreated in circuses, or pets which have been abandoned ? ủa sao từ viết 1 kiểu rồi ví dụ 1 kiểu v e? ZOO MÀ SAO K THÊM S VIẾT KIỂU GÌ VẬY Animals which raised in live stock for human purpose is cruelly mistreated in circuses ? ủa sao từ viết 1 kiểu rồi ví dụ 1 kiểu v e?
33fossil fuela fuel made from decayed material from animals or plants that lived many thousands of years ago.There are three major forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gase) Tempreture climbed more rapidly in the twentieth century as the use of fossiljuel proliferated. --> Tempreture sai chính tả nhaGovernment should be enact a strict rule to curb the use of fossil fuel and urge the renewable energy -> enact là động từ nha e, sao mà xài với be được
34industrial wasteparts that are left after industrial useDespite opposition from environmentalist groups, industrial waste continues to pollute the rivers, lakes and oceans.Not only gorvernment and NGO collaborate to restrain the industrial waste but also humanity should avoid ther product from that companies. --> ther sai chính tả nha, avoid using products nha e CÁCH DÙNG NOT ONLY BUT ALSO SAI, CHỦ NGỮ PHẢI ĐI VỚI CHỦ NGỮ HỌC LẠI https://www.ieltstutor.me/blog/not-only-but-alsothe useless materials -> thêm vô là from industry/ after manufaturing thì mới đủ nghĩa nha e
35Light pollutionexcessive artificial lightThe adverse effects of light pollution are multiple, some of them may be not known yet.Overuse the light may lead to light pollution in some urban areas ==> OVERUSING
36disposableSth that designed to be thrown away after you have used it onceIt seems efforts to restrain the use of disposable chopsticks face many obstacle ????? VIẾT CÁI GÌ ZẬY People should say no with disposable chopsticks which cause many fatal problem to animal KHÔNG PHẢI WITH MÀ NO TO Renewable -> sai từ nha e, vô link check lại nè
37restrainTo control the action by forceIt seems efforts to restrain the use of disposable chopsticks face many obstacleGovernment does not have to be strictly restrain the disposable chopsticks, instead can concentrate on raise public's environmental awareness ===> BỎ BE, RESTRAIN LÀ VERB RỒI
38vicious circlea difficult situation in which something that happens causes something else unplesant to happenShe got a vicious circle of dieting and weight gainGovernment should focus on raising humanity low-cacbon awareness, it is just a ridiculous vicious circle that somebody gather other's garbage
39adverse effectnegative effectThe policy may have adverse effects on economy -> động từ chia số ít nha e cutting trees for human purpose may have adverse effect on inhabited animal ==> PURPOSES
40Non-biodegradable materialSubstances that can not be separated into small parts by bacteriaNon-biodegradable material does not decay or disolve away by natural forcesChopsticks is the non-biodegradable material, which look like food that can be unfortunately ate by animal ==> SAO ĐÃ THÊM SỐ NHIỀU RỒI MÀ LẠI CHIA ĐỘNG TỪ KIỂU GÌ VẬY ????
41reausable --> sai chính tả nhamaterial that can be recycled or reusedWhen recyclable material does not disposed of correctly, it add to the mass of polluting waste --> tự nhiên dispose chia quá khứ eGovernment does not have to ugle resusable material, instead can raise public awareness about environmental protection, and companies will adapt to survive in the market --> resusable sai chinhsh tả nha erecycle material
42pollution reduction ==> BỎ KHÔNG HỌC the process of making pollution less amountLong-term traffic and pollution reduction would depend on the public to use the public transport more, and on governments using public money to contruct and run efficient systemsGovernment using public money to construc and run efficient systems, and then it will reduce pollution--> tự nhiên verb để Ving vậy e? phải có từ gì mới xài ving ở đó chứ
43Use Sth wastefullyWaste SthElectricity is often used wastefullyUsing water wastefully can lead to the shortage of clean water.Consumerism (xem lại từ này nha e, k có cùng nghĩa đâu nha https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/consumerism?q=Consumerism)
44endangered speciesA type of animal or plant that may soon disappear from the world40% of species on earth are endangered species which mean they are rick of becoming extinct --. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/rick?q=rick+ e có xài sai từ k? check lại từ điển nhastopping animal hunting is one of the ways we could do to protect the endangered speciesrear animal -> sai chính tả nha
45The biopherethe part of the earth's surface and atmosphere whereplant and animal life can existSciencetists are wondering what effects global warming will have on the biophereenvironmental agency have make many effort to curb pollution in the biophere
46equilibrium ==> BỎ KHÔNG HỌC a situation in which there is balance between different aspectsDestruction of old material and formation of new material are in permanent dynamic equilibriumGovernment is facing the equilibrium between economy and environmental problem
47cause irreverible damage lead to a bad situation that cannot be changedIn some countries, air pollution causing irreverible damage to the environment -> tự nhiên động từ chính chỗ này để ving vì nguyên nhân gì e?Discharge garbage in the ocean has caused a irreverible damaged a marine ecosystem--> để đi đc với garbage thì phải bổ nghĩa cho nó chứ e, discharged nha
48exhaust fumes --> exhausted nha
exhaust là động từ thôi mà e exhaust xem lại từ đó nè https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/exhaust?q=exhaust+
gases or steam produced by an engine as it works --> exhsuated fumes = toxic fume nha eExhaust fumes contain cacbon monoxide and extremely dangerousFactories that release too much exhause fumes should be bannedrelease fume -> k có bằng nghĩa đc nha e, với cả nếu mà làm dnah từ thì phải chuyển thành là released fumes nha, fumes lúc nào cũng số nhiều nha
49disease of respiratory system ==> DISEASES Britain has the highest death rates from respiratory diseases in EuropePolluted air may cause several ill to human body, one of the major disease related to respiratory -> sau cause trước to thì phải là noun chứ e https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/ill
cái câu ví dụ này của kì v? Polluted air may cause several illness to human such as respiratory diseases
50desertification ==> BỎ KHÔNG HỌC the process by which land become so dry that it can not be use for farmingDesertification is the process by which land changes into desertThe most obvious effect of the climate change is desertification in Africa