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30/01/2020 10:37:002020 Top Lawyer List - America BestReputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
Send spam to purchase plaques etc and usually incorporate a local magazine.
24/03/2017 07:32:08360 West Magazine and DataJoe Research Pure Spam, Not Reputable
Received the following message through our website: ACTION REQUESTED; DEADLINE MARCH 31, 2017. 360 West Magazine and DataJoe Research are collecting votes for the 360 Top Attorneys list for 2017. Please make sure to forward the following BALLOT URL to all licensed active attorneys -- We are making multiple attempts to contact all attorneys in the region. Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word at your firm. If you have questions, please review the URL given above, or email us at Thanks for joining us in recognizing excellence in the legal community.
30/01/2016 11:39:33ACQ MagazinePure Spam, Not Reputable
10/08/2017 05:47:19ACQ5 AwardsPure Spam, Not Reputable
The contact number in the email is an 871 area code from the UK, which carries a hefty charge per minute. They claim 163K subscribers but only have 125 Twitter followers and 14 LinkedIn followers. Copy of email that was sent:
KIND REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK THE LARGEST PROGRAM OF ITS KIND IN THE MARKET Regionally advertised on internationally recognised 3rd party digital media platforms including; TIME, BLOOMBERG BUSINESS, CNN, BBC WORLDWIDE, THE SUNDAY TIMES Renowned globally for its recognition and presentation of leading professionals for promoting mentorship and professional development amongst the continued & emerging leaders of our industry You will already be familiar with ACQ5, the leading corporate news magazine that has been serving the sector since 2003, ACQ5 provides a Global audience of over 163,000+ subscribers with the information behind the headlines. Apologies if you are not the correct recipient for this announcement. If you can pass this to a colleague who can assist, we would be most grateful. If you can assist, please take a few minutes out of your schedule to respond to this notification by return mail. Having assessed the votes that have been cast by your industry peers, YOU ARE AN ACQ5 GLOBAL AWARDS 2017 CATEGORY WINNER! We recently sent details of your category win(s) but have not received any recorded response. IF YOU DO HAVE our original notification(s) and are still considering your response, that is perfectly fine. However, if you have not received any notification(s) from us in the past 6 weeks we will be happy to re-confirm the details of your category win(s) on request. Please remember that there is a strict embargo on making external announcements concerning your award win until ACQ5 permits. *PLEASE NOTE THAT ACQ MAGAZINE MUST NOT BE MISTAKEN FOR ACQUISITIONS INTERNATIONAL, WEALTH & FINANCE MAGAZINE, CORPORATE LIVEWIRE, FINANCE MONTHLY, LAWYER MONTHLY, DEALMAKERS MONTHLY, WORLDWIDE FINANCE or ANY OTHER RECENTLY BORN PUBLICATIONS THAT CONTINUE TO MIMIC HISTORIC ACQ PROGRAMS. ACQ MAGAZINE IS PROUD TO BOAST A CREDIBLE 14 YEAR HISTORY. ACQ ENCOURAGES & WELCOMES 3rd PARTY RESEARCH TO VALIDATE THE ACQ MARKET POSITION. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT GAMECHANGERS™ IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ACQ5 AND SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH ANY OF THE AFOREMENTIONED PUBLICATIONS THAT MAY USE THE TITLE TO CAUSE CONFUSION AND BENEFIT COMMERCIALLY. Over the last 14 years, ACQ5 magazine has firmly established itself as an industry standard for the corporate community. With an 16% rise in subscriber numbers in Q4 of 2016, ACQ5 can now boast a market leading audience of senior executives, providing them with a regular snapshot of industry activity that has taken place around the world. Since inception, the ACQ Global Awards have been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual program, taking the ultimate step in the search for the most outstanding organisations & professionals across the globe and celebrate the best in achievement, ability and performance. Judged on their ability to deliver outstanding returns and to gain strategic advantage, winners will reap huge benefits in terms of market visibility and position. We boast a legitimately independent nomination process, most importantly, our award winners, are chosen by the industry itself. Every year, we seek their assistance in recognising industry leaders, eminent individuals, exemplary teams and distinguished firms, which we believe represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in a variety of fields – and every year, we turn to our readers to help as we strive to recognise an ever-widening spectrum of services, markets, industries and organisations that the legal fraternity serve. ACQ5 GLOBAL AWARDS’ Objective: To gather quantitative and qualitative information from and about the sector to be able to give a set of “Best of” awards. We founded the ACQ5 GLOBAL AWARDS program to empower end users to make smarter, more confident business decisions. One of the industry's favourite awards events was right to anticipate another record breaking number of votes! We gave the categories to over 163,000 of your industry peers. Voting closed at midday (GMT+1) - 31st March 2017. The total number of nominations received stood at an amazing 83,121 nominations. (Our highest ever) Guided by the poll’s results those firms and individuals that have had the greatest impact on the industry during the previous calendar year are duly honoured. In judging these awards, we have studied the nominations made by our voters and recognize that all of those nominated are leaders in their fields but the exceptional performances of some deserve recognition. **The poll was NOT ONLY designed to reflect actual performance in any particular area of expertise, it was also aimed to reflect direct market share based on a number of criteria and voters were encouraged to base their decisions on addressing professionalism: experience, value for money & responsiveness in order for ACQ5 to derive a numerical rating from 1 – 5. In that sense, this poll should be considered a reflection of how professionals view any legal practice, individual or related sector supplier in terms of overall quality of service. Only nominees receiving an average 4-star rating or above achieved a short-list status. For now, all that remains is to thank our impressive line-up of winners whose contribution is invaluable to the success of the program. So, take a few minutes out of your schedule to respond to this notification and acknowledge your category win in the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017. You are among illustrious company. The full list of category winners will appear in the special commemorative DIGITAL supplement. There are opportunities for category Winners to carry elevated brand exposure as well as order commemorative trophies and wall plaques. These opportunities, detailed below, will allow open discussion and promote award winning skills and services that have contributed to this accolade. A clear understanding of how each option translates can be understood by viewing the ACQ5 GLOBAL AWARDS 2016 supplement GameChangers™ Magazine, the bi-monthly magazine of ACQ5 can be viewed by clicking on the images below. (GameChangers™ Magazine is a network for today’s most influential organisations and individuals. We offer insight into every facet of leaders’ professional lives by telling their stories - from department structure and team management to intellectual property and emerging technology. With engaging editorial, we bring local and global innovators across industries together to share their stories, learn from each other, and connect)
31/01/2016 11:39:33Acquisitions InternationalPure Spam, Not Reputable
07/08/2018 13:08:11Acritas StarsReputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
New to the legal directory publishing. Not well-known.
10/03/2020 08:06:12Acritas Stars ProgramPure Spam, Not Reputable
Survey to be completed by the attorney starts with fairly basic questions but then asks about work and revenue generated, whether the attorney is happy with the compensation being paid, and if the attorney is interested in moving to another law firm.
15/11/2022 16:27:09Advent Media GroupSemi-Reputable (Pure Pay-to-Play) the email addresses are from which is just a parked website.
04/04/2018 06:26:49Advisory ExcellenceNot sure it's an award
This isn't an award so much as a legal/professional network. Looks a little on the dubious side
24/03/2020 07:46:36AI Global Leading Advisor AwardsPure Spam, Not Reputable
Numerous Google search results reversal several scams associated with this offer. This includes a Wikipedia page that noted in 2018, the Advertising Standards Authority, a self-regulatory organization for advertising in the UK, supported complaints against AI Global Media for implying the awards are given based on a "meticulous and extensive" selection process involving voting by third parties, when in fact it appeared nominees were selected indiscriminately in bulk, and there were not a significant number of third-party votes.
05/08/2021 05:30:26America's Best AttorneyPure Spam, Not Reputable was created on June 17, 2021 and the listed adress goes to an apartment complex.
13/09/2021 12:36:34America's Best AttorneyPure Spam, Not Reputable
They don't have correct names of attorneys or firm names. You need to purchase a "membership" to get on the list and their website is a complete sham. They have no history, no information, no "ranked" attorneys, etc. Even the Way Back Machine hasn't archived their website, which likely means it's brand new.
22/09/2016 12:38:40America's Top 100 AttorneysPure Spam, Not Reputable
Poor grammar and misspellings indicates that it’s a scam/spam: “Membership among America's Top 100 Attorneys® is meant to identify and highlight the accomplishments of the nation's most esteemed and skilled attorneys in all areas of practice. Only 100 attorneys in each state* will receive this honor and be selected for membership among America;s Top 100 Attorneys®. While selection for any award, honor, or exclusive membership organization is always subjective in nature, we have develkoped a comprehensive multi-phase selection process involving propriety algorithms and Qualitative Comparative Analysis in an effort to help ensure that only the most skilled and exceptional attorneys in the community are selected for membership.” The site notes that they have 55 territories x 100 attorneys x $1,000 = $5.5 million. Nomination criteria: “Candidates for membership are initially identified through third-party research or peer nominations by other elite attorneys in the community. Once a candidate is identified, they are carefully screened through third-party research and analysis involving proprietary algorithms applying multi-criteria decision making methods to create a Pareto efficiency frontier. These algorithms assess a broad array of criteria and data for each candidate, including (but not limited to) the attorney’s lifetime legal achievements, professional experience, significant case results and/or verdicts, peer reputation, client satisfaction, other notable honors, media notoriety, and community impact, among many other proprietary factors.” Yet, anyone can nominate an attorney from the organization’s website homepage or their Facebook page, which appears to have launched on June 21. The definition of Pareto efficiency (a term used in the org's website "Nominating Criteria" page): Pareto efficiency, or Pareto optimality, is a state of allocation of resources in which it is impossible to make any one individual better off without making at least one individual worse off. The term is named after Vilfredo Pareto (1848–1923), an Italian engineer and economist who used the concept in his studies of economic efficiency and income distribution.” [Wikipedia] It seems this organization has created their own “Pereto efficiency frontier,” and it may be advisable to steer clear of it.
16/03/2022 11:58:39America's Top 100 AttorneysSemi-Reputable (Pure Pay-to-Play)
Great insight from: Joseph Goldshear Director of Marketing & Business Development Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin Philadelphia PA Anna, hello. Year after year, numerous attorneys throughout our firm approach me or forward their invitations from this organization. Of course the business is legit but this company is a great example of pay to play. In the many conversations I've had with GC's, business, professionals and insurance companies that hire us, the take-away is always "we don't use any of these resources to hire attorneys. None of them!" Even though we still have affiliations with Martindale, Best Lawyers, Super lawyers and some Chambers we never do more than is necessary to have our attorneys ranked. We never buy supplements or advertorials, and we never ask our clients to review us for public consumption, because the reality is that unless you are a B to C law firm or a plaintiff's firm, the vast majority of corporate decision-makers could care less. Relationships and referrals rule and badges and lists make money stroking attorney's egos.
20/11/2018 14:23:00America's Top 100 Civil Defense Litigators®Pure Spam, Not Reputable$300 annual membership due by credit card
07/04/2020 08:13:14America's Top 100 High Stakes LitigatorsPure Spam, Not ReputableWorst of the worst
10/01/2022 10:01:03America's Top 50 LawyersPure Spam, Not Reputable
They emailed one of our partners at 4am on a Saturday from ''. Minimum $500 spend for the honor of being listed on their website with a plaque. Website was created on August 15, 2021. We declined and they put our partner up on their website anyway.
11/07/2018 07:39:11American Academy Of AttorneysPure Spam, Not Reputable
No phone number listed anywhere to reach company. Company sends letter for you to accept membership and then they send you a plaque. The company website gives an option to find an attorney in your area, but when you click you only find that you are given an email address to contact the company but no list of attorney names. Interesting partnership with St. Judes. Seems like more information is given about donations to St. Judes than actual pertinent membership information.
19/05/2023 12:52:33American Advocates Association - Lawyer of the YearPure Spam, Not Reputable
The address is in Tempe and is associated with a UPS Mailstore mailing address. There is no credible information for this organization and is similar to American Association of Attorney Advocates. Their website seems to have just been built in 2023.
02/11/2020 12:36:18American Association of Attorney AdvocatesPure Spam, Not Reputable
The address is a take-out restaurant in Washington DC
06/09/2016 10:32:23American Economic InstitutePure Spam, Not Reputable
This organization uses the website That website only has a couple of fairly empty pages, and there are no individuals profiled or named. They claim to provide loans to small businesses in less developed countries such as Africa and Russia. To buy your award, you need to pay between $147 and $588.
20/08/2018 14:54:35American Institute of Criminal Law AttorneysPure Spam, Not Reputable
$295 membership registration - membership gets you a few press releases, logo for website and a plaque. Oh, and discounts on GoDaddy, Hertz, AirBNB, etc. Spam.
20/07/2016 12:25:25American Institute of Family Law AttorneysPure Spam, Not Reputable
This solicitation is very similar to that of American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys
03/01/2018 17:02:05American Institute of Legal AdvocatesPure Spam, Not Reputable
As far as I can tell, this is a brand new "recognition." Only 4 attorneys in California are listed. It costs $375. It does not appear to be affilliated with the other "American Institute of..." entries on this list. The website is
21/03/2016 13:15:19American Institute of Legal CounselPure Spam, Not Reputable
Very few firms partake, not well ranked on google or alexa, inconsistent pricing.
14/07/2016 08:16:31American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys Pure Spam, Not Reputable
Unsolicited email sales, promotion of what appears to be a nonexistent client feedback/review system, outdated social media posts/pages and incomplete state attorney listings are just some of the indicators that this is not a legitimate honor for the legal industry.
11/06/2019 08:56:20American Institute of Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 0218Pure Spam, Not Reputable
Looks to be spam – janky website – links don’t work – no site map or privacy policy – bad google ranking
28/06/2016 14:56:49American Jurist InstitutePure Spam, Not
11/09/2017 07:33:33American Law SocietySemi-Reputable (Pure Pay-to-Play)
02/02/2016 11:39:33American Law Society for America’s Top LawyersPure Spam, Not Reputable
26/04/2016 14:32:19American Registry, LLCPure Spam, Not Reputable
11/04/2022 07:58:56American Registry, LLCPure Spam, Not Reputable
They are merely a vendor of plaques, not a rating/PR agency of any sort. If plaques are your jam, I'm sure these will work fine for you.
09/02/2017 09:15:44American Society of Legal AdvocatesPure Spam, Not Reputable
Ask for payment upfront for dues, plaque, etc. Some of the information they filled in on the registration form for the attorney wasn't exactly correct either.
26/05/2022 13:32:25American Top 50 LawyersPure Spam, Not Reputable
email is
17/12/2019 10:34:36American Trial Academy - Top Tier LawyersPure Spam, Not Reputable
No visible web presence except for the award website; an attempted visit to the website produced a malware warning message from Firefox.
16/09/2020 22:29:56APAC CIO ReviewPure Spam, Not Reputable
You've been nominated in the top 10 by subscribers. They want $3000 for the profile to capitalise on the recognition. There's additional views and potentially related CIO and technology publications listed on Quora -
19/07/2020 23:43:29APAC InsiderPure Spam, Not Reputable
11/09/2017 19:26:23AsiaLawReputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
Received a solicitation for a $600 plaque from Asia Law (seems to be part of a broader business called EuroMoney.) Most of their 1000+ twitter followers seem fake, but they do have an actual awards event that is associated with Benchmark Litigation.
11/02/2019 21:19:27Asian Legal Business (ALB)Reputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
31/10/2018 13:21:43Association of American Trial LawyersPure Spam, Not Reputable
Got a letter saying I was selected as a candidate for a "Top 40 Under 40" family law award. Requires you to pay for membership and a plaque for $495.
06/03/2019 13:12:10Attorney and Practice MagazinePure Spam, Not Reputable
One of our attorneys received an "invitation" to become a member of its 2019 "Top 10 Attorney" list with the payment of a $275 up-front fee.
25/07/2022 13:46:24Attorney Intel (AI Awards)Pure Spam, Not Reputable
Don't list group who decides winners, doesn't list nomination requirements or standards, and doesn't allow you to list you won without paying money
10/01/2023 09:59:26
Attorney Intel / Notable Attorneys of [State] / Top 25 General Counsels / Top 50 Law Firm Executives
Pure Spam, Not Reputable
Pay to play (subscription required to view full award listings/website articles), first round of awards was 2022, no clear selection process, accepts nominations but awarded/emailed attorneys that had not been nominated.
04/04/2016 08:05:01AttorneysAccess.ComPure Spam, Not Reputable
Our attorneys have been bombarded with emails and the listing costs $12/year.
01/02/2016 11:39:33Banking & Finance Law ExpertsPure Spam, Not Reputable
30/03/2016 15:37:58Benchmark LitigationReputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
Requires referee submission, dues in May, help prep for Chambers submissions.
02/02/2016 11:39:33Best Attorney RankingsPure Spam, Not Reputable
20/09/2017 06:34:47Best Attorneys of AmericaPure Spam, Not Reputable
A company trying to profit from using a name very close to "Best Lawyers in America". No selection process. I received an invitation due to my "legal accomplishments" - I am NOT even an attorney.
15/03/2016 16:54:52Best Law FirmsReputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
24/06/2021 07:55:44Best Law ListPure Spam, Not Reputable
From: Best Law List <>
29/01/2016 11:33:43Best LawyersReputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
Not pure pay-to-play, but must invest in profiles and badges and pay to show up in their web search results, unless the searcher has subscribed to their service. Outside of the US, Best Lawyers is broadly seen as not credible.
12/05/2020 12:45:49Best of the Best Pure Spam, Not Reputable
Attorney received email they had been selected to the Best of the Best Attorney’s Top 10 Attorney list. Website has no information on other "winners." Costs $295 to register to obtain award.
22/09/2020 08:08:58Best of the Best Attorneys Top 10 Pure Spam, Not Reputable
Purely pay-to-play and contacting lawyers with the pitch that "only .05% of attorneys receive this distinction"
12/12/2019 15:06:49Bet the Company LitigatorsPure Spam, Not Reputable
25/01/2023 09:48:09Building in AmericaPure Spam, Not Reputable
Also listed as Elegance Publications, a Division of Marbur Media, Inc. Spams multiple attorneys at firm asking us for changes to our listing for this year, although have never been listed/paid in past.
06/09/2022 06:42:34Business Management ReviewUnknown
Does anyone have experience with this publication? They are emailing our managing partner. Thank you
15/03/2016 16:59:27Cambridge Who's WhoPure Spam, Not Reputable
20/11/2018 10:08:56Centerforce Conferences - Women in Law & IP Summit Reputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
The Women in Law & IP Summit is January 31, 2019 in NYC. Cost is $7,500 - $10,000 to attend. 70% of attendees are in-house counsel; 30% of attendees are law firms. Reached out to us and mentioned she could speak on a panel, a roundtable or a lunch-n-lunch presentation. They got her name from the National Board of Diversity & Inclusion.
15/03/2016 16:54:15ChambersReputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
22/05/2023 13:45:02Chambers USAReputable (Minimal Pay-to-Play)
I feel that while Chambers has been reputable and they do thorough research, the way in which they organize their website now feels very pay-to-play. We do not pay the $10k+ fee for a firm profile, so now when you look up our firm, it links nowhere and says below it "Discover other firms in this practice area" and pushes links for those firms that do pay for profiles. They have organized their website in a way that only promotes those who pay for profiles, so it is beginning to feel a little Spammy to us.
27/07/2020 07:57:05CIO Applications magazineSemi-Reputable (Pure Pay-to-Play)
This company will reach out to your attorneys. It's basically advertising, wrapped in award language.
30/03/2021 10:41:06CIO LookSemi-Reputable (Pure Pay-to-Play)
Purely pay-to-lay; Poor writing, weird mix of individuals recognized
13/04/2023 07:49:07Citywealth Leaders ListQuestionable
They invited our librarian to participate in the Citywealth Leaders List of recommended private client advisers and wealth managers. They had a listing for him calling him a lawyer, which he is not. Apparently, Citywealth recommended him to itself in 2019 (currently, 2023), and at no time did they complete research that would have made it apparent that he in fact is not a lawyer in those 3.5-4 years.
15/03/2016 16:59:41Clickb2bPure Spam, Not Reputable
21/08/2017 06:27:46ConsumerAffairs.comPure Spam, Not Reputable
It’s an SaaS connecting brands to consumers but there have been several complaints lodged against ConsumerAffairs that it posts negative reviews of companies that don’t pay for its service. NordicTrack filed a RICO complaint against the company and Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program, a division of the Council of Better Business Bureau, reviewed ConsumerAffairs and found that they did not clearly disclose its connection with members and recommended changes to the website. sources:
05/04/2018 13:57:05Continental Who's WhoPure Spam, Not Reputable
11/11/2019 08:41:19Corp 2020Pure Spam, Not Reputable
09/06/2016 14:48:51Corp VisPure Spam, Not Reputable
I have no idea if these guys are reputable: I keep recieving spam saying my firm has been nominated: "My Name" I hope you received my previous email – if by chance you have not then please be aware that "My Company" have received a nomination in the 2016 Mid-Market Achievement Awards. If you would like to go ahead with the process, please reply with ‘I ACCEPT MY NOMINATION’ There are no required costs throughout the process, nor if you should go on to win an award. The voting form can be accessed here: NOTE: If you have addressed any queries to myself then please ignore this email. Due to the tremendous response this year our answers may be delayed by a couple of days. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Also, please note the program is GLOBAL and we are accepting nominations from the USA and rest of the world. All the best, Naomi Douglas – Awards Executive Tel. +44 (0) 203 725 6847 This email and any attachments to it may be confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of AI Global Media Ltd. To stop receiving further emails of this nature please CLICK HERE
03/02/2016 11:39:33Corporate America NewsPure Spam, Not Reputable
22/08/2018 12:29:12Corporate Counsel Summit (aka Spam, Not Reputable
Attorney received this email: Hi <name>, we have formed a really good group of General Counsels and Legal leaders who meet monthly to exchange ideas and best practices. You probably know a couple of them. Would it be okay for me to send you some information about the group? There are membership fees that start at $1250 with the high of $9500. Discovered these two legal targeted websites -; and have basically the same content as this CFO targeted site -
31/10/2017 09:32:01Corporate InsiderPure Spam, Not
04/02/2016 11:39:33Corporate InternationalPure Spam, Not Reputable
04/12/2017 09:19:32Corporate INTL MagazinePure Spam, Not Reputable
* Contact Us Form Doesn't Work * Phone # Doesn't Work * Refused to send physical copy of "Awards Publication" * The "Nominate Your Firm" which is supposed to be open for just those who are "shortlisted" can be assessed and used by anyone. COPY OF EMAIL BELOW
I am pleased to inform you that we have finalised the shortlist for the forthcoming ‘Corporate INTL Magazine 2018 Global Awards’ and your firm has been shortlisted for the award: Commercial Real Estate Disputes Law Firm of the Year The winners will be informed of the outcome during the second week of January 2018. During the past 12 months our research department has conducted extensive reviews, drawing insight from business leaders, advisers and investors throughout the world and taking suggestions to produce a shortlist of candidates for your award category. In particular we have spent the past 3 months working through tens of thousands of nomination forms that we have received back from the following sources: • The readership of Corporate INTL Magazine, which is distributed to over 70,000 individuals, all of which are either investors in business, leaders of companies or advisers for those businesses on a global & domestic level • Over 250,000 individual partners of law firms and accountancy firms• Over 200,000 in-house counsel of businesses operating publicly and privately, varying in size from SME to leading public listed companies• Our database of over 150,000 CFO’s, CEO’s and Directors of Medium-Large sized businesses • Over 250,000 SME business management teams• Over 30,000 Business Consultants and Financial Advisers• The general financial community, including Investment Managers, Private Equity Investors, Investment Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, Business Bankers, Asset Based Lenders and Wealthy Individuals Although we have collated a lot of information, we have been relying mainly on details found in the public domain, our own extensive knowledge in this field and the suggestions of people submitting their nominations, in order to decide on your being shortlisted. Therefore you may wish to provide extra information to assist with the judging process; this is completely optional and any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. The following link is for a form on our website that may help you to provide further information - Extra Information Form this form is closed off for new nominations, so it is doubling up now as our extra information form during the shortlist stage - it has been designed to be relevant for the majority of award categories, if it isn’t of use please feel free to send me your extra information in a different format directly, (Microsoft Word is perfectly fine). No information will be made public; it will all be treated confidentially. Just to be very clear, the linked form says “Nominate your Firm” at the top, you have already been nominated and it’s only now open to those parties that are shortlisted, but it is an efficient way of submitting any extra information to us if you wish to. The winner of the award will receive the following benefits and privileges: • You will be permitted to use the 2018 Winners Logo promoting your success and permissions to use the brand on your website, your emails and other marketing literature * You will be recognised by readers of the magazine as the market leader for this service in your jurisdiction as nominated by Corporate INTL Magazine • You will be provided with the opportunity to be included within the Global Awards publication, which celebrates the success of the winners of the awards • The publication will be permanently located on our website for anybody to view for free and without registering – very easy access to encourage more awareness • You will be provided with the chance to acquire personalised trophies specifically for your award category The deadline for extra information will be the 31st December 2017, in the past we have had numerous requests for extensions and this will not be possible this year as we commence the final judging process at the beginning of January, which should take no more than 2 weeks to finalise. Winners will be informed week commencing the 8th January 2018. Our website has a section dedicated to information about the awards so please use this if you are unsure of anything. If you have any further queries please send me an email as we have people working on the awards all around the world and I need to coordinate the flow of information efficiently. Publishing any information yourself regarding the award nomination is embargoed until we complete the awards process as we want to coordinate the promotion in unison with the winners. Congratulations on your nomination. We look forward to receiving your feedback should you wish to provide any extra information. Best regards, Emma Sweeney Awards Manager
29/03/2016 06:28:37Corporate Law LeaguePure Spam, Not Reputable
05/02/2016 11:39:33Corporate Live WirePure Spam, Not Reputable
26/01/2018 12:38:35Corporate USA TodayPure Spam, Not ReputableNo website
30/11/2016 11:12:23Corporate VisionPure Spam, Not Reputable
15/12/2016 10:11:55Corporate VisionPure Spam, Not Reputable
They are currently soliciting for "American Law Firm of the Year". Beverly @ Fitch Even did research into this entity and its proffers.
22/08/2022 09:13:52CXO Inc. MagazinePure Spam, Not Reputable
You will get the following Editorial and Advertorial benefits by featuring in The 10 Most Passionate Business Leaders to Watch in 2022.

1. Executive Profile in online magazine about your company aspects and details.
2. Advertisements in the magazine that can be utilized in any month from signing the contract till one year.
3. Two (2) Leadership Thought section in our upcoming editions.
4. You will get Certificate of Recognition / Trophy
5. You will get Permanent visibility on CXO Inc Magazine at online magazine section.
6. We will provide you print ready PDF of your profile with reprint rights.
7. We will share your logo of listing as well as online company profile's link to use on your website, media and press release.
8. You'll be able to share Chief Executive's story within a word limit of 700-900 words on the corporate website.
9. We will share 2 Page promotional kit for your usage.
10. Paid Social media Campaign after the release of the edition.
11. You can also share n number of articles, news feed and press release which we will publish on our website with no cost.

This profile feature will cost 700 USD for value-added provisions such as Editorial, Promotional Activities, and Paid online Activities.
06/02/2016 11:39:33Deal Makers MonthlyPure Spam, Not Reputable
29/01/2016 11:39:33Deal-feed internationalPure Spam, Not Reputable
29/03/2016 11:01:46Distinguished Justice AdvocatesPure Spam, Not Reputable
One of my attorneys received the invitation below to become a “Charter Member” of Distinguished Justice Advocates (for only $1,000). The website looks like it was made by a high-schooler, and there are very few members (so far), charter or otherwise. The contacted attorney was selected based on his “achievement of certain honors, awards, trial results and as an attorney in good standing,” which probably means they are sending this to all Super Lawyers/Best Lawyers/AV rated etc. They have no Alexa rating, and as of today (3/29/16), none of the attorneys listed on the site link back or list the award on their bios.
Solicitation email: On behalf of the Distinguished Justice Advocates, I am pleased to extend a formal invitation of Charter Membership. Less than half of 1% of practicing attorneys in the United States will receive this honor, and Charter Memberships are limited to an average of 250 per state. To compare, there are nearly 1.3 million attorneys and an estimated 100,000 SuperLawyers® nationwide. You have been selected to join based on your achievement of certain honors, awards, trial results and as an attorney in good standing. Your credentials include being recognized with a high degree of peer recognition, professional success, or certification as a state bar recognized specialist in a particular practice area, or admission to prestigious trial lawyer groups, colleges or academies. Our Charter Members benefit from a highly-optimized Profile Page, strongly enhancing your reputation management. No other award group places as much emphasis on your Profile Page and ranking it on internet searches – allowing you to control what people see when a potential client searches your name on Google. Additional benefits include: Member Badge – Exclusive license to use the Distinguished Justice Advocates Trust Badge for website use and marketing materials. • Optimized Personal Profile – We will build and optimize your personal Profile Page to be ranked high on Google when someone searches your name. No other award group websites have their member pages optimized. (Profile Pages of many of our members are already ranking on Page 1-3 of Google, despite only being live for 14-21 days, and are increasing over time). No other national organization provides Search Optimization for their members. • Superior Lifetime Charter Member Listing – All Charter Members are listed above any other regular members for your State and Practice Area searches. • Valuable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools – Our highly-optimized website will backlink to your website, enhancing your firm’s SEO. Member Listings also include Schema markup coding that will connect with the authorship on your individual website. If your website has Schema markup, it helps YOUR OWN website rank better too.• National Press Release – We issue a national press release that will help your reputation, and will also rank on Google when someone searches your name. The exclusive list of Distinguished Justice Advocates Charter Members is climbing daily. Because of the high response rate and strict limiting of Charter Membership recognition, we are placing a deadline of your acceptance on March 31, 2016. There is an one-time membership fee of $1,000.00. We are confident your affiliation with our group of experienced attorneys will help grow your practice and reputation. To accept your invitation or for more information, go to We look forward to adding you to our membership directory.
03/07/2019 15:50:40Doyles GuideNoble, cannot be bought
Can self-nominate, but rankings determined by peer review voting system.
Mainly Australian focus, with directories for UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Well regarded in Australian legal market.
28/06/2022 11:59:55Driving Diversity in Law & LeadershipSemi-Reputable (Pure Pay-to-Play)
Put on by Centerforce Conferences. Reached out to one of our partners about speaking, but there was a cost involved. She declined, and then they emailed her again. They seem to be sending a templated email to a blanket list to see who might bite and want to participate.
19/07/2016 12:57:14Employment Law ExpertsPure Spam, Not Reputable
07/02/2016 11:39:33Employment Law Experts.comPure Spam, Not Reputable
27/03/2023 08:55:52Enterprise Security MagazineSemi-Reputable (Pure Pay-to-Play)
$3000 to be on the Top 10 eDiscovery Solutions Providers list
01/08/2016 12:17:49ExecRank Inc.Pure Spam, Not Reputable Widely noted online as a scam; has a few BBB claims filed.
08/02/2016 11:39:33Expert Guides/EuromoneyPure Spam, Not Reputable
12/04/2016 14:24:51Expert NetworkPure Spam, Not Reputable
Unsure about this website. Website looks relatively decent, but the WHOIS information for this website is hidden. About information is also very limited.
19/05/2016 10:56:13Expert Network (Distinguished Lawyer Designation)Pure Spam, Not Reputable
Owned by a company (Basno, Inc.) whose business model is to create and sell digital badges to “monetise boasting.”
12/02/2021 14:15:56Expertise.comPure Spam, Not Reputable
Their goal is to get creditable linkbacks, so they rank as a “go-to site/resource to find quality providers,” so they have your firm put the complimentary badges from on your website, and link to your firm’s profile on their website; gather feedback information based on a “mystery shopper” system, whereby they call your front desk and rate your firm based on and research team; I was told that they could move my listing from probate New Orleans to Real Estate Houston - on the spot - and that their research team would review the research over the weekend, since our firm had already been listed on five other pages - no problem! Shady.
08/02/2022 10:31:54Fellows of the American Bar Foundation (Illinois) Semi-Reputable (Pure Pay-to-Play)
Appears to be a reputable nonprofit, but after an attorney is "nominated", he/she must commit at least $3,000 over the course of 10 years in order to be a member. Unsure of the benefits to being listed as a fellow. Q&B does have some attorneys on the list.
08/10/2018 01:51:02FICM-MCN CouncilsPure Spam, Not Reputable
From: Suman Arora <> Sent: 08 October 2018 02:54 To: Tim Melville-Walker <> Subject: Re.Inviting Membership of the FICM-MCN Councils Dear In an endeavor to buld the "Modern World Dispute Resolution Ecosystem",we feel pleasure to invite you to Join FICM-MCN. The organization has already confirmed membership of 500+ members and is adding further to cover over 50 important regions around the world. The general membership is being organised into Regional Councils from vatious important jurisdictions to provide and maintain worldwide innovation in arbitration and dispute resolution services and to meet the developing needs of the modern business community around the world. Each Regional Council elects it's leadership to liaise with FICM-MCN and design programs and services appropriate to the needs of their respective regions. Membership of the FICM-MCN Councils is open to any person or body of good standing with a bona fide interest in international commercial arbitration or ADR, including lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, experts, academics, business persons, law firms and commercial and trading organisations. The independence, autonomous structure, creative and custom dispute resolution approaches and world's largest pool of highly skilled and credentialled dispute resolution professionals and Peace Makers coming from over 50 countries, make FICM-MCN the sought after institution for managing international cross borfer commercial disputes. Please feel free to reply with your intent and I will be happy to furnish further details about membership type, fee and it's benefits Looking forward to hear from you. Kind regards Suman Arora Director and Co-founder # +91 850 599 9820 Online ecosystem assets under development: www, | One World - One Organization - Building a global ecosystem to manage and resolve world disputes.FICM is a global organization dedicated to advancing Creative Dispute Resolution through research, innovation and delivering its benefits in many forms to legal communities,businesses, professionals, governments & communities around the world. MCN is an independent arm of FICM, having a collective unrivaled expertise in dispute resolution, conflict management and civil justice systems. With its creative solutions and a global panel of over 1000+ expert Neutrals, MCN delivers success to parties in disputes. M. +91 8505999820 A. W-122, II Floor, Greater Kailash Part II, New Delhi, INDIA-110048 W.
09/02/2016 11:39:33Finance MonthlyPure Spam, Not Reputable
10/02/2016 11:39:33Financier WorldwidePure Spam, Not Reputable